I sometimes take long breaks from the site. I'm more than happy to answer anyone's questions, but just make sure they're not too time sensitive. :)

Facts about me:
*large extended family
*advanced college degree
*no kids (yet)


I was 2 when I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3. (Hyper mobility) So that involved 4 surgeries.. Two failed, and a lot of physical pain over the years.

I have a tote full of braces, and my knee mostly subluxes, even though my shoulder wrists and hips do occasionally.

I'm 15 now, and all my life I've wanted to do sports. For therapy I rode horses, and swam. I can jog, sometimes run... But I want to know what sports I can do without killing myself. I can't join a school team (1. I'm home schooled again 2. I would fail the physical because of EDS.) I can do things with my knee brace, but I just have to be careful.. I want to know what other sports would be good for me??

As a girl I'm insecure about my friends who can do everything and they're dancers, runners, basketball players, and I'm just a bookworm who likes to watch Netflix.

Please help.

This is a tough question for someone to answer that doesn't know your specific case and isn't really familiar with your disability. I did find something really awesome that I want to share with you though! The link below is to a discussion/support group specifically for people with your disability. You should ask your question, and any further questions, in this group! Good luck!



F/18. I have been thinking way too much about my old English professor and I think I might have some weird crush on him. I try to avoid anywhere he's at and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Usually when I like someone I tend to be shy and, as mrntioned before, I avoid any contact. I'm doing that even though he doesn't give me class anymore. He's about nine to ten years older than me and he told my class once that he actually had an “unrequited" crush. In case you're wondering, I would never attempt to be in a relationship with a professor even if the age difference wasn't major. Its not that I don't have an open mind, I just feel that it would be... just plain weird. He's a really nice guy - in case you're wondering, he's not a charmer or anything like that. I guess that's what I found attractive; he's considerate, funny, and generally one of those nice people you just can't hate no matter what. That's the problem. I usually look for flaws or reasons to dislike the person I like... but its not working so far. In fact today I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I literally just took a different path simply so I would not pass by him - he still passed by me and I hope to God he doesn't remember me at all. So... anyone have any thoughts? How can I get over this quickly without falling into depression or any crap like that? I already have hypothyroidsm, I have enough hormonal problems to put up with for a crush to be added.

Unfortunately, there's not much that you can do. The feelings will go away with time, but it could take a lot of time, and time away, where you haven't seen him for like a year. I've had weird crushes before and they can be so flippin persistent. Just when you think you're over the person, you just happen to see them one day and your stomach starts back-flipping all over again. One thing that you can do about this is change the way you think about it. Don't see it as a burden, see it as a guiding light. What I mean is, you've found someone that you'd certainly never date, but is a great model in many ways for what you do want in a person. Knowing what you want and what kind of person that you want to be with is very, very valuable. You're lucky, not everyone can see things in this way. This annoying little crush could possibly prevent you from making stupid dating decisions in the future. There's no reason for this to cause you any anxiety. Take charge over your feelings. You've acknowledged what you feel, but you can't move past it until you've accepted it. Try not to take yourself so seriously and try to look at it from a place of humor. Think of it as "funny" how much this is throwing you off. I would imagine that every single person in the world has this same issue. Is there anyone that you can confide in that will laugh with you? It's all in how you handle it that determines whether or not this takes over your life and causes you anxiety or whether you can laugh about how silly you are after you see him and run away. I know you were probably looking for a really specific answer, but there just isn't one. Sorry to say that this is a part of life that has to just go away on its own. In the meantime, try to enjoy it rather than fear it. Good luck!


Should I stay with my boyfriend? I'm 13 and he's 16 but he lives all the way in London. I know some of his friends and that's how I met him. We started back talking a few days ago. I found out that he signed up for the army and he has three years of training. He did it so he wouldn't have to be with me anymore but he wont break up with me and he says that he wants to be with me.
I'm so confused and I need to know if I should break up with him.

It's not a good idea to stay with him. You're 13 and you've got a lot better things to do than sit around online wondering if a guy really cares about you or not. Go out, live your life, and have some fun. If it's meant to be with him, he'll come to you in a few years. In the meantime, just be a teenager and don't worry about some confusing guy that you can't even see. Too often we get stuck in dead-end relationships and waste way too much of our energy and time on something that was just plain silly. Good luck!


