< Thats me. Sorry Im not answering much, but i have some problems i never have dealt with before, but i do check this site atleast once a day. If yu send me something in my inbox, i will answer it unless its harrassment.
Hi, my name is Caden. I am a goth. I love to give advice, so dont hesitate to ask for some. Please dont ask me about instruments or sex . I know alot on girls. I will do my very best to answer your questions. please drop one in my inbox. I am known to be a great advice giver and if I cant help,I can depend on my family. Me and my family are pretty dang smart and if you ask me a question You will not regret it. So just ask away!
I look forward to helping you♥
Kristin is definatly the person you should see. Mackenzie is the best of the best. Megan is too.
Samra is realy cute and she gives brilliant advice. Nicole She gives good advice and she's beautiful.
Teza is the best ever! I am her #1 fan.
Roxy is beautiful and she gives good advice. Lisa knows what to do.
Oma is swell. If your a christian, talk to my bro Dustin.
Im_Gone21 is realy good.
If you make me a friend, i'll add you back.
I believe I found this website not just because of google, but to spread the love of god to people who come for help{It doesnt mean I will only help christians though. I will help anybody}. I LIKE:Green day, Intropol, Death cab for cutie, Cartoon desg class, Flirting, Giving advice, talking and getting to know people, math, social studies, that stupid numa numayay song, guitar music, My friends, darkness, and girls


Hey Caden, I think i've fallen in loev wif dis hunk on the internet and i dun kno wut 2 do. plx hlep meh! thanks!

Well, first I would reccomend learning how to type so people can understand what you're trying to say. And also, please, give more information. Also, check the FAQ.


I noticed on your site that you said you were going through some things that you never thought you would. I've been through things that if I listed them people would not believe one person could have experienced them in one lifetime. I tell you this because I would like you to know I'm here to help if you wish it. You are a very special person with a huge amount of inner strength. I have excellent instincts about people and have only been wrong when I didn't listen to myself. You are a loving, kind, incredibly intelligent, and caring person. I know you can do great things in this world and feel honored to have the opportunity to communicate with you. I enjoy your column and hope things will be better for you soon. With lots of love and well wishes.


thank you. Yeah, people say that im strong, when it comes to dillemmas. Yeah, im pretty sure everyones been through rough times and think there the only one. Umm, by the way, which collumnist are you?


Hey there, Caden. I have a question.

That question is, if you claim on your site you know a lot about girls, how come I can't ask you about sex? And how come I can't ask about instruments, either?

Anyways, I also came here to ask you a question about labels.

Labels are quite possibly the most evil thing to infect the teen mind since late 70's porno. What the fuck, Caden? You are goth? I thought it was a 'poser' thing to claim you're a goth? Then again, I have no idea since I don't believe in labels.

Caden, may I ask you a question about labels? What are they good for?

Of course they're good for making fun of someone, picking someone out of the crowd and possibly belittling them, and of course becoming prejudiced against a certain 'label'

What the hell good is there in a label, Caden? I don't see any proof that they're good for anything besides stereotyping.

People going to these big name brand stores and spending countless amounts of money to be 'in'. They have these massive brands right across their shirts. "Hollister" on a shirt is not individuality, Caden, is it? No, it isn't. You are just some walking advertisement, may you be a billboard for your popularity. Don't support who you choose to support, wear that shirt and that name so you can look 'in style' and be accepted.

You see, Caden. There isn't one damn thing good about labels. They are stereotypes based on outer appearance.

I'm sure you have judged someone based on clothing, Caden, haven't you? You didn't actually get to know that person, you just decided 'hmm, I don't like that outfit, I won't talk to them' Am I damn right? If you say “no”, you're a liar.

Caden, labels lead to bigotry, and that is a road you don't want to travel. Sure, you can be 'in' if you follow labels, but screw being in if you have to be a copy. Being 'in' means lacking originality. You don't want to be a clone, do you Caden? You don't want to be a copy? Do you?

If it's the soul that goes to heaven, Caden, how come it is the outside in which you are judging?

I dont know anything about instruments and my lameass mother forbids me from answering sex questions.

well, i see your point, and i have been concidering leaving behind the labels stuff, and, i dont like to judge people, alot of my friends like hollister, and a&f, it doesnt bother me. The only reason i beleive labels can be good is because it helps you know who you get along better with.

