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Hey. My name's Sirena, and I'm here to help you. I've been through a _lot in my life. I've experienced death, divorce, beatings, rapes, molestations and so much more. I'm also visually impaired.
I will always do my best to answer questions and give good advice. You can ask me anything: I'll answer _everything. If I answer your question, please give me a rating. My goal however isn't to be the best on the site, it's to help and care about those who come to me.
If you need some extra comfort, you can call me at
I'm there Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and most Saturdays. During the week, call after three, and on Sunday nights, after eight. I'm looking forward to helping you.
God Bless.

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What are some things outside with water I could do with about 18 girls...I've already thought of a water balloon fight and other ideas?? Try to keep the ideas inexpensive. Thanks WILL RATE (link)
Ever thought of a pool party? Um, you could also do the following.
Watergun fight, (kind of childish but hey, it's water)
Bucket brigade. What you do is fill buckets with water and try to have a three leged race while holding it on your hand. The person to drop it is the loser.
there's also the pail of wisdom. You can use a pot for this, but what you do is, someone gives you a pot full of water. You know, a pot to everyone on one side of a field or something. When the person shouts go, you have to hold the pot by the handle and run as fast as you can to your partner across the field. They take the pot and run back. Whoever spills the most water is the loser. But here's the fun about it.
If you're able to swap the pot four times, then your third partner gets to get a shower.

Do you have any idea why Lye isn't sold in stores anymore, and if it is, where I can buy some? I'm trying a lye and bleach mixture for my bathroom floor, but I can't find lye anywhere.
Erm...lye can be used in bombs so it's not sold anymore.

Dear Ask-it-here,
I'm sixteen and I babysit the children down the block. They're really cute when their parents are around, but the minute they leave I can't control them. I've tried threatening to spank them, but that doesn't work. I've tried sending them to bed early, but forget that! They don't listen. I've tried bribing, being mean, threatening, crying, but nothing works. Please help me before I strangle these kids.
Dear Claralinda,
(That's a beautiful name by the way.) You need to speak with these children's parents and explain to them how they act. If they don't believe you, quit. I'd say videotape the children, but they could sue you for that. There are probably a lot of other jobs you can do, you don't have to be tortured by those little monsters. It's not healthy for you.
Good luck girl.

My parents are Catholic, but my brother is Baptist. They're all bugging me to get saved, but I don't care to. The Lord is boring. If I get saved, I'll never be able to flirt, have sex, do drugs, smoke, and a whole lot of other things. What do I do? They're really pissing the shit out of me. Why can't they just keep their little Jesus thing to themselves instead of trying to force it on me?
Dear Lin,
First off, you shouldn't be doing drugs in the first place. You really shouldn't smoke either, but that's besides the point.
Look, you need to sit down with your parents and your brother and explain to them that this isn't what you want right now. Let them know you respect their beliefs, but you don't appreciate them trying to shove them down your throat. Pacify them by telling them that you may come to the Lord in your own time, and I hope you do.

Dear Sirena,
I'm 29 years old and I'm cheating on my 26 year old wife with an 18 year old hotty. My wife doesn't have the faintest idea, and that's good. But I want her ta know. She's got a rite.
But I don't wanna stop seing this girl. She's young, beautiful and very frisky. I want to stay with my wife cause we've got a little girl together, but how can I have both girls? That's what I want. And how do I tell Sara I'm cheating on her with a girl the same age as her younger sisters?
Please help.
Dear Matt,
You know what? I want a million dollars, but I'm never gonna get it. You made a promise to be faithful to your wife, and you're breaking it. So now you've got a choice. You either make things right with your wife, or you divorce her. You can't have it both ways. And don't think you just won't tell her, because things like that come back to you, and get around to her.
Sit down with her and tell her what you're doing. If she truly loves you, she'll give you another chance. But expect her to be furious and hurt. It'll take a while for her to trust you again.
If you want this girl more than your wife, then tell your wife the marrage isn't working out. Don't put her through this pain. If you're heartless toward your wife and don't really care how she feels, then do it for your daughter at the least.
Good luck.

So like my math teacher's _gorgeous. My names Clamidia by the way. I know. Sick name. But whatever. My parents are perverts.
So my math teacher is 26 and _hot. I'm in love with the man. Not just cause he's good looking, but because he takes time out for me. He gets to know me, and we flirt all the time. Although I'm only sixteen, I know what I'm feeling is love. But how do I tell him without scaring him off?
I follow him all over the place. I even know his number and where he lives, his morning routines, his e-mail address, IM and his cell and his fax and his text and bleep numbers. I'm to afraid to use them though. What do I do? Am I stalking him?
Dear Clamidia,
There is a fine line between gorgeous-teacher worship and stalking. And you know what? You sound ready to cross it. He's your teacher, nothing more. Surrender the fantasy and concentrate on more important things like focusing on school and trying to get into college. Besides, you are way to young for him and if anything _did happen, he'd be put into jail for stachitory rape, so forget it.

