I'm 11, and I don't know what is UP with parents these days.they think they've seen everything there is to see, done everything there is to do, learned everything there is to learn. They think they should be granted God status and they own everything. Like my mom, she claims she owns my phone, kindle, tv, etc, because she bought it. Ok,I buy my friend a shirt for her birthday. The shirt is mine, because I bought it? And if you prove them wrong in an argument, you get in trouble for being a "wise ass." For example, my dad and I were arguing.he said I should watch my language.I pointed out he curses all the time. He told me stop being a smart alec, and to do as I say not as I do. Who is so hypocritical they won't follow their own (stupid) rules?

This is a little hard for children to understand. I didn't understand this until I had children of my own.

In one sense you are correct your things are your things because we bought them for you and gave them to you. The difference between a parent giving a child something and a child giving a friend a gift is this. When we give you something, even if it is a gift say for your birthday it has strings attached to it.

By law until you reach a certain age and purchase things with money you earn, emphasis on earned money, you have no ownership rights. Everything you have belongs to your parents. Everything you possess still belong to your parents and they have the right to take them away from you say as punishment for something.

Now as for cursing; sure any 11 year old attending public school should be able to make a sailor blush. That is not the object of what your father means. He is an adult and you are a child. His job is to teach you right from wrong. We curse out of frustration and it is really a poor thing when we do. We should be able to make ourselves understood without cursing.

One time before I retired was attending a regional sales meeting. One of my coworkers, me and our sales manger were talking when my coworker remarked he had never heard me curse. My manager said in all the times he had rode with me he hadn't heard me curse either. I said I knew all the words but trained myself not to while working. Because on any given day we can be on a jobsite one minute and in an office full of secretaries the next. So as not to make a mistake and let fly with the wrong word at the wrong time I don't.

I tell you this because it is important to be able to make yourself understood without cursing. People will respect you more when you able to do so. This is why your dad tells you to watch your language. This is also why at home it is a do as I say not as I do world. Mom and dad are trying to teach you the right way to do things even if they don't. I can't fault them for doing so they are being good parents.

The real problem is your are 11 and like a lot of 11 year olds you are in a rush to grow up. You are tired of being treated like a child and want to be treated more as an adult. TO be treated more as an adult comes with age, maturity and acting more as an adult. It will come but you have to grow into it. Give yourself time to grow and mature and I'm sure your parents, who seem to be good parents, will treat you with the respect you earn and give.


If a guy gets a girl pregent n then waits for 24 hours to have sex again n cums in the girl can the same guy sperm kill the other sperm

What are they teaching in sex education today, or is some line some boy is feeding you to get you to have unprotected sex with him? SPERM DOES NOT KILL SPERM. What happens is sperm race each other to get to the egg to be the first to fertilize the egg. No the more sperm the better chance that one will make journey all the way to the egg for what does kill the sperm is the females natural defenses against foreign intruders and the natural bacteria within the vagina.

If this is a line some boy if giving you to have unprotected sex with you. He is not in love with you and he is not really lusting for you either. In fact he has little respect for you at all or he would use a condom.

Condoms not only protect against unwanted pregnancy when worn correctly but they protect against many of the STDS and the HIV/AIDS virus. Remember whenever you have unprotected se you are having sex with every partner you and your partner have had unprotected sex with in the past.

A god motto to have is; "No rub, no loving," and mean what you say. IF you were going to have sex with a boy and he won't use a condom put you panties back on, get dressed and leave.


I am in amazing relationship, one that I've always wanted and dreamed of. Both of us are in our 30's, were were married before to other people and now both divorced, but head over heels in love with each other. There is one problem, he cannot get over my dating past. Before meeting him, I was in two long term relationships ( marriage and one for 6 yrs) and then became single and dated for two years. I met him before he even had the chance to date again, we hit it off immediately and fell in love over time. He said he loves how sexual I am, but hates my past, his resolution is to 1) swing with him and let him have sex with someone in front of me, or 2) participate in a 3 some and let him do his thing in front of me. This kills me, and I don't want to. I love him sooo much and if I saw this it will hurt so bad. My past means nothing to me, but he doesn't get it, because he didn't get to date after his marriage with his HS sweetheart. Instead he went on a date with me and we have been together for almost a year and we live together. He has given me this ultimatum to continue with our relationship. I don't know if I can do this, I wish I could move out and let him try the single life he says he missed out on, but I am afraid of losing him and I don't want something to happen, but I'm tired of being ridiculed. I want him to see me for who I am today and what I offer, not my past. Please help! Should I put my feelings aside and take the torture of seeing him have sex with someone or should I get out of his life and let him do his thing and pray he wants me back. 30 ish female.

