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"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone." - Audrey Hepburn

I came to this site for advice about a man and love. That very question turned my entire world around and I have had my eyes opened to things I never noticed before.

I've stayed here so that I can share the knowledge I do have. I know I'm not changing the world but I do hope that I spark others to open their eyes.

"The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself." - Oscar Wilde

So, if you learn something from what I say then repeat it to someone else who can use it.

I hope that if you see an answer of mine that you enjoy it will inspire you to go out of your way to give good, solid information. Provide links for further information, detail your responses, encourage people to seek out professionals when it's needed, and stop sugar-coating responses and just say the truth.

I hope that even if you absolutely hate my answer that it'll kick start your brain. Hopefully you'll begin taking your time to respond instead of hurried answers that are useless to an already confused person.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost
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Today, I had this guy that I like comeover, and I guess I have been having second thoughts already. He fingered me, and ate me out and it's been 5 hours plus, and I am still sore and swollen, and it's never been like that before. Now, I am just sitting here, and I want to cry, I am in a pissy mood, and went off on him. I don't know what to do. Did I make a mistake doing this with him? (link)
Anything that entails a male that you refer to as "this guy" in the sexual sense is probably a bad move/mistake.

You may be just irritated.

It's also possible he had eaten or touched something before you that you're allergic to.

Maybe he was too rough and scratched you inside.

You might want to get checked out just to make sure you're good.

I got my belly button pierced almost 2 years ago. I've had the same belly button ring in since January (because it's medically graded and it was really expensive like a hundred bucks to make sure that I wasn't prone to an infection.) I've done my normal daily routines and habits but about four days ago, I woke up and I noticed my belly button ring (the top part where the screw is) was itchy. I thought that maybe I slept on it weird, and a couple of days later, it wouldn't continue to stop itching so I cleaned it extra good, but it's still itchy! I always use the same lanundry detergent so I know it's not my clothes and all the clothes I use are fresh and clean.
HELP! (link)
Congratulations, your surface peircing is finally rejecting. You should be proud. Having it in for two years without it rejecting is actually fairly unusual.

Rejection is the body's natural defensive maneuver to prevent infections and such. Sometimes the body will "reject" a piece of jewelry after a few weeks. Sometimes it takes a year or more. It basically begins when your body realizes, "Whoa! There is something stuck in here that shouldn't be!" Once it begins though, there is no way in stopping it.

Your body has no idea that you WANTED to put a piece of metal in your skin. It thinks you've been wounded and it knows that infection may set in if the object stays in (because foreign objects have dirt/bacteria on them). The body knows it needs to get the object out as soon as possible so it does everything it can.

This means the flesh surrounding the piercing will actually sacrifice itself for your life. It will actually die off and the cells will fall off of you little by little. This causes deep scars usually. You can actually visually see the skin thinning when you look at the piercing.

Within the next weeks or months you will notice it becoming increasingly more irritated. It may become red, but not infected. You will slowly see the skin in front of the bar diminish--getting thinner and smaller.

Rejection usually only happens to surface piercings--eyebrows, bellyrings, hips, corset piercing, cleavage, nape, etc.
Rejection will ALWAYS happen with these piercings no matter what. The only way to reduce the scarring from rejection is to take the piercing out early when signs begin that the body is rejecting. Some bodies reject quicker than others--some people can go weeks with an eyebrow piercing before it starts to reject and some people can go months before it begins rejecting. It will always happen though.

The only thing you can do is try to slow down the rejection process. This means rinsing the jewelry off with saline solution twice a day and doing everything you can not to put pressure on the bar. Don't itch it. Don't touch it. With surface piercings, the more you mess with them, the quicker they will come out because the body is already irritated from it.

The skin usually begins to be itchy because the cells are dying off so you can live (body's perspective) and won't get a major infection. Again, the body doesn't know that the object has been sterilized and was wanted so there honestly is no way to stop rejection.

I also want to note that if your piercing begins to reject and you do not remove the jewelery, it WILL still come out. Your skin seriously just falls off of you little by little until the piercing comes out as well.

Here is an excellent photo sequence in which someone shows how their nape piercing rejected after a few months:

You can see the scarring that is going to be there and how the flesh gets smaller and smaller around the piercing until the bar isn't able to stay in the flesh any longer.

