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Q: ok,so my brother finger me ...I'm not sure if he touched in penis..were he could have touch cum//I have missed my period i'm 2 weeks late.Is it just me stressing..Or my period has skipped this month///Or am i pregnet.. i do have a the flue..Does this have anything to do with it..I keep stresing to make sure my tummy isent growing please helpp

Oh my lord,tell your parents or the police what your brother did he should NEVER touch you in that way EVER! If he just fingered you then you most likely arent pregnant,your probably not pregnant because your soo stressed out right now your period isnt coming,a period can do that.But liek i said before your brother should NEVER touch you like that go to the police or a trusted adult immediately!

♥ danielle

Q: Do you usually use pads or tampons? Do you know any brands that work good?
i usually use both,my heavy days i use pads and tampons, lighter days i use just pads.Everyones different though.For pads i use always without those butterfly things there too annoying and complicated lol and for tampons i use tampax pearl you cant feel that its even in there! both products work really well i dont really use any other brands.

♥ danielle

Q: hi i am 17 and my boyfriend and i have been going out for 1 year and i really love him i know he is the one for me. i have never been so sure but there has been girls that he has been talking about and girls that work at the store that he goes out of his way to go get something there. i am a very jelous person and i have this incredible heavy gut feeling that he is cheating on me what do i do?
Hmm..well i wouldnt accuse him of it right away.Is there any hardcore facts that you know of that could possibly point to him cheating? Id confront him and ask him if he been involved with other girls,and if he hesitates or studders if he says he didnt cheat on you then id think somethings up. I found a site that actually give 5 clues your boyfriend could be cheating and from what ive seen happen in my life they seem pretty accurate.

And if after you confront him it seems like hes really telling you the truth that he hasent cheated on you then jsut ask him why he seems different or distance to you lately.But hun if he's talking to hsi girlfriend about other girls and going out of his way to do things for girls other then his girlfriend id think something is up. Good Luck let me know how it goes!

♥ danielle

Q: Age:13

So i like this guy and yes we do talk online sometimes. but at school we never talk coz i think were both too shy. he`s one year younger than me but were both in the same grade. My friend (who is friends with him) told me that he only goes out with girls because theyre "HOT". [and i also think that too sometimes]i really like him and all but i dont want to be with him. It seems like i dont know what that means but i also fantasize of being with him. I wonder if he asks me out, .. should i say yes or no? I think about him everyday and night. But im not obsessed. i Hope this doesnt sound confusing and i hope you can help. please&thank you. [:
Sorry im a bit confused, so you want to go out with him but then again you dont? lol sorry im just really confused.

But alright since you like this guy if he eventually asked you out then id say yes! i mean if you really like him go for it! Its cute that your both shy :) if hes too shy to make a move then id totally go for it and ask him out yourself! guys like that ;)

let me know how it goes!

♥ danielle

Q: how do you get the breast bigger naturally,food,exercise
In all honesty,there really isnt anything that works.There's ways to have the "illusion" that their bigger like certain tops and bras.i foudn these sites to show you:

or simply google "how to make my breasts grow" or "how to make my breats look bigger"

hope i could help :)

♥ danielle

Q: Ok well im 17 and my girlfriend was 15. She broke up with me because she's to scared to lose me. She said when were together she feels like nothing can go wrong. But we don't get to see eachother as much as we want to and she starts missing me. She thinks alot and it always ends up ending what we have (its happened before). I love her but she says she wont be able to handle it when i leave for college. Which is only a couple of miles away, but we wont be seeing eachother at school. I tried to convince her that everything would be alright but she wont trust me. She said she wants to be friends so nothing will go wrong and she wont have to worry.
We see things very differently. She wants to be close friends and i dont. I see it as im looking at someone who i care about more then a friend but cant have. And she sees it as someone that she had a good relationship with.
I dont know what we are or what we are going to be. But i want us to be together, i want her to trust me. But i dont think thats going to happen. I dont know if this would change anything but she said that she's unhappy that i dont talk to her family alot.
My question is what do you think about this? What do you recommend that i do? And how is she feeling?

Unfortunately not all girls,but quite more then a few im one of them.If a girl really,really likes a guy and theres a chance that this "good" thing might end for whatever reason the girl will break it off before she gets more involved with the guy and ends up getting her heartbroken.Since your going away to college now things might change since you experience different things and people in college.My suggestion to you is this.If about a month or 2 in college you dont find any girl that compares to your ex,then id talk to her about getting back together.It will also make her feel more comfortable in the relationship if your already in college for quite a bit of time and your still thinking of her ya know? But for right now,ids just stick with being good friends for now,and then see what the future holds for you both.

