Well...i have two pairs of shoes i can only make three outfits with the cloth i have,i only have one hoodie that actually FITS!i ended up wearing it for a whole year.My teacher told the whole class to wear fresh and clean cloth i felt so embarrassed,everybody knew why she had said that my ex dad gives my mom 400$ every month he says he loves me but it sure doesn't seem like it..why?well he only bought me a pair of shoes 2 years ago and doesn't buy me cloth at all my mom mostly spends it on other shit...i end up asking her every week and the same excuse."We'll go shopping this month."it seems like she doesn't realize i need school supplies and clothes,its rare for her to me shopping,im 11 should i really deal with this shit?well anyways once we went shopping she always makes me shop at FUCKING P.S KIDS!even though she knows how much i hate it,but sometimes i actually find shit that's my style,she barely takes me to old navy it has shit that's my style,she always convinces me to buy cloth that i hate because shes like"Buy this one it matches these shorts." and shit,i once had to wear a hoodie that smelt bad and was dirty as faq to school just cause mom didn't want to spend a hour waiting it for it to wash,all the kids in my classroom could smell me,OH! and guess what my parents are to lazy to fix the boiler for hot water FUCKING FUCKTASTIC!right now i'm in my grandmas house :D BETTER THEN MY HELLHOLE I SO CALL HOME! ITS FREAKING BETTER HERE THERE'S A SHOWER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AND THEY WASH MY CLOTH!OH WAIT!i have three jeans 2 shirts that fit one flannel shirt 2 tank tops 1 bra and the dirty HOODIE!I FEEL LIKE CRYING SO MUCH!THEY FREAKING FEED ME MORE THEN IN MY HOUSE!I SRSLY NEED HELP!WHAT DO I TELL MY PARENTS ABOUT THE SHIT IT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH!I REALLY WANT TO FUCKING MOVE OUT ALREADY!let's get back to topic now..So guys what do you think i should do? I REALLY NEED HELP!

I've been answering questions on this site for a long time. I have learned that for questions like yours there is more to the story than you are able to provide. An example would be the $400 you father gives your mother. This would be considered child support, do you know if this is court ordered or just an amount your father has chosen to give your mother.

IF the money your father gives your mother each month is court ordered, it means this is all your father can afford based on his income. If it is not court ordered then your father may be able to afford more and there is something you can do about this, the fact that the boiler isn't fixed and you do not have clean serviceable cloths to go to school with.

In fact to an extent it does not matter what is affordable but what buy law a parent must provide. Within the law clean serviceable clothes, not fashionable, are a must. A safe home with a functioning heating and hot water system and a well stocked kitchen. Also your medical needs must be met. Your parents are also responsible to see to it you are schooled. These are the primary needs a parent must meet for their children.

You need school supplies, I'm not convinced clean serviceable cloths are being provided, the boiler is not working and you haven't mentioned meals mom supplies. By law your parents are not meeting their obligation to you.

What can you do about it. There are three things you can do to get the help you need. The help comes from Child Protective Services (CPS). Your school principal is in the school year round and if your school is close enough to walk to then what I suggest is this. Go to the school and meet with your school principal. Tell him or her what your home life is like. Basically you tell him or her what you told us just leave out the cuss words. Once a student informs a teacher of principal of something like this they are obligated by law to contact CPS.

If you cannot get to school go to the nearest Police or fire station. These places are safe havens for children. Tell the officer or firefighter on duty what I told you to tell your principal. The police or firefighters will keep you safe while CPS is contacted.

As a last resort you can look up CPS on the web for your City, County or State and contact them yourself. I believe one of the first two are the best options for you.


Ever since i was born, my mom has tried to control what i wear, how my hair is, etc. When i was young i told her i wanted to grow out my hair. She denied it, and cut it short. Now i am 12 years old, i have my bangs to the side, covering one eye. She has a problem with it, and is trying to change it. I mean, it's not like I'm having gang symbols in my hair. It's fucking stupid. I guess the question is, how should i get her to back off?

You can try reasoning with your mom that you are getting older and that you are almost a teenager. At your present age is when you become more conscious of you image and want and need to set your style. This is all part of growing up.

Now I am talking from the standpoint of someone who has raised their children and has the insight that a parent presently raising their children does not have. The only insight we as parents have in child raising is to call upon how we were raised. It is unfortunate, as children do not come with handbooks like new cars. Most of us say we will never do this with our children and we ended up doing just as our parents did.

