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so my really close friend was taking to my other friend and my other friend say "oh I have a lot of pimples" and my close friend said "u must have gotten them from rose" should I confront my close friend?

If I was you I wouldn't consider any of these people as your friends. Kind of crappy to talk behind someone's back. If you really want to, you can confront them and ask why they would say that. I think this gives you an idea of who you can trust.


my girlfriend of 3 years is constantly looking for fights. she says she gets mad when i don't give her attention and that's why she's always wanting to fight about nothing. when we start fighting she gives me the lowest blows though. she's always reminding me that she can get any guy she wants. which i already know but i don't need to be reminded. she calls me selfish and the worst boyfriend she's ever had. she's constantly telling me that if she wanted a crappy relationship she'd have stayed with her ex. not only that but she's very controlling, anytime i go out i have to pretty much ask permission. i don't like her talking to guys but all of her friends are guys and she knows how much i hate it but does it anyway. what do i do? i've tried so many times to let her go but i can't, i really love her. i just don't know how to get her to stop without starting another fight.

I know you probably don't want to hear this but she's very manipulative and controlling. Both qualities are not attractive at all. I would usually suggest sitting down with her and talking it out but it sounds like she is too selfish to consider anyone else's needs but herself. Do you see yourself with her for the rest of your life? It's your choice. From the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like you're too happy. Maybe it's time for you to move on and leave this girl and get a girl who is going to treat you well and be supportive. You don't want a girl who is going to hold you back from living life. You have to think of yourself. Why are you going to let someone treat you like that? Just think about it. Good luck!



I'm having a hard time right now. There are things that are changing in my family environment and now things are changing in my relationships.

There's this guy. We dated when I was 17 years old. We went on and off when I was 19 years old, we weren't really seeing anybody in between those times. Our on and offs were pretty much him saying that he wanted to move on, and three days later he'd come back. We were going through a rough patch of him telling me to move on and then coming back asking me to stay. We fought constantly over the past 4 years... But recently, things got better. We stopped fighting. I thought because we've been through so much we don't fight as often anymore. When we get into an argument, we apologize and we automatically know what to do and we make up within those 1-3 hours. I thought things were going well.

I saw him two days ago and he seemed fine... But after I got out of the car things changed. He avoided me, he barely spoke to me, etc. I told him instead of keeping me in the dark, what was going on, he said he didn't want to "continue this complicated relationship anymore" and that he wanted to "start moving on" again... Since he was planning on moving to Japan.

I hate it when he says that. About Japan, he told me these news sometime last year. He told me he wanted to move to Japan for a couple of years and work for a company before he goes off to medical school because after medical school, he would not get a chance to go. I was in denial.

For the past year I was trying to believe what other people told me. The people that I trust the most and has a pretty good grasp about him, believe that he won't go and that it's just a dream that he has since he has this habit of running away from his problems and trying to escape reality and if he did move, he'd only be there for a month because it's quite pricey and the work environment there is terrible. His friends told me that they don't know what he's going to do, and that maybe he's doing it now because he feels like this is the only time to do it and that he will be back for medical school. Others? They say they don't know him well enough to tell whether or not if he's going to go.

To be honest, I've been having a hard time grasping onto that idea. The more he talks about it, the more he tells people, the longer time passes, it makes it hard for me to try to believe he's not going because I don't want him to. And I feel selfish thinking and hoping he wont go.

I've been needing the reassurance that he won't go but I feel more sad when the time may come.

I fear that if he goes, what if he finds someone else? What if things do work out there and he's there for years? To even think about that, it scares me and worries me. His decision on going makes me feel like I'm not important enough for him to stay and he's leaving me behind instead.

What am i going to do? I've been trying to be the best for him because i want him to stay but it comes off as not enough. Do you really think he's not going to go at this point or is it still a dream he has to escape medical school?

I have been in this situation and it's not an easy one!

I totally understand how you're hurting and you can't move on and you feel stuck. I was on and off with a guy for awhile. It would be great and then we would end up falling apart. I think one thing you need to know is that you need to think about you. You need to worry about yourself! I have always believed if you are meant to be with that person, you will be with that person. Good luck!


My boyfriend have been together for around 2 and a half years and we moved in together 8/9 months ago. Over the past few months things between us have started to go downhill pretty badly. We argue several times a week (mostly about things like house work and money) and our sex life is terrible! We treat each other horribly and don't show each other any respect.

I love our life together and when we are getting along things are great. Up until this point we were planning our long term future together but now I don't know if we have one at all. It all came to a head last night and we now haven't spoken for around 24 hours, something we have never done before even after arguing. We're at a total stalemate and I don't think either of us knows what to say anymore. Should I just give up on the relationship?

