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I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

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(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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i have great feeling when i finger myself and it looks like i have a orgasim but in have nothing coming out like what comes out of a male when he has an orgasim (link)
You already asked this here:

Please check for answers on the original post in a while.



I just got the e-mail that my account was upgraded... I'm truly touched that someone did this for me, because I certainly did not... Was it you? (If it was, thank you...)

I also can't remember if I thanked you a couple years ago, when you refused to delete my column without a good reason... so thank you. For everything that you've helped me through and given me the confidence to do. :)

Siren (link)
Hello there!

I am glad to have been of service to you as time has gone by, and you are certainly welcome. :-)

For more of the story behind why all this happened, please read my post in the Supporter forum:

... and feel free to join in the discussion there.

I had forgotten about not letting you off the hook so easily about that account issue. I am glad, that you are glad I handled things that way. :-)



I believe you may know who paid for my column upgrade. If you do and you can send then a note of thanks I would appreciate it. It is always nice to know when someone appreciates your help. When someone thanks me I like to say thank you in return. Since I do not know who to thank if you do I would appreciate you sending them a short note telling them I appreciate their kindness.
Thank you
Hello Adviceman49,

You are welcome. Please head into the supporter forum and read the current thread.



My account: sarahwbabe was deleted because I am younger than 13 but I'm 14 so I really don't understand my cousin did go on my account because I let her to ask two questions and she's 9 but now my account is deleted and I find that really unfair (link)
Hi there,

When you create an account here, or anywhere else for that matter, you are responsible for everything that happens on that account.

I am sorry that you feel following the rules is unfair, but there is hope: If you can agree not to let your underage cousin use your account, you can create a new account.

Even if you had both been 14, sharing your account is one of the reasons that accounts here are deleted.

Do NOT share your account.

Hopefully, you can make a new account and all will be well.

Sorry you had to learn this lesson the hard way.


They always go to the Church on Sunday
Hi there,

This is a statement, not a question. If you have a question, please re-ask it and elaborate more about your problem.


At school theres this girl and she always talkes to him and she dated him too before me and she always walks with him I don't wanna tell him that I don't like it or her because they will say there just best friends but this girl is a hoe she dates everyone what should I do (link)
This was already asked here:


um i have been hoping to see a video called vote Barry Manilow or Neil Sedaka what do you think but it cannot be found so could you please upload for me thank you and be sure to answer this question (link)
I can't find any reference to this video even existing.

Where did you hear about it? Could you get the actual name of the video?


Hi thank you for noticing. My old profile name was: LuvStruckTeen

it was with an old email address i already tried getting back into it. (link)
You are welcome.

Everything should be working on your original account now.

Please let me know if you have any trouble.

Welcome back!


I'm getting my boyfriend a tie for his 15th birthday (He likes ties, goes to church and stuff) and I bought 3 and can't decide (Buying ties are so overwhelming there are literally like 1000 o_o)
I'm pretty sure the 3rd tie is too feminine (and ugly IMO) for him, but my mom picked it out and I sent these to his sister and she said they were all fine, and for me to pick the one I'd want to see him wear but I rather get him one that he actually likes -_-
So I'm pretty much debating between the first 2. He knows my favorite color is pink so he might like the first one but I don't know if that one's also too feminine, my 51 Yr old dad thinks it's actually kind of pretty but I don't know. :/
I'm sure he wouldn't mind the pink because he has a pinker tie but still I can't decide
He's tiny too so I'm not sure how a thick tie would be on him.
He's not a picky boy and he'd know it's the thought that counts and I'm giving a gift receipt but I still want him to like it a little ;__;
I honestly have no idea T_T (link)
Taste is really subjective. If HIS favorite color is blue, then the middle one will be his favorite. The paisley one may be ugly to you, but some people really like the design, so you just never know.

The first or second ones would be the safer bets. The only problem I have with the blue one is that it reminds me of a college club uniform tie.

You might consider getting the first two, and telling him the truth: "I couldn't decide, because I didn't know which one you would like best, so you pick your favorite and I can take whichever one you don't like back to the place I got it."

If you really can't decide, then that may be your best bet.

M from india.nd M 21 yrs old i have a d starting of dis relationship he is vry nice to me hmesha jada baat krta tha but ab i dont no kyu ab uska mn nhi krta itna uska milne ka mn krta h bs or mera baat krne ka bcoz i always missed him .some times i controlled my self that i dont call him but it doesnt happened.mujhe uski habbit ho chuki hain m very possesive nd i really love him m aisa kya kru ki use mere valu ka pta chle mujhe bi importance dai .pls give me a good advice i m very confused (link)
Please ask completely in English.