He is being a ass. We all have a past. Just because he was fortunate enough to find you right after leaving his marriage does not entitle him to devalue you or your relationship by demanding you participate in sexual hijinks with him so he can consider himself to have sowed some oats.

He is not only trying to control you but he is also sexually harassing you. Sexual harassment is illegal. Once you say no to something that's it end of discussion. Any type of sex has to be mutually consensual otherwise it is not done. It is really that simple.

Some people can live in a swinging relationship or have other people join in their sexual relations. It is obvious this is not the type of sexual relationship you wish to have. You only need to have one discussion on this. Once you have told him no this is not something you want or can do then it is over.

To my mind as much as you believe he is the man you love. I cannot see him loving you the way you love him. If he truly loved you your past would not bother him. As I said we all have a past, the object of a loving relationship is to plan for and to see if you can have a loving future together.

My mother would tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea. Throw this one back and rebate your hook. There are better fish to catch then him.


When I [15/f] get mad I go off, but does that make it right for my step dad to tackle me, and steal my stuff, and break them? I tried to call the cops, they said he had those rights. I can't stand him, so what should I do?

I agree with Danicus there must be more to this story then you are telling us. Even at 15 you do have certain rights and if the cops are taking your step-father's side. No parent has the right to physically or mentally abuse you this would include tackling you without good reason. Good reason would be you being out totally of control and him tackling you to calm you.

Why not write me or us back, you can do so in a private message if you would like, with a more complete story of what is going on. There are two sides to every story so to be helpful to you we need to hear more of what is going on then what you wrote.


19/Male i am from Nigeria. my best friend beat up my little brother violently, and now my dad want's me to get back at him,but he's been my best friend for years. part of me want's to get back him,part of me still sees him as a friend.am very confuse,don't know what to do.

Nothing is ever settled by fighting and it was in my view wrong of your father to tell you to beat up your friend. Instead be a peace maker. Find out what caused the fight in the first place then work to resolve the issues between them.

Hopefully you resolve the issues, you and your friend remain friends and your little brother doesn't get beat up again. You should also caution your little brother not to do things that would cause a fight as fighting resolves nothing.


I recently asked the question about whether or not I should wait for my boyfriend who was involved in a prostitution sting...I should have been more specific. It was a child prostitution sting, that's why he's looking at up to 7 years in prison. The ad says 19 year old girl & then when the "john" gets there they make little hints insinuating that she's actually underage. I'm not sure about all the details, & it makes me sick so id rather not know. I've had more time to think about it and obviously I didn't know the real him, only who he pretended to be. I have to move on. But the second question that's been bothering me is should I put him on the birth certificate? I want my son to have my last name for sure. But if this really is the sort of evil person he is I don't think I want him to be an influence on his life. And I know if he wanted rights he could fight for them later on, but I doubt he would get much visitation when he is most likely going to have to register as a a sex offender..please let me know your opinions, and thank you all for your advice from the first part of my question. I just want to do what is gonna be best for my son.

No I would not put his name on the birth certificate or let him know when the child is born. as for having a last name your son will have a last name, YOURS. As for visitation, the father can try but if he is a registered child sex offender he is going to have a problem getting them, especially if he has trouble finding you.

Now you are entitled to child support from him even while he is in prison. He will be assigned a job in prison that pays some money not much it depends on the job, how much the prison earns from his work, less what it cost the prison to house, feed care and guard him. Usually the prisoner is left with $1 to $2 an hour. You would be entitled to a portion of this money
and the justice system would see to it that you are sent it.

IF he is paroled or on a sex offender list he has to make regular visits to either his parole officer or local sheriff. They would also see to it that funds are withheld from his job and sent to you. This could be done through the courts or family services so he has not contact with you.