I met a new friend at school and we are getting to be good friends (far as I can tell) anyways I had issues before with previous friendships not given them space etc ,anyways I learned from that. The teacher met with him and asked him if he had any problems with me hanging out with him and he said no. then she made a plan and she said we can no longer have lunches together and only can sit together once a week before school and we can say hi and have a small talk in the hall. We both had to agree with this ,Also she told me ,He is not ur friend ,you can only be friendly with him. She said we are teaching you too Personal space and limits with people. (he had some problems like i did but not with me ) is the teacher being unfair ? we are both in highschool

It seems like there might some information that we're missing. Do you or your new friend have an IEP, BIP, or 504 plan of some kind (special education)? Teachers will meddle in social issues like this if it's part of a larger plan for you and your education. If that's the case, your parents have to agree to it too. Did they? How do you know that your friend has told the teacher that he doesn't have any issues with you? He may have expressed a small concern that you might get too close and didn't want to tell you because he really does want to be your friend and didn't want to hurt your feelings. It's also possible that something is going on with your friend that you don't know about. Sometimes schools/teachers/adults make decisions for good reasons and they don't tell you about them because they think that it's better for you not to know or because of confidentiality rules. Whatever the reason is, I wouldn't worry too much about it. You say you "had" to agree to the plan. What would have happened if you didn't? If your parents aren't involved, see if they will get involved. If you parents object to the idea that you're not allowed to have lunch with your friend, the school/your teacher will probably lift the restriction. What would the consequences be if you did decide to have lunch with your friend or talk more often? Did a lone teacher make all of this stuff up or is it part of larger education or discipline plan for you? Would you even get in trouble if you didn't follow the new rules? Lastly, think about a possible online friendship with your new friend. The school can't really regulate you talking to your friend online off of school property and after school hours. It might be easier just to follow their weird rules and simply talk to your friend after school. Unfortunately, I can't give you a solid idea because there's a lot more to this story than you're said or possibly a lot more that you don't even know about yourself. Good luck!


I felt cramping not long yesterday & now randomly now stronger for it felt like 15 minutes.. Can you get pregnant after you get your period? I mean I had sex with my boyfriend shortly after but didn't the egg already pass when I got my period? Is it possible the cramps mean I'm pregnant?!?! & my lower back has started hurting a lot too...

Cramps and lower back pain are not the usual early signs of pregnancy. It's likely that you're not pregnant and that you're simply noticing the normal aches and pains of your body at this time more than you normally would because you're worried.

More information on dates would be useful here. How long after you had sex did you start experiencing these symptoms? Was it right away or has it been a month? If it was right away, it's in your head.

The truth is, you can get pregnant AT ANY TIME. Even if the cramps and back pain are not signs of pregnancy, you could still be pregnant. Any time you have sex, there is a chance of pregnancy. Certain times during your cycle have a higher chance of pregnancy, but there is still some chance every single day. It's not ever worth the risk. Do not be stupid about sexual responsibility. It's not hard to make your boyfriend wear a condom. The last thing you need to do is bring a child into this world into a situation that is not right for a child. Use protection and then you don't need to worry about any of this. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's an easy thing to do and you'd be absolutely stupid not to. I feel like that's not a harsh thing to say because I'm sure you would agree and I hope that all of this worry that you're feeling causes you to wake up and make better decisions going forward. Luck runs out. Good luck.


I have a huge crush on my teacher, but I know he has a wife, so I wouldn't do anything inappropriate, but I'm pretty sure he knows I like him, I always giggle when I talk to him, I ask him for help outside of class, and just harmless flirting stuff, but obvious enough for him to know I like him, most teachers I've heard about, whenever they know a student likes them, they make it clear that they aren't interested, but mine sure doesn't. Whenever he sees me, he starts grinning a lot, when he helps me, if he's sitting beside me, he puts his knee against mine, or if he's leaning over my desk, he puts his face REALLY close to mine, like it's hard to keep eye contact I'm so intimidated, and he just grins like he knows what it's doing to me. We laugh and joke around a lot and he touches my arms sometimes. There's other stuff that he does too that makes me think he's flirting back, and since I know he's not interested in me since he has a wife, why is he totally leading me on? and in case you're wondering I'm 16 and he's 30. Like if this were a boy my age I would totally know he likes me, I just would love to know what he's thinking, does he just love toying with me, or is he actually flirting back?

It's possible that he's a perv like the others have alluded to, but unlikely. What's more possible is that because you're interested, you're simply misinterpreting every little thing. We girls do this alllll the time. In all probability, he does like you, just not romantically. There is nothing wrong with a teacher liking a student as a kid. I'm sure you're interesting and fun. The thing is, just because your knees touched one time, because he smiles at you, or because he touched your arm doesn't mean it's romantic in the slightest. Your raging hormones could very well be taking over your brain to the point where you can't think through the situation. It sounds kind of sick, but that's what really happens and there's nothing you can do about having a natural reaction. Nothing has happened here to show that he has any interest in you besides thinking you're a good kid, liking you as a kid, and caring about you as a student and person. A teacher being kind to a student and the actions that you've described are not behavior that is meant to lead you on or flirt with you in any way. That's just what you want it to be and what you're feeling, so that's what you're seeing. It's a fun fantasy to have, but under no circumstances should you take it any farther than where it is now. Simply asking him if he were interested in you or flirting could cost him his job, so don't. He does not deserve to be fired and have his life ruined because a silly teenage girl has a crush on him. All that being said, if HE takes it any farther, like actually touching you inappropriately or saying things that are clearly inappropriate, make sure that you do not participate and that you report him. Unfortunately, while it may feel good, it's really wrong. It's fine as a fantasy, but it can be a very scary reality that might feel good at the time, but would most definitely ruin YOUR life down the line. Be careful, for his sake and for yours. As it stands, as long as everything continues the way it is, there's nothing to worry about and you can continue to secretly enjoy it. Just be on the lookout to make sure he doesn't progress and you don't either. Good luck! :)


