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Hey. My name's Sirena, and I'm here to help you. I've been through a _lot in my life. I've experienced death, divorce, beatings, rapes, molestations and so much more. I'm also visually impaired.
I will always do my best to answer questions and give good advice. You can ask me anything: I'll answer _everything. If I answer your question, please give me a rating. My goal however isn't to be the best on the site, it's to help and care about those who come to me.
If you need some extra comfort, you can call me at
I'm there Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and most Saturdays. During the week, call after three, and on Sunday nights, after eight. I'm looking forward to helping you.
God Bless.

Gender: Female
Location: New York
Occupation: college
Age: 19
Member Since: April 10, 2006
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Last Update: June 22, 2006
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Rating: 5

Rating: 5
Thank you for your advice. There's a strong possibility that you could be right. I've spoken to my Mum who is making her go to the doctor about it. Thanks loads!!

Rating: 5
aww yeah exactly, i'm only 14.. but you get it exactly, I am lonely. i feel kinda embarassed to say so too =/ but aw you are so sweet. I know i'm young, too, everyone goes ..'well gah your so young' but i cant help where my brain and emotions are =/ can i? yes I belive in God, I keep praying and asking, but its just I get discouraged when nothing happens, and I know I need to be paitent but its just hard. and aww you put your number on here, thats amazingly sweet :] thank you for the help! <3

Rating: 5
Thanks, it's good to know there is people with good heart out there.

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