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Q: ok i lied to my teacher! we were supposed to give in a homework, and i was like "my printer cashed so i sent it to your email!" and she was like "stephany, i checked my email this morning there was nothing from you!" so i panicked and said "ehh.. well i sent it to you just right now, during lunch, from the library!" (i knoww, wrong! but i got scared!) and then during the lesson she was like "everyone who forgot the homework will have to send it to me through email at by the latest tonight..otherwise it will be marked late!" now its been two days since that.. so obviously im not gonna get a full grade for it, because it was late.. but i still need an excuse to avoid being embarressed when she tells me "howcome it wasn't in my inbox when you prmoised me you had sent it?" (she'll probably ask infront of the whole class, that will be so embarrising!) so what do i say? do i just lie? say "but i sent it to you!" ?

heelp me please!
Just be like "Well maybe it just didnt send the email". Because a lot of times, emails dont send for whatever reasons. I know thats lying again, but you still want SOME credit for the assignment you know? If you tell her..she might just give you a zero.

But next time just tell the truth, because if'll have to keep lying to cover up.

Hopefully this helps.

wow thank you so much :)

Hi, I'm Sherry! This site is very nostalgic for me. Before the takeover of social networking websites like Myspace, there was (and is) this great place called Advicenators where people come together and learn from eachother. I met some wonderful people on here that I could relate to and learn a lot from when I was a teenager. With that said, most of the advice I've been giving over the years have been from a teens perspective. Now that I know all at age twenty two, feel free to ask me a question. And If I don't know the answer, I'll probably just google it. I know what you're thinking..."Now, THAT'S customer service!" :)

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