Hey! First off, i'm going to start by saying I came here on this site to give people advice. Some people actually don't know the real meaning of advice. They think its the answers they want to hear. But i'm not here for that. I'll give you advice, and it might be something you don't want to hear. But deal with it! You may take my advice or not, its completely up to you and you are not gaurnteed a correct solution.

Ok so now that's clear, I'll talk to you more about myself. Hence the username... I play volleyball. It is my passion and basically my life since I've played for about 7 years. Most of my friends say i'm 50/50 tomboy and girly girl. I LOVE sports!! I play volleyball all year round, and then I go to the park during free times to play some soccer, football, hockey, basketball or baseball with my friends. But then again, I could be inside trying on my new Sephora makeup i'd just gotten, or reading the latest Seventeen magazine or even arranging my clothes for school tomorrow.

You can ask me just about anything and i'll be happy to answer it. You can count on a full and detailed answer.

Oh and another thing... I love getting feedback! Even if its a negative comment. It tells me what I need to work on or even what I did correct.


BODY EXERCISES AND WORKOUTS! my way or the highway


Okay so basically for years now i never cared about my grades...they were nothing but letters to me but now that im in high school i wanna show everyone im smart...the counselors & teachers & stuff know i am since i am considered gifted so if i do my homework i will be in AP classes cuz im in HONORS classes now. i really wanna know how i can get my act together. i understand all the work without paying attention in class but i dont like doing the homework &&/or classwork. i dont mean to sound like one of those people who think they are the best...i actually dont...just providing more details. i am currently in 9th grade & i started off good but it got bad && latelty i got my grades up. now that 2nd sesmter starts && we get to start fresh i dont wanna mess up like every other time. ANY ADVICE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

it takes a lot of commitment to do this and a lot of effort. you're gong to need to do your homework very slowly, that way you will actually understand the material, and not just do it to get it over with. make sure you pay attention in class. if your friends are talking or bugging you during a lecture, just shush them and tell them to take it outside. TAKE NOTES. even if others arent. even if the teacher didnt tell you that you have to. its important to take notes. they become very useful in the future. also another key is being organized. if you're sloppy and messy, you wont find anything you're looking for and it will be a disaster. color code things if you must. also, do EXTRA CREDIT. it will be a HUGE help in the future i promise. even if you have an A, still do extra credit because you never know.. make you'll fail the final, but that extra credit will make up for the loss. ASK FOR HELP. if you dont understand something, dont just leave it alone and think "oh i'll figure it out later"... no.. figure it out NOW. talk to the teacher. if you talk to your other friends for help... they're not the best resource. maybe they were goofing off in class and wrote the wrong thing down. unless you can trust them, dont go to them for help. you have teachers for a reason.. they're there to help you. talk to them. before school after school whatever. study study study.. constantly. but dont over study because that will just fill your brain with junk and it will get foggy and comes test day, it will be hard to remember all the materials. ask your parents for help if you need. organize a study session between you and your teacher. talk to your counselor for a tutor.

just be confident and trust yourself and believe yourself.

i hope i helped :)

ps: try giving yourself a reward after every good thing you do. like for example- if you get an A on a test, reward yourself by going out with friends and just doing whatever. or eating something you tried to get away from.


so my prom is coming up, and i don't have a date. my friend from school told me he would take me, but he's taking someone else. so i was thinking of taking my other friend, whom i really really REALLY like.

the only problem is that he doesn't go to my school, and won't know anybody there. i'd feel weird if i go off to talk to my other friends while he just stands around doing nothing. plus, neither of us dance. so we wouldn't have much to do. anyone have any ideas on what i could do?

find a group with a bunch of NICE guys. guys who will randomly start talking with a guy who is new. when you first meet the group, introduce your date to the guys and then bring up a topic they might have in common. like sports, or music, or cars or something. just get the ball rolling. that way you can go off and talk to your friends while he makes new friends :)

as for dancing.. its prom. who cares how you dance. just get crazy and have a blast. even if you look like a complete dork. there's a group on facebook called- i dont care how ridiculous i look, i'm having a blast. and i think thats a perfect motto. you're probably never going to see the people at prom ever again, so who cares what they might think. you dont have to dance all the time either. dance for a few songs, then go do something else. go out to dinner or bowling or clubbing or whatever floats your boat. even if its just a movie at someone elses house.. or you could even just ditch the group and you and your date could hang out. maybe do something romantic like watch the stars and moon, or have a late picnic with candlelight, or go swimming at night.

also, i think it should be spontaneous. if you just plan everything out, and say something doesnt go right.. you'll get disappointed that it didnt turn out the way you wanted it to. so dont plan. just go with the flow and have fun. its prom.. make it special and make it worth it.

i hope i helped :)

ps: if something does go wrong... just say "hey screw it. i'm not going to let this mess this night up. i'm going to have a kick ass night."