Here are some photos of surface piercings that are rejecting (or have rejected and left some scarring):

This one is actually of a bellybutton piercing that somebody actually let reject all the way:

I had a surface piercing a few years back. The scar is pretty deep and it really does itch periodically for no reason still. Mine started to reject a few weeks after I had it pierced and by a few months it was driving me crazy with itchiness. In total, I've had about 17 piercings, just a reference that I likely know what I'm talking about. ;)

It has nothing to do with it being dirty, your laundry detergent, the fabric of your clothes, or anything else. This is nature. This is your body's natural defense. This is what happens. Always. To everyone.

I tried to explain what rejection is but if I have been unclear then please let me know what I'm missing or what needs to be further explained so I can help you out.

I have never been drunk in my life, and id appreciate it if the only people who wud answer this are people who got drunk, when your drunk, do you know what your doing? do you remember it later on? like lets say some guy is with a girl,and he makes out with someone and says "i was drunk i didnt know what i was doing" is that ever true? cause i hear it ALOT, and then i hear people get calls from their exes when thyre drunk and telling them they miss them and they love them, are drunken words sober thoughts? im (link)
In my personal experience, I've never been so drunk that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or could not recall anything from the previous night. I've never drunk-dialed or made out with someone I didn't want to make out with in the first place.

It really depends on the level of intoxication though.

While I have never had that much alcohol in my body at one time, I know people who have done some pretty absurd things while intoxicated.

I had a friend who drank some vodka. She passed out at a party. They couldn't wake her up. They took her clothes off. They threw her in the shower and turned on the cold water. They slapped her in the face, trying to awaken her from the drunken state. She was only 17 at the time, and, as such, they thought they'd get in trouble for allowing a minor to drink with them--especially so heavily. So, when they figured she probably had alcohol poisoning, they redressed her (they were drunk, too, so her clothes were put on backwards), drove her down the road, and put her in the ditch by the side of the road.

When she woke up, she had absolutely no idea what had happened. She remembered going to the party and starting to drink. She remembered starting to feel drunk. Then, she remembered waking up in the ditch. That was all.

She found a friend that had been at the party and asked them what happened. They said she passed out and explained the story. They had UNDRESSED her. MOVED her all over the house. THREW her in the bathroom. Ran COLD water over her. She never knew what the Hell as going on!

What you need to know is that there are different levels of intoxication.

Also, it really depends on the person's personality. Some people get very angry when drunk, even though they are relatively nice otherwise. Some people come out of their shell and are more outgoing--but are typically shy and quiet in person. Some people just feel good and are happy--even when they're already that way usually.

This being said, I honestly don't believe the "drunken words reveal sober thoughts," applies to every case. Sure, maybe it does to majority of the situations--but not always. I've known extremely nice people become violent when drunk and, when they sober up, they regret it and cannot understand why they were so angry in the first place.

I've also known, in some rare instances, extremely drunk people to talk about things that made absolutely no sense. Say, for example, they start talking about their dead cat--but they never, in their entire lifetime, even owned a cat. You can't really say they're talking about what's truly in their heart then. They're drunk. They aren't thinking clearly.

Alternatively, I've had A LOT of female friends who have hooked-up while drunk. In all of these cases that I've encountered, both parties wanted to go further than just some talking. While the girl may later regret being stupid and making out with the strange-but-sex guy--they typically were sober enough to recall it.

If it's a problem where somebody appears to become sexually promiscuous when drinking then they need to realize and accept this so that they can alter their behavior and not become THAT intoxicated. Maybe they're faithful when sober but can't keep their pants on when drinking. It's a problem. They need to realize it's a problem. They need to take steps to prevent that from happening.

It's like somebody who realizes that when they get drunk they are violent. They need to realize that this is not acceptable behavior. They need to take steps to prevent that type of situation from occurring.

i was reading questions to give adviece to people and someone said something about stammering... what is it? (link)
It's the same as stuttering. Where the person uses repetition of a partial word (typically) before saying the full word.

Like: "H-h-hello? My name is M-m-molly."

An audible example:

In cartoons, Porky Pig has a stutter:

my hamster is not as active as usuall he has wet fur around his mouth though he has not had a drink of water for awhile iv also noticed that he is not eating as much nor cleaning himself as much as usaull anymore we cleaned his cage not that long ago but it has a strange smell and earlier though he washed it off there was dirt/mud on his head though he has not been outdoors i dont know where it came from need help asap!! (link)
Usually when a rodent, such as a hamster or a chinchilla, has been drool and has "wetness" around the mouth typically means their teeth have grown and they are dying from something called malocclusion. This, for rodents, typically means the teeth have grown so rapidly that they are expanding inward of the skull as well as rapidly outward.

