My name is Rachel and i am 26 years old and I have gotten myself into a mess. My cousin and I are really close I can tell her anything and she will be there for me she is 45sleep. We have always been close but she is disappointed in me because i have sex so many times without knowing the guy that well lets just say about a year ago. I had sex with a guy in 2 days time and it was a miracle I didnt get pregnant becaus it was unprotected with no condom and no form of birth control either and now i have been dating this guy for about 2 months and I have been doing so much better we have not been sexually active all in the 2 months that we have been dating. He says he will wait till marriage if that's what I want and that is what I want but my problem is that every other relationship I was in I had sex within a weeks time because I was afraid they would leave if I didnt and now my couain dosnt believe me when I tell her that I haven't had sex yet with this guy. How can I get my trust back? She wants me to get on the depot shot but it's making me feel like she dosnt trust me anymore.

This is easy for me to say and hard for you to take. The reality is it doesn't matter what your cousin believes or doesn't believe. What matters is what you and this guy have together.

In the past the relationships may not have been all that trusting or secure in your eyes. You felt sex was a way to secure the relationship. This guy is willing to wait until marriage or until you are ready for sex with him. To me this is a great guy and that is all that counts.

The one thing I do agree with your cousin with is the birth control. Be it the Depo shot or oral birth control pills I think it is a good idea if this is a good relationship that you start on birth control. In this way when the time is right you are protected and you don't have the fear of pregnancy and can enjoy sex with the man.

It would be nice to have your cousins trust I understand that. The past is the past and people do change. If she is unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt then that is her problem not yours. This is your life to live and it is not meant to be lived to prove anything to anyone but yourself.

If you can be a better person tomorrow than you are today then you are living a good life. For you are growing and learning each and every day. To me that is what life is all about.


Both me and my girlfriend are clean, and ww had sex but the condom broke. Can I get aids?

Let me just say the Rainhorse68 is correct. Just having anal sex is not how you get HIV or AIDS. One of you must have the HIV virus in order to infect the other. As long as both of you are healthy and you enjoy anal sex then you can continue.

I do suggest that you continue to use condoms when engaging in anal sex. Not so much to prevent or lessen your concerns about AIDS but other problems that unprotected anal sex can bring especially for the male.

The anal tract is the body's waste port and therefore is full of bacteria that can be harmful. The bacteria can cause Urinary problems including bladder and kidney infections. It is also important that even with condom usage that after anal sex both of you wash the areas with hot soapy water. One other word of caution: Never go from the anus to the vagina with a finger or a penis without first washing with hot soapy water.

Anal sex can be very enjoyable for both partners if you follow a few rules of safe sex. It is also a good way to enjoy intimacy without fear of pregnancy.


My boyfriend and I have been going to the same gym for quite some time but just recently (~3 months) started going out. We actually have the same model cars so I let him drive my car while we went somewhere the other day. He offered to drive since I had uncomfortable shoes on. But he was driving so slow I said "if you want you can go fast" but he SLAMMED on the gas to the floor! I said "without killing it" but dont think he heard, thank god the light turned red. Then I drove back but fast too just to show him I can too, I said I go fast too but I do it gradually without strain you see. And he knows I usually drive fast. I leaned on the gas pedal gently slowly building up speed as always. After we're in front of the house boom my car starts overheating, he put antifreeze and it made to the next morning. Next day I get stuck on the highway boiling engine, I bought it to the mechanic. He said leave it 3 days to diagnose.

I left it, I told my boyfriend hey I think you broke my car and most likely its a head gasket (no joke ~$1000) he said but you drove fast too how do you know i broke it (meanwhile he was the one that floored it with pressure which causes gaskets to blow). I said let me drive your car, and he said "no I feel like something will happen to my car now. I cant let you do that." I said "why..you're the one that broke my car not me, so you don't trust me but I trusted you with my car". I asked what if I did drive your car right now and something happened, he said he would want me to pay half and said I think that's what you want me to do. Later we argued and I said "Maybe I didnt even want to drive your car now, maybe I was just testing you, now I see what i had to." And he got mad he said "oh so you're just playing mind games with me, I hate that sh**, I'm not going to answer and feed your mind games" and for 6 days he still didn't ask or write while I'm living hell. Before I said that he was like "well let me know what the mechanic says", but now nothing!
Who do you think is at fault for killing the car, who should pay how much if it is a 1000 gasket? I really feel that he should pay at least half but have a feeling he really won't and I'm pretty sure we are through. My mechanic will call pretty soon and I dont know what to do or say. I've been sick and nauseous for days over emotional distress. Please help.

