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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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What happens if a girl swallow sperm of a girl during blowjob? (link)
Nothing at all.

i finally got nomintated for the ice bucket challenge and the thing is I recently found out that als tests on animals. and i heard from someone i can do it for which is compassionate care and they dont test on animals or anything. im really against testing on animals and i have a little over 12 hours to do my challenge. how can i word it to make others also aware that they are testing on animals and is the actual other thing that will support the same cause just minus the testing on animals. any advice would be extremely greatful thankyou so much in advance to anyone who replies (link)
You will find it very hard to find any medical cure that wasn't first tested on animals. I believe all drugs by law have to be tested on animals before humans. They are trying to find other means of testing but for now its what we have.

The animals used for testing have saved many many lives. The animals are never mistreated and many are adopted out afterwards, unless they were testing something contagious. I love animals too and wish there was another way to test things.

Ccals is a great organization for helping families deal with ALS. But they are not an organization that is hunting for a cure. They are similar to hospice in that they help the families cope with the disease challenges. The best way to make others aware of this organization is linking them to the website.

I have a relationship with a guy that seems to be ok.But for no reason there are sometimes that i feel afraid of him.He hasn't done anything but he looks kind of rum.I don't know if I believe that he would never harm me.What should I do? (link)
My advice would be to end the relationship.
People do not follow their instincts as they should.
If you feel afraid it is for a reason. You may not know the reason, but trust your instincts. They rarely steer you wrong.

I am 28, female..i recently had sex with my boyfriend but both of us were having our clothes on..he got a bit wet and me too. We only rubbed our genitals with one another. My trouser got a bit there any possibilty of getting pregnant.also my period are not coming even after jus few(3-4) days of my cycle date?
PlZ do reply soon.. (link)
You may be stressing out thinking you could be pregnant. THAT can make you late. If clothes remained on and if your genitals didn't touch, you are not pregnant.

It sounds like it is time to see your doctor or local health department for some birth control options. Everything you discuss with them is kept confidential, so ask lots of questions. :)

So this morning I got a letter from the health department & it said to call their number asap concerning my health. I've had chlymadia twice.. & I took a hiv test back in march. & I don't know If someone reported me recently & that's why they are trying to contact me, or if I had hiv or aids. I'm very scared. The last time I took a HIV test it came back negative.
& I haven't took one since. (link)
The only way to find out is to call them and see what they want. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

You really should start buying and carrying condoms yourself and making your partners use them. You are taking to much risk and causing yourself stress.

Call as soon as possible and get it over with.

I'm a sophomore in highschool and a vegetarian and the only one in my family who is. So I don't necessarily eat the way I should. I do eat a lot though. I haven't grown or gained any weight since about 7th grade I've been the same. My doctor said I'm a bit underweight for my height but not too much that's its unhealthy. I do lots of sports and activities but id get light headed easily. So my doctor said my iron levels were low so he gave me prenatal pills in 7th grade I quit them because they were too big and nasty. Also 7,8 and 9th grade I would get really bad menstrual craps so bad id puke from pain. Finally this past beginning of June I got the birth control shot only to stop the pain I was getting. (I'm not sexually active or plan to be) but then my doctor put me on prenatal pills again because of my low iron levels. Since I'm older now I know how to take them. So my question is, is it okay to be taking the pills and stuff while I'm on the shot ? I know it probably is because my doctor is the one who set it up. But id just like some other opinions. (link)
I don't think it would be unsafe for you if your doctor prescribed both. Prenatals are mostly vitamins & minerals. Nothing dangerous or that would cause a problem with birth control or anything else you take for that matter. If you still have doubts or questions though, call your doctors office and talk to the nurse. She will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Always ask your doctor any questions you can think of when you have an appointment. If you wonder about anything ask. Be informed & be really nosey! :)

Is taking sleeping pills a painless way to die? I am tired of being betrade by my husband ;( (link)
Taking sleeping pills is not a painless way to die.
You would die fighting to breath.

Leaving the betrayer would be the better way to go. Ya it will be painful. BUT, you will get over it & live to love again.

14/f and I'm actually anorexic and people who are anorexic usually lose their period. So I haven't had mind for a year but I had it prior to that and it's always been irregular. I never get cramps either or any pain from it. Then I got it 21 days ago and I still have it.. Is this normal? (link)
No its not normal to have a period for so long.
It is responding to being mistreated. You really need to get help for your anorexia. Once that is under control everything else will return to normal.

I urge you to talk to an adult and get help.
Anorexia can destroy so many things in your body.
The longer you wait to get help the more permanent the damage will be.

