Ok, so my parents are really strict when it comes to anything. Clothes, boys, even friends. Other teens have even asked me why my parents are so strict and that mine are way worse. They even have me homeschooled for that reason. I do go to church, but maybe four times a month, and my parents won't let me just hook up with some guy at the mall. They say he has to be a certain age, a certain religion, everything. I'm not around teens much, so I don't know how to flirt or get a guy to ask me out. I can talk to guys, but it makes me nervous. I wouldn't even know if he has a girlfriend or not, or how to handle rejection. Surprisingly, I found a guy that lives up to my parents expectations, but I don't know how to get him to ask me out. And I'm too shy when it comes to flirting. I'm a 16 year old girl and never had a boyfriend or first kiss, so it's really important to me. I know I'm not ugly, fat, or mean, I just don't know how to do this! Please tell me what to do🙏

Being home schooled you have missed the learning the social interactions that come with going to a public or private school. Social integration is a very important part of life as it also teaches you not only respect for other people but the rules one needs to know to be safe when out in the public areas of life.

Flirting and getting a boy to ask you out, sexual interaction is all part of growing up and comes with practice. As you grow especially during your teenage years you learn this by dating and going to social events and parties. You have missed this.

I'm sure your parents have their reasons for raising you as they are. For me to say to you that they are wrong would be wrong of me. They are though doing you a great disservice by not allowing you to bloom in the environment you will someday have to live and work in.

What I can suggest to you is to ask your parents to allow you to join some social clubs they may approve of. I'm fairly certain your church has a some form of teen clubs, be they Bible study or other types of clubs sanctioned by the church for the teenagers of the church.

These clubs are generally coed but well chaperoned by the church and the adult membership of the church. Because of this parents such as yours are willing to allow their children to attend events these clubs offer.

Even if you are reluctant to do so I suggest you do as you will gain the insight into what you have missed by not attending a more public school. You will have the opportunity to flirt and to meet boys your parents will most likely approve of.

You don't have to marry any of these boys but at least you will learn how to protect yourself when with a boy when you go off to college.


I went t0 the doctors and she said I had herpes she just looked at me and gave me meds but never did a real test on me.I have herpes. I gave it to this guy and now he's going to prosecute me. I have a two year old and I can't go to jail. I was raped perviously by another guy and was embarresed.I don't know who the guy was. I didn't know I had an out break. I take meds everyday. So does he have a case? I asked the doctor if it was illegal for me to not tell anyone she said no. I dunno if this is true. HE now has herpes. What do I do.

We are not Lawyers more importantly even if any of us were; we would need to know what State you live in as the laws differ from state to state.

Though I believe your doctor is probably correct I suggest you contact a lawyer to see if you can be sued in your state for this. Also understand prosecute does not always mean criminal trial. He can try to bring civil charges against you in domestic relations court. No jail time only a finding for compensatory damages. I have not heard of anyone winning this type of civil case or getting the state to take up a criminal case on something such as you have written about.

Still your best advice will come from an Attorney at Law. First visits with an Attorney are generally no charge while they evaluate you need for their service and if they will take your case.


how should i show my boovs to a guy????

By asking this question I believe you may be to young to be showing your Boobs, not boovs, to anyone except your doctor. So wait a few years before doing so.


So I was adopted by my grandma. My mom was in my life, though. Basically my mom and my grandma both raised me. Anyway, I'm 24 and I'm living in my own townhouse with my boyfriend in a completely different county. When I lived at home, I paid the bills and helped any way I could, because I lived in the house. However, now I have my own bills I need to pay. My grandma called me constantly asking for money to pay her such-in-such bill because she couldn't afford to pay it. I refused her once, and she would always bring up the fact she adopted me and that she raised me and that I owed her for it. Then, I end up having to go to court FOR her because the old landlord sued her and she refused to go. I'm now having to pay this debt to him because I was the one who showed up. Now, again, I'm having to go to court because of something she won't pay and won't go to. I tell her that I shouldn't have to go, and she, once again, brings up the fact that she raised me and that I owe her for it. It makes me feel so horrible. I didn't ask to be born, why does she keep doing this to me? And not only that, but it is getting me and my boyfriend into HUGE fights. What can I do about this?

If it is not your bill DO NOT GO TO COURT FOR IT. Unless your name is on the bill you are not responsible for it and do not need to go to court to answer for it. I'm not sure how you were made responsible for the landlords payment by going to court for your grandmother it wasn't you debt in the first place. If I were you I would contact an attorney to see if you can get out from under that one.

