When I go to the doctor I want to know what they ask because if they are going to tell my mom I play with myself I am not going for any reason until I live on my own. Please help!

If you are 14 years of age or older you do not have to worry about any questions a doctor might ask you concerning your reproductive system. I will explain why below shortly.

To answer your question doctors will only ask question relevant to what problems you present to them and then based on their examination of you and what they may see upon examination. So it is unlikely that a Doctor is going to ask you if you masturbate. It is more likely based on whatever problem you present with that the doctor will ask if you are sexually active. All a doctor can tell by examination is that your Hyman may be ruptured. In today’s world through activities and use of Tampons a woman's Hyman can be ruptured without ever experiencing sex.

What is important is to answer the doctors’ questions truthfully so that the doctor may properly care for you. To make this possible Congress passed a law giving anyone 14 years of age or older Medical Confidentiality. What this means for you specifically is you do not have to wait until you live on your own to see a doctor?

Because this law gives medical confidentiality parents cannot know anything about doctor’s visits related to any visit for problems related to the reproductive system. This includes the urinary track as well since it requires the examination of either the male or female sex organ which is part of the reproductive system.

The law is called HIPPA; under this law parents may not be in the exam room with their child, may not be told what the doctor is examining their child for or what the doctor treats them for. The only way they can be told is if their child gives the doctor written consent to tell them. Parents cannot force a child to undergo any examination or treatment; this includes abortions or stop any exam or treatment. All the person over 14 needs to tell the doctor is they are invoking their rights under HIPPA. The doctor and or the staff will protect your rights from there.

Also under this law anyone 14 years of age does not need parental permission to see a doctor. The may make an appointment to see a doctor, be treated by the doctor all without parental permission or knowledge. They can see any doctor of their choosing or go to any of the women's or free medical clinics. Birth control is also available and does not need parental permission.

Congress did not pass this aw to promote teenage sex. They passed this law so teenagers would go to doctors or clinics for answers to questions they might be too embarrassed to ask their parents. To go to see a doctor if something was bothering them related to their reproductive system.

In short there is no reason not to take proper care of your reproductive system while you live at home. Cancer and other illnesses know no age limits. Proper preventative care of your reproductive system now will insure that you will have the ability to have Children in the future.

Just remember when you see the doctor to say "I want MY HIPPA RIGHTS." If mom was intending to go in to the exam room with you she will be told to wait in the waiting room and whatever you and the doctor discuss stays in the exam room. It cannot go back to mom or the doctor is looking at 5 years in Jail.


I've been having sex for quite some time now and I know that when I cum in a girl then we have sex again, the friction and bodily fluids will create this white foamy substance that comes out. So I'm dating this girl and a while back the white foam came out but I hadn't cum inside her yet. My guess is that the remainders of someone else's semen was inside of her and when she and I had sex it brought it out. After all, that's why the penis is shaped the way it is, isn't it? to displace other male's semen. Anyways, we had a huge fight over it and I kinda broke up with her, I felt bad for breaking up over just a suspicion but mind you, she has broken my trust before, not with cheating, but with small stuff. So we got back together and just today the same thing happened again with the foam. She denies it to no end, and I have no way to prove it. I think shes the kind of person that even when confronted with the truth she would deny it, unless I actually had proof. Am I being unreasonable to break it off again? I know that if I really don't trust her I shouldn't be with her, but sometimes I think I'm being paranoid. And I know the vagina does different secretions, but I know the exact foam and what it looks like and how its formed, and I know her thick creamy cum from her thin lubricating cum and the only way I've seen the foam form there is when sperm have been in there. What do you think guys? Please help!

Before you toss this woman aside you need to get your facts straight. There are many reasons why her discharge during intercourse may be different from time to time. Including how well you are performing in getting her excited before actual intercourse.

The more time spent on foreplay the more excited she will become and the wetter she will be. Now this fluid is meant to lubricate and can be very thin or it can be mucus like depending on many things including how she is feeling that day and her diet.