I can't give you a good answer to this question without knowing how old the car is and how many miles are on it. At the moment you are not even sure what is wrong with the car or how much it will cost to repair.

Other than the head Gasket, it could be the water pump, the water pump seal or even a freeze plug leaking or at a minimum a hose leak. Fact is the older the car is the more prone to the things I've just listed failing. This would make you responsible for the repair bill.

For a head gasket to blow you would be seeing oil not water. Since you lost fluid and not oil, at least that is what you have written I don't think it is the head gasket unless you saw something you haven't written about.

Based on what I'm thinking your boyfriends driving may have been the final straw for something to fail but not the reason for the failure itself. The cost of the repairs are yours.


How i gonna convince him to have a sex with me even she dont know me

Trying to convince someone to have sex with you can be considered a sex crime. Once someone says no to you concerning sex any further attempt to get them to have sex with you is a crime. Usually the charge is sexual harassment which can be charged as a felony.

You may be a teenager but your age no longer protects you from such charges should she or her parents wish to pursue such charges. If you are 16 or older the prosecutor can charge you as an adult which would depend somewhat on how serious the harassment might have been.

There is a way to have sex with someone but it does not include convincing. Sex is normally the result of a loving relationship. Still even in a loving relationship where you have moved to the level where sex would be expected either of you have the right to say no. Again no means no and you cannot do anything to force or convince the other to have sex with you. Using force is Rape and trying to convince someone is sexual harassment.

I'm guessing your age to be in the early teens. Young ladies your age are more prone to saying no to sexual intercourse then yes. My suggestion until you are older and more mature that you stick to masturbation. Having been your age at one time I can tell you that any sex you might get at your age will be less satisfying than masturbation would be.

You don't have to take my word for that. IF your dad will be honest with you he will tell you the same thing.


What would you do if you just found out that your son had dyslexia? I don't even know where to begin handling this disorder. Will he have to go to a special school? Does he need some kind of tutor? How will I be able to help him with this?

First of all don't panic. Dyslexia can be dealt with and most public schools can deal with it. My Cousin was found to suffer from Dyslexia and is now a very prominent Attorney in Washington, DC. He is now the senior Attorney for the firm he first joined many years ago and for years was their rain maker. His firm has over 250 lawyers.

While he may be my cousin I will admit he was never the brightest light bulb in the basket, but he is a hard worker. If he was able to overcome this disability I am positive your son can also. To do so it is important that you keep a positive attitude.

How was your son diagnosed. Was it by observation of a teacher or through testing. If he wasn't tested he needs to be tested in order to determine the level of his Dyslexia. Once this is known then you know what type of treatment he requires.

Keep this in mind. If your local public school cannot provide the level of special help he needs. They will attempt to tell you that you need to place him in a special school. While this is partially true the emphasis on you is wrong. They must provide the education and if they do not have the resources to do so then they must find, pay for and supply transportation to a school that can provide the special help he needs.

This is where you must become his strong vocal advocate. We were told that some special education help my son needed was not available. They told me of private schools where it was available. When I asked for the forms to have the school system pay for the schooling a miracle occurred. There was another teacher at another school who could help him but they wanted us to take him there. Strike 3 they lost when I returned with my attorney, they provided bus service as well.

School budgets are very tight, they always have been. They will try to get you to pay for the services your son needs. He is guaranteed an education and the public school system is required to provide one for him and not just one that passes him along. Know your rights, stick to your guns and if need be engage an attorney.

Everything starts with proper testing and go from there. Good luck and again don't panic. This is not the end of the world.


I am trying to figure out how many words can go in a program ad for a recital that the page is 1/4 that I can leave a message with the person picture

One of the first things you need to find out before you can answer that question is the style and size of the typeface the ad will be run with. The larger the type size the less words will fit in the ad. The style of the type also makes a difference as on style in a particular size can be larger or smaller than another style in the same size.

Once you have this information it is easier to figure out how many words can fit in the as. There is a formula as to how many letters per inch for each typeface and size that can be used to calculate the number of words.

The best way is to write or type out your copy and take it to wherever you are purchasing the ad. They will tell you if it will fit and how it will look in the ad.