Unless you are named on the Court filing or must appear as a witness you are not required to be in court for any actions against your mother or grandmother. If your name is not on this filing do not go.

As to being obligated to pay these bills because you were adopted. NO. No child is responsible for their parents obligations. Be that child the parents natural born child or an adopted child. In the most recent mortgage crisis Banks have tried to go after children and other family members to recoup their losses and have been forced to return any moneys collected by the courts in most states where they have tried this. Even for student loans unless a parents name appears on the loan application the parent is not held responsible for the students failure to pay. I know because my sons loan fell into default and they never tried to get me to pay his loans.

Do not let mom or grandma bully you or coerce you through guilt to pay their bills for them. If you can afford to and wish to is one thing. If you cannot afford to and would cause you to default on any of your bills then you tell them you can't help them. Your credit and good credit rating has to come first.

Should you decide to help your grandmother or mother do not give them cash or a personal check. Get a cashiers check from the bank and make it out to the company it is going to. I once loaned my son some money to pay a debt to pay a bill and that company used my check as authorization to debit my checking account for future payments. We settled for them cancelling his debt and a written promise never to do that to anyone else. So if you ever loan them money do so with a cashiers check made out to whatever bill you are paying.


13/f.Ummmm,I am in the 8th grade and one of my good friends some way have gotten pregnant. My friend doesn't know that my bestfriend and me know that she is.My best friend had to do some for my friend on her fb page because her phone is going to be off. So she told her to text her boyfriend that her phone is going to be off. My Best friend just have texted me sending me pictures of the messages between my friend and her bf talking about abortions and if she is going to keep the baby. Her child's mother talked to her too. Right now my most concern is like I know that its like we invading her privacy,but I need an adult advice. I want to tell my mother,but my mother would most likely make me stop talking to her or hanging with her. But now I don't know how I'm going to face her in school tommrow. Also,she told me many times that her father child use condoms,but it seem like they don't. So please tell me what to do. THANK TOU!

She is 13 and having sex that's the first problem. She is way too young and this is the usual result of two young people having sex. They may have used condoms but if not used correctly they don't work. Even when used correctly they are less 85% effective in preventing pregnancy.

The next problem is when her parents find out. By law she has no say over her reproductive system until she reaches the age of 14. Neither she, her boyfriend or his parents have any say only her parents have any say as to whether she has an abortion, keeps the baby or puts it up for adoption.

The best thing you can do for your friend is to tell you mother. If your mother knows her mother I would expect you mom will have a conversation with her mom. Pregnancies can=not be hidden for long unless the girl is grossly overweight. If her parents decide on an abortion which is legal up to 27 weeks. The longer they wait the more dangerous for the mother they become.


I've never been close with my dad, ever. We've always argued. It's probably because we're so similar. I got my anxiety and depression from him, so I guess that's probably because I take my anger out on him aswell.

We argue literally every day. 98% of the time is something negative. I do admit that I call him stupid, annoying, etc. out of anger (I have anger issues). He'll always say that I'm rude, annoying, even sometimes say I'm a bitch (Or that I'm acting like one). It doesn't get physical obviously. Usually I just get mad, go to my room, and slam my door. I am in my room 99.8% of the time. He just makes me so mad. He has a short fuse too. Even asking him a question will make him burst into flames. It's ridiculous. If I ever try to talk about it or say "You need to stop that" or whatever, it just gets awkward and he gets annoyed over it and blames it on me. I always raise my voice and it just gets bad. I don't know how to stop this without getting help or talking to him. Should I go awhile not talking to him?

Without knowing your age it will be hard for me to give you any advice. What I can tell you is I could have written this letter when I lived at home with my father. Like you the best I could do was avoid him as much as possible.

For reasons I didn't learn until I was much older he blamed me for many of his failures in life. I was always wrong and he was always right. It wasn't until I joined the Air Force that he saw me as a man and things got a bit better between us. But not for long, eventually after seeking help for depression and finding he was the root cause of my depression I broke all ties with him after my mother died. He died a broken lonely old man.

I know this doesn't help you but what I am attempting to show you is you're not alone. We don't get to chose our parents. Not all families are like the ones that use to be portrayed on television.

