suppose if I remove sperm daily will it effect me after my marriage while I am doing sex with my wife.

I think you're asking if you masturbate delay will it affect your sex life with your wife and your ability to have children.

As far as having children how often you masturbate in your youth or even as an adult will not affect your ability to have children. Your body constantly makes sperm and you will be able to father children well into you eighties and nineties should you want to. The amount of sperm your body produces does decrease with age and any decline in your health.

Will masturbating daily affect you marital sex life. This is a maybe as it depends on some different factors. The biggest factor is that daily masturbation, according to some theories, could cause you to become less sensitive to regular sex and make it harder to ejaculate during sex.

If this is what you are asking I hope this is helpful.


I don't think so u gave me the right answer was it comfortable to you to understand my question. By the way I don't know how to ask a question regarding sexual health problems. Thanks for helping me/giving advice to me. Bye.

There are few questions any of us would find uncomfortable answering. If there ever is a question we are uncomfortable with we would just not answer it.

IF you do wish to ask more question I would hope you would work on your English grammar. That was the biggest problem I had with your question, understanding exactly what your question was. Take your time, think your question through and then type in your question. Take all the space you need and then make sure we can understand what you are asking. Also spell out all the words do not use twitter shorthand.


How do I get over the anxiety of thinking always thinking I'm going to get pregnant after I have sex? I'm not on the pill but he wears a condom every time. I'm twenty and I know it sounds silly but there's always that chance. I just want to know how I can get over this and actually enjoy it all.

You have every right to be anxious as the condom used for birth control is only 85% effective when worn correctly. The condom used with another form of birth control such as the pill is almost 100% effective.

The condom is also very effective in preventing the transfer of the HIV/Aids virus as well as many of the STDS. This is why it is promoted as the only way to have safe sex.

There are other female birth control options other than a hysterectomy that are just as effective as the pill. You should discuss these option with your gynecologist to see which is right for you.

Sex between to consenting adults should not cause you anxiety. It should be as much pleasure for you as it is for your partner. I would say if you're having sex just to provide your partner with sexual pleasure you are not only missing out on the fun and intimacy it provides. You are having sex for all the wrong reasons.

The pill has several unpleasant side effect and I can understand your reluctance to go on the pill. There is also the IUD and several different types of implants that do not have the side effects of the Pill. The IUD has the least side effect and you do not have to have had a child to have one. My wife had an IUD before we had our first Child.


I am a girl and I am 23. I have PCOD sine I was 15. Me n my boyfriend we are having sex since 4years. But I can't reach orgasm during my periods. Why so? And recently I was having intolerable pain in my lower abdomen while having sex. In these 3years I never had this kind of pain. I am worried. Please help.

From what I was able to quickly review on the WEB about PCOD. THe pain in the lower abdomen could be and most likely is a symptom of the PCOD. Not being able to orgasm when on your period is not something to be concerned about to my mind. Many women can't orgasm during that time it is a hormonal thing that is present during your period. I would not be surprised, again based on what I read, that your PCOD is more bothersome at this time.

I'm not a doctor none of us. According to what I read the doctors now believe the are any different reason behind PCOD since the problem is still or can be present even if the Ovaries are removed.

I spent only a few minutes researching on the web to get some insight. There are volumes of information to review to better acquaint yourself with this illness. what I suggest is Start reviewing this information to find out what other doctors are treating this illness as it is cot considered strictly a GYN illness.

IF you need immediate help schedule a visit with your GYN or which ever doctor is currently treating you. But continue to research what doctors are doing to treat this illness. There are many that believe this is hormonal and even some that believes this problem dates all the way back to the womb.

The better informed you are on this illness the more positive of an outcome you will have. Family doctors and even you GYN may only treat the symptoms. You need to educate yourself and advocate for youself with this kind of illness.

I did not see this as being something to be overly worried about, though I can see were it would be painful. For this reason you have to advocate for yourself.