Rodents need to grind their teeth down. That's why it's important they have lots of wooden chew toys and hay. If you don't supply them with these objects frequently then their teeth can overgrow. Even if you do, there is a genetic trait that can cause the overgrowth anyway--even when you've done nothing wrong.

If caught early on, a vet can help grind the teeth down to prevent pain and the overgrowth. Eventually though, most rodents with this illness will pass away from it. It's just so aggressive.

Please know that when the teeth have been growing so much and the animal cannot grind them down fast enough then it does become extremely painful. After awhile it's too painful for the little guy to eat.

If he has become fairly lethargic and is not eating or drinking then he is likely to be dying.

Hamsters only have a lifespan of about three years. The chances of you having purchased a petstore hamster is extremely high. You probably have no idea of his age, really. Additionally, you don't know his genetic traits and heritage and, as such, you don't know if the malocclusion is something that he was genetically prone to developing over his lifespan.

The "dirt" on his head may have been fecal matter. Hamsters, and other animals, can have loose stools just like humans do when they are ill. If the case is that he is just sick with a minor illness then sometimes diarrhea can be stopped by giving him blackened/burnt (burned as black as you can get it) toast. The odds of this JUST being a minor illness is extremely low though. He needs to see a vet if you want a proper diagnoses and to see if he can be saved.

I am almost positive I was raped but I am not 100%...About a year ago I was with my well now ex boyfriend and we had been dating for over a year...One day we ended up at his house and we were doing stuff...Well I always got really scared and wanted to cry so I was asking my "sex expert" of a friend what to do and she thought I was ready to have sex. I told my boyfriend this and he started pushing me to do so. He used everything he could to get me to give in from family, to religion, to friends, to if I really loved him...Even though before he said he would wait as long as I needed...Especially since from the start of the relationship I told him that I didn't want to have sex until marriage and he was perfectly fine with that. When I told him to give me to the next time I saw him so I could make sure I was positive and make it hopefully more romantic he got mad at me and was yelling at me that I was going to do what I normally do and back out then accused me of blue balling him all of the time and how it wasn't fair on his part. Eventually I screamed fine then went to the bathroom and cried a little then went back to his room and just gave in...Is this rape? We were fighting and I know he pressured me but I don't know what it is legally considered...I absolutely hate myself for what I did.

Sorry for this being so long (link)
This is particular gray area.

There are some people who, wholeheartedly, will say you were raped because you didn't want it to happen, really.

Then, there are people who are going to say, "Look, you told him no previously...but then you actually consented to it after going to the bathroom for a moment. You could have left the situation. You just feel guilty now for finally giving in."

The truth is, peer pressure doesn't exactly make the situation "rape." Being pressured, during an argument, to have sex, but while still in clear thought, doesn't quite do it.

For example:

Your friend asks you to go to the mall with her. You say no. She tells you that she's so sad you won't go. That every time she asks you to go, you always say no. She expresses that she's extremely disappointed. You, finally, give in, say, "Fine," and go anyway. You still don't enjoy the experience at all even though you went with her.

Does that mean she forced you to go? She made you go against your will?

There are other circumstances here: it doesn't matter that at the beginning of your relationship you asked for him to wait. That, really, is irrelevant. Even if you told him a week before the intercourse that you wanted to wait--really quite irrelevant. People change their minds, especially in the heat of passion. Girls, especially, say, "I want to wait until I'm married!" and then proceed to spread their legs. I know a girl who did this over...and over...and over.

Yeah, maybe you led him on before, too. Maybe you did feel guilty. He said you were "blue-balling" him all of the time. Honestly, were you sending him mixed signals?:

"I want to stay a virgin. Just let me grind on you some and get you all worked up and I can deny you."

You have a lot of factors to take into account.

If you had previously led him on, then maybe you consented because YOU felt GUILTY. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. Please know that. It means that you made a couple of mistakes that you need to learn from.

Men can't read your mind. Men also aren't keen on picking up our signals a lot of times. When we say, "No!" but then we start acting sexual then it gives them a green light that you want it. Yeah, it can be extremely frustrating when they're getting green lights all of the time and then, suddenly, are shut down when they think they're cleared to move forward and we stop them. Yeah, it can be upsetting, and, yeah, they can say and do things they later regret.

