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I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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A while back, I asked for help on how to get my videos to stop pausing while the audio continued on.

It's not happening more frequently so I have to wiggle my mouse at least once every couple seconds and this is just so annoying. It happens on all the websites I try to watch a video on now, including YouTube. Netflix is the only one that plays normally. And the videos work when I don't full screen, but once I put into full screen, the entire thing screws up. I've even had a few videos basically short out and close my browser down on me.

I tried cleaning my cache, my computer, and running a scan, but still nothing came of it. I also ran the RegTweaker program as previously suggested, but I was asked to pay a fee in the end, so I couldn't continue with it.

One of my friends suggested that something may be wrong with my video card, or whatever that is, and I really don't know what it is.

Is there anyway to get this fixed or do I really need to pay a lot of money to have it fixed? (link)
Hi there,

If it works in netflix, but not elsewhere, then this is an easy answer: Remove and re-install Adobe Flash.

Netflix uses the Silverlight plugin, and most of the rest use Adobe Flash to display video.

Somewhere along the line your flash install either became corrupted, or hasn't been updated in such a long time that it has become pretty useless.

Let me know how you do, when you leave feedback.

I need D'Angelo album Ultimate plz get so i can download it on my phone. Im from south africa kwazulu natal pinetown. 31 yrs male. My email address is (link)
Hi there,

I don't know what kind of phone you have, but here are links to download the album:




... so hopefully one of these works for your area of the world.

Happy listening!

I have two dance dance revolution pads for playstation 2. They are wireless, and I lost the sensors for both of them since i haven't used it in awhile. I can't find these sensors anywhere. Does anyone know a good website where I would be able to get them? (link)
Hi there,

If you would be so kind as to share the brand and model of the DDR pads, I will see what I can find for you. Without that information, there is just no real way to help.

Please put the info in your feedback, and I will have a look when I see you have left the info.

Thank you,


I am 16 and my boobs have been hurting alot lately i am not sexually active but I do masturbate. Would masturbation have anything to do with my boobs hurting. I also think its Because of my period, but my period isn't support to come until two more weeks. Should I be worried or does this just mean my boobs are growing.? (link)
Please stop re-asking this.

You asked it here:

... and when people answer, that is where you will find the answers.


I liked this boy a lot and he seemed like he liked me a lot to . I added him on skype and he accepted quickly... Then two days afterwards he deleted me and don't know why. I hadn't spoken to him when we both online. I hadn't spoken to hom since he was a contact either... What have I done??? Thanks for any help!! (link)
Often, when you ignore people, especially people who really like you, it hurts them.

You are feeling hurt, right? Imagine how it felt when he added you and you refused to talk to him?

That is the best guess I have, only knowing this much about you two.

If you want to save it, then contact him in real life and just tell the truth: "I was stupid, and too shy to say anything first."

He will understand, since obviously, he was stupid and shy too. ;-)

Good luck!

I need D'Angelo album Ultimate plz get so i can download it on my phone. Im from south africa kwazulu natal pinetown. 31 yrs male. My email address is (link)
You have already asked this here:

Please only ask once.

Thank you.

I have the Kindle Fire second generation (System Version: 10.3.0_user_3012920). It was working just fine and I was watching some videos on it, youtube, listening to music that uploaded from my computer and reading just fine. All of a sudden, today, I went to a website to look at some videos and it told me, "No plug-in available to display this content." What happened? I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to it (that I know of). What do I need to do to be able to look at videos again? The youtube is fine, it's videos from websites that are getting this grey puzzle piece. Thank you. (link)
Hi there,

Most likely, the plug-in isn't disabled... it is probably a content type that either the kindle can't play at all (like the iPad can't play flash files) or is a plug-in that you haven't installed yet. Tap the puzzle piece on that page and see if you get a prompt to install a plug-in, or more information on the missing item.

If you still have issues, you might want to visit the Amazon Kindle Q&A forum:

Do you know how to become a writer on I read their articles all the time and it says you're allowed to write your own articles but I can't figure it out. (link)
Everything you need to know to become a write on is right here:

... they have a whole section on how to get started.

Happy authoring!

I have a 2007 Kia Sportage and I just got a new CD. I tried to put it in and it won't go in because it feels as if there are 2 bars (an inch on both sides) blocking it. I have a CD Radio installed (it came with the car). I tried doing stuff with the fuses and all of that and I don't want to buy a new or used system. Do you know how I can get the CD in or get those bars out?

Thanks (link)
Hi there,

This is a known problem. It is likely that there is a CD stuck in the player unit already.

