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Q: So here goes... a couple weeks ago my boyfriend was over at my house and well things went crazy the clothes were on and everything and it was like a 'dry' session if you know what I mean and well I felt uncomfortable I never wanted that and I told him to get off because that was just weird. Days later he told me he came and he's an idiot and 'm not with him anymore. SO i got my period a few days later like normal, on the day expected. But right now I have the worry that I'm somehow pregnant. Is that possible? I've done research and it says I can't and I got my period the days later but my mind keeps thinking I am. I know I can't be. How can I help my mind get over the thought? I don't want to be pregnant I'm only 15.
As long as your clothes stayed on, there is no way you are pregnant. Getting your period confirms it. Since it seems like you don't ever want to get pregnant anytime soon, protect yourself and say "no" to sex or say "yes" but use protection ALWAYS! =)

Q: Theres this song from the 90s that I absolutely used to LOVE. I dont know the name.. the artist.. and I dont even remember the beat, I just remember I used to love it and now I cannot remember it and its driving me insane.

Anyways.. it was a hip hop/pop style. It was about a guy who was cheating on his girlfriend (or maybe even wife?) with another woman. I don't remember exact lyrics but I remember him saying something about how he doesn't want to come home with lipstick on his collar, the smell of her perfume.. and all that.

I also remember it saying the word "wifey" in it. I dont know if it was something like "I want to make you my wifey" or "I dont want my wifey to know"
Im pretty sure there was talk of a ring in the song too.. I dont think marriage but maybe a ring.

PLEASE HELP!! It was so big when I was like.. 10 years old. haha. Its just been bugging me I cant remember it. It sort of had an Usher style to it but it wasn't Usher..

Thank you so much!
Are you sure the song was from the 90s? There's a song called Can't Let U Go by Fabolous that came out in 2003. It talks about perfume, lipstick on his throwback, his wifey and a ring!

Check out the lyrics here:

Q: When I buy a song on iTunes the picture shows up of there cover. But if I buy a cd in a store and then import it to iTunes the album cover doesn't show up when I listen to the songs it's just white with the music sign. How do I get the picture to show up! It annoys me so much. Is there anyway to get the photo and drag it to the song or something?
Highlight and right click on the songs you need album covers for, click "get album artwork". By clicking "get album artwork", you're allowing iTunes to search for the album cover by the album name. It should work! Good luck!

Q: Ok I had lice back in 2007 and have a huge fear of getting it again. I have really severe dandruff too. But lately all I see is black dots in my hair. My mom keeps checking me and sees nothing.
Google searches for "black specs in hair" are showing that the black specs are actually lice feces. I'd go to a doctor and/or get lice shampoo/conditioner from the store asap. And although your mom can't see the lice, doesn't mean they're not there. Is your head itching? Go ahead and do some more research yourself and compare your symptoms to the ones listed online. Good luck!

I have done so many scholarships but am becoming discouraged.

So... do you have any tips/advice on how to get scholarships? Do you know of any scholarship essays I can do worth a lot of money?
My cousin is in med school studying to be an anesthesiologist and what he did in high school was he wrote to many doctors in our area asking for help - whether it be a personal donation, or a referral to a scholarship, etc. etc. Do you know what you want to study? Start there!

Also, the most popular scholarship website would have to be - it's an established scholarship website that has been around since at least I graduated high school in 2007. Check it out and Good luck!

Q: ... could that ever happen????? i mean, i know i'm fat, im 230 pounds. i've come to terms with it but... is it possible for a hot guy to like a chuby girl? i think i have a good personality. i have a great sense of humor, im girly, and i have brown cruly hair, and my friends all coo at me because i'm "cute' sometimes... i mean, is it possible? the guy i like is muscular and hot. i don't expect anything, but i'm just wondering if in general such a thing is plausible... i've never been dated, or even kissed before, sois it because im fat? thanks. ~^3^~
I think I can definitely relate to how you're feeling. Growing up, I was always 30 lbs heaver (at least) than the rest of the girls at school. I was never in a relationship throughout grade school and I knew it was because I was overweight. The world is filled with a lot of shallow people and so are you to a certain extent. What type of boys do you like? "Muscular and hot." - you said it yourself. So to expect any boy to be with you just for your personality alone isn't fair because you have standards yourself, right?

What I can tell you though, is as you get MUCH older you will be with someone who doesn't care what you look like. He will love you for you. That's the honest truth coming from someone who grew up afraid of being alone forever based on her weight alone.

Come to think of it, I also asked a question similar to this one on Advicenators when I was your age!

Q: I need to find beautiful high heels that are cheap. Size 3 in girls! I need high heels to give to an 11 year old girl by Sunday. Help ASAP!!
I know my cousin gets her heels from Target for her daughter who is 9. Their shoes are usually under $25 with tax. You could also try Payless! Both stores offer a lot of cute, affordable options. Good luck!