Hi, I'm trying to burn this slideshow that I made for my friends birthday onto my brand new BLANK CD/DVD but for some reason when I tried to do this it said that my CD is not writable and to please insert a blank one, but it was blank! how can I fix this? (link)
Hi there,

Your best bet is to try another disc. If you get the same result, try another recording program if you have one.

If you get the same results, then you may have a dead CD/DVD writer.

If you are using Windows as your operating system, then I wold like to suggest you do this before going any further:

Microsoft's Fixit utility can be very handy in certain situations. This can be one of them.

If you continue to have issues, please ask another question and include the operating system you are using, and the program you are using to attempt to burn the slideshow to a disc.

Good luck!

F/17 Me and my boyfriend of 4 months have been none stop arguing for a month or so, he takes me for granted, he never understands me when I try to explain how he's making me feel, I don't feel appreciated as I once did at the start of the relationship. I've said some really nasty things out of anger and hurt, he's not fighting for us, but I know deep down he does care, I think that it may be because as we always argue, it's pushing him away, I'm moaning at him because the lack of communication/effort he's bringing into the relationship, it's pushing him away. Anyway, after saying so many nasty things, I told him to move on and that he clearly doesn't appreciate and want me anymore. If I try the no-contact rule, cut all communication, is there a chance he will come back? Will he realise the lack of communication and effort that he's not put in, will he realise that he does want to be with me? He seems so cold at the moment, but the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true, right? How would I go about to getting him back to how he used to be with me, also to making him my boyfriend again. Thank you for your time x (link)
Hi there,

This is done, it is all over. I am sorry to be so blunt, but you have to understand: Once you drive someone away like that, they don't fight to get back into the relationship that was making them miserable in the first place.

Well, sometimes they do, but only if they are desperate and lonely... then they will stay until something better comes along. That isn't something you want, right?

I answered your other question:

... you should go and read that answer so I don't have to repeat myself here.

The first time you ragged on him for not texting you (guys hate texting) it may not have killed the relationship... but after he told you he was sick of the complaining over trivia ("he didn't text me first!") and you continued to badger him about this... he was looking for a way out of this relationship.

You decided to break it off, which made it easy for him to walk away. He probably didn't want to hurt your feelings by dumping you.

You decided to dump him... so this is over.

No lack of communication is going to fix this. No amount of time.

You want something from a relationship that THIS guy, simply isn't willing to give.

He may be the biggest ass in the world, but all we have to go on is what you typed in your questions... and simply from what you said about yourself and him... well, I can only say that if the person I am in a relationship with did this to me, I wouldn't wait for her to dump me.

Extremely needy/clingy people that want you to do things you hate doing (texting is a good example) are not fun to be around even if you aren't in a relationship. If you are, well that is pretty intolerable, as a rule.

You say this is because of a lack of communication/effort on his part? Well from your other question, you told us that HE told you that the constant "moaning" was driving him away.

He did communicate his thoughts to you. Did you take it seriously? Did you keep up the "moaning" over him not texting you first? If you did, then have a look in the mirror at where the communication problem lies.

I don't say that to make you feel bad... I would just like to suggest that relationship counseling is a good idea when you get into a spot like this.

You think it is awful that he won't text you first... I understand that. Can you understand that you were forcing him to do something he hates? Do you get that you complained constantly if he didn't do exactly what you wanted, exactly the way you wanted it done?

Does that make you a bad person? Nope. Just makes you BOTH people who would learn from study on interpersonal communications. Some relationship counseling would really have helped here.

"...I don't feel appreciated as I once did at the start of the relationship."

Do you thing he felt appreciated? Probably not. Relationships are about sharing with another person. They are your partner, not your slave, your servant or your one person "make ME feel special all the time or I will dump you!" team.

If I asked him what you did to make him feel special, what do you think he would say?

Trust me, "She texts me first and that makes me feel SOOOOOOOO special!!!111!" is absolutely NOT going to be what he says. ;-)

So, ask yourself the question: Did you do the things he wanted, that you know because he specifically told you, to make him feel special?

Equality is a beautiful thing.

I wish you nothing but the best in your next relationship. Please learn from this one, so you don't have to repeat this with another guy.

If you hit the rocks in your next relationship, then head immediately to relationship counseling. If he won't go, then you go by yourself. Improving yourself and your communication skills will only make him want to be a better person when he sees you making that effort.

No matter what you do... don't spend any more time on this relationship.

P.S. Please do read the other answer I left you.