The nice people over at Kia Forums:

... have addressed the known ways to handle this.

Hope your problem is an easy fix!

So, a while back, I installed something and somehow, an AOL toolbar got attached to this and is now constantly appearing on my browser. It's always changing my homepage and trying to make me use the AOL search engine and I do not want this.
I tried to go to the control center to uninstall it, but it's not available there. I also went to the Firefox add-ons section to see if I could delete it there, but I can't find anything.

Is there anyway to delete this? Because it's driving me insane. (link)
Hi there,

Please make sure you first go here:

... and follow all the steps listed for your browser.

When it comes to removing this thing there are usually three parts:

AOL Toolbar

AOL Download Updater

Price Check by AOL

You are going to want to look for these in your add/remove programs area, as well as the firefox add-ons section.

Remove any of them that you see.

Make SURE to click on the toolbar's "edit" function, right beside the AOL logo, usually, and select "more" then uninstall.

That should be the end of it.

If not, let me know, and we will go from there.



I'm not homeless yet but I will be in a matter of days. I'm a young, independent woman. I don't have any family or friends to help. I'm going to have to find a shelter soon and a job. I don't want to live in a shelter where people steal your belongings so I am minimizing the amount of things I own so that I will be able to carry it all or at least the important things in a back pack. I fear that a minimum wage job will not help me get enough income to finance a place of my own. I haven't been to college yet but I want to go very badly. I have never been able to afford it. I am super anxious about all of this. I'm afraid I won't make it as a homeless person. I'm not very strong and I have little skill. I'd like to know if there were professions out there that require a skill that maybe I can learn on my own and in short time. I admit that I have a hard time getting jobs. Is there any knowledge you have that could help me? (link)
Hello there,

I don't usually answer many questions, due to time limitations(I own this website), but I could not let this one go by.

You seem quite intelligent, and I hope you are able to avoid the streets if at all possible. As someone else mentioned, it is hard to come back from that lifestyle once you are there.

Of all the times you might be happiest about being female, this should should be one of them. There are MANY assistance programs which allow only women, and very VERY few that will allow men at all.

Without more information, it will be hard for me to point you toward local resources. As for the college business, let me share this: My ex went to college, and under several programs combined was paid to go. Yes, you heard that right, they paid her a stipend to attend a local college. It covered books, would have covered housing, had she needed it, and food. Her total out of pocket cost was zero.

I don't recall the specific grouping of programs, but I do recall that it was only available if you are female and under 24 years of age.

This may be something else to consider looking into immediately.

I realize your computer access may become limited, shortly, so I am going to leave you some ways to contact me with more info, so I can better help you:

Skype: DangerNerd (Russell Wagner)
Phone: 619-663-1505 (This is my personal, direct number.)

In your situation, I am telling you: Call at any hour, I will make time for you.

Please don't be ashamed to ask for help. We have all either had similar issues, or will have sometime in our lives. Get help now, give help later. :-)

Don't hesitate to call.

The wave (link)
Stands up from chair... raises arms... lowers arms... sits back down.

Your turn.

P.S. Seriously?

crytla if u get to o come back. i will meet u halfway (link)
Hi there,

You just posted this on a public forum. No idea who it was meant for, but this may not have been the best way to get your message through.

Hope it all works out.

because its not my prom!
Sorry, what?

confused!? Entered today at 1:53 am

The writer says she is 5. I find that hard to believe given how well written the question is.

My concern is if she is 5 that she is being molested. Is there anyway for you to back trace this question and hopefully notify the proper authorities to check this out.

Adviceman49 (link)
Please, if you find something that needs to be addressed, file an abuse report. This way I have no link to look at the question, and no idea which question you are talking about as I have been gone for a couple days.

Please file an abuse report and include a link.

Thank you.

I forgot my username how can I find it out again (link)
Hi there,

Send another question with the e-mail address you used for your accunt, and we can look it up for you.



What is wrong with you. l read you comment and you kept on writing threw instant of through???????? (link)
Taking a wild guess that this wasn't meant for the site administrator. :-)

If you have a problem with an answer, file an abuse report (link at left) and we will look into it.

Here is a free piece of advice, since you are here: Any time to feel the need to correct somebody else on their use of language... you might want to proof read what you write.

" kept on writing threw instant of through????????"

They could just as easily have said: "You keep writing INSTANT instead of instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!1!1!!11"

Please also note: Adding more question marks doesn't make your question any more "questiony," it really doesn't. :-)

Hope your day improves now that you have gotten your grammar nazi fix, and we hope to see you again when you have a question we can actually help with.

