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Q: i am well soon to turn 15 and me and my boyfriend really want to have a baby. my boyfriend is 100%loyal to me. i guess i want to know if i should go through with this. i mean what to tell my mom i dont know my 16 year old sister is already thinking she might be pregnant to. i also would like to know if it is expensive to be home schooled and be home with my child. thank you.
All I can say is WOW. Everyone goes through the phase of wanting a baby around your age but most of us are not stupid enough to act on it. I am 20 years old now and if I am SOO GLAD that I wasn't dumb enough to even consider having a child at the age of 15. Honey, do you honestly think your boyfriend is gonna stick around if you have a baby?? I don't think so. In fact, in many states it's illegal to have a minor work for more than 20 hours a week, so how would you support a baby on that? If you think your parents are gonna support you than they need some sense smacked into them. Looking back to your age I want very little of what I wanted back then. Try getting a job as a babysitter or something, that way you get your fulfillment of being around children and you'll also get a lesson on how they're not all fun and games. And you're worried about home schooling being expensive uhh hello...reality check.... BABIES ARE EXPENSIVE! HAHAH I didn't think it was possible for people to be so naive.

Q: 17/f
i cant orgasm from regular sex, like my boyfriend has to touch my clit. i HATE how i cant orgasm like every other girl in the world. is there a pill or something or somehow something can fix me.
You say "I hate how I can't orgasm like every other girl in the world." That's not true at all, very few girls orgasm from "regular sex", especially at your age. There are plenty of positions that are known to bring out the orgasm from "regular sex" look up "g-spot simulating" positions

Q: Hi I just turned 18 and I have been with my boyfriend for three years. We are sexually active and I really want to finally get on birth control. I was wondering what type is the best and that most people use and also which is also average priced. My sister-in-law is on Yaz and likes it. What other brands are popular? Thank you!
yaz is definitly the best!!!
i was on it and absolutlyy loved it but it's pricy.
so then i switched to ortho tricycline cause it was a lot cheaper and i dont really like it at all. so i stopped taking that and now i'm switching back to yaz cause it's really worth the money!

Q: Pregnancy Questions.
Do you get your period when your pregnant?
When do you start gaining weight?
What are and where at can you get prenatal vitamins?
When can you take your pregnancy test? Can you take it 10 days before your missed period, or would that be too inaccurate?

Thank you for your help!
Most people don't get their periods when they are pregnant but it is possible to have spotting or even a regular period, but rare.

Gaining weight is different for everyone but you may start to notice it around 12 weeks.

You can get prenatal vitamins almost anywhere, like grocery stores, pharmacies, and places like walmart.

You can take the test 5 days before your missed period and it will be accurate.

Hope this helps :]

Q: i went to this party last night and made out with 3 guys and gave one a handy and some stuff..and i was drinking a little. i cant remember exactly what i did with the one guy, but i kept worrying i had sex with him. im a virgin, and last night was my first time doing anything besides kissing.

well pretty much it was a hump and dump, and he got pissed at me for some reason and all this sh!t. it made me feel horrible. but anyways, im worried something i would remember if i had sex or he fingered me right? it hurt a little down there, but not too bad. and i remember both guys with there hands there, they were like both laying next to me. and then when i stood up my pants were undone.

then, this morning i find out this guys basically a man whore, and i feel like such a slut. all his friends are like your gonna get some gross disease! ahahah. and no not it possible i could catch something from making out or hand job i dont even knoww! haha help! =]
it may be possible to catch something if you touched your mouth with your hand after a hand job or touched your lower area. i think it's a pretty slim chance though.

Q: I want to know what guys like on girls "down there" -- bush, triangle, totally shaved, etc? I always hear that different guys like different things, so what do you guys personally like?

Also, do guys like large labia or small?
My boyfriend likes it shaved, but he just recently told me to do a "landing strip", he still hasn't gotten to see it yet but I guess he likes that, and i dont think guys really have a preference as to which kind of labia, just don't worry about it cause it's not something you can fix with out surgery.

