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Thank you!!!!

thanks :)

thank you so much! i have made such great books on this and really nice christmas presents.

will you become fertile after it is removed again? because i definitely want kids at some point.

Your amazing!!! I really appreciate it. Although some of them, I have seen, but still. Thank you so much for going out of your way.

This is a LOT of helpful information! Thank you!

thank you for partially being the only one who's saying i'm not 'mature' enough to do it.. and like yeah what you said, i'm just nervous is all.

so is it bad that i shaved it completely? and whats a landing strip

That's what I thought, just double checking. Thanks for your answer.

Im going to check out the book. Thats a given :DD and carefree is theee best brand! Love it. Lol xD thanks so much

yeah that's what I do but thanks!

I'm taking the pill on a course of 3 months, I meant, that after taking it for 2 weeks My GP told me it safe to have unprotected sex provided I keep on taking it. :) But thanks too... I'm looking, after my three month course to go on a 6 month course too! :)

how did your body reject a microdermal? aren't they attached to your body permanently?

Thank you. If I learn anything about strengthening this gift, I'll be glad to share it with you, since it sounds like you may have something like it too. i know wat 2 do! :)

I agree that piercing meanings are immature, but I don't need people making assumptions about me. True or not, rumors can be deadly.

Haha these were great thanx! If you have more that will be amazing. Thank you so much!!



thanks :]


oh ok!! thank ya

thanx i accualy did more reasearch and found out that that was a huge romor and that its imposable to lead to brain damage haha thanx =]

damn. haha thanks

thanks! =] and the lady said the end of the month!. but my mom said maybe sooner. but thanks!

thanks :] i have been icing for about a week, and it is starting to not be as huge. lol thanks~!

thanks :]


thank you!! (:

that would be quite hard. haha=] thanks


thank you

Thank you

Thanks! Something around the house than using a vibrator could help her outgrow her animal sex.

thanks, i wont wear it during the tournament.

thank you. it's just ive had sun poisoning also and or at least my dad said i did and i know how much it sucks and i never want her to have to go throgh that pain


well lets not be too sure its anorexia i really do hope its not because im alreayd thin i dont want to get skinner..


i love you!! lol

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to find all those for me, it helped so much. :]

I didn't ask if it was rude. I asked how much should I charge! But thanks anyways for the advice about playing with it and stuff.

thanx :]

ok thanks!! haha! I didn't know that. <new to the shopping list--- celery>

thanks i'll maybe try that





thank you, tht does sound good




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