I'm beggining to hate them...
Here's the story

My bestfriend and I had this project in electronics, we spent four whole weeks graphing it, and buying all the parts needed in order to make it, and another 5 weeks assembling it. I promise, we did our best, but by the time we were going to pass it, one of the circuits broke down and the transformer burned down. So he bought a new one and he said he'll try to do it at his house. In the afternoon, he had this huge problem, the circuits of the new transformer was different from the one on our design, so there was no choice but to spend the night with him, and so it all began.

I asked my parents if I could spend the night at his house. They said no. So I cant do anything but persuade them, they legit said the rudest things. They said that I cant ever sleep in anyone of my schoolmates' houses because everyone there cant be trusted, they said my school had a bad reputation and everyone is immoral except me. At this point, I imagined all the parents including my bestfriend's who treated me so nicely when I went to their homes, and my parents are directly bashing them without any information. But there's something worse...

After that, I told them that I have already proven that my friend's arent stereotypes. Then what did they say? "You're friend is gay, you'll be sleeping under one blanket and I know he'll do dirty things on you! He's a fag."

Ok, before i rage, let me give you a few infos. I'm 17, my bestfriend's 16. The reason why they think he's gay is only because he acts childish. He hasnt matured yet, making him too polite. I've done everything to make them proud, I have a high position at a religious organization, my grades are all the highest, and i have treated them with upmost respect...

I knew if I raged, I would've made everything worse, so i just killed off one of the characters of the book im writing to express my feelings. Please help me, I texted my bestfriend and he told me we can try to make it before our teacher arrives, at 6 in the morning... So I went here and typed out my grief instead.

Well it is good that you were able to vent to us. Unfortunately you are 17 and at least for the next year until you turn 18 you have to do as your parents say and you must ask permission to do anything. Once you turn 18 it is a different story in the eyes of the law you are and adult with all the advantages and responsibilities of an adult.

From a strictly legal standpoint on the day before your 18th birthday you parents can punish you as they see fit. They can ground you, restrict you to the house or use any other form of punishment they have ever used on you. At the moment the clock strikes midnight they can no longer do any of that or face legal consequences.

What I'm trying to say is it does not matter if I think you are overreacting or not. What matters is there is nothing you can do about how your parents chose to allow you to do or not to do. You were right not to fly into a rage and as someone old enough to be your grandparent I am proud of you for not doing so.

What does bother me is how your parents come to feel as they do about your friend and the school attend. If I felt as they did about the school my child was assigned to I would do something about it. I would seek to have my child moved to another school or I would find away to either home school or find a private school. Their perception of your friend and your school is rather closed minded and I wonder how they come by this.


i started using the triphasil pill on the 16 jan 2015 and since then iv been taking it everyday at the same time but today my alarm never went off and i took it 20mins later as soon as i remembered coz i take it at 5 in the morning so instead i had to take it at 5.20 ths morning bt then a few hours later my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex..is there a chance that i may get pregnant

Relax your fine. While no contraceptive pill is 100% effective what is important is that you take your pill daily. The reason they say to take it at the same time is so you get into a routine. By same time they do not necessarily me the same hour each day.

The same time could me while eating breakfast as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Medication is always better on the stomach if taken with food. Maybe you are not a breakfast eater so you take your pill with lunch whenever you eat lunch each day which can vary. See what I mean.


Hi there guys! Imma get straight to the point, my little brother went bathing in the rain, and since it's mid-summer, the rain's pretty dirty, I guess... Also, because it is mid-summer temperature got really hot and he was exposed to it. Then the next day he got this weird rash:


Sorry if you got disgusted, I just need to know what it is. Thanks

I don't need to look at the picture to tell you that none of us are doctors and we cannot offer you a diagnoses. Even if we were and could you cannot make a diagnoses off a picture. Your brother need to see a doctor.

In most cases a doctor will offer him an antibiotic skin cream and possibly an oral antibiotic as well. The doctor may also want to culture the rash to see just what type of infection he or she is dealing with. It is for this reason why a proper diagnoses cannot be given over the web.

In the interim until you can see a doctor a pharmacist may be able to offer some advice as to something to offer some relief for pain or itching. Though for a cure your brother must see your family doctor or a dermatologist.