If you have anymore questions just let me know! ;)

♥ danielle

Hmm the thing is i cant tell you what your hearts feeling.You said "i cant keep going through this" so im assuming this isnt the first time youve guys broken up.If she wants to come back to you again think,is it worth going through all of this again? if thsi isnt the first time she hurt you,id guard my heart this time and be a bit more cautious.Liek i said before,wait it out.Once your in college you might find the right girl you never know.So for right now id jsut remain friends and see what happens later on if both your feelings havent changed.

Q: i have quite a difficult relationship with my parents but i want it to get better. i hide a lot about my school/private life from them and recently my parents found out that i had been self harming. there was this long and hard conversation with my parents and now ive lost all trust wth them. they want to know everything and anything about me now. they stopped me from talking to my best friend once because she was a little "strange". im not allowed to go out wth my friends unless its to a cinema, or take the bus by myself or walk round my block by myself, or even wear make up. its really stressing me out and making me feeel uncomfortable in school because people critisize my parents decisions. i really want my mom and dad to be able to trust me again but i dont know how... please help .. x
Ugh i hate when that happens.My parents lsot trust in me my junior year of high school.It was my first time drinking and well,i didnt know how much was too much and turns out my parents knew right when i got home that i was drunk.For about 6 motnhs my parents lost trust in me,they were as strict as ever.I had to tell them everywhere i was going what i was going and with who they didnt trust my friends either after that.After that incident i told my parents everything, i dont hide much about anything to them anymore.Now,you dont have to tell them EVERY single detail of your life just yeah know things going on in school and where you go with your friends.They might trust you more if you tell them everywhere your going and you make sure to text ot call them when your there,that why they might be a bit more lenient on you. For the friend "strange" part maybe your parents she something in your friend you dont? my parents wont let me talk to one of my bestest friends because my mom said shes a liar (well,i knew that but i still stuck up for her) and it turns out my mom was right,she was a terrible friend to me.But you know in your heart that shes a great person then show that to your parents! bring her over your house for dinner and let your parents get to know her better! :) As for the make-up,try a compromsie with your parents tell me if you could test out mascara and lip gloss for say,3 days so you can see how it works ya know? I just realized nwo that you didnt tell me your age which plays a key role in this.If your young say 13 or 14 its understandable some of the things your parents wont let you do because your young.All and all your parents are doing this because they love you and want to protect you! So need time a kid comes up to you and makes fun of your parents tell them to stuff it ;) lol

if you need more advice just let me know okay and good luck with your parents! :)

♥ danielle

Q: Have anyone ever been told by a doctor that, your blood test reults, shows a slight chance of lupus, and became diagnosed with it after while? i need to know because im worried about this, this is what my doctor told me.ive been getting pain in my lower back often, that comes and goes, and recently i had two rashes that formed on my back, and pain on my left im hoping that its not serious.
Ive never had lupus but ive seen a documentary about it on tv. It's an antibody in your bloodstream that could cause blood clots.Ill give you a link to learn mroe about it:

♥ danielle

Q: I am in desperate need of help, I am 40 happily married and a lovely family but recently on a long haul work related trip I badly rather we badly fell for each other that is me and my friend/colleague since the past 20 years. He has always been been my close friend, very trusted and we would share our worries and actually grew our families on each others experiences. But this new feeling is devastating, I know I am deadly in love with him and he too is. The attraction is so obvious that we would be lying if we deny it. I do not want to leave my family neither does he, but we love each other as well. It was a damned moment when we argued on something simple and he apologised and we felt how anything we do and say reaches our hearts. Later on we even talked about it, held each other and realised there is no future, and we do not want our families to hurt, but we do not know what to do.

Wow,well ill try my best to give you the greatest advice i can,but ultimately this decision is up to you. I noticed you wrote "happily married and a lovely family".You made a lifelong promise to your husband to be faithful to him forever. You owe it to yourself and your family to make this marriage work especially if theres children involved,id advise you too see a licensed marriage therapist.Your both married and both have families there just isnt a future between both of you.Id consider changing jobs or moving to another office,and deffinately no contact between you and "the other man" so to speak.Your main focus is your marriage right now.