First off, I love my boyfriend (I'm female), he loves me (I think) we've been together 3 years. I was his first, he was my first (we're both 20). We started having sex after 1 year together. Even though neither of us knew what we were really doing, it was great, trying new things, seeing what worked. I used to always like being on top.

Then something changed. I was using my hands to stimulate him and it wasn't working. Tried my mouth a different time, he stopped me. My confidence dropped, I thought I was doing something wrong, he said no I wasn't. I thought he was just shy so I took it as a challenge.

Over time, he doesn't like me doing anything to him anymore. I've asked him to show me how in case I was doing it wrong but he won't. He just makes me orgasm all the time. And sex, I can't help but breathe harder, get hot, moan a bit, you know and genuinely orgasm but his face never changes, he never makes a sound. I never know if he orgasms or not - he occasionally ejaculates but does that mean he orgasms? I stopped going on top cause it was like having sex with someone asleep but he insists he wants me on top.

I want to take control, be sexy. I fantasize about strutting into the room in a skimpy outfit, doing a little dance or something, pushing him back on the bed, straddling him, kissing him all over his body, feeling him with my hands (not even my mouth if he doesn't want me to) and actually see physical signs that he's enjoying it. Am I doing something wrong? I'm so upset, I feel totally useless.

It is not you that I am confident of from what you have written. If a man ejaculates he has orgasmed. Now it is possible for a man to orgasm and not ejaculate. It is something like a mini orgasm you might have.

As to why the change in him I can't say. There are many different things I can think of that might be in play here. Since you were both virgins when you met it is possible that the so called seven year itch has come early. In other worlds he might be wondering what it is like to have sex with someone else. That would be normal and it would not mean his love for you has changed.

He may have sexual fantasies that he may feel you would not approve of. To this You need to talk to him and explain to him you are open to hearing about any fantasy he may have. That anything that takes place in the privacy of the bedroom between the two of you is not weird as long as he does not force you to do something you do not want to do. This is where good communication comes in between you two. Tell him about your fantasy and see how he reacts.

The problem could also be physical and in need of a doctor's intervention. If he is unable to ejaculate each time you make love this could be a problem for him. This could be a physical problem, a problem related to stress or caused by depression. Whatever the reason it is something a doctor can help with. He should not be embarrassed to speak with his doctor about this. Doctors have heard this before and more than what he may be suffering from. Offer to go with him to see his doctor.

If he has trouble getting erect, this something that is very embarrassing for a young man. Erectile dysfunction knows no age boundaries and if almost always correctable. High blood pressure is a general cause or rather the medication for high blood pressure is the biggest cause for erectile dysfunction in otherwise healthy males. If he is on blood pressure medication and this is the problem it is simply a matter of talking to his doctor. Here again he should not be embarrassed as sex is a very large part of our lives.

I hope I have offered some help.


I love this girl nd m finding it difficult to lure her into my bedroom

The word lure sounds abit like you are conspiring to get her in bed with you. If you love someone you don't conspire to do something they either are not ready to do or do not want to do. You say you love her; are you sure you love her and not just lust for her. If you love someone you would not try to lure or conspire to have her do something she does not want to do.

When it comes to sex you have to be very careful about how you try to have sex with someone. Once they say no, or any other negative response to your attempts to have any type of sex with them. If you continue to try and lure or convince them to have sex with you, then you cross the line into the legal definition of sexual harassment. If this girl is under the age of consent she or her parents can bring charges against you. If you are both of school age and you are doing so at school the school authorities can bring charges as well.

Sexual harassment is todays slippery slope as it is very much on the radar of everyone. What was once tolerated as jut hormonal overcharged teenaged males is todays sexual harassment. The line which is crossed is also very fluid. What is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow. Frankly I would not want to be a teenage male today.

If your girlfriend loves you she will let you know when she is ready to have sex with you. When she is you need to have condoms and use them. Not just for pregnancy protection but for protection against STDs and the HIV/AIDS virus. Even if you are both virgins starting with condoms is a good habit to start with.

