"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love" - Albus Dumbledore

Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a junior in college & I'm slowly deciding what I want to do with my life. I love Harry Potter, coffee, and sleeping (among other things). I'll never claim to know everything, but I'm confident in my ability to help people with their problems. Feel free to send me an inbox question; I'll get back to you!

A few thoughts I've gathered from my teenage years (and being on this site for most of them!):
1. If you Google song lyrics, the song will come up 99% of the time.
2. Dress to fit your body type, and buy the size that fits. If you're a size 6, squeezing into a 4 won't make you look skinnier. It makes you look fat when you aren't.
3. You will never regret waiting to lose your virginity.
4. There is such a thing as a stupid question, but we're all allowed to ask them.

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Where can I find maternity clothing that doesn't cost a fortune? Has anyone else noticed that the same shirt plus just a touch of extra fabric is about double the price when you are pregnant?

My husband says we should just body paint my pregnant belly when I get big enough. ;)

Buy shirts in a larger size than usual at your local thrift store. A lot of shirts will stretch, especially tank tops. You can also get cheap sweats and yoga pants there.

For pants, check out Old Navy. They sell maternity clothes and yoga pants, so that you don\'t stretch your regular clothes too much.



I was giving my bf a blow job.his penis was dry.then we kissed.we didnthave our pants off at the same time..after he put on his pants.he took mine off.then he licked my p***y..he was not cumming at all..am i pregnany?? Please give 100 percent sure answer...

There\'s an extremely small chance that sperm could have been present in your mouth and transferred to you. Very, very small, but sperm can live for days.

Get on a reliable form of birth control - pills, IUD, Nexplanon, Depo-Provera - or use condoms every time before any sexual contact begins. People in non-monogamous relationships often use both birth control pills AND condoms, for extra peace of mind as well as STD/STI protection.

No form of contraception is 100% effective, but with perfect use of birth control pills (or an IUD) you can get highly effective protection which is far superior to the 0% you currently have :)

For more information about birth control methods, check out plannedparenthood.org. There you can take a quiz to find a good birth control methods for your lifestyle. They also have lots of information on STD/STI testing.

Try not to worry - stress only delays your period. As for whether or not you\'re pregnant, I\'m not psychic. Chances of pregnancy from what you described are very low, but if you do miss your period you\'ll need to take a pregnancy test. You can get them at dollar stores or at a clinic/planned parenthood/doctors\' offices.



Hello Advicenators,

I teach elementary students in a poor community school system and end up buying a lot of school supplies for my kids. Now, I am not complaining, but it has reached the point that I will have to say no to a tear stricken child who can't afford basic supplies, or I am going to starve to death.

Is there a place that I can buy school supplies in bulk, or just more cheaply than I have been?

Any advice is appreciated.

Reach out to a store like Staples or OfficeMax when they do their penny sales (usually during back to school season) and ask if they\'ll waive the item per customer limit for a teacher. Alternatively, round up as many people as you can and buy cheap notebooks during the sales! You could also ask them if they have any \"damaged\" boxes that would otherwise be destroyed. For example, a company might tell them to just destroy a box and write it off, but a kid in need doesn\'t care if the cover is torn - it rips as soon as you throw it in your backpack anyway.

Obviously the second one you wouldn\'t want to break any laws but they could probably do something with charity/donation tax write offs.

Also, let your local food bank know that you need stuff. People could drop off school supplies with foodstuffs; some pantries already collect paper products. Extreme couponers could often get markers and whatnot for pennies on the dollar, but won\'t know to get them if you don\'t ask.

Finally, could you possibly do a bake sale for supplies near a local grocery store?

P.S. - Are you in the southern Mass area? I'd be more than willing to bring some stuff over for you! If you have an a dress you're allowed to share, I would also be willing to send a box of notebooks via Amazon or something. I'm a broke college senior but I can't let a kid go without a freaking notebook when I'm buying new clothes, you know?



She dresses like a freak, does stupid things, sticks her tongue out like an idiot, appears naked in her music videos, and literally only sings one song these days. WTF? She used to be my role model, but now I hate that stupid bitch. I know Ariana Grande defended her, but she defends everybody. What my friends say about Mileys “wrecking ball" is,“good song, bad singer" what is wrong with her?