He said he didn't want a serious relationship right now. He said we could still be friends but he didn't really talk to me unless I started it. He said I did nothing wrong and that it was him. Then he hooked up with a slut and doesn't talk to her anymore. Then, he told my friend that he was frustrated that he "found the right girl but doesn't stay with her." Is that me? Does he want me back?

i'd give him some time to cool off. dont talk to him for like a week. just let him cool off and let him think. after a week, talk to him. preferably in person because that makes you a stronger person over the years. then just talk to him. ask him how he feels about this. then tell him how you're feeling. i promise if you guys just talk about it, something will change. for better or for worse, who knows. but if you just sit around and dont do anything... nothing is going to happen. and if nothing happens, you'll start to get sad and depressed.. you dont want that now do you?

nobody can really "tell" you what to do. it has to come from your heart. if youre mad at him, tell him. if you love him and dont want him to go, tell him.

if you take advice from us on specifically what to say, then its not coming from you, which means its fake.

i hope i helped!


I'm 16 and not realy use to buying gifts for a boy/guy that's 16, 17, or 18. i could tell you aout the person and maybe this could help you help me.

*has an i-pod
*listens to all kinds of music
*loves soccer/ plays soccer
*10th grade
*fav. color is green and red
*has almost every namebrand shoe that has ever been sold
*sweet, kind, and OUTGOING

What do i get him?

thank you. :)

if you know his favorite store, get him something from there. like a hat, or guy necklace or guy bracelet or guy scarf. maybe an itunes gift card. maybe something homemade like a collage of pictures. or make him a mix CD of all your/his favorite songs. draw him a picture. make him a tiedye shirt. buy him a poster. buy lots of heart balloons and fill his room/locker/car with the balloons.

just be creative!


Our school's sadie hawkins dance is coming up and I got asked. I don't want to just say "yes." I want to do something fun or different because this girl is really special and I want her to remember me in a special way even after the dance.

Any ideas? ladies what would you think was wonderful and leave you thinking happy thoughts about a guy if he did when you asked him to sadies?

Thank you and I promise to rate everybody!

i've always wanted a guy who leaves me hanging with intrigue. for example- make little notes and leave each one somewhere and make it like a scavenger hunt to find another. or like a riddle or something. or in school, during each hour, send her a bouquet of flowers with a note in each of them.

make her prolong the moment ya know? like dont just do 1 think right away. make it a series of events.

i hope i helped a bit!


idk what to do. i feel like im losing myself like who i worked so hard to become. i was really happy, outgoing, and just things were all around great for me. now i feel more hesitant and lazy but mostly depressed.. it sucks. also it seems like im really only happy when im with my boyfriend but i only get to see him like 3 times a week max. please help! idk what to do but i have to do somthing!

i've been in the same place as you and i think its because you're bored of your life. its like this.. have you ever had a specific meal for more than 1 week straight?? its not good.. you get sick of it and you hate the taste and you just want a variety of foods.. well take that and put it to life terms..

you're probably just living life the exact same for a VERY long time.. you just need a change. major or minor, up to you. just try something new. you'll be surprised at how much it can affect you.

here are some ideas

-cut your hair, new hairstyle, new clothing style, shop somewhere else, listen to new styles of music, rearrange your room, take different classes in school you wouldn't normally take (like art, or music, or business) volunteer in your community, joing different clubs, hang out with people you havent seen in a while, read books if you dont, research some crazy topic, organize an event- like a party, a charity event etc.,

just be creative and find something you dont like or want to change, and then figure out what YOU want to do. not anybody else. but what do YOU want to do?

i hope i helped :)


i'm a girl and some guys i've been out with said i'm more of a teas than a flirt, but most of my guy-friends and best friends say that i just flirt alot. I don't think i'm a flirt or a teas, i'm just an outgoing person. I truely don't know the diffrence between the two, i thought they were the same. i asked some one befor but i couldn't get a stright answer. What's worse a flirt or a teas?

a tease is worse.

a tease- a person who lures people into their lives and then push them out of their lives once they are no longer interested. basically "using" someone for entertainment or a hobby/something to do

a flirt- someone who flirts excessively. flirting= being overly nice and seductive. basically a flirt just flirts with a bunch of people to make themselves feel special, like people are interested in them or people find them attractive.

just be yourself and if you dont think you and a guy would be together "relationship wise" dont flirt with him. if you do, it will just cause drama. i've done it before so i have experience.


