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Facts about me:
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*college degree
*no kids (yet)


My boyfriend keeps insisting on meeting my family. afraid that if I introduce my boyfriend to them they might do something or say something racist. Not all of them are racist, but most are. They say racist stuff all the time. They don't know I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend is an amazing guy around my age and we love each other. He's patient, honest, treats me with the utmost care and respect. He has an accent and his culture is very different from mine.

My family has said racist things about people of his race and some of them think that you shouldn't date out of your race. Even if I tell them not to embarrass me they probably will do it anyway. My grandmother is very outspoken. I know they will all gossip and have something to say. If he finds out they're like that I don't know what he'll do. I don't want to lose him because of my family... What should I do?

The best course of action is to not surprise anyone. Talk with your boyfriend about it. Discuss how the two of you will respond if something is said. Discuss what's okay and what isn't. Talk with your family about it. Instead of asking them not to embarrass you, tell them outright that you have a boyfriend, tell them his race, and tell them that they are not to say anything inappropriate in his or in your presence. Be blunt and honest with them. Bring up things they've said in the past and label them as unacceptable. Tell them what will happen if they don't respect your wishes. Make sure they're aware that you're not asking them to change their beliefs, you just don't want them to say certain things in front of you or your boyfriend. If the meeting doesn't go well, don't get too upset about it. Stay positive and discuss with your boyfriend what, if anything, you should try next. If worst comes to worst, just stop visiting your family if they can't handle it. They should come around as the relationship gets more serious. My family despised my boyfriend and said horrible things about him in front of me, but when we got married, they completely stopped. I'm guessing that they still hold the same negative opinions, but they don't want to lose me or their future grandchildren just because I didn't choose someone that was their ideal mate for me. The mistake I made was that I made a big deal out of it and my relationship with my family was damaged for many years. Stay calm and give everyone as much time as they need to come around. It is a bad idea to wait much longer to tell your family about your boyfriend, because your lack of telling them may be interpreted as shame. Good luck and try not to look too deeply into this or overreact. Above all, don't avoid talking about this with everyone beforehand. The best way for it to completely blow up in your face is if you don't warn people first.


What if a boy says to a girl do you want a cookie?

It's not just something that a boy might say to a girl. Generally, someone will say it to you if you're bragging about something. It's a way of saying "good job", but sarcastically.


I like this guy, weve known eachother for about a year but I'm just now coming to the realization that I'm pretty sure he's just being my "friend" because he wants to sleep with me. Is there any way to get him to actually be my friend? Lately I've been trying to hangout with him hoping we can actually do something instead of it being a make out session. I think I have a decent chance of him liking me if he gets
To know me I'm just awkward and shy and have a hard time being myself/friendly infront of people especially a guy that makes me so nervous. I just want to know if I have a chance atthis, because I don't want to wasted time trying jus to end up hurt. Idk how guys brains work unfortunately.

I'm 18, he's 19.

I'm a bit confused by how you've worded your question. Are you saying that most of the time that you hang out with him you're making out? If that is the case, girl what are you thinking? Of course all he's going to want from you is an intimate relationship if you're giving it up like that. If you want someone to be your friend, don't make out with them. It's pretty simple. You've set the tone for the relationship that you have with him by presenting yourself as easy and making yourself into a sexual object rather than a personality that he might like.

If you don't actually make out with him and I just misunderstood what you were saying, why would you make a statement like that? Do you think that you'd end up making out with him because you're attracted to him or that he'd just have his way with you somehow? If you don't want to make out with him or have an intimate relationship, then don't. If you hang out a few times as friends and it's weird, there's really no harm done. You shouldn't be worried about your situation with him at all unless there's some underlying thing that you avoided mentioning.

Don't think of it as a "guy brain". He's a human with a human brain. I'm sure that you're just as confusing as he is and in the same ways. I mean, I'm pretty confused by you, myself. The thing that's confusing about his brain and the things that he does is that it's not any different from you, it's the same. If you want to know what he wants with you, ask him. If you've been making out with him, how is he supposed to know that you just want to be friends? If you want him to know that, tell him. Almost all of the problems between men and women boil down to a lack of communication. If people would just talk to each other and say what's on their minds in a direct way, we'd all be so much happier. Pretty much EVERYONE has a hard time being upfront with people, it's not just you. Don't use a self-applied label as an excuse to not do something that will make you happy. You could be upfront if you needed to be. Yeah it's tough, but just do it. I'm awkward and I hate being direct with people too, but there are times when we need to do things in life that aren't comfortable.

