Hi. I'm a 14 year old female, and I weigh 110 pounds. I think I'm somewhere between 5'2 and 5'5.

I was overweight as a kid and was bullied for it. Therefore, I started counting calories in 6th grade and dropped pounds drastically. That was in December 2011, and I still do it. I just think I'm so fat. I have a huge stomach, I literally look 6 months pregnant. Adults say I have a disorted self image, but I just feel bigger than everyone else.

Anyway, I make sure I don't go over 1,000 calories a day. I know there's health risks and all that, but I just can't stop. I don't want to, honestly.

I recently have been eating too much. I eat about 800-900 calories a day, and I hate myself for that. I eat at 9AM, then 12PM, then maybe 3PM, then maybe 5 or 6PM. I eat too frequently I think because I eat small things at a time. But I eat when I'm bored or not hungry. How can I stop this? I don't want to get any bigger. It's like I countdown to binge on food. I just... I don't want to eat a lot like that.

You are developing or have developed an eating disorder. I'm not a doctor though if I was I would say you have developed the disorder called anorexia. You are at 11o pounds just about the right weight for your height depending on your frame size. If you have a belly it is because of weak abdominal muscles or is it possible you are pregnant. Your belly is not because you are over weight.

I suggest you see a doctor. If I am correct and you have developed an eating disorder such as anorexia. If you continue to cut back on how much to eat you will eventually get very sick. so sick the doctors will not be able to fix you and you may not see your fifteenth or sixteenth birthday.

If I'm scaring you then good, I mean to. eating disorders do lead to death. The daughter of a good friend died recently from anorexia she weighed 87 pounds and thought she was fat. This is how people with eating disorders feel and this is how you sound to me ion how you write.


I am in a relationship with a girl for about 3 years and we belong to different religions but we are not bothered with it. Although our parents definitely have an issue with it.
So we are planning to getting married in a marriage court. But we won't be disclosing it to our parents and will not marry to any one else. As I am staying in US and our parents are back home. They won't be knowing about our marriage.
Is this a good idea for keeping peace and not disappointing any of our parents? As I can sponsor my to be wife and we can live together. And once our parents asks us to get marry, we do that.
Any suggestions and honest insights are welcomed. God Bless.

I believe you asked a similar question yesterday. My advice then was it was your lives you should live them. To advise you to hide something like this form your parents would be wrong of me and wrong of you to do so. Trust me when I say this when you seek to deceive you will be found out and the situation you are trying to avoid will be worse.

You have to live your lives for yourselves not for your parents. I tell you this as a parent not just as an advisor. Yes we parents can get upset but then we get over it.

y suggestion is to do what is best for you and your girlfriend not what you feel your parents want. In the end you will regret allowing your parents to break you up and that is a wound that may never heal.


So I have been in a relationship for the last year with a man. (I am female) I love him very much and picture one day marrying him and having children. But over the years I often fantasize about women and sleeping with women. I am sexually satisfied by my boyfriend and don't always think about women but I do sometimes. And to be frank it really unnerves me. I don't know what this means or what to make of it. I am a grown women, shouldn't I know my sexuality by now?

Relax your normal. It is not unusual to fantasize about being with someone of the same sex, especially for a women. At the very worst you might be bi-curious. If you are there is nothing wrong with that either. If you are and it might even be something your boyfriend would indulge you in and with as most men fantasize a threesome with two women.

This though is the extreme of what you may be feeling. Nothing says you must give in to your fantasy. Fact is that most of the time the fantasy is way better then the real life enactment of the fantasy.

My advice keep it as a fantasy to masturbate with when the boyfriend is not available.


I am 22 and in a LDR.my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 months now...the thing is we talk everyday.. Snapchat all day long!all of a sudden he says he is bored...I asked him if there is anything I can do... He said no...and asked him if he's bored of me... To which he replied no as well! I'm worried sick! Is there something wrong or am I over reacting? Do guys generally get bored easily? Please help!