And, yeah, it isn't fair to turn a guy on, get him all worked up, and then tell him to wait.

People say and do things that they don't mean when they're upset. When we're frustrated, we will say things we don't mean. When we're confused, angry, or hurt...we may do things that we will later realize was a bad move. These feelings lead to arguments. Arguments lead to saying things you don't mean. Saying things you don't actually mean can lead you to go along with something that you later say, "Ah...I really didn't want to..."

Just because you felt like you shouldn't do it, and you were guilty after, doesn't mean he forced you to do anything. He said how he felt. He was upset. You didn't walk away. You didn't say, "I'm sorry if I've given you mixed signals but no means no and I am saying no."

Did you scream, "NO!" though? No. You yelled, "FINE!" Fine isn't no or stop. It doesn't matter if you yelled it. If you screamed it. If you wrote it on the wall. You still said, "Fine," and remained in the situation. You proceeded forward.

You made a mistake.

Live. Learn. Grow. Don't make the same mistake twice. Put boundaries on your partner--AND yourself. If you mean no, let it fully show in your actions too.

There are tons of men and women who make this mistake. You're not alone.

It's okay to feel guilty. You made a mistake. It isn't okay to put the entire blame on him by saying it was rape.

My boyfriend and I have been together about a year. We live together and are planning to get married. When I first met him, we were aiming for something casual, as we'd both gotten out of relationships. Therefore, when he said he was poly, it didnt bother me - I didnt want anything from him but the obvious.

However, we both developed very strong feelings for each other and began to struggle with the inevitable issue. He identified as poly, and I'm hardwired monogamous.

We tried to make compromises between the two, and though he didnt meet anyone, the door was potentially open, in some regards. But not open enough, so one night we had a massive fight and things almost ended.

I agreed to try and work with him on this. He still didnt meet anyone and it was obvious I was devestated. I didnt try to make him feel bad, but I was depressed, and had some pretty massive doubts about the relationship for I was relatively sure I couldnt survive in a poly relationship forever.

As it is, it didnt come up, and eventually he offered me monogamy. Which I gladly took.

In a lot of ways, he seems more geared towards it. He cant stand other guys showing interest in me, he loves being the one person I'm with, me being "his" and all of the things monogamous people feel. I am bisexual, however, and he is far more okay with the concept of that - in an ideal world, I'm sure he'd have me date a girl, and him date one too.

Most guys are naturally more polygamous, and most girls are naturally more monogamous, according to psychological studies, so this is normal.

He's seemed perfectly happy with a mono relationship, and lately we are discussing engagement and marraige, looking at rings, etc.

It was almost all but forgotten, us in a very happy relationship.

However, literally by accident, I saw one day that he looks at w4m casual encounters on craigslist online. This concerns me, because before me I know he had replied to ads like that. I quickly became very nervous, and though I know this is wrong, checked his internet history. It was filled with porn and w4m sites. I checked his email, and there was no suggestion he had replied to any of them, though obviously there is no way I could know that for sure.

I apologized to him for looking and explained how this made me feel. He told me that it was like porn, that it was harmless, but that he'd try to stay away from sites such as that.

However, I can't explain it, but with classes about to start up again (I'm 23 and in university) alongside full time work, for the first time in our relationship I will not be around as much.

About a week or two after what I found, I found myself stressing out, and doubting, and being overwhelmed by fear. Eventually the temptation became too strong, and I thought I'd just peek, real quick. Which I did, and sure enough, the day before, hours of w4m posts.

I became upset, and told him I looked. He was angry (justifiably) and said that I didnt trust him.

I guess, in a way thats true. I believe that people lie when it comes to getting what they want, and more than trust, I didnt believe that it meant nothing that he looks at this. It meant something.

I asked, and he said that he dosent like monogamy. That he would never cheat on me, but sometimes he'll look. Just look. That he fights for us everyday, fights against himself, and in some way resents me for holding him back from other relationships. That every day he chooses me.

I asked him if a day would ever come that he wouldnt choose me, and he said he didnt know how to answer that question. I said "You just did."

Flash back to months and months ago, I distinctly remember him saying "Its a sacrifice I'm happy to make." But that dosent seem true.

My question is this. Are we doomed? Don't jump to the negative, just consider this. What can I do, what can he, and are we just doomed as a couple? Can we get past this or should I stop this, now, before we're married?

