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So i met this guy through a friend a while back, and from the start i had been kind of intrested in him. But i had been too shy to ask him if he was seeing anyone. Eventually, we started talking and hanging out more, and so now we're really good friends. And in that time, i have developed a huge crush on him. And unfortunately, learned that he has a girlfriend. The few people i've told about him (my best girlfriends) have said that we'd be perfect together, and i have to agree. It made me sad that hes taken, but i did learn however, that him and her will eventually break up by the end of the summer because shes going to another high school next year, and he dosen't want a long distance thing going on. I have come really close to telling him i like him, but never have because i'm too scared of what he'd think.
the thing that confuses me most though, is that he acts like he likes me when we're together, so i think maybe he does. (and my friends say he does) But how can he if he has a girlfriend?!
what should i do?? i'm so confused.

Simply put, he likes you. You like him. It's time to tell him the truth and make the first move because I doubt you want to wait until the end of summer.

I'm a bit biased about this situation, because although he does have a girlfriend, if he says its over, it's going to be over. In this kind of relationship, I would say the sooner he breaks it off is the better because it seems like he's in this relationship just to be in a relationship and there isn't anything left to move forward from.

He probably knows that you like him, but he doesn't want to be the first to tell you his feelings. You've heard this before, but what's the most you can lose? You need to find out the answers before you hurt yourself pining over a taken man. If his feelings about having a girlfriend changes and he wants to stay with her, you need to know. It's better than feeling stupid after waiting on him and then discovering he had no intentions on leaving her. I've been there and it isn't the greatest feeling in the world.

Thinking about it on the reverse side, you might want to take into consideration that he is uninhibited with his actions. Anything he does with you that he does not tell his girlfriend is considered cheating, and you don't want him to run around with some other girl when you're dating him yourself.

In the end, it's still better to make the first move because face it, the attraction is thick in the air, we can even read it in your testimony ;)
Your girlfriends say you'd be perfect together, and you seem to think so too, so why don't you find out? Words are just words, and it means nothing other than an awkward barrier between you and him. Break it. Because sometimes men need a little encouragement to make the right decisions too.


someone asked me if i "raked" my boyfriend and i have no idea what it means.

Raking means when performing oral sex on your boyfriend, you tend to bite down or scratch his penis with your teeth. It's a pretty old slang so I'm surprised it's still being used.


Hey. Me and my boyfriend Mike been going out for like 3 months and we both love each other. But we fight alot and try to get each other jealous which works becuz he gets really pissed and punches walls and jumps people and I just cry. We always make up like the next 20 minutes are so saying we love each other. Is that normal? Second of all like a month ago when we were still dating he was at a party and a girl got on top of him and started kissing him he told her to stop because he had a girlfriend (he told me this). So I still can't trust him even though he swears on his life. Am I just over reacting or did he do something. I want to be with him but I want to be able to stop fighting with him. Please help me I will rate high


Since the problem is obviously the jealousy and an "eye for an eye", why not stop the cycle? This type of relationship isn't healthy for you or him.

If he's telling you about a girl at a party who he tried to fend off, he's playing an old card. He's trying to get you jealous but still seem like the sweet little lamb. Instead of getting back, be smart and talk to him.

Let him know what both of you guys are doing isn't normal and it isn't what love is supposed to mean. It's time to end all the jealousy and let each other know when the other is getting out of hand. Most of all, it's important not to abuse your positions in each others hearts to try to hurt the other person. The only reason you're fighting with one another is because of jealousy and mistrust. Let him know you're willing to trust in him and stop all this jealousy crap if he's willing to trust in you. In the future be more open about each other and don't be afraid to let him know when you feel hurt rather than getting back at him so he's more open into letting you understand his feelings.


my boyfriend is extremely stiff.. like i don't really think he knows how to be a boyfriend ;] lol it's really cute because it's hard for him to even talk to me.. and he's 16 .. so i'm planning on trying to loosen him up a little bit.. i mean it's really sad. yesterday he gave my mom a handshake and i was like "mom, you got more action from him then i did!" like he doesn't know what to do when he's around me.. so my question is.. is do you have any ideas on what i can do to make him loosen up a little bit ;] 5 for a thought =]

Perhaps he wants to mess around a little bit and doesn't know how or doesn't want to embarrass him. Here's how to loosen him up..