I suggest you contact an attorney or the legal aid society for help with this.


Hey, so is going to be a bit long, I'm sorry. My ex and I split up about half a year ago and we decided at the time that I would keep our dog Spot because she would be moving in with her dad and he and his wife have like 5 cats. I didn't want any complications so I asked her to give me full custody of her and I would give her visitation rights. Well, after we split up, the break up got really difficult. I gave her more than two months to move out her things and it got to the point where I had to start threatening to throw her stuff out so that she would come get them. We had a lot of arguments after the break up to the point that I don't want anything to do with her anymore because every time she came by to pick up her stuff, which was more than several occasions, she would make things really difficult and hard. I really didn't mind being friends with her then, but her attitude just made it really hard and I've never considered ever beings friends with my exes because of the drama. I'm a bit traumatized by the negative interaction that we had after the break up and I just cannot and do not want to associate with her anymore, but she insists on seeing the dog. The more often she wants to see the dog, the more often I have to see her. I feel like if I already have to deal with her presence and if she wants to be more involved in my dogs life then she's going to have to start paying up the costs to care for a pet. Since we've broken up I've been paying for all of her food and taking care of her. I really don't understand her desire to see Spot at all because when we were together I was still the one that took her out when she needed to be outside, fed her, and gave her baths. Whenever she was home and my dog was in the way she was yell at her and say "Move!"
Why is she so keen on seeing my dog? Every time she visits she only spends 15 minutes outside with her and comes inside my apartment and will sit there for almost an hour.
Recently I told her that she can see the dog, but I don't want her in my apartment anymore. What are my options and what should I do? I've considered giving her my dog as well if she gets the chance to move out of her dads, but I think I'm better suited for my dog because she is a golden chow mix and can be headstrong sometimes. My dog only listens to me and I don't know how Spot will be with her. Since she left, Spots attitude has changed for the better for some reason. She doesn't pull as often as she does on the leash and she listens to me better when I tell her to "leave it" and "lets go", she use to be a bit aggressive with strangers being within visible sight, but now she can walk away from them and I really love it.

I don't see any legal reason for joint custody of the dog, especially if the dog was yours before you two moved in together. She also has no legal right to enter your apartment without your permission even to visit the dog.

From what you have written I believe the quickest way to put an end to all this is to tell her that this. In the future if you want to visit and play with the dog I can meet you at the dog park. Then when and if she does call do not always be available when she wants to visit the dog.

Should she call and want to visit say on Saturday afternoon. Tell her I have company this weekend but I could meet you Monday after work. Things like that. Slowly make the visitation time inconvenient for her and at times more convenient for you or at least times that you can plan for.

If you still live in the same apartment you shared. Ask the apartment manager to change the locks just incase she made copies. This way you are sure she can't get in and make sure the manager knows she is no longer living with you and has access to your apartment for any reason if you're not at home.


OK so I didn't do so well on my last math test, I got a 41%, but I am going to do an extra credit assignment that'll raise it to the 80% range. She was still reallly mad, and is making me go to extra help every day before school at lunch and after school on tuesdays until my grade raises. Is it just me or does this seem extreme?

It is not only hard for us to weigh in on how a parent reacts to something like this; it is not right for us to do so. While we might think it is extreme or maybe not extreme enough, in some instances. They are your parents and as long as they are not physically harming you it is not for us to say or advise you on.

If a parent was physically harming a child as punishment for a bad grade or something else then we would and should advise you as what to do. Making you or as you see it forcing you to get extra help in math is just good parenting.

I don't know why you did so poorly on this exam. Is it you just didn't study for the exam or are you a poor math student. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you are a poor math student

My son was a poor math student. Actually he was a poor learner. After a stint in the Army and being taught a new way to learn by the Army. HE came out went to college took remedial math plus his college level math courses and graduated as the honor Graduate from his Paramedic Class with a degree in Emergency Medicine. Today he is a Paramedic/Firefighter and many people are alive today because he was their paramedic when they needed one.

Keep an open mind about the extra work your parents are asking/demanding of you. It is quite possible that like my son; you too will find a new way to look at and learn things.