Then of course there is the type of birth control she may be using. Certain birth control options require the use of spermicides these will look like what you are describing when mixed with her own vaginal fluids. Then of course if she has any type of vaginal infection the medication may be some type of cream put directly into the vagina.

As you can see from the above these are just a few reasons why your girlfriend may be having different types of discharges during intercourse with you. From my own experience with my wife having sex before going out for the evening and again when coming home I have not seen a change in her fluid discharge on me or the sheets. I would say that unless it is immediately and I do mean immediately after she has sex with someone that you have sex with her. You would not see a difference in vaginal discharge as most of the fluids would have drained or been absorbed by the time you and she had sex.

Are you being paranoid? I think so, you have nothing to actually prove she is not being faithful for as you can see there are many reasons why her discharge can be different each time you have sex.

Not trusting her is a whole different story and has little to do with sex or cheating on you, it is more of an instinctive reaction. The trust I'm speaking of comes when she says she is not cheating on you. If you do not believe you then leave her. Just do not base your reasons on the discharge you see during sex because you are most likely wrong in your reasoning.


is it wrong to want to fuck my man in his ass

What happens in the privacy of ones bedroom stays in the bedroom. Any sexual practice between two consenting partners is never weird. The operative word here is CONSENTING. As long as both partners and adults and consent to what ever the other may want to do or try then it is not weird to them.

If your husband is consenting and enjoys receiving anal sex then their is nothing wrong with it. It is only wrong is you force him or coerce him into allowing you to do so on him.

There are many different fetishes people satisfy or games people play in the privacy of their bedroom that other people might find weird. That's fine they don't have to they them or play them. If the partners playing them or trying them enjoy them then there is nothing wrong with doing so.

Short answer to your question. as long as your husband is CONSENTING, their is nothing wrong with it.


I want my best guy friend to believe that I truly like him he's 13 I'm 12, he told me to do so I must arouse him. I will not go further, but how do I give him a bonar? Please no comments about my age. Btw I'm a girl.

Sorry but age is a factor in this answer. Your boyfriend should not need you to do anything to give him a boner at his age. Teenage boys get them without any thought several times an hour; it a hormonal thing which is part of puberty. At his age he should be going through puberty.

I remember when I was his age most of us boys walked around school with our books in front of our pants to hide the fact that we had boners. I'm fairly certain the same is still true with boys at your school.

Walking hand in hand in the hallways with my girlfriend was enough to cause an erection (proper name for a boner), once again more hormonal than a sexual thing. You should not have to do anything. Nor at your age should you be doing anything more than simply kissing and hugging him to give him an erection.

If simple kissing and hugging is not doing it then he needs to have a talk with his dad and a check up by his doctor to see why he is not going through puberty. It would be rare but not unusual for a boy his age not to be in puberty. He would be a late bloomer just as a girl who doesn't get her period until she is 15 or 16 is considered a late bloomer.

At your age you should be doing no more than holding hands, hugging and kissing. Other things you should be aware of about boys. If a boy is asking you to do as your boyfriend is; this is called sexual harassment for one thing. HE should not be asking you to do these things. It also means like all teenage boys he is confusing love and lust. Next he will be asking to feel your breasts or to see them. If you say no he may say if you love me you will let me. Here again this is more lustful than love. It goes on from there until he is asking you to haves sex with him to prove your love for him. Sex is not how you prove your love for someone. Sex is the outgrowth of love.

Just be careful you boyfriend may be leading you down a road you should not be going.


I would like to sex a long time with my wife, but how?

It depends what you mean by SEX? If you mean actual intercourse because you ejaculate quickly there are techniques you can learn to delay ejaculation. There are also desensitization creams you can purchase over the counter at the drug store. If you don't see them ask the pharmacist or go on line and put "desensitization cream" in a search engine. You will get a number of returns.

If you are asking how to lengthen the time you and your wife actually make love before and after having intercourse. That is a very intimate question that would require finding out more about your sex life. Do you have foreplay? What types of foreplay do you do? Do you ever role play? Things like that so we could make suggestions.

Sex is a learned activity. Intercourse itself is an animalistic instinct we all know how to do. Partners in a committed relationship need to sit down and talk about their likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. Where they like to be touched, how they like to be touched.

