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Reason is my language.
If you want to avoid the point, simply take offense. -Intuit

I came here to answer computer questions. (This used to say "...and nothing more.")

What I meant was, I don't know how much help I would be with other things... NOT that I would be upset if you asked a non computer question!

No matter the subject, Ask Away! (I'll do my best.)


I am not a doctor, lawyer, etc. All opinions expressed are my own, and are for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk. ;-)

'non passus sum stultus ubi spīritusum valeō'

(Thanks for the Latin, Fern!)

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to let you know i am old enough to use this site im 24 i started using it when i was 21 just to let you know i came here asking advice on getting rid of topix for good and now its like its not real and this site only i know of nobody i know use it anyway so you tell me you have a friend with asperger how old he is just curious also i do not think people with asperger are stupid people with autism are also not stupid i use this website to ask interesting questions and get my problems solved anyhow keep this site running and keep up the good work so take care youre a great site owner (link)
Nobody suggested you were stupid. My friend is in his 40s, and is an electrical engineer for an aerospace company. Still took him many years to figure out how to deal with people without making everyone hate to be around him. Those classes I mentioned aren't for stupid people, they are for people who want to be better able to interact with other people and form freindships instead of driving people away without knowing how they are doing it.

Take care.

im sorry for reacting to you in the rude manner i guess i was just mad at the rude answer you gave me in your advice colum anyway i apologized to MissyMeliss just like you said and hopefully she has recieved it anyway after those questions on threating her are deleted i wont ask you anymore questions like those again . (link)
Thank you very much.

May I ask a personal question? I mean no offense by this, but are you somewhere on the autism spectrum?

I have a friend who is an Asperger, and the only way he ever listens is if someone gets tired of him and loses their cool. Otherwise he just keeps talking until you have no choice but to run away or start screaming at him.

This whole thing reminded me of him. If I am wrong, my apologies, but if I am right, you aren't alone. There are classes he took which helped him to better deal with people in every day settings. They worked miracles for him.

Take care.

listen Dangernerd i have read your answer to my first question and really there is no way that MissyMeliss can have me arrested she does not even know where i live and im not going to ask you anymore questions on how to get topix shut down becuase i found your answer the question you recently got in your advice colum rude i have sent apology questions to MissyMeliss yes but she never got them in her colum and i do not know if she will anyhow i am not giving you my real name its not even safe to do those things online and yes i was bad at taking hint but im good at it now also i have intellgence as well dont think i dont anyway i dont care if you dont ever get this in your advice colum im writing this to confront you on such answers that you gave me the other users of this site told me to ask you that if i wanted questions deleted i was to ask you in order to do so but since you will not then i suggest that this site shou;d be taken down as well and i will also find a better way to get topix shut down for good peace out (link)
We have put up with you long enough, as for where you live, your IP address plainly tells what area you live in. If she contacts the police, they contact me once they have a warrant, and I give them your IP address. They give the IP address and teh time the things were posted to your ISP, who tells them who owns the account that used that IP address.

At that point they know precisely who you are.

I looked at her account, and see no apologies from you.

Are you even old enough to be using this site?

you havent been on here in awhile and the questions i recently asked you have not made it into your advice colum it lead me to thinking that you might have quit but anyway i recently asked you to delete all the MissyMeliss questions on threating her i did not dare read them they would have been embarrising anyway if you get this in your advice colum could you delete all the MissyMeliss questions thank you (link)
Hi there,

I have not quit the site. You are really bad at taking a hint:

STOP asking me these questions.

I will NOT delete the missymeliss questions, as I have already told you, because until you write HER and apologize, then SHE writes me and asks me to remove them, they will continue to be held as evidence against you if she ever wants to have you arrested for them.

I suggest you write to HER and apologize, then we can see what happens next.

No, you cannot get topix shut down. Stop asking.

No, I will not delete person X's answer to a question you asked because you don't like it. Usually the one you want deleted is the most intelligent advice given.

No, I will not remove a question because you are afraid it will get too many answers.

No, I will not ban someone because you don't like their intelligent, well written answer.

I am sure I forgot something else you asked, but the answer is NO, trust me on that.

STOP asking me anonymous questions.

The words for the day are NO and STOP.

Thank you.