You don't want to make him back into his shell again by putting him on the spot so slowly work him in. Here's a setting he might enjoy opening up in:

Turn the lighting down. If you don't want it completely out, have dim lighting. Turn on a flick or just the television in the background with the volume lowered. Just talk or give him slight complements. Some people actually loosen up more in dimmer environments, it might have to do with how they view their physical appearances or perhaps they're too worried about placement of body parts, expressions, etc. during the conversation to actually concentrate on the topic.

A lot of people don't open up right away unless they're very comfortable with the person they're with. Talk to him often just don't overpower him with yourself. See how he's feeling or what he's into.

A good two person conversation is contributed to evenly by both people. Don't worry, soon he'll open up to you on his own. He's just worried about making a good impression now ;)


i was wondering if anyone knows any poems about love and romantic things i really need like at least three but if you onlt know 1 or 2 it's ok i still wanna hear them plez let me hear your poems


This one has a couple ads.


Very cute submitted poems.

Here are two websites for you, I checked them both out. Google love poems or romantic poems for more. :)


14/f...ok so i like this guy named Adam. We were at this party and we were playing truth or dare and I was dared to kiss him on the lips. I was like "no", or "i dont want to" or "why didnt you guys have to do this?" but i was obviously just pretending. So i eventually did it but both of our eyes were open and he didnt even kiss bak. His lips didnt even move. He didn't say anything really not anything bad or good just nothing. Do you think that he likes me or is totally just not interested.
ps. he is REALLY REALLY shy and doesn't really "FLIRT" with me but we talk a lot.

Let's see it from his point of view. How does he know whether you're just playing coy or not? It's not like he knows you like him. If you pretend to be disinterested, it would embarrass him if he got really into it. Or, like you said, he's very shy and so he's not used to kissing someone in front of a lot of people.

If he just plain doesn't know how to kiss, invite him over and teach him a lesson. ;)


14/f. my parents had a big christmas party in december, and they hired a blues band to come play. the guitarist in the band is good friends with another amazing guitarist who just turned 15, so the 15-year-old came and played too. he seems like a complete carbon copy of myself because we both love music (i play several instruments) and he isn't afraid to pour his heart out on stage. besides, he is uberly cute. i was too shy to talk to him when he was at my house, and he lives a long way away. in mid january i found his email address and sent him an email saying who i was and stuff like that. he sent me a message back in february that said hey there, etc. (in my email i told about my obsession with music, he commented on several things i said). i know that he has a myspace account, but i'm scared to add him as a friend because i don't want to seem like a stalker because i haven't even ever met him before! but my friends and i are convinced that i will marry him someday, so i have to do something. i know that i might see him in june/july, but i'm not sure. anyway, my question is, how stupid do you people think i am and what should i say to him the next time i see him? thanks, y'all. 5's for everybody.

Adding him on Myspace won't make him think you're a stalker, trust me.

It's actually a great way to get to know him better. Myspace is basically for you to add people in the same class as you whom you want to get to know. Most people add each other on Myspace regardless if they've only seen each other once.

Besides that, he can't see your feelings. Leave him a cute comment so you stand out and be sure to check back to see if he comments you.


Okay well, I did something really bad. I was just on a cruise for two weeks, and before I went, my boyfriend broke up with me. But then, I was in florida for a week before I went on the cruise, and he came all the way down from PA to tell me that he was sorry and didn't want me to hook up with any other guys because he loved me and would always love me. But then, when I got on the cruise, I met this realllly cute guy, and we started making out and stuff by the time the two weeks were up. And he started to really like me, but I'm not too sure if I like him, because I love my boyfriend with all my heart. The boy on the cruises name is Tom, and my boyfriends name is Matt, by the way. And I'm a 17 year old.

Well first of all, Matt breaks up with you before the trip, then drives down to Florida before your cruise to let you know you can't hook up with anyone, and then throws in "I love you". If he breaks up with you, he should at least have the decency to give you some time instead of tie you up on your vacation. If Matt can't stand thinking about you with some other guy then he should have thought before breaking up with you in the first place.

You shouldn't feel too guilty about Tom, because think about it, Matt just happens to change his mind right before your cruise? The gesture was cute, but it takes a lot more talking and less lines to prove he's genuine.

From past experience, if you get back together with your boyfriend too quickly after a break up without talking it through, it's bound to happen again quickly. If you decide to give him another chance, find out why he broke up with you in the first place and what made him change his mind. Hopefully he doesn't give you the "because I realized I loved you" line again.