His constant yelling and screaming at you could be seen as mental abuse which would be seen as child abuse. You could talk with a trusted teacher or your school principal. IF they feel your home life is detrimental to your well being there are actions they must take to intercede.

My son and I have a much better relationship than I had with my father. When we do have a disagreement he reminds me he is the one who will be choosing my nursing home. I remind him I am the one spending his inheritance. Of course this is just away for us to joke between us. But you and any siblings you have will have that responsibility some day. My sister chose the Adult living center she put my father in which became his nursing home. It wasn't the best it was what he could afford as neither she or I felt obligated to pay for better. When you're older you might want to remind your father of this fact.



I'm not really sure how to express myself right now I just want to vent to someone to listen. I come from a loving family and could get whatever I possibly wanted. But I sometimes feel so sad that I am going no where in life I always feel everything is my fault. I care about people before i care about myself. I would kill myself to save another person. Growing up I can remember this would happen and I think it is getting worse. Whenever I do something wrong and I make someone angry I start hurting myself when I get in a fight with my boyfriend I start punching myself and pinching my arm I slap myself across the face and I tell myself how useless I am and how my mother should have never had me. Is this normal? I don't know if I want to express my feelings to my family about this. I don't want to be put into a physc place and I feel like if I say something people are going to think I'm dramatic. I just needed someone to vent to about this. No one knows about these. I often think about cutting myself but I don't think I have the courage to take something and cut myself with it. What's wrong with me?

No what you write about is not normal and we are not doctors so we cannot make a definitive diagnoses. You may be suffering a form of depression that has caused you to have a low self-esteem as well. This is called clinical depression and is generally caused by a hormone imbalance easily corrected with replacement hormones.

Now because these hormones are secreted into the part of the brain the control depression your family doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist to medicate you. This does not mean you're crazy the referral is because of the fact that the medication or hormones affected are secreted into the brain a psychiatrist is the best trained MD to medicate.

The hormone imbalance is only part of the problem. Something else triggered the anxiety, the suicidal thoughts and the other self harm thoughts you are having which all relate to the depression. For this you will most likely be referred to a psychologist for talk therapy. This is the person you are looking for. The person you can safely vent to with your most secret thoughts in the knowledge they go no further than the therapy session for they are confidential between you and the therapist.

My suggestion is as follows: First see your family Care Doctor for a complete physical while with the doctor ask to be screened for depression. Remember you are an adult now so everything between you and your doctor is confidential. The doctor needs written permission from you to share your medical information with anyone including your parents even if you are still on their medical insurance.

The physical is to rule out any organic problems for your problem. The screening for depression consists of the doctor asking you questions from which the doctor can make a diagnoses. Once the doctor made a diagnosis follow the doctor's instructions.

Should you feel suicidal or feel like you must hurt yourself in any manner before you see your doctor either call 911 for help or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for help.

There is o reason to suffer with whatever the problem is as help is just a phone call away. Statistically 1 in 3 of us will suffer from some form of depression in their lifetime. So this too is nothing to be ashamed of for as I said help is there for the asking. I know this for I could have written this letter before I asked for help for my depression.


so, I have been friends with tracy for 15+ yrs and thought our friendship was a close one. ( she lived with my family for over a year when I was over the road truck driving). her daughter is getting married in july and dress fitting is this week. tracy and I haven't been talking lately and im chalking it up to her boyfriend.
you see, tracys boyfriend jeff wants to go to her daughters wedding. seeing jeff up close and personal and dealing with him for a week at another vacation we had taken. I really don't think this is the guy for her. he is an alcoholic and talks to tracy like crap whenever he drinks too much. I don't like it and wont put up with that at her daughters wedding. I don't know if I even want to go knowing he is going to be there and up tracys ass the whole time. she wants to introduce him to her parents ( dad recovering alcoholic from many moons ago). I don't think this is a smart decision. what to do

Being the long time friend that you are I believe you should attend the wedding if for no other reason than to insure that the Daughters wedding is not ruined by Jeff.

It may be possible between you and Tracy's father, him being a recovering alcoholic that the two of you can point out that which she is love blinded too. Most importantly though is her daughters wedding be the wedding the daughter wants and not ruined by someone who gets belligerent when he drinks.

With you and the grandfather their to keep and eye on Jeff and remove him before he ruins the wedding. Then hopefully Tracy's daughter will have the day she has dreamed of.


how to get girlfriend to blow your friends?