Next, make sure wherever you are going to make love is comfortable and secure from intrusion. Take your time and make sure she is ready. Foreplay is important. Have some lubrication Gel so as to make sure when you do penetrate her you don't hurt her. If she is a virgin take you time and make it as nice as possible for her. Virgin or not remember every time you have sex with a women you are penetrating there body. There is a small trauma associated with the penetration so make sure she is ready and well lubricated.


My balls are really big do girls like really big balls or smaller balls?

I really do not think it matters to the majority of women. As long as they can cup them in their hand or hands, wrap their lips around one or both of your nuts the majority of women will be happy. That is not to say there are not a few women who are hung up on size. These women either want big everything, Penis and Scrotums or small Penis and scrotums.

Most women especially young teenage women are like young teenage men. They are happy with whatever their partner has to offer. Later on in life when you are looking for a life mate you may have s preference though when love comes into play preferences are blinded by your love for your partner. Their sexual equipment becomes secondary to their love for that person and adjustments are made as needed just as long as the sex is compatible.


how i convience to my girlfriend doing sex with me..??

I'm going to tell it to you straight so pay attention!!!

You cannot and should not even try to convince anyone to have sex with you. TO do so is seual harrasment. Once someone tells you no then the answer is NO and you must stop asking or in anyway trying to convince that person to have sex with you or do anything sexual with you. That includes Petting, Oral Sex, Handjobs or Fingering. If you do continue you are committing SEXUAL HARASSMENT A FELONY IN MOST STATES.

Sexual Harrassment is on the very top of the watch list in all states followed by Bullying. If you were to be reported to the police, which we would recommend if she was to write to us. You would be prosecuted, very possible in adult court. Meaning you could get jail time. This is how seriously this is taken.

Where I live two 16 year old boys were just sent to prison for 10 years for sexual harassment and rape. They will do 5 years in Juvenile detention and 6 years in state prison. They were charged with harassment and when she finally gave in they were charged with rape for it was forced consent. Read the papers this is happeing in every state.

YOU DO NOT FORCE OR TRY TO CONVINCE SOMEONE TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. The courts are dealing out harsh punishments to those that are prosecuted because the public in general are tired of teenagers thinking they can get away with this type of thing that there age will protect them. It won't, times have changed. If you are prosecuted and fortunate enough to go to juvenile court then besides what ever punishment juvenile court hands down you will be expelled from school. All this plus your parents will incur thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Is all of this worth it for something you can take care of with the same satisfaction in the privacy of your bedroom. If your girlfriend is unwilling then masturbate. The relief you get is the same, and it is safer for both of you. When she is ready she will let you know. I'm positive she knows what you want and when she is ready she will let you know, no harassment is needed.


Does anyone know what i can make at home to get me off? I want to try anything new other than my hand.

It would help to know if you're male or female. Since you left that out the following is for both.

I think you will find your hand is truly the best way to masturbate though there are some ways to enhance what your hand is doing.

Female: Clitoral stimulation while inserting a slightly unripe Banana or appropriately sized Cucumber in your vagina will give you more pleasure. In the bath if you have a hand held shower head that can be set on pulse; this held under your vagina and moved back and forth towards you anus is also very pleasant for some. An electric toothbrush holding the base on your clitoris or at the lips of your vagina should have you seeing stars as you climax.

You only have two hands and neglecting your nipples while masturbating would be a real shame as they are a source of real pleasure. This is going to sound weird but try it. Since you are probably too young to buy nipple clamps make your own with clothes pins. All you need to do is lighten the tension on the spring or replace the spring with a lighter tensioned spring. All you want the clothespin to do is pinch your nipples as if you were doing it yourself. It should not be painful for you unless of course you are in to pain.

Males: The shower thing works well for you as well. As your penis gets sensitive point the pulsing towards the head of your penis as well while you masturbate. If you want to use an electric toothbrush start by holding it under the base of your scrotum and masturbate. Once again as your penis becomes more sensitive move the toothbrush between your scrotum and the head of your penis. You should see fireworks as you climax and I suggest you be relaaxing in bed when you do this so as not to collapse on the floor.


