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At the end of ht year we have 8th grade graduation. anyyways,sowe ahve to where what ever were wearing to graducation all day to school, so . i am doing my hair. and i ham waring a rpetty deress and stuff but how should i do my hair? my hair spast my shoulders nad i can make it relay straight or super curly. so anyways giv eme some nice ideas that i can do at home.

i rate 5's

ps. donttell me to go get it done thxx

Personally I think hair looks better down rather than up on special occasions. How do you usually wear your hair? Straight or curly? On your graduation you should wear the opposite of how you usually wear your hair.

If you're going to go curly, go for big, healthy, loose curls. Make your hair nice and soft before you curl it and add a shining serum afterwards. Make sure you apply a little at a time to avoid over greasing your hair. I would either clip the top or sides back and leave half of it loose or frame your face with it, try both to see what looks best on you.

If you're going to go straight, the same thing applies. Add a shining serum after straightening it to make it seem extra special. Try spraying some hair glitter (just a little, don't over do it) and add a clip that stands out to the side (whatever looks best).


Hi everyone,

My hair is somewhat dry and has split ends at the end of my hair. I straighten it almost every day because if I dont I become a giant ball of frizz and hideous waves. Does anyone know of any products that could help me moisturize my hair and conceal split ends? I heard Biosilk is very good. I'm trying to avoid cutting my hair since I want to grow it long for the summer.

Thank you =)

I agree with the person below, Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Solution is perfect if you use a straightener. After you shower, pump once in your hand, and smooth over hair.

1. Makes your hair dry faster
2. Helps straighten out your hair
3. Repairs damage done by straighteners

I used to straighten for about a year so my hair took a lot of damage from it. My previous hair stylist recommended it to me and it's truly a miracle serum. I got it for $16 at a hair salon so I'm sure you'll can get it for cheaper elsewhere.


I once had this body spray that smelled like flowers. It was called "flower power" by the Smiley Calgon collection. They discontinued it and now Im left trying to find a new perfume/body spray. If anyone could tell me of a flowery scent they know of that'd be great. I rate.

Love Spell from Victoria Secret Body. It's a body spray that's very light and smells absolutely amazing! You gotta try it to believe it.

It's very cheap, and the other smells have a great floral scent too. Try a gift set that has all the scents and choose your favorite.


Brown Gauchos & Brown cowboy boots.

^yes or no?

Go with regular above-ankle pointed toe boots.

If you're going to go with the cowboy boots, pair a thick banded "western" belt that rides above your waist.


is it ok to wear an (light) orange polo with a denim mini and pink flats?

Sounds great, but I would switch out the pink flats with white ones and slap on some jewelry.


does anyone know where i can find the fall/winter fendi spy bag--perferably at a reputable dealer..i cant seem to find it anywhere and im dying to get it..thanks!

Nice taste ;)

Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus

Are your best choices. I'm sure Saks has it since they have it online. They have a great reputation for everything designer.

P.S. If you like that kind of style, check out the Isabella line. It's called If.


Yeah i know this is like really random, but i was just wondering, how do you guys feel about the store Abercrombie and Fitch. I was reading about it online and so many people seem to hate it!!!

i don't really shop there that often but i was thinking of getting some clothes there for christmas and i was just wanted to know some of yall opinionss on it

I like A&F, it's easy to get casual things from there. My usual spree is sweatshirts, minis, and the softer polos and shirts from there but it has expanded into jeans now since their new embellished denim came out. Fitch is a hot spot for Xmas gifts and from my shopping experience the smaller sizes run out fast.

Another store that I heard was a branch off of Abercrombie is Ruehl. Their stuff is gorgeous layered and OUTRAGEOUSLY comfortable in more easy on the eyes tones. Be sure to check them out too. ;)


is there any STORE (not online) that sells seven jeans or other designer jeans like them (citizens for humanity, true religion, etc.) for 60 dollars or under? if you know anywhere, that'd be great, thanks!

I LOVVEEE TRUE RELIGION AND CITIZENS!! :) I swear everything from true religion is unbelievably hot and actually, fits!

