my boyfriend says everything to me that i am his everything to me and that he loves me and no body else and how much he cares hor me! and he is in love with me. But there his his ex.. his first love and he swears that he dont like her that way any more and he is not going to break up with me for her and he promises on our relationship! i dont know what to believe though i told him i believed him and then i told him that i dodnt believe and that i was confused and i didnt know how to react! but i mean he tells me everything they say to each other and when she calls!

i don't know. somehow that sounds fishy. maybe you should investigate on it some more.


heyy ok when i shave u no down there i get these little red bumps and i start to bleed from the bumps what should i do...i tried shaving the same way as the hair grows but that doesnt work and im NOT waxingg

okay well before you shave there (guessing you do it in the shower) was your body with body wash and then try it. it shouldnt bleed after that. if it does you migth want to try a duller shaving tool.


ok well i've recently started playing the guitar and i'm totally into michelle branch's music so i was wondering if anyone knew a site or place where i could buy a michelle branch guitar music book? thanks a bunch ! i rate !

im not sure of any sites but i know that if you go to your local music stores they usually carry music books from artists.


There is this girl I like at work. She seems really cool and it seems like we have alot in common. But she says she has a boyfriend for 7 months. What are some ways that I can get her to leave him and date me? I know its bad, but I think there is a chemistry there.

lets just say that you should wait and see what happend to her and her bf so that if they do break up you'll be there for her.


Hey, I'm a 14 year old male. I have never had a girlfriend and I'm ok with that and I don't intend on getting one anytime soon, but what my question is, how do I become a girl's best friend. As I said, I'm not looking for a girlfriend at the moment. I want to be close friends with girls and I want them to be able to be open with me. I usually just sit with my group of friends which I'm pretty much the "leader" of and observe the girls from far away. I want to be able to talk to girls and feel open with them and them with me. How do I do this? Thanks a bunch.

you just have to understand them. and once you achieve that then hang out with them like you would with your friends. but to have them open up to you you have to make them feel comfterble and open up a little your self.


ok i'm 13 and i am kinda emberised to say this but my b/f wants to finger me and leik i have nvr been fingerd b 4 and i'm kinda scared cuiz leik i'm thinkin to my self ..will it hurt and those kinda questiond...what shoul i do ..please helpppp

i've never ben fingerd before either so i can't help you there.. but if you're not ready to take a chance in it then just tell him you're not ready for it. He should understand.


14/f ..i know this sounds dumb but i really want to know....my boyfriend and i have braces and i was wondering if they can really get stuck together when you make out?ill rate high for a good answer ...thanks

you can get stuck together. i know it sucks but its true. so maybe hold off for a while.. or if you want you can try an put wax over the brackets and try it that way.


I started my period back in June. This month I got it on October 10-16. Then I got it again October 19-21. It stopped for a few more days and came back again on 24th ( It only lasted a day ) Is there a reason for gettin it 3 times in one month? I know they will be irregular for a while but is this normal?

that is a little odd.. im not really sure if that is normal or not but maybe you should ask your mom since shes probably had it for well longer than i have lol
sorry i couldnt help much.


just a simple history question. whenever i type a single letter for a web address, all the sites ive been to for that letter come up, and gets in the way of everything. i dont want that to show up, so could somebody please tell me how to get rid of it?


go to tools then go down to internet options... and then click on clear history and battabum its gone :D lol


hi im running the mile tommorrow in school, and i was wondering how I could get a better time. i'm a 13/m, around 5'2", 99lbs. last year i got like 7min 16sec, but i would really like to get under 7minutes this year. any tips on how to get a better time? (when to sprint, when to job.. etc?)
Thanks in Advance.
All fives.

well you definatly have to pace your self. So instead of running ahead of everyone and then becomming worn out near the end, if that si what you're doing, stop. But you could always jog everyday to last longer when you do run a mile.
good luck!


I'm really getting freaked out.About every 3-4 weeks,i get a horrible dream,it is so real.I think it really can affect me.I feel it,i can feel the pain when i get hurt.I have had two ones that really affteced me.the first one i already asked here.but the second one,is far beyond bizzare.

