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I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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Hey everyone!im a freshman girl at a catholic high school and i would say im an overall pretty "good" girl. i mean i talk to alot of guys and am considered "popular" but anyway, i have been sating a guy for a little over 4 months now and i recently gave him a blow job. before, he has fingered me and ive given him a handjob. how often is it healthy to give blowjobs and what are the health risks from doing this and with fingering to. also would i be considered a "slut"? im totally loyal to him and i really like him. i would NEVER consider losing my virginity at this age with him though!!! is it bad im giving him blowjobs???is it to soon? HELP!!! thanks :) xoxox
Hi there,

There is a lot of confusion about virginity these days. You have to consider what virginity is FOR.

When you are a virgin, you are 100% free of sexual diseases as well as the emotional baggage that goes along with sexual relationships. (The all get complicated, trust me on this one... sexual activity ALWAYS complicates things.)

Basically, if virginity was about having a hymen... then boys could never be virgins. Makes sense, eh?

Now, you have to ask yourself if you are doing anything that will expose you to STDs...

Are you?

Well, you can get Everything from HPV (Genital warts/cancer) to HIV from oral sex.

A young woman who posted a question on here a few months back got HERPES on her face and in her mouth from giving exactly one bj to a guy she was dating. They both considered themselves virgins.

He, had been with other girls orally, and other girls (including the one who gave him the herpes she ended up with) had performed oral sex on him.

So, now that you know what virginity really is... you have already given your own to this boy you are dating.

You exposed yourself to any diseases he is carrying. If you have been with other boys in ANY way, then you have also exposed him to any diseases you may be carrying.

Fingering/HJ is also a great way to end of with herpes and especially HPV.

That pretty much covers the health risks.

As for it making you a slut, I would ask you to pick up a dictionary and have a look at the definition of that word. It will be good for you to read it. I think you will be surprised.

Please slow things down. If you want to find out how this guy really feels about you, then stop having sexual contact with him... and see what happens.

You have made a decision you can't take back, but that doesn't mean you have to continue risking your health just because the "deed" is already done.

I noticed you didn't even say that you were in love with him. Sit down and think about that for a minute. When you do find someone you love... you will, unless you are a liar, have to tell them that you have already exposed yourself to sexual diseases several times... with a guy you only liked.

Wouldn't it be better to be able to tell the person you fall in love with that you realized what you did wasn't the best idea and you stopped once you found out the risks?

Just a thought.

P.S. As a guy who's wife lied to him about being a virgin... the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually. Took 10 years to come out in our situation, but it did, so best not to lie to the next guy... just make smarter choices.

Hey guys, im a freshman girl at a private highschool. im a cheerleader and i dance and am considered very "popular" not to sound stuck up or anything haha ;). but anyway, you know when you go and get a checkup at the doctor and they ask "are you sexually active?" wel what is considered sexually active? i have a bf and we have been together for 4 months and i blow him, and give him handjobs, and he fingers me and feels me up and we makeout. is that considered "sexually active" to the doctors?? thanks!! :) (link)
Hi there,

The reason they ask this is to find out if you are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Yes, you are sexually active. Any form of sexual activity = active.

You can get STDs from oral sex as well as fingering/handjobs... just in case you were unaware.

So, when they ask, be honest. If you lie, it only hurts you and whoever you are with in the long run.

Hope all is well.

I read recently that you are 4 11 while your bf is 6 5. I think it's adorable! But could you temme how you guys workout things? I am almost of your height while the guy i like is around 6 feet. That makes me feel extra consious of my height. Could you also pleaaaase p leease temme where you reach him without heels? X (link)
Hi there,

I am guessing you meant this to go to a specific user who, unfortunately, doesn't allow questions from people who haven't signed up.

My suggestion is to create a free account:

... and try again.

As an note: I am 6'4" and my ex was barely 5'3" and it never caused any problems at all. I realize that you two have a few more inches of difference, but the only way this is going to get in the way is if you become obsessed with this.

Let me put it to you this way: Do you ever site there all day going: "He is SO tall! OMG! TALLL!!!"