Women especially as there are women who get excited vaginally and there are women who are excited clitorally. Men need to know this as it is important to know during for play. What sex positions do you like and does she like. Anal sex, oral sex and fetishes all need to be discussed in order to have a happy sex life together.

Remember how you could make out for hours with a girl when you were a teenager and dating. One way of extending having sex with your wife would be by role playing a teenage date and start making out on the couch or maybe find a lovers lane and make out in the car. The difference is that you know you will ultimately hit a home run but still the excitement of the make out is there.

This is the best I can offer without information you may not wish to share.


Can you pop you own cherry by masturbation?

Depends what you mean by "pop my own cherry."

Today’s definition of popping a cherry means losing one’s virginity. For that the accepted way to do that by definition is a males' penis must enter the females’ vagina.

If this is your question; then the answer is no; you cannot do so through masturbation.

If you are asking can you rupture your Hymen through masturbation? Then the answer can be yes depending how you masturbate and if you use your fingers or anything else to penetrate your vagina.

If you use tampon you may have already ruptured your Hymen.


how should i show my boovs to a guy????

By asking this question I believe you may be to young to be showing your Boobs, not boovs, to anyone except your doctor. So wait a few years before doing so.


how to get girlfriend to blow your friends?

You don't; you let your friends find their own girlfriends to do that for them.

Try putting yourself in her place. Sex for a woman is much different than it is for a man. Be it oral, anal or regular vaginal sex it is the woman that is allowing a man to penetrate her body with his. This is a very intimate act one that requires trust and love on the part of the women. Now along comes her boyfriend a person she loves and says "Hey babe how about giving Johnny a blow job while I watch." How would you feel if you were in her place?

I know what I would say. I would tell you to get hosed and go find a new boyfriend. I'm not saying this isn't done; that people don't swap partners or there aren't people that don't enjoy threesomes or group sex. Those that do, do so because they want to not because someone wants them to do it.


So i'm 16 years old and my mom recently been asking me questions amif im still a virgin and stuff, could she actually take me to a doctor and could determine if i've been sexually active ? Even though I don't want to? Without my permission?

There are two things here that are in your favor as to what mom can and cannot do or what she may find out as to whether or not you’re a virgin.

A doctor cannot tell if you a virgin or not. All a doctor can tell is if your Hymen is intact. If there were semen in your vagina during an examination then the doctor would know if you were having sex. But your mother cannot force you to have this type of examination against your will.

If you live in the U.S.A. and given the fact that you are over 14 years of age, you are covered by a law Congress passed called HIPPA. In this law is a section covering young people 14 years and older giving them total medical confidentiality over their reproductive system.

What this means is no one including your parents can know anything related to any doctor visit, any examination or treatment that involves a young person’s reproduction system.

In your case this would mean if you did consent to going to the doctor. Once with the doctor all you need to say is, "I want my rights under HIPPA." The doctor would then ask your mother to leave the room if she is with you.

If you allowed the doctor to proceed with the examination, which would not be a bad idea if you have not had one in a year." Then the results of that examination remain confidential and can only be told to those people you give the doctor expressed permission in writing. Because of the language in the law you can also ask the doctor for birth control medication and the doctor, unless there is medical reason not too, must provide a prescription for it. The pharmacist may not release information about any medication that would be related to the treatment of conditions related to the reproductive system without permission so there is no way for mom to know.

Congress passed this law not to promote sex between young people but to give them a place to go to get answers to questions or treatment for something they might be too embarrassed to go to their parents with. This law gives you the right to make appointments and see doctors related to anything to do with your reproductive system without parental knowledge or permission.

My suggestion is that rather than get in a fight with mom. IF she is insistent you be seen by a doctor so she can know if you are still a virgin; then go with her. Read any papers the doctor’s office give you to sign carefully because among them will be the HIPPA consent form. Make sure moms name does not appear on it anywhere. WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN TO SEE THE DOCTOR TELL THE NURSE OR THE DOCTOR YOU WANT YOU RIGHTS UNDER HIPPA. Let them inform your mother of your rights to confidentiality and they will support those rights.


