Hi, my name is Angela. I'd like to think I'm a friendly person and I've had my share of experiences and knowledge.

My friends tell me I'm great at giving them advice (most of the time) and I like to have fun while I'm at it.

Not sure about something a decision? Need more insight? Have some questions about sex? You should feel free to ask me about anything at all. I check my email all the time and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!


I am 24 years male when having sex i cum in five min.what can i do to make it last a while when making love.

Remember this is NOT a solution but just some known methods to delay it. Most men ejaculate quicker than they want to but you can have better control. You're at a young age right now and with practice it can meet your standards. Check out this website: http://www28.brinkster.com/premejaculation/

It really helps. ;)


i have horrible grades. and i dont know how. i try hard. but i have to miss a lot of school. our school has a rule about after 11 absents' you may loose class credits. im a sophmore. i try hard and im very smart. i have easy classes. but i think the bad grades are because of the missing school. you know. which most of the time wasnt my fault. i was in a really bad wreck. my car rolled 6 times. and i broke a rib and slightly punctured a lung. adn broke my collar bone. and had 311 stitches in my left arm, and 83 staples in my head. so obviously a bad wreck. my doctor ordered me to stay out of school for a week or two. so i did for a week in a half. and that was 7 school days. then i got really sick. adn missed like 3 days and then sick again and missed a couple more days. my princepal has told me i need to go to school. but i was sick and couldnt even hardly get out of bed. what would you do to get your grades up if you missed a lot of school
ill rate high

It really depends on your specific school but usually the rule of thumb is if it is an excused absence, it does not go towards your LC count. You should get a note from your doctor(s) to excuse you from those days. Otherwise it is your responsibility to catch up with the work and, yes, it is hard.

My advice is to talk to each of your teachers individually. Stay behind after class for a couple minutes to either talk to them about how you can make everything up or with any extra questions.

Although you do make an effort outside of class, show them you make an effort IN class. Your teachers will realize your extra perseverance to try and catch up with the rest of the class and they will take the days you missed into consideration when sending in your grades.

Student-Teacher relationships are very important and by maintaining that it has helped me a lot in the past. Voice the fact that you can strive for better grades. ;)


if you have urin test. when it comes back would they be able to see if you were pregnant even if they weren't looking for it and would they tell you?

The doctor will not be able to see whether or not you are pregnant if they aren't testing for pregnancy. ;)


Yeah i know this is like really random, but i was just wondering, how do you guys feel about the store Abercrombie and Fitch. I was reading about it online and so many people seem to hate it!!!

i don't really shop there that often but i was thinking of getting some clothes there for christmas and i was just wanted to know some of yall opinionss on it

I like A&F, it's easy to get casual things from there. My usual spree is sweatshirts, minis, and the softer polos and shirts from there but it has expanded into jeans now since their new embellished denim came out. Fitch is a hot spot for Xmas gifts and from my shopping experience the smaller sizes run out fast.

Another store that I heard was a branch off of Abercrombie is Ruehl. Their stuff is gorgeous layered and OUTRAGEOUSLY comfortable in more easy on the eyes tones. Be sure to check them out too. ;)


Does anyone know any websites about the history of the thirteen british colonies?? Or any information would be great. I tried googling it but most of the websites tell me things i already know. Thanks. If you try you get a 5. =)


I looked it up on wikipedia. This should help ya out since everything is very detailed. Since I don't know what you already know, I cannot filter it out for you.


i shave "down there" but i keep either cutting myself or getting those little red bumps

i used a new razor but i cut myself and im extremly careful and if i shave with the way the hair grows it doesnt get it all..

can someone help me with this?

il rate 5 to everyone who isnt an ass.

It's probably easier to just wax. Using a razor down there is tough. A regular razor (which I assume is what you're talking about) has a large heard, making it harder to manage and gets duh pretty quickly. Coat with shaving cream, as always when you shave. Make sure to use different directions. For example, if a hair grows downward, shave upwards, etc. Keep repeating and coating on shaving cream as needed. Other areas may need you to shave downward in order to get all the hair. Run your finger over to see if there are any parts you missed. It helps if you have something to lift your leg on for easier access.


13/f... okay, this girl and i used to be like really close, we would do everything together. Now, i realized why almost half of our grade hates her, shes just not a nice person. She talks about her own friends behind there back and has done some nasty things to me. But i just cant get her away from me. Alot of my friends are still friends with her. I've tried ignoring her, but it just doesnt work! What do i do to get away from her?

