I don't know what's more surprising: The fact that this site still exists, the fact that I still advicenate, or the fact that I'm still allowed to advicenate. Whatever it is, I'm back again for whatever amount of time I decide to be. Probably mostly drunken nights.

Whatever the case is and however long I decide to do shit, you should feel proud that I found your question. I've answered over 1.1k questions, and probably helped all of 3 people. That kind of record should be boasted there. You have to try to not help people that often.

Well, I think it's help. You probably wont because you're expecting me to come in and say, "OMG SPREAD RUMORS ABOUT THAT STUPID WHORE SO THAT HER BOYFRIEND DUMPS HER AND HE FALLZ IN LUV WIT U BCUZ UR SO CUTE," when you ask stupid questions like, "LOL THS GUY HS A GF N I WANT HM WHT DO I DO?" I wont do that. I'M NO FUCKING SELLOUT!

Long story short, TL;DR, I'm awesome and you're welcome.


Hi I'm 13 and i have trouble reaching an orgasm, I've tried a bunch of times And I never succeeded. I Masturbate with a four-inch rounded tip marker And my electric toothbrush. Do u have any tips in how I can reach an Orgasm?!

Grow older.


I havnent been able to sleep very well for the past week, and when I do it's maybe 5 hours a night with me waking up every 45 minutes in that time span. What should I do to get some sleep?

Lower your caffeine intake, don't eat within like 2 hours of bed, exercise, don't smoke crack, try natural crap like tea and valerian root, and if all else fails, ask your doctor person to see if maybe you have sleep apnea or something equally gay.


I'm from Berlin, Germany. I can read and write English almost as well as anyone else. Recently I have lost my dear identical twin brother, tragically. My father doesn't seem to care much, he didn't even blink when he died but I can't stop feeling this hole. I feel lost now, and confused. I can't cry for some reason. I'm depressed and alone. My mother is with my brother and my father is always at the bar. So what can I do to ease this pain inside of me?

Celebrate his life, don\'t mourn his death.


I truly loved a girl name preethi she lives in Coimbatore im Arun maheedhar in same area because of her situation and completion of her parents she left me we both doin masters in Coimbatore the day of her proposal is Nov 8 th around 7.30 in the evening then our life was awesome for few days like upto Dec 30 th the same year 2013 I was last seen her at Dec 30 th 2013 evening I dropped her in a market place and I left with tears and my tears still not stopped today april 6th 1.14 am I was feeling very sad abt the memories I tried to erase her memories but I can't I tried many things but only fail remains in love in carrer in life only her memories left with me now I want to die with that same memory but I don't want any resurrection after this life it's enough I'm now not fit for my life. Her birthday is April 9th so on that day I pray for her life for last time and I want to die with those memories please tell a way for a quick painless death

Absolutely not. Suicide is stupid and you\'re being selfish for even thinking about it.


my heart has been doing weird stuff so i was looking what can be wrong with the heart and it said "coronary artery disease" but i don't know what that means. can some one please explain so a 16 year old can understand?

Go to a doctor dammit.


it's been 8 months and i still can't get over my ex , its so hard i try and try i do everything. and i feel like he feels the same my heart feels it ...
im a female/ 18

Getting over someone isn't a science. I've spent more time trying to get over my ex than I spent dating her. You could try dating, maybe meeting new people will help.


Hello, recently i just broke up with my boyfriend, i just started university and we just both never really had time. So a couple weeks after we broke up i met this guy and i know him through my brother. so weve been talking and weve hung out a couple times. when i broke up with my exboyfriend i told myself that i wont have a boyfriend for a long time and that i need to focus on school. But now i really like this guy and im always thinking about him. i think i am starting to develop feelings for him, what do i do ? :(
Thanks kaaitlyn 18f

Just do it. Who cares what you told your boyfriend? Are you really going to let an opportunity go away like that?


What does it mean when you shot gun a beer?

It means you put a can of beer in a shotgun, and fire the gun.


I love my boyfriend of almost a year a lot. But I know it's not mutual. I have to nag him to say I love you to me but he always reminds me he does when I do. He always says he just doesn't say it alot. But he ignores me when I say it to him sometimes. He never wants to talk on the phone when we are seperated by college. I love him but I always feel like a stalker &a burden. I talked to him about it a lot. He says he'll change and after a few days he's back to his old self. What should I do? I really really really love him.