Hello Advicenators, First of all I would like to note that this is not my account. My friend is letting me use hers because she thought this website would help me figure this out.

I`m an 18 years old female. Three nights ago, my boyfriend came to sleep over my house. He came late at night and we had sex..lots of it and by that I mean it lasted a long time. In the morning, we had more sex..lots of it and at night again...also lots of it and then he left and went to his house. The following morning, my vagina had an irritation but I did`nt worry too much because it has happened before (where my vagina had an irritation after sex). This morning, I had a big, thick, white discharge on my vagina and I started to freak out. My vagina still has an irritation and the discharge keeps coming. Is this because we had too much or is there something wrong with me?

If you’re concerned about an STD they generally do not manifest themselves the next day. Discharges from your vagina can be normal and I think you would know a normal discharge from one that is not normal. This, "big, thick, white discharge," does not sound normal." If it happens again you should definitely see your GYN.

As to the irritation you are getting. This is very possibly from too much sexual activity. Your vagina may not be producing enough lubrication after the first or second intercourse. You might want to try a good lubricant like K-Y Jelly to keep you well lubricated during sex and to prevent irritation.

One other thing which you did not write about; did this discharge have any type of abnormal odor or scent to it. If it did this is a sign of some type of infection and you should see your doctor ASAP.


Can someone please explain to me what's abusive about Fifty Shades of Grey.

I'm a soon to be 24 year-old woman who is highly turned on by the type of material in the book. Although I have never engaged in BDSM, I love it when my boyfriend dominates me, and I fantasize about engaging in the activity.

Is BDSM abusive? Is there something wrong with me thinking so highly in allowing my boyfriend who I trust to dominate me?

Will I allow my relationship to become dangerous if I tell him to engage in this kind of behavior?

Everybody's views on BDSM are different. There is also varying Degrees of BDSM. One type of BDSM is the rape fantasy that many women are supposed to have. Another is being tied to the bed and letting him have his way with you. BDSM could also include him allowing others to use you.

Then there is BDSM that includes pain this is the "D" of BDSM and could be simply allowing him to spank you or maybe canning or whipping you. These are fairly standard forms of pain inducing parts of BDSM. There are harsher forms such as nipple and clit clamps. It gets worse from here.

I am quite liberal in my views on sex. I believe that nothing done in the privacy of one’s home or bedroom between consenting adults is weird. The operative words here are CONSENTING and ADULTS. No one should be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with; be it a sexual position or type of sex act.

If you wish to explore the world of BDSM I see nothing wrong with this provided you and your boyfriend sit down and discuss it first with your clothes on. Make up safe words so you each know when the other has reached their limit. Decide what and how you both wish to explore this world for it can be quite dark. Wherever this leads you should never leave permanent scars or injuries for that is going too far.

Together explore the world of BDSM, and what it really means before you actually participate. Make up your rules and know your limitations. When you are both in agreement then go ahead and explore and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If anyone thinks you’re weird for doing so they are just closed minded.


Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend left his cum during anal sex?

Sperm left in the anal tract cannot make you pregnant. In fact if you are having anal sex you should still be using condoms as that anal cavity is a feeding ground of bacterial could leave your BF with a urinary infection.

In fact the germs (bacteria) in the anal cavity are so inhospitable that sperm ejaculated in to your anal cavity would most likely die before leaking out of you. Even them it would have to flow into your vagina then swim up and make contact with an egg. This is very unlikely to happen.

If you are to continue to have anal sex make your partner use a condom for if he gets an infection he can pass it to you. If you get an anal cavity infection it will be very uncomfortable and be considered and STD.

Start practicing safe sex. You motto should be; "NO RUBBER, NO LOVER."


My husband is an ex crossdresser and had relationships with men before we met. I have seen pictures of him as a female and he was actually very pretty and looked the part. He has never to my knowledge crossdressed since we have been together these past 3 years. I would like to get him to crossdress for me as I find it so arousing. I almost wish he was living as a girl full time now. I am not sure how to bring this subject up and am looking for ideas

The key to any relationship be it work, friends or a marriage is communication. You don't say how you found out about your husband’s cross dressing. Your last sentence say he did not tell you so I would assume you found out through social media or a friend. We will come back to this in a moment.