Being 12 there are not many options available to you as your parents are totally responsible for you and you must adhere to their directions and wishes. What you can do is appeal to their sense of fair play.

If in all other regards you are a good child. You get good grades, are never in trouble, real trouble as in with the police not just missing a school assignment. Then talk to mom as I said above. Try to get her to remember when she was your age and what 12 was like for her. If you can get her to remember what 12 was like for her you will be surprised for I will bet it will be a lot like being 12 is for you. If so she may be willing to bend a little.


Okay I know this is weird but every morning after I brush my teeth I have to use the bathroom to poop. And sometimes I don't have to/ time to use the bathroom, so my stomach starts to hurt really bad. And because of this I don't have the appetite to eat in the morning, which I want to start doing. So, what should I do?

P.S. Someone told me it could be the mint but I don't like the other fruity flavors.

I have to say this is a problem I have not dealt with in the past. One suggestion would be to get up a bit earlier in the morning which in order to get a full nights rest would mean going to bed an equal amount of time earlier in the evening.

I don't think it is the toothpaste that is causing you to have the need to use the bathroom. I believe it is more anxiety to rush through your morning routine so you can get out the door and get on with your day. I have the same problem when I'm in a rush to get out the door. If I don't use the bathroom then I get the worst stomach cramps and have to stop and use a bathroom.

Anxiety which is a type of stress does strange things to our body's. One of the areas most affected by this type of stress is the bowel. The only way I know of to relive or to prevent this type of stress is to make sure you have sufficient time to do all the things you need to do before leaving home in the morning including using the bathroom. This is why I suggested getting up 15 to 30 minutes earlier.

An example of this is my wife since I am now retired. Her office allows them to start their work day between 6 and 8 in the morning. She chooses to get up at 4:30 and leaves the house at 5:45 for the 2 mile drive to work. This gives her time to do what she needs to do and relax, have her coffee, read the paper all without any stress before leaving for work. On the rare occasion she over sleeps she suffers just as you write because she gets stressed that she will not get to work by 6 and will to work past 2 in the afternoon.


Hi. I am looking for advice on how to ask my mom if I can do gymnastics camp. I have reasons to go along with my argument, such as my sister gets to do soccer camp this summer. Although there are also negative factors to worry about. Example- yes, my sister does get to go to soccer camp, but for next to no money. Of course I could offer to pay for some of it, but I always get myself worked up about how to ask. I'm sure she'll say yes. She always does no matter what I'm asking (I don't do this often). I just want help on how to compose this conversation without making it sound like I've rehearsed it 1000 times. Thanks in advance.

It is funny but even as old as I am which is old enough to be your grandfather. When something is important to us we rehearse whatever it is until we are comfortable with it and know we will get it right. I do it all the time when I'm want something or doing something. I'm married and marriage is a 50/50 proposition so if I'm going to spend a large amount of money on something even if it benefits both of us I will always ask my wife first. When I do I rehearse to make sure I have what I want to tell her correct. Rehearsing is the best way to prepare yourself for whatever it is you are going to do.

As to how to ask mom to go to summer soccer camp; you know mom best. Is she someone that likes to be told straight out with just the facts or do you have to paint her a picture of what you’re asking for? IF she is the type of person who is busy with work and then home I believe she would prefer you just come out and ask for what you want. This would be, “Mom I would love or like to go to Soccer camp this summer, if you want I can chip in to pay for some of it."

If mom is the type where you have to paint her a picture and show her a benefit of going to soccer camp. Then do so and at the end you tell her which cam p you wish to go to and that can pay so much toward it.

This is the best advice I can offer not really knowing you or your mother.


To make this story short, ever since I got pregnant my best friend changed her attitude towards me. I felt abandoned, hurt and dissapointed when I most needed her. She started hanging out with a new friend who I happen to know and who has a lot of influence on her. She changed a lot ever since and everyone keeps asking me what is wrong with her. She thinks, talks and acts more and more like her new friend, who happens to have no friends left, because he always turns a conversation in an argument by attacking, humilliating or making fun of a certain person verbally. Everyone avoids them now and I feel so hurt because I still care about my best friend and I want our friendship back. We hardly see each other anymore and when we do he there is this t3nsion between us. I would like to talk to her, tell her how I feel about this whole situation and make her see that this new friendship is not a good thing for her and it is going to end bad one day. (The guy is married and the wife is spreading rumors that she is convinced my best friend is gay, which she is not). I am not sure how to approach her and what to tell her (should I mention the wife is spreading rumors about her) without making her think I am jealous or I want to ruin her new friendship with this individual. Please advise. Thank you!