You have to ask yourself is he the one?

If this relationship is worth fighting for then stick with it. If it's not then I think it's time to break up and move on. You have been together for 2 years and that's big but if you are getting into a lot of arguments and finding that living together isn't the best then I think you have your answer. My fiance and I argue but we make up in a matter of minutes. I don't like going to bed angry so if there is an issue we fix it. Good luck!


does anyone know how old alice cooper is and when his birthday is? i just found out about his music and i love him!

Alice Cooper is 66 years old! He was born on February 4, 1948.


I am a 24 year old female and me and bf have been together for almost four yrs. My boyfriend doesn't kiss because I get cols sores and he's scared to get it even if I am not out breaking he won't kiss me. It's been at least. 2.5 yrs since the last time he kissed me. He said if we ever get engaged he'd kiss me because by then he'd take the risk. I also started liking someone at work and I don't know what to do? I don't want to leave my bf, I saw myself having kids and being married to him . Help?

I say leave him but that's my thought because when you're with someone how can you not kiss them? I don't understand it and I'm sure you're not feeling good about it. I would have a serious talk with him and if things don't change I would move on. I know that maybe hard but when you love someone nothing should stop you.


im a 35 year old woman on trigestel pill, for the past 2 months i have not been sexually active. i hadmy periods a month after i stopped having sex but now i missed my periods 2 months after not having sex. i did a urine pregnacy test it came out negative. is it possible that i am pregnant, im still waiting for the blood tests

Unfortunately I'm not a doctor. So it's hard to say whether you are or not. Although you mentioned you have not been sexually active so the chances are very slim. Sometimes periods change cycles so it could be that too. I think the best thing is to wait for the blood tests. Also try not to think about it too much. Good luck!


Want to know quiCkest way bto die martin 010172 40yrs

We all have our moments in life where we feel we can't go on. Whether it be something personal, work related, or something else. These challenges thrown at us, only make us stronger. Its better to face the problem. I'm sure you have family and loved ones who care about you. Please talk to someone and you might feel better. Suicide is not the answer. Good luck!


I am 14 years old and there is this guy in my theatre class that I really like but so does my best friend. She and him are always flirting and it makes me jealous, but then I feel bad... She knows that I like him but she just forgets sometimes I think and I don't know how to fix it without ruining our friendship... What should I do? (My friend and I are female and freshman in high school and he is a male sophomore in high school)

No guy should ever come between you and your friend. I would say the both of you should just move on and find other guys that you might like. I've been in this situation with a friend and it didn't really turn out well. We fought a lot. Until we realized our friendship means a lot more to us than this guy. Good luck!


he need 2 love hm as he loved me before

I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about but you can't make someone feel the way they do. And why would you want to? Wouldn't you want them to be honest with you instead of pretending to be what you want them to be?


or is that too enabling or encouraging?

my 22 year old daughter is incarcerated for a year for fraud charges. I am unable to have much sympathy for her about this because she committed a crime even though I never told her it was OK to participate in illegal activities, wasted her education (which was as good as anyone could hope for( , set a bad example for her younger sister, and this is her punishment and maybe it will be a good learning experience and toughen her up.

I wonder if I should visit her. I hear it may take a month to get visits. Is visiting also something that should be encouraged or is it seen as too enabling or encouraging to the person inside. I don't want to give anyone (especially her younger sibling) the idea I support criminal activity.

is there an account that she needs money on or something? Is it for necessities or for some luxury items? If only for luxury items I am not sure if I should send anything since I don't have the desire to make the stay all cushy for her.

anything else I should tell her? Maybe she can get some job inside or something?

You're her father you should visit your daughter whether or not you support her that is your children. Going to visit her in jail doesn't mean you support what she has done but its showing her that you care. I don't have children, but I know my mom would stand by me no matter what...I understand if I was arrested or what have you she wouldn't be too happy but she would have my back. That's what parents do and I think right now your daughter needs you the most.
I don't know if I would bring her anything. I would call the jail and see what they allow...maybe something from home that is comforting.

Good luck!


I am a 29 year old mother of 2 and I'm engaged to a man with his own daughter. We met at work and kept out relationship a secret for almost a year. 3 months into our relationship he started seeing another woman (who was married and preg.) as well. He was sleeping with both of us for 3 months b4 I found out. Then after our relationship was out in the open his daughters mom claims they slept together. He denied it but I believe her. After I moved in he started talking to the married woman again. I moved out but he once again talked me into coming back. He is addicted to the tv doesn't make me feel like I'm very important and I'm not comfortable around him. He never has asked about my past and tells me nothing bout his. Its a totally one sided relationship. He is totally self absorbed and thinks of no one but himself. His parenting style is lax mine is strict. I don't feel comfortable telling his daughter what to do but he has no prob telling. mine. He has put cameras outside the house to watch what I do while he is gone and I've never cheated. I love him totally but can't live this way much longer. If I try to talk to him about ne issues I have he will instantly throw back issues he has with me instead of talking. Please help me.

