"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love" - Albus Dumbledore

Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a senior in college & I'm slowly deciding what I want to do with my life. I love Harry Potter, coffee, writing, and sleeping (amongst other things). I'll never claim to know everything, but I'm confident in my ability to help people with their problems. Feel free to send me an inbox question; I'll get back to you!

A few thoughts I've gathered from my teenage years (and being on this site for most of them!):
1. If you Google song lyrics, the song will come up 99% of the time.
2. Dress to fit your body type, and buy the size that fits. If you're a size 6, squeezing into a 4 won't make you look skinnier. It makes you look fat when you aren't.
3. You will never regret waiting to lose your virginity.
4. There is such a thing as a stupid question, but we're all allowed to ask them.

BU 2014 :)

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Hello Advicenators,

I teach elementary students in a poor community school system and end up buying a lot of school supplies for my kids. Now, I am not complaining, but it has reached the point that I will have to say no to a tear stricken child who can't afford basic supplies, or I am going to starve to death.

Is there a place that I can buy school supplies in bulk, or just more cheaply than I have been?

Any advice is appreciated.

Reach out to a store like Staples or OfficeMax when they do their penny sales (usually during back to school season) and ask if they\'ll waive the item per customer limit for a teacher. Alternatively, round up as many people as you can and buy cheap notebooks during the sales! You could also ask them if they have any \"damaged\" boxes that would otherwise be destroyed. For example, a company might tell them to just destroy a box and write it off, but a kid in need doesn\'t care if the cover is torn - it rips as soon as you throw it in your backpack anyway.

Obviously the second one you wouldn\'t want to break any laws but they could probably do something with charity/donation tax write offs.

Also, let your local food bank know that you need stuff. People could drop off school supplies with foodstuffs; some pantries already collect paper products. Extreme couponers could often get markers and whatnot for pennies on the dollar, but won\'t know to get them if you don\'t ask.

Finally, could you possibly do a bake sale for supplies near a local grocery store?

P.S. - Are you in the southern Mass area? I'd be more than willing to bring some stuff over for you! If you have an a dress you're allowed to share, I would also be willing to send a box of notebooks via Amazon or something. I'm a broke college senior but I can't let a kid go without a freaking notebook when I'm buying new clothes, you know?



My freshmen year of high school just ended and its my first day of summer vacation and I'm already sad..I dont want it to be summer in fact I hate summer all I wanna do is cry. I don't know how to make this summer go by fast I even hate my job but my parents are making me work! Any suggestions of things I can do so I can be happier?

Hang out with your friends, go to the beach, and have fun. Be grateful you have a job (roughly 75% of teens in my area are unemployed, meaning they want a job and can't get one) and try to make the best of your shifts. Befriend your co-workers if possible, and hang out with them after work. Having friends at work makes it less horrible, too.

Do you always feel like crying or do you just hate summer and not having school? If you're always upset like this you may want to ask your doctor or a school counselor about a depression screening. Schools typically have these resources available year-round or can refer you to someone.



Boigraphy of Great and Popular People. I need to find boigraphy of famous people, can anybody tell me where to start?

A bookstore, or Amazon.com

Ask someone for help (at the store) or search the person's name along with the word "biography" or "autobiography"



Okay im looking for a swimsuit like these:

Oh, and this is for school swimming, so it has to be a full piece.

this would be my first choice:

This is my second::

Which one do you like better?
Where can I get some that look simular for cheaper?
What year do they look like?


I love the first one. It's very classy, but still wicked pretty. I can't really say what year? But it's a classic pin-up inspired style.

THe second one is pretty, too, but the style is more revealing (because of the v-neck) and would probably require more readusting to avoid problems.

You could get similar styles at Delias.com:
- http://store.delias.com/browse.do?categoryID=1339&sidenavTrack=apparel.swim.onepiece



I need more volunteer hours. Is there any places that would let a 15 year old volunteer?

The senior center is always looking for help. I've done 40 hours with them this year.

Also, does your school have a Leo Club? They do community service projects all the time. Ask your guidance office or principal.



My parents want to send me to a private catholic all girls school i my town. It is also required to wear a (very ugly) uniform. The classes look good and the school has good ratings and everything, but i have a problem with the religion thing, as well as the all girls part and the fact that I have to wear a uniform. how can i convince my parents to let me go to a different school or stay in public school??

Ask them their reasons for sending you to a private, all-girls school. If their main concern is your education, you can very easily convince them that you'd get a good education elsewhere. You'll get out of school only what you put into it. If you aren't paying attention and taking notes, you won't learn. And regardless of who is teaching you you won't be paying attention if you dont want to, right?

If they still insist on sending you to a private school, mention the cost (especially in this economy). It could be applied to college tuition and pay a fair amount of it off (without loans!)

