I'm keeping pretty much all detail secret, but here's what I will tell you.

Before I found this site a had given advice many, many times. I am proud to say that some of my advice has changed lives, and even saved them. I decided that I wanted to do more, to help change the world any way I could.

So I went searching for advice-giving online communities, and I found this.


i wont to die

You haven't given any detail on why, but trust me, death isn't worth it. Think of all you're leaving behind and who it'll affect. What about your family, your friends? If you end it, there's no going back.

You could live a successful life, get married, have kids! If you make it through this, you could end up living a happy life.

It's your decision, but please, for your sake, don't do it. Go see a counselor. They can help you through this.


this is a VERY long story, but im gonna try to lay this out as short as possible and please, im desperate here, you have NO clue what i've been through these past few months, and i need all the help i can get..

last year i met a REALLY sensative guy. he was 16, about to be 17, and i was 14.. he was soooo shy, hes VERY insecure. when we first started dating, all he said to me was how i saved him and pulled him out of his misery because he has had no luck with relationships and was treated like shit by girls his whole life. hes not even that cute and popular, and i have a waaay higher social status in my grade/ school then he does in his grade.. but ive been known to have wierd taste and i can look beyond looks and things like that very easily. i think when we first started dating him i was just excited over the fact that he had a car and he was a junior and i was only a freshmen.. but i actually did end up falling in love with him. and he was COMPLETELY in love with me. we lost our virginities to eachother and ill tell you, im smart, and not at all a bit naiive.. i knew this kid loved me. & we did NOT have a sex based relationship whatsoever.. we became eachothers best friends. both of us lost all of our other friends because we were only with eachother 24-7. he called my mom 'mom' and i did the same with his mom.. we were incredibly close.. and sense he was older, i felt so comftorbal and secure with him, and i went to him with all my problems, and he would help me.. ive been suffering from depression for years and me and my mother never had a good relationship, and my father left me, and i was molested as a baby.. but when i was with him, he made me feel so comftorbal. we told eachother EVERYTHING. and i was postive he was there to stay. he promised me forever every single day. we dated for a year. i messed it up, biggest mistake of my entire life.. he started getting very annoying and up my ass. you know when youre in a bad mood and you just want to be left alone? well he would never leave me alone. he'd be like 'its okay babe i love you' bla bla. all mushy, when i just want to be mad!. i tried talking to him about this many times and all he could say was im sorry i just love you soooo much i cant help it.. all my friends called him whipped cream and everything.. it was BAD. but anyways, one night i was out with my friends the day before a cheer competition, and my ex was there.. and somewhere along the lines, we kissed.. my boyfriends friend was there and told him that if i didnt tell him, he was going to.. i knew he wasnt going to break up with me or anything.. so i told him.. but the thing is.. i think i was looking for a fight with him because our relationship was so boring. when i told him, it pissed me off how he was crying instead of being mad, yelling at me. so i started saying things to make him mad.. i said TERRIBLE things. like i was gonna keep cheating on him because he basically lets me, and how i know i take advantage of him because he trusts me so much but i shouldnt.. and he was like well maybe i have to break up with you then.. and he was like i really dont want to. and i was like fine just do it idont care! yelling at him and stuff.. and then he did. i was thinking we would get back together in a couple weeks.. so after we broke up, we still talked because we obv. still loved eachother and everything. we acted like we were going out, and we even 'hooked up' a few times.. but when he asked me back out, i kept saying no, i wasnt ready.. because the relationship was SOOO akward after we broke up.. he was acting so different. and i knew why. it was because i broke his heart. and i did, bad. so one day after we hooked up, my friend told me that her brother saw my 'boyfriend, x-boyfriend, whatever u wanna call him' at a store.. and he was saying how he was done with me and he was trying to get with this new girl 'leesh'.. i was FURIOUS. i called him up screaming at him asking for all my stuff back and it was over for good and everything. but really, i wanted an appology from him, not my stuff back. btw, i was very remorsful for cheating on him and saying what i said to him, i mustve appologized a million times.. but he didnt say anything, he justgave me all my stuff back and acted like it was nothing.. and then i kept trying to get him back, but he kept rejecting me. i was litterally down on my knees for this kid. until one day i found out he had a girlfriend. not just some girl.. the girl who dates ALL the boys that i date after me.. but thats a whole nother story.. anyways, i was devistated. i couldnt eat, i couldnt talk, i couldnt sleep, i couldnt go to school,, nothing. all i did was cry and cry and cry and cry. i tried talking to him seeing if we could be friends and stuff, but he hates me now. if i send him one text, he shuts his phone off. he goes all different ways in the halls so i dont have to see him in school, he wont even look my way. he saw me practically drown in my own tears and he didnt even care. i wrote him long long letters, i tried everything i could just to be able to talk to him when i need to, so i wouldnt be so hurt about the situation.. now, i have two weeks left of school and im failing 4 classes.. and im an honors student. i DONT fail. its not me. and im grounded because of it, so i cant even go out and try to forget it. its been sense thhe end of february... and still,all i can think about is killing myself.. people say they are heart broken.. but this gives heart broken a new definition. there is litterally a hole in my chest. and i keep getting maaaassive anxiety attacks in class, and i do go to counceling wich is sort of helpful but we mostly talk about my parents.. three days ago, she broke up with him. and he was very upset from what i heard.. he hasnt tried talking to me or anything but i dont know what to do, i want to talk to him but he'll just ignore me.. i love this kid and care about him with my life. today i thought i was going to DIE. it was the last day of school for the seniors. the last time ill EVER see him again. the last time ill ever get to look for him i the halls so i can walk by him.. that was the only time i ever got to see him, and today was my last day. and when i walked by him for the very last time of my life today, he didnt even look at me. it was so painful. he couldnt even have the heart to say bye to me considering im his first love and helll never see me again. i havent been able to stop crying sense i last saw him. i dont even know what to do with my life any more. someone PLEEEEEASE tell me what to do to get him back. ANNYTHING. I AM DESPERATE FOR HELP. we had such a good relationship till i cheated and we Never ever had one fight. but you dont even understand. this kid wouldnt even look at any other girls, deleted all the girls in his phone book, couldnt go an hour without texting me just saying he loved me, couldnt go a day withouth seeing me, brought me flowers randomly, did EVERYTHING for me. how can you love someone so much and go through everything we've been through together, and then just completely shut them out of your life?