This is one of those questions which we really cannot answer for you. We would need to know more information about both of you to even have a hint of what to say.

You need to ask him what he is bored about. Being in an LDR relationship is not easy. The normal things one does to keep a relationship going is hard to do view email, voicemail, texting and snapchat. Their is no substitute for you being their snuggled up against him and him against you.

He said he is not bored with you. Take him at his word or if you don't believe him. Dig deeper is the only advice I can give you at this time.

questions to needed to help you that I would need answers too.

1. Have you two ever been together in person?

2. Do you plan on meeting him or does he plan on coming to you?

3. How did you two meet? Did you meet on social media? If so what do you really know about him.

These three questions are very important to know for if you only have an on-line relationship and have never met in person. I caution you as to where you go with this. There are many people on the social media platforms who are not what the purport themselves to be. so be careful


I come from a family that lives on low income and food stamps. I'm 16 and I live in Minnesota. I always look up things online and I see so many things I would literally sacrafice everything to have. I know I seem money hungry, and I am! And I know that I could have the money I wanted and be able to buy those things, I have potential, but its the starting part I'm having trouble with. I want to be able to move out at 18 and be able to tell my parents I told you so. And prove my parents that I wouldn't wind up like them. But at the rate my life is going, that just might happen. So please, help me. Oh, and I don't know if it helps but I loove to
sing and dance. That's basically what my life is.
Music,dance, and money. Please help me.

IF you want to have a better life than what you have with your parents. That is probably going to mean you are going to need a better education than they have. This means a college education in some field that you can actually make a good living at.

Singing and dancing are nice and they may even help you earn some money while going to college. As a career the number of people that actually succeed and have a successful career are very small.

Singing and dancing are great hobbies and you might even succeed at making a second income from it but to have what you are looking for no.

Have you ever watched the show the voice, or America has talent. Do you know how many people try out for these shows hoping to be the lucky hundred or so that make it to the show for the on air auditions. Literally tens of thousands. Do you feel you singing or dancing is as good or better than those who made it to the show?

Go to college get an education and get a good job. This is the tried and true way to get those things you want.


If my bf breaks up with me and I kiss and give blowjob to another guy drunkenly and again me and my bf get along in relationship would it be considered as cheating? Should I tell my bf about this accident?

Very simple answer. In order to cheat on someone you must be in a relationship. If you break up and then at a later date make up. What happens in between is not cheating as no relationship existed between you.


There's a dance coming up on dec. 21 and I really want to go. But all of my friends have dates. And we were going out to eat afterwards. I need a date but I don't know how to get one. I really wanna talk to guys and have atleast a friend to go as my date but I don't really know any guys. People always tell me I'm too pretty amd cute to be single but yet, here I am. Please help me out

I would go with you but I am probably way to old for you and besides I'm married also I don't dance all that well just ask my wife.

All joking aside I have to assume you are young maybe 13 or 14 years old. Don't be discouraged the boys will come to you very soon. Is there a boy in your class or boys that you know or like that are not going with anyone? If so just go up to one of them and ask if they would like to be your Escort for the dance. Being your Escort is a bit different then a date.

For the boy at least it takes some of the fear out of dating. Boys of the age I assume you are at an age where girls may not yet appeal to them or if they do they scare them for they do not know how to act on a date. Being a pretty girl scares them even more for they fear you would not be interested in them.

Having once been of the age I am speaking of I know all to well what I am speaking about. If you don't believe me ask your dad. This is a very hard age for a young man as they do not mature as fast as a young women does.

My advice then is to take the bull by the horns and pick a boy you like, talk to him and then ask him to be your escort. The other alternative is to ask one of your friends if she knows someone she can ask to be your date. Possibly an older or slightly younger brother.

I hope you enjoy the dance.