Good luck, bring that grade up so you can have a great summer.


okay so this is so awkward but i am 16 and me and my boyfriend want to have sex but i am scared because sometimes when i cum my vagina smells like fish, i wash it everyday at least once or twice and still nothing, im scared because we have planned it for this saturday but i dont want to smell or taste nasty, and i do not want to go to the doctor about it

You should not be washing your vagina multiple times a day. Once a day in the shower is all you need to do and wiping yourself after using the toilet is proper hygiene.

Now every woman has a scent which emanates from her vagina especially when she is sexually excited. These are pheromones and just like are four legged friends they are meant to attract the opposite sex, when we were still walking on all fours. That scent still does attract and make the opposite sex attracted to you and plays a very large part in foreplay and intercourse.

How this scent actually smells differs somewhat day to day depending on different variables. Not getting to personal but my wife's scent is stronger in the morning and when we have the time we have a good time. It is also much different in the evening, not as strong more musky and some may say fishy smelling. It really depends on what she has eaten that day. What you eat during the day may be why you have said that "some time when you cum your vagina smells fishy."
I suggest the following:

First, stop washing your vagina multiple times a day; you are supposed to have a scent from there especially when excited.

Second, do not douche especially with over the counter products. Women do not need to Douche unless there doctor tells them to and only then and for the period of time the doctor says to. Douching destroys both the good and bad bacteria. Also you really do not need those feminine hygiene sprays. They are a waste of money.

Since you are concerned and if you are not already having regular GYN exams or have not had one recently. See your GYN and make sure that your incessant washing has not caused any type of bacterial imbalance or infection.

Note: As a parent and grandparent I would be remise if I did not comment on 16 year olds having sex. I'm not that old fashion enough to tell you not to have sex at your age. What I will tell you is to try and wait a bit longer. There are other ways of satisfying both yours and your boyfriends’ sexual urges without actual intercourse.

Sex for teenagers is not what it is meant to be especially for the female. Why, mainly because what a female needs to relax and enjoy sex can't be had by teenagers. Teenagers always worry about being caught, being intruded upon as well as finding someplace comfortable and safe to have sex. Then there is the worry about pregnancy. It is truly worth it to wait 2 more years until you are of legal age to at least rent a motel room.

If I have not given you pause to reconsider having sex now. Then when you’re visiting your GYN ask your doctor or rather tell your doctor you wish to be seen under the rules of HIPPA.

Being over 14 years of age and being seen for something that is part of your reproductive system. By Federal Law called HIPPA you have the right to confidentiality. Meaning mom cannot be in the exam room with you and can never see you medical records for these visits or be told why you are seeing the doctor or what you are being treated for. Because of this you can ask for birth control medication and the doctor must prescribe it. You do not need parental permission.

Having birth control medication does not relieve you of practicing safe sex. Your partner still needs to wear a condom as this protects both of your from many of the STDS and the HIV/AID virus.


I know a 15 year old who wants out of his mothers place and live with grandparents. If he were to run way now to grandparents will police force him to go back home in a unstable eenvironment, or will he be able to stay with grandparents happy and safe and very well taken care of?

Fyi I am from Connecticut and I know the laws are different from each state.

Razhie is correct, the laws in all states are about the same concerning a runaway. The police must return the child to the custodial parent. There are exceptions and if you have a valid reason for running away the police will investigate before returning you to your custodial parent.

Now you have not explained why you believe your home is an unstable environment. Is mom to strict, does she waffle on what she allows you to do or not to do. This is not unstable. To be unstable she would have to be mentally impaired, be a drunk or drug addict or have a revolving door of boyfriends who live with her.

If you were to make this claim most likely what would happen is depending on where your grandparents live in. There is a 50/40 chance Child protective service (CPC) would allow you stay with them while they investigate. If they live in another state you might be brought back and put in foster care until CPS makes a determination and your grandparents request custody of you.

If your mother is providing a stable home environment. A home which is clean, has a well stocked kitchen, for healthy meals. Providing you with clean serviceable clothing, cares for you medical and dental needs and seeing to it you go to school. Then in the eyes of the law she is doing her job as a parent.

You would have to explain what you mean by an unstable environment for me or any of us to decide if that would be reason for CPS to remove you from your mother's home. If you truly believe you live in an unstable environment and want to live with your grandparents and they want you to live with them then there are two things you can do.

