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I want to have a baby early. My boyfriend and I are going to start trying to get pregnant as soon as we graduate highschool. I know babies are expensive, but I don't know exactly how expensive. And I know they are hard to deal with, but I don't really know how hard.

Anyone who is a young mother, or was a young mother, can you give me any advice? And please don't tell me to not have one or to wait. Because I know I'll be a good mother. I just need some answers for my questions.

Thanks in advance! (link)
I highly suggest you wait till you are older and have started a career and saved up money to have a baby. My mother was 19 when she had me. My parents are not together. My mom works a job 6-3 every day and on weekends bartends just to have money for the bills. She also goes out and golfs and bowls and its like im not even there. I mean she lets me do alot but its only cause she feels bad that she is gone all the time. I never really see my dad at all. Its just hard growing up without really any parents.

i've had sex like 7 times now and i dont feel any orgasms is that normal? when i hump something i feel really strong orgasms but when he goes up my you know i feel nothing but i want to feel it bad i want to moan for him and get into it like he does. because he feels it but i dont so its not enjoyable to me and i dont want to keep faking it. (link)
Have him rub yout clit. Thats what makes it feel good.


about six months ago i razored my hair at home and i really really regret it because it made my hair really thin. is there any way i could make my hair thicker or at least speed up the growth process of my hair?
thanks(: (link)
Peanuts and Peanut butter!

This is super embarrassing but I figure I can't be alone, right?

So, when I'm on my period I use pads. I can't use tampons for health reasons so please no tampon suggestions, girls. Now, I've used the Always pads (Always Ultra Thin with Wings and the Regular absorbency) and I've used the store brand pads (Equate at WalMart and whatever else at various stores--including Family Dollar). I NEVER buy the scented versions because I'm sensitive to things like that and even as an infant I had problems with scented diapers and soaps. I even smell the packaging to make sure they don't smell like ANY sort of perfume before I purchase.

Typically, I have a fairly heavy period. I change my pad frequently. I would say that I change the pad every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours, and every single time I go to the restroom, regardless of how much blood has made it to the pad.

Anyway, when I wear my pads it feels like I get sort-of raw or rashy down there at my vagina. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. I've rubbed around down there (I HAD to check it out) and I didn't feel any odd cuts, bumps, or anything that would make me concerned I had an actual rash or inflamed skin or something. I can't really SEE down there properly--and I don't really want to when I'm on my period anyway--so I don't know if visually it looks like a rash. It's just...uncomfortable, like I said.

I don't know why the pads do this to me. This has happened ever since I started my period. Seriously, I haven't had a cycle where this has not happened! I've tried the few different brands of feminine pads and they seem to ALL give the same reaction. Near the end of my period (usually lasts about 6 to 7 days, I'd guess) it's really irritating and I'm glad to be at the end of my period so I don't have to wear the pads any longer.

Out of curiosity, I suppose, is there any other girls who have this issue? Is there something I can do to make this not happen when I'm on my period? Does anyone have any ideas why I have this problem?

Any help? :\ (link)
Wear the pads that dont have wings and see if that helps.

Go see a doctor as well, maybe they could help you.

here the deal..
me and my boyfriend have had sex about 4-5 times i think and i lost it to him like a month back i feel nothing .. IS THAT NORMAL?? when are you suppost to feel pleasure? how many times do i have to have sex with him to finally feel something? and well i dont think he feels anything either because he never comes (he didnt loose his virginity to me he's experience). whats wrong with me i cant satisfy him and i feel nothing as well ! during sex does he HAVE TO COME to show that he felt pleasure? because he has never ever come and we had it 4-5 times now .. and i want to satisfy him i really do but me not feeling anything doesnt really motivate me to do much during sex. i try and attempt but i dont know it feels awkward .. i really want to pleasure him.. i neeed help !! >. (link)
mess around before sex.

