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I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


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Recently I attempted to clear out my Inbox somewhat by selecting the option to view unread messages. I deleted quite a lot of them. However, now I can't seem to get back to the simple, normal way my inbox was before, in order by newest to oldest and no at all impacted by whether on not I had read a given message, labeled or stared anything. I just want it go go back to that setting but can't find any information anywhere on how to do so. Please help. (link)
Hi there,

Go to settings by going to the little gear icon in the upper right area, and using the drop-down menu to select "settings."

Then select "inbox."

Use the dropdown menu "inbox type" to select "classic."


That should do it.

Happy Gmailing! :-)

I asked a friend of mine how to make my internet faster and he messaged me what I wrote above. I asked him why and more questions but he said I should stop asking questions and just buy it because he said so. :( Is it too much to ask to understand before I spend over a hundred dollars on a cable modem that doesn't have a wireless or anything built in? I know I am no computer genius and if there is no way to dumb it down for me I understand, but could you try? I would be really happy for anything at all since all I am now is confused! (link)
Hi there,

Well, your friend may not be very customer friendly, as it were, since they should have simply explained why you should upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, rather than just dumping a model number on you.

Put simply, DOCSIS is the short form of the protocols modems use to communicate over cable/DSL.

3.0 modems are few and far between, and those that are out there are, on average, except for this and the models from Cisco, are not made as well made in my opinion.

Your cable company probably upgraded their equipment to support the new style of communication over a year ago, maybe more, but if you have a DOCSIS 2.x modem, you will not gain from the new tech.

I don't know what brand/model you have now, but that Motorola is probably a step up in general quality and reliability.

I know the price scared you, but would you believe that is the entry level model? There is one that costs twice as much!

Anyway, you are in luck... as of this moment, newegg has this critter on sale for $66, and if you use a certain promo code, they will send you a free wireless router!

I looked up the code for you: EMCPGWG44

... since I didn't know if it was going to show for someone who wasn't on their newsletter list.

Happy modeming. :-)

Not sure if this is the right category...but, I designed this logo on paper and I was wondering what the best way would be to create a digital copy. I do have Photoshop (very old version) on my computer, however I honestly don't know how to use it. I tried looking at Photoshop tutorials and it's very intimidating and I'm not sure where to start. I don't need to be an expert, just want to know how i can create my logo on the computer. Any advice is welcome. (link)
Just to add something to the excellent answer already given:

If you don't have a scanner yourself, and would like a better result than a cell phone camera can provide, there are places you can go and use a scanner for little or no cost. Your local library may have one, and I have yet to see a college library that doesn't.

You may also go to a place like a FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) shop. They offer scanning services, and for one page like that, the cost would be very minimal.

... You can use the location tool to find the closest one.

Another thought is that all-in-one printers have been the rage for some time. Most can act as a scanner, so if you don't have one, odds are you have a friend that does. :)

is there anyplace to watch his videos before they are released? like a fan club or i would be happy with a complete list of all his videos if there is one? (link)
Hi there,

There is a Robin Thicke fanclub over here:

... which has a list of videos.

There is also the official facebook page:

Now, I don't know about before ANYONE else sees the videos, but if you follow both of these you will see them before most people do! :-)

recently she hasnt been on here for awhile but she has not answered any questions on this site has anyone read any new answers from her lately or did she just leave . (link)
No, and your horrible threatening and terrible meanness to her are probably why. Maybe if you are open to apologizing she would return. If you are asking because you want to threaten her some more, then go away.

A while back, I asked for help on how to get my videos to stop pausing while the audio continued on.

It's not happening more frequently so I have to wiggle my mouse at least once every couple seconds and this is just so annoying. It happens on all the websites I try to watch a video on now, including YouTube. Netflix is the only one that plays normally. And the videos work when I don't full screen, but once I put into full screen, the entire thing screws up. I've even had a few videos basically short out and close my browser down on me.

I tried cleaning my cache, my computer, and running a scan, but still nothing came of it. I also ran the RegTweaker program as previously suggested, but I was asked to pay a fee in the end, so I couldn't continue with it.

One of my friends suggested that something may be wrong with my video card, or whatever that is, and I really don't know what it is.

Is there anyway to get this fixed or do I really need to pay a lot of money to have it fixed? (link)
Hi there,

If it works in netflix, but not elsewhere, then this is an easy answer: Remove and re-install Adobe Flash.

Netflix uses the Silverlight plugin, and most of the rest use Adobe Flash to display video.

Somewhere along the line your flash install either became corrupted, or hasn't been updated in such a long time that it has become pretty useless.

