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Q: ok, well tomorrow i think i'm going to the doctors cause i have problems with my knees.
my dad said that we just go there and she tells us where to go next to see whats wrong with them. will i get my height and weight checked?
yes for every doctor visit they always check your height and weight. if you dont want to, you dont have to though :]

Q: i have a motorola razr cingular. how do i make sure i am NOT online on it? would there be a specific icon on the tp corner if i was? please help me to verify that i am NOT online or at the multimedia mall thing on my phone! also, what does it mean when it says "bytes tranfered"? is that charging me money whenever it says that?!?! i think i went on the internet for 30 sec. & i THINK i got off & when i did it said that. does it charge me money?? please help, thank you!
Yes everytime it says "730 bytes transferred" or whatever you are being charged. If you were only on for 30 seconds, most likley it'll cost around 25 cents. You are signed off the internet when it says "bytes transferred" so dont worry. Just dont log on the internet again...charges add up!

And also do not go on Instant Messenger on your phone, that costs even more.

:] Hope I helped!

Q: Three questions about *69:
1. Does it work on cell phones?
2. Do you have to have answered the call for it to work?
3. How much does it cost (I live in CA if that helps)?
Yes it works on cell phones.

No, it'll always work even if the person doesn't pick up.

It doesn't cost anything for me, I live in California too.

Q: I'm on the shorter/smaller side (5'0" and I have a 26" waist) and I'm not getting any taller (I'm taller than my mom). My style tends to be on the more "preppy" side. Anyone have any suggestions on where (or what brands) to buy jeans without having to get them altered? I have quite a few Buckle jeans already. I'm not a big fan of skinny jeans, but I'm open to ANY ideas/suggestions.

My friends like you and she told me the only jeans she finds that always fit are Lucky Brand Jeans.

Sometimes Abercrombie & Fitch fits her too. [Make sure the size is like 0S or 00S]

Q: I don`t get why its so dangerous to walk by "the tracks" My school's started a campaign to keep kids away from local train tracks. I mean, why are they so bad, wouldn't people hear a big, noisy train coming and get outa the way before they get hit?
Your right, but what if someone got their clothes stuck in the train tracks? Or got injured and couldent move?

And some people, when in shock, dont move out of the way. They just freeze up and then well, they get hit.

It's just all the "What-ifs" that get people to start these's for saftey reasons.

15/f freshman

Okay so ihave a larger chest than most girls my age. (i'm a 32 C)Its not that i hate my boobs or that they make me feel insecure though.It just bothers me when people say something about them or stare... My problem is that everyone stares at them! Just today i was in studyhall and an upper classmen asked me how old i was. I told him that he was 15 and he looked super shocked! Then he told my friend tommy that i had huge boobs! Even my boyfriend has said something about them before! Its not as if i try to show them off or anything like that. I honestly don't see why they're so great!

So my question is...... how do i get people(guys) to stop staring at my chest?

(and dont say tutrlenecks or something dumb like that!)

Thanx in advanced!
Well to be honest, there isint much you can do to get guys to stop looking. Their guys, and their horny all the time. I dont see why their so great either, but apparently guys love them.

What you can do: Tell them to stop looking and/or commenting about your boobs. Say it clear and loud... so they know your serious.

If they keep going - you can go to the office and tell them someone is sexually harrassing you. Because it is against the law.

I hope I helped.

Q: i dyed my hair 2 nights ago and it's a nice color and all... but it's too dark for my pale complexion! is there any way i can fade it a bit? thanks!
Just wash it a lot! Take a shower everyday or as much as you can, and eventually it'll get lighter.

And to look less pale, wear more eyeliner + mascara.

Q: what does it mean when a guy offers to let you wear his jacket?
It means he cares about you and doesn't want you to be cold =) It's usually a sign of when a guy likes you more than a friend.

Q: im a girl. 16 years old. i have a halloween party coming up, and i need some good ideas that hopefull no one else will be. any suggestions?
You know those Fanta Girls that are the spokesman for the Fanta soft drinks?

I think it's really cute if you dressed like one of them, and even had a couple friends to join. You could each have your own color/flavor.

You could google them to see what kind of clothes to buy @ Target or something.

And then buy your flavor fanta and hold it around :]

I hope this helped. I think its pretty original, and you'll stand out for sure!

