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Hello, I'm a little lost right now. See, my friends have relationships that last about 2-4 months and during that time they usually get thru all the 4 bases ( if you don't know, they are french, feel, finger, and i think you can guess the last one :p) So, anywho, I've been in relationships that lng and sometimes even longer. Yet I've only been comfortable doing that with one person. The funny thing is that he thinks that I only wanted to do it because I know that my friends are more likely to do it and he says he'd really like to do it too but he doesn't want to pressure me. I keep on trying to explain to him that I want it just as badly as he does but he says that I should take some time to think about it before rushing into the decision.
I think the real reason he tells me he wants me to rethink it is because he doesn't trust me. See, I had relationships before him and he's been there thru all of them since we've been friends for a long time. I have a problem staying in relationships for awhile. I get claustrophobic and he knows this. I also sorta started to really like him when I was in a previous relationship. He knew I had a boyfriend and he told me I needed to break up with him before anything could happen between us.I broke up with him.
I think that he wants me to know for sure that I want him and only him before we do anyhting else. And I guess I can understand that... I'm not too worried about the not-having-sex think. I'm more worried that he doesn't think I like him enough to stay with him...
What should I do to help him understand that I like him and I plan on liking him for a long time to come? Especially with my reputation... :(

Dont talk about it with him or anything. It may take time but sooner or later it will work out. A relationship should not be all about the physical stuff first. If you start off physical in a relationship, you may not end up having a good relationship. Since you have been friends for so long, he is probably also just worried about losing a friendship in the end. Just give him his space and let things take their own course. It will work out to what its supposed to be in the end.

Ok so like iv been hangin out with this guy a lot latly he told me he loves me but he don’t treat me like he does he talks to all these girls we are not dating so he tells everyone we are just f** buddys I already told him I want to be more he said the reason why he hasn’t asked me out is because of all the guys I use to be with but I stoped talking to all of them I don’t know what to do I really want him but sometimes I don’t think he wants me just cuz all the girls he talks to and he is very controlling to me. (link)
Do not be with a controlling guy! I was once and it turned really bad. he never hit me or anything but to me, I would rather have been hit. He obviously does not love you because you guys are "fuck buddy's" he probably just loves you cause you give him what he wants. I would find someone new. You deserve way better then this! You are probably looking for the answer "oh just talk to him and stick it through" type deal. This is serious stuff though. He seems like an ass hole. Dont stick with him. It may hurt at first and you may not think youll ever find anyone but you will!

Hey :) well I'm 13 and I need help me and my bf have been going out for 8 months were still virgins but we had conversations about havinq sex together should I ? I realy think he is the one ... Oh and sory another question I have gotten fingerd befor but I'm not sure if I still am a virgin am I?? I did not feel much niether did I bleed. My bestfriend told me that mabey it ddnt go all the way in to make my chery pop is sh right?? I need help I need answers please help :)
With love, gata :) (link)
Girl you are only 13 years old! You have awhile before you should have sex! Middle school is so much different than high school! Youll probably find other guys! Im not sayign that you guys wont make it because I know people who have, but I would wait. Things could go bad after sex. You dont want to get pregnant! Just be wise and dont live in the moment all the time! This would be something that you could never ever get back! I lost mine when I was 16. I wasnt in a relationship so my situation was a little different. I regreted it after it happened! Just if you do have sex, use condoms. In the end youll make your own choice. I hope you make the right one!

Can I have sex with a guy at work?
You could. It may cause tension between you two though if things didnt work out. I dated a co-worker and let me tell you it was the most stress ever. You go from hanging out with them and then off to work and then you see them again. Its not very wise but people live in the moment. Do what you think you should do.

Do guy's like it when girl's give them hand job's? (link)
depends on if you are good or not. My boyfriend loved head but then one day I wanted to give him a hand job and he lovessss it now. He says he would still prefer head but does not mine at all if I give him a hand job

okay this might sound kind of disgusting BUT i need to know!

girls shave the hair inbetween their buttcrack, right? (link)
Some girls dont but I try and get what I can off. My boyfriend doesnt seem to really care though.

K, soo a few days ago my bf fingered me for the 1st time and it was the 1st time I've ever done anything sexual like that w/ a guy. So I tried to return the favor (if you catch my drift?) but I started and stopped after about 10-15 seconds because I freaked out. Like I thought I was doing it wrong and I got scared.

Is that normal? How do I get over my nerves and fears and just do it?

Oh and I told him I was really really sorry that I didn't do it and how I thought it was unfair, and he told me it was completely fine, and did it to me 2 more times that night.

From a guys point of veiw, is it like a turn off or something if you do it for a girl and she doesn't rtf? Or do some guys really not care much? (link)
I did the same thing. except he hadnt done anyting to me yet. He whipped it out and I was getting ready to give him head and I freaked out and he put it away. He said he prolly should do stuff to me first and then maybe I would feel more comfortable. A few days later it happened and everything was good. Do not ever give head if the guy has morning wood. It takes like an hour. Let him jack off himself in the morning haha k

I'm geting a new phone next week. i can't decide which phone to pick, the lg dare or the lg env touch.

i want a phone with a good camera, is fast, and has a full keyboard. also not too confusing. and i want a good looking phone too. :)

the lg dare and the lg env touch are my 2 choices, but if u have any other sugestions tell me!!!!!

