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What skirt would go good with that cami? And what's a cute sweater I could wear over it? Please help.

Would this skirt go with it?
I think the cami and skirt match, but i would go to american eagle and find the clothes you want, in case the two shades of blue don't match.
Also, i think just regular jeans or a jean skirt would go fine with that
and add lots of jewelry, like a stone green bracelet or some blue earrings...but i'm not sure what sweater would work...:\

well, hope it helps anyways:)

Q: can any one help me??? im doing an WWII ABC book, and we have to find a word for each letter of the aplabet relevent to WWII. does any one know any X or Y words??? please + thanks!
i don't know one for X, but i know a good one for y.
Yamamoto! He was a japanese general in world war two :)

hope it helps!

Q: 16/F,This guy told me that he really likes me and I really like him too. But, the strange thing is that we're both really different and we don't have much in common. He is outgoing and is part of the whole popular crowd and mostly enjoys partying and getting drunk all the time. I'm the direct opposite of him cause I'm mostly a shy person and I'm not the crazy party type. Everyone tells me that itz cause of the whole opposites attract thing, but I can never understand why does it work that way?
i think opposites attract not because of their actions(partying, getting drunk) but because they like the other person's mind, they like their jokes, and style, and personality. everyone is outgoing on the inside and he already realized that and likes you for what is on YOUR inside.

i wasn't quite sure how to answer this, but i hope it helps anyways.

Q: My Birthday is in 3 weeks, and i have no idea what to do for a party. Any ideas?
well you didn't exactly give a whole lot of information, such as whether you were a girl or a guy and how old you were but you could invite lots of friends to go bowling, come to your house to watch movies, go swimming, eat out at a restraunt, play games/sports in your backyard such as volleyball, basketball, or something silly like kickball. or just go to a party store and buy tons of decorations and balloons or a pinata and go from there.
drop something off in my inbox if you wanna give some more information.

Q: Just yesterday, I started feeling sick. Today I have a little bit of a sore throat (it has improved)& the beginning of a stuffy nose and last night I'm pretty sure I had a fever, and I'm not sure if it's gone or not. I've been drinking Tons of water, and I've been resting. Today I will be going to my friends birthday party for about an hour, and tomorrow I'm going to my granparents house. I hope to be better by Monday.

Do you think I will be better by Monday? & Besides drinking water & resting, what else can I do to get better? Are there any foods that will help?

Thanks, I'll rate.
Yeah, i would drink things other than water too, such as gatorade or powerade or a soft drink like sprite, which will help you. you can also eat some soup and crackers but i would advise no candy or desserts. Blow your nose alot too, to get all the crap out inside of it.

hope it helps!:)

Q: Well i am a f/13 and i like this boy and i think he likes me too. We nonstop flirt and we always talk. Even one time we both left the classroom just so we can talk. Well i think that it is the cutest thing every time we talk and there are people around us he always wispers in my ear and tells me. He gets so close that my chest and his chest touch and he doesnt move he just stays there with our chests touching. I think it is so cute how he wants to get so close and wispers in my ear. So just to flirt with him and make him enjoy being around me I wisper back into his ear and push my chest up against his and get as close as i can and we just stare into each others eyes. it is so romantic. Doesnt that sound sweet? Then i dont understand why he wont ask my to be his girlfriend? Please dont tell me to ask him out because i never will? Please go it to details, thanks in advance. remeber i rate 5s for good advice,
i think maybe this boy is a little bit frightened of having a "girlfriend". some boys get nervous by the idea and really like someone, but don't nesseraily want them as their girlfriend. or maybe he's not allowed to have a girlfriend, or he thinks his friends will make fun of him. or maybe he's just a shy guy, and wishes that you would ask him. that would not be so good if you guys always wanted each other to ask the other out. i know it's hard to ask someone out, but if that guy likes you as much as you like him, go for it.

Q: There's a guy I like, and I'm thinking about telling him how I feel. Well, there's a big dance coming up and I was thinking about telling him then. Maybe while we slow dance or something... but then again, that could make it awkward. Any ideas/tips on what I should say and when I should say it? Thanks!
When you are slow dancing with the guy, towards the end of the song, put your hands up real close to his neck and stop moving. say, "can i ask you a question?" or something like that and then just tell him how you feel. he will really like it probably grin and say yes.
at least, that's what happened to me.

good luck!:)

Q: Today in Life Skills, my school counselor told us girls "all 13-year-old boys care about is looks." (it's not a co-ed class) She also went on to say that 13-year-old boys only like girls with big boobs and a big ass. She said that they are very shallow, but the best thing for us to do is wait for them to grow up.

