In the beginning of the movie, when Chazz does his routine, what song is that?
It's the routine when he ties with Jimmy.

Any help? :)

stroke me - billy squier

Now everybody have you heard
If you're in the game, then the stroke's the word
Don't take no rhythm, don't take no style
Got a thirst for killin', grab your vile...

You put your right hand out give a firm hand-shake
Talk to me about that one big break...
Spread your ear-pollution both far and wide...
Keep your contributions by your side and stroke me,
stroke me
Could be a winner boy, you move quite well...
You got your number down...
Say you're a winner but man you're just a sinner now

You put your left foot out keep it all in place...
Work your way right into my case
First you try to bed me you make my backbone slide
But when you found you bled me-- skip on by...
keep on---stroke me, stroke me
Give me the business all night long...
You're so together boy...
Say you're a winner but man you're just a sinner now

Better listen now (said) it ain't no joke
Let your conscience fail ya, just do the stroke
Don'tcha take no chances keep your eye on top
Do your fancy dances you can't stop you just stroke me,
stroke me


What are good products to use to curl hair, and help maintain the same bouncy curl throughout the day. I'm looking for a product that does not make my hair look stiff and un-natural. Any ideas?

could you be a little more specific so we can all help you better?

do you mean scrunched? because i use this product all the time!


you just spray it on damp hair, scrunch, and go! and it doesn't leave your hair all gross and stiff!


when do you use the refill pads for eyelash curlers?

i don't know if there is a set time when to start using a new pad on an eyelash curler. i always just wait until the pad is all gross and black or especially when it starts sticking to your eyelashes because this could cause the curler to pull out some of your eyelashes with it!


how do u get rid of cankles??

that can be really hard since a lot of people are just born with them and they can be genetic.

but i'm sure with a lot of exercise and the more well defined your legs become the more you will get rid of cankles


wut kind of dress should i wear for 8th grade graduation??

wear a cute sundress. that way you still look nice, but you aren't in a full out dress lol and plus you can wear flip flops with a sundress!



if i tell my hair stylist to texturize my hair what will she do to it and like what does it do to my hair?

hey my hair is like that :]

she with give you lots of choppy layers. and then she will blow dry your hair giving you a lot of volume at your roots. then she will put this texturizing creme in your hair that will define and separate your layers.

it will look really cute! trust me :]


Ok i just entered 8th grade and last year there wuz this boy..Me and him kinda were like friends in a way ... Between periods we would wave to eachother and say wuts up but then he started talking to me and we became good friends almost at the end of the year..then during the summer we started talkin ALOT on myspace and we new eachother more..At first i called him cute lil bofriend names as a joke and he did the same but then his ex asked me if i liked him and she asked him the same question and we both said YES!After that we started to say our true feelings..We talked on the phone for hours, We texted,Instant messeged eachother and more and we became a "THING" but after a while everytime we talked we started arguing at the end..He made this vid about his best friend sayin he had herpes and i told him that it wasnt right and i told my friend what the boy i liked did and sooner or later the guy i liked started giving me attitude and i told him not to talk to me if he was gonna act like that...So a few weeks went by and i told him that i hated being mad at him and he said me to and i thought we were kool bt all of the sudden i have this girl texting my cell phone sayin "leave my lover alone he doesnt like you" and i wuz like WTF? 15 mins later i found out it waz his EX! and i asked him why he gave her my number and he said it was revenge hor tellig my buddy about the HERPES JOKE and me and this boy started hating eachother but i think i still like him after all of this drama! What do i do?

WOW. ok. i think that if you still truely like him then you need to try to fix your friendship with him first. talk to him and tell him that you miss talking to him and being able to tell him everything. just say you're sorry if he thought you were trying to control party of his life, and that you were just concerned for him with that video.

then if he accepts and you can be friends, wait a little while before flirting again.

but are you sure you still like this guy after he did all these things to you?? you really need to think this through and see if you are 100% sure that you still like him before going through with any of this.



I need your opinions. I will be a freshman this monday, and I only know like 2 people in my highschool becuase I moved to a diff side of town. My problem is, I'm scared to like stand at the bus stop becuase the people standing there will all know each other, and I'll just be standing there all awkard, but I'm not sure if my mom should drive me becuause im not sure if thats like "cool", and I'm not sure if it's a bad idea not to ride the bus the 1st day and get used to it. I need your opinions on which would be best. thanks!
P.S. (my mom could only drive me the 1st and 2nd day cuz after that her job starts)

i think you should take the bus. you really shouldn't be standing at the bus stop that long anyways. i really don't think that it will be that ackward. at my bus stop i know everybody but nobody really talks to everyone else. because its early and everybody is still tired.

so just go to the bus stop and don't worry about anything :]


Solve for x. Find the angel measures for numbers 14 and 15.

< stands for angle


i took geometry last year so i want to try to help you :]

but what shape are we dealing with here? could you give us the whole directions to this problem?


i THINK i started my 1st period, but I'm not sure. Like for about 2 or 3 days i kept finding brown marks on my underwear (and no they werent skid marks) and by the end of the 3rd, beigining of the 4th about it started turnigng a little red, but then it stopped. The weird thing is, the stuff would be on my underwear, but i never actually saw anything like come out if you know what i mean. So, I'm not sure??

yeah i'm pretty sure this is your first period. periods normally start out brown and turn red.

and its normal that you only noticed it on your underwear because your period isn't constantly releasing blood.


what do you do when yer anorexic
i fergot what it was :D

it is when you starve yourself because you think you're "fat".

you can read up on it here:



whats the font on this


i think it might be the font "noodle script"

you can download it for free here:


hey, alright so im getting my nose pierced in martch after cheering season is over. my question isnt "does it hurt" or whatever, its what side did you get your nose pierced on? the left or the right?

