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okay so me and my boyfriend had been dating for three years and he asked me to marry him!I'm only 14! and he's 16. we're sooo young! I didn't give him my answer yet but I just don't know what to say. I mean I love him with all my heart and when he cry then I cry. when he's hurt or injured then I injure myself to be injured with him. we do everything together besides go to school. I do plan to get married some day but not this soon. he said we'll be engaged until I'm 17 or 18 and that's when we'll get married. but should I wait till I'm that age or should I just tell him no?what should I do?

Well you are right, the two of you are very very young. But if you want to marry him right now, then theres no reason why you can't say yes. It's only an engagement, it's not the actual marriage. Which means, three years from now if the two of you are still together, but you don't want to get married, you can just say so and split ways, or wait a little longer. You don't have to say no if you don't want to. Like I said it's not like it means the two of you are getting married tomorrow. It's more or less of a promise that the two of you will always try and make things work, and never cheat kind of thing. It's the next step up from being boyfriend and girlfriend. It's a MUCH bigger commitment. If you don't believe that you two are ready for that kind of huge commitment then tell him that and see what he has to say. If he loves you, I'm sure he will understand that you are very young and want some time to think about it. Besides that, once you start telling people that you are engaged, it may cause problems in your relationship because people will always be putting it down and telling you that it's stupid because you are too young and don't know enough about life. Which is partly true. The two of you have a lot more things you need to do and experience in life before you are ready to determine weather or not now is the appropriate time for something so important and life changing. Besides, if he is only 16 that means you won't be getting a big diamond or anything, and what girl wants to tell her friends shes engaged with a .25 cent machine ring? Haha :] that's not the point though, I'm only kidding. But the point is you are young, BUT you only live once. And if it doesn't work out, then at least you did what you wanted and you learned something, and had a good time/experience. You have many many many years ahead of you with many more things like this that will crop up. You can ask for advice and people can tell you what to do and how to feel but when it comes right down to it, it's all about you. Do whats going to make you happy honey, I hope I helped at least a little, good luck!


what does the saying 'you don't get out much do you?' mean?

If someone says to you "You don't get out much do you?" Then they are implying that you don't know much, that you don't have very much experience in life or with things going on outside of your own.


When my mom was petting a rabbit she broke out in hives like 5 minutes after we left the bunny. She said she was itchy and he nose was running. So is she allergic to rabbits? And is there such thing as being allergic to them.

Yes. Your mother isn't exactly allergic to rabbits. She is allergic to they're fur and dander. Which means shes probably allergic other similar animals with fur as well, like cats. This just means she can't pet them and play with them like most people can, or be in a room where they live. Its easily treatable though, all she needs to do is get a generic dander and fur allergy medicine. She could probably find a pretty good one over the counter one at your local CVS or Walgreens.


I don't usually look on myspace for guys but anyways...
I was talking to my friend and I lookd at her top and there it was.... a cutie pie! I asked her about him and she said he's really sweet AND just got out of a relationship AND it was bad. *His gf slept with his best friend!* So I backed off. About two months later I noticed my play cousin knew him so I told her to HOOK me up! She said that he said he was going to look at my page. But my cousin went out of town and didn't have service for about a week. She called him & he said she was irritating him (she can be) so he hung up....... he sends out bulletins saying to IM him and leaves his screen name. Would it be doing too much if I instant messaged him? I don't usually do this! And I like him, too because he writes bulletins and blogs that are very passionate about his emotions and his place in life! (I do, too!) AND he's attractive... THIS is a RARE ONE!

Go for it! You only live once :] You could message him and just say something like "Hey! This is *your name* I just read one of your bulletins, I totally agree!" You know, something similar to that, to show your interest, let him know yall are alike and that your interested. Good luck :]


Yes, yes, I know. Search Google.

I already did.

It didn't help. I seriously suck with search engines.

But anyway, I love the song on the commercial for Jam Sessions, for the DS, but I don't know that name of it.

Can anyone help me out?


I ain't got no crystal ball.
I had a million dollars but I, I spent it all.
What I really want to know, my baby,
What I really want to say, I can't define this love that I need.

The song is Santeria! I LOVE this song, I bought the whole cd for two songs and this was one of them, the other is "What I Got" you should check it out! They are by Sublime :]


do i have to sign up for tanning?
explain to me how it works, and how much is it?

Well, you dont have to sign up to tan, but its a good idea. If your planning on getting a real tan and not a spray on one. If your going to get spray on tans then you shouldnt sign up because youll only need to go in every once in a while and just pay per visit. But if your wanting to lay in a bed and get an actual tan then you should sign up because you'll need to go a few times a week and it will be WAY more expensive in the long run. Hope I helped :]


Does anyone have any idea of what movie this might be?

