I'm keeping pretty much all detail secret, but here's what I will tell you.

Before I found this site a had given advice many, many times. I am proud to say that some of my advice has changed lives, and even saved them. I decided that I wanted to do more, to help change the world any way I could.

So I went searching for advice-giving online communities, and I found this.


I have a Windows Vista laptop and I was wondering if I could use it to play my Xbox 360. Reason is both of my brothers' consoles are connected to the same TV as my Xbox 360 so play time among us is quite difficult since we are serious gamers. My Xbox 360 is an Elite by the way. Would I need certain cables for this procedure? Or would a desktop computer screen be better?

It depends on the monitor. In general a laptop won't work, unless it's high quality with A/V jack plug-ins. If not, some HD monitors have A/V capability.

This is similar to plugging a computer into my Sony LCD Bravia tv. But in the computer - tv scenario, you need a specific monitor cable.

So with some monitors yes, just check for the yellow, white and red jacks on your laptop/monitor. If you need more help, just ask me.

EDIT: Also, you may be able to find an A/V - computer monitor adapter(plug the jacks into the adapter, which has a video cable leading to the monitor.)

Make sure you get the CORRECT cable though, it may be a 9-pin lower quality cable or a HD 3-row 15-pin cable.


ok so i'm back with another problem. i still like one of my very close to my guy friends. I still haven't told him i liked him because I want to wait for a perfect moment when its just the two of us. So we were hanging out before he went to soccer practice yesterday just the two of us. That's when I was going to tell him. Than my best friend interrupts saying that she needs to talk to me. She tells me that two of my closest girlfriends have feelings for him and they don't know I like him. So one liked him last year and said she got over him. But she likes him now and some other guys. The other one,she an him are good friends and is really into him. Now i don't think i should tell him because i wanna be a good friend. That just the way i am, so what should i do?

Think about it this way: If you always give your friends a chance at getting a guy first, you'll never get a boyfriend. The same goes for anything in life. Trust me - I know from experience that you don't get anything by waiting. You have to go for it, which is something I do - and you will - regret not doing in your life.

I hope this helps.


im a 15 a girl and my boyfriend and i went to have sex and he couldnt get his penis in it hurt
a bit we tried again and it happened again
its not real big what can we do?

Try some form of water-based lubricant or saliva. I don't normally answer these questions, but I figured everyone deserves answers.

So water-based lubricant or saliva should do it, but NOT gorilla glue or Crisco.


My whole life, so far anyways, has been one, big, miserable hell. I'm going to be 19 in September and I don't feel like I can trust anybody. I've been told I'm pretty even beautiful, but I am not popular. Everybody makes fun of me, all throughout school they've made fun of me. My friends make fun of me, my family makes fun of me, and they do it in front of people who just met me which gives them a bad impression of me. I feel like everyone hates me because of some of the stuff they say. Everyone talks down to me when I say how I feel and I just hate it! Everyone seems to want to know how you feel and then when you tell them, they yell at you! I hate my life, and I hate being alive. No one would miss me if I was dead, so why does God keep me alive?

Please trust me on this, I went through the same thing recently. My life so far has seemed pointless and it has sucked most of the way through.

I was thinking how you are not that long ago. Everything goes wrong and nobody seems to care, right? But believe me, whether you know it or not your family would miss you. They just don't seem to respect you. What you need to do is not just tell them how it makes you feel, but be assertive. Don't let them walk all over you, tell them that it is NOT okay. If that doesn't work and you still are being harassed, disrespected and talked down to, do the same thing back to them. Don't talk to them, talk AT them. After they realize how it feels they'll stop.

Even if your family is a bunch of losers that wouldn't miss you, there is always that one person that you don't even seem to see that loves you for who you are and just doesn't have the nerve to tell you. I've been in both positions before.

So if you are ever having suicidal thoughts, just think, "What am I REALLY leaving behind? What could happen with my life?" You could end up living a happy, successful life.

When it seemed to me like there was no point anymore, and that I was all alone, I joined a martial arts class. I was great, and within a year I was at brown belt. Next year I'll get black. So find something that you like and are good at, then join a class or club. You'll find people like you there, because you obviously have similar interests. These people would get to know you - possibly before they even MEET your family.