I'm planning on starting college soon and I have to get extra on my student loan, so I can afford fuel to get back and forth. I'm wondering if it might be worth it to get a larger amount and use it to move out of my parents house before I graduate. I'm talking about 20k extra, so that I can buy furnishings and essentials for the apartment as well as have a little cushion afterwards.
Now as young as I sound right now, I'm actually in my 20s, so I have been weighing the pros and cons, but I'd really like an outsiders opinion.
Right now all I have is my boyfriends and he just told me he'd support me no matter what I decide to do. We will not be living together for another couple years, because he is overseas.
Health issues, family issues, and personal issues have kept me from going to school and moving out up until now, so I'm very antsy, and very ready, to move out and on my own. Thanks for your advice! :)

Private student loans are the absolute worst kind of debt. You can't get rid of them if you claim bankruptcy. Often, even if you die, someone still has to pay for them. Avoid them at all costs. DO NOT take out extra so that you can have a nice apartment that you can't afford. I would say, it's even a huge mistake to take out extra for fuel. Have you ever watched Suze Orman's show? Look into it. It's a real eye-opener about the dangers of any and all student loan debt.

That being said, nobody told me any of this before I did it. My parents were upset with me and refused to pay for any of my college expenses. I paid for my tuition with government loans, but took out private student loans to cover my expenses so that I could live off-campus. I was able to get decent private student loans with fixed interest rates. $20,000 worth of student loans is going to cost you $200+ a month until you're 50 or 60 on top of whatever else you're having to pay. This was a huge burden when I was just starting out. After college, I went through some really hard times where I wasn't paying other bills because I knew I had to pay this one. I do have it under control now. Sometimes I look around and think to myself, wow, I'm still paying for that Xbox. How can I have all these nice things and only $100 in my savings account? I made some mistakes. I should have been pinching every penny. It DOES NOT cost $20,000 to furnish an apartment. If you have to take out loans for this, all you can truly afford is a card table and some camping chairs. Really. I'm not trying to be mean or funny. You'd be living way above your means and starting your life out the wrong way. This could be a real slippery slope for you. If you do it and it seems like it works out, you could start taking loans out for other things. You can't afford any of this. I should have lived on-campus so that government loans would have covered more. I often ask myself why I was so stupid with money back then. I should have been more concerned about my future and I should have done more research about how bad private student loans were. Instead, I ignored it because I had already made up my mind and I was going to do it anyway. I worry what will happen if I ever lose my job, if I die, or if I have a kid with a lot of medical needs. Luckily, everything's good right now. There's no telling what next year could be like, though.

The deciding factor for you should be what profession you're planning on entering. What is the starting salary of the field that you're planning on going into? How long could it take you to get a job? How much money will you be making in the first 5 years? If it's not much, taking out any loans is a very bad idea. I should not have done it. If I could go back, I probably wouldn't do it. It feels like the right thing to do right now and you may be thinking "what's the worst that could happen" "everything will be fine, it always has been" "people take out student loans all the time and they're okay". You really, really want to do this so you probably will regardless of what advice we give you. Just know the risks. Will you be able to pay for these loans when they come due? That should be your biggest question. If you're not sure, don't do it. You can't be totally sure, can you? There is always another way.

You don't have to take out extra so you can afford fuel. Work so you can afford fuel. Seriously, student loans are really bad to have. Avoid them. I have a friend who worked all the way through college. She was stressed and tired all of the time. Now though, she's way better off financially than I am. She has a great, carefree life. She's able to pay for her own wedding. I'm still scraping to get by. I'm getting by, but it is a struggle. She's doing great and has absolutely no student loan debt. I envy her for what she was able to do and I wish that I had felt strong enough to do it myself at the time. I would have such a better life right now if I did. The little bit of comfort that the loans gave me robbed me of the comfort I could have had for now and won't have for years to come.

Any student loan debt is never worth it because it can be avoided if you're willing to put in the time. The way that your question is worded, it seems like you're looking for someone to agree with you and tell you that you should do it. Don't have that attitude because it will make it hard for you to see the downsides. The downsides here are really horrible.

What this whole situation comes down to is one question. Are you willing to risk future financial stability for comfort now? It sounds kind of bad when you put it that way, but it's really what this whole thing boils down to. Discomfort now will ensure financial stability later. Is this a risk you're willing to take? Those are the pros and cons in a nutshell. Whatever you choose, you'll figure your life out and things will be okay. Just be careful not to make a decision that will haunt you. Good luck.