It has Jim Carry in it, He lives in a town but in reality people are controlling his life for an experiment, he catches on to it eventually, like on part in the movie he was mad at his wife, so she said "Help" and police came? something like that. In the ending, he rides a boat to the "end" of the ocean, which is really the end of that fake world and walks into the real one. Its really interesting, i haven't seen it since i was probably 8, i'm 14 now. Any one have any idea of what its called, or where i could find the name of it? Thanks :]

Oh my gosh id completely forgotten about that movie! Its called the Truman Show. Ahh, I used to think that I was being watched all the time too! Hahaha Its a great movie :]


Does anyone know of either any good books like Candy and i mean like the books are alike or are just really good i dont want any books like harry potter or series of unfortunate events or something like that i want a book like Candy

Look up the author Chuck Palahniuk. He's got many many many books out, that are wonderful. When you mentioned the book Candy, Chuck's books were the first thing that popped into my head. Survivor was the first book of his I read and then Invisible Monsters, they were amazing. I started reading Choke but havent finished it, it seems to be more like Candy so far. I hope I helped out! Good luck on your search :]


Okay i just got a betta fish, and i have two questions.

I need a name for HIM. He is all white.. kinda
creamy but all white. And all my friends can come up with is Scotch, i kinda want it to be creative.. no just like MARK or somehting.

And is it true that you can feed betta fish anything really.. like any type of fish food or do they need the special BETTA fish food??

thanks. ill rt.

Ive always had a beta and ive always only fed them beta food. Im pretty sure its the only thing you can feed them. It not expensive at all and they hardly eat a thing. Im thinking you could call your fish something like Eminem, Cream Puff, something along those lines, since hes white. Im sorry im not all too creative with names! I hope it helped good luck! :]


Can you cry underwater?

Definately. You have tear ducts, those produce the tears when you cry. They will still produce tears underwater they just wont roll down your face or anything. I dont think though that if you were full out crying like a baby, you could do it underwater. Because you know how when you get to crying really hard your gasping for air and couldnt do that underwater. Im pretty sure youd just drown. Haha I hope I answered your question the way you expected! :]


i just got a new puppy. an american eskimo. and shes 9 months old.
we have her outside a lot. but she never uses the bathroom outside. instead she pees and poops inside. which is not good, obviously.
help? :/ i dont wanna get rid of her.

Oh my god, never hit a dog like sml111 said to do. It doesnt teach them anything but fear and agression. Dont ever give her negative attention. When he goes in the house, clean it up with some paper towels, then put her outside with the paper towels so that she sees that, that kind of stuff goes outside. When you see her going to the bathroom outside give her lots of positive attention. When yall arent home you need to be putting her in a big crate or like a laundry room or bathroom with newspaper. She should start using the same spot. When you come home, take her outside and put a little bit of newspaper outside in one spot so that she sees 'thats where im supposed to go to the bathroom and im outside'. Please take this seriously and follow through with it, my mother owns a dog rescue group so we foster puppies a lot, so I know a lot about them. Not to mention the fact she worked for a cat/dog shelter where I volunteerd for many years. I read that someone taught theyre dog with a bell so that they could hear when he wants outside, thats an excellent idea, she wont learn at too young of an age, but it would be good to start getting her used to it now so that when she does start catching on to more things and tricks and what not, she will catch on very fast. So I hope this works out for you, I would hate for you to have to get rid of her, good luck! :]


where do you all work? (i am looking for suggestions just seeing where everyone else is)

Weellll instead of giving a list of places with no background information or opinion, ill answer your question the way you asked. I work at a zoo. Im the assistant. Sometimes I run the register, sometimes I run errands, sometimes I have to feed animals and clean enclosures. Its not all a zoo job cracks up to be, but I have very interesting days haha. Im 19 years old, female. My first job was at H.E.B when I was 16 or 17, it was very fun. It was an easy good paying job with good benifits, its a wonderful company to work for. You meet a TON of new interesting people, you make a lot of new friends, and have a good time. After that, when I was 18 I worked at a Retirement home, as a server in the dining room. So I was a waitress, ive heard its a good way to make money fast out of tips, but your hourly pay is something like 5.50. In my case I got $8 an hour, but didnt get any tips. Being in an old folks home I can say it was interesting, but youd have more fun in a place like applebees or chilis. Hope youve found what you were looking for! :]


since like june
my legs have been crazzyy itchy.
like at night when im sleeping they itch like mad!
like mad mad.
i wake up around 2 times a night to put more cream on so they wont itch
it works for a while
then fails.
what should i do?

