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Q: What do I do if I feel like I'm alone n da relationship I'm n I messed up twice I had pic of a diffent girl n my phone but I didn't cheat or nothin she said she forgave me...n I've been tryin to make up for it I gave her everything but she still treats me bad but I'm still with her
You have to be honest with her, tell her you know that you messed up in the past, admit that you know it was wrong to have a picture of another girl but you had no intentions of cheating on her or hurting her. Let her know that she wouldn't be with you if she wasn't willing to let go of the past. Use anything you can to prove to her that you're not going to hurt her like that again, and in time she will let it go.

Q: I don't know what to do with him! I found out from my bff that my bf made a facebook group thing about our relationshp. I went and red a few things on it and it is personal and nothing anybody should know but us so I told him I knew he had a secret he was keeping from me but not what it was so he would tell me or something but he didn't. i kinda thought that he posted stuff and didn't think it was bad and I wanted to give him chances to say so but he just said he didnt have no secrets so i went back to read the rest and he had made it private only so now it is hidden from me.

I guess what I am asking is if he didn't think this was wrong why did he hide it when i found out? He still denies everything and now i got no proof because i cant see it anymore!!! i have been crying about this and i feel betrayed like he has a secret life on facebook or something! should i stay with him if he isn't going to be honest and still hides things?

Sorry if this is too long!
Hey Sorry I haven't been on here in such a long time. Hopefully everything is all worked out by now. Personally I think trust and honesty are two really important components in any relationship. You should be open and honest with him about what you saw, if he denies it then he is obviously lying to you. I'm not here to say what you should do with your relationship but if I were in your position there's strike one for him. I'd let him know how I feel and give him a chance to apologize and make up for his mistake, if it happens again then I'd know that he in no way is capable of holding my trust.

If you need help more help feel free to write me again.

Q: Ok I have a 4yr old chahuihui I guess that's how you spell it anyways he circles to the right when he walks he will walk streight for a second then circle five times walk streight circle five times and so on its actualy pretty funny to watch him oh when he gets excited he runs in circles real fast but the thing is he's realy smart also its like he knows what I'm telling me cause when I talk to him his ears perk up and he turns his head to listen and I think he thinks he human also is that weird. Or what I could put him on animal planets funiest videos and win some money
Has your chihuahua always done this? You might want to get him checked out in-case he has a brain tumor or something that needs medical attention. If everything is okay and you want to enter him on funniest videos then just record a video, watch the show to get the information on where to send it in at, and then hope that you win I guess.

Q: i am well soon to turn 15 and me and my boyfriend really want to have a baby. my boyfriend is 100%loyal to me. i guess i want to know if i should go through with this. i mean what to tell my mom i dont know my 16 year old sister is already thinking she might be pregnant to. i also would like to know if it is expensive to be home schooled and be home with my child. thank you.
All I can say is WOW. Everyone goes through the phase of wanting a baby around your age but most of us are not stupid enough to act on it. I am 20 years old now and if I am SOO GLAD that I wasn't dumb enough to even consider having a child at the age of 15. Honey, do you honestly think your boyfriend is gonna stick around if you have a baby?? I don't think so. In fact, in many states it's illegal to have a minor work for more than 20 hours a week, so how would you support a baby on that? If you think your parents are gonna support you than they need some sense smacked into them. Looking back to your age I want very little of what I wanted back then. Try getting a job as a babysitter or something, that way you get your fulfillment of being around children and you'll also get a lesson on how they're not all fun and games. And you're worried about home schooling being expensive uhh hello...reality check.... BABIES ARE EXPENSIVE! HAHAH I didn't think it was possible for people to be so naive.

Q: 17/f
i cant orgasm from regular sex, like my boyfriend has to touch my clit. i HATE how i cant orgasm like every other girl in the world. is there a pill or something or somehow something can fix me.
You say "I hate how I can't orgasm like every other girl in the world." That's not true at all, very few girls orgasm from "regular sex", especially at your age. There are plenty of positions that are known to bring out the orgasm from "regular sex" look up "g-spot simulating" positions

Q: sooo i really love the dress in this picture:

and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a dress like this? i live in Maryland, but online stores work tooo.

i just really like the lace detail at the bottom, thanks in advance!
I have seen something similar to that at Rue 21!

