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Reason is my language.
If you want to avoid the point, simply take offense. -Intuit

I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

Gender: Male
Location: Montana
Occupation: Computer Technician
Age: 36
Member Since: March 28, 2005
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Last Update: July 25, 2014
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Stop telling people they are lame everyone isn't like you (link)
If someone posted an offensive answer, please file an abuse report, or report it to me directly and it will be taken care of.



i accidentally added a letter after my username i didnn't want. how can i change this? (link)
What is your username, and what did you mean for it to be?



Im so pleased to see the holier than thou is continuously active (link)
Hi there,

No idea what you are talking about. If you have had a bad experience, please file an abuse report and it will be looked into.



Really, just wanted to hear once again how foul the choices that people can take from supposedtly "the people who are suppose to care, and not judge by the cover" And to top it off, CHROME INTERNET!" thanks guys or selfish assholes. (link)
What in the world are you even talking about? If someone here has offended you, please send me a link to the question/answer that caused the problem, and we will look into it.


Can I install two different versions of Microsoft Office on the same computer? And will they both work? (link)
Hi there,

It is possible, but Microsoft doesn't advise you to do so. Here are a couple threads on it from the microsoft Knowledgebase:

... these have almost entirely the same content except for some tweaks for specific versions that only one or the other address.

All the best with this!

Hi, I just want to make sure I am 100% clear so I avoid any problems with using this site. I included a url link to my own personal webpage - a site that I recently launched to begin offering advice. Am I able to use the questions and my answers to post directly to my personal webpage?? Is it ok to use the questions if I keep the user anonymous? Would I need to mention Please help me in understanding the policies I read upon registration.

Abbey (link)
Hi there,

In the footer of every page of the site:

"Attention: NOTHING on this site may be reproduced in any fashion whatsoever without explicit consent (in writing) of the owner of said material, unless otherwise stated on the page where the content originated."

... So, regretfully, no you may not use content from others on this site. Your answer is yours, so that doesn't apply to you, of course, and you could link to the question you answered here if you like.

Thank you for asking about this beforehand. :-)

Beware of using the name you are going by... she will sue you blind. If you are going to start an advice site, you are going to want to stay as far away from that name as you can, even if it is your given name.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

Take care!

Hi, I found the "upload picture" button in the profile settings, however, each time I attempt to upload a photo and click 'Submit' nothing seems to happen on my advice page. I don't see any error messages, it just looks like the photo didn't save to my settings. Please let me know how to add a photo.

Abbey (link)
Hi there,

Please try again. There are only a couple reasons why this wouldn't work, and both throw an error message:

If the file is over 15KB in size, it will say.

If the file isn't a valid JPG, GIF, or PNG file it will also tell you.

Please take a close look at the page you see after you press submit, and let me know what you see.


i read the last question you got by me in your advice colum and when you answered it you said that im no longer welcome on this site well i dont care i think youre kind of a jerk and dont worry i will find another website a site that will always allow my questions to be posted on there another thing im done using this site its really stupid anyway people asking questions about sex and masterbating its so gross so anyway this site should be taken down for good this time so get ready to kiss it goodbye Dangerjerk . (link)
You know, you keep saying this... but you have been coming here for many years, and no matter how many times I block you, or for how long, you always return. When you threaten to leave, you always insult me, or the other people who have asked you to leave.

Let me remind you: You threatened to rape a user user here, cut her guts out, throw her off a cliff and then rape her corpse... all because she told you you coulndn't have your way just once in life. If you think masterbating is "so gross" and yet you think raping a woman, murdering her, cutting her guts out, throwing her off a cliff, then raping her mutilated corpse is perfectly acceptable...

... well, I know I am going out on a limb here... but, maybe, just perhaps mind you... the reason you have so many problems dealing with people on the internet isn't because of this site, or topix, or whatever site you want shut down next.

I will ask you again: Please seek professional psychiatric care. There is nothing that we can do for you and your obsession with Barry Manilow and Neal Diamond, or any of the rest.

You remember asking me to remove your death threats, threats of rape and everything else you have attacked users here with? Now you know why I will not ever remove such things. If this is the way you continue to act, then all evidence must be preserved so that if the time comes, we can discuss this with law enforcement.

Go away. We don't tolerate rapists.

i am posting this question to you becuase im curious if you got the first question i sent to you so i am wandering if you will recieve this in your advice colum first or the previous one the first question was called is Spice World similar to Saving Silverman anyhow i hope you get this in your advice colum thank you . (link)
Yes, I got it. You have been told you are no longer welcome on this website. None of your questions will be posted anymore. Please go to some other site.

i want to ask i did sex with my g.f i just rubbed outside and i leaked the sperm outside..i did sex on 5th may and she got her period on 13th also any chances of getting peragnent??? (link)
Hi there,

You have asked this more than once before. It has been answered many times. Please see the list of your questions here:¬_tid=dont_hide&keyword=peragnent&backlog=2

... and read all the answers.

Thank you,


Is it possible to get a rental car with 100$ in NYC? (link)
Hi there,


... has a car for under $100. With taxes it is still under $100.

I have used them for many years at locations all over the country, and have only had one bad experience in all those years.

Have a lovely trip!

P.S. I know you want to rent a car... but if you are staying in/around the city the whole time, you are better off taking taxis. The traffic can be intimidating and there are places you do not want to get lost, for your own safety. You also will not believe what it costs to park the car. Parking can cost more than the rental if you make many stops in private lots in the same day.