Wait, so you're saying that you mentally and emotionally abused him and that you cheated on him so he broke up with you. And then you're saying that you wanted HIM to apologize?

Here's my advice:
Lose the control issues.
Realize your feelings aren't all that matter in the world.
Realize that by using and abusing you get burned.
Get a life.

Oh, and if he's smart, which I bet he is, you CAN'T get him back. As a guy I can say that no matter how much we may have loved someone, if they treat us like you said, we detach ourselves from them. Even if it hurts, we hate them.

The world doesn't revolve around you. You had your chance, and you blew it.


well im 15/f and i'm 5'9 and i guess you could say im big boned. i'm not fat, just got a little "pooch". and it's SO annoying.
i was wondering what should i eat?
and what should i do for exercises?
how many times a day should i exercis and how long?
how many days a week?
how long would you think it would take to loose 15 lbs before september?
anything else you recommend would be GREAT!

First take a look at this chart: http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/height_weight.shtml

If you are in the target range for your height or lower, you DO NOT want to lose weight. If you are heavier than the target weight, you may want to lose a few pounds.

As for the exercises, I recommend doing push-ups, sit-ups, leg-lifts, pull-ups. Slowly work up from lower amounts, but push yourself.

If you have nothing to do pull-ups, buy an Iron Gym or an Iron Gym Extreme from your local sports shop.

Also, use a treadmill or run a couple miles a day. Again, push yourself, but not too much.

In a few weeks, you might actually weigh more. Don't worry, it's not fat. If you exercise regularly you'll build muscle. And remember, muscle weighs MORE than fat, not less.

If you're more muscular than you are fat, you don't need to do anything more than you already are.

Just eat healthy and se the exercises I've liste and you should notice a difference.


how do I put videos on to a DVD

It depends on what harware you have(PC or Mac computer), the current software on it(i.e. Windows XP), the type of file the video is saved as, and the DVD writing software that is compatible.

If you can tell me what software/hardware you have and if you have DVD writing software(i.e. Windows Movie Maker) I'll get you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

For most computers you can put a disk in the DVD drive, find the file on the computer that you want to copy/move to the disk, and a couple clicks will get you there.

For Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Vista here are the instructions:

1. Insert disk
2. Close disk drive
3. When a window pops up click the "No Action" option.
4. Click "Start" on the toolbar
5. Click "My Computer"
6. Open the "External Disk" or "Removable Disk" file.
7. Locate the file you wish to move in a separate browser.
8. Click(hold) and drag the video from its current folder to the "External Disk" window.

