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Reason is my language.
If you want to avoid the point, simply take offense. -Intuit

I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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I have been on/off with my current boyfriend for about a year and i always told him i have feelings for him, even when i had a boyfriend at the time, i just wanted him. By the end of that year we got together and he disappeared for a week or so, no calls no texts and picks up after many calls very coldly.
I started seeing someone else and then he started apologizing to me, I said OK but i was never ok, because I have trust and intimacy issues and then i told him im seeing someone else, but he said i had to choose, n i chose him. I met the other guy and we had a stupid quicky, never happened again, i tried to actually be with the other guy but i loved number one too much and i really fell for him.
all this was at the first month and a half of our relationship, and 4months in i told him something and it took us to me telling him about the whole thing.
I am trying now after 4months since i have done my cheating (which i would like to say a stupid mistake) to gain his trust and help him overcome this.
But ii want to know, from all of you, when you have serious and major trust issues, due to a history of abuse for more than 15yrs, does that really make you a cheater, like what i did.

All i was trying to do was to be fair to myself and assertive, as men always get a piece of me for nothing, and i was trying to just protect myself and be safe, i did wrong.
Hi there,

I feel really badly for you. From what you have said so far, you have been through something that has left you completely unable to make smart relationship decisions. :-(

You say you were trying to be assertive and fair to yourself... but what you ended up doing was giving more of yourself to more men at the same time, and ending up with nothing, just like before.

This breaks my heart.

You don't say what you went through before, but whatever it was, 15 years of it is an awfully long time to go through something and expect to get better without help. I strongly suggest you get involved with a counselor to help you work through the damage from your past.

I am reading this whole thing as a cry for help, because it seems like you KNOW what you are doing is only hurting you, and I think you also know that what you are using to justify your cheating are just excuses for behaviour you can't explain fully.

Please get some help before you try a new relationship... until you fix these things, the next one will end up just like these have.

I wish you the best from here on out.

Hi, dangernerd! I received that email in which you say I've been recently upgraded into a paid account. I'd like you to explain that to me since I don't understand it. What does that mean? That users who are looking for my advice will have to pay for it? Or will I have to pay for my account from now on? (link)
It doesn't mean either of those... It means that you were given a paid account upgrade for free.



Every time I try to look up cars on ebay I end up on ebay motors with every accessory ever made for the cars I want to find and I have to search through pages and pages until I give up. Is there some way you can see JUST the cars and not all the other stuff related to them? Please and thank you! (link)
Hi there,

There is a simple way to see only the cars on the motors side of eBay:

Search for whatever vehicle you want, just type the name in, nothing special to narrow things down. Then look on the left side and you will see a menu of categories. Select "Cars & Trucks" and it will only show you vehicles.


Search for volvo 544:

... currently 6,472 items.

Select "Cars & Trucks" and:

... currently 1 result.

Mission accomplished. :-)

Happy baying at the E!

Is it worth changing the sights to aftermarket ones? I mean the new ones look great in the package, but when it comes to actually using it on the range, do they really help all that much? (link)
This is going to vary wildly between individual shooters. My suggestion is to hit your local pawn shop, gun store or wherever you might find a large selection of aftermarket modified sights already installed on various equipment. Remember, you only need to see if you like the particular style, so don't be afraid to look at them mounted on other brands.

Odds are you will find something you really like, and you can order those for your current sidearm.

Happy targeting!

My macbook is 6 months old. Even in just normal usage (surfing the Net, perhaps with a Word document open and iTunes playing), the computer gets too hot to keep on my lap and I can hear the fan blowing kind of loud.
Hi there,

These are famous for cooking themselves to death. They weren't really thinking about ventilation when they did the case design, and sadly, for all that money, you are the one that suffers. :-(

A quick search for:

only search

... will show you that you are far from alone.

About the only thing you can do is purchase a laptop cooling pad, and use it every time. Even this, only helps so much, because of the way the case is designed, but it will help you avoid burns on your legs.