You need to call it quits.

Honestly, truthfully, from deep down in your know this is not going to work out.

The guy needs to be able to devote himself to you.

He needs to be able to say, "I love you, and I'm going to do what it takes to keep you."

He has clearly explained multiple times that he cannot do this. He cannot devote himself to you. He cannot give you his heart. He wants more.

Sure, looking at things like this is alright. A guy can read about how a woman is so hot and turned on so that he can have a little mental fantasy going on. Okay. That is understandable.

You made it clear that you're uncomfortable with it. He made it clear that he could understand that and he would avoid such things. He didn't. He lied. That's the issue with that.

What you want is absolutely not out of line. Poly relationships are extremely complicated and there is a huge percentage of couples that will break from each other because of these complications.

He's is a different place than you are.

It isn't because he's a man.
My guy has a penis. If you asked him if he wanted to be with other women, I assure you he wouldn't say, "Yeah!" If I asked him if we could be in an open relationships, I am fully sure he wouldn't go for it. I know because we've had this basic discussion. It's important to know these things because it means compatibility...or not.

This goes for majority of the men I've known. Sure, some might toy with the idea of having a threesome with their lady, but, as far as having an open Please know that wanting to be in a poly situation isn't because he's a man.

One person is not going to satisfy him. It's beyond your ability. There isn't anything you can do. You know, in your heart, that if you throw the doors wide open then you are going to be unhappy.

You can only sacrifice so much happiness in a relationship before it's just pure torture.

You may love him.
He may love you.

It just isn't right.

He wants something that you cannot give.

You want something that he, apparently, cannot give.

This particular thing is a huge deal. You know it. Maybe he doesn't realize it. But it's what makes or breaks a relationship.

I wouldn't go any further with this man. I'd call it quits, to be quite honest. You're not on the same level here. He will never be satisfied unless you're dissatisfied. He will always be left wondering of how things could have been. You will always be left wondering if you can truly make him happy. He will want more. You will not want that. He will push occasionally, you will fear he is being deceptive or will go elsewhere. It's complicated, you see.

The issue isn't something minor like, "Do you want to live in the green house...or the blue one?"
"Do you want a dog or a cat?"

We're talking:

Do you want to devote yourself to me...or not?

He's choosing no.
Listen to him.

He's being loud and clear.

You need to listen. You need to say, "Hey, I love you, and I know you care a lot about me...but this...this isn't doable for me, for us, and we both deserve happiness."

I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time awhile back and it was my first time and ever and when I got home I checked to see if there was any blood and there was nothing. Was it possible he didnt 'pop my cherry'? The first time was kind of a quickie but then the next time we had sex it felt like he hit it hard but I never bled. I heard when a girl loses her virginity she will bleed during or after. Am I still a virgin or? (link)
Please know that there is NO(!) "technical" version of a virgin or some sort of twisted belief system because you didn't bleed. I can actually explain this further (yes, be prepared for my short informational rant):

Unfortunately, there is no true medical definition for virginity. This leads people to run with their own ideas. Instead, let's pick up a real dictionary:

As per Webster's Dictionary:


- the quality or state of being virgin


- an absolutely chaste young woman

- a person who has not had sexual intercourse

- a person who is inexperienced in a usually specified sphere of activity


- celibate

- pure in thought and act


- abstention from sexual intercourse

Sexual Intercourse:

- 1: heterosexual intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis

- 2: intercourse (as anal or oral intercourse) that does not involve penetration of the vagina by the penis

Putting those definitions together to form accurate information:

Virginity refers to a person who has abstained from vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse.

As per some Wikipedia knowledge:

A virgin (or maiden) originally meant a woman who has never had sexual intercourse. Virginity is the state of being a virgin. It is derived from the Latin virgo, which means "sexually inexperienced woman"

No such thing as "technical" virginity. Your hymen does not make you a virgin. Period!

It's extremely likely (as in, I'd put money on it) that your hymen was just very elastic if you've never noticed (or very little) blood in your panties that could be related to a broken hymen during another activity. Some women have very elastic hymens that will just stretch during sex, rather than rip, tear, and bleed.

Most hymens already do have a hole in them. If you were born with an imperforated (no hole) hymen then the doctor would have created a small surgical opening when you were an infant. Think of it like this: how else would your menstrual fluid escape if there was no natural hole, right? Most women are born with the hole. If they weren't, a small hole is created so that they can grow into healthy adults.