I found a purpose in life here, on this site. My purpose is to help others find theirs, and this site is just the beginning. Now you find yours, because you won't catch anything sitting still. You have to look for it.

Good luck, and have a good life.


im not sure if its because im self conscious or not about everything on me or if this can really happen, i was pregnant but lost the baby at 10 weeks and my boobs grew a lot in that time to wear i got stretch marks and i was happier with the bigger boobs since i was only a 34B and now that i lost the baby and im not lactating anymore it looks to me like my boobs shrunk like maybe even smaller than before can that really happen or is it in my head?

It may be in your head. But also because you lost the baby there has most likely been some stress and/or unhappiness.

This can cause weight loss, which generally results in smaller breasts.


I'm really stuck..... so my supposed friend screwed me over big time. I was really into this guy fro two years well I was in the process of trying to move on...... my friend of like 7 years who I confided in about him everyday told me one day that she would never talk to him well we are at the same work and I have the habit of looking at the caller id well I went past him number in the caller id. I asked her about it and she started crying and said she didnt want me to get mad I told her not to lie that makes me more mad but then she had sex with him and lied again but eventually told me with a smirk on her face. Anyways I told her that I dont want to talk about him but everyday she tells me she is sorry and then tells me more stories about him everytime I try to tell her I dont think I can be her friend she gets all sad and Im a sucker for tears.. she was my best friend but she really hurt me!! Im so lost.

Don't ever let a guy come between you and a true friend.

But with what she's been doing(disrespecting you by bringing up an uncomfortable subject), and the fact that she smirked when she told you tells me she's not the true friend you thought she was.

It's up to you whether you talk to her ever again or not, but she doesn't respect or care about you or your feelings.


I was just switched into an alternative class so after my first class i have to sign out leave the school and walk a couple blocks to my alternative class if 'm doing this for the rest of the year i do you think i could lose 5 pounds not to mention the fact we have to run half a mile for gym every other day what do you think?

As long as you eat well and keep it up, you can easily lose 5 pounds in a year. If you keep active at home too you could actually gain weight - muscle weighs MORE than fat. So if you exercise enough you could actually lose weight and then gain some.

Just remember, an active body is a healthy body.


This is a little embarrasingg but I have a heavy flow..my period is extremely heavy when ever its that time of the month..its so heavy that it'll fill up a large pad in an hour or less...its so embarrasing because it sometimes leaks out and gets on my jeans..and ill walk around with a big period stain till someone says something to me..I don't know how to control it. How can I slow down my period without taking any birth control..and how can I fix my leaking problem..

You said large? Go with extra-large or jumbo. That's about all you can do. This is a natural thing and you can't slow it down without the chemicals in some form of drug/medicine.

Good luck.


he's 16 turning 17 next month.

recently, me and him kinda got into an incident where things happened and our family got upset. but apparently, i say that his father took it way too far.. he punched him in the stomach, and my boyfriend coughed out blood then passed out. he was already tired when that happened, because he was crying and he had marching band the whole day. and ever since, he said he's been throwing up blood... is there a way to stop him from throwing up blood?

DangerNerd is right. Go NOW. You can't delay, don't even bother rating until you get back. That is if you WANT to rate.

He could have serious internal bleeding, or a punctured organ.



it was my birth day yesterday, and ive always wanted a really good telescope, now, i want a scope that i can really see things... i mean... i can see jupider with my own eyes... and i can see the moons and rings of jupider with a peice of crap spoter scope, i want something where i can see the details on jupider, and see nebuas, not a fuzzy spot in the sight, i wanna see a detailed picture... now i realize thats hard to come by, and my price range is pretty low... like, under $350... id also like a tripod with it included... i was looking at the "Vixen R130Sf Reflector Optical Tube Assembly" but it doesnt have a tripod...so it gets expensive... i realise this is demanding list of things for 350, but maybe you all know something i dont

The cheapest telescope I've found like that with a tripod was for $799.99 at WalMart. That was about 7 years ago so the price now is probably closer to $1000.

However you could check this site for telescopes on clearance:



i'm on the birth control yaz, have been on birth control for about 3 years now but i was just wondering, when is the best time to have sex? meaning, when is the time you are LESS likely to get pregnant, because i heard that there are times where you're more fertile but i don't know if that matters if your on the BC or not.

thanks :)

Well remember, there is only one 100% birth prevention - but you obviously aren't interested in that.