Or, ask if you can compromise and go to a boys/girls school instead of all-girls. I know a couple girls who go to all-girls schools and they're always talking about the drama/backstabbing/bitchiness that goes on. It seems to be worse than the regular private schools.

Hope I helped.


What are some extra-curricular activities that colleges look for/like? Im a freshman, so I just wnat to start taking stuff that will benifit me in the future.

In addition to what Jack said, it's helpful to hold an officer position in one or more clubs; i.e. vice president of Student Council, as opposed to simply being a member.


i dont really understand the guilded age. i know what it is, but i dont truely know. i could recite the definition but thats all. soo, if you know what that is and can explain it, or even give me another definition, that'd be greattt :)

and also, do you know any immigration policies near the guilded age? i have a few written down but i need moree. thank youuu !

I actually love how the Wikipedia page explains the Gilded Age.
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilded_Age

My teacher explained it to me like this [and it truly stuck]. If you took a cheap plate [or anything, really] and covered it in a thin layer of gold, it'd look amazing, right? But underneath that it's just a plate. Nothing special.

There was all these great technological advances & industry was booming, and the wealthy were living the high life/American Dream. That's the gold coating.

Yet there's this not-so-great stuff going on [the lower-classes are suffering/working hard with long work days, dangerous working conditions, child labor, robber barons, etc. etc. That's the plate underneath that you don't see because of the "gold" covering it all.

Also on that page there's section on immigration.
If you need a source other than Wikipedia for a project, Google 'Chinese Exclusion Act' and you'll find 'better' sites =]. Wikipedia explains things like this in simpler terms, though, so to grasp a good understanding of a topic, I'd check there first =]

Hope I helped!


I'm going through Amazon ordering books right now, and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions to read.

I'm 16, f, if that helps

Some other books i've read recently are: The Twilight Series, The Book Thief, Wicked, and the Giver


Looking for Alaska
An Abundance of Katherines
[both by John Green]

Peeps and So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld.

There's a LOT more I can recommend for you that aren't so much like the titles you suggested; inbox me if you want those =]


okay so i printed out a monthly calendar for the whole schoolyear (september - june). i was just curious, what's the point of using the monthly calendar? last year, i didn't have / use one (i just wrote it all in my agenda. like if i were to have a test in english on friday, monday - wednesday, i would write "English - Test Friday" and then on thursday i'd write, "English Test Tomorrow!" so i could see it at a glance that way).

(1) i know they're used for keeping track of assignments, due dates, other commitments, etc., but do you think i should just wait until i get busy to see how it works?

(2) isn't it tedious to have to update BOTH your agenda and your monthly calendar everyday?

(3) what are the advantages of using a monthly calendar BESIDES being able to see things "at a glance" ?

1. I'd just use the daily planner part of the agenda for now, since it's been working out for you.

2. Simple answer, yes. If an appointment gets cancelled you'd have to update both places. In most cases it isn't necessary.

3. Using the monthly calendar is good for long-term things, like vacations or research projects. I'd write appointments there too, so that they aren't forgotten, and if I was better about using the monthly part, I'd write down friends and family birthdays.



Ok this is for an assignment for school. I need to ask people of their favorite events in history and why? I need about 10 and i already have 3, but if you have more than one favorite event then feel free to tell me. So far I have:
The fall of communism
The civil war
The fall of the roman empire

I still need 7 events and reasons why...

Here's a few ideas =]

- Women in the Workforce [during WWII]
- Counterculture of the 1960s
- Signing of the Magna Carta


Okay well im going into my freshmann year and im really nervous.But still exited,So like does anything happen in freshmann year? when is homecomeing?? And is freshmann year like really hard?? what goes on someone tell me??


I wrote that myself awhile back & it's still pretty good, considering that my advice has matured a bit since then =]

Anyway, I'm going to be a junior in the fall, and it seems like my freshman year just happened yesterday. It seems so cliche, but it's true. The upperclassmen and sophomores are going to tease you, call you stupid freshmen, push you around, etc. Not everyone, but a lot will. Keep in mind that in a couple years you'll be doing the exact same thing to the class of 2014 ;]

Chances are your schedule will take some getting used to but you'll memorize it soon enough. Keep it in the front pocket of a binder, written on an index card. That way, you can casually glance down at it while you're walking if you forget what class you have next or something.

It's not as 'hard' as 'different'. Most teachers won't hound you for missing assignments. You pass it in, or get a zero. However, if you build up a good relationship with your teachers they'll be more willing to do favors for you, such as give you an extra day to complete something, or accept an assignment you were SURE you handed in last month. Most aren't as imtimidating as they seem and can be quite friendly.