Writing this was actually harder than I thought. My fingers feel almost too heavy just like my entire body. I just... I guess I feel lifeless. Nothing has been mattering to me lately - grades, social life, hygyene, health... nothing. But other times I feel like I'm on top of the world. I'm tired of these moodswings, I just want them to go away. I want everything to go away - so much violence, so much hurt, so much stress, so much failure. I feel like crying right now but I wont. My roommate is sitting right in front of me and I don't want to explain why I'm crying. She's on a completely different level. On a "high of sugar" apparently. I envy her and her happy-go-lucky attitude. Nothing seems to weigh her down. But I'm not like that. I break easily. I get hurt easily. I don't say or show it often, but I do. I should probably stop before I cry. I feel pretty stupid when I cry, which makes me cry even more, and it turns into a vicious cycle. Right now I'm venting instead of telling my problem, but that's it: I don't know what it is. I wonder, would anyone even miss me? I get ignored quite a lot, like today when a friend invited me to hang over, but instead I ended up trying to pretend I was playing with my pone because they were too busy in their conversation. I don't go out a lot. I used to be skinny and I'm gaining weight. I changed from Geology to English just because I can't do math as well as other people. My family is a mess and I can't stand my own father. I used to be in karate last semester but I dropped out this semester and now I feel even more worthless than before... I just... I feel like I could just... disappear and it wouldn't matter, because I'm insignificant. In this big world I'm just another girl, and I'm tired of pretending around others. When I ask others "what should I do?" I get responses that are as superficial as a Barbie doll, so I came to this site hoping that I can get over this... I hate feeling like this.

I'm not a doctor none of are so we cannot make any type of diagnoses. From what you have written it sounds a bit like you could be suffering from bipolar disorder or something very close to it. You definitely sound depressed which is part of the bipolar disorder as well as the stress you say your under.

depression is a cycle type problem as the depression causes pain and the pain causes depression. The difference with clinical depression and bipolar disorder which is a form of depression is you cycle from feeling good, the high, the feeling really bad, the low.

What I suggest is you go to the campus health center and ask to be screened for depression and bipolar disorder. Do I believe you are suffering from bipolar disorder I truly can't say a doctor will have to make that diagnoses. I don't think you are bipolar as there are other symptoms you have not mentioned. But you have hit upon many of the symptoms for clinical depression. Which ones diagnosed is easily fixed.

Young people, especially teenagers in the early stages of puberty and those in the first years of college do find themselves suffering unknowingly from depression and they do not have to. This is a problem that is brought on by the stressors of change and added expectations.

By going and being properly diagnosed a doctor can offer you help.


My mother is making me take a whole day out of my April vacation to see a college that's like an hour away. I told her that I didn't want to go because I'm only a sophomore and it isn't even the summer yet, but she wouldn't listen. A friend invited me to go somewhere fun that day but now I can't because she's forcing me to go see a crappy public college that I don't want to see. She thinks that there's no time like this week to see this public college. What do you think?

I'm old enough to be your grandfather so I am going to offer you some grandfatherly advice.

Given the question you have asked, and I will answer it with what I think. It does not matter what we think. Given your age you're too young to win this fight with your mother. To make a big stink or to make this visit totally unpleasant for both of you; you can only end up bad for you.

Given the facts as you presented them It is understandable why your mother would want to start looking at colleges early. The same information would explain why she is encouraging you to start looking at colleges now. It is really not all that early to start looking at colleges now especially if you have the grades to apply for early admission. Which you could start doing as early of next year.

Suggestion: Since there is something you want to do on the day mom wants to visit this college. Rather than fight her and say things like its too early, I'm not interested or other things. Tell her you have been invited to go someplace that day. Ask her if it is possible to go another day and you will go willingly without complaint. This is called a compromise.

My answer to your question. Part of my answer is in the above. If you have the grades to apply for early admission then this summer would be the time to start looking at colleges. You should be starting to eliminate those schools that do not offer the course you need to get into Dental School.

In state colleges cost less than out of state or private colleges. If your parents are going to be footing the bill for your education. Then the time to start discussing which schools they can afford is at hand.

Is mom wrong in forcing you to visit this school. That is a yes and no answer. She is a bit ahead of time in what she is trying to do though I can't say she is wrong.

