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Q: I was raped/molested. What type of lawyer would I need to contact about that?
Criminal Lawyer. If it was a family related issure... then maybe go through family oriented service would help. Definitely social workers and counselors have all the connects though...

Q: I met this guy about 3 years ago. When we met we couldn't be more opposite. I was the gorgeous nerd, straight A's big family, with really strict parents. He was the extremely athletic, big muscled, Straight C wrestler. With a small family. With basically no guidelines. But one day we got to talking and we instantly connected. Shortly after that we started dating. And it was GREAT! We dated for about 2 months then summer came. We had a long summer romance that ended with a tragic break up. When we got back to school the next year. I tried to stay away from him to avoid getting heart broken but I couldn't keep my distance. He ended up asking me out again and I said yes. This time things were different. He couldn't hold a relationship for more than a month. So he kept dumping me then a month later wanting me back. I couldn't resist. We dated on and off the whole year. When summer came I was relived. I didn't contact him that whole summer. When summer was over he had changed so much. Got into smoking, not only cigarettes but pot aswell. Drank occasionally and lost his virginity. I tried to stay away like my mom told me to but I couldn't. We are helplessly in-love. Its kind of like a romeo and Juliet situation, with our families hating eachother and all. But anyways, One day that year he came up and kissed me, told me how much he loved/missed me. and just like that I was back to him. recently we split.. AGAIN! I don't know whats wrong with me. If someone knows something I can do to keep myself away from him that would be GREAT! Please help me ): PLEASE):
Go to a hypnotist...

Q: Hi guys i am 15 years old, and i am talking to a guy who is 19. you have probably read questins about this before because i ask alot about this situation, but I told my mom about him today. She was cool (i think) about him having a child. probably because she had my olde brother at the age of 16 so she could relate. Now the problem is the age difference... my mother and i have been on very thin ice with me and my 'behaviors'. so she thinks i am going to be going down to crack and alcohol lane when im older.which i am not! i am not that idiotic. i know my limits and things. But how can I explain to her than i am not going to became an addict to anything, and how do i explain to her that 19 and 15 is not that bad. if my question maks any sense please answer it!
There are a million plus one mother who wish they had the proble you giving your moms on this subject. Other than that it IS illegal with and without your mother's permission. Have you wondered as to why he is interested in you? Not saying that guys shouldn't be interested in you. But I'm sure you noticed that the popular vote in life is that guys are generally older than the women they date so that's not odd. But again... you 15... and as much as you may know about the world.... you are not always able to see beyond your own intetions and feelings and "right-now" knowledge. I;m not sure where this "crack and alcoholic" thing stem from but maybe your first few relationships... should be with boys your own age... not because you can't handle it... but because you will be aware of what being handled.... looks like.

Q: I've worked with this guy for years, we're both married. A few years ago my husband cheated on me. And less than a year later, this guy I've been working w/ starts to hang around me ALL The time for about six months. Nothing major happened, but we became close friends...too close, and not wanting to repeat my husband's mistakes with "the guy friend", I started pushing him away. And eventually, I was successful at doing so. Then we both lost our jobs, and found new the same place oddly enough, which he lied to me about and said he would NOT be employed there. NOW, over a year since that...we both work together, and I miss him terribly. But I pushed, really hard. I'm still married, but nothing has been the same since my husband cheated. And now I think about the guy friend all the time, and it's a terrible effort to just leave him alone. Harder than leaving anyone alone I ever had. And when I do try to talk to him, it's like it's to late. I have no idea why I can't let go of this friendship, and maybe more emotion than just a friendship, but I wish I knew what i needed to hear or say to feel better. I dissolved it. Why can't I just feel good about not cheating? Why do I miss him? How do I stop missing him? Or how do I apologize and just be friends and get him to forget how bad I was towards him? And could I even be just friends with him? Because if he did consider that as an option, could I even stick to it? I don't even know myself when it comes to this guy.
You intially was looking for a way to stay happy during the tough times of your marriage. I do believe it is easier to maintain platonic friendships when both parties are married and settled into separate lives that rash decisions aren't the first choice. Besides, if you had to push him away in the way you described he already was ready to cheat on his own wife with you. Men know that maintaining close relationships with women, makes women more.... tolerable and easily persuaded into things than if they were to come outright with their actual intentions. He already felt that if you two was gonna hook-up... the moment where the possibility of it happening had come and gone on his "male intention" list. Unless you outright jump his bones now.. he'd probably would not like to put the time back in to re-build your comfort level to commit adultery all over again. Just not sure that you would like to actually have a friendship with a guy exactly like your husband..... Maybe you just miss dating and your way of thinking about your husband BEFORE his cheating. There's many things to wonder about... but maybe the @ work spouse isn't where you should start...