Good Luck,Im going to pray for you both.

♥ danielle

Q: I used to be what they call a cutter. I've been good and "clean" for about 9 months now. (I was never "emo" so comments referring to this topic like that are really unnecessary.) It was a security thing, really, and after about 3 years of hiding it I realized the only way to stop would be to tell people and get professional help. I REALLY didn't want to tell anyone, so I kind of let them find out for themselves. See, instead of cutting on my thighs or my stomach, like I normally did for those past three years, I started on my wrist so people would notice. Oh, they did notice and my parents got me the help I really needed.

I got over it and found better ways to cope. I've been coping through exercise, music, and just being positive about living no matter the situation. On saturday night I got really stressed out though. I had these plans to go somewhere with some new friends, I didn't actually want to go in the first place, but I didn't want anyone telling me that I couldn't go. Well, my dad took my car keys and wouldn't let me go because he didn't know the people really well. I understood, it was better that I didn't go anyway, but I got really pissed.

So, I kept going up to my room and thinking about cutting. The first 3 or 4 times I actually stopped myself and I went back downstairs to the TV room so I wouldn't do anything I might regret later. Eventually it got to the point that I couldn't hold off and everything was building up inside. I kept thinking about the rush, satisfaction, and release that I associate with cutting myself. I picked up my old evil habit and let the frustration run out of my veins. Now, I'm so disappointed in myself that the habit seems like the only way to make myself feel better. The craving is very strong right now because I feel bad that I did it in the first place. I know that continuing this path is destructive though and I should keep fighting these urges off.

I'm seeing my shrink at the end of this week, but for now I need some words of advice. I'm just annoyed about it, and the new cuts (on my leg and torso) aren't even deep at all, thankfully. I'm just afraid I'll keep doing it and they'll get deeper like they did before. Positive thoughts?
Although ive never cut myself (i thought of it but i couldnt stand the sight of blood),i used to scratch my arms and legs when i was depressed in middle school and the beginning of high school because of my weight i was unhappy and used to scratch myself as a release,This sounds silly but i watched an oprah show on weight and depression and it was almost like a wake up call for me i realized how im lucky to have the life i have and the people who are in my life.So i started to lose weight and stopped scratching myself and i felt so much better! To take out my frustrations now I write them in a journal i furiously write down what im feeling and after im done i feel so much better.Im starting to write songs now,music is deffinately now my release :) I think you should find your own "release" whether its music or painting a picture take out your frustrations on things that could potentially be something great like a great song or an amazing piece of artwork,just dont take out those frustrations on yourselr no good comes from it.Im glad you realize that cutting yourself is a horrible thing.Next time you see your psychologist tell them what you just told us,and show her your cuts dont leave anything out!Its clear you still have a long way too go but your getting there your getting help and thats awesome! I know youll get through this! Im going to pray for you everyday :)
Let me know how your progressing,id love to hear from you!

♥ danielle

Q: Does anyone own an instyler hair straightener? Does the instyler straighter really work and do what they are advertising it does?
I dont own the instyler but i have seen it done live on tv on the today show it was on a couple months ago seeing if the things advertised on tv actually worked.Anyways,I watched it and the women gave it a B- as a grade,she said you have to do it over the hair a couple times to really get it pin straight.The girl she demonstrated on had really curly hair and she went over it about 3 times to get it straight,but after she did it once i could see the shine on the hair.So hey, if the woman gave it a B-, it sounds like it works pretty well,id buy it after what i saw on the today show :)

♥ danielle

here a girl on youtube did a review on it her hair looks really good!

Q: hello :) im wonderin which one of these piercings i should get. im turnin 16. i already have 3 holes in each ear plus my cartilage in the right one. i have my nose and belly button also.

either one of these id get on the left ear. which one do you guys think i should get ?
if you need a picture to visualize my advice column is sweeethoney.

thank yall in advance
i always wanted to get the industrial done but im too chicken to get it haha my cousin has it done, alot of people for my school actually have it done i think it looks cool.I heard from one of my friends who has the double conch that its hard to take care of and got infected easily but it depends on how well you take care of it,but my votes for industrial :)