Q: ok so my problem is that my vagina has a really weird smell and i thought i might have an infection or something so i went to the doctors and she told me that i didnt have an infection, but she did say that sometimes your diet can effect the way it smells and i was just woundering does anybody no how i can change my diet to make it smell better down there cuz i really want to fix it, last time i was with my boyfriend he was going to finger me but i wouldnt let him because of the smell, please help
Cut out dark meats, junk foods, and greasy foods from your diet. Snack on fruits and veggies and keep hydrated with water :]

Q: i recently asked a question.. i had some unprotected sex.. although he didnt *** in me or anything well i took the morning after pil..

today im experiencing stomach aches and cramps but i dont know if this is my period i went to the bathroom and there was a little bit of blood there but its not what my usual period looks like it was a little bit more gooey.. i know gross but i dont know why.. and i wiped and it was veryyyy light and i put a pad on to see later on if its my period but i checked and theres really not anymore blood coming out... what was that was it my period or just some random blood? and when iw ent to go pee some blood just pours out but yet again when i wipe theres nothing there ...wtfff im so scared

this isnt implantation bleeding is it !?!? im so scared i usually get my period the 21st
since you took the morning after pill i'm almost positive that it's just side effects from that.

it can cause mid-cycle bleeding and can make you sick from taking it, it can also induce something like what you're experiencing

Q: i had sex on July 19th and i took a pregnancy test on August 5th it came out negative.. was it to early to take the test?.. should i take another one?
That should have been a decent amount of time, are you expecting your period with in 5 days? if not then wait until 5 days before your period to take it.

Q: I'm not sexually active. By the way. I'm fifteen..
But recently, and this is so embarrassing haha but, I found these bumps just above where my vagina starts. Like, in the pubic hair "region". They looked like whiteheads so my first instinct was to pop them, and when I did they popped just like a zit.
It wasn't really near my vagina, if it was I wouldn't have tried popping them. It was like in the middle of my pubic hair.
I'm not sexually active, so what could these possibly be?
its just like a regular pimple, they don't just appear on your face, it's possible for them to be almost anywhere on the body.

if you dont think that this is the case i would talk to a dermatologist at see what it might be.

Q: Okay, so any of you that havent read about my pregnancy scare, here goes.

I used a contraceptive film, and allowed my boyfriend to get off in me...saturday

Iv been on Birth Control for 2 years.
& Sunday night I took my pill to start my period.
But I'm also having to take antibiotics for Staph infection =/.

My mother says, antibiotics kills your birth control.

So. Sunday night I took my pill to start my period. I didn't expect to be on my period by morning monday, or even after noon because thats always how my cycle works.

So when I wake up TUESDAY morning, no blood.
I come home from school tuesday, and there are a few spots. So I change my tampon.

Then later that night, I change it again, a few more spots, but more.

Then this morning I wake up, and I'm bleeding regularly.

So.. do you think I'm Pregnant?
Certain antibiotics can interact with birth control pills, making the birth control pills less effective and pregnancy more likely. Spotting - or ‘mid-cycle’ bleeding - may be the first sign that an antibiotic is interfering with the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Since you still got your period with in the week it was due, i wouldn't be too scared. It could be stress, or it may possibly be because the antibiotics made you irregular because it is interfering with your BC. But you still used your contraceptive film so if used properly it should be effective.
Are there any Planned parenthoods near you? You should get the Emergency contraceptive pills if you're afraid. If you don't have one by you they do sell them at walmart but they can be pricey, but a lot cheaper than any child would be.

Good luck!
Hope this helps!

Q: i have a boyfriend, and we've been going out for about two months.
i went down on him once towards the beginning and his entire crotch area had a rather unpleasant smell.
sort of like a doughy smell, or something that reminds you of food.
it wasn't pleasant.
i want to give him head again, and i would normally enjoy it, but not with the odor. it makes me sick.
can you think of anything that might cause it to smell like that?
he has normal healthy hygiene habits,
but i've never known a GUY to have a smell.
girls, yes, but not a guy.
thank you.
it's most likely from sweat.
he should probably get a shower after sweating before you go down on him.
if you're afraid to suggest it to him cause you don't wanna hurt his feelings, how about you offer to take a shower with him, then go down on him after he's all cleaned up.
think carefully about this though, it may lead to other things so if you don't want to be put in that situation then i wouldn't do it.

good luck!
hope you enjoy it better next time.