Q: I'm M/15. lately I feel like I've been going crazy. I want to change. I think girls don't like me because I'm weird. I talk about Aliens, underground military bases, alternate realities and weird types of science. I always say that nothing is impossible. I yell at my stupid internet connection. I've been being racist lately (not extreme, just jokes & stuff) I like saying things backwards like "The mirror looks at me" "The test got 100 on me" "Ball Basket plays me" "Outside hot is very" . Aso last 2 weeks I've been slackin' off in classes. I do accents constantly. I avoid people because I think they're daft, or too slow to understand me, but same time I tend to be slow. I'll say random stuff like, " I missed the shot because I'm nice like that" I listen to weird music Metal & underground rap about conspiracy theories & weird stuff involving science & history to create weird stories. People don't understand me, girls don't like me. I can't find any weird crazy ones :(Am I crazy?How can I change? The list goesOn
Do you actually want to change or do you want girls to be interested in you? Now if you'd like to change to become... more society-based then I'm sure you have many outlets to indulge, learn and change all on your own. I think that your personality is based on being outside of normal thinking so that you can keep yourself alert to your surroundings, keep upbeat and prepared for life and just simply being yourself.
As for girls.... all you have to in think something is ultra cool and not be deferred in your thinking when other try to put the subject matter down. People tend to need to depend on other people securities in order to attach themselves comfortably. Friendships and relationships begin like that all the time. The make peole feel less alone and black sheepish.
As weird as you describe yourself... which you sound pretty weird to me... I'm sure there are many conversations we would be able to carry and enjoy. And lets just say it coming from an older woman... so you already ahead of the game... Just feel better about yourself... you're still learning, growing and defining yourself. Nothing is permanent... even when you'd bet money it is. Besides... if you go to shows, movies, concerts and movies of those same interest... I'm sure you'd recognize quite a few people...

Q: Okay so there is this boy I like and we are friends and I talk to him in school allll the time but he found out I like him and he doesn't talk to me as much he said he didn't mind me liking him but it's obvious he does. I don't know shat to do about him
The worst things in life are giving people exactly what the ask for. The best things in life is when you do it for you.

With that said... I'm unable to guess at what type of guy he is... but maybe he is completely a NON attention whore or maybe he may have heard someone specific about you from another person in his clique. Whatever his reason for acting weird... you made him reconsider how he sees you and how he thought you saw him.
If you fret over his why when he doesn't even completely understand his own decision to act and reply to you the way he does, then you waiting on him gives up too much time you could be focusing on yourself and the loved ones around you whose feelings aren't unreadable. If you feel like pressuring him into a definitive answer you either gonna get your definite answer or you're gonna scare him off. Whatever you do just brace yourself for imapact! It will probably be a game changer anyway... whether its good ot bad...

I just suggest you just let it progress as it does... I know you may feel helpless.. but its better than many other possibilities that left...

Q: So, my mother drinks every night of the weekends, and sometimes during the week nights. We tend to argue more when she drinks. The past two nights, it has been especially bad. She says low blows and insults, and treats me like I'm a child (I just turned 18 a couple months ago). She'll find any excuse to create a fight. I've tried talking to her about this in the past, but it gets nowhere. She just tells me that I'm "always trying to make her feel guilty" or scream at me for calling her an alcoholic. I have mentioned it to my dad in the past and he brought it up to her, who just got angry at me. I honestly don't think she's an alcoholic, just that she cannot control her emotions well when she drinks. During these fights she'll always say that it's my fault. That I caused it. When that's never the case. These fights are just getting progressively worse... I'm not sure if it's because her mom is sick or because I'm older now (and her last child.. I'll be leaving for college soon) and that scares her perhaps. I don't know what to do about any of this because she completely takes no blame for anything, and acts like I'm creating all these problems. Somebody please help me.
distressed daughter
Your mom is stuggling with a lot of things mentally and emotionally. And like you said you've just turned 18 and bout to go to college. You life is about to really began when hers is just gonna coast predominately. I don't know why these things happen but they must when parents dont have helpful outlets to keep them from hurting other people and relationships. And because she can argue back woth you and look you in your face, her daughter and not immediately recognize the fault of her actions at the moment of the arguement means that she is unable to wantingly control her actions. And she become accustomed to making life be brand new by not really caring about preventing bad moments any longer. I HOPE and PRAY that I'm wrong.