I was with my boyfriend for 6 months when our relationship went down hill, I started to feel as though he was drifting away from me. He would never put the effort in to seeing me as much as he used to, he would hardly text me and I'd open up about it and say, look I don't like how you're behaving, he would tell me to stop moaning and being a bitch, he would never understand where I'm coming from and he made it out to be my fault that he was drifting and acting not interested, he would say that "you're pushing me away with your constant moaning" but I had to tell him how I was feeling, we got back on track for about a month, all I did was make effort, I texted him as soon as I got up in the morning, he never would text me first, I made effort in seeing him, making plans, keep the conversation going and he seemed really not interested, once again. So the other day, I told him that he's taking me for granted, I told him how he's making me feel, by all means I can't be the one putting the effort it. He never texted back all day, until night (I sent it in the morning) it's obvious he checked his phone. He replied saying "why do you send such long messages" ok so now I'm stuck in between what to do, I know this isn't him, he's not the person he used to be, what am I supposed to do? I told him "what's the point anymore? Move on. Take care" and he replied with "you take care too" Wow? He never even fought for me, he never turned around and said "no, I love you" I know I'm only young, but I have never felt like this for any boy before, he's blocked me on facebook also, and when I asked him to unblock me, he wouldn't. What's going on? Does he even care anymore? Please someone help me with this situation. Thank you, I'd really appreciate it. (link)
Hi there,

I know it hurts, but take it at face value. He has done everything but tell you to go straight to hell... he isn't hinting, not at all. He is telling you that he wants nothing more to do with you.

It would be nice if everyone was this honest about things. Rather than have him string you along for years then dump you for someone he likes better, wouldn't you rather have him be honest with you like he is? I have had the stringing along in my past, and I always wished after it was done that they would have just told the truth.

This is over. Period.

If you do get back together, it will just be till you annoy him to this point again. You two simply are not compatible.

I can give you a hint for your next relationship, though, if you don't mind:


It is a cold impersonal method of communication. If we wanted to date a "text-bot" we would be in a long distance relationship via text only. How many people really want that?

The constant annoying texts will drive most any guy away from you. Ask your male friends about this.

It doesn't take much to make someone not want to spend time with you, and complaining over something as trivial as him not texting you first... well, that would send many guys looking for a way to get rid of you ASAP.

I am sure there are guys out there that like texting, and guys that like it if you bitch at them for not texting you fast enough... I have just never met one.

This relationship is over. The best thing to do is learn what went wrong, and what you REALLY want from a guy.

The next guy you go out with, just tell him all your demands up front. This will save you wasting time and having a broken heart over a relationship that would simply never work.

Good luck in your future relationships.

Why?? (link)
Your question was already answered here:

4 users did give you advice, but your settings only allow you to see 2 of the answers. Change your settings, as instructed if you wish to see the others.

Hey its not that easy as you think I don't live with him at the moment but we lookin to move in,I'm stayin at his mums and she is a pain in the aa*** evrything has to be her way,and I have no were to stay my sisters only have 1 bedroom (link)
You might not have meant this to go to the admin's inbox. What probably happened was the person you meant to send this to doesn't allow inbox questions from people who didn't take the time to make an account.

Please go here:

... and sign up for free.

You should then be able to respond to the person you meant this to go to.



Hi! Hadn't used my laptop in about 6 months because I was away for school (I'm sure one of my 3 siblings messed with it; no one confesses), and I finally did today. Soon after start up, it prompted me to update to Java 7 Update 10. When I allowed it, it said: "The wizard was interrupted before Java 7 update 10 could be completely installed. To complete instillation at another time, please run set up again." Then it just gave me a "ok" option which closed that pop-up. I went to and selected "Do I have Java," which then gave me the reply of: "No working Java version detected."

It then redirected me to download Java 7 Update 10. Except this time from the website. So I did. And I got the same error. I went to: control panel>Programs>Programs&Features, to see if any Java version was there, there's a Java 7 Update 7 shown as installed. When I try to uninstall it, it takes a bit longer than usual to "prepare to uninstall." Then when it ask for administrative approval and I allow it, the bar that turns green when it's showing the uninstalling process fills almost all the way but then goes down; Back to clear, closes automatically and nothing else happens. It still shows up under Programs and Features. I don't know what's wrong. Please get back to me, thanks.

-Eli (link)
Hi there,

You can stop blaming your siblings... as the internet is awash with similar reports from many other folks in the same position. Not their fault. :-)

Have you tried this Java removal tool yet?

... if not, please do.

Another thing that has worked for people running 64 bit versions of windows is to download the 64 bit installer from:

... not the online version, but the full one, and had it just work. From what you wrote, you may have already done this, but I figured I would put it in here just in case.

Another thing that has helped MANY people with this problem is a tool that microsoft really doesn't advertise as well as they should:

Microsoft Fixit:

If, after all this you still have the issue, please let me know and I will see what else can be done for you.

Good luck!