Also, being a goth, doesnt mean not being allowed to wear a certain clothing brand, or not being able to listen to certaing kinds of music. Goth is more than just a lable, its something that grows in a person, originating from depression mostly. Its also a sub-culture. And individuality is a good thing with gothics.


What are websites to places similar to Myspace? Like places where you can make a site and have people look at it and have their own?



Does anyone know and good workout routines to get ready for Track and Field? Any suggestions would be great please help me out :[

I would suggest like 10 minuites of walking, then 10 minuites of running, and 10 of walking again. Once in the morning, and maybe once in the afternoon. Also, doing some stretches afterwards helps


My boyfriend said I was irresponsible and lazy just because I'm not going to school today. One. day. And he refuses to let me kiss him, when I next see him and now he's ignoring my calls&IMs. I don't know.

You have a right to be angry. Well, see if you could talk with him in person and see whats going on.


ok well, here we go. ive been going out with my bf for almost a year now, and i LOVE him so much. but the thing is i SERIOUSLY think he deserves ALOT more than me. and today i got braces on for the second time and i look REALLY bad. i dont want him to freak out on me and i dont want to be a bad gf AND an ugly one!!! should i break up with him or just keep it goin?!?1 im so confused and i give out 5's

Well, I would suggest staying together with him. If you break up with him just because of what you just said, it would reeeaaallly break his heart. If he breaks yours, then, im sorry to say this, but just move on, its ok to cry. If he calls you ugly, he obviously isnt the best bf.


do green tea pills work. what are a list of diet pills which help you burn fat?

i am a size 6 and i want to go down to a size 4 i already eat healthy and sorta exersize.

Well, you cant lose weight by pills. It takes exersize, and hard work.


I have a friend who's family is a friend of my family and they lost their dad today. The doctors gave him 2 hours-2 days on Monday. He died this afternoon.

My parents are over at their house right now and they told me to come when they call. That sould be in like an hour or so.

Well, I'm not sure what I should talk to my friend about. Should I talk about her dad or not?

Well, it would be best if you ask her how she feels, just to show you care. But, I would advise that you talk about her dad, if she wants to talk about it with you, but its still good to show that you care.


Is breaking up over the phone okay? Or should I make an effort to do it in person?

Its best to do it in person, because it shows people you have courage. I uunderstand that breking up in person is hard though


Ok. So when I write

And I spell check the things I wrote. The spell check says it’s

Now I was wondering, what’s up with that?! Cause- according to my dictionary, my way is the good way,


colour and favourite are the british forms of the words favorite and color


what time does verizons free minutes start and what time do they end?


hope i helped


This question has been bothering me for quite sometime now...

If someone is depressed why wouldn't they want to reach out and get help?


They wouldnt think they could be helped. Depressed people dont think that reaching out for help would work


Thanks a lot for the 'Favorite Columnists' add. You give really good advice too and I added you as a favorite on my column.


Your welcome, and thanks for adding me back.


HEy caden i added u as a favorite!!!!!!Your really cool and u give great advice!

coolness. Who are you so i can add you back


i was wonderig if anyone knows wher i can find my family tree online for free

only search advicenators.com


hey you seem pretty cool, and give some neat advice. looks like you have your future all planned out and you're pretty sure of yourself. do you have any kind of illness or disability? i dunno... what's your story, caden?

well, im not all planned out. And my disabilities are hearing and vision problems


How do you get music on myspace? When I tryed to get music on my myspace it said to go to a band page and press add. But i don't know what that means.

Any help will be very much appreciated :)

you look at the top where it says music and that should bring you to a page and you tpye in the band name, and that will take you to a list of band profiles, click on one, then on the profile there should be some songs on the top, right side {but sometimes there arent} and there should be some buttons under each song, one should say add, just click it


Alright im having this pointless little fued between me and my friend and on that song smooth criminal by Alien ant farm.. what does it say? on the chorus?

Annie are you OK Are you OK?

is that what is says? My friend clains it doesnt really say Annie

yeah, it does say annie


Im doing a spanish project and I need to know what kind of cultural foods do people in guatemala eat for breakfast?

try this

only search advicenators.com


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