I feel scared to ask my parents for a snapchat facebook Kris even an instagram because of how over protective they are what should I do

Bring it up slowly. Say that you feel disconnected from other kids your age and that you want to start taking more responsibility, but with guidance. Start with whichever one you think will be least scary for your parents. My guess is that it would be Facebook. Facebook has been around for awhile and there are a lot of adults using it too. It's less scary because it's more well-known. Tell your parents that you really want to do this, but that they would be able to monitor your every move. This means that they would have your password and would be able to check what you were doing at any time. I think that as long as you allow this, they'll let you have the account. After some time has passed and you're doing well with it, nothing is going wrong, and you've completely earned their trust, you can discuss the possibility of more privacy with the account. It would suck a little, but it's better than not having it at all and it shows your parents that you understand the dangers so much that you're willing to give them complete access in order for you to be safe. This isn't the best scenario, but it's a way to get your foot in the door. Good luck!


I bought a white dress for a wedding I am suppose to go to thos Saturday but I started my period today and I don't have anything else nice enough for the wedding to wear what fo I do?

Unless you are positive that the bride isn't wearing white, DO NOT wear the white dress under any circumstances, period or no. It is considered highly inappropriate and disrespectful to the bride. Depending on her personality, the bride my be angry at you. Even if she is okay with it, there are sure to be at least a few other judgmental guests who will disapprove and scrutinize you mercilessly behind your back. Just a warning!

If you're dead set on wearing the white dress, why are you worried? Do you normally leak to the point where it shows through your clothing? If so, you're using the wrong products to begin with and need to find something that offers more protection. If not, don't worry. White shouldn't be any scarier than any other color to wear.

Are you afraid of tampons and don't want a pad to be visible? Give tampons a try. There are actually really great instructions in the box on how to insert them and once you get it in correctly, it shouldn't hurt at all. Bring a big purse filled with lots of extras and change them a lot. Wear a thin pantyliner along with the tampon, just in case.

Another thing you can do is wear a slip underneath the dress so that there would be another invisible layer that the blood would have to soak through in order to show. See if you can return or exchange the dress.

My advice to you is to not wear the white dress, but for reasons other than because you have your period. Good luck and have a great time!


I've had cystic acne for over 10 years. it is painful and embarrassing. The doctors in the past have told me that I have the worst kind of acne. I don't have medical insurance right now & I can't afford that expensive stuff like accutane, etc. I've tried every face wash/cream in the stores. The dermatologists have given me pills/creams that don't help. My acne is on my back, chest and its even worse on my face. My skin gets really oily around my nose and I have to wash it. I drink plenty of water and eat healthy. I've been made fun of since elementary school because of my face acne and it hurts.

I have bumps like this: http://s1.hubimg.com/u/4039650_f520.jpg


The reason why no one has answered your question for a few days is because you've asked a question with unreasonable conditions. There's only one way to answer it and if that answer isn't out there, what are we supposed to say? What I mean is, what you're looking for and what you want to hear just don't exist. If you have cystic acne, the only solution is to work with a doctor to find a medical treatment, which will probably be expensive. If you had cancer, you wouldn't be dabbing in home remedies, you'd be paying for expensive treatments. What you have is a condition requiring expensive treatments. I'm so sorry to say this to you, but there's just no way around it. It may be less expensive to get insurance than you think. Seriously look into it. Other than that, you'll need to either live with your condition as you have, or come up with the money necessary to treat it. I hate to be the one to tell you, but someone has to. It's probable that no one else is coming on here to tell you the same thing because they fear a low rating from you so I feel like I'm speaking for many when I say that what you're asking for, just isn't out there. Good luck.


I am having a hard time calculating when I conceived. I had unprotected sex on August 14th, and my period was due August 26th. I had sex again on August 23 protected. About 6 days later ( my period was late by then) I went to the bathroom and when I wiped the condom came out. I didn't look inside of it so idk. I took a pregnancy test yesterday September 3 and it was positive. Is it possible I conceive earlier on like on the 14th?

I'm not sure why this matters. When you go to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy, they may be able to give you information. There are ways that the doctor can see how far along you are. How could random strangers on the internet have any idea? It's quite possible that you conceived on the 14th. Take a look at the pregnancy test that you used. What does it say about how long you should wait? Some home tests cannot detect a pregnancy for 2 weeks. If the one you used was one of those, it's likely that you conceived earlier. All that aside, who cares? You've got better things to worry about than when you conceived. It's a given that you should be worrying about your child, which I'm sure you're thinking about. The other thing though, which really angers me actually, is the guy that you were having sex with. Where did he think the condom went? It was absolutely awful of him not to say something to you. It's very, very dangerous to leave something like that in your vagina. Getting pregnant wasn't that big of a concern to you because you were having unprotected sex anyway, but you could have gotten a serious infection from the condom being left there like that. You should have serious concerns about the maturity and responsibility levels of this person as a continued partner and father of your child. He may pretend like he had no idea or didn't think about it, but that's just as bad as purposely leaving it there. How could you ever trust him alone with a baby if he's going to be that stupid or forgetful? Make sure he knows that what he did was unacceptable and that he'd better get it together. Good luck.


I'm a 14 year old girl and occasionally I will get a red circle on my thigh. It's about 3-4 inches in diameter and it's right above my knee. It can happen on either leg and on any part of the front of my thigh though like I said, it's usually directly above my knee. It's not a bump or a zit type thing with a center, it's just a circle and it doesn't hurt it itch or bother me at all, it's just there. It's only there for a day or two and then it's gone and stays away for a few weeks. Should I see a doctor or does this just happen and it's normal?