I am currently working as a CAD intern and I am wondering how long they will be keeping me at the company. At first I was hired during the summer time for an internship and those usually last a couple of weeks to months, but now it seems like I am working part-time since they ask for my school schedule. How do I ask how long I will be working here without being too upfront or rude? I would like to know in case they are planning on letting me go after a couple more months, so that I am prepared to find another internship.


I would suggest you not ask that question. Here is my reason. You were hired as a summer intern. Now it appears you have been kept on in a part-time manor to the point you have been asked to supply your school schedule.

It appears to me that they are pleased with your work and want to design a work schedule for you around your school schedule. They would not be asking for your school schedule unless they had plans for retaining you in a full part-time position.

I do not know exactly how they will approach you with this offer. It is possible that they will do so during the office Christmas party when everyone is in a celebratory mood for this does call for a celebration. For as you said, most intern position do not last very long.

I would go as far as to say if they are going to offer you a full time part-time position, one they design for you around you school schedule;; then you are probably not going to have to look for a job when you complete school as this position they are designing is one that is going to train you to work for them upon graduation.

Give yourself a pat on the back for you must be very good at what you do and have an excellent work ethic as well.


My step dad is really mean sometimes and is just always yelling. I tell my mom about this but she won't do anything about it.

I'm sorry to hear about this and I wish I have had better advice then I do for you. Unless your step dad is abusing you, verbal abuse is also a type of abuse though it depends on what is said, there is not much you can do about this. More on this in a moment.

There are not a lot of men who are willing to marry someone that comes with a built in family so give this man some credit for stepping in and providing the basic necessities a child requires as well as what mom needs from a man.

Mom need love, companionship, someone that would help raise you and yes she most likely wanted a sex life as well. She is you mom her needs did not die when your dad left for what ever reason he is not with you. If your dad is not with you because of a divorce it is expected that you and your stepfather may not have the best of relationships. You might try being nicer to him, he is not the enemy and I'm sure he is not trying to take your fathers place in your life but to be responsible for you while you are in his home and care. If this is what I believe he is trying to be to you then work with him.

Now as to abuse. There are two types: Physical abuse where you are being hit or punched and include spankings with things other than a hand. This also includes sexual abuse. Then their is verbal abuse. This would include saying hurtful things to you.

If any of this is going on and mom refuses to do anything about it; you do have recourses and recourse. For physical abuse you can always call 911, use your cell phone. The police cannot be turned away until the interview you and actually see marks or don't see marks left by the physical abuse. If you can get out of the house run to the nearest police or fire station. These are safe havens for children.

If you are being verbally abuse talk to a trusted teacher or your school principal, Tell them of the abuse. Once informed they are legally required to make a report to child protective services and the police. You can also go to the nearest Police or Fire station and ask for help.

Yelling alone is not consider abusive unless it is constant and then it is a fine line.

I wish I had better advice for you but without more information this is the best I can offer. When you turn 18 you can leave and live where you wish. Until then if your parents are divorced you have to live where the courts order you to live.


I was scared to death i had herpes.
I had all the symptoms.
Itching face,at times tingling, burning lips.
& these little not too noticeable lip colored flat circles on my lips & a white mark.
But my test came back negative :)
So what's wrong with me? A doc said it could be from the weather. & the circles could be a cold sore. But how could I have a cold sore without herpes? Could someone explain that it have an idea what it could be. Also how can I get rid of these little circles? & tingling? Abreeva doesn't work when I thought I had it.

There are two types of Herpes; Herpes simplex1 and 2. Most all of us have the Herpes one virus which produce the cold sores. You should reframe from giving oral sex when having and outbreak of cold sores as this can lead to genital Herpes or heroes 2 virus.

There are many reasons as to why you broke out with cold sores as there called. You could have kissed someone who had a cold sore. Possibly had some hand contact with someone who had the simplex1 virus then touched your lips and I'm told it is even possible to pick the virus up of a counter surface which if true means you could have picked it up at school off a deck or table.

Your doctor told you that you did not have herpes because they were looking for the simplex2 virus which of course you didn't have.