1)Then call them and ask them to contact CPS if they believe it is unsafe for you to live with your mother.

2)If school has not yet let out for the summer in Connecticut you can also talk with your school principal about your home life. If he or she believes you have an unstable or unsafe home life they must contact CPS.

Running away only looks bad for you. Do things the right way and it may be possible that you will get what you want.


hi im 14 a close friend of mine who is a boy stole a nude picture of me and started black mailing me and im scared to tll my parents please i need advice

You do two things, three if this is happening at school.

1. This boy is not only blackmailing you he is in possession of child pornography, the nude picture and your are under age. I can bet the blackmail is he wants you to do something most likely sexual with him or his is threatening to post the picture. This is sexual harassment and distribution of child pornography.

Because he is threatening to distribute and is in possession of child pornography has committed has 3 felonies. This is a police matter and you should call the police.

Child pornography is a very serious matter and his age will not protect him. Do not threaten him with police action for you can never be certain he will delete and destroy the picture. You call the police and file charges.

2. while you do not need your parents permission to file charges you do need to tell your parents. You have done nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong with you having nude pictures of yourself. Your parents may not like the fact that you have them and if they are not selfies they may want to know who took them. But as far as doing anything wrong or illegal, NO you have not.

3. If this boy is threatening you in school then you also need to advise the school authorities of his actions. If you file police charges he would most likely be suspended pending the outcome. If he has done any harassment at school he will most likely be expelled that is how serious this is.

Do not feel sorry for him, you have done nothing wrong and by filing charges you are sending a message to him and any other boys who think they are safe and can harass other girls this way. They cannot, the law does not give them protection for their age and their are many prosecutors who have charged boys as young as 14 as adults for doing just what is being done to you.

So call the police and tell your parents. TODAY.


I have recently met a guy who I am now dating. He is two years older than me. To me,he's the sweetest guy in the world,he loves me,he tries hard to make me happy,he treats me like a queen. But there is one problem,so to speak. His hearing is damaged so he wears hearing aid. I told my family today and their reactions are far from what I had expected. They reacted as if it were some dangerous contagious disease. He hasn't even been born like that,his ear got damaged later in life. My grandma even accused him of lying,even though he's been honest with me since day 1. My mom called him disabled. I don't even dare to tell my dad. I generally live in an environment where people are extremely judgmental. But I thought my family was better than this. I really love this guy and there is a high chance we'll hit it off and get married one day. What should I do then? I want them to accept him because I'm afraid they may forbid me to see him,yet again it's my life and I will marry who I want. I am scared,I don't want to be forced to choose between my family and him,because I want all of them in my life. He is the kind of guy I've been searching for,I won't let go no matter what. And my family are the ones who made my life possible and I love them dearly. I don't know what to do.

So your parent feel your boyfriend is damaged goods, disabled, because he is hearing impaired. Given that loss of hearing or hearing impairment is one of the more common afflictions with numerous caused from high fevers to loud noises and accidents. They are being very short sided and bigoted.

I wonder how they would feel if like me they were standing at a stop light and a truck rams into them a 60 mph and become truly disabled. Would they expect their friends to standby them or say to them, "Your damaged goods now we can't associate with you." You might ask them that question and you might be surprised at their answer for I'm sure they would expect their friends to stand by them. If so your replay then is to say then what is wrong with my boyfriend?

Leaving what I have written above aside for the moment. The fact is at 20 years of age your legally and adult and free to make your own choices. Yes it would be nice if you had your parents blessing but you don't need their permission.