It doesn't seem like a big deal because it isn't changing and it goes away. Take a picture of it and the next time you're at the doctor for something else, like a physical, ask about it. You'll have a picture to show the doctor just in case it's not there right then. It's probably just a vein or something, but it's always best to just ask. Good luck!


What is considered the normal way to grieve for a beloved friend who has recently committed suicide? Is it abnormal or even crazy to dump your current significant other of several months and develop romantic feelings for the guy who died? (Let's call that guy Levi just so we have something to call him BTW.) Would that be sick or unhealthy in any way?

I just miss Levi so, so much. I miss the time I had with him, I miss his smile, his laugh, his wonderful ability to make me and anyone else laugh until we hurt. Most of all, I miss his kind, generous, and loving heart.

I'd do anything to be able to go back in time and save him, or even just spend some more time with him. I'd give a kidney, an ovary, an eye, a limb, and 40 years off of my life to have been able to prevent his death, but of course it's too late.

I've also seemed to develop a bit of an anger issue since his death. Sometimes I feel like Jekyll and Hyde because I can be calm one minute, explode the next, and then go back to being calm. I don't know if this anger is really for Levi, the situation, or myself for taking him for granted.

One thing that can easily spark my anger is people judging him. As a devout Christian, I believe in Heaven and Hell, but unlike some, I don't believe that suicides go to Hell. Not if they've accepted Jesus that is. I believe that anyone who does that to themselves cannot be in their right minds and that God has mercy on them for that reason. Levi was mentally ill with bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Something was not working right in his brain at the moment he decided to end his own life and I believe God understood that and took him to Heaven where is happier and doesn't suffer the problems he did here on earth.

Needless to say, some people don't feel the same way and I get so mad when I hear some judgemental person who thinks they know more than God claim that Levi's in Hell. These people did not even know him. He was a devoted Christian, he loved God, he accepted Jesus, but these people claim that he died because he worshipped the "God of the unbelievers" as if that even makes sense. Also, they put him down and spit on him for killing himself when they have no idea what a great, kind hearted person he was. He really, honestly was an inspiration to me to be a better person, but his suicide was caused by him being sick, not cruel or selfish and certainly not evil.

The break up with the guy I was seeing was partially caused by romantic feelings for Levi and partially because I felt that I needed some space from my now ex that guy. He was a great guy, but I felt like things were kind of dying between us anyway. I don't want to become the kind of person who distances herself from everyone and keeps all of her feelings bottled up though, nor do I want these new feelings for Levi to make his death more painful.

Are these feelings normal? Is having grown an obsession with suicide and mental illness normal for someone in my situation? What is the normal, textbook way to mourn the loss of such a precious life that did not have to end, but that did end at the hands of the person whose life it was? Any tips on how to get through this?

What's going on with you is very normal, don't worry. :)

It can be hard to deal with at times like this, but some people with strong religious beliefs feel the need to preach, unsolicited at others at the most inopportune times. This is an unfortunate fact of life that you'll deal with from time to time. Nobody can know what happens after death. That's why we call them "beliefs". It's hard to be polite to people when they are being forceful and/or insensitive, but that's the best way to go. Politely excuse yourself from any conversations about where someone goes when they commit suicide and don't start any of your own. Don't argue with anyone, try to convince them of anything, or try to change their minds. No amount of debate will change anyone's minds and it's just going to make people upset for the wrong reasons. It's just not a productive thing to do. You know in your heart where he is and that's all that matters.

Even though what you're going through is completely, 100% normal, there is still something that you need to do. In all likelihood, you have easy access to grief counselors through your school. Talk to someone about how you're feeling and the choices you've been making recently. Breaking up with your boyfriend, even though it wasn't just because of this event, wasn't wrong, but it could be a concern. It's a red flag. You want to make sure that you're okay and that your life isn't going to spiral out of control suddenly. You may feel like you're alright, but it's good to talk to someone just to be sure. Grief counselors are awesome people that have a lot of experience in helping people understand their feelings and do the right things.

You're going through a lot right now. Try not to make any big life changes or decisions for awhile. Even though what you're going through is natural, it's definitely hard to handle. Good luck.


I'm a 13 year old girl and there's something wrong with my jaw. It's been going on for about a year now. At the beginning, it was just when I chew food or him or whatever it would kinda get stuck if that makes sense. It gets really hard to keep chewing. But last month it started not opening all the way. When I yawn it'll sometimes only let me open halfway so I have to close my mouth and test every few minutes to see if I can open it because I'm afraid that I'll get hurt if I force it. Is there some easy way to fix this or should I ask my parents to take me to a doctor?

It could just be muscle cramps or it could be something very serious. If you do a search online of your symptoms, you'll find a lot of people complaining of the same exact thing. Your parents don't need to take you to the emergency room or anything, but you should explain to them what has been happening, talk about what it could be, and schedule an appointment to get it checked out just in case. Good luck!