Let me know how you do, when you leave feedback.


So my internet volume isn't working. I just (like 20 min. ago) was messing with my recording system for the screen, trying to figure out if I can record the screen with the actual, original sound. Anyways it said something about retry so I did. Nothing. Than on the second time it said run so I was just like whatever (and I know, very stupid of me :/) and clicked run. It didn't work but when I was trying to play youtube or netflix it wouldn't work. So I went on itunes and everything on my laptop works.

The internet doesn't. I am a young teen meaning middle school so don't make this too diffiult on me please. I've tried this shift+esc thing than control panel and I have no freakin' idea what task bar is... so I need major help.

But yes I'd like to try this on my own and repair it without spending money, or having to call someone in.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

First things first: If you haven't already, please restart your computer.

Once you have done that, and verified that you still have a problem, then here is the next step:

RIGHT-Click the speaker icon, down by your clock (lower right side most often) and then, click "Open Volume Mixer."

You will then be presented with a bunch of volume control sliders. You will be able to scroll the list of them left and right, if the one we want isn't right there.

Look for one called: "Internet Explorer" (or FireFox, or Chrome, or Opera... whatever web browser you use) and make sure it isn't muted, and the volume slider is all the way up.

If that doesn't help, then this is next:

I am going to roll with the idea that you are using internet explorer. If you aren't, then you can write and let me know which browser you use, and I can walk you through this next step in a different browser:

On the file menu in IE (File Edit View... etc.) Click "Tools" then "Internet Options."

Click the tab titled "Advanced."

Scroll down the list of options until you see a section called: "Multimedia."

Look for a checkbox that says: "Play sounds in webpages."

Make sure that box is checked.

Restart your browser if you checked that box, and you should be in business.

If not, then let me know.

A couple things you should know:

The system tray is that place on the lower right where your clock is.

The task bar is that bar across the bottom of your screen where all the programs you currently have running are shown.

Maybe this will help for the future when you need to follow instructions for something else.

I used to operate a website that I recently took down, but whenever someone googles my name my address and phone number show up. A stalker recently looked up my name and then contacted me and he's driving me crazy, and I'm really afraid of him. I need a way to scrub my info off google. How do I do that? It's really crucial the situation is getting out of hand.
Please help. Thank You. (link)
Hi there,

First things first: Call your phone company and set up anonymous call blocking. That way they will have to reveal themselves if they want to ring you up. :-)

You should also make the call to the police, so that you can get on record as having history with this person. That way, when you do block the "unknown caller" business, and they begin calling you anyway, you can can point to the police report and prove that this has been going on a while.

As for getting your info off google... well, unless it is on a google owned property, like Google+ then Google has little control over this.

I will make you a deal. If you provide me with links to the things you want removed, I will do my best to find a removal contact for each instance. I have had pretty good luck with this in the past.

Please file that police report today, and if you are being e-mailed, etc, do NOT delete those e-mails, IMs etc, without specific police instructions to do so.

Let me know if I can help you further.


I used Chrome for a few months without any problem and recently started having the same issue - it wouldn't load ANY page. I typed in the address and click enter or the go button, but nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the browser but the problem persists. I have IE, and they both load pages normally, so I know it's not the internet problem. Please help (link)
Hi there,

This is a serious issue for a lot of people. Have a look here, and check out the MANY search results on the topic:

only search

I hope they get things fixed soon.

At least you know you aren't alone, right? :-)

I am a web developer and ever since these distatseful accusations came online, i have had depleted clients willing to work with me and have lost a handful of the little i have in my stead. I was thinking of attacking these web owners personally or messing with their info websites, but need advice on what best i can do to get it all over with. I need to get back my clients without this infosite existing on the web anymore? Can you help me? (link)
Yes, I can help you.

Please send me the links to the places where your false accusations are posted, and your side of the story, or the reason that these things were posted in the first place.

I will then try to help you find the owners of each website, so that you can contact them directly to have the lies removed.

It is better to work with the owners than to take action that would land you in prison for many years. If you violate the law and do something against these websites, only to go to jail for many years, then how many clients will you lose? You see my point? :-)

Anyway, provide the links and other info and I will help you fix this.



You answered my question about an overdue book on I ended up going above their heads and contacting the seller directly. They aren't waiving the late fee, however. What is this help ticket you mentioned before? Is it too late to get one to rid myself of the fee? (link)
Hi there,

You file a help ticket by going through the steps listed on the page linked from my last answer to you.

Hope it works out for you.