Okay, I am 15/pregnant and I told my boyfriend that stress can cause a misscarriage and he still fights with me all the time. And I ask him what if the baby is with me (since we dont live together) and he says his first word and my boyfriend says, well i mean oh well im not going to be upset,it doesnt really matter. And then I finally see what my baby looks like (like a picture on the internet) and I tell him that the baby now has a head but no arms or legs yet and he says "ew thats nasty". I mean it's like he doesnt even care about me or the baby. What do I do? (link)
Never stay with someone because you have a baby with them. He obviously seems like he is going to be a dead beat. Either break it off and give your baby up for adoption or break it off and move on with your life,

is it illegal for a 16 year old to be dating an 18 year old? (link)
No. If your parents approve then its okay. You are actually allowed to legally have sex when you are 16. Well in IN.

when you shave your vagina. is it supposed to shave your entire area. or just the sides so theres still a strip of hair going down the center? how do guys prefer a girl to look down there? please dont say like there not gona care once your naked please help me! thankyou in advance (link)
if you are going to shave it, shave it all or as much as you can. I know my boyfriend likes to have it cleaned. I mean he doesnt really care if its a little prickly or anything but he rather have it shaved. Its also easier to have it shaved off if you are on your period. (I know that sounds gross but its true!!) When my periods are really bad and I dont shave for awhile, blood gets like in the hair and its not pretty.

Im just being honest.

a couple weeks ago i was showing my boyfriend my back dimples. (you know those little dots on your lower back) and i lifted up his shirt a little to see if he had them. and he had hair on his lower back. i didnt really pull up his shirt to see how far his hair goes up or how much exaclty i was kind of grossed out. because idk how often it is that 17 year old bois have hairy backs. or if its attractive. how many of you girls have bfs with hairy back and how many of you guys have hairy backs? how common is it. and is it that bad? or should it be no big deal. please help this has been bugging me. thankyou in advance. (link)
My boyfriend has a hairy back too! I mean its really not bad. He wants me to nair it cause he doesnt like it either so me and him are kinda on the same page haha. Its just something you really have to get over I guess. If you dont find him attractive cause of it then you are pretty much have low self confidence (sp?) in how you pick your guys. People are hairy and they cant really help it. haha Just talk to him about maybe getting it waxed or shaved or whateverr. haha hope this helped.


what can I do to lose weight and how many calories do I need to eat a day? (link)
WEIGHT WATCHERS! =] It is the most amazing diet ever! Its not even a diet. You get to eat what you want whenever, you just go by POINTS. Its real easy! Its 12 dollars a week or 40 dollars a month. go to to find a meeting near you to attend! I swear its worth the money! =]

So I recently went on the depo provera birth control shot and I was supposed to get my period on may 30th and it's june 20th.. could it be the birth control? (link)
It may be your birth control. For me, I was put on Loestrin or something and I had lighter periods and no cramps. Then one month I didnt have my period. Then another month came and I still didnt get it. The third month came and I had it. I got it every 2 months which was weird. The last time I got my period was January of 08. My doctor said its the BC. Talk to your doctor and tell him what is happening.

well im still in love with my ex and i think he is too,but the problem is my boyfriend is in love me and i just just don't really feel for him. im 13 (link)
You need to break it off with your boyfriend right now if you are not into him. Like the comment said below, its not fair to him.

And if you THINK your ex is in love with you, you really need to for sure find out. If you think he is but he's really not, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. But first thing first, break it off with your current boyfriend.


I'm about 10lbs over weight. I went to the gym for 1 hour 5 times a week for three months and never lost a single pound or inch even after I cut out sodas and junk food. Anyone else have this problem? I lost my motivation. (link)
TRY WEIGHT WATCHERS! Its amazing. You can eat whatever you want but you just go by this thing called "Points". Go to and find a meeting near you. Its 12 dollars a week or 40 dollars a month out of your checking account. You dont have to exercise but it helps. Its really worth it seriously! =]

If my cherry didn't pop the first time I had sex, am I still considered a virgin? (link)
Not at all. Any girl can pop their cherry just be wearing a tampon and not realize it. So pretty much if you want to think that if your cherry popped you are not a virgin means that there would be tons of girls everywhere who had unknowingly popped their cherry and should consider themselves non virgins even though they have never had sex in their life.

