hello! i'm abby. october is my birth month! i am a cheerleader on competition this year. i got hurt at one of the camps over the summer and now i am in a leg brace because of it. i tore a ligament and chipped a bone, all because i twisted my ankle. haha, i'm a klutz. and i am also a self-proclaimed helpless romantic, i've read too many fairytales. i am a non-cusser, and i hate hearing cuss words. love me or hate me, it's your choice.


Okay, I just recenty had sex for the first time with my oyfriend of 6 months. I would say he's a good 2 inches thick and about six inches long. Is that considered big or not?

for an erected penis, that is considered normal. 5-7 inches is in the norm.


but its still my pride thing...i have fight tho

you don't have to do anything.

im not promoting violence when i say this buy if you have to fight, go to youtube and watch a couple of helpful fighting videos.


I am a boy and im 13. i play waterpolo and unlike most think i am not gay! I went to train in colorado springs in the olympic training center and i met this girl, for privacy lets call her katie.
So me and katie were both from the same zone( area were teams play eachother) so we see eachother 4 or 5 times a year. At the camp we made out, problem was i found out she has a boyfriend..who she "loves."
so I stay in contact with her (texting email ect..) and her friends start adding me on myspace, one of them (girl,lets call her jamie) asked for my number so i gave it to her no big deal then she started sending me weird messages.. and when katie found out she got pisse, like all of the sudden i belong to he.so they fight then some how it ends up being myfault! kstie gos to her boyfriend and he just thinks i was being a dick to her he doesnt know we made out. Basically the problem is this, i have to fight 5 guys at a tourdament coming up im a year younger then them and i cant and wont go to my parents ( pride thing). its not my first fight and me and my team mates are tight so they agreed to fight with me, i still dont wana figh tho but i will. any and all help is welcomed. thanks

uhhh, its stupid to fight. especially if this "katie" girl truely doesn't care about you and you only see her 4 or 5 times a year. you could find a girl that is just as good as katie, probably even better because katie got mad at you and didn't even listen to your side of the story.

"jamie" just got jealous that katie has a long distance relationship and has a boyfriend.

just drop all of this, don't fight, & find your own girl in your own school.


Ok so its olmost valentines day and i need some major help!!

wat r some cute little thing to write in my bf's valentines day card?

wat r sum good things to get him for valentines day?

ok heres some info on him

hes only been going out with me 4 a week

He loves sports

he is amazingly sweet

i wouldn't b able to live without him and he luvs me 2!

so i really need ur help i need to no wat i am gettin him by morning so i can tell my sis wat to pick up at the mall 4 me cause i have school :(

honestly, i doubt you are truly in love with this boy. only a week of dating and you can't live without him?! riiiight.

but yet, i feel the need to give you advice.

tell him exactly how you feel about him in the card, don't leave a single thing out. draw a picture illistrating your love if you can't find the right words. or do both!!!

get him a cool baseball hat with his favorite team, a cool new shirt, bubblegum, roses (guys like recieving flowers), a cool manly bracelet, a homemade anklet, the best card ever! (really big), hugs & kisses, a sweet indoor date, something to help him in his sport, a box of chocolates, or yourself!!


i have dark green eyes.. sometimes they turn brown.
what color of eyeshadow should i use? and i have small eyes how would i make them look bigger? i want them to look bigger because i have a big nose. haha

A trick to make your eyes look more open is to put a little bit of white shadow in the inside of your eye. I prefer the Mary-Kate and Ashley eyeshadow stick that feels like eyeliner.


okay im the girl that made a bet with her boyfriend about our football teams. and it kinda weird and please dont give me the speech about how i shoudnt date some one that is that much older but im 13 and hes 17

Thank you for replying, if you feel like it is not appropriate to be sexual with your boyfriend, then stick to the fun stuff, make him do something embarrasing in a public place like walk around bocking like a chicken around the mall, or put him on a leash and walk him like a dog. If you do feel okay being sexual with him, then you can do LOADS of stuff. Make him give you a lap dance, or if you are really far into your relationship, make him try something new in bed. ;) Most of all just have fun with it, make him do something that you would like to see him do. If you lose, though, be a good sport and do what he tells you to do, unless it is something too sexuaal and you don't feel comfortable doing it, ask him to rethink what he will make you do then.

