Hi, my name is Angela. I'd like to think I'm a friendly person and I've had my share of experiences and knowledge.

My friends tell me I'm great at giving them advice (most of the time) and I like to have fun while I'm at it.

Not sure about something a decision? Need more insight? Have some questions about sex? You should feel free to ask me about anything at all. I check my email all the time and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!


im 14/male and my gf and i wanna have sex? is it ok if i do and use a condom?

It has more to do with the level of maturity rather than your age. If you feel that you and your girlfriend are ready to take this step then you do not need anyone's permission. If you still feel unsure, give it some time to marinate and make sure that you aren't becoming sexually active just for the sake of finally having sex.

Talk about it some more with your girlfriend. What do you both really want out of it? Are you ready to take this step? Sex isn't all about the physical, make sure you both are mentally in sync and prepared.

If you do make the decision to have sex, do it safe and slowly. Your first time's bound to be a little awkward. As long as you are protected, you won't have anything to worry about.

Hope this helps! ;)


my friend is over obsessed with camp. she wont stop talking about. me and my friends try and clue her in, and she knows that we dont like when she does it, but she still goes on about her "bffs." we feel like extras, backup. my friend even told her about the problem. she doesnt seem to care that we're mad. What should we do!!??

Whenever she starts steering the conversation toward her camp, just start acting uninterested or bored and start a conversation with someone else. The only reason why she goes on and on about this "amazing" camp is just for attention. When she realizes that it doesn't work, she'll stop.


I have had unprotected sex a lot and my boyfreind had accidentaly ejaculated inside me before quite a few times and while im on my period he always does because i've never gotten pregnant.. does this mean that i'll never get pregnant? is something wrong with me?

please help

Usually I would tell you to google this, however I feel issues like this deserve a quick and easy answer fast.

I'm guessing from your question you are using the withdrawl method (pulling out before he ejaculates) which is about 86% effective. Why is it not 100% effective? One because there is no 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy if you are having sexual intercourse. The second reason why is because when he has an erection, a little bit of fluid called pre-cum (which i'm sure you've heard of) comes out unexpectantly and that fluid contains sperm. Meaning, you can get pregnant from that tiny little bit of sperm.

Another urban myth is you can't get pregnant when having sex during your period. The facts are, you can. Especially if you have irregular periods. Remember that sperm can live in your body for 7 days to wait for a fertile egg.

Just because you haven't gotten pregnant already, doesn't mean you never will. Trust me when I say this is a gamble you are not willing to take. Have fun (I know I'm going to get crap for this) but stay safe by USING CONDOMS OR OTHER BIRTH CONTROL METHODS and know the consequences. What would you do if you did get pregnant? Are you and your boyfriend ready to accept the added responsibiliities? If you have never heard all this before, you need to educate yourself about it.

Here's a website where you can get more info: http://www.coolnurse.com/

Please go to that website and take a look at the sex section. Do it for yourself.


So i met this guy through a friend a while back, and from the start i had been kind of intrested in him. But i had been too shy to ask him if he was seeing anyone. Eventually, we started talking and hanging out more, and so now we're really good friends. And in that time, i have developed a huge crush on him. And unfortunately, learned that he has a girlfriend. The few people i've told about him (my best girlfriends) have said that we'd be perfect together, and i have to agree. It made me sad that hes taken, but i did learn however, that him and her will eventually break up by the end of the summer because shes going to another high school next year, and he dosen't want a long distance thing going on. I have come really close to telling him i like him, but never have because i'm too scared of what he'd think.
the thing that confuses me most though, is that he acts like he likes me when we're together, so i think maybe he does. (and my friends say he does) But how can he if he has a girlfriend?!
what should i do?? i'm so confused.

Simply put, he likes you. You like him. It's time to tell him the truth and make the first move because I doubt you want to wait until the end of summer.

I'm a bit biased about this situation, because although he does have a girlfriend, if he says its over, it's going to be over. In this kind of relationship, I would say the sooner he breaks it off is the better because it seems like he's in this relationship just to be in a relationship and there isn't anything left to move forward from.

He probably knows that you like him, but he doesn't want to be the first to tell you his feelings. You've heard this before, but what's the most you can lose? You need to find out the answers before you hurt yourself pining over a taken man. If his feelings about having a girlfriend changes and he wants to stay with her, you need to know. It's better than feeling stupid after waiting on him and then discovering he had no intentions on leaving her. I've been there and it isn't the greatest feeling in the world.