Cut yourself some slack since it was your vacation and "I love you" really isn't a reason.

As for Tom, a vacation fling won't last, especially when everyone's scattered across the country again. Keep in touch with him though, in case you guys ever meet up, even as friends. :)


Okay, I really really really want to have sex with him (a.k.a. my boyfriend) but everytime we are about to "do it", I chicken out.

I don't know why, I guess that it's because I'm a virgin.
But I wish I weren't so scared. And I can never figure
out why I back out.

What should I do? Wait to have sex? Or just hold my
tongue and get it over with?

[p.s.] i'm a female, 16 years old

Never ever hold your tongue! I know you've heard it before, but your words hold a lot of power and has INFLUENCE. You can stop something from happening and you can give consent to it.

There are girls who think about whether or not they should have sex with their boyfriends for about a minute and then decide they should just because all their friends are doing. Unfortunately, I made that same mistake. It's showing a lot that you think about it in terms of yourself rather than what others think.

Whenever you are doubtful, follow your instincts and your decisions are going to be the right ones. You have a lot to lose and just weigh it in with what you have to gain.

And, you aren't scared, your minds just telling you that you aren't prepared for it yet. (I mean it's going to be a whole new experience.) Pay attention to the numerous times it tries to stop you.

Your decision should be your own, however I can tell you that for your first time, you won't be holding your tongue more than you will be biting on it.

EDIT: Pain and bleeding are natural for your first time. If you feel like you're ready then try it slowly. You can stop anytime. It would help if your boyfriend knew that you were a virgin. It helps to have someone guide you through it.



I know everyone hates relationship questions, but this one... well I'm basicially dying for advice.

My friend Jackie asked my crush if him and i could ever be more than just friends and he said could be. I am seriously considering telling him how I feel on Valentines Day and then maybe giving him a peck on the lips. Is this a bad idea? I've liked him for a long time and I feel like I really need to tell him in person. So does anyone have any suggestions for me?

If you answer, thank you SO much, you have no idea how grateful I am for your feedback.


A peck don't hurt and it sounds like the perfect day to tell him. It's good you're telling him in person instead of having a friend do it. How else are you going to see his flattered reaction? ;)


i have blonde hair blue eyes skinny tall smart popular and cute . i also play a ton of sports so why cant i get a good boyfriend like my last boyfriennd dumped me in one day.if you know why tell me i need to know

Probably just a bad string of luck, you'll find your perfect boyfriend out there somewhere. But remember, its not all about being popular and cute, because those are physical qualities and they aren't all that matter. They can see that you're beautiful, but they cannot see your personality and all that is inside if all that you flaunt is your looks. You know you're smart, so ask yourself this, do they know?


Well I used to like one of my best friends, I've known for 9 years so I had one of my friends tell him and it turns out he never thought of me as more than a friend. Now its like 7 months later and he's ignoring me and I miss him a lot.I dont like him anymore but I miss being his friend. What should I do?

I think he owes you an apology. If he wasn't interested in you then, he should have told you so instead of trying to avoid you. That's no way to treat a best friend of 9 years. He must be really important to you if you're willing to be friends with him after that.

The first thing I would do is talk to him about what happened. Let him know that he should have communicated with you instead of avoiding you if he wasn't interested. After all, you have been friends for 9 years and he shouldn't have walked away from that because you developed feelings for him. Let him know that you don't have feelings for him anymore but you miss being friends with him since y'all had a lot of fun. He probably misses being friends with you too.

Best friends should be able to let each other know what's going on and work through everything together. Having your friend tell him you like him is probably what made him think that it was OK for him to just take all the time and distance he wanted. Be sure to have open communication with him at all times to avoid stumbling over the same hole again, because in time something like that is going to happen again.


So a girl i really like(im a boy 14 year she is 14 too) has her birthday in 2 weeks and i don't know what to give her...PLEASE VERY PLEASE HELP!ALL 5

she likes rock music the most guitar and stuff...also she likes pets like dogs and cats.

Get her one of those adorable guitar purses or guitar earrings. I've seen those in accessory stores such as Icing and Claires. ;)


This "tell your secrets" thing is going around my school and well just read this--

Ok you guys!! To participate in this you must be a SENIOR at******** High School and you have to be involved in one or more of the following school activities: Drill Team, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Wrestling, Volleyball, and Golf! If none of that applies to you then tell the person that sent it to you and DO NOTHING ELSE!!