When it comes to sex communications is important. The most important thing about sexual relations is that both parties must agree that No means no and stop means stop. As long as there is mutual consent to anything you want to try, sexually or anything else, then what happens in the privacy of your home or bedroom is not weird. Whether is something me and my partner would want to do is our concern not yours and you have no reason to share your sexual activities with anyone as they are your private activities if you want them to be.

No back to your question and communications which is your question. A simple way to approach it would depend on how you found out. You may want to have this conversation over dinner or in bed after making love. You know your husband best and should know when he would be most receptive to you asking about this.

You start by saying something to the affect that what you are about to say is not upsetting to you but quite the opposite as you find it sexually exciting. Then you go on to say I found out from or on that you use to cross dress. Reinforce this by saying I'm not upset that you once did this or that you could be bi-sexual. What would upset me is if you are suppressing this desire because we are married, this would be wrong. If you wish to or need to cross dress I am willing to even go shopping with you and help with this. We can even make love with you as a woman if you want."

If you would be willing to allow him bisexual activities or even willing to participate in them, say so; If not say that too. Anal sex with a dildo for him may be enough to satisfy him and allowing him anal sex with you may also satisfy him. Just make sure condoms are used for both activities.

Just be straight forward, use your own words. Make sure he understands you are not upset and are actually sexually excited by this discover. Going straight at any problem is most always the best and shortest route to a solution. It's when you start beating around the bush is when things get complicated. If someone told you about his cross dressing I will bet it is someone he had an affair with prior to your marriage. His or her reasons I'm sure were not honorable so there is no reason to keep their confidence so tell him who told you if asked.

I believe your openness to his fetish, which is what this may be, is going to make you a great wife. If there were more wives like you there would be less divorces’ in this world


i don't want to do sex with my boy friend because i am always so scare about sex.

Whatever your reasons are for fearing to have sex with your boyfriend they are justified. While there is no reason to fear having sex as it is a natural act for all of us there is reason not to want to have sex before you are ready.

If you are a teenager the things to fear about sex is of course an unwanted pregnancy which in itself is a reason not to have sex. Then there is the pain of the first sex which is always going to be more painful the younger you are. The reason for this has to do with the muscles in your vagina not being ready to be stretched when your younger. As you get older towards the end of puberty the hormones that allow these muscles to relax and stretch are released making the first time you have sex more enjoyable and less painful provided you are able to relax.

I say this to you as there is really nothing to fear from sex if you take the proper precautions against pregnancy and Sexually transmitted disease. This means you need to be on some sort of birth control and the guy must always wear a condom as well. Never have sex before marriage without the guy using a condom.

That being said and I say it only for informational purposes only and not to convince you to have sex now with your boyfriend. You will someday decide when you are ready, that someday is not now.

If your boyfriend is harassing you or begging you to have sex with him. He is breaking the law ones you have said NO. No means no and for him to continue to push you to have sex with him is sexual harassment which is illegal and he can be charged with a crime regardless of his age if he doesn't stop.

If he says to you something to the effect; "If you love me you will have sex with me." He dose not love you in the same definition of the word love that you have. He lusts for you and is not really in love with you. TO the teenage male lust and love have the same meaning.

Teenage sex is not away of proving your love for someone. Sex is the result of a long term loving ADULT relationship. When your maturity is such that you understand the consequences of your actions.

You need not be afraid of sex. Being scared right now is your bodies way of telling you that you are not ready for sex. Do not let your boyfriend in any way try to convince or force you to give into him. JUST SAY NO.


How could i no tht i am virgen??

Are you asking; "How do you know if you are a virgin?

If this is your question, just how old are you? Most people know this answer by the time they reach puberty and have had sex education in school.

If you masturbate and have an orgasm (girl) or ejaculate (boy) you are still a virgin as you have not had sexual intercourse.

Todays definition of virgin for a girl is one who has not had her vagina penetrated by a penis.