You may not like my advice and you may disagree with me, but if you can't tell this guy what's up or ask him what's up, you're never going to get anywhere with this. Anything else I could tell you might sound better, but it's not going to solve your problem. If you don't want the problem solved, then fine, but if you really do, TALK. Good luck! :)


So, I'm 15 and my boyfriend is 16.
We met on a teenage chat site and started talking, afterwards I snuck and call him from my house phone (I was on punishment at the time and not suppose to have boys calling or call them)
After a while he said we wanted to know what I look like so, I was scared of if he's think I'm ugly so I sent him a picture of my really pretty cause instead.
He said she was BEAUTIFUL and he send me a picture back, and now I wanna let him know how I really look but he said the only reason why he really really loves me is because I'm honest but I'M NOT, I LIED :( I'm so scared to tell him but its eating me alive.

What do I do, my parents don't even know I talk to him everyday, they think I'm talking to my best friend.

You have to tell him the truth as soon as possible. A guy friend of mine was dating a girl online and she did the same thing to him. He didn't even care about her looks and really liked her personality. Everyone in his school picked on him for having an online relationship, but he really liked the girl so he spent every day defending himself for almost a year. They didn't get to meet for awhile because they lived in neighboring states. The girl stuck with the lie and it went so far that my friend ended up going to her prom to meet her for the first time. He didn't just show up, it was planned and she never told him the truth. Not even when he arrived and she was clearly a different person. Even though he really liked her he was so angry that she hadn't been honest and acted like nothing was wrong when he showed up that he broke up with her online after he got home. To this guy, when he finds out, which he will, you will be a liar and a bad person. If you tell him now, explain why you did it, apologize over and over, and send him a real picture of yourself, he may understand. If you don't expect him to stay with you, there's more of a chance that he will. I wish you the best of luck. Tell him TODAY. Do not delay it because you don't want to end up hurting someone that you care about for selfish reasons. The longer you stick with the lie, the harder it will be to tell the truth and the less likely it will be that he decides to stay with you. Do not string this guy along, wasting his life as well as yours. He's sacrificing parts of his life to spend time with you that he can never get back. He could be hanging out with his friends, but instead he's spending time with this girl who he feels is very honest. Live up to what he thinks of you.


Is it possible to get a std if I've never had sex and neither of my parents have a std

In rare circumstances yes. A friend of mine got pubic lice from a public toilet seat when she was 12 or 13. There was medication involved and everything, it was really bad. It's very unlikely, though. I'm not sure why you're asking, but it's not a good excuse. What I mean is, if you actually did have sex and contract an STD, telling your parents that you got it off of a toilet seat probably isn't going to work. I'm not saying that this is your situation, but it is so rare to get an STD from a way other than having sex that people wouldn't really believe you.


To me a student is like cup when the cup is full the person is no longer a student but a master of what ever it is they study. What word best fits someone that is like an infinatley large cup?

I like Pol0's answer. If you're looking for a particular term, "Renaissance man" and "polymath" are the two closest that I could think of to what you described.



I'm 5'4" and I want to lose some weight. How many calories should I eat to lose weight? I dont think I burn much cause I dont really exersise a lot but also dont really have time for it because of school. should I eat below 1000 calories?

Never eat below 1200 Calories without consulting a doctor first, it could be dangerous! It is not healthy to lose more than two pounds a week especially if you're not really big to start out. That being said, there are websites that you can use that will track everything for you. I used http://www.livestong.com/myplate and I was able to lose 10 pounds in 2 months very easily. All you have to do is make an account and type in all of the food that you eat every day. It tells you what your calorie goal is for each day and graphs a lot of stuff if you're into that. You have to cut about 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. This means that if you cut what you're eating by 500 calories each day, you'll lose one pound every week. It sounds pretty simple, right? Just be careful that you don't let yourself go hungry and end up binging. That's one of the reasons why diets fail. Just go a little at a time. The slower you go and the less painful the process is, the more likely it is that the weight you lose won't come back! Good luck! :)


Im trying to find a copy of the multiplication songs for free so I can learn times tables.