In the end though as I said in the beginning. If you cannot find a compromise with her and you continue to fight with her; then you can only be hurt by doing so. So think before you act.


so ive been suffering depression for over seven years. im just about at the point where i CAN NOT stand it anymore. the emotional pain has gotten so bad throughout the years where it is now physical pain as well. and this is every fucking day. nothing makes me happy. not one single thing. i fake smiles and laughs everyday so no one will worry about me, but inside im depressed, broken, miserable, pained, etc all the damn time. ive done EVERYTHING to try to help myself: mental hospitals, residentials, psychiatrists, counselors, mentors, different medications, getting out of the house... NOTHING will fix me. like i am not happy, and i am so fucking suicidal. everyday i want to kill myself. and im so close to overdosing, and i know a kind of pill that WILL kill me if i take enough. i cant take this sharp pain anymore. i cant take wanting to die each day anymore. dont i have the right to end my own life now?

and please dont tell me to get help, ive been getting help constantly for over 7 years. it has never worked and will never work.

I have suffered from clinical depression so I know a bit about how you are feeling. What I do not understand is why with 7 years of professional help you are not feeling or getting any better.

I can think of only three reasons why you are not getting any better.

1. You are not seeing the right clinician or the clinician has not gained your trust enough to be successful.

2. You are not working with hard enough maybe because you do not trust your therapist.

3. You are not compliant with any medications you are taking or should be taking.

I too suffered with Clinical depression for a long time before I sought help. When I did I sought the help of a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a Psychologist. The Psychiatrist provided medication and worked with my psychologist to monitor my progress in talk therapy.

The primary cause of CLINICAL DEPRESSION is hormonal in nature. Meaning that certain hormones secreted into the brain are insufficient to control depression. The antidepressant generally is the generally prescribed medication as a replacement hormone for what is lacking or insufficient within the brain where it is secreted.

Yes at first you feel a bit fuzzy but after the medication takes hold and your body becomes accustomed to it you feel better and less fuzzy. There can be some side effects to these medications and if they are bothersome you speak to your psychiatrist about a different medication or different dosage.

Why a Board Certified Psychiatrist? This is a medical doctor who has had specialized training in a fellowship to deal with this type of problem. Your family doctor has not had this training and in some states a doctor who did a psychiatry round as part of his or her residency is allowed to practice psychiatry. This does not make them the best doctors to help us.

For talk therapy a psychologist is the best person to work with. Depression in people your age starts in puberty for as I said it is hormonal in nature and it is during puberty that your hormones get all mixed up. Also stress is a big factor. Puberty is very stressful on females especially. Put these all together and you have what is now diagnosed as teenage depression, a form of clinical depression.

I cannot say from the information you have provided why you are still suffering. I also am not a doctor. It is quite possible that by not seeing the right doctors you have not been properly diagnosed and treated. You need to give the right doctors another chance.

Suicide is not an option it is the wrong solution. I am living proof that the proper help works. You may need to find a new therapist, one you can trust. Possibly a female someone you can talk to. I'm a guy but I found working with a female psychologist very helpful.

Depression has a cycle. Depression causes pain, pain causes depression. You need to break that cycle. Until you get to the root cause you won't break the cycle. My therapist saw something and continued to chip away until I gave in. It was something so deeply hidden by me that I didn't even realize I remembered it until one day in a therapy session it all came tumbling out. Once it did she helped me put it in its proper perspective and it is no longer hidden. I deal with it. Its in the past.

Give yourself a chance with the right doctors. Life is worth living. IF after reading this you still feel suicidal call 911.


Im no going to say my age because it shouldn't matter. But I can't talk to my mom about my problems because she has her own to worry about, on top of looking after 3 children on her own.
I've been having problems with my chest and sometimes my breathing but my mom thinks it's heartburn but I have also been getting moments when my body get weak and I know I do have serious menatl health problem but never got tested properly........

My dad died when I was twelve and I haven't been coping to well, I told my dad everything about how I was feeling and what was bothering me, now I can't talk to anyone about how I'm actually feeling because no one in my school would understand and I can't talk to my family because it would upset them and I don't feel comfortable talking about my feeling to them or even anyone.

I would be lying if I said I never taught about suicide or self-harming, I guess that's why I'm on here. I heard that if you went to hospital or even the cops and told them you were going to commit suicide that they would have to keep you in hospital for 72 hours, but if I were to do that what would I say exactly and how would I do it without my family finding out? And what would be the best excuse to tell them where I'm going besides a friends house?