Thinking about it on the reverse side, you might want to take into consideration that he is uninhibited with his actions. Anything he does with you that he does not tell his girlfriend is considered cheating, and you don't want him to run around with some other girl when you're dating him yourself.

In the end, it's still better to make the first move because face it, the attraction is thick in the air, we can even read it in your testimony ;)
Your girlfriends say you'd be perfect together, and you seem to think so too, so why don't you find out? Words are just words, and it means nothing other than an awkward barrier between you and him. Break it. Because sometimes men need a little encouragement to make the right decisions too.


someone asked me if i "raked" my boyfriend and i have no idea what it means.

Raking means when performing oral sex on your boyfriend, you tend to bite down or scratch his penis with your teeth. It's a pretty old slang so I'm surprised it's still being used.


okay so this girl is stealing pictures from one of my friends, i know she is because i know this friend in person and this int her site. the problem is i cant view her myspace cause its private. can anyone give me a code or a step by step on how to view a private myspace.

THIS IS THE FAKERS MYSPACE >>> http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=68405300

There's no way to view it unless you're the friend of that person. The easiest way is if you know she has been stealing pictures, then report it. You can also create your own fake account, add her, and check it out for yourself.


If your gonna say something about skin cancer don't answer or I'll rate you bad.
alright. tommorow I'm going to the tanning salon.
I've been there once before. =] [the tanning bed kind] However I have a few questions.
~ How long do you stay in for?
~ What do you wear in there?
~ Please include some additional information if you want a five.
~ Is it alright to go bowling afterward?


Anyone who tells you more obviously never been on a bed before. Did you burn the first time you went? You have to go every other day for about the first 6 sessions (depends on your bed) to build a basic tan (one that won't fade away). Depending on your skin tone, for your first time you stay for 4-8 minutes and increase by 2 minutes (until you reach 12 minutes). Only increase your time if you don't get burnt. A little redness is fine, if it disappears before your next session. After you build a basic tan, you only need to go 2 times a month to upkeep it. Again this depends on your bed.

What you wear in there is your choice. I prefer to go topless with a string bikini bottom. Most people go in with a bikini on. You can get very sweaty on the bed so make sure you wash your bikini before using it again. ALWAYS WEAR THE GOGGLES THEY PROVIDE. What you do is you press it against your face and push the arch down until the goggles suck against your eyes.

In addition, it's better to wear tanning lotion about a half hour or more before you go tanning. You actually tan better when your skin is moisturized/wet than dry. Tanning will dry out your skin quickly so put on lotion everywhere you tan at least twice a day. If your skin dries and peels, you'll basically have to start all over again.

It's definitely fine to go bowling afterwards, make sure you bring a hand towel to wipe down with and keep hydrated. You might feel a little light-headed first.

Make sure you don't try and boost up your time to fast, a full tan time is 12 minutes, no one goes for the full 12 their first time. The art of tanning is all about building it up layer by layer. Think about it, if you burn, you'll have to start all over again. You can go as dark as you want and tanning takes a bit of practice. Make sure you lie down with your legs apart and turned out. Also make sure your arms are not touching your sides or you may end up with white stripes. Someone once told me you tan better with your knee and arm lifted up a couple inches.

If you have anymore questions drop me one in my in box. Good luck!


ok so im 16/f and i have to make up a hip hop dance for my dance class and i dont know what songs to do! i already have loose control and hollaback girl but i need more ideas so my group can choose what song we want to do! please help!

David Banner - Play
T.I. - Bring em Out (I like this one)
Pon de Replay (more advanced)
Chris Brown ft. Juelz Santana - Run It! (Nice one too)
Bubba Sparxxx - Ms. New Booty
Sean Paul - Temperature
Rihanna - SOS
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

All I can think of now.


Hey. Me and my boyfriend Mike been going out for like 3 months and we both love each other. But we fight alot and try to get each other jealous which works becuz he gets really pissed and punches walls and jumps people and I just cry. We always make up like the next 20 minutes are so saying we love each other. Is that normal? Second of all like a month ago when we were still dating he was at a party and a girl got on top of him and started kissing him he told her to stop because he had a girlfriend (he told me this). So I still can't trust him even though he swears on his life. Am I just over reacting or did he do something. I want to be with him but I want to be able to stop fighting with him. Please help me I will rate high


Since the problem is obviously the jealousy and an "eye for an eye", why not stop the cycle? This type of relationship isn't healthy for you or him.