Youtube? You can find most anything on there. I did a quick Google search for "multiplication songs" and a ton of videos came up as well as a lot of websites with the songs on them, all of which are free. Try doing a search using Google the next time that you're looking for something. If you're trying to find a place that you can download mp3 files for free, those sites are most likely illegal and we cannot recommend that you use them. Next time you ask a question, be more specific with what you're looking for. We don't know if you're looking for particular multiplication songs that you've heard before or what format you want the songs to be in. Good luck! :)


i am 16/f. last year i started rubbing my cilt and initially i got an orgasm 2 times. it felt great. however i did not cum. but then everything stopped . for the past one year i feel absolutely nothing when i touch myself. i have even tried fingering but all i feel is something is moving in and out..no pleasure at all.rubbing my cilt is useless and i absolutely have no sensation there. i do get wet ...something watery and jelly like comes out but i never cum. what is wrong with me?all my friends say it feels great and some 13 yr old girls whom i know cum regularly...why can't i?

I'm not really sure what you mean by "cum". The height of the female experience is the orgasm. Unlike with a guy, girls don't really "cum". If you're referring to "squiring" or female ejaculation, that's something different altogether that many women can't do and isn't something that feels any better than just a regular old orgasm from my experience. As I said before, "cum" isn't a term that is really used with girls, so it could be that your friends are just using "orgasm" and "cum" as the same thing. I can't think of anything that is wrong with you at all. Female ejaculation just makes a mess and some guys aren't really into it so it's probably a good thing that you don't do that. I would not trust a 13 year old to know the correct terminology or understand what is going on with her body well enough to communicate it to you correctly. Quit worrying about a problem that doesn't even exist. The worry and thinking about whether or not you'll "cum" is probably what is making you unable to orgasm. Just relax and know that the orgasm is the best part and you're totally able to do that, which you're very lucky for. Many women can't. You're completely fine and normal. Good luck!


I've been having sex for a while now. I've slept with five guys and I've never been able to feel anything. My friends are always talking about how amazing it feels and I have no idea what that feeling is. I've tried masturbating and even then I still feel nothing. I do get wet while having sex but all I can feel is the penis going in and out but never a pleasure sensation or anything no matter what they do. The first time ever having sex it didn't hurt or anything i just felt nothing. What is wrong with me? I want to be able to enjoy sex. I also barley ever get horny the only time I do is if I'm watching porn not when someone is fingering me or eating me out. I have a bf now who I love and I really want to feel something with him but no matter what I just can't seem to?

You didn't give a lot of detail, but you may just not be getting much from vaginal stimulation. It isn't uncommon for women to be unable to orgasm through vaginal sex alone. Try clitoral stimulation and see if that helps. A vibrator is something to try if you haven't yet. You can even use it with a guy, you don't have to use it when you're alone. The other thing I wanted you to consider is this: sex is much better with someone that you're deeply in love with and/or that you're very attracted to. You say "I've slept with five guys" rather off-handedly. Did you date each of those five guys for a long time and fall in love with them? Were you really, seriously attracted to them? Did you want to have sex with them or was it their idea or something you wanted to try because your friends were saying it was great? You have to want to for it to be enjoyable. It doesn't seem as if you put a lot of meaning into sex, which can help it actually feel better. If you're not getting into having sex, but porn gets you going, try having sex with a mirror in the room or with a webcam on a computer (just so it shows the image if you on the screen, you don't have to broadcast it to anyone) so you can watch. If you really trust the guy and yourself, you could record it to watch later. The idea that you're being recorded could be a turn-on. All you can do is keep trying different things until you find something that works. Just don't start having sex with different guys thinking that one of them will be what you're hoping for. You don't want that kind of reputation and until you work on you and figure out what it is that you need, no guy will be able to give you what you want. They won't know what you need until you tell them, which means you have to find out first! The last thing I want to say is that it's possible that most of your friends are making things up. Some of them may be lying about sex being amazing and others may even be lying about having had sex at all! Don't base your own experience on theirs. Good luck :)


I need some advice;o
Well here, my cousin is 15 and she weighs like 6.7 stone and her height is 5'7.
People tell her that she's underweight for her age and her height? O.o she's totally normal though!
How much does a 15 year old girl have to weight to be healthy ? And what about the height?