Nope... you just look at him like the person you love. He will look at you the same way. :-)

I have my learner permit. I was driving my friend car. I hit the car in front of me. I am 18 year old. and my friend is 21 years old. who take the responsibility for the car's damage? thanks (link)
Unless there is something you left out, then whoever was driving the car that caused the accident, in this case you, is typically responsible for paying the damages.


So my internet volume isn't working. I just (like 20 min. ago) was messing with my recording system for the screen, trying to figure out if I can record the screen with the actual, original sound. Anyways it said something about retry so I did. Nothing. Than on the second time it said run so I was just like whatever (and I know, very stupid of me :/) and clicked run. It didn't work but when I was trying to play youtube or netflix it wouldn't work. So I went on itunes and everything on my laptop works.

The internet doesn't. I am a young teen meaning middle school so don't make this too diffiult on me please. I've tried this shift+esc thing than control panel and I have no freakin' idea what task bar is... so I need major help.

But yes I'd like to try this on my own and repair it without spending money, or having to call someone in.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

First things first: If you haven't already, please restart your computer.

Once you have done that, and verified that you still have a problem, then here is the next step:

RIGHT-Click the speaker icon, down by your clock (lower right side most often) and then, click "Open Volume Mixer."

You will then be presented with a bunch of volume control sliders. You will be able to scroll the list of them left and right, if the one we want isn't right there.

Look for one called: "Internet Explorer" (or FireFox, or Chrome, or Opera... whatever web browser you use) and make sure it isn't muted, and the volume slider is all the way up.

If that doesn't help, then this is next:

I am going to roll with the idea that you are using internet explorer. If you aren't, then you can write and let me know which browser you use, and I can walk you through this next step in a different browser:

On the file menu in IE (File Edit View... etc.) Click "Tools" then "Internet Options."

Click the tab titled "Advanced."

Scroll down the list of options until you see a section called: "Multimedia."

Look for a checkbox that says: "Play sounds in webpages."

Make sure that box is checked.

Restart your browser if you checked that box, and you should be in business.

If not, then let me know.

A couple things you should know:

The system tray is that place on the lower right where your clock is.

The task bar is that bar across the bottom of your screen where all the programs you currently have running are shown.

Maybe this will help for the future when you need to follow instructions for something else.

C I wrote on fb tht if I get 60 likes on a status ill dress up as Santa on Friday. I only expected 20 likes but got 99 likes. Idk about it though (link)
Well, if you promised, then you keep your word. Otherwise, people will no longer trust you.

Hope you enjoy your time in the suit. :-)

Do you have a stories for me.

Could you please give a little more information?

i parcipiated sex with 2 condoms at a time... once those r damaged... but work not at completed....after 10 days i went to hospital for checking... i got result HIV Negative.. Is it any problems in future? (link)
HIV can take as long as 10 YEARS to show up in rare cases.

You should wait al east 6 months before having sex again, so that you can be tested at 6 months and see what your result is.

I wanna have sex at my charter school, but its very strict. What shall I do? Cuz my mom doesnt allow me to have set at home... (link)
Already answered:

How do I export memory card photos to a MacBook Pro?

I can't find the cord that came with my newly purchased Nikon D5100 (I hope to find it or get a replacement soon) but in the meantime, I'd like to export the photos that I've taken thus far that are on the Sandisk Extreme 16 GB memory card that I've used.

I can't find any topics on the HP Support pages for the Mac version of the HP Officejet 6500A Plus.

Any ideas? (link)
I am really surprised your macbook pro doesn't come with a memory card reader already, but the simple answer is to use one of them none the less.

You can purchase a memory card reader which just plugs into a USB port and has slots for just about every known memory card type that has been used in the last decade.

These are cheap, and available just about anyplace. Even department stores carry them these days.

I made a huge bowl of mascarpone (cheese) buttercream filling, can I freeze what is left? (link)
The answer is: Yes, you CAN, but you probably won't like what happens to it when you thaw it out.

