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I need help with the love life wit my bf

Question Posted Thursday June 24 2010, 6:29 pm

Hey :) well I'm 13 and I need help me and my bf have been going out for 8 months were still virgins but we had conversations about havinq sex together should I ? I realy think he is the one ... Oh and sory another question I have gotten fingerd befor but I'm not sure if I still am a virgin am I?? I did not feel much niether did I bleed. My bestfriend told me that mabey it ddnt go all the way in to make my chery pop is sh right?? I need help I need answers please help :)
With love, gata :)

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kibawolfe answered Sunday July 4 2010, 3:37 am:
Well gata I see where you're coming from I've had the same situation I just turned 14 three months ago and about 4 months ago I was going to have sex with someone I still believe I'm in love with, and getting fingered doesn't take away your virginity not until you have intercorse, oral sex doesn't even take away your virginity. Listen, you may think he's the one but you're really young and if he really is then you and him will wait and both feel the same way in a few years. Also if he hasn't hit puberty I say go for it, lol sorry that's what I would want but if he doesn't have sperm, you can't get pregnant. But still either way, if you do and you wind up breaking up you will be seriously hurt, also, many young teenagers despite how much they think they're ready for a sexual relationship, they're often not mature enough to handle it, you can get seriously hurt if it doesn't work out well, even if you're sure it will, and you know he's the one, you'll both be able to wait and will still feel that way in a few years when you're older and ready. I mean you're only 13, you're going to meet plenty of other guys it's 8 months, you're only 13 wait. Just trust me, and I don't understand what you mean about cherry pop,what exactly does that mean? You don't bleed from fingering, if you mean cum/masturbate, then don't worry, 97% of men can't give a woman an orgasm. Good luck!

[ kibawolfe's advice column | Ask kibawolfe A Question

TheInspiration answered Friday June 25 2010, 4:37 pm:
Whoah. Sex at 13?? Ok... I'm 15 right now, and when i was 13, i didnt wanna have sex! Idk what the world is coming to. And you wanna know something else, i still dont wanna have sex today. I see everywhere around me at my school pregnant girls. Even at my age!!!! I hear people talking about how they had sex and stuff, and it disgusts that someone that young is having sex already. I have a boyfriend too, been dating for over 1 year, and i dont plan on having sex till im married. and even if you did have sex, what if you became pregnant??? What do you think your parents would say??? Instead of having sex, focus on school. Education is more important at 13. Wait till you're married, or atleast mature enough, please. I'm sorry.


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X3littlemermaidx3 answered Friday June 25 2010, 10:50 am:
Girl you are only 13 years old! You have awhile before you should have sex! Middle school is so much different than high school! Youll probably find other guys! Im not sayign that you guys wont make it because I know people who have, but I would wait. Things could go bad after sex. You dont want to get pregnant! Just be wise and dont live in the moment all the time! This would be something that you could never ever get back! I lost mine when I was 16. I wasnt in a relationship so my situation was a little different. I regreted it after it happened! Just if you do have sex, use condoms. In the end youll make your own choice. I hope you make the right one!

[ X3littlemermaidx3's advice column | Ask X3littlemermaidx3 A Question

rainbowcherrie answered Friday June 25 2010, 8:10 am:
If you aren't sure, then that's a pretty good sign that you aren't ready. You should only have sex when you are 100% ready and don't need to ask other people whether or not you should do it. I know you won't like hearing this but if you were so sure, you wouldn't have asked the question would you?

I know you think he's 'the one', the guy I dated when I was 13 was 'the one', as was the guy I dated when I was 16. Guess what? Neither of them were and I bet I'll think my next boyfriend is 'the one' too. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you'll be with this guy forever but it's highly unlikely. I'm not saying wait until marriage but at least wait until you're old enough to make this kind of decision. You probably think you know everything right now but at 13, you don't. The Age of Consent exists for a reason - it's the age when the law says you are mature enough to make a decision about sex. The Age of Consent varies from country to country, but where you are it's likely to be between 16 and 18.

If you decide to go ahead with it anyway, please make sure you are using protection against both pregnancy AND STDs.

As for being a virgin...the 'official' definition of a virgin is someone who has never had sexual intercourse. This means penis entering vagina. Although people may twist this definition to suit them, unless you have actually had sex, you are still a virgin.

[ rainbowcherrie's advice column | Ask rainbowcherrie A Question

Destiny87 answered Friday June 25 2010, 3:14 am:
NO NO NO NO NO! Do not have sex with him! Trust me he is not the one. You have your whole life to have sex and you want to do it at thirteen???? Youre to young to think hes the one. B/c you have yout entire life sweetie. And yes youre still a virgin. Please dont waste ur virginity on him.

[ Destiny87's advice column | Ask Destiny87 A Question

Talia answered Friday June 25 2010, 1:39 am:
Hey..well i'm gonna say this and it's probably the one thing you hate to hear the most but you are definatly too young to have sex.That being said I even think i'm too young to have sex and i'm a couple years older than you haha if that makes you feel better.Right now 8 months feels like a long time to be dating someone...but in reality you are going to date so many more guys and experience so many more feelings that I honestly think you should rethink saying that he is the one.I think that if you have sex with this guy that things may stay good for a while..and you may date for a couple more months but honestly you're only 13 i don't think you're gonna date up until you graduate and everything thats a really long time.Then you have to worry about all the rumors that might spread about you and being called a have to worry that guys are just gonna want to date you for have to worry that your parents might find out..or that you might get pregnant.There is a lot to consider.To answer your second question yes you're still a're a virgin until someone's penis enters into you.It's not based on your cherry popping its based on what enters you.

[ Talia's advice column | Ask Talia A Question

OhMyLucyDarling answered Thursday June 24 2010, 8:48 pm:
You are young, I would highly recommend you wait.

At 13, You should be doing nothing more than kissing and having sex can come with consequences despite how careful you are. Frankly, If you aren't ready to possibly become a parent and raise a baby responsibly then you aren't ready to be having sex.

Should you have sex? My honest answer is no.

People classify the word "virgin" in all different ways, Some people will tell you that being fingered and having an orgasm you have lost your virginity while others will tell you, You are a virgin until you have had intercourse. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin especially at your age. Wait until you are older, You are only 13 years old and I can promise you there will be more guys you date in your time.

[ OhMyLucyDarling's advice column | Ask OhMyLucyDarling A Question

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