I'm trying to print a return label for a book a rented from However, I guess the browser I use (Google Chrome) doesn't support the website's features. The version of Internet Explorer I use appears too advanced as well. What can I do to print the return label? This is time sensitive, and I only have about a week left to ship this book. (link)
Hi there,

I am sorry this wasn't answered sooner. I have been in and out of the hospital, currently in, but I managed computer access for a couple hours, so I am doing a bit of answering and e-mail checking whilst I can.

This is a problem that a lot of people are having, from what I hear. It isn't so much to do with the browser, as it is to do with certain security settings within the browser, as I understand it.

I know one person got around this by taking a screen capture of the label then pasting it into paint, then printing the image. You might try that, or go through the help functions at

... to reach someone to help you. I like, but I wish that they cared more about their users.

I hope this all works out for you!

P.S. If you run overdue on this, then file a help ticket and they should waive any overdue fees/payments for renting the book. It is their fault, not your own! Their system is broken in a way that effects MANY people. Not your fault.

How could I get sims on my computer, for free? Any game of sims. Is there any way to do it without torrent? (link)
Hi there,

Unfortunately, downloading a paid game for free is theft, so unless you are ok with stealing things, then the answer would be no, you can't get the sims for free.

EA has a special version of The Sims, that will play in your browser on-line:

(Search for sims on that page)

There is also a demo version of Sims 3 that you rcan download for free:

Those are all the options I know about.

Happy simming!

im 19 and a female my bf that i live with has a wireless router and doesnt remember the password so unfortunatly mylap top cannot be connected. im looking for a by pass code or a really simple way around it. its just a basic password security pleas if someone could help i kinda need my computer hooked up for school and work. (link)
Two options:

1) Plug your laptop into one of the four wired ports on the back of the router.

2) Follow the instructions for resetting the router. There is usually a button on the back of the router but you should reference the instructions and make sure it won't ruin anything your boyfriend has customized in his router settings.

Happy routing.

I am no longer receiving all my emails via iPhone or pc. (hotmail) I do however get some! A few weeks ago I accidentally clicked on what turned out to be a virus. It was on my iPhone and nothing untoward seemed to have happened. Could this be linked? If so, or if you have any other ideas, I'd be grateful for advice please! (link)
Taking a wild guess that by virus, you mean something other than hotmail asked you for your login details? That is called "phishing" and is completely unrelated to virii. If you mean something else, please give more details about exactly what happened.

If, on the other hand you were phished, then it would explain.

You must change your password information immediately. I would also write hotmail support and inform them of what is going on... so that when your account is used to spam everyone in your contacts list, they will know it wasn't you doing it.

Good luck, and if you need more assistance with this, please write me directly with additional info.

I need to remove a page on a website that is about me but I cant figure out how to do it someone please help its very important!! (link)
Hi there,

I actually have some experience in this, and have helped several people get their information removed from various sites. Example:

... However, all sites are different and have different terms and conditions, as well as different methods to which they best respond to removal requests.

Please forward me a link to the offending page, and what, exactly you wish removed. I will tell you how I would accomplish it from there.

If you don't wish to ask a question to my inbox here, you may e-mail me at:

... with the info and I will help you.


Anyone know how much one token is worth on (link)
The FAQ states that the price will vary depending on how many you buy at once. Apparently, if you buy a whole bunch they get cheaper.

The highest price listed in their FAQ is $.10 (ten cents)

Im told there are many sites to advertise for free - Is there a good directory where i can list my construction business. I would like to find a popular site where people really go to find contractors for home remodeling.
Hi there,

After some extensive searching, I didn't find a one-stop-shop for finding contractors. What I did run across in my travels were a great many local-only contractor sites, which if you live in that area would be good, but other than that... nothing.

May I suggest listing your construction/remodeling business on Manta? It isn't contractor specific, but it is very popular and millions of people use it:

... You can create a business profile for free, and people in other trades as well as store owners will discover your business.

Important to remember: Sure, they may be in other business lines, but they all go home to a house they want something done with, something remodeled on or generally want their home renovated. :-)

It is a good starting place.

I would also suggest listing yourself in any local classified sites. Craig's list may have a site that covers your area, and would be free for you to offer your services.

Good luck and happy hammering!

We come to the internet for information == not popup ads. Your ad covered the information on your website page and there is NO WAY to move or remove it.
What an insult ! (link)
Hi there,

There are _NO_ pop-up ads on this site. None.

If you got anything even remotely like a pop-up here, please send me the exact URL and I will look into it for you.



my webcam is blury how do i fix it its a plug in (link)
There is a plastic trim ring around the lens. Turn the ring to focus your web camera.

Happy camming!

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