Is this really true? Do boys only notice boobs and butts on a girl and nothing else? It doesn't make me feel too good knowing that, because I certainly don't have a big butt and big boobs, and I'd like to have a boyfriend.

i think your guidance counselor was completely wrong in saying that! of course that's not all boys care about! if they did, the world would be a very SINGLE place. because, if that was all a guy cared about, then he is really not worth it. but don't worry, there's someone out there for you, and you've just got to find him:)

Q: ok so im making a warm up cd for our soccer games but im running low on the choices...

soooo any good songs?
they have to be clean like no cussing and whatever
well it depends what kind of songs you want but you can get fun songs, such as:
control myself-ll cool j and jennifer lopez
Unwritten-natasha bedingfield
temperature-sean paul
pump it-black eyed peas(this one would really be good)
gold digger-kanye west
dance, dance-fall out boy
check on it-beyonce
my humps-black eyed peas
beverly hills-weezer
switch-will smith
run it-chris brown

i'm not sure which ones are clean or not so you're going to have to look up the lyrics

tell me how it works out!!

Q: Haha I had no clue what category this should of gone under, so I picked randomly.

Anyway.. I am 14 and a girl and I was wondering.. how many people shave(or wax or ect) their arms? Should i shave mine? I feel like my arms have light colored hair (blonde) but the seem hairy to me. I read in a magazine something about shaving arms, but should I? Would it be weird or would it be weird if I didnt?
I don't think you should shave your arms, because even though it may seem thick or you have a lot of it to you, most people probably don't even notice it. It also might look kind of weird if your arms were all shiny, but that's just my opinion. I have a lot of friends who are swimmers who HAVE to shave their arms and they think it is kind of annoying because not only do they have to shave their legs, and armpits, they also have to do their arms. But whatever, if you do decide to, i would probably get them waxed so it wouldn't grow back so quickly.

hope it works!

I have a problem. I don't know what to get my mom for her birthday. Any suggestions?
well first, what kind of things does your mom like?
candles, flowers, jewelry?
count up your money and buy something!
and deffently get a card! moms love cards!

Q: im 14/f and i was asked to prom by my boyfriend of a few months (2-3). he goes to a different school and they only have a junior prom so what im asking is do you people think 14 is too young for prom. i have to say im a mature 14 and my bf thinks so and thats why he likes me besides numerous other reasons.we wouldnt have sex or go to parties afterward so is just prom too young for a 14year old????? my parents know and are ok with me going but i still dont know..
thanx a bunch
Yeah, i think fourteen is a fine age to go to the prom. Even if you're in eighth grade, that's still ok because he asked you and you wouldn't do anything besides that. I say, go for it! Then, you could tell all your friends about it!

have fun:)

Q: well currently it's spring break && im feeling like its summer all over again. I'm not an only child, i have two older sisters who have lives an hour away from my house. I live with my mom and her boyfriend and my dad and his girlfriend live like 20 minutes away. ALL during summer, i'm home alone. A lot of people take advantage of the fact that their mom stays home or that they have sibling to live with. At least they have somehting to do, I'm home alone all summer long from 7-5 :(. I feel like its summer and this is one of the reasons i DONT like summer, im bored and lonely, which makes me sad and i get sad alot and i hate being sad, HELP.
It's ok. First of all, it's not summer and we still have a couple more months to go, so that's good for you. Second of all, i feel really bad for you that you have to be by yourself. But, are there things you can do? Can you walk down the street to the library, or a fast food place or a pool? If so, you could spend days down there, maybe you'll even see people you know there and can hang out with them. If you can't walk anywhere, take a summer sport or a job. The sports usually last for about three hours or so, which will give you something to do. A job will give you something to do, and you'll get to earn cash! Also, do you have any neighbors that want their kids babysat? You could volunteer for that. Pick up a new hobby, such as reading, scrapbooking, juggling, movie making, or taking pictures.
This year, my sister is doing marching band and volunteering at a kids' church camp. The church camp is an entire week from about 9 in the morning until 1ish. Marching band starts at the end of july, and goes straight through august with an entire week of band camp. Try some of my ideas and don't let this summer go to waste!

Q: Is there anywhere to find cheap & cute prom dresses? The prom is this weekend & I really need to find a dress quick!
yeah you could try any department stores:
and other stores like
wet seal
forever 21

i would just go to your mall and look there.
hope it helps!