Hi,,,,, °̩ know this may be a bit gross but please help. °̩ started shaving м̣̣y♐ privates, not because of sexual reasons because °̩ think it °̩s more hygenic!* but °̩t started to show ingrown hairs! Its not that sore but it doesn't look nice! Please help? What should °̩ do?
Try asking this again without all the funky characters.

so I feel I am electronically inclined individual so I put and ad up to install keyless start. Then read your advise some hours later and didn't know about air bag blowing or any other dangers do your have any advice or product rec? (link)
Hi there,

Well, the first thing I would suggest is getting yourself insured and bonded in the amount of the most expensive vehicle you intend to work on, and then some.

If you forget a fuse someplace, for example, you can burn a vehicle to the ground. Where you have a remote start, this is extra important since there isn't someone in the car that would smell that something was getting hot. Just one of the many things to consider.

Dealing with the various security schemes in newer vehicles is going to drive you out of your mind, by the way. If you don't like a challenge, don't start doing this.

You may want to be very selective of the cars you take on. I would suggest that you look up the model on-line and search for remote install questions related to it. You will find some models where there are many posts in forums declaring the madness they have gotten themselves into. When you find one of those, tell the customer no, and tell them why you said no. Beyond that, suggest they take it only to the most reputable place they can... a place you suggest.

Trust me, always have a quality place to refer them to. There are many customers you will not want to do this for. Example: One lady has dogs that go everywhere with her... and you cannot fathom the smell of the carpet I would have had to lay on for several hours.

As for products, well, make sure the systems you offer do everything the customer wants, because you do NOT want to have to add anything else in the mix later, if you can avoid it.

If they want a remote start, and an alarm, then offer them one unit that does both jobs.

If you are just starting out, it is tempting to try and sell an inexpensive unit, but I am telling you now that going with a no-name remote starter is a seriously bad idea. There will come a time that you will need support, and when that time comes you are going to want the person's car running again as soon as possible.

If I were you, this is what I would do: I would sell the install, not the unit.

Unless you buy in quantity, you will have to gouge the customer to make anything on it, and that is a bad idea.

Crutchfield isn't the cheapest place to buy things, but the prices aren't far over normal market either. They offer good support, and they know what works and what doesn't. Since they support everything they sell at no additional cost, they have a tendency to sell only the things that work the best, hence needing the least support.

I would guide the customer through picking out a unit, then make sure you include any security bypass widgets they tell you you are going to need. When it comes, you do the install for whatever set fee you agreed to.

When you do your first of these, set aside enough time to get it done. Whatever time you think you can do it in... double that, add an hour and tell the customer you will call them then. Some you will have done in an hour, some you will work on for two days.

Other suggestions:

Buy dielectric gel, and use it when crimping your connections. Some people use vaseline, which I don't suggest unless it is an emergency. This will keep your connections from oxidizing. You don't want a call in the dead of winter to come out and wiggle the wiring harness so their car will start. ;-)

Newer cars have the airbag wires sheathed in a yellow harness. Don't touch it. Don't move it, don't pull on it, don't try and shove something behind it, don't loop and wires around it, try not to pass any wires especially close to it. I can't overstate this... leave it alone.

Here is something that I never hear anyone talk about before it is too late: More and more vehicles are coming with 120VAC outlets in them from the factory. These are powered by an inverter which may, or may not be under the hood.

If you probe one of these while live, especially while you will be in direct contact with various grounding points, and you may well die. So, when you are doing the initial inspection look for outlets, and be all the more cautious if you find one or more of them.

Speaking of initial inspections... I almost forgot: Do one.

Make sure every electrically switched thing in this car works before you touch one wire, because anything that doesn't work when it leaves will be your fault... even if they knew about it when they brought it in. Some people are just bad that way, and they will extort you into fixing things you did not break.

Protect yourself. This WILL happen to you if you do enough of these, and fail to inspect and notify the customer of what you find before you start.

Buy a good crimper. The flat-handled combo wire stripper, crimper, cutter, etc. is a really bad idea for any number of reasons: Awkward to use, the handles will make your hands so sore you won't even believe it and they don't fit into places you want to do a crimp under a dashboard.