This issue has driven even hardcore Mac users to only use Mac at home, and take a chromebook, or Windows based laptop with them on the road. Perhaps Apple should fix this, eh?

The cooling pad is your friend. If you are going to keep this computer, you need one to avoid one form of unpleasantness or another.

Recently I attempted to clear out my Inbox somewhat by selecting the option to view unread messages. I deleted quite a lot of them. However, now I can't seem to get back to the simple, normal way my inbox was before, in order by newest to oldest and no at all impacted by whether on not I had read a given message, labeled or stared anything. I just want it go go back to that setting but can't find any information anywhere on how to do so. Please help. (link)
Hi there,

Go to settings by going to the little gear icon in the upper right area, and using the drop-down menu to select "settings."

Then select "inbox."

Use the dropdown menu "inbox type" to select "classic."


That should do it.

Happy Gmailing! :-)

I'm M/18, I have had no experience with any jobs, but I had an interview with a security company and I think they hired me. To work in security in NY state, you need a security licence and fingerprinting. The job will ask for a copy of the license application and fingerprint receipt, they did. But here's where I messed up, on the LICENCE application (Not job application)I put the last digit of my social security number incorrectly. While the one on the JOB application is correct. Now I don't want to mess everything up, it's a good job. I have to clear it up before Tuesday because they want me to bring the paperwork along with my SS card. If I don't get it fixed, they're gonna see 2 different SS#'s. I got the fingerprinting done at L1 Enrollment Services, and sent the application through the NY Department of State. I was thinking just call them, but what if one gets fixed and the other one doesn't? And then the possibility that I'll have to pay an extra $137. What can I do to clear this up before Tuesday? (link)
Hi there,

You aren't in any real trouble unless you meant to make a fraudulent application, which you apparently didn't.

You will need to contact the license board and tell them of your mistake. I don't think they will be open on Saturday, but I would call just in case.

I don't know that you will get it fully corrected before Tuesday, but you will get it fixed. Finger-fumbles happen, and I am sure your employer will understand. With that in mind, I wouldn't hesitate to call your employer if the state office isn't open on Saturday, and ask them for advice on what to do. Believe me, they have had this happen before.

I know this can induce panic, but it will resolve, and will end up being not a big deal. I remember making a couple of real winners like this when I was your age, and while I was in an outright panic over them, it was just business as usual for the office folk involved. Don't panic! :-)

Happy Guarding!

I asked a friend of mine how to make my internet faster and he messaged me what I wrote above. I asked him why and more questions but he said I should stop asking questions and just buy it because he said so. :( Is it too much to ask to understand before I spend over a hundred dollars on a cable modem that doesn't have a wireless or anything built in? I know I am no computer genius and if there is no way to dumb it down for me I understand, but could you try? I would be really happy for anything at all since all I am now is confused! (link)
Hi there,

Well, your friend may not be very customer friendly, as it were, since they should have simply explained why you should upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, rather than just dumping a model number on you.

Put simply, DOCSIS is the short form of the protocols modems use to communicate over cable/DSL.

3.0 modems are few and far between, and those that are out there are, on average, except for this and the models from Cisco, are not made as well made in my opinion.

Your cable company probably upgraded their equipment to support the new style of communication over a year ago, maybe more, but if you have a DOCSIS 2.x modem, you will not gain from the new tech.

I don't know what brand/model you have now, but that Motorola is probably a step up in general quality and reliability.

I know the price scared you, but would you believe that is the entry level model? There is one that costs twice as much!

Anyway, you are in luck... as of this moment, newegg has this critter on sale for $66, and if you use a certain promo code, they will send you a free wireless router!

I looked up the code for you: EMCPGWG44

... since I didn't know if it was going to show for someone who wasn't on their newsletter list.