I asked a question yesterday,I go in 'Your Questions' and it said that 4 people advice me and when I tried to see the advice,it showed me only 2. (link)
Hi there,

If you are sure you scrolled down far enough to see them all, then there is another possibility:

Go to your profile settings:

and scroll down until you see:

"When browsing the site, should we hide bad columnists from you? (You can still visit their columns, but you won't ever read their advice or see them on columnist search pages.)"

Drop the list down and select "Show me everyone"

Then you should be able to see the people who haven't been rated enough to show up yet.

If this doesn't work, please let me know.

Don't forget to rate people's answers and leave feedback comments.



Hey everyone!im a freshman girl at a catholic high school and i would say im an overall pretty "good" girl. i mean i talk to alot of guys and am considered "popular" but anyway, i have been sating a guy for a little over 4 months now and i recently gave him a blow job. before, he has fingered me and ive given him a handjob. how often is it healthy to give blowjobs and what are the health risks from doing this and with fingering to. also would i be considered a "slut"? im totally loyal to him and i really like him. i would NEVER consider losing my virginity at this age with him though!!! is it bad im giving him blowjobs???is it to soon? HELP!!! thanks :) xoxox
Hi there,

There is a lot of confusion about virginity these days. You have to consider what virginity is FOR.

When you are a virgin, you are 100% free of sexual diseases as well as the emotional baggage that goes along with sexual relationships. (The all get complicated, trust me on this one... sexual activity ALWAYS complicates things.)

Basically, if virginity was about having a hymen... then boys could never be virgins. Makes sense, eh?

Now, you have to ask yourself if you are doing anything that will expose you to STDs...

Are you?

Well, you can get Everything from HPV (Genital warts/cancer) to HIV from oral sex.

A young woman who posted a question on here a few months back got HERPES on her face and in her mouth from giving exactly one bj to a guy she was dating. They both considered themselves virgins.

He, had been with other girls orally, and other girls (including the one who gave him the herpes she ended up with) had performed oral sex on him.

So, now that you know what virginity really is... you have already given your own to this boy you are dating.

You exposed yourself to any diseases he is carrying. If you have been with other boys in ANY way, then you have also exposed him to any diseases you may be carrying.

Fingering/HJ is also a great way to end of with herpes and especially HPV.

That pretty much covers the health risks.

As for it making you a slut, I would ask you to pick up a dictionary and have a look at the definition of that word. It will be good for you to read it. I think you will be surprised.

Please slow things down. If you want to find out how this guy really feels about you, then stop having sexual contact with him... and see what happens.

You have made a decision you can't take back, but that doesn't mean you have to continue risking your health just because the "deed" is already done.

I noticed you didn't even say that you were in love with him. Sit down and think about that for a minute. When you do find someone you love... you will, unless you are a liar, have to tell them that you have already exposed yourself to sexual diseases several times... with a guy you only liked.

Wouldn't it be better to be able to tell the person you fall in love with that you realized what you did wasn't the best idea and you stopped once you found out the risks?

Just a thought.

P.S. As a guy who's wife lied to him about being a virgin... the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually. Took 10 years to come out in our situation, but it did, so best not to lie to the next guy... just make smarter choices.

Hey guys, im a freshman girl at a private highschool. im a cheerleader and i dance and am considered very "popular" not to sound stuck up or anything haha ;). but anyway, you know when you go and get a checkup at the doctor and they ask "are you sexually active?" wel what is considered sexually active? i have a bf and we have been together for 4 months and i blow him, and give him handjobs, and he fingers me and feels me up and we makeout. is that considered "sexually active" to the doctors?? thanks!! :) (link)
Hi there,

The reason they ask this is to find out if you are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Yes, you are sexually active. Any form of sexual activity = active.

You can get STDs from oral sex as well as fingering/handjobs... just in case you were unaware.

So, when they ask, be honest. If you lie, it only hurts you and whoever you are with in the long run.

Hope all is well.

I read recently that you are 4 11 while your bf is 6 5. I think it's adorable! But could you temme how you guys workout things? I am almost of your height while the guy i like is around 6 feet. That makes me feel extra consious of my height. Could you also pleaaaase p leease temme where you reach him without heels? X (link)
Hi there,

I am guessing you meant this to go to a specific user who, unfortunately, doesn't allow questions from people who haven't signed up.

My suggestion is to create a free account:

... and try again.

As an note: I am 6'4" and my ex was barely 5'3" and it never caused any problems at all. I realize that you two have a few more inches of difference, but the only way this is going to get in the way is if you become obsessed with this.

Let me put it to you this way: Do you ever site there all day going: "He is SO tall! OMG! TALLL!!!"

Nope... you just look at him like the person you love. He will look at you the same way. :-)

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