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What there to say about me? I'm 27 and a graduate of UCSD. Throughout my life most of my close friends have been girls so I have a unique perspective on relationships and sex. I know a lot about computers as well as random stuff in general. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll answer it to the best of my knowledge.
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I'm 20 and I broke up with my first love a year ago. I loved him with every fibre in my being and did literally everything for him, even if it went against my morals. I spent all the money I had on getting him expensive gifts and I stuck with him, even when he couldn't care less about me. When we broke up because of the fact that he didn't wanna deal with commitment, at this stage in his life, he wasn't upset, not even for a day. It's been over a year and I've been the only one carrying all this pain and I've been holding so much hope that we could get back together, someday. We still see each other and he kisses me and that's what gave me hope that he still likes me. But last night, he told me that he'd never even think of marrying someone like me and that he needs a submissive kind of girl who doesn't pick up on the wrong things he does, like I did.I always picked up on all his lies and everything he hid from me. It hit me all at once, last night that he's been using me this past year and using my vulnerability. I cried in front of him for two hours straight and he kept saying the same things like "You're not my first love so I can't hold that much love for you" and "I told you I didn't want a relationship" "My first made me lose all my emotions" . I don't know why I'm so attached to him or why I'm even this devastated over a jerk like him. I just need someone to talk some sense into me. I worry, that I'll never be good enough for someone. What else can I do for someone to make them appreciate me? I allowed him to cross so many limits of mine and went above and beyond for him, and I get this, in return. How will I expect the next guy in my life to appreciate what I'll do for him and not break my heart again? (link)
I can tell you that there are plenty of guys that want a girl that will call them out on their bullshit. It doesn't seem full on that he was using you, just that you two wanted different things and had different expectations from the relationship. Yes the first love is special, and we never forget them, and I guess he is using that as an excuse, which is wrong, because really, every love is special. The heart wants what it wants. Your emotions won't care that he is a jerk. You have to use the logical part of your brain to keep reminding yourself that he is a jerk. Don't let one bad experience make you think that you aren't good enough. He isn't good enough for you. What you can do is be yourself. Don't let a guy push you into crossing your limits unless you are comfortable doing so. You went above and beyond, and it seems like he didn't put in much effort, and is now just looking for someone who won't make him put in any effort at all. That's not what you want. You can find a guy who will put effort into the relationship too. Who will appreciate you trying to help him become a better man.

I sent a few nudes to a guy I met online and he's sent me money in return for them and now he's blackmailing me saying if I don't send him something else then he'll post all my pics on the internet.. Is there anything I can do to stop him? Can the police do anything? (link)
The police can't do much, unless you have the message saved in a way that easily ties to his identity. The "send me more nudes or I post what you have" will just give him more to post, and they'll end up online either way. Sadly there is most likely nothing you can do to stop him if he wants to post what he has sent you. Once they are posted, you can request a DMCA takedown, but people will save them and in the end that will just make the pics more popular.

Honestly,I'm really frustrated because of my looks. I'm 162 cm tall,65 kg,blonde hair,blue eyes. I am a bit chubby but I'm not fat. I tried dieting,exercising,Herbalife products but nothing helped. Yet I feel like I don't stand a chance next to all those pretty girls out there. I see them always having a boyfriend and nobody notices me. Recently I confessed to a guy on college and he said he likes me too but treats me as just a friend. He is a shy person and he said he needs time but I think that if you like someone you don't need time and excuses such as that. I think he is put off by my body. I have a good face,I dress nice,I know what suits me but I still have no one who likes me in a romantic way. I wish some guy would eventually look beyond my unflattering body. Are there still guys in the world who care about personality? I am caring,reliable,compassionate,funny,smart,helpful and many other good things but it seems it simply doesn't matter. (link)
Of course you have a chance. Judging from you using metric and the term "confessed" I'm guessing you aren't in the United States, so it's hard to give advice based on cultural norms here. The guy says he likes you but he's shy. Why not take the initiative?

My entire life everything was the media's fault. TV is “dumbing down" our children, horror/slasher movies and video games cause violent behaviors, slutty celebrities influence children. This isn't true. That's your own fault for not making them get off it, and I watch TV, but my grades are perfectly fine. Also, what annoys me is They got rid of cookie monster, because parents blame child obesity on it. Here's a fucking idea, stop buying your kids so much crap, and they won't be fat. I play violent killing games and despite what my mom thinks will happen, I don't go and trash offices, torture people, and stick knifes through peoples back. I listen to Miley Cyrus, but I don't take sex videos, or ride naked on wrecking balls. Songs don't influence me to “bight that" or “patron shots can I get a refil" so why to people do this? (link)
It's a human thing. I don't remember exactly how the quote goes, but basically states that "anything invented before you were born is old and quaint, anything invented in the first third of your life is a mainstay, everything inveted in the second third is a novelty, and everything invented in the last third is an abomination that is corrupting our youth." This goes back a very long way, Aristotle hated writing of all things, he felt it would make people stupid because they didn't have to remember things anymore. People hated phones, the printing press, and really most thing when they were invented.