Q: OK so I am 15/f and need some advice on how to get my friends to stop bugging me. So i shower with my dad till this day and I see nothing wrong with it nor does he. Its how we bond. Just cuz they dont do it doesnt mean its not normal right? My dad says its cuz they dont have the same bond with their dads as me and him. And they keep telling me stuff i dont need to hear. So my question is how do i get my friends to stop bugging me about showering with my dad
You may not want to hear this, but showering with your dad at the age of fifteen is NOT normal. I guess I would understand if you were under the age of twelve. However, right now you're growing and developing into a woman. You're not a kid anymore, and I'm sure that's visible by now. Can't you bond with dad another way? My dad and I play challenging games of Monopoly together. What I'm saying is don't use bonding time as an excuse because there are a million other ways to bond with daddyo - with your clothes on!

Oh and as for your friends who keep bugging you about it, you probably can't make them stop unless you threaten to stop talking to them. Society frowns upon incestual behavior and while what you and your dad are doing isn't incest, it's close enough to make some people uncomfortable.

Q: I am an adult, married for 18 years, work full time, and have my own business, and a family which requires the rest of my time during the week. However, there are some Saturday or Sunday afternoons I would like to meet up with friends for coffee, a movie or other outing.

I only have two friends, and they are busy like me, but I try to make time for them, but they don't reciprocate. In fact, one of them is just plain rude about not returning calls and such, I am very irritated. I don't have time to volunteer or join any groups, clubs etc. So in light of this info, how would one make new friends?
How about your coworkers/clients/customers? Get to know them on a more personal level and you might just click with one or two people! My mom has her own business and offers her clients/vendors/customers to take them out to lunch all the time. She's made a few friends that way.

Maybe you can plan a big get together as a thank you for helping your business in even the smallest way.. You could do a BBQ at your house or the park/beach. Have dinner at a restaurant etc. etc.

Or if you want to keep it simple, invite someone you want to get to know better to lunch...on you!

Good luck.

Q: If a friend ( a person who claims to be a friend) is terrible about returning phone calls or email. How often should one contact them until they do? Actually for fear that they may never call at all. Would it be proper to avoid them completely and just let them do the contacting and risk the friendship?
A friend who will not return your phone calls, emails, or text messages in a timely manner - is not a friend at all. It requires little effort to respond to someone with technology the way it is these days. I have someone that does this to me a lot and when confronted, he comes up with every excuse in the book. I don't buy it for one second.

It hurts A LOT and I understand how you must be feeling.

You could avoid them completely until they are willing to initiate a conversation. The problem with that, however, is you have to ask yourself "why all of a sudden does she want to talk to me?" Is she bored? Lonely? Does she have nobody else to hang out with? "

If you don't feel you're being treated the way you should, you should end the friendship. I always tell myself I rather have one amazing friend than a dozen fake ones.

Ditch her! She doesn't deserve you, not the other way around.

Q: im a guy, about to head into community college, and just waned to know what are some good things to major in? A job where you make alot of money? The thing is, i really wanna go into the film industry, movies and stuff, is that competitive? And i also want a job that i can do anywhere, cuz i live in the US right now and i plan on moving to Canada/Australia. I want a job that pays alot, and that i can do anywhere in the world. Any suggestions?
By movies and stuff, what exactly do you mean? Do you want to get into acting, directing, or producing? I would talk to a school counselor before classes start. Ask your counselor about any film, television, and media programs the school offers.

Good luck!

Q: I am 18 years old and my guy really wants me to give him a hickey. His friend says its to show others he's mine and concidering he has already cheated on me once, I really want to do it, but I am incapable of giving a hickey. I have tried over and over on my arm but I cant do it. It only apprears as a small red mark that goes away in a matter of seconds. What can I do to give him a hickey?
There are so many things wrong with this situation, I don't even know where to begin. First, don't you think it's a little weird that he wants a hickey? I mean, he's not in high school anymore? Even if he is a senior, I work with seniors everyday and they're more mature than that. What's even weirder is his reasoning behind it. He wants to show others that he's yours? Well if you think about it, ANYONE can give another person a unless you suck your name onto his skin...there is no point!

Last but not least, and certainly the most important is the fact that you want to do it because he's cheated on you before. Honey, if he leaves you for not giving him a hickey just be glad the relationship is over.

Stop practicing and tell him that you're eighteen, not twelve!

Q: i don't have dry skin, maybe slightly combination skin but it's normally oily.

A week ago i had a horrible break out so i used tea tree oil (diluted) and when that didn't give me immediate relief, i bought a benzoyl peroxide product and i'm 100% sure i overused it.

The places where i broke out now have dry patches of skin w/ the acne now gone. i've been putting a 'normal to dry skin' moisturizer on it, but i have to keep applying it for it to feel 'moisturized'

IS there anything I can use to get it to peel and keep it moisturized? maybe something i can get from inside the house? AND no exfoliation advice please (it hurts).
Actually you didn't overuse any product. When you use acne products, the acne goes away but comes with side affects. Dry skin and peeling is one of them.

Visit this site to read more on benzoyl peroxide and scroll down for a list of possible side effects.

Q: i fell in love with this jerk and he broke my heart 3 years ago. i never talk to him anymore but i see him sometimes. recently i've had sexual dreams about him almost every night and i actually like them! its awful and makes me feel like crap. i even fantasize about him occasionally when i kiss or do anything with my current bf of one year!! how do i stop these dreams?
Go to this website, - it's a really insightful dream "dictionary" if you will.

