Hi, my name is Angela. I'd like to think I'm a friendly person and I've had my share of experiences and knowledge.

My friends tell me I'm great at giving them advice (most of the time) and I like to have fun while I'm at it.

Not sure about something a decision? Need more insight? Have some questions about sex? You should feel free to ask me about anything at all. I check my email all the time and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!


im 14/male and my gf and i wanna have sex? is it ok if i do and use a condom?

It has more to do with the level of maturity rather than your age. If you feel that you and your girlfriend are ready to take this step then you do not need anyone's permission. If you still feel unsure, give it some time to marinate and make sure that you aren't becoming sexually active just for the sake of finally having sex.

Talk about it some more with your girlfriend. What do you both really want out of it? Are you ready to take this step? Sex isn't all about the physical, make sure you both are mentally in sync and prepared.

If you do make the decision to have sex, do it safe and slowly. Your first time's bound to be a little awkward. As long as you are protected, you won't have anything to worry about.

Hope this helps! ;)


I have had unprotected sex a lot and my boyfreind had accidentaly ejaculated inside me before quite a few times and while im on my period he always does because i've never gotten pregnant.. does this mean that i'll never get pregnant? is something wrong with me?

please help

Usually I would tell you to google this, however I feel issues like this deserve a quick and easy answer fast.

I'm guessing from your question you are using the withdrawl method (pulling out before he ejaculates) which is about 86% effective. Why is it not 100% effective? One because there is no 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy if you are having sexual intercourse. The second reason why is because when he has an erection, a little bit of fluid called pre-cum (which i'm sure you've heard of) comes out unexpectantly and that fluid contains sperm. Meaning, you can get pregnant from that tiny little bit of sperm.

Another urban myth is you can't get pregnant when having sex during your period. The facts are, you can. Especially if you have irregular periods. Remember that sperm can live in your body for 7 days to wait for a fertile egg.

Just because you haven't gotten pregnant already, doesn't mean you never will. Trust me when I say this is a gamble you are not willing to take. Have fun (I know I'm going to get crap for this) but stay safe by USING CONDOMS OR OTHER BIRTH CONTROL METHODS and know the consequences. What would you do if you did get pregnant? Are you and your boyfriend ready to accept the added responsibiliities? If you have never heard all this before, you need to educate yourself about it.

Here's a website where you can get more info: http://www.coolnurse.com/

Please go to that website and take a look at the sex section. Do it for yourself.


My priod omes in realy wierd cycles. I will normally always have cramps and nody pains before and durring it and i have major mood swings durring and after it also. its actually gotten to the point where my mom had to buy me herbal pms pills for my mood swings but they dont help that great. I herd that birth controll actually helps ur periode and alot of girls take it to controll their periods but im not sure on if i need them or not. plus most girls that i know of that use it for this reason are like 17 and there bodys are fully developed unlike mine since im not done developing. Is it ok and should i ask my doctor to get some?

Consult your doctor to make sure the irregular cycles aren't something else and if your parents are fine with it then your doctor can prescribe BCPs. A roomie of mine has been taking it since freshman and it works for her.

As you've probably heard, some people get side effects or have to switch from pill to pill. If it gets worse, or if new problems start happening, then let your doctor know about it. Other than that any side effects, you shouldn't worry. The BCPs should lessen your cramps and improve your mood at your time of the month. :)


I am 24 years male when having sex i cum in five min.what can i do to make it last a while when making love.

Remember this is NOT a solution but just some known methods to delay it. Most men ejaculate quicker than they want to but you can have better control. You're at a young age right now and with practice it can meet your standards. Check out this website: http://www28.brinkster.com/premejaculation/

It really helps. ;)


i shave "down there" but i keep either cutting myself or getting those little red bumps

i used a new razor but i cut myself and im extremly careful and if i shave with the way the hair grows it doesnt get it all..

can someone help me with this?

il rate 5 to everyone who isnt an ass.