You're entitled to your opinion of her, just as anyone else is. She sings many different songs at her concerts so I will correct you on that particular point.

She's getting attention and fame, which means more money. She's in the entertainment business and it all boils down to money and fame.

Besides, she is a legal adult and can do what she wants. People lose their mind over nudity, even when it's artistic and not sexual.

My advice? Stop wasting your energy and time worrying about a performer and idolize someone who lines up with your ideals.

- LM


I have a FAFSA loan thing that I have to do for school. Do you know how long I have until the deadline for it to be turned in?

According to their website you have until the end of June. However, I would really recommend that you submit your financial aid application(s) to your school as soon as possible. If you need to file an appeal or there are any issues, you'll have time to fix anything without missing deadlines.

Your school may also have their own deadlines so check with the financial aid office.

- LM


Do they last longer than other laptop brands?

Any laptop will last if you take care of it. A MacBook might last longer than a cheap, flimsy PC but you're paying for the Apple name to an extent.


I am 6'3" tall, and tired of my feet hanging off the bed. I know there are longer beds, but when I go to the store there are NO sheets for a longer twin bed! :( Is there a special place to buy them, I mean the best place? I don't want poor quality eBay sheets like I bought for my old bed, and it would be nice if they were pretty since I am a girl.

Thank you!

Look at a store that sells in a college area. Most dorms use XL-twin beds and you'll be able to find sheets there without much difficulty.

- LM


So I was on my iPad and realized I don't want iCloud on my iPad. My sister is getting an iPhone soon and she'll need the same Apple ID, so I don't want all my stuff to be sent to her iPhone.

So I was doing my research...
Will the "Delete Account" button delete everything on my iPad? I reasearched and it said that It'll delete everything that was used with iCloud. But here's the thing: I've never used iCloud before. I wasjust stupid one day and made an iCloud account but never used it.

But yeah, that's my question: If I click the "Delete Account" button on my iPad (In the iCloud Settings), will it delete anything on my iPad?

Why does your sister need to use your Apple ID? You should make her a new one. You'll need your account to use anything you've purchased with it. So yes, you'll lose things. Or at least the ability to play/use them.



I am a freshman in college. The school that I wish to transfer to has a very high acceptance rate and my GPA is higher than the average. I feel really good about my transfer application and I sent that in on time. However, my transcript is a bit late. The application deadline was February 1st and mine will not be sent until February 4th. I am really nervous that this will affect me and that I will not get in because of this. Should I be worried? My high school transcript and my application are in, the only thing missing is my college transcript.

Since it was over a weekend you will probably be fine, especially because your application is already in.

I got into BU, and my guidance counselor didn't send a proper transcript for months... call in the morning if you are worried, and confirm that your college sent your transcript. Odds are, they're backlogged anyway!



I just saw my gyno and he started me on the Nuva Ring and he knows I was already on my 3rd day of my period and he told me to go home and put the Nuva Ring in now.. but I usually use the soft cups as well and he knows this. I just wanted to Know is it alright for me to have the Nuva ring in and use the soft cups at the same time? -N-

I don't see why not.

- http://divacup.com/how-it-works/your-first-questions/

Just be sure that the NuvaRing remains in place when removing the cup (many of them can create suction).

Once your cycle evens out, you won't even have your "period" for most of the time when the ring's in (except possibly spotting towards the end) because you remove the ring to have a withdrawal bleed.



I really dont like my nose. I think i want to get it done when im older. My nose has a nice bridge and the nostrils arent too wide, its just that its round... too round! Ha : )
Its not a hugeproblem, i just feel that if it were a little more sqaure ish , i would be prettier overall.
Its like eva longoria, before her nose surgery w/o the points
I want it to look like either her before or after, but you get theidea-right?

Im hoping you can talk me out of it
Talk me into it
Just give me the details on rhinoplasty

You haven't said how old you are, but I'd definitely wait until you are at least in your early 20s and can pay for the surgery.

Your face will change before then, and you may grow to like your nose. And your face shape will likely change until you're done growing.