I really want to have sex with my boyfriend and at dsame tym he wants to finger and suck me....but I hvnt been sucked and fingered before.... am just scared cox he might say I get wet easily and maybe when he sucks me he might not like the taste of my Varginia.wat f he ends up sucking me and doesn't like the way my pussy tastes or feels

Dragonflymagic is correct. We are a humane animals. Unlike animals we don't go around sniffing at each others privates. Though when we are attracted to someone we give off a scent. If the person we are attract to likes the scent you are giving off they will be attracted to you. The funny thing about this scent is initially you won't smell it, but the person you are attracted to will though it has no real smell to it. When and if things get to the point of being down and dirty you will both be able to inhale the scent of sex as it escapes through your sweat glands on onto your close and the sheets if things progress that far.

Oral sex is an acquired taste. If you are healthy and bath regularly he should not have a problem with your taste or scent. The same with you giving him oral sex. His semen is all protein and could be a bit salty. It could also taste a bit strong if he has had say a meal with a great deal of spices. Other than that it should not have much of a taste.

My advice is to allow him to go as far as you are comfortable with. Just remember your pants and panties are your best defense against getting pregnant. Once they come off it is just a short jump to intercourse easily made in the throes of sexual passion.


if im horny and a girl what do i do about it?

Since you did not supply you age I will assume you are a teenage girl between 14 and 18 years of age. If so sexual intercourse is not the answer to you being horny. The reason for feeling this way is the hormones of puberty.

The best and safest way to deal with this is by masturbating also called playing with yourself. Now mom, when she had "THE TALK WITH YOU," may have said this was something that was bad or dirty and not to do this. This is not true and very much hypocritical of parents who say this to their children. Why? Well for one thing masturbation or mutual masturbation is part of foreplay prior to intercourse and very likely something your parents partake in when they have sex. According to a research survey 85% of us masturbate including married adults.

As I said this is a safe and pleasant way to release the sexual tension you are feeling. As far as I know, no young lady has ever gotten pregnant from masturbating. Also contrary to what you may have been told none of the recognized religions consider it a sin, though most will not condone it. Mainly because it is pleasurable and most adults feel it will lead to wanting to have intercourse. It does not have to, it is entirely up to you; your morals and your will power to hold off until you’re older and mature enough to have sex. I generally recommend for both sexes to hold off until their 18th birthday when by law they are old enough to have a sex life regardless of whether they live at home or not as they are adults and legally entitled to all pleasures of an adult.

As to how and where to masturbate I recommend as to where the following: Either in the privacy of your bedroom with the door closed and locked so you are not intruded upon or in the bathroom while bathing or showering.

As to how to masturbate is something you will have to self-explore. When it comes to sexually exciting women there are women that are excited through clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or both.

You can go on the web and use a search engine type in "Female Masturbation Techniques." You will get a host of returns to look at. Being a male and being married for 43 years I know how to stimulate my wife. As to how to stimulate you is something you need to find out by yourself. Yes I am old enough to be your grandfather and after raising my own family I now find that it is important to be blunt and straight forward when it comes to questions like yours.

You only have one virginity to give to someone; don't give it to a high school sweetheart who does not know the difference between love and lust. To teenage boys love and lust are the same. “I am not saying you should wait until you find the man you wish to marry as that to would be hypocritical. What I am saying is to wait for someone who is mature enough to understand the gift you are giving him and to make the first time as pleasurable for you as he can.


Im 16/f. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and I'm confident that I love him. I need to know the details of sex. What does it feel like? Should it be prepared or spontaneous? I need to know everything teachers don't tell you in sex ed

I'm old enough to be your grandfather. As such I will tell you the way it is not how your parents will tell you, or your teachers and possibly not even how your own grandfather would tell you. Why? Simple, the more knowledge you have the better decisions you can make and this is one of the biggest decisions you can make.