Good luck, hope your team wins!!!


(she's 13 im 15)
ok last night i told this girl how i felt i told her everything and she said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her and it made her cry and so she said she would think about it and so i talk to her today she said once again it was the sweetest thing anyone has told her and that i was an amazing guy but she doesn't feel the same way which sucks to here but im ok with that but she feels horrible about it and keeps asking if im ok does this mean she could possibly have a change of heart?

No, she is just worried that she hurt your feelings because you are a nice guy. Her mind is made up. Make her jealous, though, and maybe she will like you.


Lol. Ok. Most of you should enjoy this..

I'm talking to the boy I like when he asks me for my number, and I give it to him, and then I want to leave before the conversation starts dragging on, so when my phone starts to vibrate I see my way out and say "sorry, I have to take this, so see ya later" I hear him say "you're ridiculous" while walking away.. but don't think much of it. Once I get to my room I try to call the number back, cause it wasnt listed in my phone book when it hits me -- HE WAS THE ONE CALLING ME SO I WOULD HAVE HIS NUMBER.

How embarrassing is that? What would you think if you were him? And what's the best thing to do.. try to explain or pretend it ever happened?

Silly, I know. But I didnt ruin my chances, did I?

No, I don't think that you completely ruined your chances. Don't lie to him. Tell him that you didn't know who is was, sill you, and you thought it would be rude to take a call while you were talking to him. Tell him you wanted to wrap the conversation up because it might've been someone that really needed to talk to you. =DD

Silly you.


hi, i am a virgen , and my boyfriend wants to have anal sex, if he cums in my ass can i get pregnant?

It's very uncomfortable and really close to your va-j-j, so watch out. And don't let him donkey punch you.


k so when someone says something like short of you paying me, i would not go
does short of mean even though or unless?

This question doesn't make sense.


my big toe on both feet
but way more so my left
has been numb non stop for a while now
and it hasn't gone away once
it feels as if its spreading throughout my feet and legs


Doctor!!! Or get those feet warmers. Wear socks.



My school is having a dance but I don't know what to wear! The theme is jungle but I don't like to wear greens or browns. Do you have any suggestions of other jungle related outfits I could make? It is going to be very hot so any face painting or warm clothes are not good options. Thanks!

Wear something animal printed. Like zebra, that seems to be in.


About a month ago, I was talking to my boyfriend, and we got on the topic of how fun bubble pipes are.
Like, the kiddie kind, that blows soap bubbles.
And I want to get him one for christmas.
But I want to get him one that looks like a real pipe, kind of like the one in Juno, not one of those stupid neon colored ones.
Does anyone know any stores or websites i could order one from? I wanna get a head start on buying it so I don't forget or run out of time.

I bet you could just go to a website that actually sells real pipes, get one of those, and just put bubble stuff in it. smokershaven.com is a website with lots of selection.

If you actually want to make one, that would be difficult. It would be funny if you actually carved one yourself. =DDD


When you get fingered does the guy put his finger in the same hole aswhen you have sex?
This is really confusing me. :(

Usually. Sometimes the person that is fingering a girl just rubs around her va-j-j. It feels good.


last year i loved this guy and my best friend
went out with him because i told her it was
okay to. i told her it was okay because i was texting
him one night and he's like, do you know if
she likes me? and so i found out he didn't
like me. so i was in denial about liking
him and i told her it was okay.

then this year i started liking this guy
and i don't love him or anything but i really
do like him and then my best friend's friend
started dating him tonight because i was
again, in denial. why do i keep losing them?