Cols sores are little Blisters and there is medication that can be purchased across the counter. go to the drug store and speak with the pharmacist, He or she can direct you to one of the several products available. The best ones, the ones that will dry up the blister the quickest, now don't freak, are the ones originally developed to help HIV/Aids patients with their blisters. Just because it was developed for one illness doesn't mean it cannot be used for a variety of other illnesses.


Hello, I am a 25 year old guy and I am in a relationship with a girl from almost 3 years. I am Christian from religion and she is Hindu.
Now we are in a tough situation as we both love our parents and don't want to go against their will for the marriage. And none of our parents are ready to accept our relation.
Any advice and suggestions for handling this situation are really appreciated.
God Bless!!

I might suggest you do as my wife and I did. While we were not faced with either set of parents objecting to our marriage my mother in-law did bring up the subject of which religion we would raise our children in.

Since my wife and I are not very religious and our parents know this. We told both parents that we would raise our children to believe in god and that they were welcome to introduce our children to their religion and beliefs when we or they were with them, provided they did not try to coerce them. They could educate them in their religions take them to church if the children wished to attend (this was mainly for when the were older, as youngsters they went when asked). When each child reached the age of majority, age 18 they were free to do as they pleased as far a religion was concerned, They could follow one of their grandparents religions, chose one of their own or just chose to believe in god.

This worked out very well. We only had one child and he has chosen in his own way to continue to follow both religions. I assume when he marry's he will chose to possibly follow the religion of his future wife or maybe not. We have not really discussed this.

In the eyes of most religions the children are the religion of the mother. If a child chooses to follow another religion they then have to follow whatever is required to convert to that religion.

It was primarily the religious upbringing of the grandchildren our parents were concerned with. They realized my wife and I were a lost cause as far as keeping us apart so objecting to our marriage would only have alienated us from them and possibly them from their future grandchildren.

My advice is it is your life you live it. Your parents cannot live your life for you. Assure your parents that the children of this marriage will be raised to respect both sets of grandparents religions and that each set of grandparents will have a limited amount of say in the children’s religious training. If that is not acceptable to them then they either live with your decision or learn to live without you.

You can also include as my son now jokingly includes when losing discussions with me. That you are the ones that will eventually be choosing there nursing homes. Meaning better to see things your way then not.


I have recently decided to stop using painkillers. I've been very successful and I am about to weeks clean. The only problem is I am always tired. I try to get enough sleep but even when I do I am very tired. I don't seem to be expereincing many of the withdraw effects I've read about, but the ones I do are fairly mild. Could me not being on the drug any more be related to always being tired or am I just not getting enough sleep?

Unfortunately I know what it is like to be addicted to pain killers. I suffer from a injury that causes Chronic back pain. Fortunately I am treated with Non-Narcotic pain medication. Though the downside to any medication is if you take it long enough you become addicted to it.

To stop this type of medication means to wean yourself from the medication slowly over a period of weeks, generally under a doctors supervision. Going cold turkey can be harmful and is why you can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

To answer you question yes listlessness can be a symptom of withdrawal and one that may need to be checked out by a doctor. If you have stopped this pain medication on your own with out medical supervision, whether this drug was prescribed for you or not. I urge you to see your doctor for a check up and help with the withdrawal/recovery; especially if you did so cold turkey. You could have harmed yourself in ways you are not aware of and the withdrawal symptoms you feel you are having could be signs that medical treatment is needed.


My balls are really big do girls like really big balls or smaller balls?

I really do not think it matters to the majority of women. As long as they can cup them in their hand or hands, wrap their lips around one or both of your nuts the majority of women will be happy. That is not to say there are not a few women who are hung up on size. These women either want big everything, Penis and Scrotums or small Penis and scrotums.

Most women especially young teenage women are like young teenage men. They are happy with whatever their partner has to offer. Later on in life when you are looking for a life mate you may have s preference though when love comes into play preferences are blinded by your love for your partner. Their sexual equipment becomes secondary to their love for that person and adjustments are made as needed just as long as the sex is compatible.