Q: I'm 15/f and my friend is 15/f. My friend constantly talks about herself. She will relate stuff to herself, or her clothes, or her grades or the sports she plays. It seems like whenever I am with her it's always about her. I will tell her something that was funny or what happened to me and she will give absolutely no feedback. She'll relate that thing back to herself or she'll go on with her story or interrupt me. My mom and sister tell me to ditch her because she's so self conceited. My friends also get annoyed about how much she talks about what clothes she bought. Our neighbor, who has met her, even said she was very self conceited. She also knows I don't get the best of grades (or atleast I thought she did) and one day she flipped out about getting an A- on her final with me standing right there. I want to tell her how I feel or just put her in line. I want to tell her "Hey sometimes I matter too!", but i'm not sure how to put it in nice terms. Any advice?
I had this exact problem with one of my friends too. I kept letting it go and letting it go. I started acting really bitchy towards her because I was really fed up. Then I finally flipped one day. We had a big fight about it and then things were kind of awkward so we stopped talking. Recently we started talking again and worked our things out. I suggest you talk to her before something like I went through happens. When you see a good opportunity to talk to her with out any interruptions do it! Start by saying "Hey I really need to talk to you about something, I need to get my thoughts out before you give me your input." Then start by saying "I feel as if you don't really care whenever I try to tell you things, for instance I find that you are constantly cutting me off when I am telling you something and you switch the subject to something you want to talk about." After you tell her that bit start kind of buttering her up so she doesn't get angry by saying "I really value having you as a friend but it seems like you're always talking about yourself and don't have any interest in talking to me about other things."

You really do need to talk to her or else she will never know it's a problem. After I talked to my friend (well once we started talking again) she did a complete turn around, she will thoroughly listen to me with out interrupting and whenever she notices she switches the subject she apologizes and lets us continue with what we were originally talking about. I really hope this helps, good luck.

Q: ok i like this guy but i dont know how to tell him..i mean i talk to him should i tell him that i like him?
I wouldn't be so straight forward with him on this. I think that you should hang out with him alone first and flirt with him. Compliment him telling to kinda drop some hints. For example instead of telling him you like him tell him what you like about him like "oh you're so sweet", or "you look really cute", or "i love how we have so much in common". Watch his reactions and his body language and the next time you hang out with him you can tell him how you feel. If you're not getting the "vibe" from him then I'd let it go if you don't want to ruin a friendship.

Q: Why do you have to go to the gynecologist once you've become sexually active?

I'm very curious. I've read everywhere online about the gynecologist and when you should go, and it says once you become sexually active you should go see the doctor each year (even if you're under 18). Why? I thought you only have to go if you're having problems or something.

Please help! I'm getting confused.
The reason is to check for STDs. Some STDs don't show up for months afterwards so they check you every so often.

Q: So I m 15 almost 16 and pregnant, my baby is due in late October early November. My boyfriend and I would like to stay together and raise our baby, and do the best we can we know it will be hard but we are up to it. He is a senior and graduating and taking over his dads company so money isn't an issue.

My parents are the issue, they don't like my boyfriend and think that if I have this baby and keep it then I will hand it off to them to raise. They want me to put the baby up for adoption. I think this would be very hard and I think I would regret it. What should I do? Im very confused on what I should do I don't know if I should just give the baby up for adoption or try to talk to my parents more about keeping it.

My parents always have said and still say that I am a smart enough girl to do anything I want and put my mind to but if I say I want to raise my baby and keep it they say i can't? Why are they going against what they have always said?

Also is there any way to get this pregnancy off my mind? I feel like everything I do I start thinking about the arguments at home and just being pregnant it keeps distracting me when Im at school and work and even when Im at home trying to fall asleep my mind just keeps wandering...

Sorry its long but just need help.
I think you should do whatever you think is right. This is where YOUR family starts, so you and your boyfriend make the decisions for that. And from the sounds of it, it sounds like you and your boyfriend have a good relationship and he seems mature enough to handle it. I suggest you talk to your parents more. So what if they don't like your boyfriend, they LOVE you and they will LOVE their grandchild, there is no doubt about that. If you want to keep this baby and they don't want you to because they think you will hand him or her off to them, then prove them wrong!

Now is a time to start proving to your parents that you are mature enough to handle this. Start looking into jobs if you don't already have one. Prove to them that you can do this!

Good luck, hope this helps

Q: what is the real reason chris beat up rihanna?
Noone really knows the real story except themselves.
I've heard these
1) She slept with Jay-Z before she was dating chris and got herpes from him and she gave it to chris.
2) Chris got a text message from a girl and she yelled at him and he beat her up for it.
3) She through the keys of a Lamborghini that chris had rented out the window and then he couldnt find them at first or something.

so i'm not sure what to believe really.

Q: Hi I just turned 18 and I have been with my boyfriend for three years. We are sexually active and I really want to finally get on birth control. I was wondering what type is the best and that most people use and also which is also average priced. My sister-in-law is on Yaz and likes it. What other brands are popular? Thank you!
yaz is definitly the best!!!
i was on it and absolutlyy loved it but it's pricy.
so then i switched to ortho tricycline cause it was a lot cheaper and i dont really like it at all. so i stopped taking that and now i'm switching back to yaz cause it's really worth the money!

Q: Pregnancy Questions.
Do you get your period when your pregnant?
When do you start gaining weight?
What are and where at can you get prenatal vitamins?
When can you take your pregnancy test? Can you take it 10 days before your missed period, or would that be too inaccurate?

Thank you for your help!
Most people don't get their periods when they are pregnant but it is possible to have spotting or even a regular period, but rare.