For a boy it is someone whose penis has not penetrated a girls vagina.

I hope this answers your question.


I am 38. I have two children born via c-section. I've been a dancer for 35 years, and as a result of lower extremity strength and flexibility, I've maintained an unbelievable amount of "tightness." Of course, with previous partners, I was always told I was small but sex was not impossible. Two years ago, I had a full hysterectomy, and have been too nervous to have an intimate relationship with anyone.

I finally have found someone who is amazing. He's about a foot and a half taller than I am, and, although he is not the largest of my previous partners, he is definitely NOT the smallest. We have found that penetration is impossible. Lubrication was not an issue, foreplay not an issue either. Just won't fit. We finally were able to do partial penetration, but because I was so small, he wasn't able to maintain his erection, because it actually hurt him as well.

Please help. He's nervous about hurting me, and yes, it does hurt a bit, I know that once it works, the pain will ease up a bit. I'm just at a loss on how to make it work. I feel like a virgin again, I haven't had this level of difficulty since the day I lost my virginity.

Please help. The level of sexual inadequacy is disheartening.

There are two things I can think of to offer you in the way of suggestions.

1. Talk to your GYN. There may be something he or she can do surgically or even with something like Botox to release those muscles a bit so you can have successful intercourse.

2. This is going to sound a little strange but it can also be fun for the two of you if you want it to be; especially if surgery is not an option.

Go to an adult toy store or look some up online. Purchase some dildo's and vibrators starting with the smallest ones working up gradually to the size of your boyfriends penis. Use these to get your vaginal muscles to stretch and get use to accommodating your boyfriends penis. If you want run this suggestion by your GYN and see what he or she thinks of it.

It may take a combination of a relaxation medication injected into the muscles and my suggestion to stretch your muscles to allow for easier penetration.

If you go for my suggestion make it a lovers game part of a mutual masturbation session. He uses the vibrators on you with plenty of lubrication starting with the smallest while you masturbate him. Hopefully you both climax and have fun while stretching your muscles.


I'm 16/f. I have a boyfriend and I really do love him but I wouldn't go as far as sex for a long time because I want to be super mature about it and make sure he's the one I wanna lose my virginity to. Although, I want to go as far as third base with him. But I'm just wondering if it'll be awkward? What does it feel like? Will I reach an orgasm? I just want to be very educated!

I found the following website, found at bottom of this page, while answering a very similar question for another young lady. I believe you should review this website before making any decision about having sex, starting with “Am I ready?”

On the subject of are you ready: all I will say is sexual intercourse is a beautiful thing between two loving responsible people. At your age sex for you as a woman is different than for the boy. You are more emotionally mature than your partner is at the same age by about 2 years. Sex for a woman must always have a loving relationship, meaning women usually do not hop in and out of bed. Where for a boy of the same age sex is more of a conquest, away to satisfy raging hormones.

What I mean is boys confuse love and lust. To them love and lust have the same meaning where as for women or girls they have separate definitions. Make sure he loves you not just lusts for you.

The odds are against you marring the boy you give your virginity to, so be selective as to who you chose to be your first. Make sure you find someplace you can have your first sexual experience that is safe, comfortable, relaxing and that you will be undisturbed. You should be on birth control for at least 30 days and always use a condom.

As someone who is old enough to be your grandparent; I believe at 16 you are s little young to be engaging in sexual intercourse. I am sure your parents have already given you this advice and it is good advice. What I will say is there are ways of satisfying the sexual urge without having intercourse. There is masturbation, mutual masturbation, which is general apart of foreplay, BJ’s and HJ’s. These forms of sex should be adequate for now to satisfy both you and your boyfriend without running the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Remember no birth control is 100% effective. End of lecture.

Before you make your decision review the website I have included below:



(late teens female.)So I've been dating my current boyfriend for about a year and 2 months. We love and care for each other very much.
So we've done some exploring (no sex or oral) but we like to sext as a way to just let it out, and we come up with different situations etc.so my boyfriend really likes dragons. Which was okay, he likes dragons just like he likes music. No big deal.