Hello Advicenators: I have a 590 credit rating and am 58 years old. I recently decided to pay off legitimate old debt and clean up my credit report via disputing items as needed. Can I dispute items on my credit report by myself via some website? The agencies out there seem to charge high fees. Thanks, Dzadzy

Solidadviceforteens is correct for most states. Where I live there is a 2 year limit on the original debt. If a credit collector has not contacted you by registered letter or phone in two years the debt is uncollectable. While this bit of knowledge is not known by many collection agents or those in debt. Those that are aware and some Attorneys who specialize in financial counseling, it does not help with your credit rating which generally stays on your credit report for 7 years. It also does not stop a collection who has purchased the debt and unable to collect it from making a false report to the reporting agencies.

You do not need an attorney or one of those credit restoration agencies to dispute anything on your credit report. In fact you should first try and dispute them on your own. Equifax and two other Credit reporting companies are the main companies to contact about your credit report. At the moment I can only think of Equifax though by contacting them there instructions on how to dispute an item will include how to contact the other agencies. I believe you must contact them each individually though here again that will be made clear on the instructions from any one of them.

While they have programs they offer to help you monitor your credit you do not have to pay for your credit report. They must supply you one for free when asked. They have a contact number for assistance but do not expect them to make changes to your report by phone. They are going to want everything in writing with verifiable documentation. Should they refuse to make an adjustment the must explain in writing to you why and how they made this decision. Once again though you may have to request that in writing.

It is also possible that one or two will make a decision one way and the other another way. If this happens you can re-dispute the unfavorable one(s) asking why they or them came to a different decision. Then if you still have unresolved issue and a credit score below 620 you might want to consult an attorney. Stay away from those Credit Restoration Companies most of them are not worth your money.

Below is the URL for Equifax



So my friend, (lets call him C) is not a best friend but a good one, and I want him to come over to dinner tonight at my house. I don't have a crush on him or anything, but yeah.And when I invite him over I don't want it to sound weird or anything like i'm asking him out--we are only in elementary school.
Help me please.

Seeing that you are only in Elementary school I would suggest that you have your mother call his mother and ask if it okay with his mother for him to come over for dinner. This does two things. First it allows his mother to know that you are going to ask him and to approve and to warn your mother of any food allergies he might have. Second his mother will prepare him for the fact that you will be inviting him that your mother called and asked if it was okay for you to come and have dinner with them. This makes it sound a little more as if your mother is asking through you for him to come and have dinner with you. It makes it easier on both of you.

Most important though is for you mom to call his mom before you ask him to dinner. This is very important as his mother must approve as must your mother be able to provide a meal that will allow for any food allergies he may have.

Hope it all works out, have fun.


why a 14 years child lie and what to do

All children lie, why this is I'm really not sure. Mostly I believe it is the fear of getting into trouble. How you handle the lying is really up to you.

How I handled my child's lying is this way. Of course he was punished in what I thought was appropriately for what he lied about. As the saying goes let the punishment fit the crime. After you talk to your child about the following advice if the lying continues then the punishment escalates until the child gets the message.

Now some children are habitual liars; hope this is not the problem with your son for if it is there is another problem. One that requires professional help do find out and correct. That help would be in the form of a psychologist and talk therapy. Hopefully this is not the problem with your child.

So you have caught your child lying. First administer the proper punishment; grounding, extra chores around the house, extra school work if the lie involves school work. Do not back down on the punishment see it threw no matter how hard it may be on you. The child must learn that just like society exacts punishment when laws are broken; mom and dad exact punishment when house rules are broken and they are lied too.

Then sit down and explain to your child how it is better to tell the truth rather than lie. One thing about the truth is you never have to write it down for it is easy to remember. Lies have to be written down because they are hard to remember and while he or she will not remember what he lied about; the person he or she lied to will always remember what was said and what the lie was. This is how they will get caught.