Gaining weight is different for everyone but you may start to notice it around 12 weeks.

You can get prenatal vitamins almost anywhere, like grocery stores, pharmacies, and places like walmart.

You can take the test 5 days before your missed period and it will be accurate.

Hope this helps :]

Q: what does 69 mean????
69 is when a boy and a girl both give each other oral sex at the same time

Q: I got my ears pierced about a year ago and that was the 3rd or 4th time they've been pierced. They're now only about halfway closed. I don't want to waste the money getting them done again. So I was wondering how I could do it myself. And on a scale of one to ten(1 being like pinching your ear the hardest you can. 10 being the worst pain you could imagine) I don't have the highest pain tolerance in the world. But its not the lowest either. The last time I got them pierced w/ a gun I shed one tear (although this time I'm doing it with a needle) and that was a year ago. I could probably stand a 2 or 3.
I just repierced mine myself. Instead of using a needle i just used a dull earring so i had to apply even more pressure. But on a pain scale i would say about a 1 or less. It's easiest to do right after you get out of a hot shower, since your pores are open and it makes the skin softer to break through. Make sure you sanitize everything before you pierce them you wouldn't wanna get a infection.

Q: Well I'm 17 and had an abortion on October 23rd this year(10 days) ago. I've been bleeding since the surgery(I had a D&C) and I'm not sure what's going on. Im bleeding very light brown and then heavy red, then nothing at all then it starts again.

This morning I noticed a blood clot about the size of a 1 dollar coin(about the size of a grape). I called the clinic where I had the surgery and they told me it's normal but they also told me the day of the surgery that the bleeding is expected to stop by 10 days after surgery but I'm still bleeding and it doesn't look like its going to stop any time soon.

I got anti-biotics that day but they told me not to worry about taking any unless I was experiencing severe cramping, but I don't/didnt have any, but this morning I started having lower back pain. What's going on?

Should I call the doctor or the clinic? I don't want to annoy the clinic all the time about things that could be normal symptoms. Does anyone know what's going on?
I wouldn't worry about you bleeding for an extra day, they were letting you know that it's about 10 days on average, everyone is different. If you start getting clots of blood that are extremely big then you should definitely call the clinic and let them know.

Q: i went to this party last night and made out with 3 guys and gave one a handy and some stuff..and i was drinking a little. i cant remember exactly what i did with the one guy, but i kept worrying i had sex with him. im a virgin, and last night was my first time doing anything besides kissing.

well pretty much it was a hump and dump, and he got pissed at me for some reason and all this sh!t. it made me feel horrible. but anyways, im worried something i would remember if i had sex or he fingered me right? it hurt a little down there, but not too bad. and i remember both guys with there hands there, they were like both laying next to me. and then when i stood up my pants were undone.

then, this morning i find out this guys basically a man whore, and i feel like such a slut. all his friends are like your gonna get some gross disease! ahahah. and no not it possible i could catch something from making out or hand job i dont even knoww! haha help! =]
it may be possible to catch something if you touched your mouth with your hand after a hand job or touched your lower area. i think it's a pretty slim chance though.

Q: I'm going to become sexually active soon. Its inevitable. I'm 17 (turning 18 in March). I'm in college, I'm responsible etc.

My mom and I don't really talk about sex. I never got the birds and the bees talk, but its semi-comfortable to talk about my period and puberty stuff with her.

I want my mom to be supportive and I don't want to hide things from her. I'm not saying I want her to be jumping for joy because I'm going to be sexually active, but I want to come to her for advice or support.

How do I get both of us comfortable to talk about stuff like that?

By the way my friend said that I should say "Mom, I think I might need to go on the pill," but I already am (my mom knows). Its to regulate my period.

i agree 100% with the person who posted below me. i just think it sounds a little weird when it comes to saying "is that alright with you" cause i mean obviously no mom wants to see their teenage daughter grow up in that kind of way. but it really is best that you tell her before you become active cause it's much easier doing it that way instead of coming to her and telling her you're pregnant.

Q: anybody give me some tips or step clear my head
i like to listen to music, or do anything really like hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, reading, watching tv.

but i also find it really helpful to see a therapist, they work wonders!

Q: 15/f
ive been going out with my boyfriend for like 2 months and we're really close and shit im not sure if i should tell him tht i cut myself cause i dnt want him to find out from anyone else but eventually hes going to so i dnt not sure how he would react cause hes like rlly straight edge and like an effin saint sooo wht should i do????????????

btw no lectures pleez
hm maybe you should be honest with him and tell him, and if he deserves to be with you then he'll accept you for who you are. if you honestly believe he's going to find out from someone then it's better if it comes from you, that way he won't get mad at you for not telling him and it will just make things go much smoother.

either that or maybe you can actually stop cutting yourself if you want a commited relationship with him, because to tell you the truth idk if he'll stay with you once he finds out if you don't put an end to it.

i'm not telling you how to run your life i'm just making suggestions based off of experience.

hope this helps, and good luck to you




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