Think about it. hah

Hey there i was wondering can a man be circumsized at any age? also does being circumsized inhance sex and make it last longer or is that all mind over matter... Sorry if this makes no sense lol

Thank you for listening (link)
Yes you can be circumsized at any age. It sucks if you get it when you are older because you will remember the pain. I really dont think it helps sex but it does help you not get any bacteria or infections around the prepuce (foreskin).

hi so im melinda and im 20 years old. i have a bf that is 22 and weve been dating for 2 years. my values were that i would wait until i got married, but i realized i should just wait till i find someone i love. i have never had sex and neither has he. are there any tips in avoiding pregnancy or any tips at all because im very nervous. (link)
The only thing that can really help you to not get pregnant is obviously abstinence. Do not change your values for someone. Stick to them. You are strong. Just because you love him does not mean he will be the one you spend the rest of your life with. You may regret it.

If you do decide to have sex, try a birth control called the Essure procedure. It is like this "T" shaped thing that a doctor puts inside of your cervix and it prevents pregnancy. If you ever decide to have kids, they can remove it. Talk to your doctor.


I'm in love with a man I've known for many years, but the problem is, i don't want to be. He's hurt me so many times and lied to me...but no matter what, he's always in my mind. I get so jealous when he's with another woman..even though I'm in a relationship with someone else who i've been with for a few months.

I don't know what to do. When i talk to him or see him i become weak..he knows i love him and he keeps saying he loves me, even after he recently almost got engaged to another woman. these feelings i have for him wont go away and i really want them to. someone helpp
:( (link)
This has happened to me. I have been wanting this guy for years but he always had a girlfriend or told me that he doesnt want to be in a relationship. He would always flirt with me and ohh man his hugs were amazing. Even though he has done some crappy things to me, I still really care for him. Even though I have a boyfriend I always think what if. I think its because I want someone that I cant have that I have been wanting for so long. Truth is, you deserve better. If he wont give you the time of day or leads you on he is just messing with you. Maybe he doesnt realize what he is doing. It sucks. Just try your hardest to get away from him. Keep your distance. Hope all goes well. Good Luck!

I Want To Strip The Dye Out Of My Hair And Ive Been Told That If You put White Spirit IN Your Hair It Strips The Colour From It ....I Want To Try It But Dont Want Anything Bad Ta Happen To My Hair .....Does Anyone Know What It Will Do ??.....Please Answer The Question (link)
what color is your hair right now? If its dark I do not suggest stripping it yourself. Go to a professional. If its lighter just bleach it, and make sure you get it good. Dont miss any roots or anything. It MIGHT turn orange. You will have to live with it for a few weeks then try bleaching it again or dying it.

Okay here it goes. I got my period last week on the 20th of April.But it was not normal at all it was ver lite and brownish pinkish red color. And now I got my period again on the 30th of April.And its the same as my first period. But I didnt know when my first period came and it lasted 4 days and when it normaly last 5 days. And now this period came and im so confused about everything. And the last time I had sex was April the 11th and he cum inside of me twice but different time we had sex. So can someone help me out here.
Southern Gurl (link)
are you on Birth control? maybe thats the reason.

what Does It Fheel Like To Have Your Cherry Popped.? (link)
Sometimes you dont even know that your cherry had popped. Most girls pop their cherry while using tampons and you dont even know it. If you never use tampons and are a virgin and have sex, its more than likly going to hurt when you experience it. I know it did for myself. Usually the first time or two is going to be hard to get through but after that life is good. haha

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