Pills aren't 100%, but combine condoms and you're almost guaranteed to be "safe." Anyway, if you don't want to use a condom the best time would be just after your period ends. This is because the egg the might be there has left your body already, and it will be about a month until another might be there.

Sperm only survives a few days, not a month.

So my advice: keep taking your pills, use a condom, and have sex just after your period ends.


heyy well ill cut to the chase. i have a boy friend and weve been going out for 2 months and i love him sooo much ... but i went on vacation a lil while ago and i cant seem to get this one guy out of my head. the guy and i didnt talk that much but when we did i could tell he had something for me just by the way he smiled but i would never do anything with him cause i love my boyfriend. the thing is idk what to do now i talked to the kid on the computure and he told me that i caught his attention the most and if he didnt get with a girl while we were away that he would of talked to me more and when i told him i had a boyfriend he said the girls he liked always do and i feel bad cause i dont like making ppl feel bad... like ill be in class and just sit there and hell pop up in my head and ill laugh but i dont like him like that i just dk wat to do........

confused =/

Well first of all, I'd like to say it's nice to know there's someone still out there that actually cares about others' feelings.

Anyway, this is an area where a lot of people will get hurt. If for some reason you did do something, in the end all 3 of you would end up hurt. I admit that I don't have much experience from your position because I spent way too long trying to get a certain person to realize I exist, but my advice to you is to think of how happy you are with your boyfriend.

And remember, love is attained by knowing someone and caring for them for a long period of time - generally years. So even if you thought it was "love at first sight," it was just "lust at first sight.) No, that isn't an insult, but a fact.

Remind yourself that the guy will meet someone else.


I go tanning regularly, especially during the summer. The thing is, I want another tattoo (I have 2 existing ones from years ago). I don't know what I should do since you're not supposed to tan after getting a tattoo, but at this point, I have the extra money and have been itching to get this tattoo forever. Is there any way I can get it and still tan or will it mess up the tattoo? I've paid for tanning for the summer so I don't want to stop and waste money. Any kind of tips to cover up the tattoo or lotion I could use so I can still tan would be great! (21/F)

So what you're saying is that you use a tanning booth? That in itself is a bad choice. If you do that too often, the extreme UV rays will eventually cause burning and even cancer.

You could always ask for your money back, not tan, and get a tattoo. The tan should last a little while anyway.

Another option is to wait until your pre-paid tanning is over and THEN get the tattoo.


I really like this purse. I dont care that its fake i honestly cant afford a real one. I dont really care for designer brands either i just reallly like it!! But when i went to check out it said that shipping was $30 unless you buy like 6 things or more. Thats expensive! Almost as much as the purse. Is there a reason its this expensive? Is it safe to give my information out on this site?


If they're asking for $30 in shipping, they're probably going to take your money and everyone else's who buy those purses and run, leaving you without a purse and $65 short. People do this stuff all the time, even sometimes offering a job. You pay for the product to sell, they say it'll be in soon, and you go back the next day to find an empty building.

I'd recommend NOT buying that purse or anything from that site.


feel kinda wierd asking that. But do they? Cause im a bit self cousious about that cuz my boyfriend wants to finger me nd i agrred but thats the only thing that worries me.
Personal experiances? Boys POV (point of veiw)?
Plzz dont tell me im too young for this...
~Olie =/
14/f && 14/m (15 in aug)

Well, as a guy, I can say that any mature male will have no problem at all. It's natural. If we were meant to be bald there, wouldn't it be in our genes?
And Serena is right, most mentally mature guys actually prefer there to be some hair.

If you do want to get rid of some/all of it though, you can easily trim with scissors. Or a razor...Or waxing...Or one of those pads they advertise on TV that removes hair...


does anyone know how i can get my boobs to be perky. cause they kind of sag a little. and i hate it. i was watching greace and the girl always has her hands above her head like squeezing them to gether to move her boobs so i try that and im not sure if its working or not. well thankyou!

Well just remember, breasts are just sacks of fat hanging from your torso. They will never be perfect balloons of flesh that stick off your chest.

But, if you just want them to be a little more "perky" there are ways. There are the simple "push-up" bras, and then there is the more expensive, permanent, dangerous "boob job". Plastic surgery can be very dangerous.