You don't; you let your friends find their own girlfriends to do that for them.

Try putting yourself in her place. Sex for a woman is much different than it is for a man. Be it oral, anal or regular vaginal sex it is the woman that is allowing a man to penetrate her body with his. This is a very intimate act one that requires trust and love on the part of the women. Now along comes her boyfriend a person she loves and says "Hey babe how about giving Johnny a blow job while I watch." How would you feel if you were in her place?

I know what I would say. I would tell you to get hosed and go find a new boyfriend. I'm not saying this isn't done; that people don't swap partners or there aren't people that don't enjoy threesomes or group sex. Those that do, do so because they want to not because someone wants them to do it.


I am an extremely petite woman. I'm about 5"1, Asian and with tiny bone structure. Ballet dancer's build, basically. I wear 00 pants, size 2 dress and 32A bra and though not completely shapeless (I have long legs and a defined waistline), I am extremely skinny and fragile-looking.

There are literally no men I have ever met that are attracted to chicks who look anything close to me. Every single guy I know is obsessed with the blonde hair extensions, blue eyes and big boobs, and it feels like I'll never be able to compare. I suppose if I was persistent I could get someone to date me, but during the date I know they wouldn't be able to stop themselves from constantly stealing looks at the voluptuous all-American woman at the next table.

If we look at our bodies as packaging to attract the opposite sex. Then we can say not everyone. Has the same packaging. Men your age are still quite shallow they are out for a good time and Sex for the most part. But all is not lost for it is what is under the wrappings that eventually shows through.

Relationships based entirely on sex generally fail for at some point you wake up and you actually have to talk to each other. This is when the relationship fails for you find out you have nothing in common. There is a better way to meet people and get to know them without the window dressing getting in the way.

What I would like you to try is this. Sit down with pen and paper and make a list of all the things you like to do both in school and out; both on campus and off. Trust me I have made this recommendation to others and they write back it works.

Include everything you like to do. Include church activities if it applies, camping, fishing, reading, hiking, cooking, photography, nature walks, sports playing and anything else you can think of. Then number them 1 to whatever.

Now take the top five and look to see if there are not any groups or activities going on specific to these activities and go to their meetings. I'm positive you will find one or more that will welcome you with open arms. You would be surprised to find that both men and women like to take part in many of the activities you do. You start by listening to conversations and adding your own interest or knowledge to the conversation.

Before you know it you're having coffee with someone after the meeting and then you are dating.


So i'm 16 years old and my mom recently been asking me questions amif im still a virgin and stuff, could she actually take me to a doctor and could determine if i've been sexually active ? Even though I don't want to? Without my permission?

There are two things here that are in your favor as to what mom can and cannot do or what she may find out as to whether or not you’re a virgin.

A doctor cannot tell if you a virgin or not. All a doctor can tell is if your Hymen is intact. If there were semen in your vagina during an examination then the doctor would know if you were having sex. But your mother cannot force you to have this type of examination against your will.

If you live in the U.S.A. and given the fact that you are over 14 years of age, you are covered by a law Congress passed called HIPPA. In this law is a section covering young people 14 years and older giving them total medical confidentiality over their reproductive system.

What this means is no one including your parents can know anything related to any doctor visit, any examination or treatment that involves a young person’s reproduction system.

In your case this would mean if you did consent to going to the doctor. Once with the doctor all you need to say is, "I want my rights under HIPPA." The doctor would then ask your mother to leave the room if she is with you.

If you allowed the doctor to proceed with the examination, which would not be a bad idea if you have not had one in a year." Then the results of that examination remain confidential and can only be told to those people you give the doctor expressed permission in writing. Because of the language in the law you can also ask the doctor for birth control medication and the doctor, unless there is medical reason not too, must provide a prescription for it. The pharmacist may not release information about any medication that would be related to the treatment of conditions related to the reproductive system without permission so there is no way for mom to know.

Congress passed this law not to promote sex between young people but to give them a place to go to get answers to questions or treatment for something they might be too embarrassed to go to their parents with. This law gives you the right to make appointments and see doctors related to anything to do with your reproductive system without parental knowledge or permission.

My suggestion is that rather than get in a fight with mom. IF she is insistent you be seen by a doctor so she can know if you are still a virgin; then go with her. Read any papers the doctor’s office give you to sign carefully because among them will be the HIPPA consent form. Make sure moms name does not appear on it anywhere. WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN TO SEE THE DOCTOR TELL THE NURSE OR THE DOCTOR YOU WANT YOU RIGHTS UNDER HIPPA. Let them inform your mother of your rights to confidentiality and they will support those rights.