Thanks In advance(:

I would say just end it. You love him, and it'll hurt, but stop beating yourself up over it. He's really not worth it if he doesn't feel the same way about you.


okay some and my boyfriend just recently broke up because we realized we were really different. We do love each other and we already do miss each other.I have had a lot of time to think and i think that we cn make it work even though we are different. Can i make it work?

Honestly, if you "love each other" and "miss each other", then the question has been answered for you.


What is a natural look with makeup that i can wear that looks pretty?

Isn't the natural look a look without makeup? Personally, I think most girls look just fine without makeup.


ive been feeling very week latly and my heads been hurting alot. Could eating junkfood cause that if so what should i start eating?

I don't understand how you feel like a stretch of days from Monday through Sunday, but if you want to feel better and you're worried about your diet, I can help out.

You should eat greens, starches (poatoes, rice, grains, beans), and fruits. Those are really the only healthy things for you. Don't let someone tell you that meat is healthy!


Okay so I had unprotected sex, I know, not a good idea. However, I got my period about 2 weeks afterward for 5 days. I haven't had sex since but my period is 7 days late. I have only had my period since I was 12 (16 now) so I could just be irregular although lately I haven't been. I know I'm young, please don't hate & say something judgmental I just need your advice.

Getting your period doesn't mean you're not pregnant. You should get a pregnancy test (and not some shitty 99 cent one). If you're really concerned, go to a doctor.


I have a huge crush on this boy at school named Chase. I even have dreams about him. I never have dreams about my boyfriend. I really like him but i dont want to break up with my boyfriend. Chase doesnt even like me but he knows i like him. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!

Ummmm, you have a crush on a guy who isn't you boyfriend and you're concerned about dreams?


is my wife get pregnat by swallowing or suckin my sperm my age 24 and my wife age20
by sucking my cock is that any problem we are very hygenic and clean persons

How are you 24 years old and not understanding how sperm works?


I heard there are different versions of The Hobbit and I was wondering is there really a difference in the story in these different versions, or is it just a change in the cover design and publication date?

The latter.


I got my belly button pierced in November.. It's still infected .. I don't know if I should let it close or not? How would I know?? And If I did let it close how long would it take to heal? I want to get it repierced somewhere else.. Help please bcus I'm dated /:

I would go back to the piercing place and talk to them honestly. They will not only tell you what to do, but if it's salvageable, they have shit to help you out. Honestly, you probably just need to clean it better. I've had some serious infections in my gauged ears and gotten over all of them.


wat r the ways 2 controle my parent . my mom s always scolding me in bad words.
she dont have faith on me .she think that if we girls free she will fall on love . but i dont have an idea 2 do.but she dont belive me .she want me 2 b simple always .so i cant able 2 manage her. i hate being a women she itself dominating a women . o wtf is this.

Maybe you should go back and learn English, only then should you worry about seeing guys.


Ok, so I'm a female in my twenties, and so is the guy I've been talking to (Jake) for a few months now. We've gotten along really well, and have a lot in common. I don't want to rush into anything, but at the same time, I want the relationship to be heading toward something.We've already been fooling around and all,too. I finally got up the nerve to ask what we were doing, but didn't get a direct, clear answer. Lately, the conversations have been really good, and he tells me how different I am than people in his past, blah blah blah. For the most part, when we're around each other, it's like we're together...but we're not. He told me how he got out of hanging out with another woman to hang out with me, but then he turned around and said he'd probably end up having to go hang out with her soon, since he's running out of excuses. So...I'm just confused. Is he just trying to get me going by talking about someone else, and get me to be like "no, don't go!"? Or, is he not wanting to be in a relationship with me, and we're just a weekend fling?

I'd appreciate any good thoughts on this...Thanks!

Just walk away. It sounds like you two want different things. Find someone who wants to only hang out with you.


13, F

I dont know why, but everytime school starts my stomach hurts. I think its nerves, because im scared ill throw up. That causes it to hurt even more!

I tried medication, but it didnt work. What do I do?!

It's called anxiety.


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