Directed Electronics has a helpful resource for people who bought their DIY alarm and remote starter combo package:

... which covers many things I would have placed in here. Instead, I added here only the things that I felt either they had left out, or that applied to your specific situation.

I hope all of this helps you avoid mistakes made by myself and others over the years, and if you have any further questions, please ask.

May I suggest you create an account here? Sometimes I may be on the road and it will be a while before I respond to you (days, sometimes weeks) and if you have an account, you will get an e-mail when I answer you.

Don't let all this scare you off. ;-)

Oh, I thought of something else: If your car doesn't have one, you should purchase one and install it there first. It will let you see what you are getting into before you involve a customer. It also lets you demonstrate the cool features to someone who is on the fence about buying one.

If your car came with one, then find a family member or friend and offer to install one for free for the practice. If they know how handy you are, they will be happy to have you do it.

Your first one will take longer that you think, the ones you think will be easy, won't, and the ones that terrify you will be some of the easiest installs once you get into them.

Ok, now I am done. :-)

All the best,


recently she hasnt been on here for awhile but she has not answered any questions on this site has anyone read any new answers from her lately or did she just leave . (link)
No, and your horrible threatening and terrible meanness to her are probably why. Maybe if you are open to apologizing she would return. If you are asking because you want to threaten her some more, then go away.

I've already reported your site to Google and other search engines. I hope they kick your sad sorry butts off the net, or that Obama does something about sites like this, where any idiot can answer a question like "What's the fastest way to commit suicide?" I'm a reporter doing an expose, and believe me I will expose your site and others who are allowing this type of thing to occur! God help you if a parent finds the site up on their child's computer after such a suggestion is made and the teen carries out their suicide attempt in the exact manner as a teenager told them to do.

Isn't the world cruel enough? Where do you people get your values from? Or do you have any at all?

Pull out a bible and try reading it sometime!

A concerned mom (link)
Hi there,

We do remove any and all suggestions of how to commit suicide as soon as they are reported. Unfortunately, if you found such a thing, you failed to report it here.

Please, if you would like to do something helpful, contact me on Skype (DangerNerd) and I will be happy to give you an interview for your "expose" which shows how these things are dealt with when discovered.

Everyone here appreciates your concern, if not your tone, and feels just as you do about innapropriate information being put out there for general consumption.

This is why we have an abuse reporting system, which you can find here:

Again, we appreciate the effort you made, thinking that we were not concerned about such things, but now that you know we are, please switch gears and provide us with some actionable information we can use to remove whatever offensive infromation you found that prompted such an outburst or threats and name calling.

Thank you again, and we look forward to hearing back from you about your expose.


I got my first period in January of this year and it was ok but then in my second period I wore a pad for too long. My mom told me to take a bath and put Desitin. It gave me a rash in the inner thigh by my pubic area. At night it itched so BADLY and I scratched so I peeled it. So I put the cream again and the next night I scratched again. Ever since February I've been scratching and used an anti-itch cream and it worked but didn't heal by rash. Then it itched really bad again one night and put the cream and it doesn't work anymore. In September i started using A+D diaper rash cream and it kinda works but it gives me bumps so I think I'm allergic to it. Now I use both A+D and Desitin. Desitin makes me really chaffed and dry like when your lips are chapped and A+D works for like an hour and then itches again. So when it itches, I scratch and peel it. I wish I didn't buy the itch is really really bad. I've had this rash for like 9 months and it doesn't go away. The colors of the rash are pink/ dark purple oh and the itch goes from the rash to by the vagina. Please help it itches bad and never goes away. What should i use that will take the itch and heal the rash? (link)
Hi, your question has already been posted. Please ask only once.

I can tell you my ex had the same problem, and solved it by going to natural pads that aren't bleached with chlorine. You can find them on If you can't find bleach free pads there, let me know and I will try and find the name brand for you.

Meanwhile, the other copy of your question is here:

I cheated on my Boyfriend. We've been dating for almost 3 and a half years.
I didn't sleep with the guy, we've made out twice (we're both in a relationship). So I suppose, I've cheated twice.

I feel all sorts of emotions, including guilt. I don't know how to deal with it. I don't know how to deal with the temptation and I don't know how I should deal with why I feel all this temptation and a need to cheat in the first place. Dealing with guilt and other emotions is another thing too...