Friendships can be fickle especially at this point in your life. I'm assuming you're married and now pregnant; she is single.

You being married does not change much for her relationship with you as far as hanging out with you are doing some of the things you did together when you were both single. Now that you are pregnant there is a new dimension she has to deal with. One that maybe she does not want to deal with. A baby coming into your life changes things for you. You will not and may not want to go out clubbing or whatever it is the two of you did together.

Spending the day together is also a new dimension as it means you will have the baby with you and the baby's needs come first, not hers. These are things she may not want to deal with and may not want to be second or third in your life. It may be that you have done nothing to give her this impression and just how she feels things will change once the baby arrives.

Do you tell her what this other person is saying about her? Doing so in the hope of rekindling your friendship would not be the way to do this though I do think it is something she should know.

If I were you I would send her an email that would go something like this.

"G, I know we haven't spoken or seen each other in awhile and I do miss our friendship though this is not why I am emailing. I have heard that so and so is convinced and telling others you are gay because of your relationship with so and so. Because of our friendship this hurts me to hear and I have fought with myself as to whether or not to tell you and further distance us. In the end I fear the rumors are more harmful to you then further distancing ourselves from each other. I do value our relationship and hope you will visit once the baby arrives."

Of course put what I have just said into your own words but that is the jist of what you could say to her.


If a girl has oral sex in her ass hole then go in to the pussy at the same time what std can she get

IF you are going to do any type of anal sex it is wrong to go directly from the anus to the vagina without first thoroughly cleaning whatever has been in the anal canal with hot soapy water. In the case of oral sex thoroughly wash your face and use a strong mouth wash.

If having any intercourse it is highly recommended that a condom be used. A condom is recommended not for pregnancy protection as a woman cannot get pregnant for anal sex. The condom protects the male for infects caused by having unprotected anal intercourse. The anal cavity is loaded with bacteria. IF any of these germs were to get into his urinary tract he would suffer a very painful infection. Even with using a condom the entire genital area and the penis should be washed before having any other type of sex or sex play.


I'm not going to go into much detail, but I'm 11 and i always hate the way i look, act and just am in general. I am always sad, and anxious and just hate every element of life. My parents don't think anything of it, my mom thinks it's a faze, my dad is only worried about being blamed for it, my sisters a bitch and my brother's a baby, i don't think any of my friends would really care. I want to die, but i can't knock up enough courage to kill myself, i mean, i take the razor with the note all ready, and then all of a sudden i back out, and throw out the note. I heard from stories online and people always feel better after talking, and talking to my parents didn't help- my dad yelled at me, and my mom got over it after a day. I can't gather the strength to tell my friends...and I've heard about the helpline but I'm afraid my parents will walk in during the call or they'll ask to speak to my parents. So can someone tell me what i should do?

There is help for you and people to talk to you just need to know who they are. First there is 9111. You do not need parental permission to call 911 and ask for permission. IF you are feeling suicidal and are going so far as to write a note, don't. Pick up a phone and dial 911. Tell the call taker you are feeling like hurting yourself and what you are doing. Help will be sent to you. The call taker will stay on the phone with you until help arrives.

Generally the help is the closest piece of fire apparatus with firefighter/EMTS to care for you until Paramedics arrive. A Police officer will also come to your hose. The officer is there for your protection and to make sure your parents allow the firefighters and Paramedics to visit with you and to take you to a doctor if they feel it is needed.

There is also a Hot Line specifically for kids. IT called the kids help phone. It is open 24/7 365 days a year. The call is free and totally confidential. No one will no what you and the counselor talk about. Their phone number is 1-500-668-6868. You do not have to be suicidal to call them you can call them if you just want someone to talk to.

There is also the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. By calling them you will be connected to a crisis center in you neighborhood. Their number is 1-800-273-8255.

No matter what problems you are dealing with, they want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.