Q: Okay so my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. His parents seem cool and everything but whenever he does something minor, like bad grade or didn't take out the trash they punish him by taking away his net privleges and therefore can't talk to me. IDK why this aggravates me because I guess I should be used to it. I know its the way they raise there kid but I'm frustrated, idk if its at them or him or myself, I just don't know anymore. All and any advice is great appreciates, thank you!
Taking away his net privilages is definitely the most irritable things his parents can do if he really cares for you and they can blantantly see that. They have no other way to feel.... "parential" if they can't do something that fustrates the people that close to him... Is he a typically a bad person thoug? You know... staying out late, drinking, cussing, drugs, or things of that nature? There might be more to the story...

Q: Any quotes for fake friends?
Anything but the truth....

Q: What advice do authorities give to teachers on rhetorical question?
Do you mean rewording the same question over and over? Or seeminly repeating the same question but really are not. They're different but only slightly. Most will not notice though... They just think your're underminding them or their intelligent. When only you're acknowledging the wolf in your own midst.. so to speak... Can you be a little more specific though.

Q: I'm a 14 yr old chick.
My mom and I usually get along, but if I'm up late doing homework or get anything under an A in school she flips. I try to talk to her and explain what happened but she's always angry.
For example:
Me: *working on an essay kinda late*
mom: why are you doing that so late? (came right on into my room)
Me: I'm doing the changes you told me to...
Mom: (in an annoyed snotty tone) I don't like you putting off your homework (false) this late. You should've had it done earlier.
And this evolved into an up-till-11 thing involving me her and my dad, and he agreed that she was being a little mean.
Second thing, I have no personal bubble. She comes into my room without me letting her (whether or not I'm in there or the door is closed), she seems to think it's fine to sit on me (she is not a small woman and I ask her to stop), and she always slaps me on the arse which makes me very uncomfortable.
I know I seem bratty about it but it's becoming incredibly frustrating. How can I talk to her? Thank you answerers.
Your mom is a bully. And yes you will be annoyed. But the worse thing is it happens inside of your home rather than outside of it... Some parents have nothing else to do.. You're busting your ass to keep your grades up and maintain sanity. I'm not sure what you can do at 14 but.... at least you have certain options left.

Q: i was talking to a guy for a long time (over 6 months. he even told me he loves me), i don't know how to deal with people who screw me over. i found out two times (when we were mad at each other) he told people he didnt want to be with me even though were technically not together. then i found out he told one of his friends he should go out with me since he's liked me for a while. me being mad at my ex (or whatever you wanna call him) said yes to his friend. a couple days later i broke up with him, he completely understood. we're really good friends now but my ex keeps coming around me. he doesn't talk to me he talks to everyone around me. a couple of months ago we gave each other our bracelets as a little love thing lol well he's still wearing it. i've realized i am in love with him unfortunately and i am so lost. i tried talking to him a couple days after breaking up with his friend but he just walked away. what should i do?
He's feeling real vulnerable and somewhat protective about you and his feelings for you right now. It's actually quite adorable if you're still in love with him of course. However no one here can halp you decide whether or not to whole heartedly pursue rekindling your romance... of sorts...

It seems that ya'll bring out the worst in each other when you two are arguing. I'm not so sure if that's the best thing to expand on. Also, without verified commitments to each other, you both are playing the cat vs the ball of string game with each other. If your interested in staying in this confused state of emotional push-pull, then I recommend following him down his aisle of round-about-you torment..

Other than that... do what he did to you... and walk away. Until ya'll can actually have a conversation that leads to mutual understandings and expectations of each other.