This website is a BMI (body mass index) calculator. http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/body_weight/healthy_weight/bmi_calculator.htm

According to BMI, she is underweight. The thing is though, that the BMI system is made for adults. She's only 15 so it could be off because of that. I am not familiar with "stone", but according to the website, I think that a weight of 8.6 stone at a height of 5'7'' would be at the low end of the healthy range. You can mess with it. Again though, this means that by the time she is an adult, she should be at this weight. If a doctor is saying that she is underweight, that's a problem. If just random "people" that think they know what they're talking about say that she's underweight it really doesn't matter. I got told that I was too skinny when I was growing up and I was actually in the normal range of BMI. People will say things like this. If she really is healthy, there's nothing to worry about unless she doesn't get up to the healthy range in a few years. Good luck!


Okaaay sooo im 14 with 86 pounds. Please dont tell me that its in okay weight cause i know its not. People arent bully me or anything its just that im 14 WITH 86 POUNDS !!! How can i gain more weight? Besides going to the docter cause i aldready did and they didnt tell me much. Soo please help... thankss ...

If you go to a website like http://www.livestrong.com/myplate you should be able to manage gaining weight on your own without having to see/pay a professional. The site has you put in what you eat for the day and it counts calories for you. If you make a profile, you can set your account to say that you want to gain 1 pound a week. The website will tell you how many calories you need to consume each day to meet your goal. You don't have to gorge yourself on junk food. Pretty much, if you just eat a little more of whatever it is you're already eating, you should be good. A good way to get extra calories in is to have a decent sized breakfast. This website has a list of foods that will help too: http://healthmeup.com/photogallery-healthy-living/top-25-foods-to-gain-weight/16004.

Good luck! :)


Hi I'm almost 15 and I haven't had a period yet, it's kind of worrying me I have had discharge for 5 months and I'm starting to think that something it wrong with me. I'm 15 in 3 months and I haven't had a period yet.

This is nothing to worry about. I stated getting worried when all the girls in my class started getting theirs and I wasn't. My mom told me that she didn't get hers until she was 16. If you don't get it by the time you're 18, you might want to set up an appointment with a doctor to make sure everything's okay, but you've got a long way to go before then. Good luck! :)


I am an 18 year old female, freshman in college. At my school, probably like every other school, we have this facebook page for you to go on and anonymously post who you think is cute or who you would like to date. Well, in my english class all year, I thought this kid was cute, I catch him looking at me sometimes but that's it. He's very shy, he doesn't talk much in class, matter of fact-I don't either, though really. Anyway, I posted on the facebook page, though and said that I think he is very handsome and that I would date him in a heartbeat. He commented back and said "come forward person who posted this." So, I was thinking about waiting until the last day of class and I was going to message him and tell him that it was me or something along the lines of "okay, I'm coming forward." I want to do it the last day of classes, which is May 17th by the way, because we have a twelve week summer. In case he doesn't feel the same way, I won't feel like an idiot sitting in class knowing that he knows and knowing that he said no. Plus the summer will give him time to think, he'll be able to message me if he wants. But, I'm kind of a chicken and I'm not sure if I will be able to do it or not. So, I guess I'm asking for guys and girls alike for their opinions. Would you want me to tell you? Would you think I was weird? What would you do? Thanks!

I like your idea. Think about it from his point of view for a minute though. You're planning on waiting kind of a long time. He might lose interest between now and then. If he's no longer really thinking about it or in suspense, you might not get a reaction that you'd like. You've got him excited and interested right now and you don't want to lose that. He may even find someone else between now and then because you've boosted his confidence. My advice to you is to post on the anonymous site again and say that you're going to reveal yourself on the last day of school. That way, he'll be really anticipating it. It'll also make it hard for you to back out of your plan because if you tell him you're going to reveal it and you don't, you'd probably make him feel really bad. Good luck! :)


I am actually homeschooling myself in Math. I am an adult. I would like to work my way into Physics. I am starting, roughly, at the beginning. I have been using "Math You See" (It's actually just spelled with the letter "U" but this stupid thing won't let me do that cause it thinks I'm chatting) but my issue with them is that you really only have two options:

1. The Parent book with the Lesson Plan and DVD (which pretty much repeats the lesson plan), and the answer key in the back.

2. The Student book with no answer key, no lesson plan, but it has equations.

I am looking for a homeschooling program that, like Math You See, will cover basic math all the way up through at Least High School math, (ie calculus and trig), BUT Unlike Math You See, will have within the book:
A Lesson Plan
Sample Equations
Actual Equations
An answer key in the back

Is there anything like this on the market for a reasonable price? Or are they all pretty much set up like Math You See?

Thank you.

