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i was really immature and stupid about this. i made him dump me by treating him worse and worse then after i read your answer i just told him and it was over. thanks!

Thank you

I guess you're right. I have a type too, so it's fair he has one. xD! I'm glad someone can relate to me! All my friends are sticks, so it's hard for them to understand. Thank you for the reassurance for when I'm older. :) Haha, that's funny! Great minds think alike, I suppose! :DD!

Thanks, along the lines of what I was thinking but wanted some feedback.

Thank you for trying but read the last answer and I believe it: No, you will no longer be a virgin. Virginity have nothing to do with what is between your legs. When you are a virgin, male or female, it means that you have NO emotional baggage from sexual encounters, and you have NEVER done anything that could give you an STD. If you have ever given oral, you may have an STD because of it. Therefore, how does it look when you tell someone you are a virgin, then give them a sexually transmitted disease? See the point? If virginity had to do with your hymen, then no guy could EVER be a virgin, and a girl doing gymnastics (or anything else that might break her hymen) would automatically not be a virgin. This is the only way virginity means anything: Keeping yourself completely clean, emotionally and disease-wise, for the person you want to give your virginity to.

Cool thanks :)

thank youuuu :]

in general

haha thankssss! =)

LOL! why would she brag about it haha! thanks

thank you so much! :)

I am just curious who is the one who left.

There really aren't too many thrift stores down here. I live ina very small town and there just aren't too many places. The suggestions were good, and thank you.


i love you as a fovorite columnist you give great advice.

thnks <3

ohh my gosh thanks SO much i looove you!!! your a really great help :)

thank you!

Thank you. =)

thank you for everything i really appreciate your feedback and your advice will really help. thanks!

yess!! thanks hun!

thanks so much

wow thank you so much :)

thanks so much!


i did go to deathcabforcutie thats where i got it

thanxxxs a bunchh : )

thanks so much!

it's not there = /

thanks! Hev



Thank you soooo much! That really helped, and now I can narrow down to what I want to do.

Thanks for your advice...I didn't know I was allowed to rate...yeah me! But I still need more info, which is why I gave you a four. Please don't be offended, and if it makes you feel better, people have rated me worst

Ok thanks for the help!! :)

Oh. Well that is dumb.

thanks, this really did help me out! Hev

thanks, this helped! Hev

thank you soo much! :)

wow! thanks a lot especially for the website.


thanks for the reassurance :)

your totally right. thanx bunches <3

thanks, but i really want them to be sister songs. i know the music that she likes and i could very easily make a cd she'd enjoy, but i really want to make a more meaningful one.

ok thanks




Oh thank you sooo much!!


Ooh thanks so much! I'll definetly send a message~ Thanks again~

Rating changed by a level 2.

ok i geuss

Ok that was really good advice, thanks for being so detailed! Ur awesome. xoxo


thank you for the wonderful advice. made me feel better about the whole thing. Hes 17 and im 16. he lives two states away from me. he can always drive i guess. =)

Thanks ;]


Thanks so much!

hey who ever u are i rated u a five by the way i have know idea at all who u are but seriousally ur good at this advice stuff wooot woot go sheery ill get u free fives lol

yea green toenails would be nasty.

awesome. oober thanks.

thanks.. but if i tell him to tell her to stop disrespecting me wont he think that he is fighting my battles or something

thankyouu ;]

okay thanks <3



Thanks.. Woah thats crazy at first it wouldn't work and now it works perfectly fine, weird. but yea thank you :]



Thanks! (Minimum wage her, in PA is $5.15 I think. Haha) <3

she was using a sidekick most of the time. aren't those worldwide anyway?? also, she used a calling card so i'm not sure. if you have any more info, please add it to your answer.

i had never heard that song before! but i love it now! thank you so much!


Coolness! thanks so much for your help!~


thanks so much

Yeah, my back never touches the back of the chair. Thanks. - K'

yeah i thought the same thing. thanks so much :]

yeah haha i know what you mean, but thanks!

i actualy already have the older version, but im trying to get rid of this thing because its annoying.

Thanks but the website doesn't work/exist :[

i like pinks and light green and baby blue..... and i'll spend anything within reason.. so please help! cuz i rated you a 5 so i hope you can help me

Thanks soo much! :]

it's computerized & as soon as you get it wrong it tells you haha thats y im freaking out



Thanks for the advice. I'll continue with what I'm doing, but I think a year is a really long time. I'm just taking it one day at a time, I'll deffinetly wait some time before I make any contact though.

i don't know if i should tell travis i like him though you know i mean i ain't the perfect looking girl and there is quite an age difference...but i don't care about that stuff...anyway...what should i tell him ...i have no clue about this stuff...please talk to me ....yeah how did you know i liked him ?? kinda scarry ttyl samantha

great advice i will thank you

thanx so much i'm glad that your so nice some people ave so pretty mean advice to me but anyways thanx

thanks! but like i know several girls like 17 years old (my age) who use green tea pills so ill tell them that it may be bad.

Thank you so much <333 I'll deffinetly try it! &hearts;&hearts;



thanx! ~~ O man! That sux! My eyesight is so crappy!!

Yeah, i'm intrested in tha low carb diet. [By messege you, you mean leave a messege in tha inbox right?] && thank you very much <333 &hearts; =)

Thank you soo much!! <333 &hearts; &hearts; =D

Hey thanks a lot <3

thank yr words r good

Hi, I'm Sherry! This site is very nostalgic for me. Before the takeover of social networking websites like Myspace, there was (and is) this great place called Advicenators where people come together and learn from eachother. I met some wonderful people on here that I could relate to and learn a lot from when I was a teenager. With that said, most of the advice I've been giving over the years have been from a teens perspective. Now that I know all at age twenty two, feel free to ask me a question. And If I don't know the answer, I'll probably just google it. I know what you're thinking..."Now, THAT'S customer service!" :)

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