The hymen is thin but is fairly elastic any way. Younger women tend to have more elastic hymens. Some women have such a flexible hymen that it will just stretch out to accommodate a partner.

Usually what happens is that the hole is too small to accommodate a full-sized penis. The male inserts into the vagina and during this, or the thrusting that follows, the hymen cannot stretch any more and will just rip, leaving along a trail of blood from the "injury."

Like I said though, not everyone is made the exact same. Your hymen was probably just more elastic, stretched out fine to accommodate your partner(s), and may never actually rip or tear (although, during childbirth it's likely it will--not that you'll actually feel it at the time).

So, no, you aren't some sort of "technical virgin." You also really shouldn't be concerned. Your body just stretched easier. That's all.

And, yes, it's likely your hymen has widened enough that it's visually noticeable that you've had sex. Instead of having a small hole in your hymen, you probably have a little bit larger one now. No big deal. Still looks like a vagina.

So, your "cherry" has been "popped" but instead of it ripping/tearing, it was just stretched a lot. Voila. Not a virgin.

what kind of sexual transmitted disease can a man get by oral sex (link)
Serious risks of engaging in oral sex with a man or a woman include:

1. Herpes is probably the biggest STD risk during oral sex. Both strains of herpes can live in the mouth or the genitals, and particularly during outbreaks (cold sores, herpes lesions) can be passed from one place to the other. More than 50% of a random group of people will have antibodies to the virus (indicating some level of infection). Genital herpes is complicated and uncomfortable. Herpes can be passed on even if no sores are present.

2. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can infect your throat, showing strep like symptoms. These can also infect the eye; eye infections can have serious consequences. Roughly, 80% of women who have chlamydia have no symptoms and it can prevent them from ever having children.

3. HIV can be passed through unprotected oral sex. The infected semen/precum or vaginal fluid must enter the body through a cut or sore in the mouth or esophagus. You may not even be aware you have a cut in your mouth or throat. Some people take up to 10 years to show that they have contracted HIV/AIDS.

4. HPV can be passed during oral sex. HPV has been found on vocal chords. There is no test to find out if a man has HPV and men usually show no symptoms.

5. Syphilis can be passed similar to HIV. Signs and symptoms are indistinguishable from those of other diseases so some people go a long time without knowing they have it. Mothers can pass this onto their babies without knowing it.

6. Hepatitis A is also a risk, but usually only oral-anal contact. Hep A is not a chronic condition like Hep B and C, but can make a person quite sick several weeks.

hello. i am a 17 Year old girl. i wanted to know what are some of the symptoms you have that tell you, you are pregnant rather that just a missed period. i still had my period for this month but i'm pretty sure that i'm pregnant. i go to the doctors tomorrow to find out for sure. also what should i expect tomorrow at the doctors. and what should i expect in the long run if i'm pregnant. thanks any help would be appreciated (link)
Most of the symptoms are also symptoms of PMS, unfortunately. For example, many pregnant women have felt light cramping and spotting for a couple of days in early pregnancy.

Nausea / Vomitting
Appetite changes (increase / decrease)
Frequent urination
Breast tenderness
Hot / cold flashes
Mood swings
Diarrhea / constipation
Lower back discomfort
Sensitivities to smells
Body temperature increase
Weight gain (if very overweight, unexlained weightloss may also be a symptom)

A positive pregnancy test ;)

Your doctor will probably take a urine sample. They may also draw a small amount of blood if they feel it's necessary (but usually they only do urine unless you request the bloodwork for a pregnancy test result).

They will ask when your last period was. When you had intercourse. How many people you've slept with.

did anyone ever buy condoms online from walmart? do they ship them discretly like in a non see through box or package? i dont want people to see them haha..please answer! (link)
While I haven't bought any condoms from walmart, I did buy a few items during the winter that I had delivered to my home.

I, personally, don't know of a single item that has been shipped in clear packaging. It really isn't logical to do such a thing. And, to be quite honest, I don't know why anyone at walmart would write "CONDOMS" on the outside of the packaging.

Verdict: You're good unless your parents have x-ray vision or are fairly snoopy about opening mail from Wal-Mart addressed to you. (...or the charge shows up on their card and they go digging to see what wal-mart charged them for!)

In which Mcdonalds do you work at because i am looking for a job also (link)
The one that serves burgers and fries.