I feel like I'd be a better person if I lived on a deserted island. I want to eat healthier, exercise more, clean the house more, etc. but I don't want to get fit for approval of the same jerks who devalued me when I was overweight, and I don't want my parents to think I'm a better person just because I clean the house more often. I feel I'm of the same value whether I'm in a state of depression or everything is going my way, and I feel equal to other people. When my parents compare me with my cousins or those "homeless to Harvard" stories it makes me angry. I'm currently on a break from college and people say it's great to go to college so you can make more money, numerous people have said variants of this to me, and it pisses me off because I'm genuinely into learning and improving the world, that is my motivation, not just money. I can't just motivate myself to do anything just for money, the thought of that makes me feel suicidal, just to spite that kind of mentality. I've never been a partier. I'm 20 and I haven't been invited to a birthday party with my peers since I was 14 or 15. I've had a lot of internal struggles and it's annoying when people just say it's laziness, because when I feel enough self worth to give work my best effort, I put more effort into it than others, by a long shot. But as I've grown older, and my self esteem has been chipped and chipped away, it's been hard to find that self drive, and the added pressure from my parents, on why i'm not like their ideal child, doing what they want me to do, makes things worse. I'm envious of people who say they've always felt loved and supported by their parents even when they've struggled and even when they sought careers that weren't in medicine, but still were in demand. I've never been a wild child, my sibling in elementary school has been invited to more birthdays than I have in my entire life. I've never done drugs, have never gotten drunk, don't bully others, etc. I had it rough in high school, especially when my family moved to a new town my soph year, and i feel like i've finally been able to mostly move on but when addressing the past with honesty, my mom tries to put the blame on me, like maybe something was wrong with me that people didn't want to hang out with me and it's so messed up because i was literally nice to everyone, every single person, it was just difficult due to a culture clash and that my interests varied from most other students in that area. i removed myself entirely from social media and my phone rings so little i barely recognize my own ringtone. i have childhood friends i havent spoken to in a while and its just difficult cause everyone is in college now and im far away and not currently in school and i don't know what to talk about or how to relate now that our lives are so different. part of me doesn't even want to interact, i want to work on myself, but i want to do it without it being "sad", like my parents thinking something is wrong with me for not going to the mall with a friend. i mean its not like i've ever really rejected invites, i just don't get the invites, does that mean i should drop dead or i can't find things i individually can be enriched by? with the weight thing i dont want my people to think im doing it for that same BS approval. i feel like other people judge me a lot and it's annoying, i just want to get myself back on my feet so i can go back to school and be able to be successful and do the career i love. i think not having much of a social life could even be beneficial as a worker, the problem is just being able to believe that even in spite of the attitude given by the majority of people, that popular things are cooler, that if you're not living the normal way you are messed up, and etc. im taking time off to add to my resume so i can apply to a better school, and with acceptance then i'll work with them on what community college credits will count and what wont, so it's annoyin when people just say to just go to community college now when every school has its own standards. but i work, do a lot of volunteering, and focus on other hobbies, too. im just struggling in finding confidence and self worth in my decisions, decisions that seem good in my head but in reality, surrounded by parents, aunts, uncles, other peers, etc i just feel overwhelmed and i know it's really dumb since i'm 20 and not a child anymore, but these are my real feelings. i don't normally spill everything on here but i really don't have anyone i can just talk to like this without fear, i hope someone here can relate. and i promise i can type better than this, my words are just flowing. i really appreciate any help

I can identify with some of what you have written. IT took a while and a stint in the Air Force to prove something to myself. When it did I finally decided that I don't have to prove anything to anyone but myself. In fact the only person I have to be better than is myself. To do that I came up with the following motto this has stood the test of time for me.

"The only person I have to be better than tomorrow is the person I am today." What this means to me, especially as work ethic was I needed to learn something new each day.

Before I retired I was a District Sales Manager. In Sales the motivational tool used by management was money. Make the sale make the money. I was never concerned about making a sale or writing an order. If I didn't write an order today I'd write 2 or 3 the next day. I needed to learn something new today that would help me or help me help my customers.

Management never understood me. Then again they never worried about me either for my sales number was always in the top 5% of the company. By making myself a better person each day, by learning something new that would help me grow as an individual and a professional was important to me and key to my success in life.

I am also very fortunate to have a wife who understands and supports my need to grow in this manner. I'm certain you will find someone like my wife who will support you in the same way so that you will have someone to talk to when you need to.

You may use my motto is you wish for you are right in what you say; that you not anyone else must believe in yourself, I'm paraphrasing what you said. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and not worrying or believing what others may think or feel. What is important is that you are successful and happy.


I am 22 year old guy finally deciding to take a swimming lesson. I went on Saturday and the class looks to have only women in it so I will be the only guy. They all look in their 30s and maybe some younger but still older than me. I called my mom and said I can't go and to cancel the lesson. She said she will if I really want to. Is this a valid concern or am I worried over nothing?