Someone is blackmailing on kik. I sent him nude photo of mine, he want me to send again if I will not he said that he will post it online website wherein all country can see it. I dont know what to do. He said that he will spread it and all my friends can see it. Im afraid Im fron Hungary. Need help (link)
Don't send anything else. Yes one photo might get out, but if you send more they will all get out, as well as people making fun of you for sending more.

i want to do sex wth my virgin girl with out condom is it safe. (link)
No. Being a virgin does nothing to increase safety of having sex without a condom.

can you get pregeant from having humping your pillow (link)
No, not unless a guy has ejaculated all over it right before you do.

We're really sure that we didn't do other sexual activity aside from dry humping. I'm just confused because the hpt we took got a faint positive and appeared beyond the recommended time indicated in it's package. Do you think it is a false positive? (link)
It's technically possible, but highly unlikely to get pregnant that way. Wait a few days and then buy and take a higher quality test.

Difference between the Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty? (link)
Angioplasty is using a small tool to go into arteries and clear away the plaque that is causing a problem.
Bypass surgery is taking a healthy vein or artery from somewhere it isn't needed very mush like the leg, and inserting it near where the problem is, to connect around it and bypass the problem area.

Ok, I'm 19 and a very feisty girl. I love to have sex a lot but when it comes to threesomes or more, ppl say its weird. Is it weird? (link)
Some people like them and some people don't. There is nothing weird either way.

How does U.S. Government keep a check on its employees, like the politicians, the officers etc ? How does it curb corruption? The officials will always try to make more money and for that they might join hands with corruption. How does the government keep a tab on them and ensure that the rules are being followed? How does it ensure that what's written on official papers has actually taken place, like schemes and offers for public? How does it ensure that the power given to the officials is not misused?
Indian-Male-18 (link)
It doesn't.

More seriously, there systems in place to at least limit corruption, but in the end, the country is far too large for everything to be kept track of. And everything in place to limit corruption is still kept track of by people, and people are flawed, so there will always be corruption. There is transparency for most government operations, so the citizens know what the government is up to, but the only recourse is usually to vote against them in the next election.

My little sis has been posting wierd questions on facebook other sites this one ect and usin my phone how do i put a password on my samsung galaxy europa so she cant do it aint had my phone very long so im not sure (link)
Assuming it's like every other Samsung phone I've ever seen, while on the homescreen push the menu button, select settings, and select location and security. From there you can choose a password.

Why does California have so many wildfires? (link)
Because most of California is a desert. Very little rainfall, and lots of dry vegetation, lots of forests as well. The weather is also warm enough for campfires and bonfires pretty much all year round.

How can you find websites that google hides? I tried using other search engines (like Duckduckgo) but that didn't help. (No I am not looking up anything bad, google just hides stuff.) (link)
The only way to find sites search engines won't show you is to know the exact address (sometimes a regular URL, sometimes a straight IP address) of the site you want to visit. In some cases you even need a special client to visit them because regular web browsers wont display them.
Check out this article for more information:

I am dating someone who is a year older than I am, and he is leaving for college in t-minus two months. We discussed at the beginning of our relationship that when he left, we'd part ways. He is not willing to do a long distance relationship. Our time together is running out. We both still really like each other, even after half a year of dating (both of our longest relationship so far). I know I'm young, and this will pass, but right now, it's hard, and it hurts, and I just want to be with him for longer. Not forever, just MORE. What do I do, and was I crazy to even start this? (link)
Well, two months from now... That should put it into Summer vacation for you right? Unless you are writing from another country or a year round school or some such. College shouldn't start for a few months though, so in theory, you could go with him and spend some time there until school starts? Many people do come back home for breaks during school, which could let you spend some time together, though I don't know if he is planning to do that. If he isn't willing to do long distance, there isn't much else you can do. Maybe try to go to the same / a nearby school to him next year, and if you are both still single and interested then see where it leads? Or maybe talk to him and see if he has changed his mind about the long distance thing?