No, seriously, if you want to see about job openings for McDonald's in your area then they actually have a career site set-up just for that. Yes, you can develop a career with McDonalds! Who would have thought, right? (Is McDonald's hiring? Always!) Here's how to find out if the McDonald's in your area is hiring:

Simply select the search now button under Restaurant Opportunities. Select the state you reside in. Select the closest or nearest McD's to you. Click the Find Open Positions button. Voila! Job opportunities.

From that page simply click on the opportunity that interests you. You'll get an idea of the job requirements and the tasks, as well as the base starting pay or wages for the position. A single click on Apply Online will open you up to beginning the job application online! :) Apply to work for McDonald's online! Again, who would have thought?!

Okay so i was reading about this doomsday cult called Pana Wave. Apperantly It si a cult or a group of " Scientists" that believe that the electromagnetic waves of everyday modern appliances ( i.e. Cellphones, computers, televisions, etc. etc.) arewhat is the cause of some of the earthquakes and wheather conditions, and even though i know there crazy, could there infact be some sort of factual evidence to support this? (link)
I was always taught that the reason earthquakes exist is because of something called plate tectonics.

and can you cacher it from the hands if they have herpes on them (link)

Herpes can be transmitted at any break in the skin.

Hands, feet, elbows, genitals, lips, nostrils, eyes. Any place.


I just got my cartilage pierced, and I was wondering how can I make it heal fast? Would vitamins for skin growth help? I know I need to wash it two times a day (morning and night), but what else can I do to help it heal quickly? I love it, but I do not want a nine month recovery. Please and thank you for helping! (link)
There's actually things you can do to improve the healing process. The duration of healing greatly depends on your own health. For example, if you have a lowered immune system then you can expect the healing process to take weeks, or even months, longer than averaged.

This advice is coming from a girl who's had 17 piercings (here, there, and every where). My advice is not of an expert, but that of someone who has done a lot (hours amounting to days, days amounting of probably multiple weeks) of research and reading (and, admittedly, a little trial and error / real life experience).

Things you want to avoid:

Lack of sleep / exhaustion
Alcohol / Peroxide / Soap / Ointments
Touching / twisting it
Changing the jewelry
Over cleansing

What you want to do:

Good eating habits
Drink plenty of water
Regular daily routine / good sleeping habits
Rinse with saltwater (saline) solution (no more than twice daily)
Keep hair off of it

Taking a daily multi-vitamin will ensure your body has enough nutrients to function and heal as it should. You're dealing with a wound here. Your body has to take a lot of resources to heal that properly.

If there is in infection, do not self treat. This is how people wind up missing parts of their ear. I've seen it before. DO NOT DO IT. Don't just smear some anti-biotic ointment on the infection and go with it. A piercing is a puncture wound and should be treated as such. Antibiotic ointment was created for scrapes and minor cuts. Not puncture wounds. It cannot penetrate to the center of the wound, and, thus, will help to seal in bacteria.

If it becomes infected, you need to see your piercer and your doctor. Your piercer might be able to provide you a little guidance. Your doctor can help get you a prescription to help clear up the infection.

In regards to washing it twice a day: I hope you mean you're rinsing it off with saline solution. You should never, never put soap onto a piercing. It dries the skin out, and if it's antibacterial soap then it inhibits the growth of healthy, healing cells too. You should rinse your piercing off with saline twice daily at the most. If there is some crusty bits that build up then you can soak a q-tip in saline solution and GENTLY wipe off the crusts. Soaking the piercing in saline before doing this will help loosen the debris, but you should not be soaking your piercing often. A simple rinse with the solution is enough to help your body do it's own, natural healing.

Here is a tip you might be able to use:

If your piercing is that of a regular stud, then you might already have experienced difficulty sleeping on it. When I had my cartilage pierced the back of the earring would jab into my head and it would make the piercing (and my head) very sore. I bought some nose studs with the loop back and had my piercer sanitize (autoclave) the jewelry and put it in for me. I cannot tell you how great this was.

Additionally, if the piercing swells or is uncomfortable after the initial piercing then you can take an ibuprofen tablet to help calm it.

Most people don't do their research before getting pierced. Remember that getting a new piercing is a process. Your body has to heal it. You have to take care of it. You might have to make changes in your lifestyle to have a healthy piercing. Always use your head about this. If, say, you desperately want to go swimming next week then you just shouldn't get pierced now. If you can't wait the duration of the average healing time then maybe the piercing is just not for you. I'm not ragging on you, trust me, but it's really discouraging to see so many people not realize that their actions will effect other things.