It may run you through some more steps or ask you a few questions like "Are you sure you would like to move this file?" Just answer the questions, wait for the file to save, and remove the disk/DVD.


My boyfriend and I are both 17. I lost my virginity to him not too long ago and we've been having sex for about 3 months. We have sex A LOT. With protection of course! Well I think it's a lot but we both have really high sex drives. I enjoy all of it and never feel pressured into doing it. This past week we've had sex 9 times in 7 days. That's about average. The first time I slept over at his house we had sex once at 3am, again at 7am and again at 9. We went on vacation together recently and made it our mission to have sex all over the rental house. We did it 6 times within 3 and a half days. We're not even kinky people we just do it a lot! We've been walked in on by friends a lot who all have the comment "you two f*** like bunnies". He always tells me that he can't believe he found a girl who has the sex drive of a guy yet still looks so innocent. He doesn't even have to do anything to turn me on, he can be covered in dirt working on a car and I'll think about how much I love him and it just makes me want him so bad and I know its the same for him. We do other stuff too like go fishing,movies,out to dinner,cooking at home,shopping,go for drives/walks,party...its just that we always find time for sex somewhere in the day. We'll both be going away to college in the fall and don't know how we'll deal with being apart. Neither of us would ever cheat but it's going to be hard.

But is this much sex really normal for a teen couple? We've talked to another couple that we're friends with about this but they said they were only like this when they first started having sex and they've slowed down a lot now.

Sometimes a couple will have sex a lot towards the beginning of the relationship. A lot of them start to slow down after a while. But, some couples, if they really love each other and have the sex drive will continue like this for much longer.


About what side bra do you think this girl wears? I'm considering breast implants and i would like to be her size. Can someone throw a random guess out there what side bra you think she wears and how much you think she weighs she's about 5ft tall maybe she is really short. Thanks.




I'm not a bra expert but I think that's about a D and she looks like 100-110 if she's 5' tall.


Hey. I'm 15/female, and I'd say I have pretty bad skin..
Actually, I have terrible skin. It has scars from past acne and there's always new acne patches on either my forhead, temples, chin, or sometimes all three. I don't think I have the money for a dermatolagist, so I was wondering what foods I can eat/ exercises I can do to help with bad skin? Or any facewashes (besides proactiv, that's expensive) that would help? Thanks!

Well, excercises won't do anything for you. I'm not sure of any foods either. Most people overlook the cheap brands of acne treatment because they think, "It's cheap, so it must not work." WRONG! When I had acne problems, I used the very cheap and effective ZAP-A-ZIT. It's name is stupid, and it's cheap, but it works. In 1-3 days any problems should be cleared up. It seems to prevent for a little while, too.

Just use it before bed and you should clear up.



I would like to build credit history and build my credit score by using a credit card to pay my bills, but how can I get a credit card when no one will aprove me because my credit history is not long enough? Is there a card that accepts people with little or no credit history? Something that doesn't have high interest? Thank you for your time.

One way to buuild credit is to buy something with a monthly bill(or annual bill) and just pay it on time. It's a great way to build credit, and you might get a cell phone out of it.

I hope this helps. :)

To answer your question, no, you don't have to use a credit card to gain credit. Any recurring bills will build good credit if you pay them on time. For example, if you get a cell phone and pay all the bills on time, it'll slowly build credit. Very slowly because it's just a cell phone, but it's a start.


I got into my first relationship, and it's over now, but my friends are all upset and everything because they felt that we were all into each other instead of being with our friends, is this normal? How do I fix the tension with my friends?

Thanks in advance!

This is perfectly normal for a first relationship. But just remember, a true friend is there forever, your first relationship isn't, If it starts to hurt your friendships too much, just tell the other person that you need to spend a little more time with your freinds and less with them. Or better yet, bring them to hang out with your friends. They might end up being friends themselves.

I had one friend who got into a relationship with the wrong person, they got into the wrong crowd. I had known them for almost my whole life. They started making terrible decisions, and we(me and my other 10-year friends) couldn't get him to stop. Before we could stop it, the friendship was ruined.

My best friend had always been there, and then suddenly was gone. It still hurts to see what they're doing to themselves.