If anyone could offer me any advice on this subject, it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks (link)
Hi there,

You say you are afraid your boyfriend won't trust you... let me ask you to be completely honest for a second here: Should your boyfriend trust you? Can you give me one reason why he should? If you are being honest, then you know the answer is that you are not being a trustworthy person anymore.

You must be honest. You must come clean on this, or it will eat you alive.

Having been cheated on and lied to for YEARS about it, I can tell you a couple things you should know:

1.) I wish she had just been honest and told me the truth right up front. Sure, there would have been some hurt, but waiting until you are in your second trimester, pregnant by another man, mind you, to break up with someone is pretty low.

2.) He knows something is wrong. He may not know what, but the feelings you are having are things he can sense. He knows things have changed, but not what or why. Trust me on this one.

3.) Somehow these things ALWAYS come out. Trust me on this one. It is FAR better that he finds this out from you than someone else.

Other people have already answered the part about how to deal with the temptation, so I will skip that. The sad truth about that temptation is that you are not happy in this relationship.

Plainly said: You aren't getting something from this relationship. Whatever that is is going to continue to poison this until you figure it out.

You really, sincerely, should level with your boyfriend. After that, it would be a good idea to seek counseling.

Something else to consider: I don't know what your version of "making out" is, but now that we live in an age where you can get oral cancer from simply kissing one of the many people infected with HPV, it is worth your time to consider the risk, not only to yourself, but to your boyfriend.

You know, in your heart, that your relationship is over. I know you do. Sure, you don't want it to be over... but when you are to the point where you have become completely untrustworthy, and don't' want to be honest, because then your partner won't trust you, well, written out like that, I hope you can see the point:

You didn't express concern for your boyfriend's health, just worried about him "...not trust(ing) any potential guy I talk to."

Again, why should he trust you?

What I wish would have happened in my case, was that she told me, we ended things, and she sought counseling for her relationship issues before she got into another relationship, and did exactly the same thing over again.

Please, do the right thing. Search your heart. The guilt you feel is there for a reason.

If you ever cared about your boyfriend, even a little bit, then you owe it to him to let him find someone he can trust. Who knows, after counseling and sorting your motives out, that person may be you... but if your aren't honest now, and seek help, then you will not EVER be someone he would consider trusting again.

I wish you all the best from here on out.

Question Posted Wednesday August 21 2013, 3:37 pm

Hi there my cousin and i have been together for 6 yrs secretly we hve a 5 yr old daughter together and no one knows about it weve managed to keep it a secret this long but late last year she decided to end it recently saying she cant pretend anymore and alota people will get hurt if they found out i know shes my cousin but i just fell in love with her and even now im stil madly in love with her i havent seen or spoken to her in a month now and im heartbroken is it true u cant choose who u fall in love with? and i miss my daughter too and ive Also been told by people shes been seen with another guy this is just a very big mess at the moment i dont know what to do
Hi there,

Stop asking this over again.

You already asked this here:

... and it has been answered.


Question Posted Wednesday August 21 2013, 3:37 pm

Hi there my cousin and i have been together for 6 yrs secretly we hve a 5 yr old daughter together and no one knows about it weve managed to keep it a secret this long but late last year she decided to end it recently saying she cant pretend anymore and alota people will get hurt if they found out i know shes my cousin but i just fell in love with her and even now im stil madly in love with her i havent seen or spoken to her in a month now and im heartbroken is it true u cant choose who u fall in love with? and i miss my daughter too and ive Also been told by people shes been seen with another guy this is just a very big mess at the moment i dont know what to do
Hi there,

You already asked this here:

... and it has been answered.


My bf is shammy Singh kya ye mera life partner banega aur mai life me apne papa mummy ka sapna pura kar paungi. I am Indian. (link)
In English, please?

I want this on my phone and was wondeing the name of the app!!!! (link)
Hi there,

What app are you referring to? "I want this on my phone..." I would like to help, but you didn't say what you meant by "this."

If you give me more info, maybe I can help.



I googled my email address and last year I answered a question on this site with my email address so it came up.
I shouldn't have done that because I don't want friends to randomly google my email address sometime and see it. Is there any way I can get rid of it or edit the answer? (link)
Hi there,

I removed the e-mail from your answer.