PS - Don't let the Internet frighten you. Most of the time when you start looking up symptoms online, you end up thinking that you're going to die. It's probably not serious at all.


how do you burn pics and videos from your camera to a dvd disc so you can view them using your dvd player?

This is a really hard question to answer without knowing what kind of camera and what kind of computer you have. You probably have a program that you can use for this, but different programs are available for different types of computers. Add additional information to your question or ask another question with more information. Windows or Mac? What kind of camera?

You will also need to check to make sure that your disc drive will burn DVD's. Some can't.



The whole thing could be really, really easy, but it's impossible to tell without knowing exactly what you're working with!


Hi.I am in a relationship with my guy for almost 9 months.We have our ups and downs but now adays , we've been having our downs only.It's like , we had sex 4 months ago and now , we just don't have a place where we can have it.I am absolutely okay with it , but he's all horny and devastated.We've been having so much fights lately.It's just so bad!I just love him so much and he does too.We end up leaving each other after every fight but we get back together and have a fight all over again.I cannot live without him.I try to fix the fights and they do get fixed but we have a fight all over again.I don't trust him anymore.He describes how horny he is every single day but I can't do anything about it.We don't even have privacy when we meet , it's just public places.So we can't really do anything.And his ex lives near his place , she always pops up out of no where and that girl is extremely horny aswell , he doesn't talk to her much and all but lately he has been talking about her a lot.I try to keep my cool but she sent him a text asking him to go at her place to go get some songs and shit with using all the winking emoticons.So I was like "So go to her place ;)" and he just went like "yeah" an then I was like "Have some good sex with her maybe" and he went like "If I tell her she will do so" and it pissed me off so much!I expected a different reaction but I was like wow!and then I went like "If you're trying to make me jealous think what would you have done if I told you something like that regarding one of my ex" and he was like "I was just telling you what she said" and so I didn't answer his text anymore and he just sent me another text saying "Just dont talk to me if you can't behave properly!" I mean like what the hell?!And so later we fixed the fight and I told him what I expected from him and he just went like "I am devastated and horny but I keep calm and I didn't expect you to ask me things like that , I was shocked" and so I told him that "That doesn't even make sense , I don't even trust you anymore!" and we ended up having a fight again.
I don't know what to do.I love him.Mom knows about us , my cousins know.I don't want us to end.But I don't see any options either.

You need to be brutally honest with him. It's not like he wants sex and you don't so you're avoiding it. The two of you cannot find a place and time where sex is possible. He knows that.

What you need to tell him is that he needs to quit telling you how horny he is. Tell him that there's nothing that you can do about it and bringing it up all the time accomplishes nothing. It's making you feel like all he wants you for is sex. If he's so horny all he needs to do is masturbate and stop bothering you about it. Once an opportunity arises for sex to take place, he will be the first to know about it and it will happen. Until then, tell him that he needs to stop talking about it because it is destroying your relationship. There is no reason to bring up his horniness again until there is an opportunity for sex.

If he can't do that or doesn't understand your feelings, I'm here to tell you that he's not interested in you as a person or a partner. He's only interested in you as a body. You're much more than that and you can't allow someone to treat you that way. Sure he's said really nice things to you, but anybody can do that. It takes a person that really cares about you to act like they do, not just say it.

You say that you can't live without him. That's an outrageous statement to make. You certainly can. You have before and you will again if things turn out that way. There's no reason to overdramatize your statements. Yes, it would absolutely crush you and it would hurt for a long time, but you'd be okay.

If he can't respect you by abiding by one little request to stop mentioning how horny he is, he is not a good person to be in a relationship with and your fighting will eventually lead to a very painful breakup. Try to get him to understand that his words are hurting and worrying you and that you'd like to talk about something else for once. How awful it is of him to want to talk about himself all the time? What is your relationship even based on now? Endless conversations about hormones? What a dreamy guy! Ugh.

So, to recap - There's a very simple solution to being horny. He needs to just shut up about it, masturbate as much as he needs to, and wait patiently for the opportunity for sex with you. That should be pretty simple. If it isn't simple, it's over. Good luck.


So... I have been having this issue going on for some time now. I have been with my boyfriend for a few years and my mom has not liked him for a while. I first thought that it was a phase. Then, I thought she would grow to like him eventually. But, now it is worse than ever. He was away for a few months for something that he needed to do for school. Those months were pure bliss with my mom. I finally remembered what it was like to love my mom again because we weren't butting heads. We were just friends. I'm 23, by the way. I live with my mom and grandparents at the time because I cannot afford to move out. I live in an expensive city and I'm a teacher, so I don't make very much money. I had a plan to move out, etc. when I had some more money just so that I could have peace of mind. But, it's not happening right now... at least for another couple of months. This summer, like I said, my mom and I re-kindled our relationship.