Today I was walking to my grandmother's house and when I was about 2 minutes away, a guy in a white truck pulled up and said hi. He claimed that he saw me at the store, but I did not recognize him at all. He gave me his card with his cell phone number on it and asked me if i would promise to text him later on in the day. I didn't text him, but my main question is, should I be concerned?

Given the way things are today you cannot be to carful. The fact that you do not recognize him says you should do two things.

1. Tell your parents what happened and give then this guy’s car.

2. Together you should call the police and inform them of this incident. IF this guy's intentions were other than honorable they may know about him. If they do not know about him they still may not want to look into this as stopping on the street and handing a girl your card and saying "text me" even in today's world is not normal.

If the guy was someone you wanted to meet then I'm sure you would remember him. By letting the police investigate you save yourself from whatever further actions he might take to get whatever he wants from you and other girls as well.

Make it a police matter and pay attention to your surroundings when you’re out alone. Program your cell phone for one button push too call 911 and keep your cell phone with you at all times. Most important is try not to be alone when walking especially at night.


Hello Advicenators, First of all I would like to note that this is not my account. My friend is letting me use hers because she thought this website would help me figure this out.

I`m an 18 years old female. Three nights ago, my boyfriend came to sleep over my house. He came late at night and we had sex..lots of it and by that I mean it lasted a long time. In the morning, we had more sex..lots of it and at night again...also lots of it and then he left and went to his house. The following morning, my vagina had an irritation but I did`nt worry too much because it has happened before (where my vagina had an irritation after sex). This morning, I had a big, thick, white discharge on my vagina and I started to freak out. My vagina still has an irritation and the discharge keeps coming. Is this because we had too much or is there something wrong with me?

If you’re concerned about an STD they generally do not manifest themselves the next day. Discharges from your vagina can be normal and I think you would know a normal discharge from one that is not normal. This, "big, thick, white discharge," does not sound normal." If it happens again you should definitely see your GYN.

As to the irritation you are getting. This is very possibly from too much sexual activity. Your vagina may not be producing enough lubrication after the first or second intercourse. You might want to try a good lubricant like K-Y Jelly to keep you well lubricated during sex and to prevent irritation.

One other thing which you did not write about; did this discharge have any type of abnormal odor or scent to it. If it did this is a sign of some type of infection and you should see your doctor ASAP.


Hi my parents finally found out that I want to be tested for being bipolar. It runs in my family and my emotions have been like a roller coaster since I was little. I'm kind of happy that I can get help, but Im scared. Like scared to the point were I would say I'm not going and wouldn't cooperate. And the thing is I don't know why! I've wanted help for so long but now that I can get it I'm terrified. I guess I'm afraid the medicine is going to change who I am and I've done some reasearch and the side effects are kinda bothersome to me. I dont know. Has any one ever been screened before for it and is now on the medication?

First and foremost nothing says you are bipolar. The fact that it runs in your family does not mean you will manifest this illness. In fact it is very possible that you will never manifest any symptoms of this illness as generation skipping is possible with this illness.

What is important is that you are knowledgeable that this illness is prevalent in your family and that you make your Primary Care Physician aware of this so he or she can monitor you. The testing for any mental illness is painless. Depending on your physician you will either be given a questionnaire to fill out and then have a conversation with the doctor or the doctor will simply ask you questions. Based on your answers, if you are being seen by your primary care doctor, he or she will make a diagnoses and then decide how and who should treat you.

If it is determined you are bipolar this illness is best treated by a psychiatrist along with a psychologist for talk therapy. The psychiatrist being a medical doctor can prescribe medication(s) and the psychologist will help you stay on medications through talk therapy.

The biggest problem with bipolar disorder is staying on your medication. For when you are on your medication you will feel normal and see no reason to take it. Then you go off your medication and see no reason to take it. Maybe not you personally but a typical person suffering with this disorder does have a problem being compliant with their medications. As long as you're living at home with your parents you have help being compliant.

As to the medications themselves. The psychiatrist will most like give you a couple of different medications based on your diagnoses. These drugs are antipsychotic medications and they affect every person differently. How they affect you is something you will have to be honest and tell your doctor so they can fine tune the medications to get the desired results and make you feel as normal as possible.