A few months ago, I began seeing this really great guy. We attend the same university, but I am a sophomore and he is a senior. He is graduating next month, and after that, he plans on moving to a city six hours away from where we go to school.

We go out on dates and are physically intimate, but he told me straight up that once he moves, we are to be just friends. He doesn't do long-distance relationships.

He plans on visiting the university when he moves, but he told me that we would be strictly platonic, nothing physical.

He doesn't understand how much this upsets me. I have tried so hard to keep from having feelings for him, but he's the kind of guy I'd want to be with, and I fear that I will never meet anyone like him ever again. I don't think he has any real feelings for me, seeing as he essentially placed an expiration date on our relationship.

It pains me to admit this, but I don't think I can convince him to carry on the "relationship" when he moves. So how can I keep myself from going crazy for the next month or so? I enjoy being with him, but I always end up nearly crying because I keep thinking about how awful it's going to be when he leaves.

Thank you for any advice :) (link)
It sounds like he has his life planned out already. Thats good for him I guess, not so good for you.

Long distance relationships don\'t often work out.
A couple needs to be together for things to work. I doubt you will get him to continue the relationship after he moves. He probably should have been smart enough not to get into a relationship knowing he would be leaving.

You do need to tell him how you are feeling. Cry if you want to. Who knows, there is a small chance it could make a difference. I would not continue the relationship though unless he decided to stick around & be available.

The truth of it is you WILL find someone after he leaves. He will be even better. But first you have to go through all the pain of this guy leaving. You will get over it though. Grieve for a little while & then brush yourself off & get back out there. It will be awful. I\'m sorry there isn\'t any good advice for this one.

im 25 yrs old.i've got a seat in medical school and bcoz of some reasons i didnt complete it and my parents doesn't know it .i didn't even tell them.only some of my friends know it and now a day has come that my parents are going to find out that im not a doctor! i cant show my face to them .want to take away my life!pls anybody suggest me the best way to die?' (link)
Nope. There is no painless or good way to die.
You can however come clean to your parents and
get on with your life. Will they be upset? Sure
they will. Nobody likes to be lied to. Will they
get over it? Yes they will.

Come on, just tell them you lied. Explain why.
Do you want to continue with your education? Let
them know. Want to try to study something else?
Want to get back on track with the medical thing?
Talk it out with them & go for it. Its not to late.

Just confess, get it over with, let them be mad & get over it. It will work out in the end.

Trust me, they would rather have a kid who lied
to them & confessed about it to making your funeral plans.

I'm getting a tattoo on the side of my ribs this Thursday (May 1st) and I'm unsure of what to wear on the day.
As if I wear a bra I will have indents where the tattoo is going.
My sports bra doesn't undo at the back so that wouldn't work.
I was thinking a bikini top but I'm not too sure.

Some advice and ideas for before/during/after would be great! Thanks! (link)
I would give the tattoo place a call and ask them.
I\'m sure someone will be happy to help!

18 female.
I was diagnosed with warts in November and all of it went about two weeks ago.
Thinking it was all gone I had sex on a night out and not until the next day I noticed a small one just on the inside of my vagina (sorry for the specifics).
Will the guy still get it as it's a really small wart? And will I get more?

It's a horrid matter I know, help would be much appreciated. (link)
I think you will have to let all potential sexual partners know you have them. Even when they seem to be inactive. Unfortunatley you will probably have them off & on the rest of your life.


\"Genital warts are very contagious, so when you have sex with someone, even protected, you need to understand that you could come away with the disease. The disease has an incubation period of anywhere from two to nine months, so you may not even know that you have it, so you could unknowingly spread it or catch it by someone that doesn’t know that they have it. 2/3 of people who come in contact with the disease will catch it and become symptomatic.\"

11 years old my son is suffering from high copper level in his body present please provide the solution (link)

I would suggest following his doctors recommendations for treatment. There are no medical doctors on this site so giving you medical advice
wouldn\'t be a good idea. Getting medical information from the internet can be a very dangerous thing to do & that is the best you can hope for here.

If your son isn\'t currently seeing a doctor, take him to one & get some medical advice.

My boyfriend is really depressed and is always telling me he's going to kill himself. It makes me soo upset because my sister has a mental illness and always tries to kill herself. I don't know what I should do about this as his friend told me it was my fault he cut for the first time. Can someone please give me advice? (link)
OK first off, You are not to blame for ANYTHING, your boyfriend does. People who aren\'t in their right minds do what they do & nobody else is to blame.

