If you have sex while on your period can you still get pregnant? and if so what is the likely hood? Or if you use a condom?

its mostly likely to become pregnant when you have sex on your period.. and even if you use a condom they can break and its always safe to take birth control pills if you are thinking about having sex.


I lose my temper a lot when i am babysitting. I am making good money, but this girl is so annoying. I dont get that mean, but I just want to tell her to SHUT UP. I try to be nice and act interested in what she is saying, but she drives me crazy!

Does that make me a bad babysitter?

I know what you mean.. I babysit and some of the kids are just really annoying. But if you just try to stay calm then you'll be fine. Like the others said think of the money. lol. Also depending on what age they are maybe try convincing them to watch a movie or play a game so you wont get bored or frustraited. But of course kids are so curiouce, they can drive you nuts but im sure that as long as you stay cool youre a good babysiter.

some of that probably doesnt even make sence .. im a bit tierd right now lol soo hope it wasnt too confusing.
hope i helped :)


okay you know how in proactive there are like 3 bottles, one for the face wash, one for the toner and one for the lotion..

okay well the problem is that i dont have enough money to buy proactive so could someone give me either a good face wash, a good toner, or a good lotion for ACNE ..it would be plenty of helpful and ill rate 5's for anyone that trys

oh and also for each product i dont want it to be too pricey, like under $10 for each bottle

okay well my acne can get pretty bad at times and my mom told me to try getting a cottom ball and put some vinigar on it. On the areas that are affected. Well ive been doing this for about a week now and my face is clear for once! You could always try it and its pretty cheap. Just use it every morning or night. What ever your rutien is. And your face will clear! Its really kool.
good luck and hope i helped!


i like this boy and I think he likes me. like when we play dogde ball he tries to get me it or get me out.or when we play kick ball he always tries to get me out, but I went out with him before and now I'm scared he'll say no. and then tell everybody I asked. What should I do?

well he probably wouldnt tell anyone if you asked. But i mean if you went out with him before youll at least know that he chose you before so its possible he will again. Dont worry and just go for it! im sure itll turn out great!
good luck!


im a blond guy and i once learned that girls dont like blonds what should i do with my hair? my hair is short and i am male i rate high

just because you hear that girls dont like guys with blonde hair doesnt mean that you should change it. I mean i like blonde hair!


does braces hurt when you get them put on and when they take them off...thanx

it doesnt really hurt it just feels alittle uncomfterable for a while since your teeth arent used to it. but after about 5 min it should be fine. this also depends how strong/sencitive your teeth are.


i know this is weird, but...normally im not happy. my futures pretty much shit. i cut and i know i shouldnt but i dont know how to stop.

when i listen to music it feels like everythings going to be ok and my future actually HAS something in it. whats up with that?

well aparently the musics calming you. Everytime i get down i listen to music and it cheers me up. So maybe if you listen to music more often you'll feel better. And about the cutting. Maybe go to a counler to talk about it so they can help you stop. :)
good luck


okay i have to get a filling tomorrow morning and i am so freaked out. i HATE needles more then anything in the world. can you tell me from your personal experience how bad the shot hurt for you??

when i got my first cavity i was scared out of my mind. but once i was actually there it was okay. and the shot was just a quick sting for me but nothing that would erritate the mouth.. so its not that bad actually. and its over in a jiffy.
good luck!


Okay, I really really really want to have sex with him (a.k.a. my boyfriend) but everytime we are about to "do it", I chicken out.

I don't know why, I guess that it's because I'm a virgin.
But I wish I weren't so scared. And I can never figure
out why I back out.

What should I do? Wait to have sex? Or just hold my
tongue and get it over with?