I really do believe in natural beauty and all that, but I also believe that fixing flaws is perfectly okay if the person is otherwise secure and confident in their looks - otherwise, it's a slippery slope and you look like Heidi Montag...

Furthermore, I'm not a religious person, but I remember hearing this logic years ago:
Person 1: I'm getting a nose job.
Person 1: God also made people who grew up to be plastic surgeons.

I wanted a nose job in the worst way when I was younger. I inherited most of my dad's looks and I would have much preferred my mom's nose shape. Now, I've grown to not hate my nose and have learned contouring and makeup techniques that make me feel better about it.

At the same time, if I were to ever break, or otherwise mess up, my nose and needed reconstructive surgery, I'd tell them to make my nose less bulbous and round when they were putting it back together!

So think about it, and wait until you can easily pay for the procedure. It's your body and your decision.



hey i wanted to kno where can i find mcdonalds slip risistant sshoe at cheap ?

Payless. In fact, many locations give you a coupon to buy the shoes. Ask your manager; they might be able to order them for you.


!7/f. I just finished five months on Isotretinoin, aka, Accutane. One side effect to the medicine was to make everything dry. When my dermatologist explained why, I didn't doubt him but I didn't think he meant everything! My eyes have been wacky since I've finished my time on this medicine. I have a small base with flowers in it and small lights on the end of stems, these bulbs happen to be even smaller than christmas lights, yet when I wake up in to morning, I can barely look at these lights without squinting or having my eyes profusely water. I could look at these lights no problem because of their size, they were never bright to me before. So, my question is, since I have finished, my acne has vanished and I am now done on this medicine, will the moisture return to my face and eyes again or is dry eyes and having to squint at every light going to be an ongoing thing for me forever now? Thank you for your time.

It should return to normal once all the medication is out of your system. Dry eyes/mouth/skin are VERY common side effects of many medications, including Accutane.
- https://www.ipledgeprogram.com/ has a list of the reasons why it's such a restricted medication.

Accutane is basically a massive dose of vitamin A & it's a requirement (at least in the US) that females go on birth control as well - and a common side effect of birth control pills is changes in vision (usually, though, it changes the moisture level and makes it harder to wear contacts). Anyway, if you were also prescribed birth control (not sure if countries besides the US do this) that might have caused your problem too.

If you are experiencing any other vision problems, pain, etc, definitely talk to your doctor or eye doctor as soon as you can. That could indicate a more serious issue.

Also it's possible that something else has caused your eyes to feel dry and be more sensitive to light. It's been five months on the medication, so the seasons have changed and it's possible that pollen levels are higher than usual, for example.



I want to dye the under side of my hair black but since it is the summer I want to go swimming at the local pool. How fast will they dye fade if I go swimming about every other day to everday?

It'll fade pretty quickly, especially with daily washing. Your best bet would be waiting until fall, or tying your hair up while you swim to avoid exposure to chemicals and the resulting need to shampoo. If you DO dye your hair now, be sure to deep condition your hair frequently, and consider buying a protecting spray or even putting conditioner into your hair before you swim (it makes a barrier). Back when I would dye my hair in the summer, I'd use a leave-in spray conditioner from Aussie and it seemed to help prevent fading.

Also, true black dye is almost impossible to remove from hair - most people have to strip their hair to get it out and it can't be dyed over. I'd suggest a very dark brown (which will LOOK black at first, anyway, before it starts fading) to reduce the damage to your hair even further, at least until you're sure that you're willing to have black hair until it grows out/strip it out.



I've gone and gotten acrylic nails done professionally before but I've never brought my own nail polish.
I would like to get my nails done using this polish:
But I'm not sure if glitter nail polish can be done with acrylic nails since I've never seen or had it done before.
So, will this be okay?

I've seen people do that before. Glitter polish is harder to take off (fake or real nails) but it shouldn't be an issue and won't do any damage.



my 21 year old daughter has been sentenced to 5 months in the county jail (She never did anything like this before and it was a big shock) and I told her I don't really feel sorry for her because she committed the crime and she needs to do the time and maybe it will be a good learning experience and toughen her up. Is this too harsh? Am I a bad person for saying this?