I was wakeing up constantly,but when i finally had this dream,i was wakeing up,and watching some tv.It was in black and white,and some purple,faded. also some blue.I sat up,and my brother adam was at the counter drinking something.I heard my mom comeing down the stairs saying "I think there is a ghost in the house.." and there was this huge flash covering my whole kitchen,i saw adam jump back and i said "Noooo!!" and felt like i was pushed in to the light,my heart dropped as though there was a big drop in a roller coaster.Next thing i now,i was in the upstairs of a carpetted house, a girls house,(looked like a girl a know...but i could feel it wasn't)and she was sleeping,i saw her wake up and go into her moms room,i saw her room,the bathroom,and her going in her moms rooms and talking,i couldnt hear.i was in the light again.i woke up breathing heavily (as i did in the other dream) And in the morning i had a bruise of what looked like a finger on my back.how could that happen? and that is exactly where the push was on my back.I think ghosts are trying to contact to me or something..but it really scares me.Any ideas of what this dream means?

well you could be afraid of something or you pushed something away in the past and now its comming back. It could alsom mean that your afraid of death or something else.
hope i helped and good luck!


I would like to dress up like something different this year. I have been...
A pirate
A hobo
a devil
an m&m
A clown
Grim reaper

Any1 got some Ideas that arent listed?

what about a vampire or a worelock(sp?)
or like one of those cows or ducks lol.


I feel bad for duming her. I dumped her because i felt bad about dating her because my parents did not want me to.If i date her again i will feel bad for disobeying my parents. what can i do?
And if there is no hope for me what do people do to make themselves happier?

well if you really love her then your parents will just have to deal with it. But if youd rather obey your parents then thats fine too. it basically depends on what you think is best for this situation.


ok well, i'm only 13 right, and i've been thinkin about sex,...alot, i'm still a virgin and everything but it's like a random thought that clouds my mind! it's so weird, and i dont even know what this means or anything,....

its just your hormones changing. it happens to everyone, but to some it affects more.


((Background info: 13, umm, volleyball and single))

Ok well i got 2 dreams i had them different nights as well and they're really weird and i dont get if they mean something or not,...

First Dream:

Well, i was out on a pourch in my spandex and it was in the evening and the pourch light was on and i saw this old geezer lookin at me with benoculars and i ran back into the house and shut the door and locked it.

Second Dream:

There's this football player i see him like every day (this stuff is real i'll tell ya whenever we get to the dream part) and he's really short but so adorable and i'm almost postitive he's checkin' me out but i only know him a little.

He's the dream

Well, we were some place dark, and i could feel him kissing my lips passionatly and slowly, and him hands slowly going up my shirt to my waist and then they stopped and stayed there and my arms were around his shoulders, it kind of looked like a dance or something but i think it was a closet cuz i feel down and ruined the moment!

I'll rate 5's for some good explanations

the first one could mean that maybe your weirded out when other guys look at you. especially if you dont know them. and the second one could mean that you really like him and your positive that he likes you back that maybe you would be together. and perhaps it took place at a party, if youd happen to play 7 minutes in heaven.
hope i helped!


i had two dreams of me getting raped. i it wat does it mean and wat should i do help me plez.

well maybe you were watching or heard something about people being raped latly and it effected you to where you had a dream about it.
if you want to ask me more about it feel free to.


Ok, well I have no ideas for a costume for Halloween! We just went to a cheap store and bought some stuff that my mom basically picked out that I don't like. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with stuff I could buy at wal*mart or stuff around the house. No Devil Costumes cause i have like 3 friends being those. thanks!

what about like a vampire or a witch. you could even dress up as something funny like a chicken or w.e. Or if your more of a princess type you could do that too. Or likw a sports player would be cool.


okay im 13.. i started my period 2 months 3 months ago.. and like they went okay for the 1stand 2nd month i had it.. but this month i havent had my period and i usualy start on the 20th and its the 24th.. and im a virgin just so you kno ..lol .. whats wrong with me?? is this normal?THANKS!

well since you just started it not too long ago it will be irregular for about a year. so dont worry, nothing wrong. it might even come a week late or a little longer.


Dear Advicenators,

I'm a 13 year old girl who is turning 14 in January. My hieght is appromiatley 5'3" and I weigh 103 lbs. I feel fat and ugly and I am determined to loose 5-10 lbs. in the next month or two. What do I need to do? I feel so gross, and when I'm flirting w/ my cush and he offers to give me piggy back rides I always have to turn him down bc/ i think i'll break him. How do I loose weight fast, and not to much exercising because exercise=muscle, which is heavier then fat. I want to build my stomach and my butt and thighs so they are extremely tight and fit. I want to have the perfect body, what diet can I go on, or simple quick exercises that only loose fat and build ur stomach fat, no muscle! Thank-you. I'll rate

okay first of all when you excersiz you automatically begin to grow muscle and thats what keeps your body stable so if you dont like muscle just because it weighs more than fat you might as well die now. not trying to be harsh or anything but its true. but you could do lunges for your butt and legs. and crunches and stuff like that for your stomach.
good luck and hope i helped.


what does it mean when you can through your voice?

it means you can like sound as if you can talk from another area.


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