I pulled this from the site:

To dream that you are having sex with an ex or someone who is not your current mate, denotes your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. You may feel nervous about exposing yourself and are feeling a resurgence of those old emotions and feelings that you felt back when you and your ex were together.

If it's not the above, I think it's just because you're horny and your brain decides who it wants to have sex with that night. Lol.

And there's really no way to "stop" dreams. They'll eventually stop on their own.

Q: bascially my days are numbered so no advice is required.
Welcome to the club.

All of our days are numbered.

Some just have bigger numbers than others y'know?

Q: first off im 14/f and he is 15/m and he is my cousins cousin so he is sorta related to me and he also goes to my church. anyways i used to like him but then i figured since he was my cousins cousin it wouldnt really work. then about a year ago i started noticing that he was really nice to me and he was always looking for excuses to touch my arm and stuff then i got a bf and he sorta backed off a little then recently my bf broke it off and he started acting interested in me again. like we play football after wednesday night bible study and i am not really that into it so im just the quarterback so i dont move like ever and he will still come up to me and block me by holding my arms in a sweet kind of way and he always looks for excuses to talk to me and in church he is always looking at me in a subtle kind of way but ive noticed. anyways my question is do you think he likes me? and should i say something since i only like him in a best guy friend kind of way?
It may be that he likes you or he is just flirting. Since the both of you are flirting with eachother and you don't like him "like that", you don't have to SAY anything until or if HE says something. If he mentions that he likes you, politely tell him that the two of you are just good friends.

In the meantime, what you need to DO is try not to be so touchy feely with him. Ease up on the physical might be sending him the wrong signals!

Q: What camera do you recommend that meets these criteria:

-- compact and pocket-size
-- runs on rechargeable batteries
-- takes good pictures in any light
-- costs less than $100

Do you have a Big Lots in your area? They have a digital camera section with new / not refurbished cameras for under $100. Brand names like Nikon Coolpix, Polaroid, Samsung just to name a few!

I actually bought the Nikon for $49.99 and it has pretty cool features like uploading videos on YouTube and Facebook straight from your camera. So try Big Lots!

Or you can always buy one on eBay!

Q: f/16

Okay, I'm having an movie night on the 18th and my boyfriend and I have been planning this for about a week. We're really excited to get our gang of friends together again to just hang out, but recently, one of our friends, D, got a new boyfriend after she broke up with her awesome one about two months ago. Unfortunately, the guy she chose is the one that we all hate. He was a complete jerk to her when she chose another guy over him, telling her that she was a heartbreaking bitch! It was unbelievable, and he's like twenty-years-old or something! She's bringing him over, without actually asking my permission either, which she ALWAYS does. And we're all kind of wondering what the heck we're gonna do when he comes over and everyone is just awkwardly glaring at him... How can I tell her 'no'? She'll throw a hissy fit and it'll probably ruin the mood...?
If you can't tell her straight out, one of the other options you have is to blame it on someone for why he can't come over.

Blame it on your parents or whoever's house you guys are using to do this movie night. Say your parents don't want anyone over the age of eighteen at the house - especially if they don't know him/her.

Then have your parents lie about it if she asks them.

That should work!

Good luck!

Q: my dog pooped a jelly like substance after pooping out a green, heavy stool. What was that?
Take him to the vet.

Q: i have never wanted something more haha i sound ridiculous but PLEASE help me. i NEED the new iphone. i NEED it. but without an upgrade it costs like $700. yeah not happening. what are some easier ways i could get the phone? can i use someone elses upgrde? AAAHHHHHH PLEASE HELP ME
It's an excellent phone. I switch out my "old" iPhone for the new one every summer with no problems as far as upgrade eligibility goes.

You have a few options:

1) Talk to an AT&T representative by calling 611 from your mobile phone OR visiting a local AT&T store. Based on how much you've payed thus far in terms of your monthly bills, you may be upgraded for "free". This is because sometimes AT&T will see that you're a loyal and paying customer. For example, my best friends iPhone bill was roughly $100 a month when he got his 3GS on the launch day. After announcement of the iPhone 4, he asked AT&T for a free upgrade. They gave it to him. "Ask and you shall receive."

2) If you're on a family plan, see who IS eligible for upgrade and kindly ask them if you can use it for the coolest phone in the world. ;-) AT&T is very nice about using others eligible lines for your iPhone...and the process is simple!

3) You can have someone take over your AT&T phone and bill, then sign up for Verizon.

Good luck!

I used my iPhone to type out this answer! ;)

Hi, I'm Sherry! This site is very nostalgic for me. Before the takeover of social networking websites like Myspace, there was (and is) this great place called Advicenators where people come together and learn from eachother. I met some wonderful people on here that I could relate to and learn a lot from when I was a teenager. With that said, most of the advice I've been giving over the years have been from a teens perspective. Now that I know all at age twenty two, feel free to ask me a question. And If I don't know the answer, I'll probably just google it. I know what you're thinking..."Now, THAT'S customer service!" :)

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