I don't think so. If it was clearly her fault and she wasn't influenced by, say, an abusive relationship or anything, she ought to learn her lesson.

That being said, no one is perfect. Don't abandon her, or hold it against her for the rest of your life. Visit her at the jail and make sure she knows she's still got a family to come back to (or you, whatever the situation is).

But don't lie or pull strings to save her butt or anything. It could encourage future misbehavior if she knows you'll just come save her every time.



Will you rate these names in order of your favorite to least favorite. Or just tell me your favorites of these names. I think I've got them in the order I would use them, but tell me what you think. I know that Aaron and Gabriel are my favorite boy names because they are after somebody. I'm not sure whether I like Addy or Alexia better for a girl name, but they're for sure my two favorites

Aaron Bennett
Gabriel Heath
Christian Phillip
Matthew David "Matt"
Adam Paul
Connor Paxton
Anthony Joseph "Tony"
Jude Daniel
Luke James
Nicholas Andrew "Nick"
William Trent "Will"

Addison Teresa "Addy" (Teresa is my mom's name)
Alexandria Iris or Ann (Ann is after my late grandmother) "Alexia"
Gia Elizabeth or Gia Danielle
Tatum Danielle
Ruby Ann (Ruby is after one of the biggest influences in my life)

First off, THANK YOU for picking normal, respectable names for your future child.

I like Gabriel, and it'd also sound nice with the middle name Christian. I also like Luke James, but I would suggest making their given name Lucas. Luke can be their nickname, but I think Lucas is a better name to use professionally.

I like the first two girls names the best! If you have a girl, I'd wait until they were born and pick what fits them. But, I'm partial to Alexandria because I love Alexia as a nickname!

The only name I don't like is Tatum. It just doesn't sound right as a girls name to me.

Good luck!
- LM


Hey there, 18/f
Okay so I had sex back in march around the 16th 17th. I had just finished my period. It's now June and I haven't got a period since.
Bearing in mind I am usually extremely irregular and sometimes skip a month completely. So initially I wasn't worried. However I have never gone this long.
I have taken two clear blue pregnancy tests and both times showed I wasn't pregnant.
So basically I'm just wondering how reliable these results are to go on? I plan to see my doctor within the next week if it still hasn't arrived.
I was on medication for seven months and actually only came off in march. Could that also be a reason?
I know stressing about it can delay it further but I'm actually not stressed at all I just came back from two weeks of travelling so my mind was completely else where until now.
I just don't want to be one of those girls who didn't know she was pregnant lol
Any advice appreciated :)
Oh and I'm currently not on the pill.

They're pretty accurate. If you were that far along, it'd be showing up on a home test by now, unless they were expired or something.

Definitely have a doctor test you - their tests are more accurate & they can also do ultrasounds (to make sure there isn't something else causing the lack of periods).



Hey do you know if there is a place you can go and create your own pillow? I mean like design the pillow and then make it the way you like it then the place sews it and stuffs it and sells it to you? Kinda like build-a-bear but for pillows? If not, is it really hard to learn how to sew your own pillows instead?

It's easy to make your own. You can buy cotton batting at any craft/sewing store, or use an existing pillow and make a new cover for it.

You can buy pillowcases at Target pretty cheap. $10 for standard/queen, $15 for king; they're solid colors or basic patterns. I've had a set on my bed for about a year and washed them several times and they look like new. All I did to them was attach some ribbon with this nifty iron-on fabric tape. Anyway it was great, and would work perfectly if you want a bed pillow.

If you want a throw pillow, you can:
A. Make a cover for an existing pillow (preferably an ugly one that's comfy) with fabric (or a pillowcase cut to size)
B. Buy a new pillow and glue/sew things on it.
C. Make a fabric pillowcase and stuff it with cotton batting.

You can also use Cafepress; however I don't know how comfy they are or if it's a nice pillow. I've gotten tshirts from there, and they're awesome.
- http://www.cafepress.com/make/custom-pillows

Good luck!



17/f me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years and I want to switch things up a bit try some new things make him happier. I'd really like some med advice but girls r welcome to anything helps.

We cannot give explicit sex advice on this site because of underage users. Google, magazines, and your imagination are all excellent resources for what you are seeking.




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