*Once you get this—pick a number and type one of your secrets that you don’t think anyone knows.
*When you are done, send it to ONE other person. ONLY ONE!! NO MORE THAN ONE!! That means that only one person should be doing this at a time. Otherwise, it won’t work out right.

These are a few that I read that really suprised me about relationships:

3. i want to ask out one of my best friends, but it wood be weird, even though we always talk about how good a couple we'd make, but nonetheless i don’t know if he/she feels the same way and i don’t know what to do so I just ignore it

18 i cheated on him but broke up with him when I found out he cheated on me—he still doesn’t know about my cheating

25. I don't like my boyfriend at all. We constantly argue and we can't stand each other. But everyone thinks we 'belong' to each other; including our paretns. Just becasue we come from the same side of the tracks and have the same backgrounds we have to be togeher. We just can't seem to end it. I WANT OUT

29 i've had sexx with 13 guys--my boyfriend thinks he's the only one. i do love him though...

42 My Girlfriend Makes Me Want to Kill Myself. I Dont Know Why We Are Together

54 even though she fucks with my mind breaks my heart and shows no signs of caring for me i stick by her loyally and she has no idea how much i care for her. but at the same time i feel im kicking myself in the teeth and crushing my own heart because i know ill never have her

130 The pain in my life prohibits my ability to love, so she'll never know just how much I really do care.

149 I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend. Even though I tell my current boyfriend I love him, who I'm cheating on with someone else. But no one will ever replace him so why try.

I couldn't believe what I was reading for most of these. Why can't we just be honest with ourselves and with our partners? I know I'm not completely honest myself but why is it so hard?

What I learned from life is no one is perfect. When I was younger, I had a hard time staying in a relationship because I would always find something wrong with that person and pick at it or found someone who I thought would be better. The truth is we're all human beings and we are tempted to make mistakes all the time. Breaking up with my ex and the course of events following was a boot to my face and I went into this huge phase where I just reflected on everything. It's made me realize that when he got jealous it just meant he loved me and when he was late picking me up he was coaching a little league team. I got angry at all the little things and I didn't know how much I was hurting him. I was so broken down by the time I realized all this and by then it was too late and that was the day Mark left. It takes time for us to be honest with ourselves. For example, my relationship with my mother had always been tumultuous. So I reflected on my relationship with her. I didn't want to be the first to call her up and just confess everything, but my curiosity of her past got the best of me. What I've found out is she's had a rocky relationship with my late grandmother who had anger problems (because of which she stayed in a psychiatric hospital for almost a year) and there was much abuse in her past. I learned as much from her as she did from me. Since then, she is my best friend. :)

Many of us has had horrible relationships but no matter what the case, it can be healed by understanding and to understand you have to be completely selfless and be able to admit your mistakes. I'm still working on the man that helped me realize all of this.


is there a difference between going out end being gf/bf?
i have been going out with this guy for a while and people say oh you two are going out right? and i dont know if he considers us bf/gf?

The difference is if you're exclusive or not exclusive. By going out, do you mean dating only each other or can you go on a date with other guys too? This can get kind of confusing since people tend to judge on appearances.

Let me sum it up, usually going out with someone means you are EXCLUSIVE and b/g :)


Ok so I have a crush on this girl who ive been flirting with to much. and right now i believe shes tryin to ignor and avoid me. Like I was at a dance today and I was walking up to her to say hi and that she did a good job when she was cheerleading at the west gym {she is not a snot , i put this in here because some peeps might thiunk cheerleaders are snots}, and she ran off to the dark center of the gym. Atleast i think that was her. Anyway, I was wondering how I can get some positive reinforcesments in my situation.

Loosin sleep and desperate

You're putting too much leverage on this one experience. Of course she wasn't trying to be a snot. I wasn't ever the star of my High School squad but I loved it when people had positive feedback on our routine (even if it's just a practice). Since it was a dance, perhaps she was looking for a friend and saw her accross the room and decided to go say hi. Since everyone is inside a tiny little room with loud music, she probably didn't hear your comment. There are many things that could have happened that needed her to tend to other than you. Don't stress over this one small thing. Like you said, she's unlikely to have been trying to purposely be a snot. View everything first from an eagle eye view and then begin to work your way through. Don't think everything going wrong started with you.