Be aware of the dangerous side effects and report any of them immediately to the doctor. Some of the more normal side effects will go away after a few weeks when your body gets accustomed to the medication. If your doctor doesn't ask you to do this then I suggest you keep a medication diary. Each day write in your diary exactly how you are feeling throughout the day. A good time to write in your diary would be at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. Make sure to include how well you slept and how long you slept.

No I have not suffered with this disorder though a good friend of the family has. My wife also works in the mental health field and we are very close to several psychiatrists especially the one who treats our friends so we are somewhat knowledgeable of this disorder.

IF and that is a big if diagnosed with this disorder you can live a long healthy life by simply working with your medical professionals. Keeping the diary I suggested will help them help you. There is really nothing to be scared about. If you are by polar and from the little you wrote I would be surprised if you are. It is better to know then not know and get the proper treatment and learn to live with this disorder just as you would any other long term illness.


my gyn is telling me I can't have a hysdrectomy becuae I need to try the novasure first is this true? I spoke to my insurance company they approve it with a medical necessity.

If you will follow the link I have posted below it will take you to the Novasure Website where you can download their brochure. On page 4 you will find the answer to your question. One thing to remember with this procedure is just like a hysterectomy you will no longer be able to have children.

The insurance company wants you to try this procedure first because it is probably less expensive than a hysterectomy. In fact I'm sure it is as it can be done as an office procedure under local anesthetic whereas aa hysterectomy requires an operating room and everything that comes with it plus an in hospital recovery stay.

Insurance companies always want to follow the procedures least costly to them. If a hysterectomy is what you want and your doctor agrees it is the proper procedure then you need to advocate for yourself. You do this by calling your state Insurance Commissioners office and filing a complaint against your Insurance company to the effect that they are not operating in your best interest by requiring this procedure.

I can tell you from personal experience that insurance companies do not like dealing with insurance commissioners. For if it is found they are not dealing in your best interest the fines issued can be in excess of the cost of the two procedures combined and they still have to pay for the procedure you and your doctor wish to preform.

That being said I have reviewed the information at it appears to be a safe. I is a minimally invasive procedure. Today's hysterectomies can be done in a minimally invasive manner should your doctor chose to do so. If your need is for endometriosis then a minimally invasive surgery is probably not what your doctor would want to do as I'm sure the doctor would want to try and clean out as much of that tissue as possible.

I have had and I still receive chemical oblations for chronic back pain. It is a requirement of the insurance company before they will pay for the electrical oblation that for me actually brings relief. I tell you this as this is the mentality of all insurance companies. I could fight them and go directly to what works but my doctor always wants to try the other procedures first.

My suggestion is talk to your doctor. If your doctor feels the Novasure is a good options then go with it. A minimal invasive procedure is always the safest way to go. If your doctor feel that a hysterectomy is the only way to correct your problem than call your Insurance commissioners office and ask for their help.




I'm not sure if this has to deal with anything, but I have been on birth control for 2 years now. I switched birth control pills 7 months ago. The doctor's have prescribed me the pills that would help me skip my period and only have it every three months.

Last year, I started off losing interest in meat. I would eat it whenever it is in front of me, I would order things that contain meat. Months later, I started becoming tired of meat and I wasn't able to finish it, then give it off to the person next to me. Now, I am nauseous of meat, whenever I think of something in particular, when I see something, I get nauseous. The other day, I ate some wings and then got tired of it and ate the rest of it the day afterward.

I'm not sure what it is, but lately I have also been craving for pickles and milkshakes. I heard those were common for pregnant women. So, I took a pregnancy test, and it was automatically negative. My doctor said that if I try to skip my period, my body will trick itself into thinking that its pregnant, could this be it? But if so, it doesn't make sense when it comes to me feeling nauseous towards meat.

Any opinions? What do you think it is? Am I slowly becoming a vegetarian without my choice?

We are not doctors and can not make a medical decision. With a question such as this common sense would tell me that your doctors answer is probably more correct than you think.

Our bodies are both strange and wonderful things. In a manner of speaking they are an almost perfect machine. They are designed to work in a specific manner and if we maintain them in the manner prescribed they will most likely not give us any problems for many, many years.