My advice: If they're true friends, stick with them. Don't let one person change who you are or who you hang out with. Be yourself and be careful.


Michael Jackson died today and he was only 50 years old. It really took me by surprise, but it wasn't as if I didn't expect it sometime fairly soon. There have been rumors flying around for some time now about his health problems. As a matter of fact, when Michael was on trial, one day he was late because of health problems. Obviously, the judge didn't feel that Michael's health was all that important because he threatened to have Michael Jackson jailed unless he made an appearance in the courtroom. Michael showed up in his pajamas. Does anyone else remember that?

People made it out to seem as if he was faking. Some people even made it seem like he was crazy and would do ANYTHING as he was suddenly "extremely unpredictable" and all. I guess he wasn't kidding or faking about having health problems, huh?

I'm going to miss Michael Jackson. He was a man who set out to hurt no one, but the world seemed hell-bent upon hurting him. Michael Jackson was seriously the King of Pop in so many ways. Maybe he's better off wherever he is since we trashed his good name without even giving him a chance to speak. I choose to believe that he is now seated up in Heaven, seeing God for the first time.

Does anyone feel like me about Michael Jackson or am I alone in this? When I was growing up Michael Jackson was such a big role model. Sure, he was a little weird but he seemed to care and love. I'm really hurt that Michael Jackson is dead :( almost like a large portion of my childhood has been abandoned.

My friends and I have always been huge fans of Michael Jackson. Whenever anyone would try to ruin his name, we stood up for him. Sure he was a little strange, but wouldn't you be, too, if you went through what he did?

When I heard that he died I couldn't believe it. He was a hero, and he always seemed so invincible. He always seemed to be able to deal with whatever crap was thrown at him. It was shocking, and I took it hard.

It wasn't proven that he molested children. Actually, he won every case. Most of his law suits were from not paying people. Michael would never have molested a child, he loved children. That's why he built Neverland! He wanted to give kids a place to have fun, not get raped!

The truth is, whether they admit it or not, everyone misses him. A lot of people will regret what they said. I have a feeling that this will hit the world with ten times the force of Steve Irwin's death.

No, you aren't alone. We're all with you.


how do i save pictures to my memory card because for some reason it will not let me do that

If your LG Vu is anything like mine, what you do is:

1. Go to the picture menu.

2. Hilight the desired picture.

3. Click "Options"

4. Click "Move"

5. Select what is probably labeled as "Memory Card" or something similar.

If you have the LG Vu CU920, and it functions the same as mine, that should do it.

I hope this helps.


what is the easiest way to make money fast legally or illegally and not get caught

First of all, always go legal. There's way too much risk in illegal. The fastest, easiest way is to go through your stuff. Decide what you do and don't need/use and sell what you don't use. You could try lawn sales, auctions on Ebay, etc.


So I'm on this 28 day birth control pill. the 4th week, is the inactive pills, and you're supposed to be on your period when taking them. Well,I wasn't the last time I took the inactive pills. Could that affect my chances of not getting pregnant?

Just remember that the menstrual cycle isn't always the same exact length. The average is 28 days, but for many women it's more or less. This shouldn't affect anything, because the inactive pills are just sugar tablets. They're just there to make sure you remember to keep taking your pills.

Also remember that the birth control pills aren't 100% effective. Only abstinence is 100% effective, but it's obvious you don't have that in mind. The next best thing: condom. Condoms have been proven to work 99% of the time, and if you combine that with "the pill" you will almost definitely not get pregnant.


Hi I was wondering, what is the best trick to enhancing your drinking abillity? If there is such a way please help me

I'm assuming you asked this because you want to win drinking games. That's the only reason that I could think of that you would want to be able to drink more, and drink faster.
I'm not going to go on a huge rant about alcohol, because I'm sure you've heard it before. But, I will just remind you that alcohol is a dangerous poison that will kill you if you drink too much.

So, here are some tips:

1. Drink more often.
2. Drink larger amounts of alcohol(slowly build up)
3. Don't drink too much at once, you'll end up with a BAC of .3(.3=possible death and definite coma, .5=death)

Your body will slowly build up a tolerance for alcohol, meaning that you could safely drink more alcohol faster. But, if you want a short-term solution, before you play any drinking games eat food. A lot of food, but not an unhealthy amount. I recommend a big plate of spaghetti.
The food will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream. This is short-term, and if you drink a lot you'll just feel it later.