[p.s.] i'm a female, 16 years old

Well i think if your not ready i would wait. And just because everyone else does it doesn't mean you have to also. Its not kool. So i would wait until youre ready. But thats just me..
good luck


is it true that you have to be really tall to be a model?

i asked this quesiton to some people and they said yes.. but some said you just have to be really tall if you wanna be a runway model..

what about normal models in magazines and stuff cause i'm 5'2" but i really wanna be a model and i don't know if i could be one since i'm so short=[

thanx! i'll rate high for nice, realistic answers =]

well i dont know about all the different hights for the different model positions but i think you have to be around 5'8. im not quite sure which one thats for though.


I would like teenagers to answer this one,

My daughter is 13. But the clothes she wears are not...happy. She always is sarcastic. She listens to strange, loud music. Is this the fashion these days? Should I let her be?

its not exactly a fashion. im 15/f and i never was like that. yea a few of my friends are but not to that extream. maybe talking to her about it. maybe shes depressed or not happy with her life. alot of us teens happen to feel like that everyonce and a while but not all the time.


Whenever I try to talk to a girl I have not met I just freeze. I can't get the words out of me. I am looking to start off as friends and if I like her then ask her out but I just freeze. Is there some way I can get myself to get past it?

dude girls get the same way. well i do anyway. and i have a brother! but not like that helps. thinking of them as friends first definatly helps. but with the freezing up when you want to ask one out. well we do the same thing when we try to ask one of you out. it just takes alot of guts and you just need to think she'll either say yes or no. and though sometimes you will be let down youd atlest be proud of yourself that you asked her. actually this just made sence to me now.. hmm haha anyway if you dont want to use the term "wanna go out with me" then maybe asking it like "hey would you like to hang out sometime" might be a little easyer with less presure on yourself.
well i hope i helped!


I am thirteen years old and I have two dogs and two cats. As much as I love my dogs right now, they are very old and they cant run or play or anything. Ive always wanted a small dog of my own but my parents say I cant have one. Should I keep on trying to get them to let me have a dog or should I lay off?

well you could do either or. if you really want the dog you can somehow perswaid them to get you one or just wait until your older and on your own to get one.
on the other hand you could lay off and just enjoy your dogs company. which would be best.


does size really matter to girls?

to many it doesnt. but everyones different soo it depends.


hi im a guy 15 years old and im gay. the only thing is im not out to my school yet n i like this guy n i dont know if hes gay. my sister heard from her best friend (one of his) that he admited to her he was. wo what would be the best way fore me to findout fore shore. and possibly ask him out depending on his answer. thnx bunches

well if your not sure you can always ask him in a funny way as if you werent. just incase he is.
hope this helped.


What happens when you get braces taken off?

they just take them off. it doesnt hurt and like some other said, nothing bleeds which is true. all your left with is a retainer.. well they give that to you. lol theres really nothing to it i guess.


Heres some pics of me...

hmmm with your hair i think it would be cute layerd. shoulder length. and maybe a some layers that frame your face. something thats shorter in the front and a little longer in the back but with layers all around.
what do you think?


when do your boobs stop frowing..im 13

usually around 15-18 it depends with every girl though.


i have acne prone skin, especially on my forehead and cheeks. i went to the dermatologist and got medication to put on at night and was told to wash my face morning and night with a mild cleanser...i did and my skin started to look great..SO much less acne...but suddenly one day ALL the acne came back (not even kidding..it was literally a day it took)...i'm doing all the same things to my skin so i don't understand what's wrong. any tips?

okay so im guessing your a girl?? well it mightve came back because your close to your period. It happens to all of us. But just keep washing your face day and night like the doc. told you to and it should clear up again.
if your a boy.. well just keep washing you face day and night and it helps taking a shower everyday, because skin can apparently become oily in like half a day which sucks.. and if all that doesnt help maybe go see your doc. again
good luck!


im 17 male 5'7" weight 130 lb.'s its it ok for my age cause i look realy skinny how can i gain weight i eat a lot fat foods but don't gain weight. can some one give tips.

actually your around a natural weight. but um just eat and excersize healthy. your probably not gaining much weight because you have a fast matabelism. im actually trying to do the same but i mean eventually we will all gain weight when we're older lol
hope i helped / good luck


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