Upon his return, it was like everything I ever saw in him was different. Things that I took as a joke now seemed serious and rude. For instance, today, I was running late or wanted to slightly change our plans and he told me that my mother was a psycho liar and that I should never believe anything she says. PS, he doesn't know how she feels about him. He was just saying so because she was part of the reason I had to change the plans. Then, I told him that we have all had to sacrifice our plans at one point and I gave him the example about how we both left town on my birthday (to the same place) and didn't see each other because he was with his family and I was with mine. He could have chosen to come with me and I could have chosen to go with his family. But, it was my birthday and I wanted to spend it with my family. I was just using it as an example. I wasn't implying anything about it. This was months ago! And he said that it was my fault that he didn't see me because I decided to go with my family. We were in the same city! He could have certainly made an effort to take a cab or even send some flowers to my hotel... i don't know. I'm not saying something huge. Just an effort to know he was thinking of me. I've excused his behavior since I've met him. Now, I look back and see that it wasn't so nice of a thing to do. And before summer, I would have excused this too and say "he's just frustrated." Now I see how quickly his anger escalates and I don't like it.

There have been other situations that have happened in the past. Like, how he got angry at me because I didn't have cash to pay for parking when he had a wallet full of cash. If we've had a difference in political views, he turns bright red in anger and has pushed me away. One time, he was fighting with someone over politics and I thought they were just talking until I walked through the middle to throw something away. They were at a reasonable distance away from each other so it wasn't like I was cutting through them. He got angry both at me and the other person, but grabbed me and bent my thumb to my wrist. It was throbbing till the next day. I have excused it all. It was like I was under some weird spell. And now, I see how wrong it is.

So, this question is going to be broken down into a few pieces. First of all... I wouldn't even know HOW to end it. I feel like I still care. It's not like I'm a ball of fury. It's just that I think that I deserve to be happy. I want to feel loved. And I have felt loved before, so I know the difference. I don't always want to feel scared that I've offended him. And I can only see this getting worse. Imagine... bending thumbs now... how about when we are married? How about by the time we hit a 20 year anniversary? Do you really think it's going to get better? But, it's just hard. It's like I'm not ready... even though I know this is necessary. How can I get over this? What do I do?

Secondly, I have some issues with my mom that need to be addressed too. She turns into a PSYCHO when he's around. When he's not, she's my best friend. When she's around, she wants to throw me out of the house and tells me that she hopes I know that if I'm with him, she will never be a part of my life and she won't want to meet her grandkids. As much as I love my mom, this is unacceptable behavior from a parent. She is in no way providing a safe environment for me to come to her with real issues that a mother is to help her daughter with. Instead, I feel fear. Then, I burst into anger because I get angry at the fact that at 23, I need to live in fear. And then I feel even angrier because if it weren't for financial issues, I would be able to move out. So, it turns into a whole circle.

I don't want to be deciding this for my mom. I just wish someone can extend a hand and just say: "I think this is what you should do." An objective person. Someone who is not in this situation at all. I am crying out for help. Please answer!

I think that a big part of the issue is that you've defended your boyfriend to your mother for so long that it's almost something that has to work out. Now that it isn't working, you feel as if ending it will be giving in to your mom's inappropriate reaction to him, even though it really wouldn't be. You know you're going to get a lot of "I told you so's" and she's going to be happy when you are heartbroken.

The thing is, you have to take your mom out of this entirely. Separate from your mom, the relationship isn't going well on its own. If you choose to stay in the relationship, it would be more because of your mom than choosing to get out of it. An overcorrection of sorts. Because you don't want your mom to have an influence on your decision so badly, she actually will and you'll stay in a relationship that you probably would have otherwise ended if she hadn't been so against it. It's weird when you switch your logic around, isn't it?

Don't stay with this guy because of how you remember him. How you remember him isn't how he is. Even looking back, you're seeing things now that you failed to see before. There were good times and he's a good guy, but it doesn't seem like you're compatible with him long-term. If things are bugging you now, yes, they will big you more later on. A breakup will hurt more later on, too.

The last thing I want to address is your lack of openness. Why didn't you talk about how your mom feels about him? What makes you think that he doesn't know? Maybe he does. People are more perceptive than you think. If you had talked about it, things could've gotten better. Tactful open communication is important in any relationship. Don't tell him about it now because you may be ending things with him soon so there's no point to make him feel worse for no reason. But, it's something that he should have been aware of and that you should consider in any future relationships.

People break up all the time. There doesn't have to be a major betrayal or catastrophic falling out. If more people were honest and were more concerned about avoiding mistakes than about preserving each others feelings, don't you think there would be fewer divorces? Don't let this get worse over time. It will. End the relationship before it gets bad. It will be hard, but for every day that you wait, it gets harder. It seems like he's ready for it to end too, doesn't it? Good luck.


I sent a few nudes to a guy I met online and he's sent me money in return for them and now he's blackmailing me saying if I don't send him something else then he'll post all my pics on the internet.. Is there anything I can do to stop him? Can the police do anything?

This isn't a criminal matter. Do not go to the police. You sold him pictures, so what are the police going to do? Break into his house and take them back? They can't do that. The pictures are his property because you sold them to him. He can legally do whatever he wants with them now. It's not blackmail at all.