As for homecoming, it's usually a weeklong event. It is for my school anyways. We have spirit days like Pajama or school color day, and there's a big football game. The week ends with homecoming dance. You'll hear about it, trust me. It usually happens in the fall.

Enjoy yourself =] You won't regret it.


"no matter what"

like this person does this "no matter what".

- regardless
- despite everything else
- every time
- without fail
- religiously
- habitually
- regularly
- like clockwork
- like it's second nature
- through hell and high water
- without regard to
- notwithstanding
- in spite of everything


right its long division.. i never got the hang of it and probably never will... all i need to know is what do i do with the remainder at the end? how do i turn my results into a fraction or whatever they're called...

30 | 100

30 (remainder)

then what? i know that the answer is 3.3 (thank god for calculators!) but how did you get the 3.3?????

Well I stil don't understand your example, but let's say that you were dividing 51 by two. you would have 25, with a remainder of one.

At this point, you can add a decimal point to 51 (add .0 to it underneath the division sign, and add a decimal to the anwser on top, so you'd have 25. )

Then, you can bring down the zero. Two goes into 10 five times.

Now, you have a decimal instead of a remainder.

Alternatively, you could make a fraction (1/2) and divide it out to get a decimal. But the "adding a zero" method is much easier and keeps everything organized and precise.

EDIT: There is no remainder now. The 10 you had left over, becomes 100, because you can bring down that zero and keep dividing. It's a repeating decimal, like theymos said. I think between us we answered your entire question. Inbox me if you still need help, I loooove math.


im ganna promote in june.i have my dress already but i have ugly scares on both of my legs.and i really want to cover them up.what can i use?

I've covered bruises and scars before with concealer and/or foundation [I had to blend them to get the right shade]. It works fairly well, and doesn't take all that long.

Unless you live somewhere cold I wouldn't recommend wearing tights or anything because you'll overheat and be VERY uncomfortable.

Chances are, you notice bruises/scars more than other people will. It's not uncommon to have them from sports and the like, so I wouldn't try too hard to cover them up. If you're talking about like, a surgery scar or something, try consulting a dermatologist if you can, or tru a product like Mederma to fade them. I've heard many different stories about if it works or not, but it's not wicked expensive so you might as well try.

As a side note, if you don't obsess over them too much, no one else will either. Wear your dress with confidence, do your hair in your favorite style, & you'll look and feel great!

Have fun :]


This pertains to a school trip which is why I put it in this category.

So, on Wednesday, I leave for Chicago. We will be there through Monday for a national competition.

It's supposed to snow, but since I live in LA, I don't have much experience with snow. I know that it's frozen water, but if it lands on my hair, will it ruin my straightening?

I need to know stuff like this, haha.

Will the weather dry out my skin?

Anyone with any snow or Chicago experience, please answer these questions and provide relevant information.

Thank you. :]

Typically if you brush snow out of your hair before it melts you won't have a problem with straghtening. If you do, well, it will happen to everyone with straight hair and snow doesn't ruin hair like rain does.

Your skin may dry out a bit, but since you'll only be there for a few days there probably won't be much difference. Maybe bring moisturizer along, and if you already do just use it twice a day instead of once, or something.

Have fun on your trip!


Does anyone know any good ways to write in big letters very neatly, i get extra points on a poster if everything is hand written.

I've done lettering for two years in vocational shop at school.

A few tips:
1. Lightly penciled guide lines. Make them VERY light (like don't make an indent on the paper) and use a ruler/yardstick/something straight to draw them.
2. Go slowly and use light pencil lines at first.
3. Since you're making a poster, use really bright/bold colors that are easy to read (i.e. maroon, green, red, blue, black; as opposed to, say, yellow and lime green)


you are nasty

Thank you.


Ok here it is:

Everyday I go on the computer to watch videos, chat with friends and just surf the net.

Heres my problem though

I have like a schedule but like . . . ok for example I say I want to do my hw at 6pm but then I watch something so interesting I want to watch the next episode then its like already 6 and then I say I'll do my hw at 6:30

etc etc then its already 11 and I just completely forgoted about my hw

What should I do?
I'm so addicted to be on my computer I just don't have the time for my hw?!?! T___T

Thank you if you've gave me advice I galdly appreciate it thanks :D

Unplug the modem. Seriously. Quit cold turkey, at least for now.
Make yourself do your homework, THEN go online.
It takes discipline but it works.

Set the timer on your cell to remind yourself when a half-hour is up. Plan not to go online until, say, nine at night. Whatever will work for you.

Good luck =)


what is the semi thing in highschool?

Typically semi refers to a semi-formal dance. Most high school dances are semi-formal, which means a short dress for girls (as in not a floor-length gown) and dress pants & shirts for guys (ties optional) and no suit jacket.



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