Basics- 20, live alone. Always been a rocky relationship. We were on good terms untill...

So, at the beginning of the month me and my mother had a argument. It started of the fact that I need her birth certificate for a passport.stupid, I know.

The argument of course escalated, as they do, she said I was selfish, and never spoke to them or see them unless I wanted something.

Then I went on to say, I know I'm selfish, but least I know where I stand, you never make effort to see me first, its always me to.

Then I said it.. What shouldn't have.. 'who organized my brothers birthday, me! When was the last time you went out with any of your children?'
Now she wont speak to me! Its been a month!

Now this sito may seem abit silly to some of you out there, but our relationship has always be on the rocks. I just want to solve it, but we are both far to stubborn, I should step up and apologise, I really know I should, I love her after all, but I'm fed up with her bullying. I understand that's she's just a mother, who is hurt that her children have grown up. But why cant she just enjoy it with us. We was like best friends at one point... So maybe some advice on a subtle way of apologising, or a way just to get us speaking again?
I miss her, but I just cant say sorry. Its terrible, dreadful, but I stupidly cant bring myself to it. And besides I've finally stood up for myself urghh, shut up....!!!!!!

Having an adult relationship with some parents can be troublesome as some parents never see there children as adults.

Then there are some parents like my own father who would never apologize for being wrong. My mother was always the peace maker getting me to apologize, then she passed away. When my father said something very hurtful to my wife I demanded an apology he would give one. For the next ten years to the day he died we never spoke or saw each other again.

I fine with this for in my mind it made up for all those years of the silent treatment he gave me until my mother convinced me to apologize even when I was right. It was he who missed out on many things. His grandson being the honor graduate from College. His grandson being honored for saving the life of an infant who was in full arrest when he arrived on the scene of a 911 call. He missed his grandsons graduation from the Fire Academy as well. He failed to acknowledge in any way when I was nearly killed in an auto accident.

As I said I am fine with all of this. I was 52 and he was 77when we stopped talking. He lived another 14 years. Your 20 years old and you mother is what in her late 40's early 50's.

While I understand you not wanting to be the one to apologize and I'm the last one who would be suggesting that you should. In this situation I am going to suggest that you be the bigger person and approach her first.

There are many ways to apologize. You could say; "Mom in the heat of anger I may have said something to upset you." "If I did I apologize for that." You are apologizing for the words you used not necessarily what you said.

Then you say, "Mom we have to talk." This is where you tell her you love her and want her in your live. This is also where you get to in a delicate manner try to set some ground rules for how you want her in your life. You don't use the word bullying. What you do is explain you are an adult know with adult responsibilities whatever they may be for you; work or school or both.

While you value her advice it is hurtful if it is thrust upon you with out your asking for it makes you feel somewhat of a child when you are trying o be a grown up. Yes you will make mistakes but hopefully you will learn form them. It would also be nice if once in awhile she and dad come visit you in your home so you can entertain them.

I think you get the idea. You may feel that I'm asking you to talk to deaf ears. You are not believe me. Stand your ground and continue to put your rules in place. Also remember that roads go both ways and it would be nice for you to make time to visit them.


To me realisation is key, for instance once you realise if something is good or bad for you, you can make the decision on how to change it. Never take your self to seriously and my person big one - dont live in the past - the mind is a powerful thing, I believe, if you have the mindset, be positive you can do, achieve anything.

So they are a few that I've learnt while growing up, however, I want to know more, I don't quite no what to call them, but what things have got you through your life?

What do you tell your self when your at your lowest? Or just need that little push?

I have had a motto that has stood the test of time and made me one of the top sales man in my company just about every year until I had to retire due to an auto accident I was in. Even then this motto still motivates me daily.

The motto; "The only person I have to be better than tomorrow is the person I am today."

What does this mean? To me it meant I didn't have to buy into all the motivational gobbly gook management spews out to get us to promote more orders. I knew I was a good salesman. What I need to do to both motivate myself and to help me grow my business was to learn something new each day. I felt if I learned something new each day either about my business my customers business or myself than I was a better person today then I was yesterday.

As a result of adopting this motto I never worried about how may orders I wrote. I knew if I didn't write one today I would write two or three tomorrow. What really caught my sales managers attention was after I was injured my sales for the following four months did not decline as by living my motto I had learned how and taught my customers how to program their needs and order placements along with procuring future orders from their customers for them and with them.