Taste of home has a great thread on the topic of freezing mascarpone cheese:

There are some tricks to getting it MOSTLY back to the original texture, and this thread lists all of them of which I am aware.

Happy baking!

do you have to be a certain age to take clothes up there? (link)
To take clothes up where, exactly?


I wanna have sex at my charter school, but its very strict. What shall I do? Cuz my mom doesnt allow me to have set at home... (link)
Stop asking the same question over and over. It has been answered already.

What is a food chain for: moon cactus, succulent cactus, asparagus fern, ivy plant, crickets, spiders, and super worms? (link)
As was already explained to you... please do your own homework. If you are having trouble understanding the process, or some specific step of your project, please ask. Just don't ask people to do your homework for you.


I used to operate a website that I recently took down, but whenever someone googles my name my address and phone number show up. A stalker recently looked up my name and then contacted me and he's driving me crazy, and I'm really afraid of him. I need a way to scrub my info off google. How do I do that? It's really crucial the situation is getting out of hand.
Please help. Thank You. (link)
Hi there,

First things first: Call your phone company and set up anonymous call blocking. That way they will have to reveal themselves if they want to ring you up. :-)

You should also make the call to the police, so that you can get on record as having history with this person. That way, when you do block the "unknown caller" business, and they begin calling you anyway, you can can point to the police report and prove that this has been going on a while.

As for getting your info off google... well, unless it is on a google owned property, like Google+ then Google has little control over this.

I will make you a deal. If you provide me with links to the things you want removed, I will do my best to find a removal contact for each instance. I have had pretty good luck with this in the past.

Please file that police report today, and if you are being e-mailed, etc, do NOT delete those e-mails, IMs etc, without specific police instructions to do so.

Let me know if I can help you further.


there are 7 instantes in the bible where godly men commited suicide and they are not in hell you are not God so you do not know where there soul will ended up however i do if there saved they go to heaven if there not they will go to hell NOTHING CAN SEPERATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD not even yourself (link)
Hi there,

Guessing you didn't mean this to go to me, but the person you meant it for doesn't allow inbox questions, so I got it anyway.

Would you do me a favor? Would you please list the 7 instances in the bible where men of God committed suicide and then it plainly states they are in heaven?

I went looking and was unable to find even one, but I am sure I am just looking in the wrong place.

Thank you.

mystery (link)
Could you be a little more specific?

Perhaps list ideas you are starting with and see if anyone can provide a new angle on one, or something?


Ok so for a project my class individually was assigned to create a little ecosystem with a fish tank and then do the scientific method and stuff. The living idems I had in mine are: moon cactus, succulent cactus, asparagus fern, ivy plant, crickets, spiders, super worms. My scientific method sheet thing is due next friday before christmas break. I want to create a food web or a food chain for this. Can someone please help me with a food chain for these biotic elements please? Thanks!!! (link)
Hi there,

Once you understand how to do this, it is very simple. If you are asking the folks here to do the actual work for you, that isn't going to happen, but if you need help understanding the process, and for some reason your teacher isn't willing to help you, then please see this search:

only search

... for tutorials.

If there is a specific step in the process your are stuck on, then please ask a more specific question and someone may be able to help you better.

Good luck with the project!

can mixing of sperm with water while washing enter to vagina nd cause pregnancy when its my 3rd day of perid nd m wearing pad?? (link)
Very unlikely, but it is always possible.

You will find out in a month, when your next period is due.

At the end of September i received a shot for an etopic pregnancy. My cycles are not normal at all, i usually get my period every month or every two months sometimes three. I was told that when my body goes through a cycle is when i will release a blood clot. It's been two months and its finally happened. Does it just turn into a period for a week or two? Has anyone gone through this or have any info. I already know the side effects from the shot since i had those when i actually got it. (link)
I am sorry nobody has been able to answer this for you, but only a doctor would be qualified to answer this. My suggestion is to pick up the phone and call the person who is providing your medical care, as the person who prescribed the Methotrexate is going to have a far better grip on what is going on with you than an early teen might. :-)

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