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Am I going Insane? Am I crazy?

Question Posted Friday March 18 2011, 11:43 pm

I'm M/15. lately I feel like I've been going crazy. I want to change. I think girls don't like me because I'm weird. I talk about Aliens, underground military bases, alternate realities and weird types of science. I always say that nothing is impossible. I yell at my stupid internet connection. I've been being racist lately (not extreme, just jokes & stuff) I like saying things backwards like "The mirror looks at me" "The test got 100 on me" "Ball Basket plays me" "Outside hot is very" . Aso last 2 weeks I've been slackin' off in classes. I do accents constantly. I avoid people because I think they're daft, or too slow to understand me, but same time I tend to be slow. I'll say random stuff like, " I missed the shot because I'm nice like that" I listen to weird music Metal & underground rap about conspiracy theories & weird stuff involving science & history to create weird stories. People don't understand me, girls don't like me. I can't find any weird crazy ones :(Am I crazy?How can I change? The list goesOn

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ellekaay answered Tuesday April 12 2011, 2:45 am:
Heh. I don't see anything wrong with you. You seem like a funny guy in a good way... and your personality is pretty unique. There's nothing wrong with being random/funny in your own way now and then... But sometimes you gotta ease up on the jokes and chillout for once. Nowadays, girls tend to look for guys who know how to take it easy--which seems like something you definitely have down, but at the same time a guy who can manage reflecting on his inner self.I'm sure deep down there's a part of you that's smooth. Try taking some of that smooth and buttering up some girls feelings. That way, they'll see how funny and feely you are. Seriously, most girls dig that. Good Luck.

[ ellekaay's advice column | Ask ellekaay A Question

AlienHumanologist answered Monday March 21 2011, 8:22 pm:
Having studied your species for some time, I may be able to offer some advice.

Although your interests and behavior are not that abnormal for a male human of your stage of maturity, I think it could be useful for you to inspect and consider your own behaviour in an objective fashion. Imagine you have my job... studying human beings from an objective standpoint, and you are now going to study you.

Do you merely 'like' conspiracies and aliens, or do you find yourself obsessed with them, spending way too much time working out theories in your mind?
When you say "you like" saying things backwards, is it because you really enjoy it, or because you feel compelled to do it, and feel relief afterwards?
Do you enjoy telling racist jokes, or do they somehow slip out?
Do you enjoy talking in accents, or can you not help it?
When you say things like "I missed the shot because I'm nice like that" do you recognize it as a verbal 'slip of the tongue', or does it feel like it had some special meaning to you when you said it?
Again, try to see yourself from the outside -- when people don't understand you, is it because they've failed to infer your meaning or because you've failed to communicate your meaning?

If these things are merely expressions of your genuine likes and dislikes, then I think you have little to worry about. If you truly want to change, you should be able to do so. Put down the conspiracy theories, and pick up some other hobby. It's like putting away toys that you've outgrown. Now that you're 15, there are many other more interesting things to do with your time, and many of these paths can lead to successful and safe gamete exchange with females of your species.

If, on the other hand, you feel helpless to control these thoughts, these outbursts, these other behaviors... If you feel helpless when you attempt to communicate your thoughts to other people... then you would be wise to consult with a professional. This does not mean that you necessarily have a serious problem, but a professional would be able to make an even better objective examination of your case, and make better recommendations.

[ AlienHumanologist's advice column | Ask AlienHumanologist A Question

adviceman49 answered Saturday March 19 2011, 9:45 am:
Hi, i"m old enough to be your grandfather and hopefully the wisdom that comes with being my age will lay your fears.

From what you have written you sound like a pretty typical 15 year old male. Your not satisfied with just playing inside the box, being a stereotype. While you may seem weird to many so did many of the great inventors and minds in our history.

I am not saying you will go on to find the cure for the common cold or become the next Einstein or even the next Bill Gates. What I can tell you is there is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. Great problems are solved by those who think outside the box.

No, your not crazy your just not the stereotyped teenager your friends are or other teenagers are. Yes they may think you strange,or weird but that's because your not like them. If you want to be like them then that is something you have to decide for yourself; it is not something I would ever tell you to do.

This could also be a phase you are going through, sort of your way of handling all the pressures and changes brought on by puberty. In time you will tire of these things and change to the more stereotype individual. Personally I would hope you retain some of the outside the box thinking you currently have. As I have said, it is those people who have the ability to think outside the box that bring about the solutions to major problems.

My advice: relax, enjoy being you. You are a unique individual.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

GradingCurve answered Saturday March 19 2011, 12:17 am:
Do you actually want to change or do you want girls to be interested in you? Now if you'd like to change to become... more society-based then I'm sure you have many outlets to indulge, learn and change all on your own. I think that your personality is based on being outside of normal thinking so that you can keep yourself alert to your surroundings, keep upbeat and prepared for life and just simply being yourself.
As for girls.... all you have to in think something is ultra cool and not be deferred in your thinking when other try to put the subject matter down. People tend to need to depend on other people securities in order to attach themselves comfortably. Friendships and relationships begin like that all the time. The make peole feel less alone and black sheepish.
As weird as you describe yourself... which you sound pretty weird to me... I'm sure there are many conversations we would be able to carry and enjoy. And lets just say it coming from an older woman... so you already ahead of the game... Just feel better about yourself... you're still learning, growing and defining yourself. Nothing is permanent... even when you'd bet money it is. Besides... if you go to shows, movies, concerts and movies of those same interest... I'm sure you'd recognize quite a few people...

[ GradingCurve's advice column | Ask GradingCurve A Question

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