You continue to tell them that telling the truth will not always mean they will not get punished for what ever happened or what they were thinking about lying about. What will happen is the punishment will be far less severe than if they lie and the lie is discovered.

You may have to pound this into your child over several conversations. Just remember a 14 year old teenager has many things happening to them. Puberty is in play and those hormones may just play a part in the lying if this is something new to the behavior of your child.

It is hard for us as adults to remember what it was like to go through puberty. Puberty can hit a young teenager extremely hard causing the many problems that as adults we see as behavioral problems. They are really frustrations with things they do not know how to deal with. In fact these frustrations can cause what doctors now call "Teenage Depression" caused by Hormone imbalance as the body compensates for the new hormones.

If this seems to be the problem take you child to the doctor and have him or her screened for depression. This is not a true mental illness as it is caused by a medical condition easily rectified with a pill for a few years. During this time it is also advisable to have the child see a therapist. This is someone they can talk to that they would never talk to their parents about. Free in the knowledge that what they talk with the therapist about stays with the therapist.


Hello Advicenators: I shop and spend a lot of Money at Menard's. It is a big box home improvement store. It is or was my favorite store. They have more of my monthly income than a food store. I try to keep busy and have many projects to keep my mind busy, so to speak. I am on Social Security Disability. I am 58 years old and on a fixed income. About a month ago (since that is the day I last visited) I was at Menard's at 6:30 when they opened. The floor scrubber guy was following me around and came within inches of hitting me. I have a psychiatric condition due to my disability. I have not been back to Menard's since for fear. I contacted the manager. He sent me two dog toys and apologized. I just feel terrible. This store really has me scared. Do I have any legal recourse here for some sort of compensation? Respectfully, Dzadzy

I'm sorry you had a bad experience at what was your favorite store. You should not let something like this keep you from enjoying your hobbies. As the saying goes if you fall of a horse you must get right back on or you never will.

As for legal recourse you do not have any. You can of course check with an attorney. People have sued for less and been compensated mostly for what is considered nuisance amounts any were from $1,000 to $10,000 dollars depending on what the insurance company feels it will cost them to take the suit to court.

In general though the only person that gets rich is the attorney as these types of actions are not the ones they take on where they take a portion of what they win for you; depending on state law that can be as much as 40% to 50%. Instead they bill you by the hour and you pay for every minute of their time. You can tell how good they feel the case you have based on what terms they will take the case on under.

My advice is it will cost you more than you can win to sue them. Talk to your therapist about what happened and go back to the store later in the day when they will not be cleaning the floors.



I just found out some terrible news. My sister just had a miscarriage. This sucks! There aren't words bad enough to express how much this sucks! I didn't even know she was pregnant and apparently she and her husband were planning on telling everyone Thanksgiving.

I feel sooooooo bad. Since my sister's the first born, I feel like she's always been the golden child while I'm the family f

I'm sorry that your sister had age miscarriage. While it is hard to hear and even harder to justify; there are times that a miscarriage is better than some of the alternatives. It is generally accepted that a miscarriage happens because there is something wrong with the embryo and to carry the embryo to term is wrong as it will be horribly malformed and may not live outside the womb. So the body rejects it. IT is not your sisters’ fault or her husbands and it is not as your grandmother might say Gods punishment for something she may have done wrong. Science says otherwise.

If she miscarried and she did so in a hospital then pathology was done; standard procedure for all human tissue coming from an OR. If you really want to know why the miscarriage happened the pathologist might have the reason. My advice is to stay ignorant of the science as it will not help. It happened, the next step is for your sister is to see her GYN and have a complete physical. Wait until the doctors says okay to try again and then do so. She needs to keep her wait up and to eat properly, stop smoking if she is a smoker and no coffee or tea while pregnant.