You don't have confidence in yourself, and you let other people step on you. You need to make it clear when you like someone, tell everyone to back off because he is yours. And if another person starts to like him, then tell her that you like him also and may the best girl win.


ok I am a 17 year old male. I have been dating this girl for almost 7 months but recently I started talking to this girl. Who is really nice, and cute and awesome, and I have started to develop feelings for her. Unfortunately she has a bf too. But I told her that I had feelings for her and she told me I was her kind of guy. What's should I do?

First things first, get rid of your current girlfriend before you do ANYTHING else with this new girl. Hopefully you could talk this new girl into breaking up with her boyfriend. Then, if everything goes as planned, you two will date. =D


i just got Fancy by Jessica Simpson.
i think it smells amazing.

do you think if i put a bunch on and go talk to my crush tomorrow he'll notice me in a good way?
I heard that smells trigger something....like if someone smells something good they'll be attracted to it or feel good or whatever.

anything will be appreciated! :D

The types of smells that you are talking about actually come from a person's body. The boy/girl has no choice on whether they like "your smell" or not, it's just their hormones. I bet if you do wear a nice smelling perfume, though, he will notice you. And be sure not to put too much on.


What's the song called that goes...

up, down, turn around...

its says that and its sort of a little kid song(:

What's it called and by whom?

There is the song that has that something like that in it that is a little kid song. It is a song from the television show Lazy Town on Nickelodeon. It's called Bing Bang. It's the closest thing that I can think of. Look it up on youtube.com! Here are the lyrics:

Bing bang diggiriggidong
First thing that I say after I wake up.
Bing bang diggiriggidong
I say those words before I go to sleep.

Get on up it's time to dance yeah.
It's so much fun being up on our feet.

So we go
Up up -- do the jump
Move around and clap your hands together.
Down down -- turn around
Having fun is what it's all about.

Bing bang diggiriggidong
Funny words I sing when I am dancing.
Bing bang diggiriggidong
Silly words that can mean anything.

Get on up it's time to dance yeah.
It's so much fun being up on our feet.

So we go
Up up -- do the jump
Move around and clap your hands together.
Down down -- turn around
Having fun is what it's all about.

One two -- me and you,
Move around and clap your hands together.
Three four -- on the floor,
Having fun is what it's all about.


Please forgive me for asking about HSM3 (High School Musical 3: Senior Year), but I haven't seen it yet and know nothing about it! Please also do not give me any spoilers about the new HSM3 movie!

Is Vanessa Anne Hudgens (actress in High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, Thirteen, Quintuplets, and Thunderbirds) in High School Musical 3 or did Disney not allow her to be in any of the other High School Musical movies after the nude photos she took leaked out. I mean, I wouldn't blame Disney at all, could you imagine how bad it would be to hear that one of your famous actresses, such as Vanessa Anne Hudgens, had naked photos of herself all over the internet? I heard that a "Cheetah Girl" (you know, a girl from the movie Cheetah Girls on the Disney Channel) replaced her in the new High School Musical 3 movie? If so, what is her name?

In case anyone is confused, Vanessa Anne Hudgens played as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical 1 and High School Musical 2. She also played as Corrie on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody from the Disney Channel and as Noel in the movie (that aired on Lifetime) Thirteen. Here are two really good pictures of Vanessa Anne Hudgens (and no it isn't Vanessa Anne Hudgens naked):



ANYWAY, does anyone know is Vanessa Anne Hudgens is on High School Musical 3: Senior Year or if she has been replaced? THANKS!

Of course she is in HSM3!!! It wouldn't be the same without her. They did finish it up for her though, I don't think she'll be in any other HSM movies.


okay well me and my boyfriend of 2 and half months made a bet. the bet was that when our favorite football teams play against each other whos ever team win the loser has to do what ever the winner wants (ANYTHING!) and i have no clue on what to do!:( it be if i could get some ideas thanks ahead of time!!

Depends on how old ya'll are. Ask me again and tell all.


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