I have known this guy since idk uhm last year. he and my best friend dated for a really long time though they never talked kissed or anything it just didn't work out.So here my thing i like him kind a lot i swear he is the perfect guy he wants to hang with me he is sweet and makes me laugh and a smart ass and not to perverted yah know how guys are at 14 they all are..anyhoo i know that his personality is kinda awkward or shy or something where doesn't seem like he talks or something,,so if we did date how can i get past that and him be the guy i text and like talking to?? and we just be together no awkwardness or anything? help

yeah just as the other person said, keep the conversations going. after you talk about a topic and someone ends on a single worded note like- "yeah.." or "oh ok" or "i see" that pretty much means the end of the topic. here's a trick- keep the ball rolling. if you feel like a topic has ended or its dull and boring, start a new one. anything really. who cares if its really random or stupid. if he thinks its stupid, just laugh. if you're all serious about it, he might think its weird. but if you laugh, it means good connection. trust me this actually works. i have trouble making friends but recently i've made a lot of new friends. my trick.. talking about something really random.

example- i didnt know anyone in my math class and i got assigned a seat next to this girl. she looked nice and so i just randomly asked her a question and each day i would add something new to our conversations. after 1 month, we would already be talking about guys and what the gossip is etc.

i hope i helped!


I am a college volleyball player, and I am in pretty good shape right now. We are practicing twice a week right now because its just the off season. I am trying to put together a work out plan to do besides that. I really want to concentrate on slimming down. I have really muscular thighs, which of course as a girl I really dont like. What are some good work outs for legs?

hey! i'm a volleyball player too! except in high school! haha. i dont know if this will help much, but you can't get rid of muscle. you said you have really muscular thighs (which i do too so you're not alone) but you cant get rid of that muscle. unless you stop working out PERIOD and eat fatty foods. then all that muscle will turn into fat, then you exercise to get rid of the fat. but i'm pretty sure theres no way to get rid of muscle.


Hi everybody!!!

I am hoping for people with some cheer experience but even if you don't cheer and haven't been a cheerleader you could have seen something you really liked, right?

Do you know what "Picture Poses" for cheerleading are? They are the ending pose for Cheer dance. You know how everyone at the end of the routine suddenly stops in a nice pose and people take a billion pictures?

Sometimes cute cheerleading picture poses can be what make the difference between a first place and second place. So I wanted to ask people outside my squad (because I am the one who is really excited to do new things) and see if you guys and gals had anything you think is awesome.

Any ideas? Cheerleading sites I should join maybe? Videos? Anything?

Thank you!

i'm not an expert at dance but i've seen my school dance team and they did this really cool thing where 1 girl is in the middle and everyone else in a circle around her (but its not like 1 big giant circle, its like 4 smaller circles around the girl) its like this--- ((((1)))) the 1 represents the girl. and then the () represents a circle. then the girl in the middle does like a jumpy thing and then when she lands on the ground, the girls in the INNER cirlce, jump up and then fall on the ground (their backs are on the ground but their feet are in like a pretzel formation or some other type of shape) then the 2nd inner circle does it RIGHT AFTER the inner circle jumps. so its like a train.. each circle does the same thing but like 2 seconds after the previous circle.

i hope that makes sense.. haha i tried. but it was reallyy cool. it reminded me of like an explosion. you know how in an explosion, the smoke starts in the center and then the smoke starts spreading out? its like that.

hope i helped! good luck!


Our school is participating in the class act talent show and my friends and I can dance pretty well, but all our ideas for dances are the same as everyone else we know!

Can someone from someplace else help us come up with something different? at least different that where we live???

promise i will rate you!

try doing a mix of every dance style you know. make a mix cd and start off with something that's eye catching, like swing dancing. then transition into another style like hiphop, then into broadway, jazz, tap, ballet, salsa, contemporary, cheerleader style, robotic style, etc. if you choose just 1 style, it tends to get really boring, but if you mix it up.. it will be really interesting.

look up youtube videos, they help sometimes. or sometimes they have dance lessons on DVD, search the web, go to your local gym and ask for some lessons, watch some dancing movies to get ideas, watch dancing tv shows (so you think you can dance, america's best dance crew, dancing with the stars)

hope i helped!