Someone is blackmailing on kik. I sent him nude photo of mine, he want me to send again if I will not he said that he will post it online website wherein all country can see it. I dont know what to do. He said that he will spread it and all my friends can see it. Im afraid Im fron Hungary. Need help (link)
Hello there,

This was asked twice. Here is a link to the other copy where people will answer you:


Ive had a bad prostate infection for a couple weeks now I'm a 21 male. I've had a cloudy discharge coming out here and there but today when I was peeing I felt a chunkish thing coming through my penis it came out into the toliet and I continued peeing. I Got it out of the toliet it was chunky like a chunk of cum you'd pee out but this chunk was about a inch wide and half inch wide it didn't hurt or burn I just felt it push out then drop into the toliet. I felt it is was kinda softish and a little sticky but not like sperm or cum sticky had no smell to it was dark yellow some weight to it for how little it was I guess the best way to describe it is a hard chunk of cum you pee out after ejaculating but dark yellow. Any ideas? Please help??!! (link)
Hi there,

I would preserve the specimen and call your doctor immediately. There really isn\'t anything else we can suggest you do, since we aren\'t doctors. I can tell you, from experience, that I have been around a little longer than you, and have never had that experience. I wouldn\'t just let it go and hope for the best; your doctor needs to know about this.

Which destination is best to visit in summer vacations? (link)
Hi there,

You really should re-ask this, and at least tell us what country you wish to visit this summer. If you can narrow it down to a region of that country as well, that will help.

You should also re-rate the person you gave a 2. They answered the only way they could without that information.

Thank you.

I don't know if putting this in the moderator forum or supporter forum is the right way to go or if bringing this up directly to you (if you want I can go put this there).

Is there anything that would allow the person asking the question to click an option saying that they got the answer they were looking for. This could be nice because then people could stop answering if the person got what they were looking for or allow us to see if they still needed more advice. I don't know if this is a stupid idea or not haha, but just tossing it out there. (link)
Hi there!

Not a stupid idea at all. Please start a topic on this in the mod forum and let us see how it is received, ok? :-)

I have one serious concern about it, and also a thought on how to work around it, which we can discuss in the forum.

By the way, if you ever want to chat about something like this before posting it in the forum, please add me to your Skype contacts list. Always the best way to get in touch with me. Username is the same. :-)

Finally PayPal was able to correct a problem this morning that restricted my ability to use it. I always new they saw me as my so which as it finally turned out after an hours worth of discussion they admitted to. So they corrected the problem and my payment to you is on the way. I apologize for the delay I just needed to work up a head of steam to argue with PayPal . (link)
Hi there,

I was glad to give you that paid account in return for all your help. You do not need to pay for it, but if you insist, every little bit helps. :-)

Glad you got your situation with paypal resolved. They can be less than fun to deal with.

what is the URL of dia mirza official website ?
Hi there,

Her website is here:

... but it is down right now.

Here is her facebook:

... and her twitter:

You are sitting at your computer. You've heard of GOOGLE right?

Type the damn question in the search box
hit the search button

Ta DA (link)
I hate to be the one to break this to you, but there are many people out there who aren't able to sort through the results in google and interpret results.

Things are worse than you think... imagine my surprise at being asked why there is foreign writing "like chinese or sumthin" at the top of every page? What the heck am I talking about? Well, apparently about 10 years ago some schools stopped teaching cursive, so now kids think the banner at the top of the page that says "Click here to ask a question!" is in another language!

Bet you didn't see that one coming... I sure didn't.

Please have patience, and do your best at answering things for people with very limited understanding.

I have been on/off with my current boyfriend for about a year and i always told him i have feelings for him, even when i had a boyfriend at the time, i just wanted him. By the end of that year we got together and he disappeared for a week or so, no calls no texts and picks up after many calls very coldly.
I started seeing someone else and then he started apologizing to me, I said OK but i was never ok, because I have trust and intimacy issues and then i told him im seeing someone else, but he said i had to choose, n i chose him. I met the other guy and we had a stupid quicky, never happened again, i tried to actually be with the other guy but i loved number one too much and i really fell for him.
all this was at the first month and a half of our relationship, and 4months in i told him something and it took us to me telling him about the whole thing.
I am trying now after 4months since i have done my cheating (which i would like to say a stupid mistake) to gain his trust and help him overcome this.
But ii want to know, from all of you, when you have serious and major trust issues, due to a history of abuse for more than 15yrs, does that really make you a cheater, like what i did.

All i was trying to do was to be fair to myself and assertive, as men always get a piece of me for nothing, and i was trying to just protect myself and be safe, i did wrong.
Hi there,

I feel really badly for you. From what you have said so far, you have been through something that has left you completely unable to make smart relationship decisions. :-(

You say you were trying to be assertive and fair to yourself... but what you ended up doing was giving more of yourself to more men at the same time, and ending up with nothing, just like before.

This breaks my heart.

You don't say what you went through before, but whatever it was, 15 years of it is an awfully long time to go through something and expect to get better without help. I strongly suggest you get involved with a counselor to help you work through the damage from your past.

I am reading this whole thing as a cry for help, because it seems like you KNOW what you are doing is only hurting you, and I think you also know that what you are using to justify your cheating are just excuses for behaviour you can't explain fully.

Please get some help before you try a new relationship... until you fix these things, the next one will end up just like these have.

I wish you the best from here on out.

Hi, dangernerd! I received that email in which you say I've been recently upgraded into a paid account. I'd like you to explain that to me since I don't understand it. What does that mean? That users who are looking for my advice will have to pay for it? Or will I have to pay for my account from now on? (link)
It doesn't mean either of those... It means that you were given a paid account upgrade for free.



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