I don't know exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. What I do know is if you set a goal to learn something new each day that will propel you towards that goal. You will grow as a person, you will be a better person each day then you were the day before and you will obtain your goal.


So ok I'm a15 year old girl who is willing to do anything to lose weight and I'm just like 5 pounds over weight but I'm tall 5'6 1/2 so anyways my question is does throwing up like pukeing helps you lose weight because i know how to puke you know you put ur finger in your moth and yea so does it?!? And another question is my mom says that running is bad and it does not help you lose weight so I just want to know does it or no??!? Thanks btw Xo.

Vomiting to lose weight is extremely bad for you as it can injure your esophagus (throat) from the acids in your stomach. People who vomit to control there weight are considered to have an eating disorder called Bulimia. This is a serious eating disorder as a person will start to binge and purge. Not only will it harm your throat but the constant purging will upset the electrolyte balance in your body. One of the worst things that could happen by upsetting this balance is a heart attack. If it is bad enough you can die. If you have not started to purge don't start.

Exercise will help you lose weight but it must be proper exercise. When you exercise you can easily trade fat for muscle. Muscle weighs more that fat so while you may look slimmer in some parts of you're body you will actually gain weight in others where you traded fat for muscle.

Running will tone up your Calf's and Thighs possibly making them a bit heavier as they get toned from the running. You may even tone up your waste and tummy. While you may look slimmer you may actually weigh more.

Below is a chart for ho much you should weight based on your frame size. As you can see there is between a 1q2 and 15 pound variable with in each of the weight frame categories. If you present weight for your frame size falls with in one of these categories you have no reason to diet.

Small Medium Large
120-133 130-144 140-159

Because of what dieting and being underweight robs you of what you need to sustain your body it is far better to be 10 pounds over weight then 10 pounds underweight.

If you still feel you need to lose weight the proper way to do so starts with a visit to your doctor and find out for certain if you are over weight for your frame size. Have a complete physical then have the doctor give you a diet to follow. While dieting your doctor will want to monitor your health with follow up visits. This is how you diet properly without endangering your heath.


I'm 20, female, straight. i cant connect with the opposite sex! I'm at that age where i want to find my life long partner, settle down and have kids with in the future, however, i just don't connect with any male in that way, i just don't find any sexual attraction, even if i really want there to be. Is there something wrong with me? As a child i always had low self esteem, plus I'm not exactly the prettiest girl,any male i have like would always be after my best friend of the time.. I've grown sort of use to this now, as its a joke how many times it has happened. I also had undiagnosed ptsd, i don't know, but could it be anxiety? Or maybe I'm just not meant to find someone. I just need advice, or if anyone could just help me see from a different angle that would be great!

The problem with our species is we are prone to physical attraction before we get to know someone's inner beauty and inner qualities. The problem with this is you wake up one day and find out there is more to life than just sex that you actually need to talk. That is when you find out you have nothing in common.

The best way to have a serious relationship with someone is to become friends with them first and lovers second. Most of us do it backwards and become lovers first and then try to become friends second. My wife and I became friends long before we ever met. We worked for the same airline. I worked at the airport and she worked at departure control in the city reservation office. I had to speak with her every day.

Then I had to go the city for training and we met. I won't deny there was a physical attraction as I saw her before we were introduced. My wife was one of the prettier girls there. Then she was introduced and I saw her in an entire different light not just as a sex object. That was 45 years ago and we will be married 44 years come next month.

Our jobs brought us together. There are ways outside of work to meet people and become friends first. What I'm about to tell you works if you're just looking to make friends in a new city or if you need a way to overcome shyness to meet people.

Sit down with pencil and paper and make a list of all the things you like to do. Cooking, baking, hiking, bowling camping, Art, nature walks, bird watching. What ever it is you like to do maybe it is debating, photography or scrapbooking. Make a list of what it is you like to do outside of work.

Once you have your list number them in order of importance to you. Then take the top 5 and look to see what clubs or activities there are in your area for these things. Go to the club meeting, if affordable attend the activities. Listen to the conversation and add relevant things you may have knowledge of when you can.

Before you know it you're included in the conversation. This will lead to someone asking you to coffee to continue the conversation. Coffee leads to a date as the inner beauty come out as you get to know one another. Like anything else dating is work. You get out what you put into it.