Lets start with protection. At age 16 under a federal law, called HIPPA, you have the right to medical confidentiality over your reproductive system. These means you and not your parents have the only say as to how your reproductive system is treated by a doctor. It means when having a female exam only you, the doctor and the nurse can be in the exam room. Mom must wait outside. The reason is so you can speak to the doctor in confidence about any problem or concern you may have. This includes asking for birth control medication. Being 16 the only reason not to prescribe is if there is a medical reason not too. Parental permission is not required.

This law was passed so that young people, girls and boys would seek medical help or advice they may not want to ask parents about. Under this law you do not need parental permission to see a doctor. You can see any doctor you wish or seek treatment at any of the free clinics.

So if you are considering starting a sex life the first thing you need to do is to see a doctor and get birth control medication. It is the responcible thing to do. Next is to get condoms and have your boyfriend practice properly putting them on. You can use a banana or cucumber for this.

A condon only works if properly worn. Together they provide 99.99% protection against pregnacy. Start now on insisting your partner use a condom even if he is a virgin as well. The condom protects against most STD's and the HIV/AIDS virus. Never have sex with anyone who refuses to wear a condom. Those who refuse are only out for themselves and not looking out for you. That should tell you they lust only for you and not in love with you.

We have covered the protection. Next we need to talk about waiting. This boy is most likely not the boy you will marry. He is for the most part a high school romance who may be in love with you but also lusts for you. To a teenage male love and lust are the same.

In 2 or 3 years most likely you two will go your seperate ways to college or he may or you may join the military. This happens in almost every high school romance they breakup and go their seperate ways at graduation. When this happens if you have had sex with him you have given him the most precious posesion a women has; your virginity. There is more to sex than intecourse and ther is no chance of an unwanted pregnacy with if there is no intercourse.

Oral sex, fingering and handobs will bring about a climax for both of you which is the object of sex; to reach a climax. Oral sex, fingering and hand jobs are used as foreplay to excite your partners before intercourse. What I'm suggesting is you bring the foreplay to conclusion with a climax rather then intercourse, The sexual tension you both have will be relieved and your virginity remains intact to give to a man that may possibly be the man to whom you wed.

As for intercourse itself that is someting that is both a learned experience and something we all know the basics of as they are in grown so to speak. He is going to get an erection and push his penis into your vagina. Yes it will hurt the first few times. Mostly because the muscles of your vagina are still locked and will not want to expand to accept him. The hurt is suppose to stop you. As you get older and closer to the end of puberty the last of the hormones are released which will unlock those muscles and the hurt will be far less. Mostly from the tearing of your Hymen if it is still intact.

When your ready to have intercourse, now or in the future make sure it is someplace you will be comfortable, secure and will not be disturbed. The back seat of his car where grandma probably lost hers is not the right place.

As for the rest of sex it is a learned experiece done through communication with our partner telling him what you like and where and how you like to be touched. He needs to tell you the same.

My best advice though is to hold off on having intercourse. If you have gone through the heavy petting stage then the next stage is to move to mutual masturbation which is what I discribed above. Fingering, oral sex and hand jobs.Yes get on birth control ust in case as at this stage it is easy to go to far.

Good luck


So, I am a teenaged girl and today, after jumping rope, I noticed that I wet myself, just that I'm not sure how. I did have to go to the bathroom, but only to take a shit and it wasn't even that much, like I could hold it in, but after feeling my shorts all wet I went to the bathroom to check and my underwear was wet as well. But I really don't recall peeing in my pants. If I did pee in my pants, I would've noticed, wouldn't I? So that's why I came up with another conclusion; I could've possibly "wet" myself by getting aroused. But I don't recall having any sexual thoughts while jumping rope, I was just concentrated on jumping. So, if somebody could possibly answer and tell me what happened, that would be splendid. Because I really am confused about if I just peed in my pants (which would be really bad because I'm a teenager) or if I was just aroused... somehow. Is there a possibility that you "wet" yourself without even noticing the same way guys do in their sleep? Somebody, please help me!!