Do not be concerned with what everyone else thinks about her but how you feel about her. Rumors are a funny thing actually, since it is based on some truth but most of it is B.S. No one is perfect and if you know she has a tendency to "back-stab" then do not tell her details that matter to you. The nasty things that she has done to you is what you should be focusing on. Instead of ignoring her, tell her how you feel. Sometimes a confrontation is what the other person needs to get real. Lightly let her know that many people have gotten the same impression about her from the way she behaves and in the future she should try to censor herself.


So a girl i really like(im a boy 14 year she is 14 too) has her birthday in 2 weeks and i don't know what to give her...PLEASE VERY PLEASE HELP!ALL 5

she likes rock music the most guitar and stuff...also she likes pets like dogs and cats.

Get her one of those adorable guitar purses or guitar earrings. I've seen those in accessory stores such as Icing and Claires. ;)


Me and my boyfriend recently broke up, and he already has a new girlfriend. There's this guy I've been talking to, but we're only friends. We've hung out ALOT, and done some stuff. I have the choice to have sex with him, and I think I want to. But people say he has herpes, and I'm not sure if he does or not. Should I ask him? Or just go for it? And if I need to ask him..what do i say?

If many others say he has herpes, there is probably some truth in that. Although it isn't always the most comfortable thing to bring up, you should be sure rather than sorry. Let him know you really like him and enjoy his company but you want to be sure that you're safe with him sexually and that you won't contract a disease because of him. That way he won't be offended. If he hesitates or tries to change the topic, don't hook up with him until he gives you a straight answer. What you heard could be totally wrong! STD's aren't fun and if you have sex with him, others will think you have encountered herpes, too. You don't want to damage your reputation over this guy. See how gossip works?

Don't be too hung up over an ex, if he's got a girlfriend already, that's fine and it's his choice. Your new guy should be right around the corner, just don't jump on top of him to meet him. ;)


When I first found out I was pregnant, My boyfriend and I automatically started coming up with girl names. As I got further along, everyone just knew that I was having a baby girl. My boyfriend wanted a boy over a girl because he says that they have more attitudes, but he kept saying girl names. Well, when I went for my ultrasound at the end of my 19th week, the lady that did it seemed crazy. First, when she pulled out the leg part on the table that I was suppose to lay on, she pulled it all the way out and it fell. She started laughing like she was nuts. Anyway, she asked us if we wanted to know the gender and we said yea, then she said it was a boy real fast, and that was that. The thing that made me feel like their could be a big chance that she could had made a mistake is that she found out the sex a little too fast but she acted like she couldn't find my baby's head!!!!! Her excuse was that the baby was moving alot. It took her about 10 to 15 minutes just to get a wierd angle picture of it and give it to us. When I showed my doctor my ultrasound picture, she said "why did she even give you this?" So basically, she really had me confused. So do you think I should believe her completly about my baby's gender when she couldn't even find the head?!!!!!

Ultra sounds are almost ALWAYS correct after the 16th week of pregnancy although it is a slim possibility that your sonographer could be wrong. You shouldn't read into that possibility too much as it's hardly ever wrong.

As for the woman, they wouldn't just let someone with absolutely no knowledge in what they are doing take your ultrasound. However, your doctor needs a good ultrasound image in order to make a correct diagnosis. Judging by your doctor's confusion as well, you should probably reschedule another Picture Day for the baby. Ask for a different sonographer this time if you don't feel comfortable with this one. ;)


While ice skating a week ago, i fell very very hard on my backside. I couldn't get up by myself, and when i got picked up it hurt so much i couldn't carry on skating, had to go sit down for a while. I didn't put an ice-pack on it there and then as there was too long a queue at the first aid.
Anyway, i thought the pain would go away, but a week later my tailbone is still hurting loads, when i sit down, when i walk, dance etc, when i bend over. Anyone think I could've done some serious damage? Should I see a doctor or wait longer for it to go away?

I've had that happen to me plenty of times. It's important that you try not to do things that you know will irritate your tailbone, such as dancing and hurt it even more. I'm a dancer myself so I know how hard that is but you should really refrain from dancing.

Gently rub it to try and get some flow in that area. Usually the rule is if it hurts for more than a couple weeks, you should see your doctor.


My hair is such a hassle. It's naturally wavy and frizzy. I try blow-drying it straight, but it just makes it more frizzy and ends up being wavy again by the end of the day. I like it best when I let it air dry because it gets some curl, but it is still is sort of frizzy. I've tried some different products, but they make my hair look greasy and weigh it down. So I was wanting any tips on how to keep the frizziness down without smoothing out my curls. Thanks!

Crunch it, it's fairly easy and looks great.