I am a 24 year old woman, who has decided that she wants a baby within the next 2 or 3 years. Currently I am not in the financial position to have one in the nearer future.

Considering that I will be graduating within a few months, I think that 2 or 3 years is realistic (do not dissuade me). We should both be working, starting our careers, and living together by then.

The problem is that my 26 year-old boyfriend of four years says that he does not plan on ever having kids. Yet, he constantly talks about wanting a future with me, and I cannot see myself without him. If I left him I think it would absolutely wreck the both of us.

The funny thing is that he constantly jokes about me getting pregnant. For example, I was speaking to him on Mother's Day, and he said, "You might be celebrating Mother's Day this time next year."

On a more serious note, he has asked me if we had a child if I would consider vaccinating him or her. I told him that of course I would. He was satisfied with my answer, and told me that if I had answered the other way he would have had to break up with me. The two of us also experienced a pregnancy earlier this year, and after we found out that I definitely wasn't, I asked him if he had a full-time job if it would be such a bad thing. He said, "Absolutely not."

I know that I need to have a serious talk with him. This is very important to me. Is it likely that I could talk him into planning to have a baby with me within the next 2 or 3 years?

My cousin married a guy who said he never wanted children. She has always looked forward to being a mother. She got pregnant, she has never said if it was an accident or planned. He walked out on her as soon as her pregnancy became known.

I don't think you can talk someone into wanting a child. I do think the two of you, if there is a future for you to together, need to sit down and discuss this issue. If having a child is something you need to have and he is adamant that fatherhood is not something he wants. Then the two of you have a problem that you have to find away around or agree this could be a deal breaker for both of you.

From what you have written it sounds like he is unsure about being a parent. It a huge responsibility that he may not, at this time be willing to take on. Maybe later when he is more settled and mature this could change but if between now and then you were to get pregnant he would be okay with it.

You don't want to end up like my cousin and get married, get pregnant and have him walk out on you. I don't know this man and maybe he will live up to his responsibilities. In my cousins case he wants nothing to do with the child and he has to be chased down by the courts to provide his required support.

My advice is make sure you know where he stands before you head down the aisle with him if he is the one you want to spend your life with.


Hey I'm still single so that's why I picked the name and I'm also 19 years old and white and a girl.
I really want a boyfriend but nobody has wanted to date me.
I would prefer a white male and I rally don't care what age he is as long as they care about me and who I am.

I hope you are not expecting many contacts from this site as we are not a dating site.

On this site we answer question on a wide range of topics. I'm sure if you are having problems attracting men if you were to put that into a question and tell us about yourself. There are people on her your age that will gladly offer you some advice.


So here it goes! There is this married man that comes into my office frequently. When he comes in he smiles at me and sits down and talks to me. We sometimes talk for long periods of time about our life, kids, spouses and his job or my job. We have discussed his income and mine and how he feels about his boss and even my boss. When I call and ask him to do something he is on it. I have never had to wait for him to get back with me. He even has gone in on a Saturday to complete his task for me When ever I call him and I ask how his day is he always says better now or trys to fit in a comment about me being cute or sexy. I pretty much the other day hinted to him the other day about having some fun and messing around and played it off like I was joking. He said it was just a little fun between friends. It has not changed anything between us at all. He has me puzzled, so you think he wants to mess around and does not want to scare me off or do you think he is a flirt and just likes the chase.

This is a hard question to answer without knowing him or hearing what he actually says to you.

I was a salesman for over 35 years. My job took me into designer showrooms where the staff were always pretty women. Did I flirt with them or have fun with them while I was trying to sell things to them yes. Did I try to make them feel like they were the most important customer I had? OF course I did it is how you keep someone as a customer.

Was I looking to have an affair with any of these women, no. Was there an opportunity to have an affair with any of them? I'm sure there was if I was to push my flirting beyond where I did, but I didn't. For I was and I am very happily married. Did any of them try to go beyond the fun flirting? One or two did and I just let it pass.

My question to you is; if you are both married with kids and living with your spouses. Why would you want to ruin your marriage,possibly ruin a great friendship as well as a business partner for a few minutes of illicit sex? One other question is it possible you are reading more into his flirting and his customer service than is actually there? If this gentleman is a sales representative part of his job is to make you feel as if you are the only person in the world that is important to him and you are when he is with you. If he has accomplished this with you then he is a good salesman and you should not ruin this relationship by trying to have an affair with him.