Go and win that Golden Mug!


i have an old computer that i bought in 2005.
its an emachine and it doesnt work. the processor has viruses on it and wont let me do anything. the moniter wont turn on. so do u think they would take my computer and give me cash if i sell it at computer renaissance. and how much would they give me
if the states matter i live in arizona

I'm not sure what you'll get, but it won't be much. You might be able to get a few bucks for it if you sell it for scrap.


The next doomsday is December 21st, 2012, in 3 years, and I know it's stupid, but I'm REALLY freaked out because there's lots of proof. All I do is worry now! ( Stuff at http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/2012-roland-emmerich.html)

Can anyone help me?

Proof? No, there's no proof. There are theories(based on the fact that the Mayan calendar ends on that date) but no proof. It's all superstition. Think, they were around thousands of years ago and even if they wanted to go farther with the calendar, they were probably wiped out before they could!

Don't worry, we're not all going to die. Remember Y2K? Did that happen? No. Will this? No.

Just live your life as happily as possible.


Oh lord, this is awkward. I have several questions about fingering. Hmmm, so how does it even start? Like does he just stick his hand down your pants while your making out or what? ha. Standing up or laying down? What does the girl do? Just lay there? Isn't it awkward? What if she cums? What the hell do you do then? Clean it up? Chnge your clothes? SO CONFUSED.

Strange question, but reasonable. And technically, making out is considered kissing.

Well, he could do something leading to it first, or he could, just as you said, shove it in. The girl could be standing, sitting, laying down, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that the finger is in... It doesn't really matter what the girl does either... And I'm assuming if she cums that you'd want to clean it up. If you don't it can get kind of nasty...

Good luck on your awkward quest!

And don't feel stupid asking, it's a reasonable question.



hi ok, uhm my best friend is i think anorexic she doesn't eat and she exorcises all the time. she hasn't eaten in 2 days and sometimes she eats dinner so her parents don't think anything is wrong. she also makes herself throw up the meals. she also figured out that another good way to lose weight is to cut herself because then she'll lose blood and that will mean she will lose more body fluid and make her lose more weight. she takes all her fingernails and toenails off so it takes off more body weight. she also, just cut her hair really really short. she is going crazy!!!! i don't know what to do. i'm so scared for her, and i don't think her parents even care!!! What should i do? please help mee. i can't tell anyone, she told me not too.

Don't listen to her. If you want to save your friend's life you need to tell. Even if she isn't your friend anymore, would you rather lose a friendship, or a friend's life? Imagine how that would feel, knowing you could've helped. There are two kinds of people that tell what others don't want them to:

Rat: Tells to get the other person in trouble

Hero: Tells to help the other person

Would you want to do what your friend says and lose her forever, or be a hero? You can't let her do this to herself, she needs help. Tell someone, anyone, who can help her.


Okay, for Father's Day, I got my dad a 'Jabra A 320s BlueTooh Stereo USB Adaptor'.
Unfortunately, none of us know exactly how to install it. My mom talked to the guy we bought it from at Centenial Wireless, but I don't think she gets it. Same with me. I REALLY want to get this to work for my dad. We followed the instructions, telling us to install it. Then, it told us to restart our computer, which, might I add is a Windows98 XP. Well, we restarted our computer, but it wouldn't come up and then my mom suggested we take out the disk. We did that, but then it tried to install again, but it was already installed. I don't understand why, but I have a hunch that it's because of our very slow computer.
Our dial up takes up half the memory, I believe, so I was thinking maybe we should get a new computer to install it. Could it be possible that this is the problem? If not, please help! Any advice will do!

I'm confused as to whether you have Windows 98 or Windows XP.

Anyway, if you have an older computer, chances are it isn't compatible. If that's the case, either sell the adapter or he needs a new computer.


me and my boyfriend have had sex a handful of times and the thing is welll ... u see i lost it to him not too long so sex is still hurting for me but he's experienced and when he has sex with me he never comes does that mean he's not getting pleasure? does he have to come to get pleasure because we could do it for a full hour different positions and stuff but hes never come before so does that mean hes not getting pleasure. thats what i thought and if he isnt why does he always wanna do it with me if he gets nothing out of it. he knows i dont get anything it hurts for me.. :S CONFUSEEDD!

He doesn't have to ejaculate or "come". That just means that he reached the climax(highest point) of sexual pleasure. An erection would only exist had he been gaining at least some pleasure.


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