Q: Ok so I had two teeth extracted two years ago and kept them. I bleached them and now I want to make them into jewelry. I know it might sound weird but I'm a person of kind of abstract tastes.
Can anyone tell me if it's a good idea to paint them or have any clues on how I should do it? Any websites would be helpful too. I tried googling it but it didn't help much.
Thanks, I rate 5's for productive ideas.
I think painting them would be a good idea.
But i wouldn't just paint them one color, you should do like some kind of fun pattern on them (like polka dots, stripes, or even flames would look neat)

You could also attach thin pieces of ribbons to the bottoms of them, that would make a really cool necklace.

I think even if you put little gems or shiny small jewels on them, that would show up and would be a big hit.

:) tell me how it works out, and i believe i share your interest in odd things.:)

Q: Ok... here's the situation...
I'm a senior in high school (17 female) ...I have a crush on one of my teachers (25 male) ... hes cute and funny and all that... we're really good friends and many of my close friends seem to think he likes me back... but im not sure ... to get to the point ... my question is that would it be considered un-ethcial for us to go out after i was to graduate?
hmm...this is a hard question, but i would most deffently wait until after i graduated, maybe even a few more years, because you might still feel like a high-schooler.

Also, it's a bit of an age difference but it could work if you waited a few years.


Q: Last night I found out a bunch of my best guy friends smoke, drink, and do weed. I broke down cause you never really think it'll happen to you. Me and some of my other friends want them to get help, before its too late. What could we do; ( Annonymously if possible ) ?
First of all, i would talk to them about their problems, and see if they care enough about themselves to want to get help from you. If not, you are going just to have to except them for them, unless you decide that you really don't want to be their friends anymore. But don't try butting into their space to could end up bad.

good luck:)

Q: my friend and i are doing a lyrical dance for our talent show which has a 3 minute time limit
i need some opinions on which song we should use
1. Giving it all away- Ashlee Simpson
2. Collapsed- Aly & AJ
3. The first single- the format
4. Black Balloon- Goo Goo Dolls
i think we are leaning more towards 1 & 2 because we wouldn't have to cut them but i just want some feedback on which song people think would be the overall best choice for the talent show keeping in mind that it is lyrical. thank you very much!
While Black Balloon is a really nice song, it would be hard to dance to and not so entertaining. I've never heard the 3rd song, so i can't really tell you whether or not i think you should do that. The first two are good songs too, but very well known and people would be easy to see if you mess up.
1,2, or 4 i think would be best, anyways. hope it works:)

Q: IM 15/f and i really like this kid who has a gf and turns 18 today. i've practicaly changed part of my life to win him over. I think i;m going to give up b/c he has a gf. i talked to him a while ago. i was stupid last month and told him i loved him. he said he kinda liked me but he has a gf. she is 17. I started to dress different and listen to different music and like different things. do you think i should give up on him and just stop thinking/talking to him/seeing him. or should i act like everything is fine? he is going to help me this summer to helo me join the basketball team next year. im rly excited. i dont know what to do though b/c everytime i see him or talk to him i fall in love with him again. he flirts with me and everything and i love it. but, i dont know if i can do it anymore. so do you think i should forget all about him and move on or should i just continue getting my heart broken when i see him and just wait for something to finally happen? i rate good answers.

My advice is don't totally give him up, just take a break from him. Leave him alone for the next couple of months, maybe even until basketball season next year. That way, you won't get your heart broken or feel bad that he doesn't love you the way you like him.
See him as little as possible, and when you are near him, be his friend. No flirting, just act casual.

But don't change yourself for this guy. He could turn out to be really different then what you thought. Be yourself, and soon enough, a guy will come around and like you for you.


Q: i really want a hair crimper sooo is there any specific brand that is better than others? if so, where can i get it? if not, do you know any good store to get them at? thanks. i rate high.
there are many different places that sell hair crimpers. mostly, it depends what kinds you like, the bigger or smaller. my friend just got one at target for about twenty dollars that she says works great. you can usually find them at any store that sells different things, (target, k-mart, cvs, walmart, sometimes even your grocery store.)
unless you buy a really expensive one, they are pretty much work the same.

Hello everybody! My name is hannah and i'm here to give the best advice you will ever need! Just ask me and i will give the answer that i KNOW will work out the best. I am well experienced and have had a lot of training and classes on giving people advice and people that need help. i want you to know that i'm here for you- with whatever you need. you can always get in touch with me and i will always answer you back.

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