I am old enough to be your grandfather so I will try and give you advice as if you were my grandchild.

The first thing you need to know is never try to think what problems or worries parents have and how they may affect you. No matter what other problems or worries we may have our children always come first and I'm sure your mom and the rest of your family feel the same way. Your dad passing away may have put an extra burden on you mother , it did not change her priorities or to see to it her children are healthy.

You say mom thinks your problem with your chest is heartburn. I'm not a doctor though I have been a first responder with a fire department. Heartburn generally does not associate with breathing problems. If you are having breathing problems this is considered a life threatening event, one which means you should call 911 for help. The medic on the ambulance will tell you if you need to go to the hospital and be treated.

While you are at the hospital you can tell the doctor about the mental problems you are having. The 72 hour mandatory stay is for those people who are involuntarily brought to the hospital by police or sent by the courts.

If you go to the hospital on your own a mandatory stay is up to the doctors. Most patients are sent home with medication and appointments for treatment in the clinic.

If you are having trouble breathing or feel you might hurt yourself you do not need parental permission to call for help. Pick up a phone and dial 911. Tell the call taker what is bothering you and the proper help will be sent to you.

Part of the worries you belief mom has of her own include you and your siblings. all parents worry about their children. My son is nearly 40 years old. I still worry about him. Today I worry about him because he has a dangerous but very needed occupation. He is a firefighter/paramedic and it is through him that I know if you call 911 someone like my son will respond and take good care of you.


It happened for the first time in my life today, and I go to Wal-Mart probably more than any other store. I feel offended. Wal-Mart is not like Costco, where workers always check receipts, so I feel like I was discriminated. I was taken aback, I thought the greeter was just going to say "good-bye" like they normally do, but then he asked me to show my receipt for literally $7 worth of items, in bags. I did self-checkout and then walked to the other side of the store, because it was heavily raining and I wanted to be closer to my car. I've done that a lot, actually, and never envisioned that could potentially come across as suspicious. But then the guy says I could have just somehow snuck in items and eluded all of the other Wal-Mart employees that would have seen me from the self-check out area all the way to the other side of the store. If that ever happens to me again, in any store in where receipt showing is not routine, I'll say to only show my receipt to them at the line for returns, and then vow to never again visit their location. Is this a fair response? I was wearing gym clothes, but I didn't look sloppy. I don't see why I would be singled out without any probable cause, but the assumption by the worker that I inherently would think to steal $7 worth of items, based on thin air. I work and have a clean criminal record. Unless that employee asks every single person who walks out that door to show their receipt, how is it not discrimination? Do I have any grounds to complain to a manager? I'd like to know that specific chain's policy. It's one way or the other. Either it makes sense they should ask all people to show their receipts, or they should ask nobody, unless there is actual probable cause other than some kind of random stereotype pulled out of that greeter's ass.

I'm sorry you did not like my answer but these are the times we live in.

My wife and I grocer shop at Giant. We use their hand held scanners as we go through the aisles to scan our purchases. At the self check out we and others are randomly selected, for the same reason the security person gave you. To have our purchases checked to insure what is in the bag(s) is what we scanned. They employee picks 7 items to check against the receipt. Frankly it is no big deal.

To say you don't care if people steal; that the store can afford it because they don't pay a living wage is wrong. One has nothing to do with the other. Inventory loss goes directly to pricing. Employee salary is related to sales but not contingent on inventory control. I agree Wal-Mart should pay their employees a living wage. since they do not I do not shop there.

I assure you that you were not discriminated against based for any reason other than you fit a profile they use to catch people who steal from them. You did nothing wrong but the security person could not possibly know that without checking. This is how things are in our times and it will get worse before it gets better.

I wear a device for pain that sets off the alarms store have when you walk out with merchandise that has not been scanned. I know the stores where it happens. I tell the clerks in advance. Still we are stopped and a clerk or guard must walk our purchase through the exit. Should I get upset? No it only takes a few seconds for them to satisfy themselves and we are on are way. Big deal. I need the device in order to function, it my cross to bear.

I cannot answer your question specifically. What I can tell you is that inventory shrinkage, a nice way of saying theft. Is a retail store's biggest problem.

Were you singled out. Probably but your were most likely not discriminated against because of the color of your skin or how you were dressed. The employee who stopped you most likely was a Wal-Mart security person. He most likely spotted you walking across the store rather than exiting at the exit from the cash registers. Regardless of your intentions this fits the profile of someone who may want to, shall we say take a five finger discount now that they have a shopping bag to stuff it into.