Anyway, I hope it heals well and I'm always here to provide you with some more advice if you would like. My inbox is completely open.

you know how there are places where guys pay to let girls torture them sexually?
is there a place where its the opposite? like a place where girls pay to get slapped and smacked by guys? im writing a grotesque essay for my creative writing class, and plus i wanna know out of curiosity. (link)
I'm sure there are particular places a woman can go for a sort of thing. Most would just consist of finding a BDSM location or club and inquiring further about services.

Basically, the male would be the Dom (Dominator), Master, or Sir. The male is the Top.

The females in this situation would be the subs (submissives). The female is the bottom.

I have this red nose that I cannot get rid of lately. At times it looks flaky or as if its peeling a bit so I use lotion and tried green concealer with foundation on top to hide it. Whenever I try to cover it up the make-up just looks as if its caked on even if I use just a little or a lot. This only happens on my nose. I think the problem could be that I have dry skin and am using the wrong product?? I always look for the moisturized products anyhow, but what do you think? Please Help! Thanks! (link)
Invest in a little bottle of pure jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. Take just a couple of drops in your hands, rub them together, and then moisturize your face with the oil on your hands.

I had this terrible dry skin on my chin that would NOT go away no matter what. I swear, I battled it for at least a year and a half and it was so ugly because my skin kept doing that nasty flakey thing. I read about how to moisturize the face and I found a lot of information. More than moisturizing you should clean the face properly to prevent over-drying and to help keep the pores unclogged inside. I wrote some about that technique here:

Now I don't even need to moisturize every single day to keep flakes away and my skin happy. I guess I re-balanced it some how doing that technique. But, still, when I feel dry if I take some sweet almond oil (here is the link I bought it from):

It fixes the problem right up. You can't tell I put any sort of oil on my face.

Sweet almond oil is a little "heavier" than jojoba oil. So, sweet almond oil is for if you have really dry skin. Jojoba oil might be a better choice for you if you are just having a little dryness. I recommend:

is there a place in the world where everybody wants to have sex and is willing to do it anytime? and btw, this is a serious question. I live here in Ottawa, Canada, and the girls are somewhat interested in sex on a normal manner, but is there a country where sex is really important and where people are down all the time to do it? (link)
Las Vegas, Nevada has legal prostitution and legal brothels.

I'm certain there are prostitutes 24/7 who are more than willing to engage in sexual activity at any time for the right price. It's their livelihood so it's very important to them to have as many clients as possible.

this would be helpful (link)
Finding a good babysitter is a very difficult task.

Before you settle on a sitter, you'll definitely want to evaluate them (here are some great tips on finding a good babysitter):

- Ask for references. Take the time to check them out.

- Talk with them over the phone. Interview the sitter.

- Meet them, if possible, and let your child meet them with you.

- Consider requiring a drug-test.

- Discuss the "rules" of the house. No smoking? No drinking? No friends over? No internet?

- Start with a small job. If all goes well, schedule a longer time for the sitter to work.

When discussing the job with them, throw some real-life scenarios and be a judge. Examples:

* What would you do if my child began choking? Are you CPR and First Aid certified?

* What if my child falls down the stairs?

* If I contact you and request you to stay slightly longer than anticipated, is that okay? Will your rates change?

* What if you become very ill during the job? What if my child becomes very ill (high fever, vomiting, etc.) during the job?

* What if my child is throwing a major temper tantrum? What are the steps and actions you take?

Instead of utilizing a place like Advicenators, you might want to check the following out:

-*- The YellowPages.

-*- Suggestions from your friends, family, and community members.


hi. im thinking about converting to a quaker and ive been doing my research like a good little noodle :p and i just want to know if quakers have to live in towns all together, or if they can live wherever they please in the usa. also, please tell me anything you know about quakers. it would really help. thanks in advance! (link)
Quakers are not required to live in any particular town or setting.

I've concluded this mainly through the following link:

...which discusses how to meet other Quakers when you're the only one in town or the only one you know of in your surroundings.

"These may be long time members who have relocated to a new area, or seekers who are attracted to Quaker principles but may have never met another Quaker. In order to practice Quakerism, they need a meeting nearby."

That would be why most live close to each other. Fortunately, there is the link above that helps you to find Quaker community meetings and get connected with others.

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