I heard Nordstroms just had their bi annual sale. Since holidays are coming up, you probably won't be able to get a lot of those jeans on sale so I would wait until the holidays are over and check out stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth, etc. When things go on sale, it usually takes off 30 - 50% (sometimes they go up to 60%).

A couple days ago, I got a private shopping invitation from Neimans in the mail where they put exclusive items for young adults(Juicy, true religion, etc) on sale temporarily on December the 4th. You might want to check in with a sales associate on that, they might give you an invitation there.

Finally, you'll get some snug fit jeans without choking your Prada wallet. :)


Can you tell me eyeliner and liquid eyeliner brands? Oh and I want to see you're opinion on what is better to use.
And is there any COLORED mascara? Like.. purple, pink, etc? If yes, what stores are they in?

Alright one of my favorite stores to go to when I'm on a search for something is Sephora. They have mascaras in all the colors of the rainbow (and more). One of my favorite names in there is Sugar, they have the most adorable stuff! They just happen to have what you need, too. There's something out right now called I Wink 4 Sugar Mini Mascara Set. It's $19 but it has 4 different colors to choose from, all guarenteed adorable.

As for eyeliners, I like estee lauders new retractable ones. You can switch them out and they glide on perfectly. I wouldn't go for liquid eyeliners. If you're a beginner at applying they tend to go all over the place, painfully in your eyes. A cheaper alternative is the Sephora Kohl Pencil. It's 8 bucks a stick and it's also excellent. What i am using now is Clinique, I love the sparkly effect. :)


hey i am 13 and i waz just wunderin how do u exactly dry a bra i rate well real well so...plz help me

Do not, I repeat, do NOT put your bra in a dryer. It'll most likely ruin it (depending on how delicate it is) or loosen the fabrics that hold it together. It's best to handwash and hang to dry. Use two clips and clip each of the straps to a handle/bar in your bathroom or shower. This goes for non-cotton panties and lingerie too.


Hiya i have natural wavey hair i normaly straighten it but i want to wear it naturaly wavey but the porblem is that poofs out too much at the sides when it drys has anyone got any ideas to help stop it poofing out.

will rate high for good answers.
thanks xxx

Ok get a pencil and paper, you'll want to write this down.

One of my girlfriends turned me onto this but there's something called the Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell. It should be at a beauty place near you but if you don't have a specialty store around you, just get one at a salon. It's probably the cheapest most effective thing I've used so far. It's $16 at retailers and 20 at salons but worth it and you don't even need a straightener. All you do is hop out of the shower, brush it through, whip the serum in there, and you're done. It also dries your hair in 5 minutes! That's good stuff :)


does anybody know where i can buy some of that new fantacy perfume? b/c i smelled it the other day and it smelled really really good and i want some... thanks ill rate high!

Well where did you get a sample? That place might be doing a promotion meaning if you buy the perfume you get a ton of free goodies. I'm not sure if Saks or Neimans has it but I'm sure somewhere like Nordstroms has it.


how exactly do you scrunch your hair?

I found this website with some tips on how to scrunch your hair. It's more UK based but i'm sure you'll have no problem translating. http://www.raddan.com/scrunch.htm

I haven't tried it myself since i have no confidence what-so-ever in my hairdressing skills and require professional help of my stylist Mhronda and Gee, but hope it helps.


Do any of you guys know if the sicky cup things that you can wear as a bra work?? I am going out to dinner tomorow night with my boyfriend and the shirt that I have has one of those dipped tops, with a little slit that goes in between my boobs. All of the bras that I own show in the middle of my chest, and I dont want that. has any body actually tried those things?? I dont want my boobs to look all lopsided and funny, and I dont want one to pop off and roll away during dinner...HELP!!!!

The stick bras work fine for me but one of my friends (with much larger breasts) reported that it's not very good support and gives her the dreaded droop. I've used stick bras a lot for strapless tops and whenever i wear anything backless, low cut, etc. and it's never fallen off for me.


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