It's probably easier to just wax. Using a razor down there is tough. A regular razor (which I assume is what you're talking about) has a large heard, making it harder to manage and gets duh pretty quickly. Coat with shaving cream, as always when you shave. Make sure to use different directions. For example, if a hair grows downward, shave upwards, etc. Keep repeating and coating on shaving cream as needed. Other areas may need you to shave downward in order to get all the hair. Run your finger over to see if there are any parts you missed. It helps if you have something to lift your leg on for easier access.


Me and my boyfriend recently broke up, and he already has a new girlfriend. There's this guy I've been talking to, but we're only friends. We've hung out ALOT, and done some stuff. I have the choice to have sex with him, and I think I want to. But people say he has herpes, and I'm not sure if he does or not. Should I ask him? Or just go for it? And if I need to ask him..what do i say?

If many others say he has herpes, there is probably some truth in that. Although it isn't always the most comfortable thing to bring up, you should be sure rather than sorry. Let him know you really like him and enjoy his company but you want to be sure that you're safe with him sexually and that you won't contract a disease because of him. That way he won't be offended. If he hesitates or tries to change the topic, don't hook up with him until he gives you a straight answer. What you heard could be totally wrong! STD's aren't fun and if you have sex with him, others will think you have encountered herpes, too. You don't want to damage your reputation over this guy. See how gossip works?

Don't be too hung up over an ex, if he's got a girlfriend already, that's fine and it's his choice. Your new guy should be right around the corner, just don't jump on top of him to meet him. ;)


ok. im 14/f. still a virgin and ive been thinking about having sex with my boyfriend. like when he hugs me from behind he'll just start humping me. and i know i tell him to stop but i like it. l.o.l. and he always puts his hands up my shirt. and i like it. but im ashamed of my body. i know im not fat...but i just think i am. i think my legs are at least. but... i dont know what to do. and i dont think thats all he wants from me. but i dont know....i masterbate alot and it feels good. and i want the real thing now but i dont know about it tho.
please help me.

If you are questioning whether you are ready or not, then you are not ready.

Insecurity with yourself is normal. God made us all different. He's not going to be thinking, this girl has chubby thighs or big feet or anything. He's thinking, wow this girl is beautiful or damn I'm getting some. The fellas know what I'm talking about ;)

Your age, however, is a concern. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you are too young to have sex. There is no preset age limit, before you ask, but there is a difference between masturbating and having sexual intercourse. You are working with a partner, one that you have to be willing to give yourself entirely to. It's normal to get emotional and if you or your relationship cannot handle this kind of stress, it's ok to back out. There are plenty of other things you and your boyfriend can do. Judging by his wandering hands, he's already found plenty of things to do.

I've seen a lot of potential relationships be ruined by sex. Talk to your boyfriend and see what he thinks. (If he says yes, as he will, ask him what he thinks about it and why. He should be able to give a good reason)

Remember, safety is first. :)


ok my guy friend was over a few weeks ago and we like open mouth kissed for about a minute and he did stick his tounge in my mouth and i stuck mine in his and he rubbed me "down there"(but i was wearing pants). people asked me if i made out with him and i just dont answer but hes telling people that he didnt make out with me it was just a kiss..... what was it?

Hm sounds a lot more like someone just stuck a pacifier in your mouth. Yes that is considered more than a kiss, especially since he went below the hips. Of course he might have done it as a automatically and was subconsciously aware of what he was doing. (This does happen, believe it or not)

The most likely reason why he omitted the fact that anything else happened is he doesn't want people to dig fear into you, which would make you less likely to hook-up with him again. ;)


my boobs are just so big.. they just dont fit in my a cup anymore.. my bras too big.. what do i do..

Uh hopefully you won't need a breast reduction for a B cup ;)

It looks like you're growing out of your A cup and into a B cup (obviously). I would try going to Victoria Secrets and try on a bra in the Body by Victoria section. Be sure to ask for help for a perfect fit. I like Body by V because their bras offer a comfortable mold (yes, mold) and it offers great support. You won't have to feel like you're busting balls just by putting on a bra. Of course if that doesn't work out for ya, you can always switch to a B. Keep that in mind next time you got lingerie shopping.