Khan Academy. It's free and it's awesome. You can start as low as addition and subtraction and work your way all the way up to and past Physics. You learn through watching videos and completing practice problems. It's definitely worth a try because it's free, right? The site is actually very reputable; schools are even starting to use it. I hope it's what you're looking for and good luck! :)



Is boredom an emotion, or just the default state you're in when your mind isn't busy with anything?

It's whatever you want it to be. From one person to the next, we experience and understand things differently. Here's an example: think about the color red. How do you know it's red? Is it possible that I see red as your yellow? Your own perception is your only reality. There is no actual reality outside of your self because you can only experience life through yourself. To answer your question specifically, both of the things that you described could be considered boredom. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Most words have many meanings and different ways of using them. Personally, I understand boredom as having a negative connotation so I would say that it's more of an emotion than the mind not being busy. Sometimes it's nice when your brain isn't busy. :)


This personused ti be my friend and I didn't know she wasn't but doesn't want to communicate. I helped her in many ways but mainly financially. She was evicted witb 2 dogs I did what I could and way moore I paid for two nites of Motel fees and that was a gift (one of many )...but than she wouldn't stop bugging me and her sister would too about paying one moore night and so on .I ended up paying 10nights becouse I told her I would under the condition that she would pay me how she could over a period of 6 months and that meantime I would take her tv as collateral but said that she didn't trus the motel I was stYing and that was her excuse not knowing it was just an excuse than.Reason I did this is becouse I had recived a good lumpsome of money and she new this and had been buying her food items taking her places and partying all on me wich i did becouse as sbe would call me " best friends " she new i would be broke sooner or later and i use to tell her if we have each other it wont be as bad and she would agreed.Time has come im out of money and ideas she sold the tv and never paid me but also has ignored me and has not made an effort to just be there for me as she was when i had money. All i have is my debit documantation and both Motel attendends knew i was paying for this lady and looked at me as wanting to ask me Why would I one day i actually said oh this days im paying she will pY me back and if not I will keep her tv..She collects disabily I have nothing no unemployment or welfare but i do have 2 kids and my dog. I am so sad I can not believe she has actually faked evrything I am hurt beyond just my pockets. I i didnt get conpensated at list just so she new what she did is very wrong becouse till this very day has yet to even care if im homless and this is the same person that used she agreed and so I paid knwing that one day I would be out of money I told her that as long as we had our friendship we could bare things so much better. After that she would call me and call me and I knew what she wanted and sense I was already upset I didn't want to anwser
Now have no money no job and homeless. She sold the tv without my knowledge and

Your chances are not good without something in writing. If you can get one of the motel attendants to show up to court with you or if you can get some sort of written statement from them, you might have a shot at getting something, but to be completely honest, this is going to be a very hard one to win. You kept giving her more after she wasn't paying you back. She'll say it was a gift. Real court doesn't always work like Judge Judy. A former landlord of mine refused to give me my security deposit back even though I had the apartment cleaned really well and nothing was broken. When I took her to court, she lied and said that I left a huge mess. Apparently, there was "spaghetti all over the walls" I had pictures showing that I didn't leave a mess and she had no proof other than a "cleaning bill" that had clearly been created with Microsoft Word on her computer and wasn't even signed. The judge decided to just award her with what she wanted and us with what we wanted and after it was all said and done, we got $40. Hardly worth it. My advice to you is to cut your losses and move on. Your money isn't coming back. I learned some big lessons from my experience and I'm sure that you have as well. Take that as your reward and never speak to this person again. What happened to you is terrible, but unfortunately, there's not much that you can do about it. I wish that I had good news to tell you and I'm sorry if my response was a huge bummer, but that's just the way it is. Good luck.


hi. i just got my period and dont know what to say to my mom..... it feels really awkward talking like that. help!!!!!!

She'll understand. She had to go through this too. Think of it this way - at least you have a mom. Imagine how awful it would be if you were being raised by a single dad and you had to tell your dad! This is one of those times in life when you just need to buck up and spit it out. I waited about half the day to tell my mom, but I wish I hadn't. You're going to have to tell her so you might as well get it over with. There is no way around this. If it's really hard, maybe you could write a note or text her? Good luck and get used to starting to talk about awkward things. How are you going to talk to a future partner about sex when you're ready for that? This is all part of life and it's time to step up.