What you do is when you get out of the shower, wipe but do not dry or brush it. Take some hair gel in your palm, rub your hands together, and comb with your fingers through your hair. Use more as needed. You should let it air dry before sleeping but it'll look gorgeous in the morning.

In the morning it should look wavy. Remember not to brush or comb it.


i have a school dance on saturday..i have to dresses ..one i like (its black with sprakels)and the other my frinds like (its black with pink ruffels and flowers)..i feel like i look better and i feel more comfortable in the one i like..but my friends' favorite is more party..my crush will be there which one should i chose?

Wear the one you feel most comfortable in, your instincts are better than your friends. Although a different view is helpful, it is only a consideration for you, not a decision. You should stick by what you think you look best in and not your friend's favorite. After all, it is your night and your crush. Stick with the classic black, ruffles and flowers are so Spring. ;)


i asked my ex bf if he loves his gf more and if they have a better relationship than him and i did.
his response was "nah, i feel like shes my best friend."
What does that mean?
He NEVER called/considered me his best friend!
She gave it up on the 2nd night they hung out(cheated on her bf)

You should never compare yourself with your guy's ex-girl because what's in the past should stay in there and you should not be digging up those graves. By asking him that, you're setting yourself up to not be satisfied with his answer. His answer, however, does not answer your question but instead veers it off, either to avoid answering the question or because he was surprised with your question and fumbled his words.

Either way, you should be focusing on what is now, and stop worrying about things that do not matter. If you knew that his ex-girlfriend has cheated on him, why would you ask such an obvious question such as if they had a better relationship than you and him did when you know the answer? But by bringing up something like this you're hurting him as well as setting yourself up. It's perfectly normal to want to reassure yourself in a relationship but put a little more trust in your man and consider your feelings as well as his. He might think of his ex as his best friend, and that's alright, because you're the only one he's giving extra, special lovin' to. ;)


I just tried redownloading Sims 2, and it says -

"A problem occured while trying to transfer the file 'TSData\Res\Sound\Sfx1.package'. Do you want to retry to copy the file or cancel the installation.

I tried to restart my computer, clean off the disk, and try the installation over. It does the same thing. I've downloaded this before on my computer, so I don't see why it's doing this now. Any ideas?

Do you have speakers? If so check if they're connected. Usually it doesn't matter whether or not you have sound since most downloads do not require you to. If the game runs, then go ahead and play it without sound.

If it still doesn't run, it might be because your computer does not fit the requirements needed in order to run it. Check on the back cover of the disk, you'll see a list of requirements.

If all else fails, go ahead and exchange it, you might have a bad disc.


okay i have perfect teeth, and have never had a cavity, but today they are pulling this one baby tooth that never came out because the bigger tooth is coming in above it. well more like it came out above it. but i really like it, but the things is if the baby tooth comes out ill have a gap and ill be screwed. see, i really dont what them to pull it because then ill have braces, and i really dont want them. {it doesnt even look bad. and i like it!} should i nevous about this or am i just being dumb? ~ace

The reason they are removing your baby tooth is because your new teeth will force its way in even if the baby tooth refuses to budge. That will cause the rest of your teeth to slide behind or in front of each other in order to make room and cause your teeth to become crooked. Do not be nervous since the gap will soon be filled in with your new teeth and the braces will straighten your smile out. It's a lot better than having to wear an painful expander for a year.

Whether or not your baby teeth gets pulled out has nothing to do with how white your teeth is or cavities.

Don't worry, you are NOT being dumb. It's okay to be concerned. You should always talk to your orthodontist about anything that might be bothering you, since he or she will help reassure you and explain the procedure. Knowing the big plan will help ease those nerves. Besides, tin is in ;)


OMG i'm soo bored can someone please give me some ideas of something to do thanks. bw i'm 14/f and all of my friends are busy

I find laser tag helpful. When you're stressed out or bored, just shoot at your friends. You can also go ice skating and pick up a new skill. Any recreational public places should give you something to do and you can meet new people.


When does softball season start? How long should I prepare for the try-outs?

It depends on your school. In most cases it starts in Spring. Visit your class website and it should have all the information there including the date for tryouts.

You can always practice for try-outs. Try asking someone who was on the team last year and get some tips. For example, what does the coach look for? Speed? Accuracy? Someone with a positive attitude? etc. Make sure you're flexible because many girls outdo themselves during try outs in order to make the team and end up tearing a ligament or seriously hurting themselves.


This "tell your secrets" thing is going around my school and well just read this--

Ok you guys!! To participate in this you must be a SENIOR at******** High School and you have to be involved in one or more of the following school activities: Drill Team, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Wrestling, Volleyball, and Golf! If none of that applies to you then tell the person that sent it to you and DO NOTHING ELSE!!