thank you if you can help!! (link)
envy touch! I heard the dare sucks and im actually getting the envy touch

okay, i do alot with my boyfriend, and we dry hump all the time which makes him so turned on he actually groans, but we both want to do more, not straight forward oral sex, we want something a bit different that still makes us both feel good, any ideas? all answers welcome! (link)
Let him mess around with your boobs. It feels good and really turns you on. Same with nibbleing on his ear and his neck. Dry humping is also alot of funn! =]

okay so you're suppose to put the tampon in the hole closest to your stomach right? cause i tried opening like the lips and its really small...the tampon doesn't fit and i don't know if i should force it...helppppp =/ (link)
No. You put it in the hole in the middle. That is the hole you have sex with and that a baby comes out of. =]

_ wellll, i like this kiiiddd a lottt & i wanna make out with him. And iwould like to twist things up with hooking up him anything that could turn guys on while making out with him that can help me? apreciate it byeee.
-toriiiiii. (link)
Before you make out with him or in the middle of it, kiss his neck a little and his ear. If you breath in his ear it usually will turn him on. Guys love that. Dont kiss his neck hard to the point hes getting a hicky just like hott pecks on it ya kno? =] Move your tongue around a little too when you guys are making outt

Okay. Im 14/F and he is 15/M. I really like him and could see myself dating him but we're hanging out this week and I'm super nervous. He's made out and stuff but I've never even kissed (he knows this and says he's okay with it) but he wants to kiss when we hang out... And he asked me if I would want to. I have two problems with that. 1. Its kinda like our first date right? I don't know if I want to kiss on a first date... Idk. And 2. I wouldn't know what to do! So I told him I didnt know if I would kiss him. Was this a good idea? (link)
Never do something if you are uncomfortable with it. If he really likes you he will be willing to wait to kiss you or whatever.

When I met my boyfriend I had only had sex once and messed around once with one other guy. I was at a party k?(It was a total mistake btw I totally learned from it!!) And my boyfriend has had alot of experience. So I was really nervous to mess around with him and make out with him cause i had only made out once too and was drunk. So we made out and I guess I am good at it. We waited about 3 months or so before we messed around because I wasnt ready and nervous. He was totally willing to wait cause he really really liked me. My point is is that if he really likes you he wont pressure you to kiss him on the first date. But you gotta get practice somehow right? haha

14/f & 14/m (he'll be 15 in aug.)

so im going to try to keep this short and sweet.
my boyfriend and i try to see each other weekly but when we cant we txt. But lately he hasn't been txtin very much, towards me only. When this first happened i was so scared we were going to break up again, thenn i saw him later on that day and he showed absolutley no signs of breaking up, only more to love. He was very sweet wen we were togeether, so i thought he would keep txtin: still nothing. So...why doesn't he want to txt with me anymore? (link)
When you are starting out in a new relationship, all you wanna do is talk to that person and be with that person. You pretty much just want to get to know them. But then after you get to know them and you know you have that person you dont really need to text or anything as much because its just too much. You need to learn to go on with your days and not text all day. Maybe a few texts a day and then a a long night phone call. Me and my boyfriend had this problem and we realized that we texted so much before because we were getting to know eachother. Now us texting so much is biting us in the butt. Its interfearing with our jobs and family. We have stopped texting so much and are just fine. =] Talk to him about it ya kno?

well im 19 yrs old and im pregnat im probably like 2 months my boyfriend doesnt want anything to do with me or the baby i talked to his mom and she said she would support me. i kno i could just abort and get ir over with it but im against abortion idk what to do. (link)
please dont do it. If you dont want to keep it at least give it up for adoption ya know? Think of your choices and who it will affect. I just highly suggest to not get an abortion.

Hello, Im a kid and im overweight. Ive tried all different weight loss programs and i just cant seem to find the right one that makes me comfortable. Does anyone have any tips on losing at least 10 pounds in a month without ordering anything. If someone can give me a tip or something that helped them lose wait that would be very helpful. (link)
Weight Watchers! Its only 40 dollars a month or 12 dollars a week. You can eat your own food or buy some of theirs. Its all about points. Go to to find a meeting near you. it really workks! =]

when do you stop giving a girl head? I mean obviously you stop when she wants to, but if she doesnt say something, what do i do? I know that guys are done once they cum, but what do girls do that guys know to stop? any help appreciated. (link)
Just keep going till she says stop.

what is oral s e x mmean (link)
Oral sex is mouth to private area. It can be mouth to vagina, penis, or rectum (which sounds so gross) haha. A guy doesnt have to cum in your mouth while giving head. If you ask him to he will get a napkin and cum in that so you dont have to taste it.

Me and my bf have been going out for almost 4 months we makeout and stuff but i want to stick my hands down his pants, at a movie he kinda feeled me up barely just kinda my arm and a little of my chest barely how do i get him to feel me up? how can i get him 2 know i want to stick my hands down his panst without telling him?

Got any movie flirting ideas? (link)
Talk to him about it. I mean my boyfriend is older and has some experience so he knew what to do and knew I would like it. But we have always talked about other things before we did them just to know that we are on the same page and are not moving too fast

i know you can't make an ex fall back in love with you, but if the two of you are still friends and hanging out, what are some ways to "spark" things up a bit...besides just being yourself and the old girl he fell in love with.

thank youuu(: (link)
Just keep hanging out with him and be yourself. if you think things are going well then just talk to him about it and see if he wants to get back with you. Its a big step but it would be worth knowing if you are wasting your time or not.

My first kiss I was so nervous and it was awkward. My boyfriend's 16 and so am I. We've never been in a relationship before. We hung out a ton and talk a lot so we know eachother very well. Are all first kisses awkward? Does it get easier? How low does it take for it to be comfortable? (link)
They are a little awkward but once you make out and stuff, little kisses are no big deals. Kissing is alot of fun and it will prolly be something that you will always want to do haha.

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