If he's telling you about a girl at a party who he tried to fend off, he's playing an old card. He's trying to get you jealous but still seem like the sweet little lamb. Instead of getting back, be smart and talk to him.

Let him know what both of you guys are doing isn't normal and it isn't what love is supposed to mean. It's time to end all the jealousy and let each other know when the other is getting out of hand. Most of all, it's important not to abuse your positions in each others hearts to try to hurt the other person. The only reason you're fighting with one another is because of jealousy and mistrust. Let him know you're willing to trust in him and stop all this jealousy crap if he's willing to trust in you. In the future be more open about each other and don't be afraid to let him know when you feel hurt rather than getting back at him so he's more open into letting you understand his feelings.


my boyfriend is extremely stiff.. like i don't really think he knows how to be a boyfriend ;] lol it's really cute because it's hard for him to even talk to me.. and he's 16 .. so i'm planning on trying to loosen him up a little bit.. i mean it's really sad. yesterday he gave my mom a handshake and i was like "mom, you got more action from him then i did!" like he doesn't know what to do when he's around me.. so my question is.. is do you have any ideas on what i can do to make him loosen up a little bit ;] 5 for a thought =]

Perhaps he wants to mess around a little bit and doesn't know how or doesn't want to embarrass him. Here's how to loosen him up..

You don't want to make him back into his shell again by putting him on the spot so slowly work him in. Here's a setting he might enjoy opening up in:

Turn the lighting down. If you don't want it completely out, have dim lighting. Turn on a flick or just the television in the background with the volume lowered. Just talk or give him slight complements. Some people actually loosen up more in dimmer environments, it might have to do with how they view their physical appearances or perhaps they're too worried about placement of body parts, expressions, etc. during the conversation to actually concentrate on the topic.

A lot of people don't open up right away unless they're very comfortable with the person they're with. Talk to him often just don't overpower him with yourself. See how he's feeling or what he's into.

A good two person conversation is contributed to evenly by both people. Don't worry, soon he'll open up to you on his own. He's just worried about making a good impression now ;)


this year, i feel that i have started to change. I notice that my friends are best friends with other people and it's harder for me to understand them. We hardly talk like we used to and everyone seems to not find me as "interesting" as before. what's going on with me?

You're growing up. As people grow, they change; it's not only you and it's perfectly normal. My best friends changed frequently all through high school and that just helped me get to know more people.

Talk to people you don't know and get to know them. You'll find a lot of people who'll find you just as interesting as you find them. :)


i was wondering if anyone knows any poems about love and romantic things i really need like at least three but if you onlt know 1 or 2 it's ok i still wanna hear them plez let me hear your poems


This one has a couple ads.


Very cute submitted poems.

Here are two websites for you, I checked them both out. Google love poems or romantic poems for more. :)


My priod omes in realy wierd cycles. I will normally always have cramps and nody pains before and durring it and i have major mood swings durring and after it also. its actually gotten to the point where my mom had to buy me herbal pms pills for my mood swings but they dont help that great. I herd that birth controll actually helps ur periode and alot of girls take it to controll their periods but im not sure on if i need them or not. plus most girls that i know of that use it for this reason are like 17 and there bodys are fully developed unlike mine since im not done developing. Is it ok and should i ask my doctor to get some?

Consult your doctor to make sure the irregular cycles aren't something else and if your parents are fine with it then your doctor can prescribe BCPs. A roomie of mine has been taking it since freshman and it works for her.

As you've probably heard, some people get side effects or have to switch from pill to pill. If it gets worse, or if new problems start happening, then let your doctor know about it. Other than that any side effects, you shouldn't worry. The BCPs should lessen your cramps and improve your mood at your time of the month. :)


14/f...ok so i like this guy named Adam. We were at this party and we were playing truth or dare and I was dared to kiss him on the lips. I was like "no", or "i dont want to" or "why didnt you guys have to do this?" but i was obviously just pretending. So i eventually did it but both of our eyes were open and he didnt even kiss bak. His lips didnt even move. He didn't say anything really not anything bad or good just nothing. Do you think that he likes me or is totally just not interested.
ps. he is REALLY REALLY shy and doesn't really "FLIRT" with me but we talk a lot.

Let's see it from his point of view. How does he know whether you're just playing coy or not? It's not like he knows you like him. If you pretend to be disinterested, it would embarrass him if he got really into it. Or, like you said, he's very shy and so he's not used to kissing someone in front of a lot of people.