Like any machine when you try to make it operate in a manner it is not designed to operate as. Its' operating parameters get thrown off and it tries to get back to how it is suppose to function. In the case of a female when you chemically stop your period the body, based on its operating parameters will think its is pregnant. This is one reason women on birth control complain of engorged or sensitive breasts. Both are symptoms of pregnancy. Cravings are another.

Now female athletes who strenuously exercise do not get periods. This is the body stopping the period because when the body does not have what it needs to operate properly it will shut down what it feels is unnecessary systems. The bodies primary goal is to keep the brain alive. In a women who may be underweight or who may burn more calories than they are taking in a female may see a cessation in her periods.

I don't think you're becoming a vegetarian either. I think, here again I'm not a doctor, though I believe this is another symptom of your body thinking it is pregnant. During my wife's first trimester with my son she could not look a piece of red meat in the eye. Once it was browned she was fine.

You might want to rethink your birth control medication and have a consultation with your doctor.


I have one coping skill and that is being on the computer. It is not healthy in other peoples opinion but I don't care. It is the only thing that helps me. I have tried everything else anyone has recommended but people are still telling me that being on the computer is not healthy. What do I do?

To truly answer your question I would need to know just what if anything you are trying to cope with. I would say as a general rule anything that helps you cope with something is not totally bad for you as long as it is not an addictive drug or alcohol.

That being said it has been found that the social networks on the web can become addictive. I would say if you can walk away and stay away from your computer when you have other things to do or you are not needing to cope with something. Then you are probably not addicted to your computer or the things that it can addict you two.

I too spend a lot of time on the computer during the day. I have never seen it as a coping skill more as way to pass the day and stay sane while my wife is at work. Maybe in the beginning it was a coping skill as I was forced to retire early having become disabled in a work related accident. Not being prepared to retire I needed something to occupy my mind and I found it on sites like this and other things of interest to me. Being active and working since I was 16 I needed something to do or I would have gone nuts.

When my wife comes home the computer generally gets turned off or she has things that I need to do for her on the computer; pay bills, look up recipes, order thinks to be delivers and other things. Once that's done the computer is turned off until the next day. Yes I have a tablet and a smartphone we both do and we both check emails during the evening.

If that's coping then I'm guilty too, though we all need to cope with something in some way. As long as you realize this is just away of coping and nothing more. That you can walk away from the computer when you want too I would not worry.


I'm 18 and still have one year of high school to go. My mom has alwsys intimidated me in a way where I feel like speaking gets me killed. I can't fully be honest because my mom snaps at me for being ignorant and selfish. She gets pissed at me for not knowing what I want or not understanding myself, then when I tell her what's really going through my mind she says it's my fault that there's problems. Right now my younger sister wants me dead because she allows her friends to harass me and she's told me that I need to kill myself all because my mom refused to let her rejoin color guard. I tell my mom and her response is "well you shouldn't have pissed her off." What kind of parent does that?
My mom gets mad at my dad for not having emotions, but gets mad at me for feeling anything. I can't be happy because it's too awkward and I'm always depressed. My mom feels a need to yell at me for being moody or not growing up. I can't help that I'm depressed all the time and she thinks I can just suck it up and smile.
My cousin recently lost her mom and her biological father is in prison, but I'm unable to care. I'm not exaggerating, I'm literally unable to care. All I can focus on is how loud she is and inappropriate she behaves around every single living being, and yet I'm punished for even raising my voice from joy. She even told me she'd choose my cousin over me. It makes me feel worthless when she puts me down this way. I've told her to her face, but I honestly think she hates me. I'm not allowed to dislike people but she is. I'm not allowed to let out my true emotions, but she is. I'm sick of her being a hypocrite. I'm close to giving up on everything and ending my life because I'm sick of having to carebut not being allowed to.

You are in an awkward position by being 18 which makes you legally and adult though still in high school living at home. If you were a year younger there are things I could tell you to do to get help from school and family services. Being a legal adult I'm not sure if the school or family services will be able to extend that help to you.

You are in a caustic environment this is evident in the sentence you wrote; "I'm close to giving up on everything and ending my life." You need help professional help. IF you feel ending your life is the only answer then call 911 for help. Not only will you get the help you need but maybe a wakeup call will be sent to your mother.

At school talk to a favorite teacher or your school principal about what your home life is like. If you were a year younger there are definitely things they can do to help you. It is possible since you are still in school those things are still available to you. Your home life is not conducive to good school work. You do want to graduate this year and hopefully someday go on to college. Ask a teacher or the principal for help.