How can I make everyday outfits unique and different. I don't want to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I like vintage stuff and edgy stuff, kinda opposites huh?! but its okay because I make it work, anyway, how can you make average clothes go that extra mile to look really cool and different??

accessories are a girls best friends.

try different earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hats, shoes, tanktops, layers, overthrow jackets.

main key- buy lots of simple plain things. like if you buy a white tshirt, and many cute tanktops, you can mix and match them together. try wearing a dress one day. also what you can do is if you have clothing thats small or you dont like- you can cut the clothing up into pieces and sew it together with other pieces to create a totally unique look. also if you're good at knitting, you can knit your own scarves and hats. you can also make unique jewlery. if you find something really random, think to yourself "would this make a good earring/necklace/ring etc." and find ways to transform it. take some pliers and twist objects in different ways to create new shapes.

also, look at a lot of magazines or online pictures. also, look at characters wardrobes on television or movies. you can generally get really good tips from their wardrobes (because their professionally picked out) also, notice other what other people wear in your daily life. now i'm not saying to COPY their wardrobe.. i'm saying get ideas from them. if you see a really nice shirt, try to sketch it out and recreate one like that, but perhaps a unique twist to it.

good luck :)


i was really good friends with this guy until i started to fancy him a LOT.
i knew he didnt fancy me back cause he kept talking about how he still fancies his ex.
but i just felt like i had to tell him .. so i did.
ever since then we barely talk to eachother. at the beginning we still said hello but now we just completely ignore eachother.
i dont think i can change all that .. it's just that it makes me feel really really bad.. cause i just moved here & he was one of my only friends.. & he seemed to care so much . he always invited me over when i felt homesick etc.... & now its all over.. i thought that i would get over it but i still cry a lot. and its been pretty much half a year now :S
& he also told me that he doesnt fall in love easely & that hes been fancying his ex for 2 years now .. but recently we got this new girl & he keeps checking her out. that really hurts too. i mean he used to check me out & told me im pretty etc..
i dont know i just feel sooo bad about this.
i dont really need help on how to go back to being friends because i dont really see it happening. as i said we barely look at eachother & i've tried to fix everything but it just doesnt work..
a good friend of his told me that i always reacts this way when a girl he doesnt fancy back fancies him. he did the same with another ex of his who is also not over him yet ..
i just wanna get rid of all the pain because i've really fallen for him & i cant seem to get over it. im just sick of crying everytime i'm at a place where we used to hang out or thinking about him all night...
he also sits next to me in philosophie class & it just sucks because he talks to everyone but me.
i just have the feeling that he hates me ..

ohh boyy i'm in the SAME boat as you...

me and this guy had a thing (we didnt go out) but we had a thing and all of a sudden he just ignores me and i can't get over him.. its been a month and i still cry over him. so dont feel alone, there's lots of people out there who feel the same.

i'm still trying to get over him... here's how i'm doing it. I deleted him out of my brain. I know you dont want to get rid of him and you want to keep the memories.. but its just going to come back and haunt you and make you feel worse.

delete his number, delete any contact information, throw away anything you have that could remind you of him. in class, find someone else to talk to. just pick somebody and start a conversation. it's easy to make friends. just go along with their personality. (example, if somebody is talking about the hockey game, and you're not a hockey fan... go along with it. i'm not telling you to lie.. i'm just telling you to go along with their personality.) then after you get rid of him from your brain.. start over. make new friends, do new activities.. become a whole new person. do something really bizarre and crazy. like fung shui your room. or volunteer at your community. or take up a sport or club.