UPDATE: Remember, Advicenators can only answer your question based on the information you give. ;)


I like this guy, and when I say that I mean alot. The problem is, I have a horrible feeling I wont get to have him. Hes known to "get all the girls". Hes almost perfect. I think he is. Normally I'm not comfurtable around most people, but even the first day that I met him I was completly comfurtable, and the doesnt happen very often so I didnt get it. Also I dont really flirt with guys cause im not comfurtable but I do with him. He doesnt go to my school so it makes things harder. I dont think im going to get him, at all. So my question is, how do I make this feeling go away? I dont like knowing that the one person whose come around in a long time who I am COMPLETLY comfurtable with (which is extremly rare for me) is all over other girls and my chances with him might be slim. I just need to know how to get over this fast. Thanks. Sorry for ranting on. Ill rate 5's to good answers.

You say get over, but if he's as perfect as you say he is, is this something you'd be willing to let go without kicking and screaming? Since you don't see him on a day to day basis, however, you probably have less of a perspective of his true personality. He might seem almost perfect but the only time you can truly see what kind of person he really is is how he interacts with others. You say that you are comfortable around him, why are you not comfortable with yourself enough to pursue him? Don't worry about other girls' chances when it's about YOU and what YOU do. When playing a sport, say soccer, can you really put numbers and percentages on your chances of winnings? Sure you could but that makes the game completely pointless if we have calculators to play for us. Yes it does play a role but as you know underdogs sometimes pull up top. It depends on determination and confidence in yourself. Try again. ;)


well there is this guy in my class, matthew, hes a goth. well he seems to always talk to me, and at lunch my group sits near his group, like 6 meters apart. and he sits with his girlfriend but he seems to look at me alot. in class today he went "I love your eyes" and he strokes my hair..and smells my hair...2 of my friends said he likes me...does he like me?

It's blantantly obvious he likes you. When a guy looks you in the eyes and compliments you, I'll be hit with a bus if that doesn't mean he's likin' it a lot more than you know. Throw stroking your hair and smelling it! But wait before you jump into his lap. Perhaps this is his way of getting to know people better considering that he has a girlfriend.

The only way to find out is make a mental list of any othe signals he might be sending, write 'em down and decipher. This includes physical contact and communication. If he's staring down your shirt, ditch him, he's a scumbag who has a girlfriend. If he starts comparing you to his girlfriend, wrap him up and take him home. Trust me, writing them down helps. ;)


ok this is my dilemma.there is this guy called rick in both my english and history clases.he looks at me a lot.and when i say something in class.he at times smiles at me like his proud of me or something.its wierd cause now am thinking about him A LOT.him and me as a couple and am not really sure if i even like him.DO I LIKE HIM OR DO I JUST LIKE THE ATTENTION HIS GIVING ME OR BOTH./AND DOES HE LIKE ME ANYWAY
i am so confused.help me out here guys.

i rate 5

It seems that he's trying to get your attention by observing you and appearing interested in your daily activities. Sometimes we all feel like screaming for attention, like, hey world I'm still here without seeming down right out of your mind. Just think about if Rick's attention is the kind that you want and need in your life. Of course you like attention, doesn't everyone? Often times the people that need this attention the most are ignored and that feeling is perfectly normal. Because you are fantasizing about you and him as a couple shows that you're subconsciously thinking that this can develop into something more. And guess what? You're absolutely right! You are starting to show interest towards him as well and you want to explore this attraction.

Try this: smile back at him when he smiles at you and look away. Try not to make eye contact with him until the end of class. Then when it's the end of class, walk up to him and say "Hey, whats going on?" and start a conversation with him. Having two classes together gives you more opportunities to talk to Rick, use them to your advantage! ;)


ok well i know this guy likes me. I know it for a fact. But he is stalling to ask me out. Does anyone know who to get him to ask me out before next friday ( The school halloween dance )?

This guy probably has the case of the nerves. Reassure him and let him know that you are still open for the dance and it would be great to have someone to go with. Ease up with a joke, like, I can't really go to the dance as Cinderella without a Prince. Ask him a question such as "What are you going to wear?". Get him into it.

If all else fails ask him yourself. Say "As you know there's a dance this Friday, will you take me?" It's as simple as that. ;)


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