I'd suggest just buying "push-up" bras. Or maybe you could even buy clothing that is tighter around the bust. If you choose the tighter clothing, you might have to adjust their position a little...

So my advice is to first try push-up bras of your NORMAL size.


Iam 22 male from India. I was attracted to both men and women. But i was attracted more towards men than women. I had sex experience with 1 or 2 guys too. I havent taken any steps to have fun with girls so far. It is true that my mind is fond of seeking a girlfriend to have intimate friendship or love. I would like to get married with a girl and to lead a pleasant life with her and my children. Iam not interested in continuing my gay relation. I was in a confused state of mind. I really want to know where i was in my sexual orientation. If I get married with a girl,can I able to satisfy her sexual need and other needs ..?Kindly guide me whether I can marry a girl or lead my life single. Note: I was attracted to some girls but never had a courage to express my love to them. I dont know why...

Well just remember, there are THREE sexual orientations, not two. There is "straight"(heterosexual), "gay"(homosexual) and "bi"(bisexual).

There are plenty of bisexual men who have had experiences with other men, and later in their life got married and had children with a woman.
Having had sex with another man doesn't mean you can't satisfy a woman.

So my answer to you is this: Whether you choose to live a single life or get married is your choice. If they don't accept who you are and what you have done in the past they don't deserve you.
You can live your life how you want, and if you wish, go get married and have kids!


You know...Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Well, I live about 4500 miles away (or about 7200 KM), across the ocean, in The United States of America. I'm just an average U.S. citizen, and I’m only 18 years old. Granted I don't expect to carry on a full fledged conversation with the Queen of England. I would be happy with a handshake and a hello from her or something of those sorts. How on earth could I get to meet Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II? (Mind you, that I’m not exactly overflowing with cash so how could I reasonably meet her? It's my biggest dream to meet her!)

Well, I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to meet her.

First, you have to fly to England. Then you have to get security clearance. Then, the queen has to WANT to meet someone.

She is an extremely high profile person, and has security 24/7. The only way that I could even imagine you having a slight CHANCE to meet her is if she has a public appearance and you're in the area.


kwell, im getting a health physical with a urine test
is drugs going to show on that test if i had done any
before if so how do i prevent it? give me advice please.

Yes, drugs do appear on urine tests. There is no way you can prevent this, either. But, if you look at this table, it shows you how long each type of drug stays in your system. After that time period, you should be fine. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_long_do_drugs_stay_in_your_system

And if you don't know, I'd like to let you know that "amphetamines" are drugs like meth.


My best friend has been with this boy for well over 2 years. They have never been official, but they say i love you, he fucks her, they chill, whatever.. they act like a couple. This kid fucks other girls all the time, lies to her, treats herlike shit, and just the other week he was so drunk, he beat her up. He drinks all the time, has no job, doesnt go to school, he encouraged my ex boyfriend tocheat on me throughout our whole relationship, he harasses his friends. Basically this kid is worthless. My friend talks about him all the time, wont go out and do anything cause of him because she chooses to mostly, not cause hetells her not to, she comaplins, cries, but noooooo matter what he does, even after he beat her up, she goes back. Its like from the Hills, with heidi and spencer and lauren. Except this is worse. I cant be her friend... its so annoying and stressful, cause ill stick up for her, tell him off, get into my own shit, then two days later no matter what he does she;ll be hanging out with him. She fuckin buys him stuff so he'll talk to her again AFTER HE DOES SHIT TO HER.

She does not understand why i am like, not talking to her and dont wanna be her friend. Am i doing anything wrong in this situation. Its been going on about 3 times a month for well over two years, and the thing is i try to tell myself not to care cause its nothing new, but i do. And it pisses me off when she goes back to him, he hates me, i hate him. He's done enough shitto me already.
But anyways, am i doing anything wrong?

Well I hate to say this, but legally there isn't much you CAN do. You can either keep doing what you're doing, or in one of the periods that she wants nothing to do with him(like after a beating) try to convince her to call the cops. If she does, she's got all the proof she needs to put him behind bars.

After that, she has NO CHOICE but to stay away from him.

My sister went through this and still is, but she's too pig-headed to do anything.

I hope you do better for your friend than we have for my sister, and I hope this helps.


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