While you may not have had any intention of doing so his job is to make sure the store did not lose any merchandise. The only way for him to do so was to stop you and politely ask to see a sales receipt. When you asked why if he explained in a polite and civil manner and then thanked you when you produced the receipt. Then he has done his job and you have nothing to complain about. It would be the same as any police officer stopping you on the street because your car matched the description of one used in a crime.

As long as he was polite, did not detain you any longer than it took to check the items against the receipt, answered questions politely and then thanked you. You really have nothing to complain about. You really should thank him for being on the ball for if he wasn't and someone did make it out of the store with unpaid merchandise. The cost of those thefts are reflected in future purchases made by you, me and anyone else as they get added into pricing of all merchandise as the cost of doing nosiness.


I'm 27 years old and I've been a member of the same church since I was born. I never really considered changing churches until a couple of years ago, but even then I keep thinking I'm gonna move soon, so I figured that there was no point.

Until a couple of years ago, we'd had the same pastor all of my life. We called him Brother Don and he was wonderful. He was a good pastor and although he didn't condone certain things, he taught us not to judge or condemn people who did those things. He loved all of us and he taught us to love each other and love everyone else we come in contact with as well. He treated everyone in the church like family and he gave awesome sermons.

When he left, we had another pastor come for a little while and then had a permanent pastor this past summer. We call him pastor Jason and I don't like saying this about him, but I don't think that he's a very good pastor.

It's hard for me to say these things without sounding judgmental of him and I acknowledge that, but he seems judgmental of others. He doesn't really teach unconditional love, but rather loving only people who go to your church or would be willing to go to your church. Perhaps I'm mistaken about that, but it seems like that's what he was saying. He also seems to like to judge others for the bad things they do.

He doesn't give good sermons and sometimes I feel like we hear more about his oldest son than we hear about God. Brother Don has four children and loves them as much as anyone loves their children, but he didn't talk about them much because he wanted to stay on subject and not tell a story about them unless it applied to the sermon. Jason FORCES stories about his oldest son into the sermon and if he doesn't have one, he just tells one for fun. I know people like to talk about their kids, but when your a pastor and spend most of your sermons talking about them, that's not good. Also it's always JUST his oldest son, never his other two kids and he makes it clear that his oldest is his favorite.. He says it's because his oldest son is adopted and the other two are biological, so he got to choose his oldest, but got stuck with his other two. This makes me wonder more about his character.

I love him and love everyone in the church, but I don't agree with most of them on a lot of things. For instance, this new friend of mine named Dave just came into my life. He happens to be an atheist, so as I Christian, I worry about him, but I love him. I want to be his friend, but so many people in our church hate atheists. They dehumanize them and judge them as being horrible people. They judge me for having anything to do with them and tell me that Christians shouldn't do that. They do the same with my gay friend, John and my jewish friend Spencer. I want to love everyone the way Jesus did, but the church doesn't seem to agree that we should,

So my question is should I feel bad for wanting to change churches?

NO you have every right to worship wear you feel welcome and feel comfortable. A bad analogy I can offer is; If I don't like a movie I get up and leave. Just because I paid to see the movies is no reason to sit through a bad one. In a similar reasoning if you are uncomfortable with the Pastor of your church get up and find a new church.

Leaving this church and finding a new one is a quick self-correcting action for yourself. What about those left behind. If others feel as you do then leaving is the wrong solution. The proper thing to do is to work within the church to get a replacement for this Pastor. If you are the only one to feel this way then of course the right thing to do is to find a new church you are more comfortable in.


Hi everyone! 13/f
So I am a soccer player who does approximately 4-5 hours of intense running. I have started to go throw my growth spurt and going shopper for larger sizes when I relized I have way larger thighs than most girls. I have very little fat in that area and a ton of muscle which is good in way, but girls where I live don't have big thighs. I can't stop running and do other exercises to tone my muscles BC I am on a team, but I don't want to look bigger than all my friends, especially since I'll be wearing shorts soon. Plz don't say that I shouldn't try to change my body and that puberty will fix everything. The truth is that if you don't look a certain way, people look at you differently and great you differently. I can't change that. What can I do to fix my issue? Thank you.