Hi Sirena. My name is Annie and I'm 20-years-old. I'm in a very abusive relationship. My boyfriend hits me for every little thing. He's ruining my life, but I'm to scared to dump him. I've tried, and he's threatened to kill me. He says he's sorry afterwards, and usually things are great for about two months. But then he goes back down. What can I do to help him without getting hurt? What do I do to help me? I'm really confused, because I love him to death. He's the best guy when he's not angry, and he doesn't hit me with anything but his hands. I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid of him. Please help me.
Dear Annie,
YOU NEED TO GO TO THE POLICE!!!! He _can't get away with this! You say you love him, and if you do, you're just weird. Leave him. Talk to him about it. Give him another chance if you have to, but if he lays his hands on you again, call the police. Next time it might not be a threat.
And Annie, hitting with his hands is bad enough. You need help. Keep in contact. I wanna know what's going on. Give me a call, okay?
Good luck sweetheart, and _PLEASE be safe!

Hi. My name's Tammi and I'm 22 years old. I just had a little girl, and she won't stop crying. After I feed her she screams and fusses. I don't know if she's in pain, but the cry has this kind of strained screamy sound to it, and the more she cries the more she seems to hurt and the louder she gets. She doesn't sleep because of it and I don't know what to do. I'm a first time mom. Please help me.
If you don't know the answer, please publish this question. Thanks.
Hi Tammi. I think I know what's wrong. Your baby sounds like a colic. I know the cry. I've worked with infants ever since I was twelve. There's something you can put in her milk that will ease the gas, but I'm not sure what.
However, there's also something else you can do. If you havn't switched around her formula, do that. It might be the formula. Have her drink more water, and thirty minutes after her meal, give her saline drops. That helps.
As for why she cries, when crying your daughter is inhaling more gas which just makes the painful pressure worse. You may even need to put her on soy milk. Talk to her doctor, and he/she might tell you the same. They also may know more. I'm only going by what I know.
Good luck.

Since my sister and I were about 11, she has become (over the last 10 years) more and more irrational, irresponsible and impossible to talk to.

You can't say anything to her because it always turns out in an argument. She gets almost EVERYTHING she wants and never lifts a finger to do anything. She doesn't realise how good she has it but she treats everyone like dirt, then insists that whatever latest argument they have had is all their fault.

She goes out of the house at any time she wants without telling anyone where she is going, who with or when she will be back and then just saunters back and shuts herself in her room, which she barely ever leaves.

I've tried reasoning with her and being nice, but she STILL ends up shouting at me. Mum and Dad try punishing her and she thinks they hate her. Truth is we're all so scared about the state she's in (she doesn't talk to any of us about anything)that we just don't know what to do and she won't go to counselling.

Please, if you can help at all, say something because I just don't know what to do any more. (link)
Hi. This has more to do with her than you, but watch out. Your sister is displaying every simptom of depression. Not just any, but manic depression. The anger, the not caring, the thinking every one hates her, it's all a part of depression. I suffer from it, and have ever since I was eleven-years-old. She _must see a psychiatrist or it'll just get worse. She may have a chemical imbalance, and there is medication that can correct that. I'm on Zoloft for depression, Trileptal for mood stabalizing. But there are _tons of meds out there that can help her.
Speak to your Mum and Dad about this, because you've named pretty much every symptom. It may be more serious than selfish, spiteful, spoiled, inconsiderate behavior. She may need more help than anyone can give.
Good luck.
P.S. Trileptal is also for seizures, so don't let that throw you. It stabalizes moods wonderfully once you're on the right dose.
Check me out here and keep me informed. You can send me mail at
I'm also ask-it-here on advicenators.
Good luck again. You can call me too. My number's in my profile.
Tell your parents I also wish them luck.

I just really want a boyfriend,
I want someone to love me for my imperfections,
i want to love someone.. and just be loved in return. I swear thats all I need is love.
I KNOW that the more you look for love the harder it is too find, but i cant get it off my jmind when i see all these couples all the time at school.

and please dont give me some smartass reply.
I want something genuine.

But its just I know EVERYOEN says you ahve the rest of your life. i'm in 9th grade btw.
but i know i have the rest of my life buti the point isI have now too.

help? (link)
Hey. I've been there. People say you've got the rest of your life, but what they don't understand is that you're lonely. How old are you anyway? Fifteen? Fourteen? It's around this time you want someone to hold.
Okay, here's what you've got to do. Lean back, and don't look so love-hungry. It's noticable when you want something so much, and it'll probably scare the guys off. Instead, just be yourself, walk with confidence, and take it one day at a time.
And if you believe in the Lord, know that he'll put someone in your path when you're least expecting it. So keep looking, but get on with your life too.
If you need someone to talk too, call me at
I'm nineteen, and I know what I'm talking about. Good luck, girl.