The other option is more drastic which is to find a full time job, drop out of school and get a GED. With a full time job you can afford to find your own place to live either a rented room or an apartment with a roommate.

You can also talk to Military recruiters about joining a Branch of the Military. They may be able to help you get your GED while in the military and you may be trained in a career that is transferrable to a civilian career or you may just like the military and make it a career.

Suicide is not an answer it is the wrong solution. If you ever or are feeling suicidal please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room and ask for help.


Hi I would like to ask if is it safe to have sex after mens.My menstraution is during in last jan 24 and it ended 27 or 28,and In the 30th day of january me and my boyfriend had sex.Is it true that its safe 5 days after period? We used withdrawal method but its just a short time sex.

For 85% of women they are generally not fertile during the first 7 days after their period. For the other 15% of women they can be fertile at any time during their cycle including during their period. What you need to know is when you ovulate. When your ovary ejects an egg into you fallopian tube where it can be fertilized by sperm. There are kits at the drugstore you can purchase to help you track when you ovulate.

The withdrawal method of birth control is the least safe method of birth control. During intercourse the male releases a small amount of sperm, generally referred to as precum. The male has no control over when this is released as it is used as a lubricant during intercourse. In this precum there are enough sperm to male the female pregnant which is why the pull out method fails more than it succeeds.

If your boyfriend won't wear a condom then I suggest you not have sex with him as he is being disrespectful to you by not doing so. Condoms are better than 80% effective in preventing pregnancy and the are also able to prevent many of the STDS and the HIV/AIDS virus from being transferred between partners.

Just remember every time you are having unprotected se, even if you are on birth control pills, there is still a 1% chance of getting pregnant. With condom usage that is reduced to almost zero. Unprotected sex also means you are having sex with every other person either of you have had unprotected sex with.

Unless both of you have had blood tests to prove you are STD, HIV/AIDS free then you are playing with fire by having unprotected sex.

One other thing; if you are 14 years of age or older you may go to any or women's clinic and ask for birth control medication and be given it under a law called HIPPA. Your parents will never be told.


I'm fourteen, soon to be fifteen. I feel attracted to both genders. I know that people may say "Oh it's just a phase or horomones", but hear me out.

As long as I can remember, probably even since I was eight, I've been attracted to the female body. Ever since, I've just been trying to push those feelings away or to avoid them. Those feelings never went away. I still feel an attraction to both men and women. I actually even had my first kiss with a girl, and also dated her. I don't know what my sexuality is. Bisexual?

Also, if I was bisexual, I need advice... I think my dad is homophobic. He denies it, but he thinks it's disgusting when he sees gays. He even said, "Bisexuals are even worse. How can you like both? It makes no sense". I didn't really say much. My mom would probably not care much, which is good, but my dad... I honestly don't even feel like telling them that I'm bisexual if I were to be because it's not their business and it would save drama and anxiety.

First there is nothing wrong with being bisexual. If you truly are bisexual that is who you are and there is nothing wrong with being who you are.

Scientists are now telling us that gays and lesbians are born gay. With bisexuals they are not so sure. You say since you were eight you have felt this way. While it is somewhat early to start into puberty at eight years old it does happen.

Puberty and the hormones it releases awakens our sexual awareness. Being as young as you were you may have directed those sexual feelings in the safest direction which would have been towards another female. Now you are older and you may have feelings for males as well.

If you started to get your period at an early age it is a safe bet you went into puberty early as well. I would say you have two choices here.

1) since you say your mom would not care either way is it possible for you to talk to her about this. If I'm correct and you went into puberty early you could simply tell her you feel sexually confused. If mom is comfortable talking about maybe she can help or she can find a therapist for you to talk to who can help you figure this out. Whichever way you decide you are is who you are and there is nothing wrong with that.

2) If you're not comfortable talking to mom about this. There is a law called HIPPA. At your present age this law grants you full medical confidentiality. Meaning you could make an appointment to visit your GYN and discuss this with him or her. Mom does not have to know about the appointment and if she does she cannot be in the room with you when you talk to the doctor. What you and the doctor discus is confidential and cannot be told to anyone without your written permission.

Most import though is there is nothing wrong with you. In fact you are more like other kids your age. The difference is you have said something where most don't. Most kids to experiment with their sexuality with others of the same sex. Very few call themselves bisexual or end up bisexual.


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