Take care,


The story is confusing I asked this question twice and no one answered because it was too long.
So I am going to try and make this really short.

School is starting up I am going into 4th year and this Is a really important year I have exams ! So I am going to study ALOT this year and last year was the first year we all got different people in different classes that is when It all changed and me as a person. I drifted from my best friend and during that summer I got a lot closer to one of our friend and we have been friends for like over a year. Everything changed it use to be me ,lara ,morgan and then lara started speaking from our old friend from primary and then she got close to me now and now she's my bestfriend.

Also the old 3 of us I speak to them now and then in school it was me and lara joint to the hip and morgan was our best friend aswell but we were closer and this was a year ago and we have admitted its not the same between us because I have changed so much. But I don't mind but my best friend and lara are in like all the same classes this year and they will get a lot closer. But I really want to speak to more people this year make new friends because its only me my bestfriend and lara and my bestfriend will get close. But I don't mind I guess but last year I just didn't speak to anyone at all but my best friend and I don't want it to be like that this year.

I want to get close friends with more people instead of just the one person because we just speak about her love life I do not mind that at all because im helping but I never get to talk even though there is nothing to talk about I just give advice and we have a good laugh. I don't want that too change ! But I would like to speak to more people.
But I dontknow who my type of person is. The school is **** theres the Popular ones so far up their own **** there is the nerds omg me hanging with nerds im too stupid no , then the neds smoking in the back of the school nah , the one me and my bestfriend stand with the crazy/emo group and we have decided were not standing there again there annoying we will go now and then but nah we looked like lost puppies !

So I just want some friends and get close to a few people id prefer a boy just a good guy friend but I dontknow what type of person I fit into and how can I speak to them and should I just block everyone out again like I did last year I shouldn't have done that last year but my classes were full off bitches and neds and probably the same this year . So where do I start what will I do ?

Also today my bestfriend was telling me lara asked her to go too a concert she asked me to go too and said that we haven't been speaking we did until she sent a message complaining and me and my bestfriend for not inviting them out so shes fell out with me and not her

Read more: (link)
Please stop posting this over and over again.

Someone will answer it. Be patient.

I'm a 24 yr old female, my boyfriend and I just got into a fight. I'm having female issues and don't want to have sex like I used to. He threw a tantrum bc I didn't want to be tickled. He really hurt my feelings by what he said so naturally I started crying. I went to get situated to sleep on the couch. I had to turn on lights to get blankets n pillows. I was moving stuff n he got mad bc the light was on. He slammed the door n called me a bitch. I broke down, I am completely heart broken. We r working on yr 5 of our relationship, not married, this has never happened before. I don't know what to do. Please help. (link)
Hi there,

As I read this, I see two likely possibilities:

1.) He is the emotionally unstable psychotic abuser-in-training you have described here. This would mean that everything has been perfect, up until he tried tickling you, then he freaked out like someone flipped a switch.

If that is true, then this relationship is most likely over unless you both find your way to counseling immediately.

If he won't go see someone with you, then it is time for you to leave before things get worse.

2.) The second thing I see as a possibility is that this was a pressure release from something that has been building for a long time. In my experience, this is more likely that the first.

Would you mind if I told you a story? About 3 years ago a woman posted a question nearly identical to yours. The ages were different, and such, but the theme was identical. He tried to do something as innocent as hug her, she told him she didn't want to be hugged, and he flipped the hell out on her.

She came on here, and painted the worst possible picture of him, so that people would tell her how bad he was and how she deserved better. She did this without realizing what she was doing. In fact, because she hadn't communicated her feelings to him for years, she had no idea why he flipped out, and thought she was right to vilify him by telling only one side of the story... because she had NO idea there was another side to the story.

Now, there are a LOT of questions like this posted here. I mean a LOT. The reason this one particular one sticks out in my mind is that she responded with more details in feedback to people who had answered her, and then asked dozens of followup questions.

By the time the actual truth came out, this is what REALLY happened:

They had been together about as long as you two have. She changed BC pills, and lost all sex drive. (More common than you would believe)

For him, flipping out came after over two years of patience, and love while he tried to get her to seek help for the problem.