also, i think music can help you. listen to these songs

-soar- Christina Aguilera
-division- Aly and AJ
-goodbye- Christinia debarge
-hush hush- pussycat dolls-
-girls just want to have fun- Cindi Lauper
- 99 times- Kate Voegele
-beautiful- Lucy Schwartz
-le disko- shiney toy guns
-right back where we started from- Maxine Nightingale
-Shining star- Jump 5
-Stand by me- 4 the cause
-Sweet home alabama- Lynard Skynard
-This will be (everlasting love)- natalie cole
-up- the saturdays
-unwritten- natasha bedingfield
-sunshine- atmosphere
-hollywood- madonna
-rush- aly and aj
-glamourous- fergie
-miami- will smith
-one original thing- cheyenne kimball
-walking on sunshine- aly and aj
- just dance- lady gaga
-pocketful of sunshine- natasha bedingfield
-disturbia- rihanna
-feeling good- michael buble
-here comes the sun- the beatles

those are the songs that make me the happiest. and hopefully they will make you happy too :) try doing something that really makes you happy. like for me- when i dance and sing, i always have a smile on my face and immediatly become happy

good luck :)


Hello ,
I was wondering what kind of jobs are out their dealing with helping children in foreign countries and around the world.

Thank you ,

well there's the peace corps. you basically travel around the world and help people in desperate need of help.

there's a BUNCH of organizations out there to help people in foreign countries. i'm sure if you just did a little research, you'd find an organization. (for example, first pick a location. lets say Darfur, Africa. then type it up in google and find organizations that help them, then look for opening jobs)
there's some fundraisers out there. or you could even make your own fundraiser. (example, this weekend there's a fundraiser at our local coffee shop and there's bands playing there and its donated to the people of Haiti)

you can go to your local city center and look for volunteer opporunities. they sometimes have things about foreign people. like showing them around the town or helping them with specific things.

i'm sure you'll find something.

PS: YOU SHOULD BE VERYYY PROUD OF YOURSELF FOR HAVING THE DRIVE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. there's not many people out there who will be driven to help out. i admire people like you and i believe in karma :)

good luck :)


Okay..so...there's this guy I like. A lot. And I'm more comfortable around him than any other guy I've ever liked. I haven't dated ever, but I want to date him. But I don't think he likes me in the way I like him. So I got two questions:
How do I figure out if he likes me without asking??
How do I let him know I like him without telling him??

you can tell if he likes you by the way he acts around you. here are some signs that he's into you-

- he smiles a lot and flirts a lot
- if he is really nice towards you but different around other girls
- sometimes guys will be really shy around a girl they like
- if he invites you to hang out a lot
- if something really random reminds you of him, it means he's thinking about you

you can let him know that you like him by flirting a lot with him. but dont do it too much that he'll think you're a player. smile a lot when youre around him and laugh at everything he does. ask him to hang out a few times. give him some stares (the ones that are starry eyed. not like a death stare lol.) and just be yourself.

i believe in fate. if it doesnt work out between you guys, then it wasn't meant to be. if you guys are just yourselves and you're having the time of your life, then its meant to be :)

good luck


My husband and I have been together 21 years (15 married). We have a 3 year old child we both love very much. And we want each other to always be a constant in our child's life. But we are going to separate/divorce. We have discussed continuing to live together but like roommates. We cannot afford two households. I was so OK with this that when he said he had ED and was too embarassed to pick up his Viagra Rx, I picked it up for him ($20/pill btw) THEN hubby does a 180 and says he doesn't want it to end and he wants to work on us so we can be happy together ... so we ended up having sex... Now I find out he's IMing an old girlfriend with "I love you" and "I had a sex dream about you" and "I'm so lucky and proud to be with you". !!!He used me to see if his dick still worked!!! I haven't confronted him about these messages yet. I don't want to be the one to rip our child away from daddy but I can't live with him. 21 years. sounds like a prison sentence. and to imagine another 15 at least... I am a stay at home mom with no income and no local family to take me in. I need some advice.

what you need to do is get away from him ASAP.. he's only going to make matters worse. throw him out and be done with it. teach him a lesson. then what you need to do is gain some money. sell something. make a fundraiser, like wash cars or baby sit. that way you'll have enough money to last for a few weeks. then you need to get your act together. make a resume and start looking for job openings. you dont need a full time job per say.. you could get 2 part time jobs or something. start planning for job interviews and look professional. if you're concerned about your kid, hire a nanny to take care of him while you are gone. if you dont like that option.. you could try looking for a job that can be dealt with at home. perhaps something computer wise? i've heard of Avon, which is a beauty company and you sell their products door to door.

anyways, i hope i helped a little and i wish you luck :)