*Once you get this—pick a number and type one of your secrets that you don’t think anyone knows.
*When you are done, send it to ONE other person. ONLY ONE!! NO MORE THAN ONE!! That means that only one person should be doing this at a time. Otherwise, it won’t work out right.

These are a few that I read that really suprised me about relationships:

3. i want to ask out one of my best friends, but it wood be weird, even though we always talk about how good a couple we'd make, but nonetheless i don’t know if he/she feels the same way and i don’t know what to do so I just ignore it

18 i cheated on him but broke up with him when I found out he cheated on me—he still doesn’t know about my cheating

25. I don't like my boyfriend at all. We constantly argue and we can't stand each other. But everyone thinks we 'belong' to each other; including our paretns. Just becasue we come from the same side of the tracks and have the same backgrounds we have to be togeher. We just can't seem to end it. I WANT OUT

29 i've had sexx with 13 guys--my boyfriend thinks he's the only one. i do love him though...

42 My Girlfriend Makes Me Want to Kill Myself. I Dont Know Why We Are Together

54 even though she fucks with my mind breaks my heart and shows no signs of caring for me i stick by her loyally and she has no idea how much i care for her. but at the same time i feel im kicking myself in the teeth and crushing my own heart because i know ill never have her

130 The pain in my life prohibits my ability to love, so she'll never know just how much I really do care.

149 I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend. Even though I tell my current boyfriend I love him, who I'm cheating on with someone else. But no one will ever replace him so why try.

I couldn't believe what I was reading for most of these. Why can't we just be honest with ourselves and with our partners? I know I'm not completely honest myself but why is it so hard?

What I learned from life is no one is perfect. When I was younger, I had a hard time staying in a relationship because I would always find something wrong with that person and pick at it or found someone who I thought would be better. The truth is we're all human beings and we are tempted to make mistakes all the time. Breaking up with my ex and the course of events following was a boot to my face and I went into this huge phase where I just reflected on everything. It's made me realize that when he got jealous it just meant he loved me and when he was late picking me up he was coaching a little league team. I got angry at all the little things and I didn't know how much I was hurting him. I was so broken down by the time I realized all this and by then it was too late and that was the day Mark left. It takes time for us to be honest with ourselves. For example, my relationship with my mother had always been tumultuous. So I reflected on my relationship with her. I didn't want to be the first to call her up and just confess everything, but my curiosity of her past got the best of me. What I've found out is she's had a rocky relationship with my late grandmother who had anger problems (because of which she stayed in a psychiatric hospital for almost a year) and there was much abuse in her past. I learned as much from her as she did from me. Since then, she is my best friend. :)

Many of us has had horrible relationships but no matter what the case, it can be healed by understanding and to understand you have to be completely selfless and be able to admit your mistakes. I'm still working on the man that helped me realize all of this.


My mom recently got remarried over the summer and my step dad and I do not get along at all. I've always loved my mom and loved living with her but I cannot stand her husband and he doesn't think too much of me either. I tried to make it work with her but I can't keep trying.

Yesterday we were in an argument and he suggested that I move in with my dad. At first I just got really up set that he said that and called him an asshole. But then I realized that it might be a good idea.

My dad is great and he is a good parent--I'm just used to living with my mom. My mom refuses to let me live with him. But they have joint custody of me so can I still move in if my mom says no?

Trust me when I say this, your mom loves you and treasures you.

You should try and work it out with your step-father, if that doesn't work, try talking to your mom about it. Some people say things they don't mean when they are angry, and even adults make errors in judgement.

You love your mom and it's not the relationship between you and her that is the problem. What your step-father said was wrong, and if I were your mother I would be upset with him by what he said. That was insensitive of him for even suggesting it. Perhaps he's frustrated with not being able to cooperate with you, too. Talk to him about it. Say that you respect him as family and he should give you the same respect too. You both love mom and would do nothing to hurt her, that part is clear. This should be a clear signal that you want to make this work. Think about making peace with your step-father, because what you're suggesting will be much harder on yourself and your family.

As for joint custody, you can't do anything about where you want to live or visitations until you are an adult (18). In some cases, you get to decide who you want to stay with at a certain age. I believe mine was around 13 or 14.

Remember that it's not about who seems perfect or not, it's about seeing that imperfect person perfectly. Since you've had to live in a house with your mom and step-father, you see a whole other side to them that you don't see from a different view. Your step-father is probably a good parent, if you give him a chance. Look at this situation from several perspectives before you make your decision.


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