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Advicenators Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions and help topics you might find useful. If you need to know something that isn't discussed here, click the "contact us" link on the side there and let our admin know.
How to Ask Questions [ view all ]
How do I ask a question to just one person?
Can I ask a question without registering or logging in?
Can I ask the same question to a couple people?
Can I use HTML in a question?
Can I edit a question?
Can I delete a question?
I left out an important part of my question, how do I add more information to it?
Where is additional information shown?
How long does it take for my question to be approved?
Who gets to see that I asked a question?
What does "chatspeak detected" mean?
Should I use people's real names in questions?
When should I delete my question?

How To Ask Questions That Don't Get Rejected [ view all ]
Can I repeat questions?
How do you know if a question is "decent" or not?
What's a "non-advice related" question?
Does grammar count?
My question was fine and it still got deleted.
But what if I put "Please don't delete" in my question?
The wonders of Google and other search engines

How To Answer Questions [ view all ]
Can I answer a question asked directly to another user?
How can someone ask me a question?
Can I ask myself a question?
Can I steal other people's questions (or answers)?
Can I edit my answers?
Can I delete my answers?
What is “account whoring,” and why can’t I do it?

Types of questions [ view all ]
Public questions
Targeted or private questions

Your Column [ view all ]
How do I update the user info on my column?
How do I customize my column colors and layout?
What's the difference between displayed e-mail and site e-mail?
I tried to upload a picture but it was too big. What do I do?
How do I put extras, like music and cursors, on my column?
How do I delete my column?
How do I change my username?
Will you put advertisements on my advice column?
I forgot my password.
I forgot my password and my email address isn't working.
I forgot my password and I opened seven accounts with the same e-mail address and the lost password thing only sends me one e-mail.
I'm having weird login issues.
How do I get people to ask me questions?
When do I get displayed in the columnist directory?
How do I add someone as a favorite columnist?
Can I visit my column without bumping up the 'visitors' counter?
I Am Having problems Activating My Account... HELP!
My Column is Empty! Help!

Columnist Ratings [ view all ]
Where do columnist ratings come from?
How do I know what my rating is?
I've been rated, but my rating isn't showing up.
When I look at my feedback page and count up ratings, the numbers don't match my average. Why?
I really want to see my rating calculated right now.
Someone left me negative feedback and now I'm mad.
Can moderators change ratings?
Can I ask people to rate me when answering their questions?
How do I become *the* top rated columnist?
How do I block out low-rated columnists?

Question Ratings [ view all ]
What do the question ratings mean?
How are question ratings used?
Who rates questions?

Answer Ratings [ view all ]
How do I leave feedback for columnists?
Can I change a rating or feedback once I've left it?
How are ratings used?

Main Page Features [ view all ]
How are featured users chosen?
How are featured questions chosen?

Being Banned [ view all ]
Who can ban people?
How will I know when I am banned?
What are some reasons that you ban people?
Can I be banned again?
Can I whine, bitch and complain about being banned?
Can I still be a moderator?
How can I suggest that another member be banned?
Can I ban myself?
Why was I banned for being under 13?
Will I be banned for having multiple accounts?
I turned 13, can you unban me now?

About Moderators [ view all ]
What's a moderator?
How do you get to be a level I moderator?
What do level I moderators do?
How do you get to be a level II moderator?
What do level II moderators do?
What do level III moderators do?
Where's the list of moderators?
How do I report abuse to the moderators?

Being A Moderator [ view all ]
How do I rate a question?
Can I just rate everything a to be nice?
What are some types of questions that get s?
What are some types of questions that get s?
What are some types of questions that get s?
What are some types of questions that get deleted?
When should I suspend an account?
Do people see what rating I give their questions?
Can I rate a question twice?
I still don't know what to do.
Can I lose my moderator privileges?
How many questions should I rate?
My rating fell below 3.8 and I lost my moderator status. What's up?

Most Painfully Frequent Advice Questions (that we now delete) [ view all ]
I wrote this poem tell me if it's good!
who are you voting for in the election?!
am I fat?
there's this guy/girl I like. what should I do?
how do I know if this guy/girl likes me?
how do I change the size of my boobs/legs/butt/whatever?
how can I be better at kissing/french kissing/masterbating/giving head, etc.?
someone make me a layout for my column/xanga/webpage/t-shirt?

General Comments We Get Sometimes [ view all ]
My kid is on advicenators and I'm mad.
This site sucks and everyone on here is stupid.
I love Advicenators! How can I help you survive?
This site sucks and everyone on here is mean.
Recent popular questions:
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Is it too forward?
I have a shaved side
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Where is the colonial oppression here?
I dont know how to get this friendship to "grow"
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i want to dye my hair, but I'm not sure it would look nice
Change color of my advice column?
recent problems involving masturbation
Brushing my teeth makes me poop.
my mom is a control freak
Is This Considered Stalking?
Best friend issue
Why is it a bigger deal for Greece to default than certain African countries
How to ask my mom?
help need to know if im producing real cum
why the FUCK are people now accepting pedophilia?
food coming back up!
Do I call this rape

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