As for what you can do. You need to be her best support. You could head of grandma and her vile comments before she has a chance to say anything to your sister. In this instance it is okay to make whatever type threat needed to protect your sister. As you put you can't be held in any less esteem by her than you already are so if a threat is needed to keep grandma in line by all means use an appropriate one, just not one that would be of physical harm to her.

Be there to supportive of your parents too. As you will find out when you have children of your own; when your child or children hurt you hurt. You want to take the pain away even if it means being in pain yourself. This is parenting.

Being supportive means helping them get past this, your sister included. It could mean maybe a girls say out somewhere like a day spa for the three of you. Maybe a shopping trip for three with a nice lunch thrown in, anything that helps them take their mind of this and you two. You would be surprised how doing some normal things help ease the pain. The object is to get them out of the house where they sit around feeling sorry for themselves and you too.

You might recommend to your sister and brother in-law to take a vacation if affordable. A nice change of scenery is also helpful. It might be nice to do so when the doctor says it is okay to start trying to have a baby. A nice relaxing vacation may just be the key to a quick conception.


I am a lesbian and my gf I bi. She wanted to have a threesome with a guy I decided to fulfil her fantasy. I seen a guy I approached him got his number we all hung out got comfortable we end up eventually doing the threesome now a few weeks later my gf text me asking for his number she said its nothing I just need to ask him a question and I said what do you possibly have to ask him. I am entitled to know why correct? And she wants him again thats why she is contacting him correct?

No you are not entitled to know why. She is your girlfriend not your property. You should have known or considered the fact when she asked for a threesome that given the fact that she is bi that she might enjoy a physical relationship with him afterwards. That is the chance you took when you agreed to the threesome.

I would have liked to have known your ages for if you are truly a lesbian I cannot see you going anywhere near a real penis or allowing one to come in contact or even touching one. I'm not saying your not a lesbian I'm just saying by vertue of this three some I have my doubts as to how strong your lesbianism really is.

If you allowed him to touch you, make love to you anyway. Whether this included intercourse or not. You may want to re-examine your sexuality.

Should you be a teenager and you decided you were a lesbian when puberty struck, then I urge you to re-examine your sexuality. You just do not wake up one day and decide you are gay. You should have had these feeling and none something long before you became sexually aware. I am available in private email if you would like to write and explore this further.


how i convience to my girlfriend doing sex with me..??

I'm going to tell it to you straight so pay attention!!!

You cannot and should not even try to convince anyone to have sex with you. TO do so is seual harrasment. Once someone tells you no then the answer is NO and you must stop asking or in anyway trying to convince that person to have sex with you or do anything sexual with you. That includes Petting, Oral Sex, Handjobs or Fingering. If you do continue you are committing SEXUAL HARASSMENT A FELONY IN MOST STATES.

Sexual Harrassment is on the very top of the watch list in all states followed by Bullying. If you were to be reported to the police, which we would recommend if she was to write to us. You would be prosecuted, very possible in adult court. Meaning you could get jail time. This is how seriously this is taken.

Where I live two 16 year old boys were just sent to prison for 10 years for sexual harassment and rape. They will do 5 years in Juvenile detention and 6 years in state prison. They were charged with harassment and when she finally gave in they were charged with rape for it was forced consent. Read the papers this is happeing in every state.

YOU DO NOT FORCE OR TRY TO CONVINCE SOMEONE TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. The courts are dealing out harsh punishments to those that are prosecuted because the public in general are tired of teenagers thinking they can get away with this type of thing that there age will protect them. It won't, times have changed. If you are prosecuted and fortunate enough to go to juvenile court then besides what ever punishment juvenile court hands down you will be expelled from school. All this plus your parents will incur thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Is all of this worth it for something you can take care of with the same satisfaction in the privacy of your bedroom. If your girlfriend is unwilling then masturbate. The relief you get is the same, and it is safer for both of you. When she is ready she will let you know. I'm positive she knows what you want and when she is ready she will let you know, no harassment is needed.


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