Unless you have a contract in writing with him that a condition of him purchasing the pictures is that he will not share them, there's absolutely nothing that you can do about it, ever. Him saying "yeah, okay" in a chat isn't enough. Even if you do have a legal contract, it might not matter. If and once he does post them online, they're there forever. At that point, it would be a civil matter and you could try going after him for money, but there's little chance that you'd win. You don't need me to tell you that you did something really stupid. You know that it was. A judge would know too.

Are you a minor? If so, contacting the police would be a horrific idea because you could get into trouble for selling child pornography, which is rather serious. Besides the fact that they wouldn't legally be able to get involved, the police have much more serious issues to deal with than someone being upset over the very foreseeable consequences to a really stupid decision.

I am very sorry that this is happening to you. We often don't realize or we choose to ignore the possible consequences of our actions when we're in the moment. Unfortunately, you're not alone. This happens to a lot of people. The laws need to catch up to the times. They haven't yet.

There's a good chance that the guy is bluffing and isn't going to do anything. He's getting off on the power that he thinks he has over you. Take that power away by refusing to send him anything else. If he's really going to put them online, he's going to do it whether you send him more pictures or not. It would be best if there were fewer. Rather than saying "no", come up with a bunch of fake excuses. My camera isn't working, my Internet connection is acting up, I can't get a minute alone, I have the flu, I dropped my phone in the toilet and can't afford a new one for a month, etc. He might lose interest on his own. There's a small chance that you're the only person that he's doing this to and he'll focus his efforts on the others if it starts to be too much effort to get anything from you. Good luck.


He has a baby on the way by a girl he got pregnant before we set boundaries and he has had money issues and i helped im with him every night and im happy but i just feel,for myself, i need that commitment especially before the child gets here to feel that security and have that commitment..i deal with a lot dating him and this situation and i feel i deserve at least that...but i dont want to feel im forcing anyone to "be" with me..although im always with him, his family knows about me, etc...do i wait it out or stand my grounds about having his all or nothing...

I could tell you that you need to give up on this relationship, move on with your life and never look back and you might even agree with me, but you'll never listen to my advice, which breaks my heart for you. Attempting to make a life with this guy is the wrong thing to do and you know it, but you'll continue trying because the chemicals in your brain are forcing you to even though it's the worst decision in the world. Take a long hard look at your situation and try to see it from a point of reason. You deserve for him to leave you forever because even though it will hurt for awhile now, you will be much, much happier without him than you ever were with him once some time has passed and you get over it. He got a girl pregnant before you set boundaries? I'm pretty sure you shouldn't need to have a direct conversation with someone about how they shouldn't have unprotected sex with other people if they're genuinely interested in you as more than a fling in the first place. You don't want to be with a guy that's going to be that stupid. There's no way the pregnancy was planned and you do not want to be with someone that makes such bad decisions. Unprotected sex? Are you kidding me? If he's having money issues now, how is he going to ever pay child support? You say "I'm with him every night" like that's some sort of win. Don't you think it's a bit pathetic? You deserve for him to dump you and never talk to you again because that would be the best thing for you. You deserve so much BETTER, like a good man that's going to treat you right and he is not one. You have so much loyalty, but you're giving it to a person who doesn't give it back and won't start. He accepts money from you? What a guy! Get the idea of "love" out of your head and make a good decision for yourself. Every good thing that he does for you, you can find someone that can give the same things, but without the pain. You need to require more for yourself. Again though, you're not going to listen to me, so why am I even saying any of this? Like so many before you, you're going to give in to your desperation to be with him because of how you feel when he's awful for you and you know it. Feelings fade, his bullshit will not. When the next guy could make you feel just as good as he does, never make you feel bad, not have to have discussions where you need to prohibit him from participating in behaviors that if he really cared about you he wouldn't even dream of doing, and not have to give him money, you can't choose this. Get out of it NOW, this minute, today, or YOU might get pregnant, get stuck with this loser forever, and spend the rest of your life dreaming about what your life could've been. You asked for advice and there it is. Do with it what you know you need to do, not what you want because even though he is what you want right now, he is not what you need and once you experience someone that is actually right for you, you'll wonder how you could ever have wanted this. I promise, you'll never look back. Good luck.


My wifi is fine, I've uptaded the app, and I've restarted my phone (I have the samsung 5) and it still won't upload my videos. When I try to do it it try to upload it for a mila second and says it failed again. Another issue is it won't say I have 16 followers. If I click the followers thingie and count it I have 16 but it still says I have 15. I tried emailing instagram but they won't answer. What should I do?

Since nobody has answered this yet, I'll give it a shot. I don't have an instagram account, but I know that oftentimes if you have a questionable internet connection, it can cause issues like this. Try resetting your wifi or attempting to upload a video using someone else's wifi or your data plan if you have one. This seems like the most logical thing that could be wrong. Even though everything appears to be working just fine, uploading a video involves a lot of data being sent through thin air and a slow connection will become an issue. I hope you figure it out, good luck!


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