♥ danielle

Q: Okay, so i'm 19/F and I haven't had sex for over 2 years. I was fine about not having sex, but now i'm like ridiculously horny. I just want to feel something, but when I try to masterbate I feel like it does nothing to arouse me. I need help! How do I do it so it actually feels good? please help!
your old enought to buy sex toys,i heard they work well with whatever your certain"needs" are.Theres really no right or wrong way to do it.I heard the websites the-clitoris or mymasturbation have women tell other women tips for masturbation if you wanted to check it out.But until you find a guy unfortuantely thats the only you satisfy your "need".If its that uncontrollable try to do a hobby you love for example shopping,painting,singing, whatever to get your mind off of it,trust me it works ;)

♥ danielle

Q: What's the song that is playing when Abby and Mike in the movie The Ugly Truth are dancing in the cuban club. It goes something like the way you walk the way you talk the way you smile turns me on it's kinda cuban too i tried searching the lyrics on google and it didnt give me anything

**Thanks in advance!

I didnt see hte movie though i heard it was very funny :) I found the complete list of songs on the movies soundtrack,it might be in there?

♥ danielle

Q: So I'm from Wisconsin and since it's winter, I'm really pasty so I am looking for some good ideas of sunless tanning products so that I don't look too pasty when I wear a dress when I got out with friends.
i dont agree with the person below me,tanning beds can lead to cancer so i dont advise you too do that.When i have an important event coming up and i want to get tan,i use jergens glow moisturizer,it works great! and it barely leaves streaks.It develops the tan little at a time so you wont look like you had a fake tan when you first put it on id suggest using it for 2 weeks before an important event so you get that glow.Id also suggest using latex gloves when you put it on so no streaks will show up.And just remember to let it dry for about 5-10 minutes before you get dressed.Hope i helped!

♥ danielle

Q: I have weird pimple-like things on my back. They go away and come back and get worse and better, but I cant make them disappear completely. why is this and what can i do to get rid of them?
its back acne.I get it sometimes too.

Heres ways to get rid of it:

those should work, if any of those ideas dont work you mgiht need to go to a dermotologist for something stronger.

♥ danielle

Q: Well, lately i've been interested in reading (which never in my life has happened)and i've already read the books i want. Can someone tell me if there is a book/series like "Twilight"(Stephenie Meyer)or "House of the Night"(Kristen Cast).
ugh i know what you mean! im done all the books of twilight im going through withdraw right now lol

and the vampire diaries i heard was like twilight also.

hope i helped!

♥ danielle

Q: I'm almost 18 and I still don't use tampons. I've tried a few times but the thought of it makes me want to throw up. I can like barely get it in there but I can't make myself go all the way. What can I doooo.. I've even tried the smallest kind. Are tampons just like not for me, or what? :/
my friend has trouble with it too,it hurts her.i reccommend using the plastic ones the cardboard are tougher to get in and can hurt you.Also remember when you put it in that your relaxed,so i reccommend that you close your eyes and relax your muscles.Relaxing your muscles is a good idea because if your getting upset and overeacting about putting the tampon in it'll get harder for you too get it in and tightening your muscles cauing pain.Put the tampon in slowly inch by inch it should eventually get easier if you keep practicing and doing it that way.And remember to aim it towards your back. If you have anymore questions jsut let me know ;)

♥ danielle

Q: okay so like i have a HUGE crush on my teacher. he is really good lookin and like im pretty sure he knows i have a crush on him. this is like really embarressing to say and i cant tell any of my friends caus elike i know its werid but like i hate weekends cause i dont get to see my teacher. haha and weridly enough last night i had a dream about him. to embaressing to describe it. ahah like idk what to do hes 10 years older then me haha. how can i get him out of my headd haha?
oh those hot teachers, ive had one or two in school but sadly, you have to get over them. Thinka bout it it's illegal if anything happened between you too.You dont want him to be fired or sent to jail do you? he probably has a wife/girlfriend or kids how do you think that would affect him? in all honesty,next year youll find a ton of guys who would be perfect for you.I know you may not think their out there but they are.And hey think in 10 years your teacher will be just a distant memory. So all i can say is try to focus on other things like schoolwork or the activities you love to do,it's best to keep your distant from him for awhile.If you have any other questions just let me know.

♥ danielle

Q: Can anyone give me like a list of ways to flirt with guys..some without being completely obvious. And if guys actually think its cute and like it..cause i know some ways really annoy them.

those websites pretty much sum it up for you. I tested some of those methods, and trust me they work ;)

♥ danielle

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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