I would suggest you talk to mom and schedule a doctors appointment. It may be you have a slightly immature bladder and jumping rope caused a leak.

If you look at you bladder like a water jug with a spigot at the bottom of it. If you do not turn that spigot all the way off it will leak. If the seal in the spigot has a leak in the seal it will leak. Sometimes these leaks only happen when you are transporting the jug, say to a picnic or camping trip.

This is what I believe may be happening with you. I am not a doctor so I can't be sure. Given your age and the changes brought on by puberty it is a good possibility and most likely something that age will fix.

I would suggest you ask mom to make an appointment with a Board certified Urologist as the urinary tract is the specialty of the Urology doctor. Your family doctor or local hospital should be able to recommend one.

I truly don't think you have anything to worry about though it should be checked out by a doctor to make sure. If you are going to see a doctor you may as well see the right doctor for this specialty as in this instance a family practitioner is just not fully qualified and why go through two examinations when one is all that is needed.


I am a 25 year old female and I had sex on Dec 21st of last ear and ever since then I have been severe cramps when I am not on my period but my mom says this could be due to my overian cists could she be right ? Before sex my periods were 7 days exactly and now after sex they are anywhere from 1 to 3 almost a year ago . I have also lost an extreme amount of weight 27 pounds since then what could be going on ?

I agree with sillyrob. You need to see a gynecologist. None of us are doctors and it would be very wrong of any of us to offer a diagnoses. What you need is a proper examination with possibly and Ultra-sound or CT exam to see if there are cysts or if it is something else.

Short of an exploratory surgery to see what is happening; none of the tests are painful or invasive. My brilliant suggestion agrees with sillyrobs' "see a Doctor preferably a Board Certified Gynecologist."


im from india i wand sex with my married cousin sister how to convance her

We have a saying hear in the states; "You barking up the wrong tree." Meaning you are going about this all wrong and will fail. There are a lot of things you may be able to convince people to do for you or with you; Sex is not one of them.

In order for two people to want to have sex there must first be an attraction and then a desire. After these two have firmly established the two as a couple comes the want. You just can't walk up to someone and say lets have sex and then try to convince them that would be sexual harassment and India probably has law against sexual

The there is there is the fact that your married cousins sister may also be you cousin If she is you cousins sister or sister in-law. no problem s she is a sister then it could be incest. Sex with her then is probably against the law and your religion.

My suggestion is you forget about your cousins sister and find some one else. Just make sure you both are above the age of consent before you engage in sex.


Im not a virgin but when my boyfriend was fingering me & blood came out. My cherry has been poped already, & its not my period. He was going a little rough through. What is this blood than??

Popping your Cherry is an improper term used to express the loss of the HYMEN for women. Unless you have had your vagina penetrated by a boys penis. By today's definition you are still a virgin regardless of whether your HYMEN is in tact.

We are not doctors so we can not give you a diagnoses. Though two causes I know of for bleeding after being fingered are:

1. Your Hyman is only partially torn and when being fingered it is torn some more causing some bleeding.

2. The person fingering you has scratched you internally and this is the cause of the bleeding. IF you are going to let someone finger you make sure their fingernails are well trimmed and well cared for so as not to injure you.

If the bleeding does not stop after a day or two you may want to see a doctor. If you are over 14 a Federal law called HIPPA allows for you to do so without parental knowledge or permission. Parents cannot be told why you sought medical advice for any question or treatment relating to your reproductive system.

If you wish see a doctor or to visit any woman's clinic or planned parenthood center and you are over 14 you should be allowed to carry your health insurance card. This is all you will need to be treated by any doctor other than the doctors you usually visit. The women's clinics will most likely see you at no charge if you can't pay and don't have an insurance card.