Q: a little while back i posted this question:

and well nothing has changed. granted, i never ended up expressing to her how i feel. she has moved out of our apartment to go home and be with her "boyfriend", although she does still have a room here to come back to whenever. now this guy, she is still not "officially" with him, and he has already "broken up" with her twice so i really dont understand the hype. anyway, since she moved back a little over a month ago, we have hardly spoken. she has become "best friends" as she says with her boyfriends friends and a couple of girls from high school that she was friends with before and i haven't heard much from her. she posts on my facebook and things like that saying how she misses me, but whenever she calls or texts or chats with me, it is still always about her and her boyfriend or his friends. i dont get much of a word in and i honestly think she is not concerned with me at all, she just wants someone to listen to her. im just so sick of i'm pretty much at the point of just accepting that fact that while she's with this guy, we're not going to be friends and weeding her out of my life bc its just not worth the drama of bringing it up to her now that she's 230 miles away from me and most likely not coming back. my question is, how do you go about letting go of a best friend that you have been joined at the hip with for the past 3 or 4 years? i'm friendly and outgoing so i have a few other good friends, but none as close as she and i were. the past 3 years, especially our senior year & first years of college, we would talk all day every day and were basically twins. when we lived at home or were home for summer, we were together everyday, did everything together. how do you let that go? furthermore, next summer i am moving & transferring to a school another 40ish miles away from home than where im at now, to a city where i know nobody. im SO excited for it, but im scared about doing that without having her to talk to daily to help me get through it and adjust. my boyfriend will be moving with me, so i wont be completely alone, but its just not the same as having your rock there with you. i feel like i have lost a significant part of my life. i hung out with her and a few other people after christmas, and it just doesn't feel the same at all bc i feel like i have emotionally withdrawn from her due to not having a real "best friend" these last several months. i just feel betrayed and replaced. any advice for how to let her go? sorry for the length.
I read both posts and I'm sorry to hear that you've had to endure another long month of the same nonsense. Having gone thorough life and several best friends.... its not the "easiest" task but it's really not that bad once "you" decide what's needs to be done. However, yea the point of starting best friendships, is to keep them intacted for life. However people, objectives change and they outgrow or forget the reasons these "primitive" things like friendship existed in the first place. I mean, I don't believe for one second that ur friend is sooooooo aloof or involved in her relationship to not know that's she annoying the hell out of you... I would suggest deleting her after your move and let her marinate in the juices she so obvious needs to be placed and talk about so much. Maybe in the future, as your lives unwind. you'll be able to retreat into the conversations you should have already been having for future understandings... Enjoy your future...

Q: For four years I have really 'liked' this guy (Guy A) but he hasn't ever returned these feelings, and I still can't understand why I still 'like' him. At this current moment I am dating another guy (let's call him guy B) but guy B's best friend (Guy C)has a crush on me and Guy C also happens to be one of my best friends, so things are all tense between Guy B and C which makes it weird for me because I don't wanna get involved. The worst part is that as much as I care for Guy B and Guy C, the only guy I can say I could quite possibly be in love with is Guy A. He means the world to me but now I feel like a horrible person because I'm dating one guy, and hurting another when I just love someone else. What do I do?
Well as much as you care fot Guy A, I believed its impossible to tell what's the value of your love... or infatuation w/him really is. You may come to find out things that ruin the fantasy of being intrigued by him in the first place. You also didn't explain, what type of relations you and this "guy A" have.. Are you in love from afar?

The tenseness between your bf and his friend was always there or at least growing in silence.. until he verbalized an interest in you. You don't wanna be in the middle? Yet when you look up, that's you're location, isn't it? I don't think you should break-up with your bf... The guy whose crushing... let him because, you are responsible for returning advances.
And as for guy a, well if he can't show u whether or not he's interested, maybe its because you know there's something between you 2 that keeps you from finding out this info... and/or pursuing him.

Clear the air and your mind as you see fit...

Q: ok so me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months i see him every weekend but we really dont have much to talk about untill we are in person and it feels like he only wants one thing for me then it doesnt i feel that im am confused and dont know what to do . his the type of guy who really doesnt talk bout things but you can tell on his face his thinkin about it but i enjoy being with him i just dont want this to break off
Reply the way he's leading you to reply to your relationship. You'll have the insight u may use to question your relationship whenever you may feel you can dicuss it properly. Under the present circumstances, *normally* the good times ARE at the start of the relationship,. If your a conversationalist, then ur a conversationalist.. if he's not, then maybe he's actually not.. (which is not true, if he has any kind of "social circle")... but enjoy your relationship for what it is. (If) or When you or him outgrows it, reevaluate it then... But waiting a couple months to let your mind access the problems your dealing with today by conscience... seems kinda long to deliberate....