This could be a lot of things. What you can do for the itching for right now is get a lotion thats non scented, because scented lotions are more or less to hydrate your skin when you get out of the shower type of thing, not actually for itching. Or get a benadryl spray, that stuff works WONDERS. My boyfriend had poison ivy and that was the only thing that soothed his legs and stopped the itching. Now, what it could be, is a case of eczema, something like 1 in 3 siblings have it. (you dont have to be a sibling to get it) but its something you would need to get diagnosed by your doctor, and possibly some medication to help stop the itching. It could also be razor burn, if this happens shorty after youve shaved and theres little red dots, in that case you need to wait until your legs are nice and warm and moist from your shower/bath before you start shaving and never shave with a dull razor, and dont press down hard. Then moisturize immediatly once your out of your bath/shower. It could also be heat rash, your skin getting way too hot out in the heat, in pants, whatever the case, and what would help that a lot is too keep your legs moisturized but also dont stay too hot for too long, always try to wear shorts/skirts when going out in the heat, things like that. Theres an indian cooking flour you can get thats yellowish in color called Besan (aka gram flour) it helps a lot with heat rash too, to spread it over your legs, let it sit then get in a cold bath. Im honestly suggesting to you though to go to a doctor, since im not one and I cant tell you for sure what you have. He/she will be able to tell you exactly what it is and how to fix it, especially since youve had it for so long. Im sorry you feel that way, I understand your pain because all of the things I described, ive had, which is why I knew so much about it. I really hope this gets better for you soon, good luck! :]


what is a showing or a screening of a movie? has anyone been to one? do you see the movie earlier for free or something?

My moms boyfriend gets me 4 tickets about once a month to movies that are comming out, so I can tell you, a showing/screening is when you see a movie, early, meaning you see it before it actually comes out in theaters. You do see it in a theater and ive never heard of anyone paying for tickets. You get the passes kind of like I would, you know somebody, or you happen to be at a store that has a few they are giving out. Im wondering why youd ask? But I hope that helped out some. If your looking for tickets what id do is get online and search screenings, and see if theres a site you might be able to go to where you can enter in your city or something and see if you can find out how to get some tickets, places you could go or something. Also, if you get tickets, id show up EARLY. I dont know how big your town is but I live in Austin and every screening ive ever been to has filled up to where they stop letting people in, at least 15 minutes before the thing even starts. So good luck! :]


I have my nose pierced. It's an 18 gauge piercing. (Standard size for nose piercings.) So obviously, a nose ring is thicker than an earring.

I have been looking for a nose hoop for a long time. I finally found an earring hoop that fits in my nose really well. The only problem is, that the hoop is not 18 gauge. (Meaning the hoop is thinner than the usual nose rings I wear.)

So I was wondering:
How fast does a nose piercing close up?
Would it be okay if I wore the thinner nose hoop for about 8 hours?
(After school, I will put in the regular, thicker nose ring.)
Do you think my piercing could close up a lot in 8 hours?

Thanks in advance, and please ONLY answer if you have your nose pierced and know what you're talking about. I don't care if your sister or your friend has theirs pierced, I only want to hear from you if you have your own nose pierced.

I got my nose peirced when I was 16, three years ago. I also had found something I fell in love with that happened to be an ear ring and wore it for a little while, id say a couple of days. The problem was that it [like you said] was too small and since id only had the peircing for 4 or 5 weeks my body started to heal it and when I finally put my nose ring back in it almost wouldnt fit. It did, it hurt a little, but it stretched back out and everything was fine. So depending on how long youve had the peircing for is what will make the difference. If youve had it for at least 3 months [which is about how long mine took to COMPLETELY heal-- where I could leave it out for days at a time] id say youll be fine, if youve had it for about 6 weeks, id say 8 hours couullddd be pushing it, but will be fine also. Any time less than that id suggest just waiting it out a little bit, or only wear it for very very short amounts of time. Hope that helped at least a little! Keep it clean, good luck! :]


im 18/f and ive had this problem for years. everytime i bend my knees they crack. it sounds like a nutcracker. its gross. even happens when im simply walking up the steps. anyways, i want to know ::
1. what this is? i went to the doctors a few years ago and he said just hold my legs out for a few minutes at a time every night. this did nothing. and
2. if i work out and do squats, which will require me to bend my legs constantly, will it just damage my knees more?
im afraid i might be waring away the cartlidge or something. if anyone has any info on this id reallyyyyy appreciate it!

sorry its so long.