I'm 15/f and I have recently gotten a vibrator, my older sister who is kind of immature and doesn't know that no means no was bugging to buy it off me or have it and I kept saying no, then she eventually stopped bugging me. I didn't use it for a while when I first got it and a couple days later she took it without permission and used it, then she told me so of course I got mad because it was my personal item. I didn't go to a store and buy it myself and I'm too embarrassed because I'm young, but I want a vibrator that I can use. Would the vibrator be fine if I cleaned it really good? I never got the chance to use it yet and it really ticked me off that she would just go and use it anyways, she only used it one time then gave it back to me but I wouldn't use it because she did and I'm unsure if it's safe to use if it's cleaned.

It's definitely okay for you to use if you wash it really well. It would be like if someone had used your toothbrush. It's sort of nasty knowing that someone else has, but you can clean it off to the point where whatever came from them is gone and it's completely clean and safe for you to use. Hide it in a place that she won't find it. You don't want her to be using it again. Make sure she knows that what she did was completely disgusting and not okay. Good luck!


I am 13, female. I am online quite a bit, and most of my friends are online. I am generally unfeeling, as in I have no emotions whatsoever, but while talking to one of my friends, I am not. My heart aches, a good, but needing, never satisfied ache. I am certain I like him. More than I should, especially for a 22 year old I met online. While reading this, I assume the majority of you plan to lecture on my young, stubborn, ignorance. For all I know, he is a 57 year old predator. Fortunately, while being young and stubborn, I am not stupid. I do not plan on ever actually meeting him. I have recently told him my age and feelings. I have discoveed that, while I am unable to completely supress my feelings, I can dull it. He has not said anything to me; it was in the form of an e-mail. I hope you don't simply scold me for liking someone so much older than I, but I enjoy talking to him. He understands me, my love of reading, of learning, of science, and of thinking. Our conversations tend to be mostly intellectual, and I enjoy how he treats me as though I'm equal, not just a little kid, and learning from him. His ideas and how he uses words are amazing. He weaves words into sentences meaning more than just their contents, beathing life into letters how I wish I could. My thoughts often jumble up between my brain and mouth, the already scrambled and unorganized words more like a first grader's finger-paint than anything else. This, I hope, is understandable, and my questions now clear: What is wrong with me, a 13 year old girl liking a 22 year old man so much? What should I do? Is it odd to hope he laughs at me and says I am just a little girl, that I shouldn't feel the way I do? Am I as crazy as I think I sound?

It's actually very normal for someone your age to have feelings for an older guy. It's not normal for actual relationships between people like you and he, but it is absolutely normal for you to feel the way that you do. It's nice to have someone to talk to like that and it's nice to feel as strongly as you do when you're used to not having much emotion in your life. You honestly don't sound crazy at all to me. It's not a problem for you to continue to talk to him like you are, but a few big issues could come up. Since you've recently told him about your feelings, he may turn the conversation in a sexual direction. If he does this, block him immediately and never talk to him again. This may be painful and difficult and you may think well, I can deal with it, but you will find someone else that you can talk to that will bring out the same things in you. It would never be worth it to have to deal with the effects of any advances from him whether it sort of felt good to be wanted or not. You're just too young to be talking to someone that much older than you about that sort of thing. He could really damage you. If the conversations stays the same and does not take a sexual turn, then there really isn't much of a problem and you can keep on talking to him. It sounds like you're having fun and discovering pieces of your personality and intelligence, which is great. Don't give him any information about where you live, what the name of your school is, or any other information that would allow him to find you. This sounds like a no-brainer and you clearly know not to do that, but if you're not being careful, something could slip. Talking to him and becoming closer could subconsciously put you into a state of false security and trust where you could just accidentally reveal something that you shouldn't. If he starts asking for this sort of information, again, stop talking to him immediately and forever. This person seems great, but could be very dangerous. The most dangerous people are very charismatic and know how to put their words together to get what they want. Lastly, I want you to think about this person, who says that they are 22. I'm sure you're great and interesting and all, but why would a 22 year old want to be talking to a 13 year old online? It's definitely something to consider. What type of person is this and what type of life do they have where they don't have friends their age that they would rather talk to at their own level than you? Where does a 22 year old person find the time and why are they interested in you? As nicely as he puts his words together, he's probably not a great person. If you do want to continue talking to him and he doesn't do anything creepy, be very, very careful that you do not do anything stupid. Don't let your feelings or his charisma overpower you to the point where you lose something that you can't get back. Good luck!


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