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im the new kid and i no absoutly no one im going to be a junior and im pretty shy so how can i make it easier on myself so im not so nervous

Ok... well first of all dont act so nervous and scared. People can tell when you are and then they could make fun of you for it. The first thing I think you should do is to try taking up a sport. The best way to make friends is to play a sport that you like and enjoy. When you make friends from your favorite sport, you'll have something in common with them. The friends you make on a sports team will probally be your friends until you graduate. Or if your not into any sports then there are tons of clubs that you can join. The have all sorts of different clubs and for everything. You will definitely make some new friends; and very fast if you join a club or take up a sport. I hope this advice will help you overcome your shy-ness and nervous-ness and hopefully very soon you will make new friends. Goodluck :)


Hi i met a wonderful man and married him i now live in new york but i came from england i have all my family in england i have been here for nearlly 4 years but i miss my family so much i dont know what to i want to go back and be with them but also want to be with my husband i am so sad at times it is so hard as i have no freinds just his daughter here and her son i feel like i dont know what to do i am so confused please help me

First of all congrats on getting married. Second, you should tell your husband that you miss your family and want to be with them. Try talking to your husband and ask him how he would feel if you moved back to England. You and your husband can move with the kids to England so that way both of you are happy. He has his wife and kids and you have your family. If he really loves you then he will understand that you miss your family and that you want to be with them. It doesnt hurt to ask. If that doesnt work out then instead of moving to England you can try visiting your family more often. Maybe every 4 months or so you can go visit them and on holidays you can go to. I hope this advice helps you and good luck.


I love listening to music and I love to sing. But I think that my voice is not good. What do I do????

Here's what I think that you should do... First of all I had the same problem. I absolutely love music and singing, but I didnt think that I sounded good. I have this best friend that takes singing classes(and she's really good). She kept asking me to sing with her but I told her no. One day she finally broke me down and I sang with her. She told me I couldnt sing and that I was awful. She really hurt my feelings. I never listend to music again; or even sang. She hurt me so bad. One day I woke up and turned my radio on full blast and listend to it. I realized what I missing and just started singing. I had so much fun. So I decided that it doesnt matter what my friend thinks or what anyone else thinks. All it matters is if I want to sing, then I will. She doesnt have to listen to me sing if she doesnt want to. Besides I could take singing classes if I wanted to. So you want to know what to do... sing. Your probally an amazing singer. I hope you take my advice and good luck with whatever you choose to do.


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