Find your resolution

Q: 19/f. Turning 20 in about 2 weeks. I think there's certain decisions I have to make for myself but respect the opinion of those I love. Let me tell u a little bit about my situation. I was adopted at birth and I found out when I was 18. My parents got divorced when I was less than 2 years old bc my dad was cheating on my mom. The lady got pregnant an had a son. A couple of years later, they had a daughter. I don't think what my dad did was right and I'm not trying to define him, but he realized that what he did wasn't a great decision. But what's done is done. You know? I already found out and the truth is out in the open. I have a full sister who is 15 month older than me and a younger half brother who is 5. They are my biological siblings. My dad... The one who adopted me has 2 kids. A boy and a girl. Their not my biological siblings but I'm related to them bc I am adopted. The boy is a year younger than me. He actually turns 19 in 2 weeks. Right before I turn 20. The girl is 15. I've been in contact with the boy and I've actually listed him a's my brother on facebook. He's a nice guy and he's treated me really nice. My mom has pretty much accepted him but she won't accept the girl. She's trying o add me on facebook but my mom wont let me add her. I mean I understand it's a touchy situation but it not that big a deal either. It's not like I hang out with them or anything, I've just been the bigger person and accepted their existence. It doesn't mean I have to talk to their mother. But, we have the same dad and my dad has been my dad, despite all that has happened. How can I explain this to my mom? Mind you she really doesn't like this girl. But it's not like were gonna be hanging out. I mean, she's in high school. But, I want to accept her an I don't want her to hate me bc I don't hate her. By the way, my mom ha a facebook bs she would c I add her
I believe you should follow you own decisions on the matter in regards to the folow-up between your sibling. No parent in this situation is ABSOLUTELY correct because they waited until you was 18 to inform you about your own birth. You haven't mentioned whether your silings knew about you though... which is debateable in itself...

As for your mother not accepting one and not the other... it only means that she was possiby seeing your father (possibly exclusively (in her mind)) during the time period in which you following sibling was created. Her harboring feelings that negative the healing your situation obviosuly needs, is in no way best for you.. or them for that matter. I must admit.. you are being a real trooper about all of this... remember if she attempts to reprimand about your beginning a connection with your siblings... remind her that this is what she and your father left you to handle and live with. And because "you're " not holding grudges against them, then you will handle this as you shall see fit...

Hope for smoother sailings...

Q: I am 18-f and my sister is 16. I have come to the conclusion that my sister is a compulsive liar. I really want to reveal her true strides to my family and everyone else who has been a victim of her lies, but how? Every time I try to catch her in her lies, she keeps lying to cover her tracks. This has become a major problem, and has ruined my relationship with her. I don't want to hurt her, but I wish she could learn a good lesson from her awful behavior.
I have a similar problem, however, I know that even she was exposed, it would only put other things in my household in question. It not something that can be addressed properly so everyone knows but no one complains or reprimands proper punsihments.

You have to decide whether or not if her lies are harmful.. to herself and the people around her. Teenagers tend to lie, we all do in certain situations. However if she is lying with no real reason or purpose then, then problem is what you've already stated. She a compulsive liar and it is a medical condition. However, because our society somewhat encourage its livelihood, the longer it continues, the less the chance it can be corrected. For if they the proper punishments is not administered, then she would not learn "not to do it", she just readjust her methods of not getting caught.

If you have a certain type of relationship with her, and she knows that she's threatning it by lying consistantly... then considering the situations she may put you and your conscience in... you can either tell on her to prevent the freedom she must feel by lying OR let her live her life the way she believes she must. It tough decisions all around... Hope this helps you come to a solution.

Q: Ok, so I am 19 and a freshman in college. Throughout high school, I wasn't able to do to much dating. I was pretty sheltered. I was able to date this one guy, it was a complete mess, only because we talked off and on since my sophomore year of high school and it never got serious. Any way, now that I am in college, I feel inexperienced compared to most people. I would really like to date but I haven't met anyone.Plus I think I'm having some issues too, it's like Every time I meet a guy, I feel almost horny or shy, like I want this instant connection and i feel ashamed about that part. I just think that If i started to date a little and get use to guys then i wouldn't have that type of reaction. So how do I date?
Being sheltered, is not a cause for the way you feel. As long as you've had media outlets such as music, movies and news, school, and etc... They is probably not much you haven't at least heard of already... If your feel inexperienced, then you probably are. Is not a bad thing, just something that needs to be handled and tended with care. Since you know when you're horny... I going to presume that you've had sex before, but may not have been in a relationship per say at the time. (If I am off-base, I apologized. It's just that in order to know what horny actually is over what you've heard or perceive "horny" to be... you will mostly likely need to know how you feel about sex and how it feels to abstain from it... ergo... horny)

I am unsure if you had held male-based friendships with guys. Usually if you have maybe you would know more about controlling or submitting to the usrges you seem to have. (Assuming that you don't hang around unattractive people anyways...)