Why are you with him? Move out and this time don't come back. Go move in with family. This is a toxic relationship and by staying its just going to continue to get worst. You need to get yourself out of the home and if not for you than for your children's sake. They should not be witnessing this kind of behavior and they shouldn't see a man treating their mother disrespectfully either. Reach out to family or find somewhere to go and get yourself out of this situation. Break off contact with him and if he tries to call ignore him. Good luck!


I'm in a seriously screwed up situation.I have a boyfriend named Andrew.He's two years older than I am.This upcoming Wednesday,we will have been together for two weeks.

I met him earlier this year,because he's a friend of my brother's.My friend's told him I like him,and it turned out he likes me back.He started writing me notes,since we don't talk that much.He recently told me in a note that he loves me.He asked me out,and I had him waiting for a week,until I finally told him no.
SO he went out with his bestfriend.He also stopped talking to me,and avoided me.I was honestly hurt,so I gave him all his notes and gifts back,even though he told me to keep them.
After school,once him,two of my bff's,my brother,and two of his friends were together,one of his friend's Damien stopped him.Damien called him a whore,and asked him how long was he gonna be with this gf(which was his bestfriend).He looked shocked that I heard,but I left because I was hurt.

He recently asked me out,and I told him yes.But now,I regret it.I can now see all of the red flags I should've paid attention to ahead of time.
His friend's look at me with a look of sorrow in their eyes.And also like their hiding something.

He told me his life was screwed up,and he didn't care anymore,and said f*** life,but I made him want to live life.

I really want to break up with him,for several reasons,but I'm scared he'll kill himself,or become depressed.
HEre's the reasons i want to dump him:
1.) he doesn't tell me anything.
2.)he sometimes avoids me
3.)i don't love him

You need to be honest with him!
You need to tell him this isn't working out and that its not meant to be. The sooner you do this the better because the longer you wait the more you'll hurt him. If you fear for his safety tell an adult or someone at school! Good luck!


Hi! So I'm a 12 year old girl and I have VERY bad paranoia. Well people say the world is ending on the 21st and I all know you all don't believe it so can you help me believe that it isn't true? Please? I'm about to cry! :(

Relax! The world is not going to end. The media has made it this big thing and nothing is going to happen. Normally I would be scared about it as well but when I was younger "Y2K" was suppose to happen and it never did. Also if you really want to get technical...the Mayans did not include leap years therefore the world was suppose to end 3 years ago.

Live life to the fullest with no worries...because worrying will keep you from living your life!


I am a female, 13 going on fourteen. It's been about a year since i've seen this kid. He was the only reason I'd look forward to gym. But ... He was a special ed kid, still is. He never talked, hardly said a word to anyone. You'd think he was a fifth grader (then I was in seventh grade) but he was too in seventh grade, and we were the same age. He was small, inaudible, socially awkward, child-like, innocent. I was very attracted to him and because of that, it made me feel like bursting into tears. I know, I know, in a sentimental mood... But I felt like I loved him and now that I left that school (currently homeschooling) I miss him so much and i cant get him off my mind. I utterly regret never speaking to him because, yes what a big surprise, I was really nervous. And yes I'll admit it to the world, I really adore this special kid, and I'm very afraid I will never see him again. I am stuck. What should i do? Thanks.

Well do you have any friends that still go to that school that you talk to? Maybe they could put in a good word for you. It's always nice to have a friend check out the situation and to see whats going on. If not maybe you could stop by the school sometime and if you see him say hi or something. I believe that everything happens for a reason and if you are meant to be with him you will be and if you're not you are meant to be with someone else.