Alright so I've very insecure lately. I've always been insecure, but it got worse. Now im taking pills. I just inferring what MGs are? I know it's milligrams. But what's milligrams? I took 2 cinnamon pill mg 500 each. And 2 green tea pills. I'm not too sure how many mg that is. It says Calcium (as calcium carbonate) -165mg
Chromium (as chromium dinicotinate glycinate) - 250 mcg
But at the bottom it says Proprietary blend - 882mg
So confused. Especially when I don't know what milligrams is. I take an everyday synthroid pill for my thyroid but I still don't understand. Can someone please help me? Could I overdose? (link)
Kind of hard to explain a unit without using other units... How about this, a drop of water is approximately 50 milligrams.
Mcg is micrograms. There are 1000 micrograms in a milligram.
Proprietary blend means it's an ingredient they are not revealing because of copyright or somesuch and they want to keep it secret so no one can steal it and make money off of it.
As for overdosing, as long as you are taking the proper amounts (as prescribed by your doctor for the synthroid and as instructed on the bottle for the over the counter stuff) it shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry I'm new to this and I'm sorry if this is forward. Okay, I'm 17 & the guy I've been seeing for almost 2 months is 18. We hang out for a little over the school week & then usually all day & night Friday and Saturday nights. Yesterday we hung out all day & then we went back to my house and we were laying in my bed & cuddling. We were spooning and I could tell he was already hard from that & we had talked about hooking up a few days before. We've obviously made out before but i haven't had the chance to really do anything to him because we're never in the right place for it. I decided to give him a blow job because I have my period and it's too early for sex.

He started kissing me and we were making out & it was getting pretty heated. He was really hard and at one point he was like ontop of me and humping me so I decided it was time to blow him.

Of course I've given head before, but I've never given him head and I was really nervous. My mom was downstairs and I was paranoid so I just went under the covers and blew him down there. It was really hot under there and it was hard to do a good job. I couldn't look up at him or see how he was reacting. He was breathing pretty heavily, but about halfway through started moving his hips around. Is that good or bad? I was feeling like I wasn't doing a good job after that. I had almost his whole penis in my mouth and I was also using my hand at the bottom and had pretty good rythm. He came and i swallowed all of it and when I came up, he was smiling and I was like sorry that sucked and he was like "no it was amazing" but didnt really convince me.

He kept smiling after and I was like why do you keep smiling and he said "nothing yu just make me so happy"

After that I was pretty confident that he liked it. He was snuggling me and tickling me. I jokingly asked him what his favorite part of the njght was. He said "to see your gorgeous smile" and then he was like "but you want me to say your blow job" and then said "it was good but you can do better" I was kind of offended. Was it good or not? Should I be embarassed if it sucked?

Him moving his hips is probably a good sign, if he was trying to get a better position, he probably would have tried to move your head with his hands.
Secondly, unless you're biting, it's pretty hard to give a bad blowjob. If he came, it means he orgasmed, which means he enjoyed it.
By "you could do better" he probably meant various little tricks some people do/like like tongue flicking or what not.
Basically, don't worry too much. He said he liked it, and he came, which should be a good hint that he liked it.

Ok so I keep seeing this book EVERYWHERE, but I need the name so I can find it online. Here's the criteria:
main character: I'm pretty sure it's a teenage guy who gets entered into a mental facility and there's a girl who's scarred her face with scissors, a 'self elected president' who I THINK is Mexican (his name is Antonio or something), and a sex addict person (I think they're all teens). And I see it a lot in places like the Barnes and Noble teen section.

I'm sorry but I only know bits and pieces of it, but thank you sooo much if you can figure it out, thanks! (link)
You're looking for It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. It was also made into a movie a few years ago.

15/f my friend said that their is a birh control pill for cramps and their is another for being sexually active but im pretty sure its all the same i right? thanks (link)
There are many different brands, and some (like Yaz and Yazmin) are more targeted towards women with painful cramps, but they are all the same basic thing. The only pill I can think of that is for cramps but not for being sexually active is Midol (or other painkillers) but that's generally not what people are talking about when they say "the pill." Birth control pills are primarily for birth control, and while plenty of women who aren't sexually active take them for the other benefits, there is no special pill for those that aren't sexually active. It wouldn't really be possible anyway, since birth control pills are primarily composed of just two hormones which both relieve cramps and prevent pregnancy.

I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty, and I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to check the automatic transmission's fluid level!

The only place I can find where it looks like there should be a dipstick, there is a plug, or cap that says something about dealer use only or service use only.

How can I check the transmission fluid, if there is no dipstick?

Can someone please tell me what I should do? (link)
I searched some Jeep forums and apparently a lot of cars are now no longer coming with dip sticks. Apparently people have been taking the dip stick from the 06 Liberty and sticking that into where the plug is.

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