Unless you are of the Muslim faith and seeing women in bathing attire would be against your religion. I see no reason why you should not take the class.

You say they are 10 years older than you and some maybe younger. If you're 20 and maybe there is a 24 or 25 year old single woman taking the class this would be a great way to meet someone you might like to date. My mother in-law was five years older than my father in-law. There is nothing wrong with a male dating a woman a few years older than himself.

Short answer: There should not be anything to be awkward about. You all have a common goal. Go enjoy the class and learn to swim so you can have a great summer at the beach or lake.


Ok, so I have been with my boy"friend" for almost 2 years, our relationship has been good, not perfect of course, but I honestly felt like he was my life partner, my best friend. Or so he said! Well I am 7 months pregnant with our first son, 5 days ago I got a call saying that he had tried picking up a prostitute and got caught in an undercover sting. He is looking at several years in prison. He seems really sorry, but he also seemed like he really loved me. Should I wait for him?

There is something odd here. Being a John in a prostitution sting is usually a misdemeanor offence. After being booked, if they are formally booked, a desk appearance citation is issued. This is either not his first offence or he is on parole for something else and this is a violation of that parole. The Johns don't usually go to jail for several years for solicitation of prostitution.

The first thing you need to do to answer your question is to get the facts. Find out why he is being held. Court and police records are public records open to anyone wishing to see them. I am almost positive it is for something more sinister than solicitation of a prostitute.

Once you have the answer to that question and decide if you can live with someone who has hidden whatever it is he may have done. Then ask yourself these question.

1)Your his girlfriend; you're available to have sex with him; why is he out soliciting a prostitute?

2)Is this really his first time or has he done this before?

3)Is it possible he will continue to solicit prostitutes and is it possible he will bring home an infection to me? Would I still want him?

Regardless of how you answer these question; see your doctor or GYN immediately and get tested for STDS and HIV/AIDS. You can't be sure if this was his first time and you need to make sure he hasn't infected you or your baby with anything.


Im 13 and I just can't wait for sex any more I don't know why but I just wanna loose my virginity. I promised the lord and my parents ill wait till25 but i can't wait and I'm tired of jerking off.( even though it is satisfying).

I can understand not wanting to wait until you 25 to have your first sexual intercourse. Wanting to have sex at 13 is more hormonal caused by puberty than it is an actual need? Masturbation, (jerking off) is the proper way to relieve the feelings and sexual anxiety you are having from all the new hormones floating around in you.

It is really strange that parents today and before them still tell their children that it is wrong to masturbate especially when they themselves masturbated at your age and according to a recent survey they probably still do except its now called foreplay.

According to this survey 85% of us masturbate. That means in a family of four with children above the age of puberty, 3.4 of you masturbate or more realistically 3 of you do. It is not a sin by any of the recognized religions and it will not grow hair in the palm of your hand nor will you go blind.

The only time masturbation is a problem is if it is an all-encompassing thing to the exclusion of everything else. For a male your age, jerking off 2, 3 or even 4 times a day would be normal. You will taper off as you become adjusted to the hormones in you.

In fact masturbation versus teenage sex can be more satisfying. Sex is not a sport to see how many goals you can score. Sex is not something you do to prove you love or have someone prove their love for you. Sex is a very intimate act that requires privacy and comfort to be done properly. If you cannot provide a secure, comfortable and private place for sex then your partner can't relax and enjoy it. If she isn't relaxed then frankly you may as well be jerking off for you can get more pleasure from Miss Thumb and her 4 friends then you will from your partner.

So relax, continue to masturbate. There is plenty of stroke material to be had on the web; for as far as finding a willing girl your age the chances of that or probably zero. If you coerce a girl with some line like, "IF you love me you will have sex with me." That is sexual harassment and you can face legal charges.


I am a little embarrassed to ask my mum I'm 12 years old a male but how do I ask my mum to buy me new underpants?

There is nothing here to be embarrassed about. Underpants are an article of clothing just like Jeans or T-shirts. You mom wears panties which as you must know the ladies equivalent of underpants. If dad still with you he I'm sure just says to her to pick him up a package of new Jockeys or Boxers when he needs them that's what I do. So a simple request from you for the same won't embarrass mom and shouldn't embarrass her.