Q: When you are giving a handjob to someone while they are fingering you, does that have a name? Thanks.
Mutual masturbation :]

Q: Okay, I'm 14 and i havn't started my period yet. But today when I went to the bathroom, I had like a "brown-ish" mark on my underwear....? Does that mean I have started my period?

O and please hurry I really need to know! I am planning to go to the beach and i need to know how to tell my mom also because we are not very close at if you could please answer both of those questions it would help me ALOT!

Thank you soooo much!
Yep that's how it will start, do you have cramps?
Do you feel a kind of "tightening" in your vagina? These are both signs of getting your period, along with headaches, backaches, bloating, moodyness, but not everyone gets these symptoms.
I would go to your mom and ask for a pad (its best to start out with pads instead of tampons) because you think you started your period, and ask her what you should do when you're at the beach.
Even though you're not close she's your mother and you should be able to talk to her about this specific subject, she goes through it as well. You're a teenage girl so she knows that it's going to happen sooner or later.

Congratulations on being a woman!
I also suggest you use Midol if your cramps are bad it's a mirical worker.

Q: my boyfriend and i had sex, and the condom broke.
im on birth control, but i want to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. im due to have my period in about 2 weeks....when do i take the test?
5 days before your missed period.
but i would try to find a planned parenthood near you and get the morning after pill.

Q: Im am only 14 and i am sexually active.Last night when me and my boyfriend had sex,the condom came off in my body.When it finally came out,the condom was empty of sperm.Now we are both scared that I might be pregnent.What should I do?
i would definitely try to find a planned parenthood near you and get the morning after pill or "plan B" if there is no planned parenthood then i would wait to take a pregnancy test (5 days before your period)or go to a doctor.

Q: I'd really appreciate answers from people who have actually BEEN pregnant, or are a nurse or something along those lines.
I'm not trying to say that other people don't know what they're talking about. I just need a REAL straightfoward answer, that isn't a bunch of myths.

Okay, I don't want to hear 'OMG YOUR SO STUPID!' Or any kind of lecturing. I know what I did was stupid, and irresposible. But, my and my boyfriend of 3 years recently had sex, it wasn't out first time together but it was our first time without a condom, and I'm scared I may have gotten pregnant. What I'm asking is simple:

What are the first signs of pregnancy, and when do they start? I can't rely on my period as one of them, bc that's irregular as it is.
typically a lot of times the first sign is a missed period. i was 3 months pregnant when i found out i still had spot bleeding so i just thought it was a light period... it differs for everyone. next sign is ususally sore breasts or nipples. morning sickness can than occur.

for more detail go to google and look up pregnancy symptoms.

Q: I'm 13 about to be 14 and I'm a girl. okay I', gonna get straight to hte point but it may be confusing...

One day me and my mom were in the car and she was like you know that you shouldn't be having sex and se is bad and blah blah. i waslike mom i know. because really i do know the outcomes of sex...its not a good thing and it can change your life! i know!!!! and then she was like after you have sex you get this wet stuff in your underwear and coming out. and i was like okay.... but the thing is i already have that stuff coming out! i know for sure that i have never had sex before! its something that I would never do until I'm married! and it scares me that i already have that stuff coming out. my friend was like you might have been rapped! and thats when i started crying my eyes out to NO limit! so the question is..... how do you know if you've been rapped...but you cant remember anything??...or is that a natural part of life??...thankz in advance for the help!!
LOL no offense but your mom is crazy.
That "wet stuff" is discharge, 90% of girls get it.
And it's not just after sex, it's after puberty.
If i were you i would take that "wet stuff" and rub it in your mom's face.
Discharge can have a smell to it.

Q: 18/f
I had sex 3 months ago in beginning of January around 2 days after seeing my period. I saw my period in February and in March. But now in April it is a week and 2 days late is it possible that I may be pregnant or could this just be stress. The bottom of my belly hurts me at time. Please help me as I am worried and confused.
this is what happend to me.
in march of 2007 i had sex, and in may 2007 i found out i was pregnant.
i still had a period and everything.
it could be due to stress, so try taking a pregnancy test.

Q: my bf is 16 and his penis is bent over to the right hes really insecure about it is this normal?
Its totally normal.
my boyfriends is also curved to the right, i love it.
it's so much better than a straight one in my opinon, either that or he just knows how to use it hahaha.




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