Hi all, I'm looking for a book on sexual pleasure/technique that is very aware/sensitive to issues of consent, age, and gender. I was in a relationship for a very long time and feel sort of...out of the loop? Thanks for any help!

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for so I am not going to make a specific recommendation. I first used a search engine typing in your question title. This did not return anything useful. Then I typed in SEX IN THE MODERN AGE. This returned a host of titles with subject matter close to what I believe you are looking for. Try typing in to what ever search engine you use "SEX IN THE MODERN AGE" AND LOOK AT THE RETURNS.

Dating and sex has not changed much over the years. What has changed is consent and sexual harassment. When someone says no it is NO any further discussion or pushing, pleading or in any way trying to get that person to comply is considered sexual harassment. Depending on the degree of Harassment you could be charged with a felony.

Age of consent has changed as well. Many states has raised the age of consent to 18 and eliminated the grace years period, which varied from 2 to 4 years. If you are over 18 years of age make sure you know the laws in your state and you know the true age of your partner. If you are in doubt of your partners true age; my advice is to keep it in your pants.

Since you have not given your age there is one other law you need to be aware of. That is the Federal Mann act. Under this act it is a Federal Felony punishable for up to life in prison for taking a minor across state line for the purpose of sex. If you are an adult with a minor and you are charged with statutory rape of a minor having crossed state lines the Mann acat would apply.



Before I start, please do not tell me about the safety of having sex (using condoms to prevent pregnancy, to prevent getting STDs, even if you're on birth control pills, etc.) I am aware of all of these things.

Let me say that my boyfriend and I do not use condoms. We did at first, but I have been on birth control for the past three years. We are also both STD free.

So, my situation is I went through my boyfriend's wallet trying to get a hint of what I should get him for his birthday. His wallet didn't have many things in it and I found a condom. I got to thinking, if we don't usually use condoms, why would he carry one around with him? I thought maybe he forgot about it before he met me or he wanted to be safe just in case? But just in case what? Just in case another girl comes along that he wants to sleep with doesn't give me much of a reassurance.

I just want to understand why or the possibility of him having it would do. I know that if I got him a new wallet, he'll put another condom in it, too. I'm curious on what the purpose may be. Am I thinking too much into it? Should I even be worried about this?

I agree with the other writers, the condom is probably old and mostly forgotten about. When my father and I had "The Talk." Right after he told me to keep it in my pants he said if you can't do that then use one of these and handed me a condom. That one probably staid in my wallet right up until I entered the Air Force. IT and the wallet are probably buried in some landfill.

You also do not say how long the two of you have been going together. Young people have sex faster today then say there parents or grandparents did. So the condom could just be a leftover of his pre- relationship days with you. Men do not clean out their wallets as often as women do. I just cleaned out mine recently and found a receipt from two years ago.

I would say you are reading far to much into this.


to make the girl pregenent where or which of the two holes in the girl we want to give sperm ? is itis ass?

Are you for real?


Why is it that my boyfriend is not surcumsized and we have sex my vigina leaks after words?

The fact that your boyfriend is uncircumcised has nothing to do with what is leaking out of you. If you are having unprotected sex, not recommended, what is leaking out is the seminal fluid he ejaculates that your vagina cannot retain. This fluid is the vehicle by which the sperm is transferred from him to you. Much of this fluid is excess and still has sperm in it.

Enough sperm has been left behind to make you pregnant if you are not on some other form of birth control. This fluid is also pure protein and is why when giving him a BJ there is no problem with you swallowing it. How it tastes will depend on how healthy a diet he is on.

If you are using condoms then the fluid leaking from you is most likely your own lubrication that you make when sexually excited This lubrication makes penetration more comfortable for you and easier for him. Now there is a belief that there are some women that can ejaculate a seminal like fluid, without sperm as you do not have the testicles needed, during orgasm. There are some women that say they do, doctors and medical scientists are unsure of this. If this is so you may be one of the women capable of this ejaculation and this is what is leaking.

The 2 most likely reasons for leaking remain seminal fluid or your own lubrication.


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