I'm assuming that since mom must still do your laundry she would notice if your underpants need replacing. So you either need a larger size or wish to switch to either boxers or Jockeys. If this. Of course if dad is still living with you there is no reason you can't go to him and ask him to ask mom.

While you should not be embarrassed to ask you mom to make this purchase then what you can do is leave a note on the kitchen table before you go to bed or before you leave for school were mom might find it when she leaves the house or when she comes home.


So im a 13 year old girl and my best friend is a girl. She is bi. She has a huge crush on me but she is also always pointing out really cute girls. Lately I have been getting really jealous every time she does and I think I might have feelings for her but I also think I like this guy. So am I bi or am i just confusing friendship with love? What should I do?

Why is it so Important for young people your age to put a label on their sexuality. It is very common for a first sexual experience to be between someone of the same sex when experimenting with your sexuality. This does not mean your gay or bisexual. It means you're normal.

It also does not mean at some time in the future you may not continue to enjoy bisexual sexual relations. For right now though it is safer to explore one's sexuality with a person of the same sex be you male or female.

There are also different types of love. There is the love you have for your parents, the love you have for a friend and the love you will have for a future partner in life. They are all different types of love.

To have sex with a friend be it a same sex partner or opposite sex partner it can be experimentation or lustful sex. Lustful sex can be satisfying but not fulfilling. Sex with a life partner of same sex or opposite sex is both lustful and satisfying because of a type of intimacy that comes with it.

I realize that right now this is all confusing to you and it should be because what you are experiencing is hormonally related feelings driven by the new hormones released by puberty. Don't be so fast to put a label on yourself. Just enjoy the moments and enjoy being a teenager. This is what being a teenager is all about.

Take the time to fully experience your sexuality. By that I do not mean to go and have sexual intercourse with a boy, you are way too young for that. Right now you should be setting limits as to what you will allow boys to do in the way of touching you and what you will do for them. The most important limit to set for a few years at least is never to be naked below the waist with a boy.

Even with these limitations you can still experience your sexuality.


Can I be pregnant when his pennis didn't enter my virgina but we were both naked and I released since then I ve not missed my period I went for a blood test and the result was negative.it happened around febuary and I did the test May.

Let see you had a blood test which was negative. Four months has passed and you not missed any periods. How much more evidence do you need that you are not pregnant.

Your period is the cleansing of your womb; making it ready for a fertilized egg during the next cycle. If you have sex and then get your period the chances are good your not pregnant. If you have sex and then get successive periods the chances are excellent you are not pregnant.

There are cases where pregnant women get something that looks like a period but it is actually more like spotting.


Hello, I have just graduated college last week with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting.

My parents seem to really, really want me to take the CPA exam, but the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to.

Should I take the exam to please my parents?
Or should I go for something I want to go for?

If you're not going to keep up with the certification why take the exam and waste the money. There is a benefit to having those initials behind your name especially while looking for work in either field of endeavor. Having those 3 initials behind you name can make the difference between you and someone else getting a particular position you may apply for.

My sister took the CPA exam right out of College and she believes it go it her the job she wanted. She does not need the title in the positions she has had as she has been promoted so she has not done the continuing education required to maintain her CPA.

Fact is whatever you decide to do you must do for yourself and no one else. You are an adult now responsible only to yourself and eventually to and for your spouse. I am a parent of an adult son and while he calls me for advice on many things. Ultimately he decides what it is he is going to do. It is the same for your parents. As much as they may want you to take the CPA exam the best they can do is offer your their advice and hope that you accept it.

Once again it is your life. You have to plan the pathway you wish to follow through life. If you plan does not include a future solely in the accounting field then A CPA may not be of benefit for you.

My advice is to first sit down and decide what you plans are for the future. For there are two types of people in this world. There are people whose plans fail and people who fail to plan. There is nothing wrong with having a plan that fails. You pick yourself up, find out why your plan failed and make new ones. But if you have no plan to begin with than you are hopefully lost from the start. Make your plan then decide where if any the CPA fits.

Good luck and Congratulations


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