They had had sex 3 times in two years by this point, and that, as it turns out wasn't the problem. You see, she told him that he wasn't allowed to pleasure himself because that would make her feel bad that she wasn't doing it. He wasn't allowed to watch porn, because that would make her feel bad.

So, pretty much she told him he could find sexual release only on her terms, and no more than 1.5 times per year.

Now, what would you think of a man who told his wife that she was forbidden to please herself, couldn't fantasize, and was only allowed sex (and I mean bad sex at that) 1.5 times per year?

He would be a rotten bastard, wouldn't he?

So, if a woman called him a rotten bastard and flipped the hell out on him... you would completely understand, wouldn't you?

Now, I am not saying that this is what happened in your relationship, but it is within a couple words of identical to a previous situation that ended up like that.

If this is similar to your situation, have you talked this out with him, or is he completely in the dark as to why you are no longer interested in him like you used to be?

Imagine what it would be like if he suddenly stopped having sex with you, wouldn't tell you why, and just basically shunned you in the bedroom? How would you feel? If it went on long enough, you think it is possible you would freak out?

As for him calling you a bitch... well, that shouldn't have happened. This should have been dealt with a long time before it came to this.

I imagine that at some time in your life you held one emotion or another inside... until it overwhelmed you, right? If you say no, you would be the only one on the planet, so I am imagining you nodding your head right about now.

What SHOULD have happened here is this: He should have come to you, and told you that he feels like you aren't interested in him anymore, that you are shunning him in the bedroom and that he needs to know why you no longer love him or want to be intimate with him.

At that point, you two, if you were willing to be honest with him, and if you even know why this is happening (most people with the hormone swap have no idea why, and may not notice at all how COLD they are being) you could have told him, or told him you had no clue.

Then you could have, together, as a couple sought professional help.

If you refused to do anything about it, he should have walked away from the relationship until such time as you decided to take responsibility for your mental and physical health.

Odds are, that would have given you an idea that this was, indeed, a big deal to him.

Regardless of what might have been, there is still time. Talk with him, and tell him all of this from your end. Let him know what is going on with you, tell him how hurt you are, and ask him why it came to him blowing up like that. You may be surprised at the answer.

He needs to have empathy for your situation, and you need to have empathy for his. This is what being in any kind of relationship is really about. Without that empathy, it is all doomed to failure eventually.

I would love to tell you how the other questioner's situation ended up, but first I would like to hear what you have to say about all this. Please let me know, in feedback or a new question, if this is sounding in any way familiar to your situation.

Either way, there is hope if you both actually love each other.

Common misconception, by the way, is that when a guy flips out at you for some reason like this it means he doesn't love you. That is not often true. If he didn't love you, he would have most likely walked away from you by now, rather than put up with the stress he is, by your question here, obviously keeping inside.

We both know there is probably more to this story... so see if you can find out why this happened, and perhaps it can be fixed.

I wish you both the best, going forward, and look forward to your response.


recently iu asked once called how can you not act like youre in high school and the answers were useless so anyway i was wondering if you would kindley delete it thank you (link)
Hi there,

Nobody has any idea what question you are talking about. If you wish anything doen about this, you will need to provide a link to the question.



Me and my bf have just got engaged he is 16 and I'm 14 I just don't know if its wrong (link)
Hi there,

You already asked this:

... and it has been answered by two people.


I seen your answer to another problem like this, but i use Chrome, and my internet sound isnt working although my normal media player is?? can you tell me how to fix this?? please (link)
Hi there,

There are a couple possibilities: There has been a recurring bug in Chrome that has caused this. It has been going on for years now, and is just completely unbelievable that it isn't fixed yet. Here is the most recent post I know of:!topic/chrome/e1y-Zd4zL6E%5B1-25-true%5D

... So, if you have a realtek sound chip in your machine, make sure that your sound is set to stereo, and, in theory, it should work.

Also make sure that you don't have the volume slider for chrome muted:

(It is ok if the sound doesn't work, just do what he does in the video.)

Beyond that, you can do what I do, and that is use FireFox until they fix this... again... and again, and again. This is enough to make me give up on Chrome. Not that there is a bug, but that there is a bug that keeps coming back for a period of years now.

I hope you get it sorted, and the Chrome team gets this sorted out. Otherwise I really love the browser.

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