Hi there.
I have a crazy problem.
I'm nearly 17, a girl haha and the guy whom I'm going to be dating soon is 31.
Is that too old?
He doesn't have kids and isn't a freak like that, I've known him for a very longn time and we've always had a connection.
Would that make people uneasy?
What should I do??
Coz me and him definitely have a future :)

Ella xoxo

To start with depending on the age of consent in your state, which very likely is 18. It may be illegal for him to date you. Just dating someone at his age below the age of consent is considered to be child molestation and statutory rape even if sex has not occurred. Once you are above the age of consent age becomes just a number. Away of telling time or how much time has passed.

Would your dating him make people uncomfortable? There are two schools of thought on this. One is that it doesn't matter what others think it only matters what you think. The other is that most people will have something to say about the difference in age between you. For instance your parents will have something to say as he is closer in age to them then to you. Some of you your friends will say things that may be hurtful as will others who you may not even know. Most of the remarks will be aimed at him.

Then there is what you will miss out on as your relationship grows and should you two become a couple. At 17 there are things you will miss out on that your friends are experiencing that he has already experienced. There will be times when you will want to go to dinner and clubbing and he will want to stay home and watch TV. Then there is sex Your sex drive is on the incline and his is on the decline.

Will you be able to handle the snide remarks. Sitting at home when you would rather be out clubbing. Marriage needs a certain amount of sex to survive. IF your sex drives are not equal will you be able to handle it. These are the questions you must answer before you enter a serious relationship with this person.


Ok so you may have heard that gay marriage is legal nationwide in the U.S, when i heard this a small part of me felt relieved and the news just made my day i don't even know why...anyway I've always known i was into girls more than boys, and it's getting stronger (I'm 11) and idk guys just don't really appeal to me but girls really turn me on and always have, and looked up lesbian test online, it had a girl (really curvy) and an airforce plane. I noticed the girl first, witch apparently means I'm lesbian. And then it had a guy i didn't think was that hot holding a puppy. I noticed the puppy first, witch means I'm lesbian. But my index finger is longer than my ring finger and i don't know wtf that has to do with anything, but apparently it means I'm straight. Idk, the thing is i really don't want to go to hell so what should i do?

Those on line test don't mean anything and should not be trusted. At 11 years old you have not yet come to grips with your sexual identity. You may very well be a Lesbian and if you are this is something you would have known a long time ago because this is the way you were born and would not need a test to tell you.

At your present age, pre-puberty or early puberty boys are still icky. This may change as puberty takes effect when your body release all the hormones it has been storing and you body starts to really change.

It is not unusual and it does not mean a young person is gay if they explore their sexuality with a person of the same sex. Most all teenagers do because it is safe and for women they cannot become pregnant from it. This does not mean they are lesbians or bisexual. As young people become older and more confident with themselves they start to explore sex and sexuality with the opposite sex.

This is not the time to label your sexuality as being one thing or the other. This is the time to enjoy what life has in store for you and to explore who you are. This is what being a teenager is all about. Do not rush through this time by labeling yourself prematurely.

From what you have written you are trying to decide if you are gay. I can tell you without any reservation you are not gay. Gay people are born gay they do not wake up one morning and decide they are gay. This is scientific fact.


Hi I'm a 19 year old single female and I have a male friend who is 49 he always acts odd when my mom is around and when he is alone with me he puts his fingers in between my fingers and rubs my hand.
I lost my father to suicide 3 years ago and I don't really know if he is trying to be supportive or just creepy btw one time I was walking and my mom was inside the house when he put his hand in my back jean pocket I don't know if he was feeling my butt or what he was doing.
But I would really prefer if a guy would answer this question for me thanks.:)

Hopefully this person is not your therapist. If he is you really do need to find a new therapist and stop seeing this man as his intentions are sexual.

If he is not your therapist then he is probably uncomfortable around your mother being closer in age to her than to you. While there is nothing wrong with you seeing an older man I do question it given you have a problem with your father's passing. It may be best that until you resolve your issue with your fathers passing that you do not see this man as you may see him more as a father figure than as a friend or partner.