Okay so im 17 and my boyfriend is gonna be 18 in a month , his parents are christian , theyre wayyy overly religious . we've been dating for almost a year and we still have to sneak around to even talk to eachother outside of school .They tell him that hes selfish and he's " invading my purity " , personally i find that hillarious. He always says he doesnt even feel like part of the family because of how they treat him , he also has a twin brother who isnt aloud to date either . Its like shes a puppet master and hes the puppet , its truly sad. Heres the kicker , she got pregnant with my boyfriend and his brother when she was 19 , so obviously shes tryin to prevent him from making the same mistakes as she did but in reality shess just making him want to rebel. She's trying to move to cananda and get my boyfriend his citizenship there , they wouldnt move till hes 20 and hes gonna try and move out but he doesnt have a job and i want him to go to college and get a good education but we're afraid if he moves out they wont pay for it , i care about him so much and it seems like he really wants this to , it kills him to live in the same house as this nut job and it kills me to watch him so depressed everyday . Ugh , what should i do ?

Hmm well here's what I can say- don't get involved. If you talk to his mom about this, or influence him
to do something, it's just going to make everything worse and it's going to cause drama. What if he and his mom have a huge fight about this? His mom is going to blame you because she will think that you had something to
do with this. So best bet- stay safe and don't get involved. This is between them and their family. Let them
solve this out. The only thing you can really do is just be there for your boyfriend and try to make him the happiest he can be. Try doing something really nice for him. Like take him
to a surprise dinner. I hope everything goes well for you guys.

Message me if you need ANYTHING else. I mean it :)



So I started college in the fall and long story short, I've grown to hate my roommate! I can't stand her! I realize I cannot change her behavior, only my own, but things are starting to get out of hand.

We have 3 garbage cans and 1 recycling bin. I use one garbage can, the rest our hers and she still can't manage to take out the trash in a timely manner.
We have a leaky faucet which creates mold in our sink. Guess who cleans it... [me, the one with the allergies]
She never everrrrr leaves the room except for class and 1 or 2 meals a day. she isn't involved at all meaning if I want some space to myself, I can't be in my room.
Her mom drives over an hour to do her laundry and everything else for her... we're both 19.

I won't go into more detail...basically, we're complete and total opposites and we can't get along, she won't move out or agree to have someone else move in with her so i can move.

please advicenators... I'M BEGGING for help here. my room is prison but I have to sleep in there!! I don't know what to dooo!

hmm well i'm not in college yet. i'm a junior in high school so i've still got 1 and 1/2 more years. but my brother had the similar situation. he hated his roommate. what he did was that he joined a lot of clubs and sports (that way it will take up most of your free time) and if he had any free time, he just wouldn't spend it in his room. he'd go to the library, or sit outside, or hang out in his friends dorms.

that way, the only time he saw his roommate was at night and morning. but if you still can't stand that, you should talk to someone who works at your college. like a dean or something.

my brother talked to his dean and his dean let him switch out of the dorm and into another one.

another solution is that you could maybe get a singles apartment? i dont know if you college allows it, but if it does.. look for local listing of apartments. you'd have to pay rent of course... but its better than living in hell with your roomie.

wishing you the best of luck :)


19/f - just 2 days ago, i got out of a abusive relationship. luckily for me it never turned physical, and i never thought it could until i read an article about a girl who was killed by her ex after they broke up and listed warning signs of a relationship violence and realized my boyfriend had all of them. so i'm kind of upset at the fact that i got myself into a situation like that & i'm in shock at what it could have been & thankful i was never actually hurt, but at the same time i'm looking to put this behind me and know better for the future. so i'm looking for some songs that carry this message, just to put all the bad behind me and not let it hinder my relationships, and saying you can't hurt me anymore now, i'm out.

i listen to several genres but country & rock are preferred.

division- Aly and Aj
goodbye- Kristinia Debarge

that's all i can think of off the top of my head... sorry lol.

but hey, i'm proud of you for listening to your instincts and doing what's right :) there's not many people like you out there in the world and i want you to know that i appreciate people like you. the world needs more role models like you.


Excuse me for asking this here, but I really need some help finding some skit ideas for my school talent show. Has anyone done or seen something that they really liked or that the judges really went crazy over?

Can anyone help me with talent show skits?

thank you!

how about a skit about a case in court? like a mock trial. you could have a judge and bailiff and the verdict and jury and make up a story and have a huge debate over it.

it also doesn't even have to be a serious case.. it could be something completely random like- A guy started singing in the middle of a business meeting and the boss wants to sue the guy for interrupting. ha ha i dont know, just make something up.


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