Take care,


My indicator for questions of mine that others answered went off. It shows you answered me but not the actual answer itself. Not sure why I'm not seeing any text. Sorry about that. Definitely want to see what you wrote about the radio question. (link)
Hi there,

I wouldn't normally answer something you marked deleted, but I really need to know what happened with the answer situation.

I tried it in multiple browsers/versions, etc, and I could not make it fail to show an answer no matter what I did.

Could you please explain how you solved this issue, just in case there is something that needs tweaking on this end?

Thank you,


I have another technology question for you and hope you don't mind answering it for me. You're incredibly knowledgeable and easy for me to understand hence why I come to you again.

I'm going to be interviewed on a radio show this week that is is on a small community station with a low range frequency. This means you can listen to it at home or in the car but only within the town limits it was recorded in as the antenna only reaches a small town.

The station has an Internet presence and stream though. My mother is a 24/7 nurse and unable to listen in on WI-FI as her workplace and client is private and at 92 is not equipped with Internet or Wi-FI nor is the senior citizen's building he lives in. She has been their 6 weeks as he's had a major operation and cannot get the frequency.

While I don't want to do anything illegal here or violate copyright I was wondering if there were some way I could capture the Internet stream on a cassette or CD-RW from that for her this weekend? Is there free and reliable software and in do you have easy instructions for how to do so?

Alternatively, I can get the frequency on my IPOD dock from Sony but for some reason my tape/deck stereo can't bring it in while the dock/clock radio can. Are their cords or a device that I could use? If not I will wait and see if I can get a CD from them sometime soon for her to enjoy. (link)
Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words, and no I don't mind the question.

Man did you ask the right person! ;-) I have been on radio interviews quite a number of times, and, if you will allow me, I would like to simplify this whole process for you:

Recording a streaming broadcast from home/office while you are being interviewed live is... frankly, CURSED!

You simply would not believe the number of tools, times and ways I had tried this when I was a little younger, and had yet to figure out the real answers for this. Time after time, application after another fails in one way or another.

So, one time I brought my digital recorder with me and asked if they would mind me getting the whole thing from the studio side. They didn't mind at all, and this was a big corporate monster station with a legal team of their own, so I cannot believe that a small town station would object.

The other thing I figured out pretty early on in my experimenting with the recording disasters: Don't invite headaches where there aren't any!

Simply tell them what you told me: "My mom would like to hear this, but she is working and not able to listen. Would you mind making me a copy on cd-r? I would be happy to pay for it."

I have never had anyone accept money in a situation like that.

I had a look around to see what is going on with the state of internet stream recorders these days, and I see nothing much has changed:

There are free programs, that are pretty easy to use, but they are bundled with horrific spyware.

There are free programs that will do the job just fine, if you have the time to learn them. (Which, at this point, with a couple days remaining, you probably don't.)

There are paid programs that work just fine, but are spendy for something you may only use once.

Mostly, there are a LOT of "free" programs listed that either don't work at all, or barely function, but either way their main reason for being is to install spyware/adware on your system.

As for your home stereo not picking this up, you may not have an adequate antenna connected to it. A simple fm dipole antenna would probably get the job done, and they can be had for very little money, or, if you are handy and have the wire laying around, can be made in a few minutes.

only search

Also, just to cover the bases: If your ipod dock has an audio out jack, you may be able to cable your dock, to your cassette deck's line in jacks with one of these:

only search

... which I would be surprised if you don't have laying around from something else already. If not, these too can be had cheap and should be in every cable arsenal. :-)

Having pointed you towards those items, I still suggest that you ask for a recording from them directly and/or bring your own digital recorder when you come to the studio.

If you feel like sharing, send me a copy on skype. I like to hear what the site's long time users are up to. :-)

Best of luck on your radio interview!


P.S. The nerves are normal, even if this isn't your first time. Helpful hint: Look directly into the eyes of whomever you are talking to, and focus there, completely wiping the mics and all from your mind. It helps.

P.P.S. Sorry if there is anything odd written here, you caught me just heading out the door and I didn't have time to proof-read this.

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I attempted to report this as an abuse but the page would not come up. I don't think this is something you want on your site so I chose this method to report it to you.

Adviceman49 (link)
Hi there,

Don't know why you had trouble with the abuse report system... 4 other people reported this through there before you inboxed me. Nice to know you are all looking out for everyone else. :-)

Thanks for the report!


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