Im 18,high school graduate and still a virgin. Im in the transition of moving out into a house with my cousin(age 20) his baby mama(19) and their kid(3). My cousins friends starting coming over when I was 17 and 1 of them told everyone i was cute and flirted the other one flirted and we were vibing you could tell he was into me but once i told him i was 17 and he was 19 he stopped and took some steps back. Now Im 18 and ones 21 and the others 20. They come over almost everyother weekend to drink and chill. One weekend i ended up sleeping in the middle of the 20 yr old well call him(dave) and one of the friends hes pretty cute to. Daves head was by my feet(not cute) and so was my head next to his. He began touching my butt trying to move in on me and then he started grabbing my hand under the blankets putting it on his stuff but we werent talking cause his friend was in the bed,(i know not cool).He was trying me to either give him a "Hand" lol or a BJ all night. Well I obviously have feelings for him if i flirt and was willing to touch him. Well the next time I saw him he was trying to get at some girl at a kickback and my cousin well call her (a.t.) told me thats fucked up and hes 20 and Im not his gf so who am I to blame him but I felt bad. So last weekend they came over and (a.t) was gonna drink shes 17 and never had the whole night they were trying to get her to drink more and more and she was buzzed hard and me,some guy(a friend),dave, and (a.t) were laying on the bed in that order and he was hugging her and rubbing her butt. and she told me the next morning I just wanted to be comforted. I know hes probably playing the feild and me being a virgin might be a turn off but I know hes kindof interested but hes a huge flirt and I want to know how i can get closer to him and how i should flirt with him? Also do you think hes into (a.t.) more than me? and why is she doing that when she knows what happened with me and him? Also not to be mean Im honestly prettier and I cant see him with her at all but I think me and him would look really good together,Just saying.

It seems to me like he's playing the field. No I don't know what you want out of this. Do you want him to be your boyfriend or do you jsut want to flirt? Honestly, I don't think you want to get into this guy considering your cousin is into him as well. No guy is ever worth breaking up a family over. It doesn't matter who is prettier or not its not a competition! The feeling I get is you should stay from him he just sounds like bad news. And nothing ever good comes from that.
I guess if you really like him and everything than you can talk to him and maybe flirt with him. If this seems to cause tension with your cousin than don't even bother with that guy. Family comes first!!


I'm Camilla I'm 21 my boyfriend 21 as well. We been together for a year and 9 months. It's been the same issue he would talk to another girl. Lie say he not in a relationship we would breakup. Get back together talk it out then have good days. Then the issue would just repeat. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help me?

Have you talked to him about this? I mean have had a serious conversation and told him how you feel? I would say if he keeps repeating himself than you should break up with him. He's doing things to make you unhappy. When you're with someone you are with only that person no one else. You should be loud and proud about the person your with. To go off and talk to someone else is shady and dishonest. How can you trust someone that is going to be dishonest to you? Good luck!


ok so im 17/f he is 18/m
When i meet mitch he said he was looking for a relationship, but now im left wondering if he wants a relationship with me.so basically we have gone on 5 date, all went really well. ive already meet his family (mum,dad,sister, aunty uncle and cousins) he says he likes me ect and he seems geuine. but the thing that leaves me wondering is that he is always messaging other girls (generally this wouldnt fase me considering all my friends are guys, but this is different, i just have a gut feeling.) i really like him, but sometimes he bags me out to much beyond a joke, and im no closer to being his girlfriend. suggestions?

I always believe in going with your gut feeling. If there is something telling its wrong then chances are its wrong. Now there are three options; you talk to him and let him know that when he is texting and talking to other girls that it bothers you and maybe this will open up a line of communication. Second you could just except it because you really like him and care a lot about him and let it go. Or last you could leave the relationship if you're not happy and find someone who makes you happy. Good luck!


I am feeling so lonely , all of my friends are boring and they ignore me for no reason .. i just need to make new friends .....but i just cant find

Well maybe find a group to join or get into something you like to do (sports, dance, arts, etc). By doing something you like to do with others you can connect faster because you have something in common. Maybe find a club to join. Be active and I'm sure you'll find some other friends to hang out with. Good luck!


I've been talking to a guy for about two months now. He has asked me to hang out 4 times and all four times he has not been able to go. We went to a game together 6 days ago. He had his arm around me and we had a great time. The day before we had made plans to hang out this weekend as well. He didn't call or text me to confirm anything official. The last time we talked is when I texted him and he quickly said he had to go. Ever since the game he has acted differently. Someone told him I liked him and now it's like he has been ignoring me. Should I give up? Maybe I got the wrong idea thinking he liked me or maybe I'm over reacting. What do you think? I don't want to be the first to contact him again because I don't want it to be like before where he said he had to go.

When I was dating I had a rule: "3 strikes and you're OUT". Ever heard the phrase 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me'? I believe that if a guy really wanted to be with you he would make it happen. He would go out of his way to make sure you knew how he felt about you. If this guy has blown you off 4 times than its safe to say he's not interested. That doesn't mean to put yourself down that just shows how much of a coward he is in telling you the truth. I suggest to pick yourself up and move on because this guy doesn't seemed interested.



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