I am going to be real honest with you. I have lived with a husband who has had bipolar problems a long time. He has only found help recently. He never threatened suicide, thankfully, but living with a person who has mental problems is very difficult. A person who is depressed can actually bring you down to that level yourself. You want to help, but you just can\'t. They have to find the help themselves and stick with it.

What you are going to have to do is this & it will be a tough decision. You need to decide if you want to deal with this every day. I know you probably aren\'t thinking that far ahead but maybe you are.

The reality is that it won\'t go away. He will keep you around by threatening to kill himself, cut...whatever. That is just the disease talking but it will get to your brain all the same. Make you feel guilty. Make YOU depressed.

The smart move may just be to move on. If you stay though, you will have to get tough. Either way you need to tell an adult. His parents, teacher...I am assuming you are a teen. If not you can still try to contact a parent. Yes, some threaten just to put guilt on you, but why take that chance. ALWAYS assume he is serious & rat his ass out. He needs help if he has sank that low.

Whatever your decision do not, under any circumstances,feel you are in any way to blame for his actions. Not in the past, not now & not in the future. He needs serious help & you can do nothing if he doesn\'t get that help.

Hi I am siva from India , I m 22 old ... I am having a habit of manstrubation . . I have started it from my 17th year stil am doing it ... At 1st it could be monthly once but nowadays I do it daily , sometimes 4 in a day :( ... More over I ask my gf to talk hot in phone ., I.e phone sex pls help me out to stop it ... And to stop manstrubation using my gf :( I feel bad .... And I want to know whether this manstrubation leads to problem in giving birth ... Wil it make any problem in future to my child or to my wife or to me , pls tel me (link)
You will be fine! Masturbation is quite normal. It is one of the safest forms of birth control too. If your girlfriend doesn\'t mind the phone sex, that isn\'t a problem either.

It will not make any problems for your future wife, children or yourself.

Hi there i am from Kimberley..I am a leader of a cultural group, we are about to release our first album this we where wondering will it be possible to get a donation of the latest nike brands as it will also help with marketing as we are around people in every event we attend.thank you
Mr Pogisho Makwene..Kimberley (link)
I did read that NIKE does not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests. They are only interested in famous athletes. Here is a link to their site.

But, You will need to contact someone from the NIKE organization if you\'d like to take a chance.

I have Clift lip and plated and is there reason I can't whisle (link)
Some people with Cleft lips & palates may have trouble whistling. Some not so much. If you are having a problem & whistling is something you feel a need to do, ask your physician. Most clefts can be surgically repaired.

I will be applying for a business grant this summer once I complete all the necessary details to start a baking business. The only problem is, that I need a partner that will be as passionate and knowledgable as I am about baking. A little background info: I will be earning my journeymans in the near future and then take the steps to become a pastry chef - my dream title. I know for a fact that I get sick a few times a year an would not want my business to suffer by not being able to run it those days/weeks. This is something I've been planning for a long while and want it to be run properly from business plan to execution to success. I would like just myself and one other person to run the business and then hire workers IF I absolutely need; I know of successful bakeries run by 2 people only. How should I go about finding a proper business partner? Advertising? Surveys? Or start the business and find a partner once I'm in business? Thanks. (link)
I don\'t know a lot about running a business but I
can give you my opinion.

I think if you are in school learning about baking, that would be a good place to start. You will want someone who thinks like you do, someone who you can get along with.

I think other bakers already in business, baking schools & then advertising would be the order I would try.

Perhaps someone in the business may know someone else who is interested, but just doesn\'t want to go it alone. Stop in or call & ask if you might talk to the owner of a bake shop you know of. If nothing else he/she may have some tips or good advise on how to get started.

Looking at students from baking schools will get you in touch with those who share your passion for baking. Take advantage of the schools bulletin boards& see if anyone else has a dream of a business.

If none of those work, advertise. Good luck!

I have been having chest pains on and off for a while now. Some sites say it can be nothing and some say it is very serious. Thanks to obamacare I no longer have health insurance so I need to be really convinced I NEED to go to the doctor before I spend money I do not have. Can you help me decide what to do? (link)
Chest pains, even if they seem to come & go, are nothing to mess with. Don\'t rely on the internet for answers. It may be nothing much or it may be a heart problem. Left untreated it could get worse or even become harder & more expensive to treat. Most places will make payment arrangements with you. It is something you need to do.

Is there like a list of rich people's houses? I just want to see how famous people and rich persons even if I never heard of them live. I know, shallow right? Sorry. (link)
Here is a search for you.

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