To figure out your true frame and bra size follow the instructions below:

1. Use a measuring tape (inches) and measure your back right below your breasts.

2. Add 5 inches to that number, that is your frame size. If its an odd number, round it up to the next even one.

3. Now use the measuring tape and measure your breasts. Pull the tape around your back and across the front around your breasts. Now subtract that number from your frame size. If you are 0-1 you are an A, 2 you're a B 3 you're a C 4 your a D and so forth. This should clear things up about your bra size.


If your vagina isn't used to a lot of things wouldn't it be common sense if it got irrated, like from toooooooooo much perfume, soap and things like that?

Perfume!? Don't use antiperspirants, deodorant tampons, and powders with talc or perfumes or other feminine hygiene ingredients, because it can be irritating. When using soap, use an gentle, unscented soap around and near your vagina but not inside as it will cause painful irritation and itchiness, making it worse.

If you have an unpleasant odor coming from the crotch area, there could be several causes: bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vaginalis (vaginal infection), yeast overgrowths, and more. You should get a physical exam to check for any problems, and if there are any residing, you treat it instead of hiding it under perfume. ;)

EDIT: sillyrob has a good point, but just because it isn't a person doesn't mean it needs to be bathed regularly. ;)


okay i have few questions....
how old to you have to be to legally have sex?

even if you have a condom on can the guy ejaculate while still inside the girl and not get pregnant? also even if you withdrawl before ejaculation... can you still get pregnant even if you have a condom on?

i rate please answer

There's no "legal" age to have sex. The only thing i can think of what you're trying to say is statutory rape. It is a CRIME committed when someone of or over the age of consent, 18 (differs depending on state) has sex with someone below the age of consent, it is considered statutory rape, even if both parties consent. STATUTORY RAPE IS NOT THE SAME AS RAPE. Rape is some form of sexual intercourse against the will of the victim or by a threat.

Condoms offer less than 99.8% protection against pregnancy and can protect against some STD's, so it is possible to get pregnant even when using a condom. There is some chance that a woman can get pregnant, even if her partner withdraws before ejaculation since a small amount of semen leaks out during sexual intercourse. Abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe ;)


Ho come everyone says that you need to wear a condom when you have sex?? ( I mean i knoe why) But what if someone wants to get pregnant... seriously..

Condoms offer protection (99.8%??) against pregnancy and some protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Obviously if you choose to get pregnant, you'd have a better chance without the condom (depends on fertility, health of both partners, etc.) Shouldn't have fallen asleep in your health course ;) ... seriously.


should you still have sex with your ex??...if you have feelings for him still but arent sure if he has them for you

You can continue to have casual sex with your ex but as you mentioned, you still kindle feelings for him and that might turn ugly in a FWB (friends with benefits) relationship, meaning you already have an idea of what kind of person that person is and although the basic idea of this unattached sex, there's bound to be attachments involved. This will get complicated if the other person's not looking for attachments.

First of all, sex itself is filled with emotional issues and consequences. As you said you still have feelings for him, but you're unsure of whether or not he has feelings for you. Remember, continuing to have sex with your ex is damaging to your emotional health and it is NOT a way to get back together. Infact, it just puts everything on the wrong track. He's might be looking for an easy way to hook up and you're willing, you're hoping for a magic spell that makes him . Neither of you will reach your goals since your intenion will eventually emerge and you'll become frustrated if he doesn't want to continue in a relationship.

If you want to get back together with him, sex is not the way to do it. Remember that sex is not love, its a release of sexual energy. Since you still have feelings for him, you should talk to him, alone, not look to sex as the answer. He might also try to use your feelings against you. Otherwise theres many ways of coping with it and learning to let go. There's plenty of oppertunities out there to find a guy you love and he loves you back, and you'll learn you can have more than just "feelings" for him.


why do people say that you need to use a sponge for when you have sex? what do you use it for?!?

usually its to "wipe off" after unprotected (or protected by something other than a condom) sex to remove secretions that might have flowed out.