You have big thighs because you play soccer and you have well developed thigh muscles because of it. This is not something puberty will fix. As long as you exercise in this manner you will continue to have big thigh muscles.

What you can do is to dress in a manner as to not draw attention to your thighs. Were longer shorts instead of short shorts. Your shorts should be loose fitting around your thighs instead of tight fitting. There is nothing wrong with this look if you wear the right blouses and polo shirts to keep peoples eyes looking at all of you and not just your thighs. Hair style is also important in how you look.

What you really want, especially as you get older is for boys especially, to look at your beautiful face and eyes. as the saying goes our eyes are the pathway to our sole. A proper hairstyle will help draw a boys eyes upward to your face. Also remember if mom allows you to wear makeup. A little bit goes much further than a lot of makeup. When it comes to makeup less is more.

You are just entering your teenage years a wonderful time in your life that only comes around once. Try not to focus on your body but focus on all of you. This is a time to have fun, to grow and to enjoy more freedom and to prepare to enter the adult world. Don't spoil it by focusing on just one thing.


My wife recently told me that her feelings for me aren’t there anymore, and while she loves me, she doesn’t love me like she used to. In a follow-up conversation, she let me know that she has feelings for a much older coworker of hers (16 year age difference). She says nothing has happened with him, but she’s confused with her feelings at the moment and doesn’t know what to do.

While heartbroken, I feel like this could have been much worse. And I’m struggling with what I can do or say to her to make her keep her commitment to me. She has said that none of this was my fault, but I’m sure he’s giving her more attention and communication than I was (we had gotten to the “comfortable” stage).

Obviously I can’t force her to love me, but I’m struggling to come up with rational ways to verbalize why she should stay. Can anybody give me advice on what I could say? What I’m trying to get at is yes, I understand that a new person can be exciting and fun, but we have already built the foundation to make a marriage go the distance.

I'm sorry you find yourself at such a point in your marriage. My feeling is that before you can do anything about this you need to find out where the love was lost. To do so I suggest marriage counseling. If either one of you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at work contact them for assistance in finding a marriage counselor. Generally the EAP program will pay for several of the visits.

Once you find out where the problem is then you can take steps to correct it. Given your age it could very well be that you just married to young. If this is the case a marriage counselor can be a big help to both of you.

If there is something that caused her to lose her love for you then you can take steps to rekindle that love. To try and do this without knowing the how or why would be similar to flying a 747 by the seat of your pants. It can't be done.

Ask your wife to go to marriage counseling with you. Is she still does love you as she says she does she will do this with you.


If i had sex in ass but my sperm have reached her vagina can she be pregnant?

It is almost impossible for sperm to leak out of your butt hole and into your vagina. Even if it did the sperm would most likely be dead as the anal cavity is filled with bacteria that would kill off the sperm.

Suggestion: If you were to engage in anal sex the bacterial I spoke of above is also dangerous for the male as it can cause any number of urinary problems for him. IF you do engage in anal intercourse he should use a condom and when done he should wash his groin area and penis with warm soapy water.

Anal sex is an alternative to vaginal sex and you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. While many couples enjoy anal sex as a safe way not to become pregnant. Safe sex practices should still be followed.


After a lot of baby name searching, your brain gets foggy. Are these names that we chose for our twins normal?
Boy: Dean Harvey
Girl: Spencer Guin

When it comes to children the most important factor to remember is first and foremost they are your children. Yours and their fathers, you are the ones who get to name them and raise them. If you ask others for suggestions on names or if they like the names you have chosen you will go nuts for you will never satisfy everyone.

The names you have chosen to my mind are great names. The one middle name is unique and as the child gets older he may want to know why you chose it. Fact is though few if any people ever call anyone by their middle name. You will use it when you want to get his attention, all parents do . It tells them they are most likely in trouble and they better snap too.

Congratulations on the coming birth of your twins. You have chosen some great names. Relax and enjoy your children.


Is it possible to get pregnant when he comes in the condom but it isn't broken or anything?

IF the condom is worn correctly, meaning completely covering the penis and the reservoir is hanging out. Then condoms are statistically 85% effective. The statistics take into account condoms not worn correctly, condoms that are out of date and ones that break for other reasons.

Birth control pills are almost 99% effective and when condoms are used in conjunction, which if safe sex is practices should be. Combined the two are statistically almost 100% effective.


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