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Q: What's the song that is playing when Abby and Mike in the movie The Ugly Truth are dancing in the cuban club. It goes something like the way you walk the way you talk the way you smile turns me on it's kinda cuban too i tried searching the lyrics on google and it didnt give me anything

**Thanks in advance!

I didnt see hte movie though i heard it was very funny :) I found the complete list of songs on the movies soundtrack,it might be in there?

♥ danielle

Q: Well, lately i've been interested in reading (which never in my life has happened)and i've already read the books i want. Can someone tell me if there is a book/series like "Twilight"(Stephenie Meyer)or "House of the Night"(Kristen Cast).
ugh i know what you mean! im done all the books of twilight im going through withdraw right now lol

and the vampire diaries i heard was like twilight also.

hope i helped!

♥ danielle

Q: that goes..

yeah i do it for the money baby thats my word.

???? help please
it could be either of these:

Get High,Screw Da World
Get your Shine On
Shyne On
Over here Hustlin'

look up the lyrics too these songs on goggle,or listen to them on youtube and see if one of them is the right song,i cant post the lyrics because there a bit inappropriate too put on this website ;)

♥ danielle

Q: I really want some good like divorce songs. So if you know any let me know. Thanks in advance.

Liz Phair-Divorce Song

i have a couple more websites if your interested,just leave one in my inbox and i'll give you them ;)

♥ danielle

Q: I had a mix cd someone made me and I lost it but it had a song on there by a girl/girls that started out im leaving messages and voicemails baby am i doin too much.....i dont remember the rest but what is that song?
im pretty sure your talking about thr song by Paula Deanda featuring Baby Bash called "doing too much" ha i used to love paula deanda.

Heres the lyrics:

♥ danielle

Q: Ok, i really like the song "Fall for you." I heard this song on the radio and i was like i really like this song, because i had never heard it before. Do they have a cd? When did they start getting popular and everything? thanks!
Yup,they have two i believe called Awake and A Twist in My Story.They became popular over myspace.They had over a million hit's played so record companys started coming to them and they got discovered.I found them before they became famous,i like finding bands people don't know about but,im happy for them they deserve the success their getting.

♥ danielle

Q: I had just got an I-pod nano, but like in a month it did not work, I mean it does work, but one day I charged it and like always it says do not disconnect. I came back 3 hrs later and it did not charge. I unplugged it but it stayed saying do not disconnect. I tried to turn it off but it seems like its frozen cause none of the buttons work. plz help, what should I it broken????
My i-pod nano does the same thing all the time,i guess it's a common problem.I went to these sites and my ipod was back as new :)

if none of those remedies work,i would suggest going to an apple store,or call 1-800-MY-APPLE and they will figure out what is wrong with your ipod.

♥ danielle

Q: please put songs about best friends that aren't best friends anymore
they got in a fight and never made up but you want to
I promise by stacie orrico
I'll always be right there by michelle branch
I miss you by hannah montana
The Fight Song by Sanctus Real
Best friend by brandy

If you need anymore just let me know :)

Q: does anyone know the song by toby keith that goes something like this...

"we'd still be together but she left me. i got mad about it, but it never did upset me. she'll remember me until the day that she forgets me. we'd still be together, but she left me"

i heard that song once and i never figured out the title. and i teach dance class and i was interested in that song to make up a dance to.

please help (:
its called "she left me"

these are the lyircs if you want them:

♥ danielle

Q: ok what's the name of the song and it starts out with music, and no singing.
it kind of sounds christmassy (haha)
but it's not a christmas song.

and it's a woman singing and some of the words are like "im sorry, so sorry"

idk if that helps much.
thanks in advance!
oh i like that song!

i think your talking about the song "they" by JEM.

♥ danielle

Q: There is this System of a Down song that goes like this,

"When we when we die' it goes on like that for awhile but its got a cool beat just need the name of it.
I LOVE SYSTEM OF A DOWN! great band :] im thinking your talking about question! but it could also very well be chop-suey look at the lyrics to the songs on google (type in the name of the songs then put lyrics at the end) and see which ones lyrics look most similar to the lyrics to the song you were thinking of.

♥ danielle

Q: whats the theme song to Two-A-Days called ?

i believe its "the war" by angels and airwaves :D

♥ danielle

Q: I am in a depressed mood and i was wondering if you guys could give me some good slow songs.
like stuff by sarah McLachlan I have been listening too
its mostly about a guy so some stuff like that would be appreciated.
we all have our days right?
I hear ya girl.I thougth these two websites would help...

hope you feel better!

♥ danielle

Q: do you think that the song "Daughters" by John Mayer is a good father/daughter dance song for the father/daughter dance during a wedding reception?

opinions are much appreciated!! thanks!
I love that song! it would be perfect i heard it at a wedding when the bride danced with her father it was cute its a good choice of song to play for that dance.

♥ danielle

Q: What are some good techno songs?

i found some websites that said which were the best techno songs...

♥ danielle

Q: 13/f
this summer I'm supposed to go see this music producer guy so I could sing for him. The biggest of my worries is that I have a MAJOR problem with stagefright. Once in kindergarten I was standing on the stage in the auditorium doing a play. When I was walking off the stage, I tripped and fell flat on my face and all I could hear was everyone laughing at me. Ever since then I've been terrified to do anything in front of people that aren't my family. Can you please help me?
Aww im sorry that happened to you something like that happened to me when i was younger.It was in 6th grade and i had to play my recorder for a talent show,i couldnt find the curtain to get on stage and everyone was laughing and it just made me soo nervous and i was upset so i didnt really play that well and i squeaked alot too lol but ive become more better at being on stage and not having stagefright anymore.My tips are too just look straight ahead not right at him because youll start to get nervous and maybe freeze up.Calm yourself down like go from 3 to 1 and take deep breaths while thinking of something that makes you happy or your "happy place".Drink some water too to loosen your throat.Listen to feel good music.Maybe even try to practice singing outside your house or on the street so you wont be soo nervous when you meet him because youll already sung to a whole ton of people that have went by you.I also thought thsese websites would help you out :

Good Luck Hun! your soo lucky i wish i was you lol im sure youll do great!

♥ danielle

Q: do you guys remember that coke commercail for lime coke and there like near a beach and a song is playing i think it was butterfly by crazy town but im not sure does anyone know what it was. this was a recent commercial
Its an old commercial but its my favorite one next to the one where they sing "put the lime in the coconut" haha Its a really great song i like the guy who sings it,its "Starry Eyed Surprise"
by Shifty.

♥ danielle

Q: In Paul Wall's song "Oh Girl" Does anyone know who originally sang the chorus part of the song
"Oh girl, i'd be in trouble if you left me now, cuz i don't know where to look for love, I just don't know how. Oh girl"

I really want to get that song and I have NO clue who sang it originally.

Thank you sooo much
its by the Chi-Lites

pretty awesome song ; ]

♥ danielle

Q: Where can i get a clarinet?

I'll rate high):

Try going on google i found some good places try doing on the search "where to buy a clarinet" or "stores to by a clarinet".Hope i could help hun! i used to play the clarinet in school in like 4th grade not a bad instrument i must say.

♥ danielle

Q: Does anyone know a really good song for a wedding song from the bride to a father figure??

I like this song :

Peter Cetera - Daddys girl
Scorpions - Daddys girl
Quorthon - Daddy's Girl
haha whoa thats alot of daddys girls lol uhm but the BEST in my opinion which is heard at alot of weddings,i even what this song for me and my dad to dance too at my wedding,its called Daddy by Red Sovine

♥ danielle

Byes guys im done on advicenators it was a good 6 year run :)


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