Overall the "sponge" technique really doesn't do you any good in the after-sex hygiene category.

Here's usually the rules amoung me and my girls:

oral sex -- mouthwash and brush your teeth

sexual intercourse (and any other form of genital to inside the body contact) -- wash COMPLETELY the areas of contact with antibacterial soap (hands, genitals, etc).

and other techniques that i'm not going to got through ;) but those are the essentials. Hygiene is important because it reduces the the transmission of STDs which is always a priority no matter how wild, rowdy, or exhausted we are. You cannot even imagine how fast STDs spreads amoung sorority girls and frat brothers when people have multiple sex partners. It's really a case of whether you want to be safe or sorry.


gonocologist --how bad is the first visit =/

I assumed you mean gynecologist?

It might be uncomfortable on your first visit to have a stranger examine your more intimate parts but soon your gynecologist will become more like a best friend that comes with a full read-out of your genital health.

Remember everyone's private regions are different and they vary like our facial features. Gynecologists won't are sworn into secrecy. How else can they gain your trust and your money? Gynos have seen everything from a gonorria infection to genital warts, and know what they're doing, so they aren't examining and taking tests for no reason. To become a gyno it takes 8 years of schooling and 4 years of residency. After that its pre med programs, MCATS, USMLC (3 parts), not to mention you need to score high enough to even get a chance at a residency, and up to 10 years up to that (depending on how far you really want to take this gyno business). So they are very serious and professional about what they're doing.

Before you ask, you should be visiting on a yearly basis which greatly increases the chances of finding any problem in its early and often treatable stage and you should have your first visit by 13-15 (around when your menstrual process begins) regardless of whether or not you're sexually active.

Here are the types of examinations you'll probably be receiving (you do not need a pap smear until you're 18):

Pelvic Exam (remember this varies according to your age):
Checks for redness, discharge or other abnormalities
Manually feels the size, shape, and position of internal organs
Views the Cervix, using a device called a speculum

and the breast exams to check for abnormal growths or lumps.

And the pap smears when you are over 18 involves collecting cells from the cervix to check for inflamation, infection, and cancer.

Importantly, do not worry about any pain!! The doctor will use two lubricated fingers to check your inner organs. Be prepared to be asked questions during the examination. Please answer these questions honestly, or else he or she cannot offer you the best possible care. I've gotten so comfortable with my doc where i actually have a conversation with him about his family and the news. You are allowed to have a friend, family member, or even a nurse be in the room at the same time to lift a bit of pressure off of you.

My first visit was a little awkward since i wasn't sure what to expect and thought i would be yelled at for waiting so long to schedule an examination. When arriving i remained tense and did not feel calm until the actual examination began. My words were carefully selected and limited to just answering the question since i was still feeling a bit exposed and embarrassed. Other than that there was no pain, just pressure and made me more confident to schedule my next appointment.


Is it ok to have an orgasm while ur on ur period?

Of course it is. It helps ease cramps too! But remember to stay safe because you can still get pregnant while having your period and transfer or receive a STD from your partner.


can a guy tell while having sex with you if you were a virgin before he had sex with you?

Your partner will most likely not be able to tell whether you're a virgin or not or even likely care, he is getting some after all. Sex is always more inclined to be painful rather than pleasurable for both partners when you are not active or rarely have sex. Yes there is such thing as a hymen (thin layer of tissue outside the vagina) and it might tear during sexual intercourse but it is hardly noticable and there is none or little pain. The hymen is usually so flexible it will never tear, even after years of being active. This is because when you have sex your hymen stretches with you but it has its boundaries. It might tear after a wild session or a partner with a larger penis. THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF A HYMEN IN NO WAY INDICATES WHETHER OR NOT A FEMALE IS A VIRGIN! Hope this gives you enough information to answer your question, but remember its better to be honest and most of all safe with your partner if you decide to become active.


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