If he just plain doesn't know how to kiss, invite him over and teach him a lesson. ;)


Ok so I shave likea almost every 2days....sometimes everday. I have some questions:
1. How many times must you use a disposable shaver?
2. Is soap good for shaving?
3. When I shave I always use St. Ives Whipped Silk for Extra Dry skin and wen I'm finished it absorbs relly fast and it gets dry again so I was guessin to put more. Should I? And if not what is another best cream to put on ur legs?

It depends on where you're shaving as well as how often. Since you shave every day to every other day, I would suggest a week to a week and a half. Use a razor such as Venus or Intuition so all you have to do is change the head rather than toss out the entire razor.

You should never use soap. I've made the mistake of using it and it offered almost no protection. My skin was flaky and white for a few days even when I used moisturizer.

I've tried St. Ives once before, and the same thing happened to me. What I use now is AMAZING. It's called Neutrogena Norwegian Formula and it's extremely cheap. It's in a white bottle with a blue top and you can get it in some beauty stores or CVS. If you like something with a scent, try a lotion from Victoria Secret Body store. My personal favorite is love potion.


i just wanted to know if it was safe to feed budgies black eyed beans, and kidney beans???


This website has great tips. It's safe to feed them beans but make sure they're cooked and its diet is balanced with other foods. :)


so my friends having a party and he invited all of my friends, except me..what should i do? should i confront him? or just leave it go?

it made me mad to know he did this but w/e

Don't get mad, ask why. There could be many possibilities, for example, he might have genuinely forgot, it happens.

Letting it go is the best solution but it certainly doesn't get it off your chest. So talk to him, rather than confront him. Perhaps he thinks you won't get along with someone else that is going. If you ask for the truth, you shouldn't get defensive if he tells you something you don't want to hear.

In the end, this is just one of those things that is not worth getting angry about. Thinking about it further without getting any answers from him will make you even angrier and hurt yourself more. If you don't go, find some friends you can go out with that night and have a blast somewhere else.


whats the name of the song that goes "never had a dream come true, till the that i met you" i know it but i cant remember it...i rate 5's ♥

Never had a Dream Come True is by S Club 7. Awesome karaoke song ;)


At the end of ht year we have 8th grade graduation. anyyways,sowe ahve to where what ever were wearing to graducation all day to school, so . i am doing my hair. and i ham waring a rpetty deress and stuff but how should i do my hair? my hair spast my shoulders nad i can make it relay straight or super curly. so anyways giv eme some nice ideas that i can do at home.

i rate 5's

ps. donttell me to go get it done thxx

Personally I think hair looks better down rather than up on special occasions. How do you usually wear your hair? Straight or curly? On your graduation you should wear the opposite of how you usually wear your hair.

If you're going to go curly, go for big, healthy, loose curls. Make your hair nice and soft before you curl it and add a shining serum afterwards. Make sure you apply a little at a time to avoid over greasing your hair. I would either clip the top or sides back and leave half of it loose or frame your face with it, try both to see what looks best on you.

If you're going to go straight, the same thing applies. Add a shining serum after straightening it to make it seem extra special. Try spraying some hair glitter (just a little, don't over do it) and add a clip that stands out to the side (whatever looks best).


14/f. my parents had a big christmas party in december, and they hired a blues band to come play. the guitarist in the band is good friends with another amazing guitarist who just turned 15, so the 15-year-old came and played too. he seems like a complete carbon copy of myself because we both love music (i play several instruments) and he isn't afraid to pour his heart out on stage. besides, he is uberly cute. i was too shy to talk to him when he was at my house, and he lives a long way away. in mid january i found his email address and sent him an email saying who i was and stuff like that. he sent me a message back in february that said hey there, etc. (in my email i told about my obsession with music, he commented on several things i said). i know that he has a myspace account, but i'm scared to add him as a friend because i don't want to seem like a stalker because i haven't even ever met him before! but my friends and i are convinced that i will marry him someday, so i have to do something. i know that i might see him in june/july, but i'm not sure. anyway, my question is, how stupid do you people think i am and what should i say to him the next time i see him? thanks, y'all. 5's for everybody.

Adding him on Myspace won't make him think you're a stalker, trust me.

It's actually a great way to get to know him better. Myspace is basically for you to add people in the same class as you whom you want to get to know. Most people add each other on Myspace regardless if they've only seen each other once.

Besides that, he can't see your feelings. Leave him a cute comment so you stand out and be sure to check back to see if he comments you.


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