As a female, usually instant attraction involves the abilty to notice guys without being noticed. OR guys ability to attempt to apprehend your female attention. Ideally, dating don't usually happen as soon as you met someone. Dating happens when you set a date to meet continually after the introductions and feel-out convos (via phone, text, internet, and etc).

Learn you're goals, dreams and hopes for "how" you like to meet guys, but be focused on the realities of how people intercept each other naturally as well.

Q: When I argue or fight with my friend, I tend to ignore them or distance myself around them till I'm not mad anymore, which takes me about a 3 days to weeks instead of talking it out, it seems like I cannot confront the problem and just ignore and pretend they are not there. Sometimes I keep my distance around them and my friend would not know the reason why I'm doing that because they have upset me, how can fix this not ignore my friend and just talk it out? It is very hard for me.
I do the exact same thing now, but for many reasons. I'm sure you have different reason than I do, but before I hit the revelation behind why I continued to distance myself from friends and family emotionally and physically (if possible)... I noticed that when you bring bad situations or problems to trhe attention of other or the ones involved, it seems that (unless people care about you in a certain way..) they are not willing to reevaluate their current actions because they are involved in pre-schemed motives of their own.

In you case though, you may believe that your friend may not be receptive to your upset emotions and the reasoning behind them. You are already aware that you have the right and the privacy to get upset @ anything and everything that affects you in anyway. You may not alse feel its should be necessary to explain yourself to other for these are your own personal feeling about situations. Remember, if they are really good friends of yours and they truly love you and has concern for your well-being, you should discuss and trust them with your concerns & emotions as well. For they can not read your mind.

In addititon, is it possible that you may be in heightened state whereas you may believe that the things you become upset about are intentionally inflicted rather than a daily life happenstance? If that the case, you may need to reexamine your environment, including your friends.

Usually in good friendships, comfortably opened friendships, friends don't let friends stay mad.. People have a way of nagging/pestering your to discuss your problems with them when they care enough about you... How can any of you enjoy each other company for long periods of time if you're not aware of when you need to intervene and intercept their modd swings... Think it through and decide.

Hope it helps...

Q: 19-f
so me and my now ex boyfriend broke up august of 2010. he broke up with me and it really broke my heart. we didnt talk for weeks and i did was cry. we are now talking again and i still love him sooo much. he is the only guy to have met my 1 year old daughter and he adores her. i really want to be with him again but he says he wants to wait because we live too far apart. but it never bothered him before when we were going out. we live about and hour and a half car drive away. i dont talk to any other guys and he doesnt talk to any other girls but we are not together like i want. its tearing me apart knowing he isnt mine because he has my heart. what should i do? wait for something that might not happen or try to move on?
Pulling from the previous advice post, the part about your ex's possible (and probably dominant) concern about the distance between the two of you and the affects it may have with and on you and your daughter is legitimate. If that is his reasoning behind his decision to break-up with you... it means that's he cares about you and her well-being beyond the intimate relationship you two share(d). As it may be painful, it is a good thing. "IF" indeed that's his reasoning behind the separation....

As for your love for him...
If he's has your heart, he has your heart. Distance or the intimacy and knowlegde you crave will not change that. If indeed this aspect of your feelings are really true.
Also, this is a situation where moving on doesn't necessary mean that there will not be future attempts to rekindle the relationship you once shared.

If he's an honorable man, then his intentions behind he decision "should" bring you peace... in the sense that he didn't break-up with you because ya'll were having problems...

Have you introduced methods to remain in constant contact with him via internet and video chats? Although...... that definitely brings me to another concern that may be pestering him.....
If you two were intimate sexually, understand.... people like to have sex... OFTEN (@ least daily if they can)(I'm sure you are aware of this).. and driving a hour and a half to get some EVERY TIME you have an urge for sex IS DEFINITELY something that will become stressful. Especially, if schedules collide and "he" does the primary commuting. Unless one (or both) of your are interested in moving in with each other on the other hand, considering your daughter, your professions and the lives you would have to leave may not be the commitment... that's in mind for the moment.

Make the call best for you
Best wishes.

We are all here to make today better for tomorrow. Let's go...



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