Hopefully I helped.

Q: I was wondering how do I get a cell phone plan? Do I have to have credit to do so, do you have to be at least 18? I don't want a prepaid one, I want one that actually has a plan. But someone told me that you have to have credit to do so. Can someone please explain it to me?
You need to be over the age of 18 and in most cases, you need credit history.

So there's two options:

See if you can get on a plan with someone else. Like your friends family, and you can pay all the charges on your part of the bill each month with cash or something. Only do this if you can pay or this might bring problems.

Or get prepaid, but you dont want it so yeah.

Hopefully I helped!

Q: ok so me and this guy are bf and gf and it's only been like a week right. well he is amazing, like he treats me so good and it's like woah, calls me every night, walks me to class holding my hand yadda yadda yadda haha. well i heard from his ex gf from like 2 years ago and she was saying how mean and horrible he was and to not make the same mistake that she did. but everybody else that i talk to that knows him says the complete opposite. but i'm worried that since we haven't been going out long that i just haven't see who he really is...what could possibly be going on?

we're both 17 if that helps
Dont listen to her. She's his ex! She's probably jealous of your relationship with him or something. And if she's not, still dont listen to her. Maybe he likes you way more than he liked her? Maybe he changed? If he's great right now dont worry about it! Sure you guys will get into fights, but thats just how relationships are. So dont worry about what she says and be happy with him! =)

Q: okay, on your pictures for myspace, how do you put like another picture or an icon or something for a caption ?
Okay this can get complicated.
You need to go to

Sign up, upload your pictures.
Under each picture is three boxes with weird text.

The boxes are called "URL", "Tag" and "IMG"

Copy the text in "URL"

Use this code in your caption:

*img src= url text here*

Replace 'url text here' with the text you copied.
Make sure there is a space after the = sign.
And replace the first * with < and last * with >

Do not erase the pictures from your photobucket account or they wont show up on your space.

If your still confused, myspace message me @

Q: 13/f
i really want to be a photographer when i get older. how can i like practice to be one?
~Join photography classes either at school or look in the phone book/search the internet for photography classes near you. I'm pretty good at searching for if you just give me your city, state and surrounding citys you'd be willing to drive to...I can search photography classes for you. Just send something to my inbox!

~Buy a camera (or if you already have one) start taking pictures of nature, family+friends, etc.

~Join the yearbook team at'll be taking photos of everything :]

&& thats pretty much it. If you stick to it, you'll be a pro. And the classes will help a lot!

Good luck!

Q: 13/f

I think that I am bipolar. I'll be happy and obnoxious one moment and then the next I'll feel so depressed that i want to die. How do you know if you're bipolar? What do I do if i am? How do I tell my parents?
Here are some helpful websites that help you identify if you have Bipolar disorder or not and what you can do about it.

If you think you have it, you can tell your parents by saying "I looked up information on the Bipolar disorder, and some of the symptoms listed are what I'm going through right now". Show them the websites, explain what you feel sometimes, and they should be understanding of it. You can go to a doctor and he/she can determine if you have it or not...and go from there.

Good luck.

Q: theres this guys that likes me and keeps telling me that he likes me but the wont ask me out cuz he thinks i like other guys cuz it alk to some of my best friends in the hallway which just happen to be guys and he always mad at me and he is also always trying to make a move on me but im not sure if im ready for that yet what should i do?
I wouldent go out with him because he's already being 'controlling' and he hates when you talk to other guys. Which means when your with him, you wont get to hang out with any of your guy friends.

If you like him, and your not ready...dont do anything yet. Talk to him about when he gets mad at you when you hang out with your FRIENDS, and tell him he has to get over it if he wants to be with you one day.

I know it sounds harsh but he shouldent get mad that your hanging out with guys, and your not even his girlfriend yet.

So give it time, talk to him about this situation, take things slow...and when your with him :]

Q: so here it goess..

I had a dream that i was walking to my bfs house but it was this deserted quiet place that ive never even seen before. And then these guys r behind me nd they make rude comments. (in real life my bf wuld pretty much fight em if he knew) and so he sortah popped up out of nowhere nd literally killed them. it was like 7 against 1 nd he killed them all.
then we got to this place but he wasnt paying attension to nothing but the TV nd i was right next to him so i touch his face to see if hes okay and he holds my hand but was madly distracted nd wasnt talking at all.

anyone know what that means?. I just need advice or your opinions actually on this dream. Thank youuu.