But recently... he's asked if i'd like to pretend to be dragons and we do it. Or if he and i could please different dragons... I love him to death but this makes me feel uncomfortable. He says they don't turn him on UNLESS he thinks about them doing sexual acts... IS this a fetish? I thought it was just a horny teenage boy who finds anything doing it giving him the ability to get hard. I'm not sure.

I need help!! This makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable and now he's upset and... I need answers. Please! (This is not a laughing matter right now so please answer respectfully...) Thank you

Yes this is a Fetish a role play type Fetish. When it comes to sex of any type which would includes making out or going all the way to intercourse there is one firm rule you should follow. That rule is; BOTH PARTNERS MUST BE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT IS OR IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

You are not comfortable with his role play fetish, you say NO. That is the end of it. Any further begging, pleading or even attempting to force you is sexual harassment or rape depending on what or how he does. No means NO and Stop means STOP these are the rules of sex between sexual partners in any type of sex play.

For sake of discussion; most girls have limits on what they will allow a boy to do. Lets say yours are he can touch your breasts over your bra. The second he tries to go under your bra you say stop. If he does not stop he is guilty of rape in a lower degree of the charge. The same goes for a guy if he allows a girl to feel his penis over his pants. The second she goes for his zipper if he says no or stop she is guilty of rape.

Sex of any type is a consensual act on the part of both parties. If either one say no or stop that is the end of whatever is happening. Explain this to your boyfriend. If he does not want to abide by these rules then you may want to find a boyfriend who has more respect for you.


Can a octor tell if you've ben fingered?

Doctors cannot tell if you have been fingered. If your Hymen is intact then they will believe you are a virgin as it is almost impossible to have sexual intercourse and have your Hyman remain intact. I say almost impossible as some women have Hymens that are elastic enough and have a hole large enough that an average sized penis may not tear them. This though is extremely rare.

Today many women end up tearing or detaching their Hymen when using Tampons. So today’s definition of a virgin is not so much a women with an intact Hymen But one whose vagina has never been penetrated by a penis.

While there are people who say a gynecologist can tell if a woman has had sexual intercourse. It is really not possible for this type of doctor to say for certain unless there happened to be semen in the vagina during a female examination.

NOTE: If you are 14 or over and you are being forced to have a female exam to see if you are sexually active you can refuse by law. You parents cannot force you to have this exam.

Under a Federal Law none as HIPPA anyone 14 or over has complete medical confidentiality over their reproductive system. What this means is parent cannot force anyone 14 or over to have an examination of this type. A parent cannot be in the exam room if your reproductive system is being examined and parents do not have the right to see your medical records or speak with your doctor concerning anything to do with the examination or treatment of your reproductive system.

Congress passed this law so young people with seek medical treatment when needed for questions or things they may be too embarrassed to go to a parent with. Your doctor or anyone in the doctors employ can be jailed for up to 5 years if they release any information without your expressed written permission to the doctor.

Should you be writing because you are being forced to go to the doctor for this type of exam? My advice is not to make a scene or fight with mom. There is a better way especially if you are sexually active in any way.

Go to the doctor, when you enter the exam room say to the nurse or doctor; "I invoke my rights under HIPPA I am ____" and state your age. The doctor or nurse will take it from there. If mom is with you she will be asked to leave the room. Then you can speak freely with the nurse and doctor about anything and everything related to your reproductive system, your sexual activity and request birth control if you want.


suppose if I remove sperm daily will it effect me after my marriage while I am doing sex with my wife.

I think you're asking if you masturbate delay will it affect your sex life with your wife and your ability to have children.

As far as having children how often you masturbate in your youth or even as an adult will not affect your ability to have children. Your body constantly makes sperm and you will be able to father children well into you eighties and nineties should you want to. The amount of sperm your body produces does decrease with age and any decline in your health.

Will masturbating daily affect you marital sex life. This is a maybe as it depends on some different factors. The biggest factor is that daily masturbation, according to some theories, could cause you to become less sensitive to regular sex and make it harder to ejaculate during sex.

If this is what you are asking I hope this is helpful.


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