Happy modeming. :-)

Not sure if this is the right category...but, I designed this logo on paper and I was wondering what the best way would be to create a digital copy. I do have Photoshop (very old version) on my computer, however I honestly don't know how to use it. I tried looking at Photoshop tutorials and it's very intimidating and I'm not sure where to start. I don't need to be an expert, just want to know how i can create my logo on the computer. Any advice is welcome. (link)
Just to add something to the excellent answer already given:

If you don't have a scanner yourself, and would like a better result than a cell phone camera can provide, there are places you can go and use a scanner for little or no cost. Your local library may have one, and I have yet to see a college library that doesn't.

You may also go to a place like a FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) shop. They offer scanning services, and for one page like that, the cost would be very minimal.

... You can use the location tool to find the closest one.

Another thought is that all-in-one printers have been the rage for some time. Most can act as a scanner, so if you don't have one, odds are you have a friend that does. :)

i first lost access to this website then got it back and could search in the more results secetion but now i lost access to it again and cannot use it unless i use unblock . com thats really silly is there a way to keep the site this way . (link)
Take a hint. You lost access because you were blocked.

What does this do when you type it into a computer? I searched for it and nothing comes up? Someone typed this into my computer in the lab and I have no idea what it could do. Any geniuses out there know? (link)
Hi there,

This is part of the startup configuration for a computer running a linux based operating system.

If you found this typed into a windows based computer, there is nothing to worry about. If you found it typed into a linux based system, you will want to alert whoever runs your lab. The string you posted by itself means nothing unless it was entered into the system configuration files, but it would indicate that someone was playing with things that they probably shouldn't be.

I have a thirteen inch macbook pro running on 10.9.1 and it has been getting so incredible slow lately. Netflix will lag where the characters words will still go while the actions will fall behind. I will also scroll down and the screen won't move for a good five seconds. It's getting so annoying. Any ideas on what to do? I can't keep restarting it every time it happens. (link)
Hi there,

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but this is a long-time known issue that apple hasn't fixed in some years now.

Worse yet, the causes, and solutions are so varied that it is hard to predict which one, or combo will work for you, if any. :-(

Having said that, here are the things I know of that people have used to successfully achieve a macbook pro lag fix:

In the order that are easiest to do:

If it all seems web-related: Please, if you are using safari, try installing another web browser. For many people this was the fix.

Try disabling bluetooth.

Try creating a new account, and see if while you are logged into that account the lag issue remains.

If it does, move on. If it doesn't, you have a corrupt file in your old account's profile. You can move things one at a time to the new account, or you could backup the files you personally created on the machine and restore to factory settings, then try again.

If none of those things make a dent, it is time to think about overheating. Does your MBP start doing this after it has been on for a while? Runs fine until it heats up?

Could be a dead/wounded cooling fan, or heatsink inside full of dust.

If that isn't it, there is one really odd thing that has helped many people: Apple had a problem with the supplier of their hard drive cables, which left some of them being intermittent. This leaves the computer trying to communicate with the drive and having to re-send info over and over due to error conditions. Eventually it just fails. When it fails, it fails ugly. Drive corruption is common.

If you get through all that, and have no luck, I can only point you to the Apple Store / S.O.S. Apple hotline.

Please let me know which of these was the solution for you, so I can better help the next person. Take heart: The browser swap to Chrome or Firefox fixes things for most people.

Is there any way to get beats headphones cheaper than normal? I don't like the way they sound but everybody has them and I like the way they look especially the pink ones so are there knock-offs maybe? I mean even if they sounds bad I really don't care as long as they look right and nobody can tell by looking. :) (link)
Since only the thing you are interested in is the look, then there are an ocean of fakes listed here:

Now, would you like the good news? There are several posts in audiophile forums stating that the cheapo fake beats solos they bought off this site sound as good as the original. I would laugh if it wasn't so sad.

It doesn't mean that the fakes are AWESOME, it just means that the official beats aren't worth the huge pricetag.

If you ever do decide you want some headphones with truly outstanding sound quality, and are willing to spend less money than real "beats", write me, and I will send you a list of mind blowers in that price range.