I can't say what his intentions where when he put his hand in your pocket or when he strokes the back of your hand. What I can say is one is the action of a father or close family friend comforting someone and the other is a sexual advance that should not be taken without permission.

As a guy if I was a close friend I might try to comfort you if I knew you were still having issues with your father's passing. I would not make any sexual advances such as putting my hand on your butt unless we had progressed to a point where we were a couple in a relationship. Your question tells me you are not in a relationship with him.

My suggestion is not to see him any more and as I said in your other post, find a new therapist.


Ok guys and girls I have a question for you and what I wanted to ask was this.
I have a male therapist because I lost my daddy 3 years ago to suicide and I'm a girl btw and my therapist said tht he was going to show me what was inside of him.
What did he mean by that?
Does it mean he wants to have sex with me or is he wanting to share his emotions.
He is 36 years old and I'm 19 years old.
If a guy could answer this that would be amazing.:)

I have no idea what he means by showing you what is inside of him though it does not sound right. A therapist is suppose to work with you to bring out the root cause of a problem. Then help you deal with that problem in a more purposeful manner so you can move forward with your life. For him to show you what is inside of him does not sound helpful.

Does he want to have sex with you? I really can't say though it would be wrong of him if he did lead you in that direction as when in therapy in theory the therapist has undue influence over their patient. In showing you his emotions I don't see where that would be helpful.

I have been in therapy after an auto accident left me disabled and became a life changing event. My therapist worked with me to draw things out of me. Whens he did at times she used herself as an example of how she handled a situation but she never showed her emotions or led me to believe she wanted to have sex with me.

My advice: Find a new therapist, possibly a female. You need a therapist you can be completely comfortable with. One you can tell your deepest secrets to knowing they will go no further and knowing the therapist will not take advantage of you.

I believe from what you have written and your questions that trust and ability to be open with this therapist no longer exists. If you need help finding a new therapist you can contact your EAP program at work or your insurance provider.


My psychiatrist and a neuropsychologist, after showing I have chronic anxiety and ADD, suggested having a trial of Lexapro to help manage the anxiety. I am open to trying a medication out for some time, but I am really worried of the possibility of it making me feel emotionally numb. Any knowledge or thoughts on this?

Lexapro is an antidepressant drug. The side effects of this type of drug are not what you may be thinking. This drug in combination with other drugs given for severe depression such as manic depression or schizophrenia are what I believe you are thinking.

I have been on an antidepressant for clinical depression. Anxiety is part of the depression cycle. While you may not be clinically depressed, as I was, this drug may be better than a tranquilizer to help with the anxiety. Most tranquilizers will make you feel numb or zoned out which is why I believe the doctors chose this drug for you.

Some of the more common side effects of Lexapro are, short term, meaning at first while it builds in your system; Headache, dry mouth, stomach problems and maybe some drowsiness.

I experienced only the dry mouth and that may also be due to other drugs I take for chronic pain. Since I no longer take the antidepressant but still suffer from dry mouth. Just carry a bottle of water with you. Some long term side effects are sleep problems and lower sex drive.

I actually slept better once the medication took full effect and there was no real change to our sex life.

While I am not a doctor my wife works in the mental health field with the doctors and nurse so medications and different treatments are the topic of discussion at our dinner table. Lexapro is good medication prescribed by many doctors. As with any medication each patient will have different experiences with them. You may very well be like me and experience little or no side effects. IF you do experience any side effects and you find them bothersome speak with your doctor. Call the doctor do not wait for your next scheduled appointment. The doctor may be willing to change your medication without waiting to the next appointment.

Most import with this medication is to take it daily as directed and to try and take it each day at the same time.


Hi. For summer 2015 I really really want to do a 1 week full day session of gymnastics. I'm tired of not being active. My parents would love for me to do it, but the problem is cost. I'm only 12… it's $375. I have $0. Any advice? I come from a really poor family…

Call your local Police Department to see if they are offering a PALS Camp and if you might qualify to attend one week. PALS Camp offer a variety of activities which may include gymnastics. You should also contact your local your local Parks a Recreation Department to see what summer activities they are offering. Your school system may also be offering summer activities which may very well include gymnastics.

All of the above activities are either at no cost or very little cost. Space is usually limited so the sooner you call the better your chances of gaining a space is.


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