Okay so this week was the week that the eighth graders at my school went on the southern cities trip. I'm in the eighth grade but didn't go. This boy I like, we'll call him kevin, went. I miss him soo much and I can't wait to see him on monday, and I was even planning on asking him out, but there's one small problem. he's already got a girlfriend. they've been going out over a month already.

he flirts with me all the time when she's not around, and people mistake him for my boyfriend and me for his girlfriend all the time. it makes it really awkward sometimes, but we usually just make a joke out of it. he used to hug me and hold my hand before they got together, now he doesn't do any of that because of her.

I've missed him soo much this week it's made me not think straight. I've started cutting myself, smoking and sneeking out every night this week. I thought about commiting suicide several times and last night I was even about to steal some of the gin out of my mom's liquor cabinet. Is my missing kevin having to do with this? What should I do about it?

This week has barely been tolerable, but has because of a boy named josh. Because of the majority of the kids going on the 8th grade trip, out of 115 of us, there was only about 30 still at school this week. They put all of us in one big class all week and when we rotated, we rotated together. meaning I had more classes with josh that I usually do.

We didn't do much all week because of the people being gone, so the whole week was like a big study hall. well this week in science, 3rd period the boys would all play fast ball with a paper ball they made and the girls would watch tv/listen to music/play truth-or-dare or whatever. welll everytime josh caught the ball, he'd throw it at me, and ofcourse it'd always hit me. i'd pick it up off the ground and stick my tongue out at him. he'd pout and eventually I'd cave and give him the ball back. in which he'd smirk at me and stick out his tongue.

what should i do about him? I know kevin likes me..but I dont know or understand what's going on with josh.

I'm sorry this is long, and just for that, you all get 5's if you give me a good answer. :] (link)
Okay. Lets take stock here. I'm a bit older than you, a few years anyway, and I'm going through the same thing. I'm in love with a taken guy. So here's what you do.
Hon, if you tell him that you like him, it'll really make things awkward, and if this girl friend of his gets wind of it, she'll make your life miserable. Instead, ask him about the girl. What it is he truly likes about her and questions like that. If or when he tells you, you'll know what he likes, therefore you can discretely try to win your baby back.
As for Josh. He likes you. He's being a jerk because he doesn't want anyone to know. Think about it. Maybe he stayed back because he found out you were. Just ignore him, or tell him point blank that you don't like him. He'll say he doesn't, and as he does, watch his eyes and his cheeks. If he blushes or looks startled, then you'll have your answer.
Good luck.
Sirena 14, im 5'6" and i weight bout 120 (give or take a few pounds) i wanna know some ways to tone up my body before summer, mostly in stomache area and thighs, any help would be great thanks...xoxo
Hey! Crunches work wonders for the stomach, and leg lifts are _great for the thighs.

I think when it comes to friends, I'd die for them. Give my heart, and give them my hand. Lately, I've been kind of bummed out, taking a lot of shit from people. I dunno.. I have a boyfriend, who've I only been dating for about 3 months now. Then I have a bestfriend. We used to have a thing, until I figured out he had a daughter and had to go back home. Since we're in two different states.

I'm not quite sure if me and my friend from the other state still had a thing, but we were still closer than fuck. He got a girlfriend, i got a boyfriend. Recently, his girl broke up with him. Then he totally blocked me, and her out of his life.

I'm sort of bummed about that. I also don't know where I'm going with this..

I don't know why he'd block me out of his life either?

I guess it's not a question i'm asking, I think i'm just looking for someone with a good heart to give good words.

Hey sweetheart. Sounds like he's either got comitment issues, or he's seriously depressed. I've had this happen to me too, so you're not alone. Just give him some time.
Hey, and don't think it's you. You didn't do anything. I know it's easier said than done, but try and approach him. E-mail him explaining how you feel. Write him a letter. Try and call him. If he's any kind of friend, he'll respond.]
If you need to talk to someone, you can call me at
I hope it all turns out all right. Keep your chin up Hon. Things will get better.

Dear Sirena,
My name is Ginny. I'm fifteen and I need your help. Here's the problem.
My boyfriend chews with his mouth open and talks with it full of food. It's _really disgusting. I've told him about it but he won't stop. He says I'm to squeamish. What do I do?
Squeamish Girl
Dear Ginny,
Refuse to sit at the same table with him until he learns to eat like a gentleman and not a cow. Trust me, a few meals all alone and he'll swallow before he talks for sure.

how long does it take to pass out after you get dehidrated. (link)
Hey. You can go for three days without water, and then you'll pass out. But beware. You'll also die.

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