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Bad Babysitter

Question Posted Thursday July 27 2006, 1:24 am

I lose my temper a lot when i am babysitting. I am making good money, but this girl is so annoying. I dont get that mean, but I just want to tell her to SHUT UP. I try to be nice and act interested in what she is saying, but she drives me crazy!

Does that make me a bad babysitter?

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Blue421 answered Saturday September 16 2006, 8:04 pm:
Are you a bad babysitter? Absolutely not. I babysit for two boys and I really do not like how they act. They dont listen, they talk back, and they are really boring. When they talk back I want to yell at them.

Whatever you do, dont tell her to shut up because she will repeat it to her mom.

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courtxrawr answered Friday August 4 2006, 10:52 am:
No, your not a bad babysitter. You are actually pretty darn amazing on what I'm reading. If that was me - I would of told her to be quiet already. (Which isn't the way to solve things) At least you were trying to act interested.
By the way, how old is this girl? If she is under 6 - she is acting like a kid. They misbehave, you can't punish them.
If she isn't under 6 - then she has some self-control issues. You might want to speak to her parents about that!
Hope I helped!

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yoliv answered Monday July 31 2006, 6:11 pm:
No it does NOT!!!!!! But you could report to her parents about it and maybe see what they say. Try calming her down by (MAYBE) playing a game of go-fish or a kids board game. Stay calm and just dont loose your cool. (i've lost my cool a few times and there were serius consequences.)

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abercrombie13 answered Thursday July 27 2006, 11:16 pm:
of coarse not! i am 13 and it is my first time to babysit kids that i don't know that well and the girl is a handfull to but somtimes you just have to tell her you are not that intressted in what she is saying, let her know you are the babysitter you are the audlt and if that doesn't work than have her mom talk to her (not her dad her mom will understand better)


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StarryNightSkies answered Thursday July 27 2006, 10:50 pm:
I would just tell her to take some quiet time and watch tv or draw or do a puzzle or something quiet. just dont loose your temper because she could tell her parents and you could loose your job.

[ StarryNightSkies's advice column | Ask StarryNightSkies A Question

PrEpCuTiE442 answered Thursday July 27 2006, 8:27 pm:
Nope all kids can be annoying every once in a while , well more like all the time but the fact that you are keeping your feelings inside of you and not ending up yelling at her makes you a good babysitter! (:

[ PrEpCuTiE442's advice column | Ask PrEpCuTiE442 A Question

AdviceMistress answered Thursday July 27 2006, 9:10 am:
not at all, kids can be kind of annoying and very tiring sometimes. it doens't make you a bad babysitter, just remember to breath and control your temper... after all the kids are little and they don't know any better.


[ AdviceMistress's advice column | Ask AdviceMistress A Question

Smile_be_happy answered Thursday July 27 2006, 7:32 am:
Hey there
No, i don't think that makes you a bad babysitter! We all lose our tempers, and it's hard dealing with kids all the time and being intrested in what they say and blah blah blah. I mean you're getting paid for it. So, to let all you're anger and frustartion out get a stress ball or go into the bathroom and say shut up and crap to get it out of your system! =] Good luck!


[ Smile_be_happy's advice column | Ask Smile_be_happy A Question

Elcee answered Thursday July 27 2006, 4:49 am:
Your job is to focus on the child and be there completely for her. We all have times when we want to shout at children but don't carry it through because obviously the consequences would far outweigh the deed.

Distraction is usually very good at getting children to quieten down, why not try I-spy or counting games, reading a book together or doodle art. The more wound up you get, the more she will play on it.

Another ploy that has been used very successfully in our house is reverse psychology. For example: when the child is screaming very loud you could tell her you can't hear her and would like her to scream louder. After a while she will get fed up and say no. Another one is if she won't put on her pyjamas tell her that you don't want her to put them on. Children are perverse in that they like to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do, so the fact that you are saying one thing usually makes them do the other.

It doesn't sound like you are a bad babysitter to me. I wish you well.

[ Elcee's advice column | Ask Elcee A Question

popstar50 answered Thursday July 27 2006, 3:59 am:
okay so you lose your temper. it happens alot to
babysitters. It doesn't make you a bad babysitter. everyone can be annoying sometimes
but just in case she drives you crazy bring ice cream and keep her occupied.:-}


[ popstar50's advice column | Ask popstar50 A Question

ShYbl0nD3 answered Thursday July 27 2006, 3:39 am:
I know what you mean.. I babysit and some of the kids are just really annoying. But if you just try to stay calm then you'll be fine. Like the others said think of the money. lol. Also depending on what age they are maybe try convincing them to watch a movie or play a game so you wont get bored or frustraited. But of course kids are so curiouce, they can drive you nuts but im sure that as long as you stay cool youre a good babysiter.

some of that probably doesnt even make sence .. im a bit tierd right now lol soo hope it wasnt too confusing.
hope i helped :)

[ ShYbl0nD3's advice column | Ask ShYbl0nD3 A Question

Imperialistic answered Thursday July 27 2006, 3:26 am:
Every babysitter gets frustrated once in a while but the key is to hold it back and do your job.
As long as your emotions don't get in the way of your duty, you're a great babysitter.
Just count to ten, take a deep breath and think of the money.
Good luck :)

[ Imperialistic's advice column | Ask Imperialistic A Question

Exquisitechick answered Thursday July 27 2006, 3:19 am:
No, everyone knows little kids can be annoying.

Just try to hold it inside a little more.

And when she bugs you have her do something like color,paint,watch tv && stuff like that.

Believe me, it helps!

there are times where i wanted to give the kid i babysat some benadryl so she would pass out. hah

Good luck

[ Exquisitechick's advice column | Ask Exquisitechick A Question

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