Hi, my name is Angela. I'd like to think I'm a friendly person and I've had my share of experiences and knowledge.

My friends tell me I'm great at giving them advice (most of the time) and I like to have fun while I'm at it.

Not sure about something a decision? Need more insight? Have some questions about sex? You should feel free to ask me about anything at all. I check my email all the time and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!


(Rating: 4) thanks
(Rating: 5) haha ive tried doing that but she wont add me cause i never have enough comments.
(Rating: 5) thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks =]
(Rating: 3) thanx a millon i'm sure they will help
(Rating: 5) Thanks I'll try it
(Rating: 5) that sounds PERFECT. thanks soooooooo much.
(Rating: 5) thanx for your help...
(Rating: 5) Haha! Thanks! I hope things turn out as good as they seem in my mind. I appreciate your advice, thanks again! =)
(Rating: 5) thanxx
(Rating: 1) thats the stupidest thing i ever heard
(Rating: 3) the younger daughter is name whitney. that is kim and some other guys baby who he is talking about!
(Rating: 5) ha i have actually. 75 crunches today and like 30 sit ups. never thought of that :) thnx
(Rating: 5) thanks<33
(Rating: 5) thank u soo much, there was plenty information there i didnt know!! =D
(Rating: 4) good answer, yg
(Rating: 5) costs much but i promised i'd give u a 5
(Rating: 5) aw, thanks a bunch. That really helped!
(Rating: 5) Perfect! That was great. Thanks.
(Rating: 4) Its in a gym and i hadnt said anything to her and she saw me walking to her. There are more storys too.
(Rating: 5) heya im not going anorexic i know people that way i just want to be like more healthy and not keep gaining weight! thank u so much! xXx
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks! i'm wearing a tight grey shirt cuz a tank top would be too cold and black pants like the ones you described. For shoes though, I just got a pair of light brown Ugg boots. Do you think those would look good? Please respond!
(Rating: 5) oh man lucky
(Rating: 5) Thanks you so much.
(Rating: 5) yeah thats great
(Rating: 5) Thanks. Her Parents were never married but they broke up when she was a little baby. She is also in high school now. :)
(Rating: 4) thank you for the help alot!
(Rating: 5) I've seen that one too I thought it was okay lol I'll probably rent it though just to watch. Yeah I'm a sucker for scary movies too they are my fave. cause I loved to be scared! I used to hate them, but I just recently started watching them (3 yrs. ago) and now I'm addicted to getting scared from them! But its getting harder to find scary ones...hmm.
(Rating: 5) THANK-YOU!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much..
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) Thanks.....
(Rating: 5) THNX!
(Rating: 5) thanx for your help
(Rating: 5) Thanks, but if I lived by a beach trust me I wouldn't be wanting to go to a tanning bed. Thanks anyways.
(Rating: 5) Thanks, Ill give it a try...Pray for me K?

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