I love this website, just search "boyfriend" or "killing" and it'll give you the basics of the dream!

Q: Do you consider 5'4'' and 128 pounds fat?
Please don't sugar coat it...tell the truth!

Enter your weight, and height and they will tell you if your underweight, overweight, or just perfect.

And I entered it for you and it says that your perfect :) Dont lose any weight and try to stay between 128-135 lbs!

Q: i was messing around with my computer and by accident i deleted my limewire thing!! its not in recycle bin because i permenately deleted it!!.. is there any way i can get it back without redownloading it?? im not sure if i saved my songs soo will i have to download them all over again? do the songs get saved when you download them or do you have to do it yourself?? AHH IM SO ANGRY.
When I had limewire, this happened to me too. I just re-downloaded it and all the songs came back.

So just download it again, from the same computer...and I'm pretty sure you'll get your songs back.

Good luck :)

Q: ohkay well ive posted this a couple times but no one seems to answer it right....
im 13/f 140 pounds and i want to loose 25 pounds. im going on the 20 carbs a day diet. so i need to no what foods to eat all day. please help me i need it

ps. im going to workout also =)
Welcome to the world of low carb, I'm actually on it right now. This will be my fourth time doing it (and my last time I did it for four months)

It's not easy, and you'll be tempted a lot!

Everything Low Carb:

First, let me tell you how this works. When you normally eat.. your body burns off the carbs first, THEN the fat. So when the carbs are burned, next is fat..but your body has burned enough so it just stores the fat. You see? So when you see "Low-fat" doesnt really matter. Its just a way of tricking people to buy their products. So by low carbing, you limit your carbs and eat fat. That way, your body gets rid of the small carbs and starts working on the fat! Now, most people when reading or hearing about the low carb diet are scared because they say they cant live with brownies, pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, etc. But millions have done it. Sure, the first few days might be hard..maybe even weeks. But after 2 weeks the cravings will be gone. If you survive the first two weeks, you can survive the rest of your diet. What you CANT eat: Junk food, Bread, Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Soda, Juice, fruits, nuts.. Now your thinking, well what the heck AM I gonna eat? Eggs, Meat (Chicken, turkey, ham, burger meat, etc.), Lettuce, Cream Cheese, anything low carb! Look for foods that are HIGH in protien/fat, and possibly have fiber(its a plus), and LOW in carbs. Low carb should be around 1,2,3,4 grams per serving. (meat has low carbs). Believe it or not, you do have millions of choices when eating low carb. You can look up recipes on google just by searching "low carb recipies". You have heard of the low carb ice creams, bars, and other stuff. But you CANNOT have ANY of that stuff until 2 weeks have gone by. Your 2 weeks will be the "strict phase"...where you are really pushing toward low carb and limiting yourself to 25 carbs a day. A great thing about it, is you DONT have to exercise! WOW! Awesome huh? However, it will increase your weight loss.

I HIGHLY reccomend getting the book Atkins or South Beach (I would get it for free at the library) this will very much help you on your road to success! I have been on this diet a bunch of always works. Good luck and if you need support, advice, recipes, whatever...ask me!

Tip: When looking at nutritional information, always subtract total fiber from total carbs which equals the real carb amount. For example, there are 5 carbs in a peice of bread...minus 2 grams of carbs is 3 grams. -- a great website for everything low carb!

Q: How do I get rid of my contact table?
& how do I get the little buttons that you put in your "About Me" section that are for "add" and "message"?

I have a comment button, an add button, and a message button. I can give you all the codes to put under your about me.

just email me at

I'll also get you the code to erase the contact table.

Hi, I'm Sherry! This site is very nostalgic for me. Before the takeover of social networking websites like Myspace, there was (and is) this great place called Advicenators where people come together and learn from eachother. I met some wonderful people on here that I could relate to and learn a lot from when I was a teenager. With that said, most of the advice I've been giving over the years have been from a teens perspective. Now that I know all at age twenty two, feel free to ask me a question. And If I don't know the answer, I'll probably just google it. I know what you're thinking..."Now, THAT'S customer service!" :)

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