You know what, I have that too and have never taken it upon myself to find out why. So I did some research on an orthopedics site and this is what I found:
"Joint cracking, commonly in the ankles and knees when walking up steps, is usually a benign condition that you do not need to worry about. While the exact cause is hard to detect, you are not doing damage to the joints when you hear them crack.
If you have pain associated with the cracking joints, then you should be evaluated to make sure there is not an underlying problem. But the average snapping ankles, or creaking knees is not a problem."
I hope that was what you were looking for! :]

[view] i used to smoke while i was in high school but i quit 2 years ago. well i have been stressed lately and today, on my way to work, i bought a pack of ciggarettes and smoked two today. I feel bad cuz i have not told my bf and i dont want him to know. I feel sneaky and like a liar but if i told him he would be mad at me. Its not like i plan on smoking for a long time...just occasionally to help me with stress (when he isnt around). is it wrong of me? what should i do?

Okay, ill tell you the point of view from your boyfriend, because I was in that situation. My boyfriend smoked a LOT at one point, but when we started dating seriously he quit because I find it repulsive, its so bad for his health in the long run, makes him stink, and we dont want our kids around it. Well I was packing his lunch one day and went to pack it for his motorcycle and found TWO packs of cigarettes. Now I understand (as im sure your boyfriend would too) that if something is wrong and you feel that you NEED a cigarette, that is one thing. But dont hide it, because it only causes WAY more problems with the fact that you hid it, the fact that your sneaking around. Its almost like, whats next you know? What will you hide next? type of thing. So I think you need to just say "Hey, Ive been really stressed out lately, I bought a pack of cigarettes, will you help me?" That way he sees you arent trying to hide anything from him, that you know its not okay, but also that there are some things going on with you, that maybe he could help you with, better than a ciggarette could. Now the bigger problem here, is that you feel that you NEED a cigarette. You should try finding something different, like maybe some gum, or a type of candy or snack that you can keep with you, and every time your needing a cigarette, grab one of those. Its all in your head you know, only you can calm you down. You dont need a cigarette to feel happy, or pretty, or gathered. You shouldnt pay money to kill your body, there are plenty of things we do everyday that contributes to that just fine. I know things will be okay :] Good luck!


When you wash your face with soap and water, what soap? Like a bar of soap??

My face is super sensitive and can go red form anything..

Ahh no no! Dont ever use bar soap on your face. Those hold bacteria and its sooooo bad for your face. Theres a line of Neutrogena face washes that are not expensive, for oily and dry skin.. things like that. Theres also astringents that you can use also made by Neutrogena. Ive been using a face wash by them for amost two years and I havent had ONE single pimple, since I started using it. I also have very sensitive skin and once bought a Neutrogena product that turned my face bright red and made it so tender for almost an hour after I used it. You just need to go to and find a product that best suits your skin type, oily/dry, sensitive etc. Your face will also stay healthy if you rub an ice cube over your face before applying your makeup so that your pores are completely closed, and always always always wash all of your makeup off before you go to sleep at night. I hope I helped out at least a little. Good luck! :]


This may sound silly...but I think I may have lost my writing mojo. Last year, it seemed as if I could write really well. I always received compliments from my teachers on how well I could write creatively. But now, as I'm sitting here and typing up an assignment, nothing comes to mind and my story sounds so amateur and horrible. And I can't think of good vocabulary either. Does it just seem that way to me? It disappoints me tremendously :( What can I do? =/

Hey this is writers block! Ive had this plenty of times. Im a writer too. What you need to do is get writing OFF of your mind. The harder you sit there trying to force yourself to think of something good, the farther and farther you will get from anything close to writing material. Go outside just simply for a walk, or to sit and observe your surroundings, or even people watch at a mall or something. Surf the television, hang out with friends, just take a day off of writing entirely. Skim over some of your old writings to get your mind back into place, maybe even move yourself into a new environment.. take your pen and paper and sit outside by a pool, on a roof, in a bowling alley, etc. Good luck! :]


Alright, well it seems that lately It feels like I have to pee ALL the time, but when I try to go i either cant, and when I can its an extreamly miner amount, and its very painful. it seems like when I bend over while sitting its extreamly uncomfortable and painful. I've been having a LOT of discharge lately, and I had my period like 2 weeks ago.
this may be beside the point, these are new panties (have been washed a few times) and normally discharge looks kinda yellow or whitish on it, but its kinda looked pinky-purple almost, its very strange.
can anybody tell me whats wrong? is it an infection? please help!

Its most likely a urinary tract infection. The same thing was happening to me at one point, I ALWAYS had to pee, but when I went, it wasnt hardly anything, painful, etc. I went to the doctor and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection, a lot of people get it, its very easily curable. Just set up an appointment with your doctor, he/she will be able to diagnose you and get you some meds that will clear it up in a couple of days. Its not something you can take care of on your own and will only get worse the longer you wait. Good luucck! :]


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