thanks =]

my sister got hers pierced on the left side of her nose so if you look at her its on the right. i think that sides cuter, but both sides are ok.


i run cross country & my shin started hurting today, but to where i can still walk and everything. its not that bad, but i cant afford to get a shin splint, so what can i do to keep it from becoming a shin splint?

i play field hockey a lot of girls on the team get shin splints and what the doctor tells them to do is stretch by swirling your ankle.

its really hard to explain, but you know like if you lift up your leg and you swirl your ankle in a circle? it really helps.

so just do that a lot and it should help prevent it :]

you can also try these exercises:

all i did was google "prevent shin splints" and it came up with a lot of sites.


but i need some cute hair style ideas. also how to do them. like i wear my hair either straightened and down or occasionally scrunched. i'd like a new do hah oh and i'm not much of an updo person because i think i have a big face and it just makes my face look bigger and my side bangs just never look right.

and what eyeshadows look best with brown eyes? i wear black eyeliner mostly, but i want to get some eyeshadows.

thanks so much! =]

wow thats like EXACTLY me. i always straighten or scrunch my hair and i hate my hair up because of my big face & side bangs too.

but what i've found works. i scrunch my hair and then put a really cute clip in it right on the side of my hair with the side bangs. or i straighten my hair and clip up the top part but keep my side bangs out. also you can scrunch your hair and put it up in a messy bun and leave some curly pieces out to frame your face.

good luck & have fun :]



ok. im starting highschool. and i'm not sure what to wear for the first day /week. i dont think we can wear tank tops, so yeah.

these are things i have in my closet..
-skinny jeans [dark ones and light ones]
-polos. [navy blue ones and maroon ones. i dont wear polos much..]
-regular jeans.
-black and white polka dot baby doll top. [thats really cute.]
-white shorts
-plaid shorts
-regular tshirts that just say like abercrombie or has a gumball machine on it. and stuff.
-this other cute hollister shirt, it has like a bow and stuff. its cute.

i have alottt of other clothes too. like stuff that all matches that stuff. i'm pretty sure i wanna wear the skinny jeans. the light ones, i roll up. and then the darker ones i keep down. i'm thinking of wearing the darker jeans. i dont knowww. what do most people wear on the first day?

[my mom wont let me get clothes right away, because when i switched to a public school in junior high, i kept changing my taste in styles.]

i mean i know what i like. like im into that whole california look. and i shop at places like urban behavior, a little h+m, abercrombie & fitch, hollister, forever 21, aeropostale, amercian eagle[kinda] places like that.

so any ideas?

i think the first day you should wear your cutest out. because you want to walk into school and be like BAM! lol. you want people to notice you.

maybe try a pair of your skinny jeans with the polka dot baby doll top. whichever pair matches the best. but if you wear the light ones don't roll them.

then for the rest of the week go more casual, but still look cute. you have to make a good first impression.

like try wearing your plaid shorts with a simple shirt. and some of your regular tshirts with cute skirts.

just have fun with it :]


I have thin hair.
But it's curly/wavey.
I was thinking of getting a straightener.
I like the chi, but I want to get something different.

My hair is pretty easy to straighten.
It takes 15 minutes with my old straightener.
I want a straightener that makes my hair REALLY straight.
And the chi works great with my hair.
But does anyone have any other suggestions on straighteners?
Max price is $150.

try this site:

it lists the 10 best flat irons.


I really need a new straightener, because my old Conair straightener stopped working all of a sudden
a couple days ago.
My mom said she'd buy me a Chi straightener but I don't know if I want one.
I was thinking of getting this Bed Head straightener.
Does anyone know for sure or has one, or has used one.
Does it work the same as a chi, better or less?
It seems that it's really good.
Please tell me ASAP.
I'm going to go get it Tuesday.
Which is better Chi or Bed Head?

like everybody else said, i'd go with the chi.

i used to use a conair straightener for like 2 years. and they would always break and i would constantly be buying new ones.

but then i got tired of it and bought a Chi 2" Turbo straightener and i LOVE it.

it straightens my hair A LOT faster than the coniar did, and it keeps it straigtht throughout the day.

so a Chi is a good investment :]


I have kind of wavy hair that is really long. I love the way it looks when I get out of the pool. Is there any specific spray that anyone has used that is cheap and makes hair wavy and beachy-looking? I've tried some stuff but nothing has really worked so great... I don't mean scrunching gel... is there some kind of spray/mousse/etc. that can do that?

i typed in "beach waves spray" on google and a lot of results came up with this same product:


i haven't personally tried it, but i guess you could try it since its purpose is to create beach waves.i've heard that sephora holds that product so you can try gettin git there.

or you could try this product:



I got my new pair of Converse Chucks shoes yesterday, but on the box it says size 4 mens, and size 6 womens. But on the receipt it says MENS! Is this a good/bad thing for a *girl* to have MENS shoes? Are Converse Chucks men's and women's shoes kinda made/are the same way? I don't know if it's me, but they really DO look like men's shoes and it's kinda embarrassing if anyone knew! On the website converse.com, if you look at a shoe and roll over sizes in US womens then size 6, it would say "your converse size is 4" So I was wondering if I could still buy them online. (I don't think size 4 men's//6 women's and size 4 women's//6 women's are the same so I'm really worried I can't buy them online.)

everybody else that has answered below is correct. a lot of shoes are unisex [meaning they are made for men AND women]. i own 3 pairs of vans slip on sneakers and they come in mens sizes.

nobody is going to think that you are wearing mens shoes, because they are made for men and women, and millions of girls wear converse's everyday.


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