My name is Teza.. short for Tereza. I was born in Croatia and I speak more than one language. I'm 22 years old & I completed 2 college degrees in 3 years. My a bachelors is in Business Administration concentration in Human Resources and my Masters degree is also in HR.

I started this advice column about 9years ago and I was so young but it was something that I always loved to do. I am trying to get back to answering questions, at least a few per day. With that said, if you have questions about school, friends, make up, etc., feel free to ask.

Much love, Teza


HI! I love physics games but I feel like I have played them all. Do you have any favorites that I should try? Is there a list of all of them?

I rarely play any games so I'm sorry if I'm not much help. I did a quick Google search and found several websites. This one in particular states that new games are constantly added so maybe you'll find something you haven't played.



I have read that a neutral undertone show no signs of either pink or yellow tones. I'm a cool-neutral and I have pink to my skin but most foundations are either too pink or yellow. My veins are blue and purple. Some say that neutral undertones = olive. Which confuses me because I cannot tan as I am quite pale.

So what is a neutral undertone?

This can be a bit tricky especially because a neutral undertone is right in the middle if cool and warm. The great thing about having a neutral undertone is that you can pretty much get away with wearing any color (make up as well) and get away with it. Because your veins are more blue and purple, it seems like you have a cool/neutral undertone. Since I can't see how you look like, I would recommend 3 things when choosing the right foundation. For one, you can take this simple quiz that'll help you understand your undertone better and what foundation would work. I'll provide the link down below. Secondly, you can visit a MAC store or go to maccosmetics.com and speak to a live person through chat. They ask you several questions and match you with a foundation/concealer shade based on your undertone.

Good luck!



Do they last longer than other laptop brands?

I personally have never owned a MAc laptop, but I have used them while I was in school for years. I also know a lot of people who have their Mac laptops and are very happy with them. I know that they usually last a lot longer than any other brand because of the hard drive. In fact, I was at the Apple store a few months ago getting my iPhone looked at, and a lady brought the first ever original Mac laptop to the store. Even after all these years, it still functioned great so I would recommend doing your research and I doubt you would be disappointed :)

Good luck!


Where can you buy polo shoes? I tried payless and they didn't have anything neither did walmart or shoe stop. Can you help me?

I'm not sure if you're comfortable with shopping online, but that would be your best bet at finding women's Polo. I did a quick search on Google and I saw some on Amazon as well. You can also try stores like Dillard's, Journeys, and Macy's.


please help i bought a new house and i need ideas for a bit of decorations somthing like girly girl kinda thing kkk

Congratulations on buying your home! :) Anyway, when you decorate, don't worry too much if everything matches together. If you haven't already painted, you could paint one statement wall. Also, adding art and pictures can make any room pop and it's a great way to bring out your personality. When it comes to accessories, you can always find inexpensive but very girly and cute lamps, pillows, and rugs. If you need more ideas and pictures, go to HGTV.com because there are tons and tons of great ideas that you can choose from. Have fun!


Can I pregnant by using my brother toilet seat.Im 13 and really worried.

A woman or girl can become pregnant after she experiences her first menstrual period, which will appear between the ages of 8 and 14. In most cases, a woman must have sexual intercourse to become pregnant.

With that said, no.. you cannot get pregnant by using the same toiled seat. If that was the case, I think 98% of women would be pregnant right not.

Read more: How Do Girls Get Pregnant? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5403367_do-girls-pregnant.html#ixzz2Iq98VKnq


I'm going to my first ever concert which is a rock concert (Papa Roach!) and I was wondering what to bring with me and what to wear there if you got any advise. Thanks.

When going to a concert, any concert, make sure you wear something that you will be comfortable in. For one, you're going to be moving around a lot and on your feet, so wearing a pair of jeans and flats (or sneakers) would be best.

Don't bring anything with you that you would miss if you lost. I made the mistake of bringing my purse to a concert and it was such a hassle. I had to find where to put it and I had to make sure no one was going to steal it. Bring your phone, camera, and a small amount of cash so you can buy drinks. Other than that, leave all your valuables at home and enjoy the concert!


ok lets just keep it brief... I am 18 and my brother is 19/20. whenever we are around eachother it gets akward, i get wet and i have seen him have an errection over me. :/ he has tried foreplay with me but i refused. we both want sex with eachother really bad,what should I do???

Having sex with a family member is incest and not only is is morally wrong, it is illegal in many states.

If you begin thinking like that when he is around, you need to distract yourself. More importantly, I suggest you speak to a therapist or someone you can trust.


ihave been told i am bipolar does that mean i have two personalities

I want you to get a full understanding of what bipolar means and if you think you have this condition, you should speak to someone. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe. They are different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time.



i had sex with my partner n we didnt use a condom then she took the morning after pills then 15 days after she went for menstruation and now its been 10 days not seeing her periods and de pragnancy test says it positive how can that be?

The morning after pill only works if the female takes it 24-48 hours after sexual intercourse.


So I like this girl that has been really sad for the past two days and I made a bet that I can make her laugh how do I do this?

When you try too hard to be funny, it can become awkward. So, just be yourself and do things that would take her mind off things that have been making her upset. Do something together.. watch a funny movie, get ice cream and just talk to her :) She'll be distracted from whatever is bothering her.


When is the worse time to have sex

Your question isn't very specific, but when you are ovulating, there is a better chance of getting pregnant.


What is an orgasim?

The columnist below me is wrong. An orgasm isn't known as "fingering". Basically, it's a great feeling you get when performing sexual acts. Not everyone can get one though, but once you do.. you will definitely know.


Is there such thing as pre-cum

Yes, & it can make babies.


Is there such thing as too much oral sex, medically speaking? A friend of mine said her man wants to do it every night.

Ha-ha-ha.. these days, EVERYTHING can give people cancer so don't believe what Cosmopolitan says. There is nothing wrong with too much oral sex, and it doesn't cause medical problems. Well, unless STD's are involved.


why would you vote for a women president?

Well, why not? People vote for a candidate because they agree with their beliefs and everything they stand for.


is babysitting at 13 too young??xxx

I personally think it is. If I had a child, I would never allow a child that young to watch my baby.


Freedom aint nothing but missing the person you love?

Nope, she's not right. Not only is every person and relationship different, she's just too emotional.


what is hair playing?

Lol, I don't even have the right words for this answer..


I'm a 15 year old girl and I am what you would call clean. I shower everyday. I have straight-ish, medium thick, brown hair and it gets greasy very quickly and it makes me look scumy. what can I do to fix it

One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to wash your hair every other day. The more you wash it, the natural oils in your hair are gone. I know this is hard and I wash my hair every day as well. Your hair isn't greasy, but it just get's flat and it looks that way.

For one, try switching your shampoo and conditioner. Tresemee has great selections for different hair types. You can try the hydration one, or the volume one.

Try avoiding using too much product in your hair. Hairspray, gel, etc. can all make the hair feel dirty.

The next thing, try dry shampoo! Tresemee came out with a new product line of dry shampoo. Instead of using baby powder, try this instead. You spray it in your hair, leave it in for a few minutes, and brush it out. It's super affordable and it can save you a lot of time, especially when you're on the go.

Here is a link:



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