Where can you buy a touch screen monitor for using with windows 8? I bought a new computer, and my old monitor isn't touch, of course. So I went to walmart and they didn't have anything but regular screens. Can you only get them if you buy them the same time you buy the computer? (link)
Hi there,

Actually you can buy touch-screen monitors at any time you like. Many people don't like Windows 8, and that is the reason I think there aren't more retail stores carrying a wide variety of monitors.

Here is a list of windows 8 compatible monitors at:



Don't let some of the prices scare you... they are available in all price ranges, just scroll down, or sort the list by lowest price first. :-)

Oh, and if you are determined to buy one at wal*mart, here is a list from their website, that you can have delivered to the store for you to pick up:

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEE picmonkey! So much better than instagram in my opinion, but is there an app you can put on your phone instead of editing on the website? It won't make me go back to instagram if there isn't, but if there is or anything I would like to put it on my phone too. Love you all! :) (link)
Hi there,

You aren't kidding... picmonkey is a really nice way to touch up your photos!

I found a google chrome version of picmonkey:

... which may work on an android device with the chrome browser. Please let me know in feedback if it does.

As for the iPhone, I found nothing. Looks like they haven't provided any apps yet.

Please go here:

... and ask them about it. If enough people do, they will probably release phone apps for this site sooner than later. :-)

On the bright side, the site is pretty responsive, and so should work on a tablet just as it is.

is there anyplace to watch his videos before they are released? like a fan club or i would be happy with a complete list of all his videos if there is one? (link)
Hi there,

There is a Robin Thicke fanclub over here:

... which has a list of videos.

There is also the official facebook page:

Now, I don't know about before ANYONE else sees the videos, but if you follow both of these you will see them before most people do! :-)

What do you have to do to get a fafsa loan for college? (link)
Hi there,

Pretty much everything you need to know about FAFSA can be found here:

... and for a general guide to all aid programs offered to students by the department of education, you can have a look here:

... If you have a more specific question or get stuck someplace in the process, you are welcome to ask that here, but you may have better results talking to your school's guidance counselor or financial aid office.

All the best!

So, recently I have decided to try changing my own oil and do some other things on my own car. Because I am a woman it made me think that I get coupons for groceries and all kinds of other things so do car places like the Advance down the street from me ever do coupons or something? I looked in the paper where I get my regular coupons and didn't find anything car-like in there but maybe they put them someplace else? (link)
Hi there,

Yes, there are some places that list everything you asked for as well as rebates for the place down the road from you:

... and if you look around a little more you will find more places that you normally shop that are listed there.

I use these places regularly. Have fun getting your hands dirty! :-)

i apologize for sending a rude question as a respond to the question you sent me early today but just saying MissyMeliss was last updated on july 20 2011 and im not asking you to delete those attack questions on her but you could read the month the year and the day on them and when they were posted another thing also read the final question she answered and it honestly had nothing at all to do with and afterwards im going to drop MissyMeliss from the whole subject and not ask you anymore questions . (link)
Hello again,

As I explained already, I was able to convince her to come back to the site after you chased her away, it took a long time to do so, and when she returned she obsessed over your threats to rape her and gut her and thrown her body off a cliff... and she was too afraid you would come after her. Please re-read my previous answer, because I explained it there as well.

The only reason I can think of that she didn't have you arrested is that she didn't want to face you in court out of fear. That is the only reason I can think of that you are not in jail or a psych ward right now. I know you are sorry now, but if she had turned that over to the police, we both know how badly that would have gone for you.

Thank you for dropping this. It needs to end here.

I want to start hauling freight like they do on shipping wars but I think everyone is already doing that on Uship's site so are there other places where you can bid on loads to haul? Is there something like a load boards index? Thank you! (link)
Hi there,

I know of one other that is somewhat similar:

... but other than that, most load boards are set up exclusively for commercial drivers with semi trucks. If you would like to take a look at some of those:

only search

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